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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6036

Chapter 6036 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Section 7, Chapter 6036, Accession 006035000

Haneke E., 1983: Onycholemmal horn

Harada, T.; Katagiri, M.; Yamane, Y.; Ohkubo, S.; Ipponsugi, S.; Miyake, K.; Yasuda, K., 1988: Onycholysis associated with graves' disease

Mackie R.M., 1979: Onycholysis occurring during psoralen longwave uv therapy

Section 7, Chapter 6036, Accession 006035004

Campbell J.M., 1984: Onychomira floridensis new genus new species from florida usa with a revised key to the genera of north american alleculidae coleoptera

Coulaud J.P., 1988: Onychomycosis and aids

De Bracalenti B.J.C., 1986: Onychomycosis due to dematiaceae hendersonula toruloidea

Osunkwo I.C., 1986: Onychomycosis due to hendersonula toruloidea in nigeria

Diaz F., 1985: Onychomycosis due to saprophytic fungi report of 25 cases

Hay R.J., 1988: Onychomycosis due to trichophyton soudanense

Scher R.K., 1987: Onychomycosis in graft versus host disease

Helfand A.E., 1986: Onychomycosis in the aged an administrative perspective

Constantin A., 1987: Onychomycosis with hendersonula toruloidea

Schubert, B.; Minard, J. J.; Baran, R.; Verret, J. L.; Schnitzler, L., 1977: Onychopathy of mushroom growers

Nutting W.B., 1980: Onychophora feeding structure function behavior and maintenance pararthropoda

Peck S.B., 1983: Onychophora from mesic grass veld in south africa onychophora peripatopsidae

Chang Y W., 1980: Onychothecus corniclypeus from yunnan china scarabaeidae coprinae

Section 7, Chapter 6036, Accession 006035019

Bruce A.J., 1981: Onycocaridella prima new genus new species a new pontoniine sponge associate from the capricorn islands australia decapoda caridea pontoniinae

Bruce A.J., 1987: Onycocaridites anomodactylus new genus new species decapoda palaemonidae a commensal shrimp from the arafura sea

Bruce A.J., 1979: Onycocaris anomala new species a new pontoniine shrimp from the northern territory australia

Komorowska, H., 1986: Onygena equina wild. pers. fr. in poland

Rammeloo J., 1982: Onygena mutata an earlier name for amauroascus verrucosus gymnoascaceae

Sargent, J. A.; Ingram, D. S.; Tommerup, I. C., 1977: Oo spore development in bremia lactucae an ultrastructural study

Arakawa C.K., 1980: Oo spore germination of phytophthora katsurae

Erwin D.C., 1980: Oo spore morphology and germination in the phytophthora palmivora complex from cacao

Shaw D.S., 1984: Oo spores in cultures of phytophthora infestans resulting from selfing induced by the presence of phytophthora drechsleri isolated from blighted potato foliage

Shaw C.G., 1982: Oo spores of peronospora sparsa on rubus spp

Section 7, Chapter 6036, Accession 006035030

Ubelaker J.E., 1985: Oochoristica crotaphyti new species eucestoda linstowiidae from crotaphytus collaris lacertilia iguanidae in northern arkansas usa

Beverley Burton M., 1982: Oochoristica javaensis new species eucestoda linstowiidae from gehyra mutilata and other gekkonid lizards lacertilia gekkonidae from java indonesia

Allison B., 1985: Oochoristica novaezealandae new species cestoda anoplocephalidae from a new zealand skink leiolopisma nigriplantare maccanni

Kornyushin V.V., 1983: Oochoristica pseudocotylea new record cestoda skrjabinochoridae for the fauna of the ussr

Stockdale P.H.G., 1982: Oocyst production late stage merogony gametogony and cross transmission studies of eimeria bubonis protozoa eimeriidae of the great horned owl bubo virginianus

Stockdale P.H.G., 1981: Oocyst production of 4 species of murine coccidia

Fott, B., 1976: Oocystis and related genera of the subfamily of oocystoideae name changes taxonomic notes and diagnostic key

