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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6037

Chapter 6037 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Wittbrodt S., 1980: Operative techniques in the treatment of processes in the orbital region

Polk H.C.Jr, 1987: Operative therapy for cholecystitis and cholelithiasis trends over three decades

Yamazaki Y., 1981: Operative therapy special reference to dental diseases

Imrie C.W., 1986: Operative transampullary extraction of pancreatic calculi

Birck H.G., 1981: Operative treatment and post operative management of saccular cyst and laryngocele

Section 7, Chapter 6037, Accession 006036005

Bednarek W., 1980: Operative treatment for uterine myomata

Bachmann H., 1985: Operative treatment in boys with posterior urethral valves how much surgery is needed

Morrow, A. G.; Reitz, B. A.; Epstein, S. E.; Henry, W. L.; Conkle, D. M.; Itscoitz, S. B.; Redwood, D. R., 1975: Operative treatment in hypertrophic subaortic stenosis techniques and the results of pre operative and post operative assessment in 83 patients

Seide H W., 1987: Operative treatment in recurrent dislocation of the shoulder

Sandor L., 1987: Operative treatment in vertebral fractures and dislocations according to asif recommendations

Persch W.F., 1981: Operative treatment of a fractured head of the radius with a modified 3 hole plate

Kogovsek J., 1986: Operative treatment of a major recto vaginal fistula in a mare

Nutz V., 1987: Operative treatment of acetabulum fractures in multiple injury

Stinson, E. B.; Griepp, R. B.; Vosti, K.; Copeland, J. G.; Shumway, N. E., 1976: Operative treatment of active endo carditis

Mulier J.C., 1980: Operative treatment of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis with follow up study of the post operative physical and social status

Lindsjo U., 1981: Operative treatment of ankle fractures

Shumway N.E., 1979: Operative treatment of aortic dissections experience with 125 patients over a 16 year period

Section 7, Chapter 6037, Accession 006036018

Stronska H., 1982: Operative treatment of bilateral ureteral injury

Paradysz A., 1986: Operative treatment of bilateral vesicoureteral reflux by our own method of ureter reimplantation

Hecker W.C., 1986: Operative treatment of bile duct cysts in childhood

Ketonen, P.; Harjola, P. T.; Luosto, R.; Tala, P., 1976: Operative treatment of carotid artery occlusion a follow up study

Fliedner E., 1981: Operative treatment of cervical spine injuries possibilities of temporary palacos immobilization

Petersen V., 1987: Operative treatment of chronic acromioclavicular dislocation

Jaeger M., 1980: Operative treatment of chronic capsular ligament lesions and results

Jensen E., 1980: Operative treatment of chronic pancreatitis

Tanabe, G.; Kunisada, H., 1977: Operative treatment of congenital muscular torticollis long term results of myotomy

Section 7, Chapter 6037, Accession 006036028

Davenport K., 1988: Operative treatment of displaced intra articular fractures of the calcaneus

Shen Q., 1979: Operative treatment of female urinary fistulas report of 405 cases

Et Al, 1984: Operative treatment of fibrous dysplasia of upper femur with varus deformity

Jakob R.P., 1985: Operative treatment of fractures of the distal radius using external fixation

Habermeyer P., 1985: Operative treatment of fractures of the humerus shaft

Zingg E., 1981: Operative treatment of fractures of the penis

Section 7, Chapter 6037, Accession 006036035

Et Al, 1985: Operative treatment of gluteus medius paralysis

Ueki H., 1981: Operative treatment of ingrown nail

Asche G., 1980: Operative treatment of injuries and diseases of the hand with the external mini fixator

Rickard T.A., 1987: Operative treatment of intra articular fractures of the dorsal aspect of the distal phalanx of digits

Section 7, Chapter 6037, Accession 006036040

Petrulis, A.; Pranckevicius, S., 1988: Operative treatment of long bone fractures with an external monofixateur

Christensen A., 1984: Operative treatment of lumbar disc herniation a 5 year survey

Zgajnar B., 1986: Operative treatment of mandibular fractures according to the ao method

Korovessis P., 1985: Operative treatment of neuropathic pelvic obliquity

Et Al, 1987: Operative treatment of non union of fractures of long bones an analysis of 55 cases

Robbs, J. V.; Human, R. R.; Rajaruthnam, P., 1986: Operative treatment of nonspecific aortoarteritis takayasu's arteritis

