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Advantages and disadvantages of bordeaux mixture and of lime-sulphur used on apples in the growing season
Observations on the Umaria marine bed
10 years of hearing conservation in the Royal Air Force
Chocolate crumb - dairy ingredient for milk chocolate
Effect of daily gelatin ingestion on human scalp hair
Comparison of rice bran and maize bran as feeds for growing and fattening pigs
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The Accraian Series:
The mechanism of the Liebermann-Burchard reaction of sterols and triterpenes and their esters
Cerebrovascular Doppler ultrasound studies (cv-Doppler)
Toria: PT-303 - first national variety
Hair growth promoting activity of tridax procumbens
Productivity of Pekin x Khaki Campbell ducks
A stable cytosolic expression of VH antibody fragment directed against PVY NIa protein in transgenic potato plant confers partial protection against the virus
Solar treatment of wheat loose smut
Swimmers itch in the Lake of Garda
Bactofugation and the Bactotherm process
The effects of prefrontal lobotomy on aggressive behavior in dogs
Visual rating scales for screening whorl-stage corn for resistance to fall armyworm
Breakdown of seamounts at the trench axis, viewed from gravity anomaly
Kooken; pennsylvania's toughest cave
Recovery of new dinosaur and other fossils from the Early Cretaceous Arundel Clay facies (Potomac Group) of central Maryland, U.S.A
Zubor horny (Bison bonasus) v prirodnych podmienkach Slovensku
The extended Widal test in the diagnosis of fevers due to Salmonella infection
Hair of the american mastodon indicates an adaptation to a semi aquatic habitat

List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 6035

Chapter 6035 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Ontogenetic plasticity in nonhuman primates: I. Secular trends in the Cayo Santiago macaques
, American Journal of Physical Anthropology 73(3): 279-287 (1987)

Ontogenetic plate and plate field development in 2 chitons middendorffia caprearum and ischnochiton rissoa
, Wilhelm Roux's Archives of Developmental Biology 289(2): 97-106 (1980)

Ontogenetic polychromatism in marsupial frogs anura hylidae
, Caldasia 15(71-75): 617-628 (1986)

Ontogenetic profile of the adenosine uptake sites in rat forebrain
, Journal of Neurochemistry 49(3): 852-855 (1987)

Ontogenetic ration changes of some representatives of the family calanidae copepoda consuming foods of various size
, Okeanologiya 26(4): 684-690 (1986)

Ontogenetic regulatory mechanisms and evolution of mellitid lunules echinoidea clypeasteroida
, Paleobiology 14(1): 52-63 (1988)

Ontogenetic reorganization of the root meristem in the compositae
, American Journal of Botany 63(2): 212-219 (1976)

Ontogenetic sequences and the phylogenetics of parasitic flatworm life cycles
, Cladistics 1(2): 159-170 (1985)

Ontogenetic shell variation and streamlining of some cretaceous ammonites
, Transactions and Proceedings of the Palaeontological Society of Japan New Series 147: 165-179 (1987)

Ontogenetic size variation in vessel elements of prosopis spicigera
, Flora (Jena) 166(3): 187-192 (1977)

Ontogenetic size variation of sieve tube elements in prosopis spicigera
, Bulletin de la Societe Botanique de France 124(7-8): 445-450 (1977)

Ontogenetic specificity of the intensity of dna metabolism in nuclei and mitochondria of chicken organs
, Sel'skokhozyaistvennaya Biologiya 10(5): 666-669 (1975)

Ontogenetic spectrum of blood protein amino acids in the black and white breed of cows and subsequent butter fat protein content of their milk
, Sel'skokhozyaistvennaya Biologiya 13(1): 75-77 (1978)

Ontogenetic steroidogenesis by testes, ovary, and adrenals of embryonic and postembryonic chickens (Gallus domesticus)
, General and Comparative Endocrinology 63(3): 456-463 (1986)

Ontogenetic studies in holmskioldia sanguinea
, Acta Botanica Indica 14(1): 18-23 (1986)

Ontogenetic studies in porina byssophila pyreno lichen 1. the pycnidia
, Cryptogamie Bryologie Lichenologie 1(3): 227-238 (1980)

Ontogenetic studies in porina byssophila pyreno lichen 2. the perithecia
, Cryptogamie Bryologie Lichenologie 2(3): 253-276 (1981)