Watanabe, S., 1978: Oocystis minuta chlorococcales and its new variety from japanese soils

Section 7, Chapter 6036, Accession 006035040

Meehan T.P., 1988: Oocysts of isospora ernsti new species and isospora blagburni new species apicomplexa eimeriidae from the black capped bulbul pycnonotus xanthopygos

Clark W.H.Jr, 1987: Oocyte activation in the marine shrimp sicyonia ingentis

Section 7, Chapter 6036, Accession 006035044

Guraya S.S., 1985: Oocyte atresia in paramphistomum cervi trematoda digenea

Semenova M.N., 1984: Oocyte cholinesterase in the starfish acanthaster planci substrate specificity and sensitivity to inhibitors

Section 7, Chapter 6036, Accession 006035047

Srivastava P.N., 1982: Oocyte de population pattern in adult indian desert gerbil meriones hurrianae exposed to internally deposited phosphorus 32 cobalt 60 and calcium 45

Lum P.T.M., 1983: Oocyte degeneration in plodia interpunctella and cadra cautella lepidoptera pyralidae influence of temperature and humidity

Baker T.G., 1981: Oocyte depletion in xo mice and their xx sibs from 12 200 days post partum

Mattison, D. R.; Nightingale, M. S., 1982: Oocyte destruction by poly cyclic aromatic hydro carbons is not linked to the inducibility of ovarian aryl hydro carbon benzo a pyrene hydroxylase ec activity in dba 2n x c 57bl 6n f 1 x dba 2n backcross mice

Benner D.B., 1985: Oocyte development and fecundity in megaselia scalaris phoridae diptera

Le Clus F., 1979: Oocyte development and spawning frequency in the south west african pilchard sardinops ocellata

Nair V.S.K., 1981: Oocyte development and vitellogenesis in jonespeltis splendidus myriapoda diplopoda

Section 7, Chapter 6036, Accession 006035055

Wassarman, P. M.; Josefowicz, W. J., 1978: Oocyte development in the mouse an ultrastructural comparison of oocytes isolated at various stages of growth and meiotic competence

Ali-Khalifa, M. S., 1986: Oocyte development in the scavenger beetle dermestes maculatus klug. dermestidae coleoptera

Speed R.M., 1986: Oocyte development in xo fetuses of man and mouse the possible role of heterologous x chromosome pairing in germ cell survival

Rojas F., 1988: Oocyte donation and gamete intrafallopian transfer in premature ovarian failure

Van Steirteghem A.C., 1988: Oocyte donation in patients without ovarian function

Ananthakrishnan T.N., 1988: Oocyte follicle cell dynamics in arrhenothrips ramakrishnae hood insecta thysanoptera i

Dumont J.N., 1979: Oocyte follicle cell gap junctions in xenopus laevis and the effects of gonadotropin on their permeability

Huebner E., 1981: Oocyte follicle cell interaction during normal oogenesis and atresia in an insect rhodnius prolixus

Waldo A.E., 1979: Oocyte follicle cell relationships in a starfish patiria miniata

Ananthakrishnan, T. N., 1988: Oocyte follicle epithelial cell dynamics in arrhenothrips ramakrishnae hood insecta thysanoptera ii. observations on the preterminal and terminal oocytes

Wallace R.A., 1987: Oocyte growth and development in the striped mullet mugil cephalus during seasonal ovarian recrudescence relationship to fecundity and size at maturity

Mishin V.L., 1981: Oocyte growth and vitellogenesis in sagitta elegans elegans chaetognatha

Wallace R.A., 1982: Oocyte growth in the sheepshead minnow cyprinodon variegatus uptake of exogenous proteins by vitellogenic oocytes

Mesnier M., 1980: Oocyte growth within the ovariole in a stick insect clitumnus extradentatus

Plachot M., 1988: Oocyte maturation

Hillensjo, T., 1976: Oocyte maturation and glycolysis in isolated pre ovulatory follicles of pregnant mares serum injected immature rats