Otis J.C., 1981: Operative treatment of olecranon fractures excision or open reduction with internal fixation

Section 7, Chapter 6037, Accession 006036048

Seidlein H., 1985: Operative treatment of osteochondritis dissecans in the knee joint

Munting J.D.K., 1987: Operative treatment of persistent lateral instability of the ankle is it worse to sprain the ankle than to break it

Section 7, Chapter 6037, Accession 006036051

Faensen M., 1979: Operative treatment of post traumatic deformities in the knee area

Shirokova A.P., 1980: Operative treatment of primary lung cancer

Loehr, B.; Jelke, G.; Schroeder, L., 1978: Operative treatment of prolapse of the pars membranacea of the trachea

Satter P., 1988: Operative treatment of pulmonary embolism

Salariato O., 1985: Operative treatment of pulmonary metastases

Section 7, Chapter 6037, Accession 006036057

Betz A., 1981: Operative treatment of recent fractures of the distal radius

Ruponen, S.; Taina, E., 1978: Operative treatment of rectal endometriosis

Beck E., 1981: Operative treatment of recurrent dislocation of the peroneal tendons

Kressner, A.; Kornmesser, H. J., 1976: Operative treatment of rhinopathia vasomotoria

Seifert V., 1987: Operative treatment of ruptured cerebral arterial aneurysm in elderly patients review of a 7 year period

Weyrauch H.J., 1982: Operative treatment of ruptures of the ankle joint

Morscher E., 1981: Operative treatment of ruptures of the rotator cuffs indications technique and results

Horlyck, E.; Thomasen, E., 1978: Operative treatment of scoliosis with harrington instrumentation technique

Bjerkreim, I., 1976: Operative treatment of scoliosis with the harrington instrumentation technique

Paukku P., 1983: Operative treatment of severe proximal humeral fractures

Akbarnia B.A. , 1983: Operative treatment of spinal deformities in patients with cerebral palsy or mental retardation an analysis of 107 cases

Almdahl S.M., 1984: Operative treatment of spondylolisthesis

Gaab M., 1982: Operative treatment of temporal lobe contusion

Section 7, Chapter 6037, Accession 006036071

Toth J., 1980: Operative treatment of the substitution of anterior decussating ligament in the knee joint of the dog

Lozes, G.; Fawaz, A.; Devos, P.; Wyremblewski, P.; Kassiotis, P.; Perper, H.; Gozet, G.; Pruvo, J. P.; Jomin, M., 1987: Operative treatment of thoraco lumbar metastases using methylmethacrylate and kempf's rods for vertebral replacement and stabilization report of 15 cases

Section 7, Chapter 6037, Accession 006036074

Section 7, Chapter 6037, Accession 006036075

Et Al, 1984: Operative treatment of tuberculosis of parotid gland a report of 23 cases

Et Al, 1984: Operative treatment of tumors of posterior portion of the 3rd ventricle and pineal region

Bergan A., 1988: Operative treatment of ulcerative colitis conventional proctectomy with brooke ileostomy versus mucosal proctectomy with ileoanal anastomosis

Lugnegard, H.; Walheim, G.; Wennberg, A., 1977: Operative treatment of ulnar nerve neuropathy in the elbow region a clinical and electro physiological study

Keeman J.N., 1987: Operative treatment of unstable distal radial fractures

Heising, J.; Engelking, R.; Seiferth, J.; Albrecht, K. F., 1978: Operative treatment of vesico ureteric reflux in duplicated ureters

Iosif C.S., 1983: Operative treatment of women with prolapse and genuine primary stress incontinence

Fleischer G.M., 1982: Operative treatment results of the acromio clavicular luxation

Makita Y., 1979: Operative treatments for acromegaly comparison of trans sphenoidal cryogenic and micro surgical hypophysectomy

Section 7, Chapter 6037, Accession 006036085

Work B.A.Jr, 1985: Operative ultrasonography in the biliary tract during pregnancy

Crowell R.M., 1984: Operative ultrasonography of brain and spinal cord pathology

Fossen D., 1982: Operative vaginal delivery with velasco spatulas

Section 7, Chapter 6037, Accession 006036089

Westlin N., 1987: Operative versus non operative treatment of recent injuries to the ligaments of the knee a prospective randomized study

