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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6034

Chapter 6034 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Obrhel, J., 1977: Oncolites and algae from the lower carboniferous of moravia

Maithy, P. K., 1978: Oncolites and catagraphs from the precambrian of zaire lower zaire shaba and eastern kasai

Goodbody Q.H., 1985: Oncolites from a shallow lagoon grand cayman island west indies

Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033003

Ishibashi A., 1985: Oncologic imaging of the primary ureteral tumor

Sutnick, A. I.; Engstrom, P. F., 1976: Oncologic medicine clinical topics and practical management

Grigoletto E., 1980: Oncologic out patient clinic in a general hospital

Karim, A. B. M. F.; Hasman, A.; Chang, S. C., 1978: Oncologic research and computerized data retrieval

Khrustalev S.A., 1984: Oncological characteristic of akr j mice

Pliss, G. B.; Iogannsen, M. G.; Romanov, A. N.; Romanov, K. P., 1982: Oncological characteristics of albino noninbred rats raised at the n. n. petrov research institute of oncology of the ussr ministry of health

Pliss, G. B.; Vol'fson, N. I.; Iogannsen, M. G.; Dolgopyatova, M. A., 1977: Oncological characteristics of cc 57 w mice

Khrustalev S.A., 1983: Oncological description of random bred rats from the colony of the all union cancer research center of the soviet academy of medical sciences

Galera L., 1981: Oncological indications of hysteroscopy

Carnrike C.L.M.Jr, 1983: Oncologists views of cancer patient noncompliance

Steverlinck A., 1981: Oncology and rehabilitation bone neoplasms their evaluation and treatment

Savage D.G., 1986: Oncology clinic attendance at an inner city hospital

Mose J.R., 1987: Oncolysis by clostridium oncolyticum m55 and subsequent enzymatic determination of sialic acid in serum

Urakawa T., 1980: Oncolytic porcine enteroviruses

Lambert, A., 1980: Oncomiracidia and phylogenesis of monogenea platyhelminthes 1. post larval development

Lambert A., 1980: Oncomiracidia and phylogenesis of monogenea platyhelminths

Justine J L., 1986: Oncomiracidium morphogenesis of the haptor and ultrastructure of the spermatozoon of pseudodactylogyrus anguillae monogenea monopisthocotylea pseudodactylogyridae new family

Lambert, A.; Bourgat, R., 1978: Oncomiracidium of metapolystoma brygoonis a parasite of the malagasy amphibia ptychadena mascareniensis

Lambert, A., 1978: Oncomiracidium of tetraonchus monenteron monogenea tetraonchidae parasite of esox lucius teleostei

Birnbaum E.R., 1988: Oncomodulin and parvalbumin a comparison of their interactions with europium ion

Macmanus J.P., 1987: Oncomodulin proton nmr and optical stopped flow spectroscopic studies of its solution conformation and metal binding properties

Andersson L.C., 1987: Oncoplacental protein sp 1 a constitutive and inducible late differentiation marker of the human myelomonocytic lineage

Nixon G.A., 1986: Oncopsis flavicollis associated with tree birches a complex of biological species or a host plant utilization polymorphism

Kimura T., 1987: Oncorhynchus masou virus omv incidence of tumor development among experimentally infected representative salmonid species

Kimura T., 1984: Oncorhynchus masou virus pathological changes in masu salmon oncorhynchus masou chum salmon oncorhynchus keta and coho salmon oncorhynchus kisutch fry infected with oncorhynchus masou virus by immersion method

Witte, O. N.; Weissman, I. L., 1976: Oncornavirus budding kinetics of formation and utilization of viral membrane glyco protein

Kosyakov, P. N.; Posevaya, T. A.; Zhdanov, V. M.; Kosyakova, N. P.; Pavlyuchenkova, R. P., 1976: Oncornavirus d an inducer of a new antigen