Saat T.V., 1980: Oocyte maturation and ovulation in the loach misgurnus fossilis in vitro in different media and under different hormonal influences

Campbell, C. M.; Idler, D. R., 1977: Oocyte maturation and ovulation induced in hypophysectomized winter flounder pseudopleuronectes americanus by preparations from pituitary glands of american plaice hippoglossoides platessoides

Waddy S.L., 1986: Oocyte maturation and spawning in wild american lobsters homarus americanus lack of evidence for significant regulation by photoperiod

Kanatani H., 1982: Oocyte maturation in starfish asterina pectinifera sequential changes of oocyte shape induced by 1 methyl adenine associated with germinal vesicle breakdown

Nagahama Y., 1982: Oocyte maturation in the amago salmon oncorhynchus rhodurus in vitro effects of salmon gonadotropin steroids and cyano ketone an inhibitor of 3 beta hydroxy delta 5 steroid dehydrogenase

Wallace R.A., 1986: Oocyte maturation in the mummichog fundulus heteroclitus effects of steroids on germinal vesicle breakdown of intact follicles in vitro

Duvarova A.S., 1982: Oocyte maturation in the silver carp hypophthalmichthys molitrix cyprinidae after hormonal action

Khapchaeva E.V., 1983: Oocyte maturation in the silver carp hypophthalmichthys molitrix cyprinidae under the effect of estrogens androgens and gestagens in vitro in connection with varying fish in vivo sensitivity to chorionic gonadotropin/

Khapchaeva E.V., 1984: Oocyte maturation in the silver carp under the effect of corticosteroids in vitro in connection with varying sensitivity of fish in vivo to chorionic gonadotropin

Schjeide O.A., 1984: Oocyte maturation in the stick insect carausius morosus ultrastructural and biochemical aspects

Section 7, Chapter 6036, Accession 006035083

De Jong F.H., 1983: Oocyte maturation inhibitor inhibin and steroid concentrations in porcine follicular fluid at various stages of the estrous cycle

Behrman H.R., 1986: Oocyte maturation is inhibited by adenosine in the presence of fsh

Section 7, Chapter 6036, Accession 006035086

Section 7, Chapter 6036, Accession 006035087

Section 7, Chapter 6036, Accession 006035088

Armstrong D.T., 1983: Oocyte normality after super ovulation in immature rats

Van-Kooij, R. J.; Balerna, M.; Roatti, A.; Campana, A., 1986: Oocyte penetration and acrosome reactions of human spermatozoa i. influence of incubation time and medium composition

Van-Kooij, R. J.; Balerna, M.; Roatti, A.; Campana, A., 1986: Oocyte penetration and acrosome reactions of humans sperms ii. correlation with other seminal parameters

Saunders D.M., 1987: Oocyte pickup by laparoscopy replaced by transvaginal aspiration in an in vitro fertilization program

Baird D.R., 1986: Oocyte recovery and fertilization rates in women at various times after the administration of human chorionic gonadotropin

Travnik P., 1983: Oocyte recovery in vitro insemination and transfer into the oviduct after its micro surgical repair at a single laparotomy

Williams K.L., 1979: Oocyte resorption during ovarian development in the blow fly lucilia cuprina

Krebs D., 1987: Oocyte retrieval for in vitro fertilization

Wikland M., 1987: Oocyte retrieval under the guidance of a vaginal transducer evaluation of patient acceptance

Section 7, Chapter 6036, Accession 006035098

Golbus M.S., 1983: Oocyte sensitivity to induced meiotic nondisjunction and its relationship to advanced maternal age

Gromov I.A., 1979: Oocyte size composition and spawning peculiarities of the eastern carp cyprinus carpio haematopterus

Dean J., 1987: Oocyte specific expression and developmental regulation of zp3 the sperm receptor of the mouse zona pellucida

Dean J., 1986: Oocyte specific gene expression molecular characterization of a complementary dna coding for zp 3 the sperm receptor of the mouse zona pellucida