Ontogenetic studies in some important timber trees of india part 1 shoot apex organization and leaf development in dalbergia sissoo
, Phytomorphology (Delhi) 27(3): 296-302 (1977)

Ontogenetic studies of cyclic gmp dependent protein kinase ec in rat cerebellum
, Journal of Neurochemistry 32(4): 1343-1348 (1979)

Ontogenetic studies of middle ordovician trilobites from the esbataottine formation mackenzie mountains canada
, Palaeontographica Abteilung A Palaeozoologie-Stratigraphie 171(1-3): 1-74 (1980)

Ontogenetic studies of the primary evoked responses and strychnine spike in motor-sensory cortex of kittens
, Experimental Neurology 75(2): 368-388 (1982)

Ontogenetic studies on bivalved gall of acacia catechu caused by contarinia bivalviae
, Cecidologia Internationale 4(1-3): 25-36 (1983)

Ontogenetic studies on mu, delta and kappa opioid receptors in rat brain
, Pharmacological Research Communications 18(10): 979-990 (1986)

Ontogenetic studies on the bennettitalean plants from the rajmahal hills bihar india
, Indian Journal of Earth Sciences 8(1): 16-19 (1981)

Ontogenetic studies on tryptophan transport into plasma membrane vesicles derived from rat brain synaptosomes: effect of thyroid hormones
, Neurochemical Research 10(5): 579-589 (1985)

Ontogenetic study of exploration in the golden hamster mesocricetus auratus
, Behaviour 73(3-4): 204-218 (1980)

Ontogenetic study of path in mongolian gerbil meriones unguiculatus
, Stal 13(1): 33-41 (1988)

Ontogenetic study of phylloceras onoense holcophylloceras aldersoni and phyllopachyceras theresae lower cretaceous phylloceratina ammonoidea of california usa
, Journal of Paleontology 62(4): 587-597 (1988)

Ontogenetic study of stomata and trichomes in some palms
, Phytomorphology (Delhi) 29(1): 26-33 (1980)

Ontogenetic study of the activity of gamma glutamyl transferase in bombyx mori
, Ontogenez 10(6): 640-643 (1979)

Ontogenetic study of the cruciform muscle sense organ of tellinacea
, Journal of Molluscan Studies 50(3): 162-178 (1984)

Ontogenetic study of the fusion of floral organs in the normal and solanifolia mutant of tomato lycopersicon esculentum
, Canadian Journal of Botany 65(2): 215-221 (1987)

Ontogenetic study of the hemolymph protein concentration changes in the lemon butterfly papilio demoleus l
, Entomon 12(3): 187-190 (1987)

Ontogenetic study of the pollinia of calotropis procera asclepiadaceae preliminary electron microscopic results
, Grana 20(2): 81-100 (1981)

Ontogenetic study of the shell of 2 callovian genera flabellisphinctes and indosphinctes ammonoidea cephalopoda
, Geologica Balcanica 14(3): 59-68 (1984)

Ontogenetic study of time sharing in children aged 6 11
, Journal of Human Movement Studies 12(5): 259-269 (1986)

Ontogenetic study on the monoamine and peptide containing cells in the pituitary and hypothalamus of the bullfrog rana catesbeiana by immunohistochemistry
, Acta Histochemica et Cytochemica 17(4): 387-398 (1984)

Ontogenetic trends in morphologic parameters of cystoseira barbata thalli
, Botanica Marina 22(5): 299-312 (1979)

Ontogenetic variability of amino transferase of aromatic amino acids in maize zea mays
, Fiziologiya i Biokhimiya Kul'turnykh Rastenii 15(4): 356-362 (1983)

Ontogenetic variability of chill tolerance in larval artemia salina 1. single type cryoprotectants
, Aquaculture 20(4): 305-312 (1980)

Ontogenetic variability of chill tolerance in larval artemia salina 2. dual cryoprotectants
, Aquaculture 20(4): 313-322 (1980)

Ontogenetic variability of physiological activity of annual plant roots
, Biologicheskii Zhurnal Armenii 33(6): 644-648 (1980)

Ontogenetic variability of the chromosome number in the atlantic salmon salmo salar
, Soviet Genetics (English Translation of Genetika) 14(11): 1417-1424 (1978)

Ontogenetic variation and diurnal study in the composition of essential oil in artemisia douglasiana
, Journal of Natural Products 47(2): 279-284 (1984)