Posevaya, T. A.; Kosyakova, N. P.; Tsareva, A. A.; Novokhatskii, A. S., 1978: Oncornavirus d associated antigen in cultivated human and animal cells

Strand, M.; August, J. T., 1976: Oncornavirus envelope glyco protein in serum of mice

Minna, J. D.; Gazdar, A. F.; Iverson, G. M.; Marshall, T. H.; Stromberg, K.; Wilson, S. H., 1974: Oncornavirus expression in human x mouse hybrid cells segregating mouse chromosomes

Strand, M.; August, J. T.; Jaenisch, R., 1977: Oncornavirus gene expression during embryonal development of the mouse

Graf, T.; Fink, D.; Beug, H.; Royer-Pokora, B., 1977: Oncornavirus induced sarcoma formation obscured by rapid development of lethal leukemia

Heberling, R. L.; Barker, S. T.; Kalter, S. S.; Smith, G. C.; Helmke, R. J., 1977: Oncornavirus isolation from a squirrel monkey saimiri sciureus lung culture

Vosika, G. J.; Drivit, W.; Gerrard, J. M.; Coccia, P. F.; Nesbit, M. E.; Coalson, J. J.; Kennedy, B. J., 1975: Oncornavirus like particles from cultured bone marrow cells preceding leukemia and malignant histiocytosis

Smith, G. C.; Helmke, R. J.; Heberling, R. L.; Barker, S. T.; Kalter, S. S., 1976: Oncornavirus like particles in baboon type c virus infected chimpanzee lung cells sfre cl 1

Marquart, K. H.; Cunderlik, V. N., 1976: Oncornavirus like particles in biopsy material from a glandular erosion of the human uterine cervix

Steinke, H.; Laufs, R.; Doerfler, W., 1976: Oncornavirus like particles in human malignancies

Balda, B. R.; Hehlmann, R.; Cho, J. R.; Spiegelman, S., 1975: Oncornavirus like particles in human skin cancers

Parsons, P. G.; Klucis, E.; Goss, P. D.; Pope, J. H.; Little, J. H.; Davis, N. C., 1976: Oncornavirus like particles in malignant melanoma and control biopsies

Smith, G. C.; Heberling, R. L.; Helmke, R. J.; Barker, S. T.; Kalter, S. S., 1977: Oncornavirus like particles in squirrel monkey saimiri sciureus placenta and placenta culture

Merck, W.; Kistler, G. S.; Riede, U. N.; Loehle, E.; Sandritter, W., 1977: Oncornavirus like particles in the cochlear spiral ganglion of guinea pigs

Horoszewicz J.S., 1979: Oncornavirus like particles released by human prostatic explant cultures

Kotler, M.; Balabanova, H.; Weinberg, E.; Friedmann, A.; Becker, Y., 1975: Oncornavirus like particles released from arginine deprived human lympho blastoid cell lines

Gallagher, R. E.; Schrecker, A. W.; Walter, C. A.; Gallo, R. C., 1978: Oncornavirus lytic activity in the serum of gibbon apes

Whaley, W. G.; Leffingwell, T. P.; Dauwalder, M., 1978: Oncornavirus modification of the golgi apparatus

Fong, C. K. Y.; Hsiung, G. D., 1976: Oncornavirus of guinea pigs part 1 morphology and distribution in normal and leukemic guinea pig cells

Rangan, S. R. S., 1976: Oncornavirus particles in lymphoid cultures from a howler monkey with herpesvirus saimiri induced disease

Tenser, R. B.; Hsiung, G. D., 1978: Oncornavirus particles in neurons of guinea pig trigeminal ganglion

Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033052

Larsen, C. J., 1977: Oncornaviruses genome properties of viral rna in virions and cells

Nowinski, R. C.; Hays, E. F.; Doyle, T.; Linkhart, S.; Medeiros, E.; Pickering, R., 1977: Oncornaviruses produced by murine leukemia cells in culture