Mcmahon, A., 1983: Oocyte specific regulation of phospho glycerate kinase 1 ec isozyme activity in female germ cells of the mouse

Mohier E., 1987: Oocyte specific transcription of fs 1k 10 a drosophila gene affecting dorsal ventral developmental polarity

Tag T.A., 1987: Oocyte viability in stimulated folliculogenesis in female rabbits

Wylie C.C., 1984: Oocytes and early embryos of xenopus laevis contain intermediate filaments which react with anti mammalian vimentin antibodies

Kornienko E.S., 1983: Oocytes of starfish henricia sp from the gulf of peter the great ussr

Hunziker R.D., 1981: Oocytes react with antibody directed against h 2 but not ia antigens

Strik F., 1988: Oodg ulrich and opg gee a comparative study

Yoshimoto, C. M., 1977: Ooencyrtus leptoglossi new species hymenoptera chalcidoidea encyrtidae reared from eggs of leptoglossus corculus hemiptera heteroptera coreidae

Luther, H.; Haellfors, G., 1981: Oogamy in aphanochaete chlorophyceae chaetophorales 1. morphology and ecology

Porter, D. L., 1971: Oogenesis and chromosomal hetero zygosity in the thelytokous midge lundstroemia parthenogenetica diptera chironomidae

Zholdasova, I. M.; Guseva, L. N., 1987: Oogenesis and cyclic changes in the gonads of the catfish silurus glanis l. males and females in water bodies in the lower amu darya river area uzbek ssr ussr

Garcia J.M., 1986: Oogenesis and follicle development in fetal cross bred zebu cattle

Saumande J., 1981: Oogenesis and folliculogenesis

Saller U., 1988: Oogenesis and larval development of ephydatia fluviatilis porifera spongillidae

Franzen W., 1988: Oogenesis and larval development of scypha ciliata porifera calcarea

Masood, A.; Husain, S. I., 1978: Oogenesis and mode of reproduction in cyperus cyst nematode heterodera mothi

Anderson J.F., 1979: Oogenesis and oviposition in chrysops atlanticus diptera tabanidae

Lauren D.J., 1982: Oogenesis and protandry in the purple hinge rock scallop hinnites giganteus in upper puget sound washington usa

Roman J., 1985: Oogenesis and reproduction of a radopholus similis population from puerto rico

Section 7, Chapter 6036, Accession 006035125

Subramoniam T., 1985: Oogenesis and shell gland activity in a freshwater fairy shrimp streptocephalus dichotomus crustacea anostraca

Fishelson, L., 1978: Oogenesis and spawn formation in the pigmy lion fish dendrochirus brachypterus pteroidae

Baird D.J., 1985: Oogenesis and spermatogenesis in nephelopsis obscura and erpobdella punctata hirudinoidea erpobdellidae with comments on their life cycles

Gherardi M., 1979: Oogenesis and spermatogenesis in some species of cirripedes

Sil'yanova Z.S., 1981: Oogenesis and stages of maturity of nototheniid fish

Busson D., 1981: Oogenesis defects in the ecd 1 mutant of drosophila melanogaster deficient in ecdysteroid at high temperature

Gallissian M F., 1981: Oogenesis electron microscopy study of some calcareous sponges porifera calcarea

Bogoslovskaya T.S., 1983: Oogenesis in 2 species of cabbage flies delia brassicae and delia floralis/

Ishikawa M., 1984: Oogenesis in a flesh fly sarcophaga ruficornis

Srivastava A.K., 1984: Oogenesis in a freshwater large murrel channa striatus

Shackley, S. E.; King, P. E., 1977: Oogenesis in a marine teleost blennius pholis

Subramoniam T., 1984: Oogenesis in a millipede spirostreptus asthenes myriapoda diplopoda

Brust R.A., 1985: Oogenesis in a north american population of aedes togoi diptera culicidae

Junquera P., 1984: Oogenesis in a pedogenetic dipteran insect under normal conditions and after experimental elimination of the follicular epithelium an ultrastructural study