Ontogenetic variation in patterns of phenotypic integration in the laboratory rat
, Evolution 42(1): 28-41 (1988)

Ontogenetic variation in the multiple hemo globins of coho salmon oncorhynchus kisutch and effect of environmental factors on their expression
, Journal of the Fisheries Research Board of Canada 33(5): 1144-1149 (1976)

Ontogenetic variation of 4 cyto kinins in soybean glycine max root pressure exudate
, Plant Physiology (Rockville) 70(6): 1619-1625 (1982)

Ontogenetic variation of hemo globins from south american chelonia reptilia
, Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology B 62(4): 539-544 (1979)

Ontogenetic variations in amphetamine-induced stimulus perseveration
, Behavioral and Neural Biology 26(2): 221-233 (1979)

Ontogenetic variations in carbohydrate lipid and protein contents in trabala vishnou lepidoptera insecta
, Proceedings of the Indian National Science Academy Part B Biological Sciences 51(4): 461-467 (1985)

Ontogenetic variations in the contents of some phenyl alkylamines indole alkylamines and of total alkaloids in different parts of datura metel var metel
, Quarterly Journal of Crude Drug Research 19(1): 11-24 (1981)

Ontogenetic vertical and horizontal migration of an opossum shrimp acanthomysis pseudomacropsis crustacea mysidacea in the japan sea
, Bulletin of the Japan Sea National Fisheries Research Institute 31: 153-160 (1980)

Ontogenetical and histochemical studies on chalaza proliferating tissue in iberis amara and alyssum maritimum
, Beitraege zur Biologie der Pflanzen 56(1): 7-18 (1981)

Ontogenetical development of the chick and duck subcommissural organ. An immunocytochemical study
, Histochemistry 84(1): 31-40 (1986)

Ontogenetically determined changes in the duration of ventricular action potentials of the rabbit heart under various conditions of stimulation
, Physiologia Bohemoslovaca 29(6): 495-502 (1980)

Ontogenically regulated expression of metallothionein and its messenger RNA in chick liver
, Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 147(1): 226-233 (1987)

Ontogenic activation of a fusion gene introduced into sea urchin eggs
, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 84(1): 151-155 (1987)

Ontogenic analysis of self-stimulation behavior in the rat
, Physiology and Behavior 18(2): 183-186 (1977)

Ontogenic and phylogenic studies of intestinal, hepatic, and placental alkaline phosphatases. Evidence that intestinal alkaline phosphatase is a late evolutionary development
, Gastroenterology 91(2): 277-286 (1986)

Ontogenic and substrate specific variations in alcohol dehydrogenase isoenzymes of zaprionus indianus
, Naturalia (Rio Claro) 10: 13-20 (1985)

Ontogenic changes in cochlear characteristic frequency at a basal turn location as reflected in the summating potential
, Hearing Research 18(2): 189-195 (1985)

Ontogenic changes in feeding habits of juvenile cutthroat trout
, Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 115(5): 703-710 (1986)

Ontogenic changes in isozyme patterns of penaeus species
, Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology B 86(2): 253-258 (1987)

Ontogenic changes in metabolism and transport of glutathione in the rat
, Journal of Biochemistry 100(6): 1457-1463 (1986)

Ontogenic changes in respiration and photosynthesis in a uni culm barley
, Crop Science 16(6): 786-790 (1976)

Ontogenic changes in secretory component expression by villous and crypt cells of rat small intestine
, Immunology 54(1): 181-187 (1985)

Ontogenic changes in selenite metabolism in rats
, Archives of Toxicology 49(3-4): 247-252 (1982)

Ontogenic changes in the hemo globins of the salamander pleurodeles waltlii
, Cell Differentiation 8(5): 405-410 (1979)

Ontogenic corticosteroidogenesis of the domestic fowl: response of isolated adrenocortical cells
, Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine. Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine 184(4): 436-445 (1987)

Ontogenic development and tissue distribution of renal proximal tubule brush border membrane antigens in the dog
, Clinical and Experimental Immunology 32(3): 405-410 (1978)

Ontogenic development of a 5 methyl tetra hydro folate requiring enzyme in rats and mice
, Naunyn Schmiedeberg's Archives of Pharmacology 286(4): 379-388 (1974)