Section 7, Chapter 6037, Accession 006036091

Yalla S.V., 1979: Operative vs nonoperative management of patients with staghorn calculi and neurogenic bladder

Edvardsen, P.; Slordahl, J.; Svenningsen, S., 1981: Operative vs. conservative treatment of calve legg perthes disease

Dillon, M. L.; Postlethwait, R. W.; Bowling, K. A., 1969: Operative wound cultures and wound infections a study of 342 patients

Schmidt, C. R.; Paris, S. G., 1978: Operativity and reversibility in childrens understanding of pictorial sequences

Queinnec Y., 1983: Operator activities at cathode ray tube terminals a behavioral approach

Wulf, H. C., 1977: Operator assisted semi automatic karyotyping of banded metaphases

Section 7, Chapter 6037, Accession 006036098

Osborne, T. F.; Gil, G.; Goldstein, J. L.; Brown, M. S., 1988: Operator constitutive mutation of 3 hydroxy 3 methylglutaryl coenzyme a reductase promoter abolishes protein binding to sterol regulatory element

Calvo, J. M.; Margolin, P.; Umbarger, H. E., 1969: Operator constitutive mutations in the leucine operon of salmonella typhimurium

Girons I.S., 1987: Operator constitutive mutations of the escherichia coli met f gene

Scott, R. N.; Paciga, J. E.; Parker, P. A., 1978: Operator error in multi state myo electric control systems

Adams S.A., 1982: Operator exposure measurements during application of the herbicide diallate

Lecuyer D.W., 1983: Operator exposure to radio frequency fields near a hyper thermia device

Komenda S., 1983: Operator model for paired association learning

Komenda S., 1983: Operator model of learning length of the 1st run of correct responses

Komenda S., 1983: Operator model of learning length of the 1st run of incorrect responses

Komenda S., 1983: Operator model of learning simultaneous probability distribution of the length of runs of incorrect and correct responses

Komenda S., 1983: Operator model of learning trajectories of responses

Herrmann K.M., 1985: Operator mutations of the escherichia coli aro f gene

Bachrach A.J., 1982: Operator performance in 1 atmosphere diving system jim in water at 20 celsius and 30 celsius

Section 7, Chapter 6037, Accession 006036112

Leaman D.M., 1984: Operator radiation exposure during percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty

Glencross, D. J.; Anderson, G. A., 1976: Operator response factors in the location and control of foot pedals

Sizov A.D., 1981: Operator sensor sensitivity oscillations

Eisen H., 1980: Operator sequences of bacterio phage p 22 and bacterio phage 21

Neilands J.B., 1987: Operator sequences of the aerobactin operon of plasmid col v k 30 binding the ferric uptake regulation fur repressor

Dempster C.R., 1984: Operator variables in successful hypno therapy

Orban V., 1986: Operatory and tactical indications in lithiasic jaundice

Gregoir W., 1984: Operatory risk of urological surgery in aged men

Barros V., 1987: Operatory wounds with or without dressing?

Tolstikova N.V., 1979: Opercula of gastropods from cenozoic continental deposits in southeastern kazakh ssr ussr

Section 7, Chapter 6037, Accession 006036123

Livingstone D., 1985: Opercular regeneration in pomatoceros lamarckii polychaeta serpulidae differentiation of the operculum and deposition of the calcareous opercular plate

Guhl W., 1979: Opercularia coarctata a variable peritrich

Dissing, H.; Sivertsen, S., 1980: Operculate discomycetes from rana norway 3. helvella rivularis new species

Dissing, H.; Sivertsen, S., 1983: Operculate discomycetes from rana norway 4. octospora hygrohypnophila new species peziza prosthetica new species and scutellinia mirabilis new species

Dissing, H.; Sivertsen, S., 1983: Operculate discomycetes from rana norway 5. rhodoscypha new genus and rhodotarzetta new genus

Donadini, J. C., 1975: Operculate discomycetes of provence

Schumacher, T., 1978: Operculate discomycetes pezizales on river banks in norway

Morochkovs'ka H.S., 1982: Operculate fungi from discomycetes subclass of the kanev reserve ukrainian ssr ussr

Chaker E., 1983: Operculated eggs of platyhelminths description of atypical forms and attempt of explanation