Lee, Y. R., 1977: Oogenesis in a tubiculous polychaete schizobranchia insignis part 1 microscopic and biometric studies

Bilinski, S., 1977: Oogenesis in acerentomon gallicum protura pre vitellogenic and vitellogenic stages

Novikova G.P., 1982: Oogenesis in asterias amurensis and patiria pectinifera

Tikku, K.; Saxena, B. P.; Koul, O., 1978: Oogenesis in callosobruchus chinensis and induced sterility by acorus calamus oil vapors

Bilinski S., 1979: Oogenesis in campodea sp diplura ultrastructure of the egg chamber during vitellogenesis

Mazza J., 1982: Oogenesis in centropages typicus copepoda calanoida

Section 7, Chapter 6036, Accession 006035148

Xu J., 1981: Oogenesis in coccinella septempunctata

Cukier, M.; Guerrero, G. A.; Maggese, M. C., 1986: Oogenesis in coptopteryx viridis dictyoptera mantidae i. characteristics of the mature oocyte envelopes

Verma, G. P.; Basiston, A. K.; Das, C. C., 1977: Oogenesis in cybister guaerini coleoptera studies on the origin and composition of yolk

Pankova N.V., 1986: Oogenesis in drosophila melanogaster mutants with a reduced reproductive period

Wallace, R. A.; Selman, K., 1980: Oogenesis in fundulus heteroclitus 2. the transition from vitellogenesis into maturation

Selman, K.; Wallace, R. A., 1983: Oogenesis in fundulus heteroclitus 3. vitellogenesis

Selman, K.; Wallace, R. A.; Barr, V., 1986: Oogenesis in fundulus heteroclitus iv. yolk vesicle formation

Wallace, R. A.; Selman, K., 1978: Oogenesis in fundulus heteroclitus part 1 preliminary observations on oocyte maturation in vivo and in vitro

Selman, K.; Wallace, R. A.; Barr, V., 1988: Oogenesis in fundulus heteroclitus v. the relationship of yolk vesicles and cortical alveoli

Przelecka, A., 1978: Oogenesis in galleria mellonella cytochemical and ultrastructural studies

Guevara D.C., 1985: Oogenesis in hammerschmidtiella diesingi and leidynema appendiculata nematoda oxyuroidea

Section 7, Chapter 6036, Accession 006035160

Section 7, Chapter 6036, Accession 006035161

Verma, G. P.; Mohanty, S. C., 1976: Oogenesis in mylabris pustulata coleoptera origin and composition of compound yolk

Kambysellis, M. P.; Starmer, T.; Smathers, G.; Heed, W. B., 1980: Oogenesis in natural populations of drosophilidae 2. significance of micro climatic changes on oogenesis of drosophila mimica

Maggese M.C., 1986: Oogenesis in rhamdia sapo pisces pimelodidae stages of the oocyte eeg envelopes and effects of the human chorionic gonadotropin

Rosciszewska, E., 1976: Oogenesis in tetrodontophora bielanensis collembola histochemical and auto radiographical analysis of proteins

Trendelenburg M.F., 1986: Oogenesis in the egg brooding frog gastrotheca riobambae produces large oocytes with fewer nucleoli and low rna content in comparison to xenopus laevis

Khipple, P.; King, R. C., 1976: Oogenesis in the female sterile 1 1304 mutant of drosophila melanogaster diptera drosophilidae

Rizzo, W. B.; King, R. C., 1977: Oogenesis in the female sterile 1 42 mutant of drosophila melanogaster

Gopal Dutt N.H., 1984: Oogenesis in the fresh water bryozoan pectinatella gelatinosa light microscopy

Nair N.B., 1979: Oogenesis in the hill stream loach noemacheilus triangularis

Fiil, A., 1976: Oogenesis in the malaria mosquito anopheles gambiae

Pipe R.K., 1987: Oogenesis in the marine mussel mytilus edulis an ultrastructural study