Ontogenic development of anti toxin producing capacity of humans and animals immuno modulation in immunization practice preliminary publication
, Annales Immunologiae Hungaricae 22: 411-425 (1982)

Ontogenic development of B cell reactivities to cooperative cell signals: dissociation between proliferation and antibody secretion
, European Journal of Immunology 12(8): 653-658 (1982)

Ontogenic development of contrasuppression
, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 80(16): 5052-5055 (1983)

Ontogenic development of human natural killer (NK) cells and lymphokine activated killer (LAK) cells
, Nihon Sanka Fujinka Gakkai Zasshi 39(4): 591-598 (1987)

Ontogenic development of surface ornamentation in the scales of hemichromis bimaculatus cichlidae
, Journal of Fish Biology 28(6): 713-724 (1986)

Ontogenic development of swine (Sus domesticus) adipose tissue lipases
, Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology. B Comparative Biochemistry 59(3): 195-198 (1978)

Ontogenic development of the renal ornithine decarboxylase ec response to testosterone
, Experientia 37(10): 1119 (1981)

Ontogenic development of the suppressed secondary response to native dextran
, Scandinavian Journal of Immunology 16(4): 287-292 (1982)

Ontogenic development of thymocyte in normal and bisdiamine treated rats immunohistochemical and enzymo histochemical studies
, Acta Medica Nagasakiensia 30(1-3): 119-138 (1985)

Ontogenic development of vasoactive intestinal peptide receptors in rat intestinal cells and liver
, Endocrinology 121(6): 2211-2221 (1987)

Ontogenic expression of a CyI actin fusion gene injected into sea urchin eggs
, Development 101(3): 437-447 (1987)

Ontogenic expression of translocated purple and vermilion genes in drosophila melanogaster
, Korean Journal of Zoology 24(3): 123-132 (1981)

Ontogenic modifications and sexual dimorphism in mesoplodon gervaisi cetacea ziphiidae
, Caribbean Journal of Science 21(1-2): 27-38 (1985)

Ontogenic predisposition of zea mays to sorghum downy mildew
, Plant Disease Reporter 62(5): 467-468 (1978)

Ontogenic profile and properties of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase in human fetal tissues
, Indian Journal of Biochemistry and Biophysics 24(3): 133-135 (1987)

Ontogenic profile of glucose and galactose oxidation, and glycogenesis in rat hepatocytes
, Indian Journal of Biochemistry and Biophysics 22(2): 78-80 (1985)

Ontogenic restriction of colonization of the bursa of Fabricius
, European Journal of Immunology 13(7): 590-595 (1983)

Ontogenic studies of a few upper cambrian trilobites from the deadwood formation south dakota usa
, Transactions and Proceedings of the Palaeontological Society of Japan New Series 114: 49-63 (1979)

Ontogenic studies of lymphoid progenitor cells in human bone marrow
, Experimental Hematology 10(10): 886-892 (1982)

Ontogenic studies of shoot apical organization in poinsettia
, Flora (Jena) 180(3-4): 267-274 (1988)

Ontogenic studies on biogenic amines in heart, lung and adrenal glands of Mastomys natalensis
, Indian Journal of Biochemistry and Biophysics 23(6): 348-350 (1986)

Ontogenic studies on brain biogenic amines in Mastomys natalensis
, Indian Journal of Medical Research 84: 405-412 (1986)

Ontogenic studies on kinetics of lipo poly saccharide induced response to bromelain treated mouse erythrocytes in mouse spleen cells 1. differences from the response of total immuno globulin m secreting cells
, Cellular Immunology 65(2): 293-306 (1981)

Ontogenic study of intestinal transport of phenyl alanine and tryptophan in rats
, Revista de Ciencias Biologicas 12(1): 53-62 (1981)

Ontogenic study of plasma 17 alpha hydroxy progesterone in the human part 1 post natal period evidence for a transient ovarian activity in infancy
, Pediatric Research 12(1): 6-11 (1978)

Ontogenic study of the pollinia of calotropis procera asclepiadaceae
, Grana 19(2): 85-98 (1980)

Ontogenic study on the seizure manifestations and seizure discharges following parenteral penicillin administration in rats
, Psychiatria et Neurologia Japonica 88(5): 365-382 (1986)

Ontogenic variability in alkaloid synthesis and other morphological characters in 5 genotypes of belladonna
, Journal of Natural Products 45(5): 525-531 (1982)

