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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6038

Chapter 6038 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Edmunds M., 1981: Opisthobranchiate mollusca from ghana chromodorididae

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037001

Garlo, E. V., 1977: Opisthobranchs found off little egg inlet new jersey usa with notes on 3 species new to the state

Spinar, Z. V., 1976: Opisthocoelellus hessi new species of the family bombinidae from the oligo miocene of czechoslovakia

Grabda Kazubska B., 1980: Opisthodiscus diplodiscoides new record trematoda diplodiscidae in rana esculenta in poland with remarks on its synonymy and geographical distribution

Jairajpuri M.S., 1982: Opisthodorylaimus new genus and some new and known species of dorylaimoidea nematoda from india

Mulay, V. B., 1976: Opisthogonoporus indicus new species trematoda allocreadiidae from the intestine of the fish caranx carangus in india

Karyakarte, P. P.; Yadav, B. B., 1976: Opisthomonorcheides indicus new species trematoda monorchiidae from the marine fish stromateus niger in india

Karyakarte, P. P.; Yadav, B. B., 1976: Opisthomonorcheides karwarensis new species trematoda monorchiidae from the marine fish stromateus niger in india

Singh J.P., 1979: Opisthomonorchis thapari new species from a marine fish caranx armatus from the arabian sea at quilon india

Foissner, W., 1977: Opisthonecta bivacuolata new species telotrochidium cylindricum new species and epistylis alpestris new species 3 new peritrichous ciliata from the high mountains hohe tauern austria

Koompirochana, C.; Sonakul, D.; Chinda, K.; Stitnimankarn, T., 1978: Opisthorchiasis a clinico pathologic study of 154 autopsy cases

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037012

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037013

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037015

Zykov S.G., 1987: Opisthorchiasis in the don river basin ussr

Sidorov E.G., 1980: Opisthorchiasis in the ural river basin ussr

Bronshtein, A. M., 1985: Opisthorchiasis infestation and duodenocholedochopancreatic zone diseases and their correlation with the quantitative parameters of opisthorchis felineus egg deposition 1. opisthorchiasis morbidity in the local population of khanty mansisk russian sfsr ussr

Bocharova T.A., 1979: Opisthorchiasis on the ket and chulym rivers russian sfsr ussr

Dandotia M.R., 1979: Opisthorchis caudalspinutum new species from the gallbladder of a siluroid fish wallago attu from gwalior india

Brockelman W.Y., 1985: Opisthorchis viverrini infection and cholangiocarcinoma a prospective case controlled study

Upatham E.S., 1982: Opisthorchis viverrini intensity and rates of infection in cyprinoid fish from an endemic focus in northeast thailand

Vongsangnak V., 1980: Opisthorchis viverrini liver changes in golden hamsters maintained on high and low protein diets

Flavell S.U., 1980: Opisthorchis viverrini partial success in adoptively transferring immunity with spleen cells and serum in the hamster

Flavell S.U., 1986: Opisthorchis viverrini pathogenesis of infection in immunodeprived hamsters

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037028

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037029

Smith Vaniz W.F., 1983: Opistognathus margaretae s of jawfish perciformes opisthognathidae from the indian ocean with notes on opistognathus nigromarginatus and opistognathus muscatensis

Vesselinovitch S.D., 1979: Opium a potential urinary bladder carcinogen in man

Westermeyer, J.; Peng, G., 1977: Opium and heroin addicts in laos part 1 a comparative study

Westermeyer, J.; Peng, G., 1977: Opium and heroin addicts in laos part 2 a study of matched pairs

Westermeyer J., 1981: Opium availability and the prevalence of addiction in asia

Masood A., 1979: Opium smoking in the frontier province of pakistan

Mcglothlin, W. H.; Mubbashar, M.; Shafique, M.; Hughes, P. H., 1978: Opium use in 2 communities in pakistan a preliminary comparison of rural and urban patterns

Fischer, M., 1975: Opius dureseaui new species hymenoptera braconidae opiinae reared from agromyza frontella diptera agromyzidae

Van-Achterberg, C., 1977: Opius hydrellivorus new species a parasite from hydrellia in rice in guyana hymenoptera braconidae opiinae

Liaropoulos, C.; Canard, M.; Laudeho, Y., 1977: Opius longicaudatus hymenoptera braconidae as a possible parasite of dacus oleae diptera trypetidae in the interior of olive fruits of different maturities

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037040

Monaco, R., 1984: Opius magnus fischer braconidae a parasite of rhagoletis cerasi l. on prunus mahaleb

Fischer M., 1980: Opius mudigerensis new species of braconid from india hymenoptera braconidae opiinae