Bonnanfant-Jais, M. L.; Mentre, P., 1983: Oogenesis in the newt pleurodeles waltlii 1. ultrastructural study of the different stages of oocyte development

Sobhana, B.; Nair, N. B., 1977: Oogenesis in the olive carp puntius sarana subnasutus

Kumari, S. D. R.; Padmanabhan, K. G., 1976: Oogenesis in the pearl spot etroplus suratensis

Joshi P.K., 1985: Oogenesis in the penaeid prawn parapenaeopsis stylifera

Walldorf, V.; Riehl, R. , 1985: Oogenesis in the pentastomid raillietiella aegypti cephalobaenida 1. previtellogenic and vitellogenic stages

Riehl, R.; Walldorf, V., 1985: Oogenesis in the pentastomid raillietiella aegypti cephalobaenida 2. the egg shell

Komm, B. S.; Hinsch, G. W., 1985: Oogenesis in the terrestrial hermit crab coenobita clypeatus decapoda anomura 1. previtellogenic oocytes

Komm, B. S.; Hinsch, G. W., 1987: Oogenesis in the terrestrial hermit crab coenobita clypeatus decapoda anomura ii. vitellogenesis

Brummett, A. R.; Dumont, J. N., 1976: Oogenesis in xenopus laevis part 3 localization of negative charges on the surface of developing oocytes

Dumont, J. N.; Brummet, A. R., 1978: Oogenesis in xenopus laevis part 5 relationships between developing oocytes and their investing follicular tissues

Dumont, J. N., 1978: Oogenesis in xenopus laevis part 6 the route of injected tracer transport in the follicle and developing oocyte

Vinson S.B., 1986: Oogenesis of cardiochiles nigriceps viereck hymenoptera braconidae histochemistry and development of the chorion with special reference to the fibrous layer

Gill K.S., 1980: Oogenesis of egg in tribolium castaneum

Brunel E., 1979: Oogenesis of psila rosae diptera psilidae temperature feeding and host plant influence

Magakyan-Yu, A.; Karalova, E. M.; Khachatryan, M. G., 1980: Oogenesis of the ararat cochineal 4. nucleic acid synthesis and accumulation of dna and histones in oocyte nuclei

Gruzova, M. N.; Batalova, V. M.; Kozlova-Ermolaeva, L. V., 1987: Oogenesis of the predatory gall midge aphidoletes aphidimyza i. ultrastructure of young oocytes of pupae and imagoes

Ramos J., 1983: Oogenesis of the sole solea solea pisces soleidae

Holland, C. A.; Dumont, J. N., 1975: Oogenesis on xenopus laevis part 4 effects of gonadotropin estrogen and starvation on endocytosis in developing oocytes

Kurilo L.F., 1981: Oogonia degeneration in human pre natal and peri natal oogenesis

Vijayaraghavan M.R., 1986: Oogonial release in turbinaria conoides fucales sargassaceae

Rich M., 1982: Ooid cortices composed of neomorphic pseudospar possible evidence for ancient originally aragonitic ooids

Halley, R. B., 1977: Ooid fabric and fracture in the great salt lake utah usa and the geological record

Guptha M.V.S., 1985: Ooids in deep sea core from the western continental margin of india

Strasser A., 1986: Ooids in purbeck limestones lowermost cretaceous of the swiss and french jura

Sluiters J.F., 1987: Ookinete antigens of plasmodium berghei a light and electron microscope immunogold study of expression of the 21 kda determinant recognized by a transmission blocking antibody

Sinden R.E., 1988: Ookinete antigens of plasmodium berghei appearance on the zygote surface of an m r 21 kd determinant identified by transmission blocking monoclonal antibodies

Todd, R. G., 1976: Oolite bar progradation san andres formation midland basin texas usa

Sarti M., 1981: Oolitic turbidites of the tuscan nappe italy middle upper jurassic provenance and tectonic implications

Hellebrekers, W. P. J., 1978: Oologic and nidologic communications in 1977

Voloshina, I. V.; Myslenkov, A. I., 1976: Oological and juvenile features of the siberian pallass dipper cinclus pallasii pallasii