Section 7, Chapter 6037, Accession 006036133

Austin D.F., 1982: Operculina turpethum convolvulaceae as a medicinal plant in asia

Cory J.S., 1987: Operculum closing as a defense against predatory leeches in four british freshwater prosobranch snails

Yochelson E.L., 1986: Operculum of the early middle ordovician gastropod palliseria robusta

Wu, P. C.; Johnson, P. F.; Newton, A., 1970: Operon coordination in different bacterial hosts

Pascal M C., 1981: Operon fusions in the nitrate reductase operon and study of the control gene nir r in escherichia coli

Zengel J.M., 1979: Operon specific regulation of ribosomal protein synthesis in escherichia coli

Dauvin J C., 1981: Ophelia celtica new species annelids polychaetes new species with some remarks on the various species of the genus

Bellan, G., 1975: Ophelia rullieri new species opheliidae annelida polychaeta sedentaria from the gaspesian coasts canada

Laubier, L., 1978: Ophelicola drachi new genus new species of abyssal cyclopoid copepod parasitic upon opheliidae polychaeta annelida

Kyte M.A., 1982: Ophiacantha abyssa new species and ophiophthalmus diplasia new combination suggested in the ophiuroid family ophiacanthidae echinodermata ophiuroidae from off oregon usa

Kyte, M. A., 1977: Ophiacantha clypeata new species from the bering sea with a re description of ophiacantha rhachophora echinodermata ophiuroidea

Bartsch I., 1983: Ophiambix meteoris new species a new brittle star from the iberian deep sea basin ophiacanthidae ophiuroidae

Garratt P.A., 1986: Ophichthid eels in the coelom of several natal offshore reef fish

Caruso J.H., 1980: Ophichthus rex new species a giant snake eel from the gulf of mexico anguilliformes ophichthidae

Da-Cunha, O. R.; Do-Nascimento, F. P., 1981: Ophidia of amazonia 12. observations on viviparity in snakes of para and maranho brazil aniliidae boidae colubridae and viperidae

Gunha, O. R. D.; Nascimento, F. P. D., 1982: Ophidia of amazonia brazil 15. the species of micrurus bothrops lachesis and crotalus of the south of para and west of maranhao including areas of tropical scrub forest of this state ophidia elapidae and viperidae

Da-Cunha, O. R.; Do-Nascimento, F. P., 1975: Ophidia of amazonia part 5 bothrops lichenosus synonym of bothrops castelnaudi with new description and commentaries

Da-Cunha, O. R.; Do-Nascimento, F. P., 1975: Ophidians from the amazons part 6 liotyphlops ternetzii a rare ophidian with subterranean habits in the eastern part of the para state brazil ophidia anomalepididae

Szyndlar Z., 1983: Ophidians reptilia serpentes from the kohfidisch fissures of burgenland austria

Sibuet, M., 1977: Ophidiaster reyssi new species of bathyal starfish from the atlantic ocean

Section 7, Chapter 6037, Accession 006036154

De Oliveira D.A., 1980: Ophidism in the state of goias brazil

Sibuet M., 1981: Ophieulima minima new genus new species of ophiuroid parasites mollusca prosobranchia

Tipton C.L., 1984: Ophiobolin a a natural product inhibitor of calmodulin

Cole P.D., 1984: Ophiobolin g and ophiobolin h new fungal metabolites from a novel source aspergillus ustus

Section 7, Chapter 6037, Accession 006036159

Halloran, G. M., 1974: Ophiobolus graminis resistance in the genera agropyron and secale cereale and its possible significance to wheat breeding

Kneifel, H.; Koenig, W. A.; Loeffler, W.; Mueller, R., 1977: Ophiocordin an anti fungal antibiotic of cordyceps ophioglossoides

Miller J.E., 1984: Ophioderma devaneyi new species and ophioderma ensiferum new species of new brittle star species from the western atlantic echinodermata ophiuroidae

Tenerelli, V., 1973: Ophiodromus longocirratus new species polychaeta hesionidae from the gulf of catania

Gastony, G. J., 1977: Ophioglossum crotalophoroides new record new to the west indies

Landry G.P., 1984: Ophioglossum ellipticum in louisiana usa and the taxonomy of ophioglossum nudicaule

Singh R., 1984: Ophioglossum in rajasthan india morphology and anatomical studies