Ontogenic variation in nitrogen assimilation nodulation and nitrogen fixation in groundnut arachis hypogaea genotypes
, Annals of Applied Biology 112(3): 537-546 (1988)

Ontogenic variations in the alkaloids of narcissus assoanus
, Physiologia Plantarum 68(4): 657-661 (1986)

Ontogenic variations in the interactions of lactate dehydrogenase isozymes with cellular structure
, Mechanisms of Ageing and Development 31(1): 69-87 (1985)

Ontogenic variations of basi cranial and facial angles comparative studies on homo and pan
, Bulletins et Memoires de la Societe d'Anthropologie de Paris 8(2 SERIES 13): 189-212 (1981)

Ontogenical studies on kinetics of lipopolysaccharide-induced response to bromelain-treated mouse erythrocytes in mouse spleen cells. II. Response of spleen cells with or without Fc receptors, C3 receptors, or Ia antigens
, Cellular Immunology 94(1): 60-72 (1985)

Ontogenies of 3 species of silicified middle ordovician trilobites from virginia
, Transactions and Proceedings of the Palaeontological Society of Japan New Series 101: 247-263 (1976)

Ontogenies of 4 upper cambrian trilobites from the bonneterre dolomite missouri usa
, Transactions and Proceedings of the Palaeontological Society of Japan New Series 111: 348-357 (1978)

Ontogenies of two middle cambrian corynexochid trilobites from the canadian rocky mountains
, Transactions and Proceedings of the Palaeontological Society of Japan New Series 138: 138-147 (1985)

Ontogeny abundance and age composition of cenopopulations of the hedge maple acer campestre in broad leaved forests of the european part of the ussr
, Byulleten' Moskovskogo Obshchestva Ispytatelei Prirody, Otdel Biologicheskii 90(2): 79-88 (1985)

Ontogeny and biochemical properties of glucocorticoid receptors in mid-gestation mouse embryos
, Journal of Steroid Biochemistry 9(2): 95-107 (1978)

Ontogeny and biosynthesis of iso vitexin 7 o galactoside in a mutant of silene pratensis unable to glycosylate this compound in the petals
, Zeitschrift fuer Naturforschung Section C Journal of Biosciences 38(7-8): 549-550 (1983)

Ontogeny and characterization of basic somatomedin receptors in rat placenta
, Endocrinology 116(2): 492-498 (1985)

Ontogeny and control of prolactin receptors in the mammary gland and liver of virgin, pregnant and lactating rats
, Journal of Endocrinology 80(2): 259-269 (1979)

Ontogeny and control of xanthine dehydrogenase ec in locusta migratoria
, Insect Biochemistry 9(6): 589-594 (1979)

Ontogeny and correlative relationships of the primary thickening meristem in four o'clock plants nyctaginaceae maintained under long and short photoperiods
, American Journal of Botany 63(4): 427-437 (1976)

Ontogeny and cranial morphology of the tympanic region of the Tupaiidae, with special reference to Ptilocercus
, Folia Primatologica; International Journal of Primatology 47(2-3): 61-80 (1986)

Ontogeny and cytochemistry of alkaloidal vesicles of laticifers of papaver somniferum papaveraceae
, American Journal of Botany 64(5): 541-551 (1977)

Ontogeny and distribution of certain oendocrine cells in the human fetal large intestine. Histochemical and immunocytochemical studies
, Cell and Tissue Research 203(3): 415-426 (1979)

Ontogeny and distribution of cysteine sulfinate trans aminase ec 2.6.1. in rat brain
, Neurochemical Research 6(2): 137-142 (1981)

Ontogeny and distribution of major histo compatibility complex antigens on mouse placental tropho blast
, Journal of Reproductive Immunology 2(3): 173-182 (1980)

Ontogeny and distribution of myrosin cells in the shoot of sinapis alba a light microscope and electron microscope study
, Israel Journal of Botany 25(3-4): 140-151 (1976)

Ontogeny and estrogen responsiveness of creatine kinase and glycolytic enzymes in brain and uterus of rat
, Neuroscience Letters 84(2): 197-202 (1988)

Ontogeny and fine structure of effective root nodules of the autumn olive elaeagnus umbellata
, Canadian Journal of Botany 65(1): 80-94 (1987)