Meshcheryakova R.I., 1979: Oomycetes of the severskiy donets river ussr and its tributaries

Vonica I., 1985: Oophages of cereal bugs eurygaster sp heteroptera in the danube area in romania

Mellini E., 1987: Oophagous hymenoptera biology the importance of egg age at parasitization

Canard, M., 1970: Oophagy in 1st stage chrysopid larvae neuroptera chrysopidae

Vasiliad S., 1982: Oophorectomy an adjuvant method in the treatment of malignant breast tumors

Ilstrup D.M., 1985: Oophorectomy and colon cancer impact on survival

Anderson C., 1984: Oophorectomy and cortical bone remodeling in the beagle

Cozzi G., 1982: Oophorectomy in advanced breast cancer clinical radiologic correlations

Lees, A. W.; Giuffre, C.; Burns, P. E.; Hurlburt, M. E.; Jenkins, H. J., 1980: Oophorectomy vs. radiation ablation of ovarian function in patients with metastatic carcinoma of the breast

Gazet J.C., 1980: Oophoropexy and ovarian function in the treatment of hodgkins disease

Gabriel, D. A.; Bernard, S. A.; Lambert, J.; Croom, R. D. Iii, 1986: Oophoropexy and the management of hodgkin's disease a reevaluation of the risks and benefits

Callebaut M., 1988: Ooplasmic localization and segregation in quail germs fate of the four ooplasms

Nuccitelli, R., 1978: Ooplasmic segregation and secretion in the pelvetia fastigiata egg is accompanied by a membrane generated electrical current

Shimizu T., 1982: Ooplasmic segregation in the tubifex hattai egg mode of poleplasm accumulation and possible involvement of micro filaments

Section 7, Chapter 6036, Accession 006035223

Silfverberg, H., 1978: Oorlogia nigriceps new genus new species from namibia coleoptera chrysomelidae contribution to the study of galerucinae no 12

Gutzeit H.O., 1985: Oosome formation during in vitro oogenesis in bradysia tritici synonym sciara ocellaris

Schweizer G., 1981: Oosorption during ovarian development in the screwworm fly chrysoma bezziana

Gray L.E., 1987: Oospore germination in phytophthora megasperma f sp glycinea

Shu I M., 1988: Oospore germination of homothallic phytophthora species and the identity of phytophthora heveae isolates from taiwan

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Smith T.L., 1982: Oosporein toxicosis in the turkey poult

Washino R.K., 1986: Oosporogenesis by lagenidium giganteum in liquid culture

Washino R.K., 1986: Oosporogenesis by lagenidium giganteum induction and maturation are regulated by calcium and calmodulin

Ogura, N., 1977: Oostatic effect of bombyx mori of extracts from ganglia of periplaneta americana/

Mura G., 1985: Ootaxonomic findings on anostracan eggs a scanning electron microscopic study

Mazzini M., 1987: Ootaxonomic investigation of the italian species of the genus electrogena ephemeroptera heptageniidae

Nakauchi M., 1986: Oozooid development and budding in the polyclinid ascidian parascidia flemingii urochordata

Nakauchi M., 1980: Oozooids of parascidia areolata a polyclinid ascidian

Tanaka T., 1984: Op 1206 a prostaglandin e 1 derivative effects of oral administration to patients with chronic lung disease

Glover J.R., 1983: Op site skin closure a comparison with sub cuticular and interrupted sutures

Artavanis Tsakonas S., 1985: Opa a novel family of transcribed repeats shared by the notch locus and other developmentally regulated loci in drosophila melanogaster

Schlimme E., 1988: Opa method modified by use of n n dimethyl 2 mercaptoethylammonium chloride as thiol component

Bergstrom J., 1986: Opabinia and anomalocaris unique cambrian arthropods

Hill R., 1984: Opacification of epidural venous plexus and dura in evaluation of cervical nerve roots computed tomography technique