Section 7, Chapter 6037, Accession 006036167

Kurita S., 1980: Ophioglossum parvum new species from warm temperate zone of japan

Pedersen O., 1987: Ophioglossum vulgatum found in lyngdal vest agder county norway

Barker, W. T.; Hanson, J., 1976: Ophioglossum vulgatum new record for north dakota usa

Carle F.L., 1981: Ophiogomphus acuminatus new species from eastern north america with a key to the regional species anisoptera gomphidae

Louton J.A., 1982: Ophiogomphus bouchardi new species insecta odonata gomphidae from the western highland rim in tennessee usa

Carle F.L., 1982: Ophiogomphus incurvatus new name for ophiogomphus carolinus odonata gomphidae

Daigle J.J., 1985: Ophiogomphus westfalli new species from the ozark region of arkansas and missouri usa with a key to the ophiogomphus species of eastern north america anisoptera gomphidae

Carney R.S., 1981: Ophiolamia armigeri new genus new species mollusca prosobranchia parasitic on the abyssal ophiuroid ophiomusium armigerum

Hall, R., 1976: Ophiolite emplacement and the evolution of the taurus suture zone southeastern turkey

Reti Z., 1987: Ophiolite fragments in an evaporitic melange near the bodva valley north hungary

Devaney, D. M., 1977: Ophiomastix koehleri new species a new ophiocomid brittle star echinodermata ophiuroidea from the western indian ocean

Goff M.L., 1980: Ophiomegistus maximus new species acari paramegistidae from a malaysian kukri snake

Stewart, D. J., 1978: Ophiomorpha a marine indicator

Merrill R.D., 1984: Ophiomorpha and other nonmarine trace fossils from the eocene ione formation california usa

Neef, G., 1978: Ophiomorpha ichno fossils from late miocene sandstone near little wanganui settlement buller south island new zealand note

Winder J.A., 1982: Ophiomyia lantanae diptera agromyzidae and associated parasitoids emerging from lantana spp fruits verbenaceae in parana state brazil

Cerny M., 1985: Ophiomyia spenceri new species from czechoslovakia diptera agromyzidae

Kennedy C., 1980: Ophionyssus galeotes new species and ophionyssus scincorum new species acari dermanyssidae from new zealand lizards

Kudesia P.P., 1987: Ophiopinotus pinotus new genus new species hymenoptera torymidae

Balakrishnan N.P., 1980: Ophiorrhiza nicobarica new species rubiaceae from great nicobar island india

Butin, H., 1978: Ophiostoma triangulosporum new species causing blue stain in araucaria angustifolia

Rosati P., 1988: Ophiostoma ulmi metabolites and elm cell membrane permeability possible use in early tests of resistance

Landers E.J., 1981: Ophiotaenia critica new species cestoda proteocephalidae a parasite of the colorado river squawfish pteichocheilius licius

Dyer W.G., 1986: Ophiotaenia ecuadorensis new species cestoda proteocephalidae from hyla geographica in ecuador

Dyer, W. G.; Altig, R., 1977: Ophiotaenia olseni new species cestoda proteocephalidae from hyla geographica in ecuador

Margolis L., 1982: Ophioxenos lampetrae new species digenea paramphistomidae from ammocoetes of the western brook lamprey lampetra richardsoni in british columbia canada with comments on lamprey host parasite relationships

Beverley Burton M., 1987: Ophioxenos microphagus new combination ingles 1936 digenea paramphistomidae from ectotherms in western north america with comments on host parasite relationships

Haude R., 1982: Ophiura echinodermata from the carboniferous of the rhenish slate mountains west germany

Guille A., 1984: Ophiuridae ophiuroidea echinodermata from the cruise md 32 of marion dufresne along the coasts of reunion island indian ocean

Hotchkiss, F. H. C., 1977: Ophiuroid ophiocanops echinodermata not a living fossil

Hendler G., 1988: Ophiuroid skeleton ontogeny reveals homologies among skeletal plates of adults a study of amphiura filiformis amphiura stimpsonii and ophiophragmus filograneus echinodermata

Tommasi, L. R., 1976: Ophiuroidea collected in the peru chile trench by the usa navy ship eltanin during cruise 3

Hotchkiss F.H.C., 1982: Ophiuroidea echinodermata from carrie bow cay belize

Bartsch I., 1983: Ophiuroidea echinodermata from the northeastern atlantic deep sea