Pace R., 1982: Oncosomechusa besucheti new genus new species from india and emmelostiba besucheti new genus new species from lebanon

Swiderski, Z., 1976: Oncospheral hook morphogenesis in the davaineid cestode inermicapsifer madagascariensis

Kamiya H., 1987: Oncostatic and immunomodulatory effects of a glycoprotein fraction from water extract of abalone haliotis discus hannai

Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033058

Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033059

Todaro G.J., 1986: Oncostatin m a growth regulator produced by differentiated histiocytic lymphoma cells

Helmer, F. A., 1976: Oncotic aneurysm case report

Weir B., 1980: Oncotic pressure of subdural fluids

Phillips J.W., 1982: Oncotic therapy of experimental cerebral edema

Korol' L.N., 1986: Oncourologic diseases as a cause of disability

Hlubinova K., 1981: Oncovirus genome coded proteins

Stys P., 1980: Oncylocotis neotenicus new species from sumatra an extremely micropterous species of enicocephalidae heteroptera

Martin, R. A.; Tedesco, R., 1976: Ondatra annectens mammalia rodentia from the pleistocene java local fauna of south dakota usa

Jensen, T. H.; Hansen, P. B.; Brodersen, P., 1988: Ondine's curse in listeria monocytogenes brain stem encephalitis

Langou, R. A.; Cohen, L. S.; Sheps, D.; Wolfson, S.; Glenn, W. W. L., 1978: Ondines curse hemodynamic response to diaphragm pacing electrophoretic respiration

Linskens H.F., 1988: One acarosan treatment of home textiles to sanitate the indoor environment of mite allergy patients

Van Der Eb A.J., 1986: One adenosine deaminase allele in a patient with severe combined immunodeficiency contains a point mutation abolishing enzyme activity

Lopez De Castro J.A., 1985: One allogeneic cytolytic t lymphocyte clone distinguishes three different hla b 27 subtypes identification of amino acid residues influencing the specificity and avidity of recognition

Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033073

Lhoste J M., 1988: One and two dimensional nmr investigations of the heme pocket in free alpha carbon monoxide chains from human hemoglobin

Tomita K I., 1988: One and two dimensional nmr studies on the conformation of dna containing the oligo da oligo dt tract

Remers W., 1988: One and two dimensional proton nmr fluorescence and molecular modeling studies on the tomaymycin d atgcat 2 adduct evidence for two covalent adducts with opposite orientations and stereochemistries at the covalent linkage site

Rueterjans H., 1987: One and two dimensional proton nmr investigations of two 19 base pair analogues of the tet operator

Smalley J.W., 1987: One and two doses of cephradine in the prophylaxis of experimental streptococcal endocarditis

Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033079

Mason R.P., 1986: One and two electron oxidation of reduced glutathione by peroxidases

Howell, K. E.; Reuter-Carlson, U.; Devaney, E.; Luzio, J. P.; Fuller, S. D., 1987: One antigen one gold? a quantitative analysis of immunogold labeling of plasma membrane 5' nucleotidase in frozen thin sections

Eysenck S.B.G., 1983: One approach to cross cultural studies of personality

Flemming L., 1988: One bath trichrome staining investigation of a general mechanism based on a structure staining correlation analysis

Gros F., 1981: One beta tubulin subunit accumulates during neurite outgrowth in mouse neuro blastoma cells

Cech T.R., 1986: One binding site determines sequence specificity of tetrahymena pre ribosomal rna self splicing trans splicing and rna enzyme activity

Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033086

Cossins E.A., 1988: One carbon substituted folylpolyglutamates of isolated bundle sheath cells

Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033088

Guidet M., 1986: One case of brawny arm of filarial etiology

Kawaguchi N., 1986: One case of bullous eruption occurring during the course of chronic intravascular coagulation probably drug induced bullous eruption

Ogawa K., 1986: One case of calcifying epithelioma of the parotid region suspected of parotid tumor