Benedek G.B., 1985: Opacification of gamma crystallin solutions from calf lens in relation to cold cataract formation

Struyven J., 1988: Opacification of the glans penis during cavernosography

Olson R.J., 1984: Opacification vascularization and chronic inflammation produced by hydrogel corneal lamellar implants

So M., 1984: Opacity determinants of neisseria gonorrhoeae gene expression and chromosomal linkage to the gonococcal pilus gene

Meyer T.F., 1986: Opacity genes in neisseria gonorrhoeae control of phase and antigenic variation

Muir C.K., 1985: Opacity of bovine cornea in vitro induced by surfactants and industrial chemicals compared with ocular irritancy in vivo

Wilder J.M., 1983: Opacity of mono disperse sulfuric acid aerosols

Fedorenko B.S., 1985: Opacity of the lens of mice exposed to 4 gigaelectron volts per nuclon helium and cobalt 60 gamma radiation

Heck, A. F., 1970: Opacity pulse propagation in internal and external carotid vascular beds of experimental animals

Wardlaw A.C., 1980: Opacity units and opacity unit milliliters

Stein D.L., 1984: Opaeophacus acrogeneius new genus new species of zoarcidae pisces osteichthyes from the bering sea

Komamura M., 1987: Opal phytolith analysis of the kanto loam formation in musashino upland kanto plain japan

Shoba S.A., 1988: Opal phytoliths in the biogeocenoses of central taiga ussr

Kondo, R.; Peason, T., 1981: Opal phytoliths in tree leaves 2. opal phytoliths in dicotyledonous angiosperm tree leaves

Hatfield D., 1987: Opal suppressor phosphoserine transfer rna gene and pseudogene are located on human chromosomes 19 and 22 respectively

Dudock B., 1982: Opal suppressor serine transfer rna species from bovine liver form phospho seryl transfer rna

Sadek I.A., 1983: Opalina ranarum inhibitory effect of 13 cis retinoic acid of retinyl palmitate on the induction of cyst formation

Hodson M.J., 1986: Opaline silica deposits in the leaves of bidens pilosa and their possible significance in cancer

Delvinquier B.L.J., 1987: Opalinidae in australian anura

Section 7, Chapter 6036, Accession 006035265

Section 7, Chapter 6036, Accession 006035266

Section 7, Chapter 6036, Accession 006035267

Libl B., 1983: Oparins theory of the evolutionary abiogenesis from the viewpoint of modern science

Nunez Vergara J.C., 1985: Opeatogenys gracilis new record gobiesocidae osteichthyes in the southwest spanish mediterranean sea

Section 7, Chapter 6036, Accession 006035270

Reimer L.W., 1987: Opecoelidae trematoda from fishes in coastal waters of mozambique

Paradiznik, V., 1987: Opecoeloides furcatus bremser odhner 1928 trematoda opecoelidae ozaki 1925 from red mullet mullus barbatus l. in the gulf of koper yugoslavia

Section 7, Chapter 6036, Accession 006035273

Murphy C.M.B., 1979: Open access audiometry

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Section 7, Chapter 6036, Accession 006035301

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Section 7, Chapter 6036, Accession 006035306

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Section 7, Chapter 6036, Accession 006035312

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Section 7, Chapter 6036, Accession 006035459

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Section 7, Chapter 6036, Accession 006035516

Section 7, Chapter 6036, Accession 006035517

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Section 7, Chapter 6036, Accession 006035519

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Section 7, Chapter 6036, Accession 006035529

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Section 7, Chapter 6036, Accession 006035536

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Section 7, Chapter 6036, Accession 006035566

Section 7, Chapter 6036, Accession 006035567

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Section 7, Chapter 6036, Accession 006035871

Section 7, Chapter 6036, Accession 006035872

Section 7, Chapter 6036 , Accession 006035873

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Tajima A., 1987: Operative fiberoptic nephroureteroscopy removal of upper ureteral and renal calculi

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Section 7, Chapter 6036, Accession 006035934

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