Bartsch I., 1982: Ophiuroidea echinodermata from the patagonian shelf south america

Section 7, Chapter 6037, Accession 006036203

Section 7, Chapter 6037, Accession 006036204

Irimura S., 1979: Ophiuroidea of sado island the sea of japan

Absalao R.S., 1988: Ophiuroidea pre operational situation on sacos de piraquara brazil region under influence of the discharge of the nuclear power plant almirante alvaro alberto

Thomas E., 1983: Ophiuroids echinodermata of the upper devonian in the northern rhenish slate mountains west germany

Meyer D.L., 1982: Ophiuroids flagrante delicto and notes on the spawning behavior of other echinoderms in their natural habitat

Harms C.A., 1985: Ophiuroids in a bahamian saltwater lake the ecology of a paleozoic like community

Purrini, K.; Kohring, G. W., 1987: Ophryocystis oryctesi new species ophryocystidae neogregarinida a new gregarine parasitizing the rhinoceros beetle oryctes monoceros oliv. scarabaeidae coleoptera

Kegel B., 1982: Ophryotrocha geryonicola polychaeta dorvilleidae

Tsetlin A.B., 1980: Ophryotrocha schubravyi new species and the problem of evolution of the mouth parts in the eunicemorpha polychaeta

Willis A.J., 1980: Ophrys apifera x ophrys insectifera hybrid in britain uk

Kuempel H., 1980: Ophrys caucasica

Danesch, O.; Danesch, E., 1977: Ophrys helenae orchidaceae a neglected species of the balkan peninsula greece

Grasso M.P., 1984: Ophrys laconensis new natural hybrid from sardinia italy

Olson L.D., 1981: Ophthalmia in turkeys infected with pasteurella multocida

Reed T.A.G., 1981: Ophthalmia neo natorum due to branhamella catarrhalis cases

Seal D.V., 1982: Ophthalmia neo natorum in the 1980s incidence etiology and treatment

Armstrong, J. H.; Zacarias, F.; Rein, M. F., 1976: Ophthalmia neonatorum a chart review

Piot P., 1986: Ophthalmia neonatorum in nairobi kenya the roles of neisseria gonorrhoeae and chlamydia trachomatis

Asbell P.A., 1987: Ophthalmia neonatorum study of a decade of experience at the mount sinai hospital new york usa

Section 7, Chapter 6037, Accession 006036223

Ohmori S., 1984: Ophthalmic acid and norophthalmic acid in lens liver and brain of higher animals

Mainster M.A., 1979: Ophthalmic applications of ir lasers thermal considerations

Horven, I., 1978: Ophthalmic artery pressure during retrobulbar anesthesia

Chien D S., 1987: Ophthalmic bioequivalence of steroid antibiotic combination formulations

Hommura, S.; Usuki, Y., 1985: Ophthalmic care of very low birthweight infants 1. clinical studies on the vessels of pupillary membrane

Hommura, S.; Usuki, Y., 1985: Ophthalmic care of very low birthweight infants 2. transient cataracts in very low birthweight infants

Hommura, S.; Usuke, Y., 1986: Ophthalmic care of very low birthweight infants report 3. clinical studies on the relationship between the onset time of retinopathy of prematurity and the process of involution of vessels of pupillary membrane

Hommura, S.; Usuki, Y.; Takei, K.; Tsuboi, K.; Sekine, Y.; Fukuda, Y.; Terauchi, M., 1988: Ophthalmic care of very low birthweight infants report 4. clinical studies on the influence of light on the incidence of retinopathy of prematurity

Fledelius, H. C., 1981: Ophthalmic changes from age of 10 18 years a longitudinal study of sequels to low birth weight 1. refraction

Fledelius, H. C., 1982: Ophthalmic changes from age of 10 18 years a longitudinal study of sequels to low birth weight 3. ultrasound oculometry and keratometry of anterior eye segment

Fledelius, H. C., 1982: Ophthalmic changes from age of 10 18 years a longitudinal study of sequels to low birth weight 4. ultrasound oculometry of vitreous and axial length

Fledelius, H. C., 1981: Ophthalmic changes from age of 10 to 18 years a longitudinal study of sequels to low birth weight 2. visual acuity

Mustonen E., 1987: Ophthalmic changes in hydrocephalus a follow up examination of 50 patients treated with shunts