Quarantelli V., 1986: One case of choroidal melanoma treated with argon laser photocoagulation

Cojutti F., 1985: One case of gangrenous acalculous cholecystitis in a patient with multiple trauma who had been subjected to several operations

Fattoum S., 1987: One case of hemoglobin d punjab in tunisia characterization and structural study

Gosselin B., 1988: One case of lipoblastic liposarcoma of the lung an ultrastructural study

Lebras P., 1985: One case of nephrogenic metaplasia or nephrogenic adenoma of the bladder

Pena Guitian J., 1985: One case of non traumatic hemobilia

Escudero-Gil, R.; Maestre-Vera, J. R.; Koller-Munoz, M.; Urrtia-Hernando, S.; Olmos-Acebes, L., 1986: One case of phaeohyphomycosis produced by exophiala jeanselmei study of the strain

Gunella G., 1986: One case of primary pulmonary histiocytosis x

Rosa N., 1986: One case of unilateral spontaneous choroidal annular detachment

Ma N., 1986: One case report of primary oral soft tissue lymphosarcoma

Hanamura N., 1987: One case with speech defect as chief complement

Chambon P., 1987: One cell specific and three ubiquitous nuclear proteins bind in vitro to overlapping motifs in the domain b1 of the sv 40 enhancer

Koray T., 1987: One celled microplankton species of izmir bay aegean sea a species list and a comparison with the records of adjacent regions

Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033105

Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033106

Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033107

Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033109

Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033110

Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033111

Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033112

Dimmock N.J., 1988: One defective interfering particle per cell prevents influenza virus mediated cytopathology an efficient assay system

Mcgown E.L., 1987: One dimensional and two dimensional nmr studies of the reaction of phenyldichloroarsine with glutathione

Stewart J.M., 1986: One dimensional and two dimensional proton nmr study of the substance p fragment arginylprolyllysylproline

Williams R.P., 1987: One dimensional computer simulation of a wave incident on randomly distributed inhomogeneities with reference to the scattering of ultrasound by blood

Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033117

Heumann H., 1988: One dimensional diffusion of escherichia coli dna dependent rna polymerase a mechanism to facilitate promoter location

Sekerdag, N.; Muslu, Y., 1986: One dimensional dispersion in biological filters i. a general equation derivation

Sekerdag, N.; Muslu, Y., 1986: One dimensional dispersion in biological filters ii. dispersion coefficient calculation

Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033121

Waniewski J., 1987: One dimensional theory of hemofilters

Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033123

Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033124

Swallow A.J., 1986: One electron oxidation of iron ii complexes of tryptophan and histidine a pulse radiolysis study

Land, E. J.; Swallow, A. J., 1970: One electron reactions in biochemical systems as studied by pulse radiolysis part 3 ubiquinone

Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033127

Sartorelli A.C., 1986: One electron reduction of 2 and 6 methyl 1 4 naphthoquinone bioreductive alkylating agents

Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033129

Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033130

Hayashi K., 1988: One electron reduction of hepatic nadh cytochrome b 5 reductase as studied by pulse radiolysis

Hayashi K., 1987: One electron reduction of the oxy form of 2 4 diacetyldeuterocytochrome p 450 cam

Cadenas E., 1988: One electron transfer reactions of diquat radical to different reduction intermediates of oxygen formation of hydroxyl radical and electronically excited states

Darnell J.E., 1988: One factor recognizes the liver specific enhancers in alpha 1 antitrypsin and transthyretin genes

Mukerjee A.K., 1986: One flask synthesis of 4 bismethylthiomethylene 2 phenyl 5 oxo 4 5 dihydro 1 3 oxazole and its aminolyses

Mccarthy J., 1988: One free sulfhydryl group of plasma fibronectin becomes titratable upon binding of the protein to solid substrates

Zimmerman C.E., 1985: One half century of hop research by the usa department of agriculture

Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033138

Huisman T.H.J., 1987: One haplotype is associated with the swiss type of hereditary persistence of fetal hemoglobin in the yugoslavian population

