Onycocaridella prima new genus new species a new pontoniine sponge associate from the capricorn islands australia decapoda caridea pontoniinae

Bruce, A.J.

Journal of Crustacean Biology 1(2): 241-250


ISSN/ISBN: 0278-0372
Accession: 006035020

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ONYCOCARIDELLA gen. nov. is proposed for a new species of pontoniine shrimp found inhabiting the sponge Mycale sulcata Hentschel at 12 m on Wistari Reef, Heron Island, Queensland, Australia. O. prima sp. nov. is described and illustrated. Two species of the genus Onycocaris, O. stenolepis Holthuis and O. monodoa Fujino and Miyake, are transferred to the new genus. The relationship of Onycocaridella to other genera of sponge-associated pontoniine shrimps (Onycocaris, Periclimenaeus and Typton) is discussed, and a key to the species of Onycocaridella is provided.