Ontogeny and function of rank order in a sibling group of greylag geese (Anser anser L.)
, Zeitschrift für Tierpsychologie 45(2): 174-198 (1977)

Ontogeny and genetics of catalases ec in zaprionus paravittiger
, Indian Journal of Experimental Biology 20(2): 142-146 (1982)

Ontogeny and heterochrony in the ostracod cavellina from lower permian rocks in kansas usa
, Paleobiology 12(3): 290-301 (1986)

Ontogeny and histochemistry of anther wall in saxifraga ciliata lindl
, Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences Plant Sciences 97(4): 301-308 (1987)

Ontogeny and Identification of Life-Cycle Stages of Criconema octangulare (Cobb, 1914) Taylor, 1936
, Journal of Nematology 10(3): 245-249 (1978)

Ontogeny and induction of hepatic isometallothioneins in immature rats
, Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology 92(1): 10-17 (1988)

Ontogeny and life form of 2 cinquefoils potentilla stipularis and potentilla inquinans rosaceae from the upper kolyma river area russian sfsr ussr
, Botanicheskii Zhurnal (St Petersburg) 72(7): 918-925 (1987)

Ontogeny and localization of gamma crystallins in the developing rat lens comparison with elemental analytical finding by energy dispersion type electron probe micro analyzer
, Acta Histochemica et Cytochemica 15(4): 508-519 (1982)

Ontogeny and localization of the immunoglobulin g fc receptor of rabbit ciliary processes
, Experimental Eye Research 39(3): 325-334 (1984)

Ontogeny and morphology of bulbil and its seedling tuber in dioscorea melanophyma
, Phytomorphology (Delhi) 28(2): 192-197 (1978)

Ontogeny and morphology of ovarian and fruit hairs in kiwifruit
, New Zealand Journal of Botany 24(3): 403-414 (1986)

Ontogeny and morphology of the tuber of dioscorea floribunda
, Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences Plant Sciences 89(1): 47-56 (1980)

Ontogeny and morphology of uni cellular foliar hairs of lesquerella mendocina var microcarpa
, Physis Seccion C los Continentes y los Organismos Terrestres 38(95): 63-67 (1978)

Ontogeny and optics of the eyes of the common prawn palaemon serratus
, Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 81(2-3): 89-114 (1984)

Ontogeny and organization of the inflorescence in balanophora abbreviata
, Annals of Botany 46(6): 853-860 (1981)

Ontogeny and organization of the stationary non-lymphoid cells in the human thymus
, Cell and Tissue Research 207(2): 287-306 (1980)

Ontogeny and perithecial structure in faurelina fimigenes pyrenomycetes
, Revue de Mycologie (Paris) 40(2): 161-176 (1976)

Ontogeny and phylogenetic systematics
, Cladistics 1(1): 13-27 (1985)

Ontogeny and phylogeny from an epigenetic point of view
, Human Development 27(5-6): 249-261 (1984)

Ontogeny and phylogeny in horse skull evolution
, Evolution 38(1): 1-15 (1984)

Ontogeny and phylogeny in tortula musci pottiaceae
, Systematic Botany 11(1): 189-208 (1986)

Ontogeny and phylogeny of the carboniferous blastoid pentremites
, Journal of Paleontology 59(3): 701-702 (1985)

Ontogeny and phylogeny paleontological applications
, Geobios 19(3): 335-356 (1986)

Ontogeny and semophyletics of some filicophyta with special reference to those present in blechnum chilense
, Revista del Museo de La Plata Seccion Botanica 13(77): 165-187 (1984)

Ontogeny and sexual dimorphism in aulacephalodon reptilia anomodontia
, Annals of the South African Museum 81(4): 159-186 (1980)

Ontogeny and sporophyte structure of huperzia selago hyperziaceae in the southern urals
, Botanicheskii Zhurnal (Stsburg). 62(7): 1003-1010 (1977)

Ontogeny and structure of the apothecia of xanthoria parietina discolichenes
, Cryptogamie Bryologie Lichenologie 7(4): 457-478 (1986)

Ontogeny and systemic organization of paired brain functions autocorrelation model
, Doklady Akademii Nauk Ukrainskoi SSR Seriya B Geologicheskie Khimicheskie i Biologicheskie Nauki 4: 74-77 (1984)