Powles R.L., 1988: One haplotype matched bone marrow grafts an investigation using the hla system as a marker of cellular origin

Tsubaki Y., 1986: One host one parasitoid system population dynamics of a zygaenid moth pryeria sinica moore in an undisturbed habitat

Vatner S.F., 1988: One hour of myocardial ischemia in conscious dogs increases beta adrenergic receptors but decreases adenylated cyclase activity

Andersen J.T., 1987: One hour pad weighing test for objective assessment of female urinary incontinence

Khanna P., 1988: One hour portable test for drinking waters

Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033146

Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033148

White S.F., 1986: One hundred and twenty years of population change in kansas usa

Mundy A.R., 1988: One hundred artificial sphincters

Blair I.J., 1985: One hundred cases of anesthesia for extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy

Furnival C.M., 1985: One hundred cases of arteriovenous fistula for hemodialysis access the effect of cigarette smoking on patency

Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033153

Pindborg J.J., 1987: One hundred consecutive cases of intraoral cancer

Peters J.J., 1987: One hundred percent oxygen lung injury in adult baboons

Scharf H., 1988: One hundred years of the kjeldahl method for nitrogen determination

Fathman C.G., 1986: One i region restriction determinant can associate with multiple antigenic epitopes

Zahniser N.R., 1987: One injection of cocaine produces a long lasting increase in tritiated dopamine release

Ireland Valentine C.R., 1985: One kilobase direct repeats of plasmid psa

Gen S., 1988: One knot microvascular anastomosis using glutide as an external splint experimental arterioarterial anastomosis in rats

Pless R.C., 1986: One lane sequence analysis of oligodeoxyribonucleotides

Shaw D.C., 1986: One large subunit of ribulose 1 5 bisphosphate carboxylase oxygenase in medicago spinacia and nicotiana

Ito H., 1988: One layer microscopic vasovasostomy for obstructive azoospermia

Kato H., 1987: One lung anesthesia for synchronous bilateral pulmonary operations in supine position

Wilding J., 1984: One mans memory a study of a mnemonist

Feldmann H., 1987: One member of the transfer rna glu gene family in yeast codes for a minor gag transfer rna glu species and is associated with several short transposable elements

Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033167

Charron D., 1986: One model and three examples for a comprehensive approach of hla and disease

Kreis H., 1988: One month prophylactic use of okt3 in cadaver kidney transplant recipients

Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033170

Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033171

Sakaguchi T., 1988: One month subacute intravenous toxicity study of cefodizime sodium in rats

Holmgren, K.; Andersson, G.; Fagrell, B.; Johnsson, H.; Ljungberg, B.; Nilsson, E.; Wilhelmsson, S.; Zetterquist, S., 1985: One month vs. six month therapy with oral anticoagulants after symptomatic deep vein thrombosis

Gormley, M. J. J.; Hadden, D. R.; Woods, R.; Sheridan, B.; Andrews, W. J., 1986: One month's insulin treatment of type ii diabetes the early and medium term effects following insulin withdrawal

Van Den Berg E., 1986: One new and some known rotylenchus spp with a key to the south african species of the genus rotylenchinae nematoda

Khan E., 1986: One new genus and four new species in the super family longidoroidea nematoda

Paik, K. Y.; Kang, J. M., 1987: One new record species of the genus litisedes araneae agelenidae from korea

Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033178

Guan S Q., 1986: One new species of philyra from guangdong province china decapoda leucosiidae

Liu G., 1986: One new species of the genus pandelleana from sichuan china diptera sarcophagidae

Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033181

Guiard B., 1986: One nuclear gene controls the removal of transient pre sequences from two yeast proteins one encoded by the nuclear the other by the mitochondrial genome

Chertkov Yu S., 1986: One of possible regimes of bursting activity in the hodgkin huxley model

Ihara Y., 1986: One of the antigenic determinants of paired helical filaments is related to tau protein