Section 7, Chapter 6037, Accession 006036237

Dionis A.B., 1987: Ophthalmic colirium of calcium folinate formulation and elaboration

Cullen, J. F.; Coleiro, J. A., 1976: Ophthalmic complications of giant cell arteritis

Ellis P.P., 1988: Ophthalmic complications with disseminated intravascular coagulation

Mokete M., 1980: Ophthalmic conditions in rural lesotho

Sibilla T., 1985: Ophthalmic diagnosis with personal computer presentation and study of software diagnostic 1

Vannas A., 1987: Ophthalmic disease in twins a nationwide record linkage study of hospital discharges and free medications for 16067 twin pairs

Maichuk, Y. F., 1975: Ophthalmic drug inserts

Edwards R.S., 1987: Ophthalmic emergencies in a district general hospital casualty department

Tanaka H., 1981: Ophthalmic evaluation of buccal varidase in retinal branch vein occlusion and its natural course

Schwartz A.C., 1986: Ophthalmic evaluation of long term survivors of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Section 7, Chapter 6037, Accession 006036248

Winkelmann R.K., 1984: Ophthalmic features of necrobiotic xantho granuloma with para proteinemia

Section 7, Chapter 6037, Accession 006036250

Section 7, Chapter 6037, Accession 006036251

Wright P., 1982: Ophthalmic fluoro photometry a new solid state fluoro photometer

Wright P., 1979: Ophthalmic fluoro photometry an improved slit lamp fluoro photometer

Tonini R., 1979: Ophthalmic herpes zoster and delayed contralateral hemiparesis a chance occurrence

Weisbroth, S.; Peress, N., 1977: Ophthalmic lesions and dacryo adenitis a naturally occurring aspect of sialodacryoadenitis virus infection of the laboratory rat

Buist N.R.M., 1984: Ophthalmic manifestations of infantile phytanic acid storage disease

Yanes B., 1980: Ophthalmic manifestations of metastatic breast cancer

Dyer J.A., 1987: Ophthalmic manifestations of narcolepsy

Beck L., 1987: Ophthalmic manifestations of neurofibromatosis

Chambers T.L., 1980: Ophthalmic manifestations of primary oxalosis

Bregeat, P., 1977: Ophthalmic manifestations of sphenoidal mucoceles

Section 7, Chapter 6037, Accession 006036263

Section 7, Chapter 6037, Accession 006036264

Carrera G.M., 1979: Ophthalmic manifestations of visceral larva migrans

Section 7, Chapter 6037, Accession 006036266

Otache M.A., 1981: Ophthalmic needs of nigerian factory workers

Vrabec, M. P.; Shapiro, M. B.; Koller, E.; Wiebe, D. A.; Henricks, J.; Albers, J. J., 1988: Ophthalmic observations in lecithin cholesterol acyltransferase deficiency

Robin, J. S.; Ellis, P. P., 1978: Ophthalmic ointments

Koester, C. J.; Campbell, C. J.; Donn, A., 1980: Ophthalmic optical instruments 2 recent developments

Sullivan S., 1983: Ophthalmic psycho neurosis natural history

Section 7, Chapter 6037, Accession 006036272

Markovits, A. S., 1975: Ophthalmic screening of the mentally defective

Henkind, P.; Blodi, F. C., 1976: Ophthalmic seminars

Stigmar, G.; Crawford, J. S.; Ward, C. M.; Thomson, H. G., 1978: Ophthalmic sequelae of infantile hem angiomas of the eyelids and orbit

Section 7, Chapter 6037, Accession 006036276

Section 7, Chapter 6037, Accession 006036277

Itoi M., 1984: Ophthalmic solutions and corneal endothelium

Lopez N.E., 1984: Ophthalmic stains characteristics clinical use and toxicity

Section 7, Chapter 6037, Accession 006036280

Blatt, P. M.; Mcfarland, D. H.; Eifrig, D. E., 1980: Ophthalmic surgery and plasma thromboplastin antecedent factor xi deficiency

Grey, R. H. B.; Malcolm, N.; O'reilly, D.; Morris, A., 1986: Ophthalmic survey of a diabetic clinic i. ocular findings

Grey, R. H. B.; Morris, A., 1986: Ophthalmic survey of a diabetic clinic ii. requirements for treatment of retinopathy

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