Ontogeny and taxonomic significance of anther in bischofia javanica
, Phytomorphology (Delhi) 29(3-4): 298-306 (1979)

Ontogeny and taxonomy of brazilian uloma coleoptera tenebrionidae
, Papeis Avulsos de Zoologia (Sao Paulo) 32(20): 233-242 (1979)

Ontogeny and the life form of novosieversia glacialis rosaceae
, Botanicheskii Zhurnal (St Petersburg) 71(3): 347-354 (1986)

Ontogeny and the recognition of primitive character states
, Zeitschrift fuer Zoologische Systematik und Evolutionsforschung 17(1): 57-61 (1979)

Ontogeny and tissue distribution of leucine amino peptidase in drosophila melanogaster
, Insect Biochemistry 10(5): 535-542 (1980)

Ontogeny and ultrastructure of somatostatin and calcitonin cells in the thyroid gland of the rat
, Cell and Tissue Research 206(2): 193-201 (1980)

Ontogeny and ultrastructure of the developing cleistothecia in erysiphe communis f betae
, Izvestiya Akademii Nauk Kazakhskoi SSR Seriya Biologicheskaya 6: 3-9 (1987)

Ontogeny and ultrastructure of the sclerotium of botrytis cinerea
, Canadian Journal of Microbiology 28(12): 1347-1354 (1982)

Ontogeny and variation in subprionocyclus neptuni an upper cretaceous collignoniceratid ammonite
, Bulletin of the National Science Museum Series C (Geology and Paleontology) 5(2): 51-86 (1979)

Ontogeny auditory structures and primate evolution
, American Journal of Physical Anthropology 52(3): 443-452 (1980)

Ontogeny cell distribution and the physiological role of nadp malic enzyme ec in drosophila melanogaster
, Biochemical Genetics 17(9-10): 867-880 (1979)

Ontogeny, compartmentation, and turnover of spectrin isoforms in rat central neurons
, Journal of Neuroscience: the Official Journal of the Society for Neuroscience 7(1): 55-64 (1987)

Ontogeny cytology and histochemistry of anther tapetum in relation to pollen development in nigella damascena
, Phytomorphology (Delhi) 26(1): 46-59 (1976)

Ontogeny function and evolution of extreme floral construction in monimiaceae
, Plant Systematics and Evolution 134(1-2): 79-120 (1980)

Ontogeny histochemistry and fine structure of cellular inclusions in vegetative cells of antithamnion defectum ceramiaceae rhodophyta
, Journal of Phycology 15(1): 42-48 (1979)

Ontogeny in animal colonies: a persistent trend in the bryozoan fossil record
, Science 232(4747): 230-232 (1986)

Ontogeny life history and sex ratio evolution in ensliniella kostylevi acari winterschmidtiidae
, Journal of Zoology (London) 213(4): 591-608 (1987)

Ontogeny modifies manifestations of cystinuria genes: implications for counseling
, Journal of Pediatrics 106(3): 411-416 (1985)

Ontogeny morphology and systematic significance of glochidiate and winged fruits of cynoglosseae and eritrichieae boraginaceae
, Botanische Jahrbuecher fuer Systematik Pflanzengeschichte und Pflanzengeographie 105(3): 323-378 (1985)

Ontogeny no basis for interpretive leaf morphology exemplified by some of the cucurbitaceae
, Journal of the Indian Botanical Society 56(2): 141-148 (1977)

Ontogeny of 2 cholinergically mediated central effects stereotyped yawning and potentiation of head shaking
, Acta Neurobiologiae Experimentalis 38(1): 11-24 (1978)

Ontogeny of 2' 5' oligo adenylate 5' tri phosphate binding protein in mouse brain
, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 797(2): 288-294 (1984)

Ontogeny of acid-base balance in the bullfrog and chicken
, Respiration Physiology 11(1): 46-53 (1970)

Ontogeny of actin and microsomal antigens in gastric parietal cells
, Journal of Clinical Pathology 31(6): 578-584 (1978)

Ontogeny of active avoidance in the rat: learning and memory
, Developmental Psychobiology 12(2): 169-186 (1979)

Ontogeny of adenylate cyclase activity in the rat lung: guanine nucleotides and cytosolic factors
, Pediatric Research 17(7): 553-561 (1983)

Ontogeny of adrenal VIP content and release from adrenocortical cells in the ovine fetus
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