Carlson, M.; Brutlag, D., 1978: One of the copia genes is adjacent to satellite dna in drosophila melanogaster

Rybkina, G. V.; Murav'eva, A. S.; Gordon, L. Kh, 1977: One of the possible mechanisms of water absorption by epidermal cells of allium cepa

Tyukavin A.I., 1985: One of the possible starting mechanisms of regional redistribution of cardiac output in hypovolemia

Labouygues J.M., 1980: One of the roles of utilization frequency of codons in protein biosynthesis

Abramova I.V., 1986: One of the variants of the course of paroxysmal schizophrenia with affective disturbances during remissions

Yamanaka T., 1985: One of two copper atoms is not necessary for the cytochrome c oxidase activity of pseudomonas am 1 cytochrome aa 3

Halvorsen O., 1986: One or three gyrocotylideans platyhelminthes in chimaera monstrosa holocephali

Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033192

Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033193

Ternovoi S.K., 1986: One photon emission computed tomography in the diagnosis of liver diseases

Matsumoto K., 1985: One point dilution elisa for toxoplasma gondii seroepidemiological surveys

Kobayashi S., 1987: One point method for serological diagnosis of leptospirosis a microcapsule agglutination test

Mochizuki Y., 1985: One point method for the assay of the alternative complement pathway hemolysis in rats

Keller H., 1988: One point recalibration of heterogeneous enzyme immunoassays with non linear calibration curves

Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033199

Petrini M., 1987: One pot chemoselective reductive alkylation of nitroarenes a new general method of synthesis of alkylanilines

Degl'innocenti A., 1988: One pot four component annulations flexible and simple syntheses of unsaturated macrolides and of substituted aromatics and heteroaromatics

Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033202

Chintalwar G.J., 1988: One pot radiosynthesis of sulfur 35 thiram from elemental sulfur 35

Lin L.C., 1986: One pot sequential acylation alkylation reactions of 3 sulfolenes

Biehl E.R., 1983: One pot synthesis and structure of 10 hetero aryl phenothiazines/

Jain J.K., 1988: One pot synthesis of 2 aryl 4 aroyl 9h pyrido 2 3 b indoles

Achiwa K., 1987: One pot synthesis of n alkylpyrrolidines by 1 3 dipolar cycloaddition

Ban Y., 1985: One pot synthesis of quinazoline derivatives by use of palladium catalyzed carbonylation

Shelton E., 1986: One pot synthesis of sodium carbon 14 formate

Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033210

Williams R.J.P., 1986: One problem of acid rain aluminum

Sinnott M.L., 1988: One proton catalysis by the alpha l arabinofuranosidase iii of monilinia fructigena

Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033213

Kraemer K.H., 1985: One pyrimidine dimer inactivates expression of a transfected gene in xeroderma pigmentosum cells

Taylor J.H., 1985: One role for dna methylation in vertebrate cells is strand discrimination in mismatch repair

Schemper, M., 1987: One sample and two sample tests of kendall's tau

Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033217

Niizeki K., 1987: One sampling rebreathing method to measure diffusing capacity for carbon dioxide

Doi K., 1987: One sampling rebreathing method to measure diffusing capacity for carbon monoxide

Hansen E.K., 1987: One scalpel versus two for surgical incision

Ikeda M., 1988: One shot dual energy subtraction chest imaging with computed radiography clinical evaluation of film images

Yamaguchi H., 1986: One shot dual energy subtraction imaging

Fujita N., 1987: One sided distribution of the component species of the japanese beech forest along either the pacific or the japan sea

Kristensen, C. B., 1977: One sided gingival hyperplasia after treatment with di phenyl hydantoin

Modrakowski A., 1987: One sided lameness in crossbreed racehorses

Ho C H., 1988: One sided sequential stopping boundaries for clinical trials a decision theoretic approach

Ortaldo J.R., 1987: One signal requirement for interferon gamma production by human large granular lymphocytes

Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033228

Hirbawi A., 1986: One stage anterior resection in the treatment of high rectovaginal fistulas

Fuchsjaeger N., 1985: One stage anterior resection with hand sutured anastomosis a standard operation for the upper and middle third of the rectum

Moritake K., 1986: One stage bilateral superficial temporal artery middle cerebral artery anastomosis for multiple occlusive cerebrovascular disease

Shih H N., 1988: One stage combined operation of congenital dislocation of the hips in older children

Morcos R.R., 1987: One stage complete genital reconstruction for patients with congenital adrenal hyperplasia

Nakayama F., 1987: One stage hepaticocholecystojejunostomy as an easy and long term effective bilioenteric bypass for unresectable carcinoma of the pancreas

Fraser R.A.R., 1987: One stage meningomyelocele closure and ventriculoperitoneal shunt placement

Freddi M., 1987: One stage operation for diverticular disease

Chen S S., 1987: One stage operation for obstructing carcinomas of the left colon and rectum

Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033238

Hiraishi K., 1987: One stage operation for ureteropelvic junction and ureterovesical junction stricture

Gao X S., 1987: One stage penis reconstruction with the abdominal fasciocutaneous flap based on the double arteries report of 16 cases

Tur J.J., 1986: One stage plastic reconstruction of a totally amputated cancerous penis using a unilateral myocutaneous gracilis flap

Furuya K., 1988: One stage posteromedial release of congenital clubfoot

Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033243

Honjoh I., 1986: One stage reconstruction of hypopharyngo esophagus by delto pectoral

Gonzales E.T.Jr, 1987: One stage reconstruction of moderately severe hypospadias

Hukae E., 1987: One stage reconstruction of penis with free forearm flap

Lapchenko S.N., 1986: One stage reconstruction of the separating mechanism in horizontal resection for cancer of the vestibular larynx

Abe T., 1988: One stage repair for an esophageal fistula after left pneumonectomy using omental pedicle flap

Xu K., 1986: One stage resection of esophageal cancer and pulmonary bulla a report of three patients

Tobin G.R.II, 1986: One stage simple mastectomy with immediate reconstruction for high risk patients an improved technique the biologic basis for ductal glandular mastectomy

Boccon-Gibod, L.; Le-Portz, B., 1984: One stage urethro plasty for urethral stricture free full thickness skin graft vs. cutaneous island flap urethro plasty

Hirai I., 1987: One staged radical sphincter function preserving operation for abscesses

Costagliola M., 1987: One state axial temporo occipital flap for alopecia with doppler detection a homogeneous series of 21 cases

Komma D.J., 1986: One step and stepwise magnification of a bobbed lethal chromosome in drosophila melanogaster

Vecchio G., 1987: One step and two step transformations of rat thyroid epithelial cells by retroviral oncogenes

Saga N., 1988: One step antibiotic disk method for obtaining axenic cultures of multicellular marine algae

Matei L., 1986: One step desorption and purification of hen egg white lysozyme from amberlite cg 50

Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033258

De Corral L.R., 1986: One step extracapsular cataract extraction and silicone oil injection in the management of proliferative vitreoretinopathy

Ahmad, N.; Marolt, R. S., 1986: One step extraction and cleanup procedure for determination of p p' ddt p p' ddd and p p' dde in fish

Ushioda H., 1987: One step fabrication of microbiosensor prepared by the codeposition of enzyme and platinum particles

Hinnen A., 1985: One step gene replacement in yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae by cotransformation

Terrana B., 1988: One step high yield purification of human prostatic acid phosphatase from seminal fluid by gel filtration hplc under nondenaturing conditions

Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033264

Sogo Y., 1987: One step isolation of lactoferrin using immobilized monoclonal antibodies

Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033266

Hannappel E., 1986: One step procedure for the determination of thymosin beta 4 in small tissue samples and its separation from other thymosin beta 4 like peptides by high pressure liquid chromatography

Acher R., 1987: One step processing of the amphibian vasotocin precursor structure of a frog rana esculenta big neurophysin

Hubert P., 1988: One step purification of a lipolytic enzyme from bacillus pumilus by mild hydrophobic interaction chromatography on polyoxyalkylene glycol bound sepharose 6b

Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033270

Nemoz G., 1987: One step purification of escherichia coli beta glucuronidase

Chiba H., 1985: One step purification of guinea pig liver transglutaminase using a monoclonal antibody immunoadsorbent

Miller A.O.A., 1987: One step purification of mouse monoclonal antibodies by mass ion exchange chromatography on zetaprep

Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033274

Koblet H., 1985: One step separation of the components of semliki forest virus by cation exchange chromatography

Doley W.P., 1986: One step shoot regeneration from callus of whole plant leaf explants of sugar beet beta vulgaris lines and a somaclonal variant for in vitro behavior

Honda T., 1986: One step stereochemical determination of contiguous four acyclic chiral centers on the steroidal side chain a novel synthesis of brassinolide

Kohla M., 1987: One step stereoselective syntheses of cyclopentanol derivatives from 1 5 anhydro 2 3 o benzylidene beta d ribofuranose

Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033279

Sato T., 1987: One step synthesis of a cortisol derivative for radioiodination and application of the iodine 125 labeled cortisol to radioimmunoassay

Casini G., 1985: One step synthesis of an indeno indolizine nucleus

Ray D.S., 1985: One strand of ars 189 from the maxicircle of crithidia fasciculata transforms saccharomyces cerevisiae more efficiently than its complementary strand as a single stranded dna

Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033283

Snider, R. L., 1987: One surgeon's ten year experience with abdominal aortic aneurysm surgery in smaller community hospitals

Rawles J.M., 1987: One thousand heart attacks in grampian scotland uk the place of cardiopulmonary resuscitation in general practice

Narbona Calvo B., 1987: One thousand one hundred and fifty proximal gastric vagotomies for duodenal and related gastric ulcer technical modifications that improve results

Frey H H., 1987: One to three day dose intervals during subchronic treatment of epileptic gerbils with gamma vinyl gaba anticonvulsant efficacy and alterations in regional brain gaba levels

Bartlett R.H., 1986: One to three year outcome for 14 neonatal survivors of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation

Rozin P., 1986: One trial acquired likes and dislikes in humans disgust as a unconditioned stimulus food predominance and negative learning predominance

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Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033292

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Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033301

Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033302

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Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033313

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Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033339

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El Habbasha K.M., 1979: Onion allium cepa seed production as affected by vernalization of bulbs

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Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033372

Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033373

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Nagata S., 1987: Online ophthalmic computer system ophtha

Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033409

Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033410

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Papayannopoulou T., 1986: Only adult hemoglobin is produced in fetal nonerythroid x mel cell hybrids

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Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033428

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Chen F W., 1987: Only physiologically nonsignificant low affinity tsh receptor is present in the human liver

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Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033433

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Leonard E.J., 1982: Only the chemo tactic sub population of human blood monocytes expresses receptors for the chemo tactic peptide n formylmethionylleucylphenyl alanine

Brassinne A., 1981: Only the direct measurement of blood volume permits a distinction between polycythemias by reduction of plasma volume of true primary and secondary erythremias

Rask L., 1986: Only the dq beta restriction fragment pattern of each dr specificity is associated with insulin dependent diabetes

Mannik M., 1986: Only the initial binding of cationic immune complexes to glomerular anionic sites is mediated by charge charge interactions

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Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033440

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Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033449

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Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033457

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Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033460

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Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033469

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Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033474

Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033475

Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033476

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Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033483

Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033484

Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033485

Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033486

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Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033509

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Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033528

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Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033534

Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033535

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Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033558

Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033559

Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033560

Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033561

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Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033568

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Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033570

Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033571

Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033572

Section 7, Chapter 6034, Accession 006033573

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