Bolen E.G., 1980: Oplitis dakotensis new species acarina uropodidae and a new distribution record for oplitis exopodi new record

Nordenstam B., 1988: Oplopane derivatives from acrisone denticulata

Crosnier A., 1987: Oplophoridae crustacea decapoda collected from 1971 to 1982 by french ships in the southwestern indian ocean

Inoue, S.; Kakoi, H.; Goto, T., 1976: Oplophorus luciferin bio luminescent substance of the decapod shrimps oplophorus spinosus and heterocarpus laevigatus

Yamaguchi, I., 1975: Oplophorus oxy luciferin and a model luciferin compound biologically active with oplophorus luciferase

Carmichael, S. W.; Spagnoli, D. B.; Frederickson, R. G.; Krause, W. J.; Culberson, J. L., 1987: Opossum adrenal medulla i. postnatal development and normal anatomy

Spagnoli, D. B.; Frederickson, R. G.; Robinson, R. L.; Carmichael, S. W., 1987: Opossum adrenal medulla ii. differentiation of the chromaffin cell

Gibson D., 1979: Opossum hemo globin the amino acid sequences of the alpha chain and beta chain

Mcknight, T. C., 1976: Opossum shrimp mysis oculata relicta discovered in stormy lake wisconsin usa

Kyrki, J., 1977: Opostega auritella new record udea fulvalis new record and platyptilia nemoralis new record from finland lepidoptera opostegidae pyralidae and pterophoridae

Short S.A., 1986: Opp lac operon fusions and transcriptional regulation of the escherichia coli trp linked oligopeptide permease

Shereef, G. M., 1976: Oppia sitnikoviae new species an oribatid mite in giza region egypt

Rajski A., 1983: Oppiella rafalskii new species acarida oribatida

Subias, L. S.; Rodriguez, P., 1986: Oppiidae acari oribatida from the spanish juniper woods ix. subiasella lalmoppia new subgenus and discoppia cylindroppia new subgenus

Subias, L. S.; Rodriguez, P., 1986: Oppiidae acari oribatida from the spanish juniper woods vi. neotrichoppia confinoppia new subgenus and moritziella balogh 1983

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037059

Subias, L. S., 1978: Oppiidae of the oppia clavipectinata oppia insculpta complex acarina oribatida

Alnot J.Y., 1988: Opponensplasty through translocation of the flexor pollicis longus technique and indications

Gastorf, J.; Suls, J.; Lawhon, J., 1978: Opponent choices of below average performers

Hood D.C., 1982: Opponent color cells can influence detection of small brief lights

Gouras, P., 1974: Opponent color cells in different layers of foveal striate cortex

Regan D., 1987: Opponent model for line interval discrimination interval and vernier performance compared

Yelen D.R., 1985: Opponent process theory the interaction of trials intertrial interval and the presence of evoking stimuli

Frost B.J., 1985: Opponent processes in vowel perception

Flannelly, K. J.; Flannelly, L., 1985: Opponents' size influences maternal aggression

Guba S., 1980: Opportune questions of use of extensive grasslands and byproducts

Benitez Aranda H., 1986: Opportune treatment program of hemorrhages in hemophilia a study of the hemophilia cooperative group

De-Castro, A. F. P.; Campedelli-Filho, O.; Waisbich, E., 1978: Opportunist mycobacteria isolated from the mesenteric lymph nodes of apparently healthy pigs in sao paulo brazil

Br-Thorac-Tuberc-Res-Comm, 1975: Opportunist mycobacterial pulmonary infection and occupational dust exposure an investigation in england and wales

Gibbons J.W., 1984: Opportunistic behavioral thermoregulation of turtles pseudemys scripta in response to microclimatology of a nuclear reactor cooling reservior

Lasserre P., 1979: Opportunistic copepods in temperate lagoons of arcachon bay france differential distribution and temporal heterogeneity

Akopyan R.G., 1983: Opportunistic enterobacteria in salmonellosis and dysentery in infants

Laufer I., 1987: Opportunistic esophagitis in aids radiographic diagnosis

Garber, S. D., 1978: Opportunistic feeding behavior of anolis cristatellus iguanidae reptilia in puerto rico

Thompson S.E.Jr, 1982: Opportunistic feeding by coyotes canis latrans

Gould, E., 1978: Opportunistic feeding by tropical bats

Medica, P. A.; Arndt, R. G., 1976: Opportunistic feeding in sceloporus horridus from jalisco mexico

Kitchell J.F., 1987: Opportunistic foraging by largemouth bass micropterus salmoides

Choi H.Y., 1979: Opportunistic fungal infection among cancer patients a 10 year autopsy study

Myers A.M., 1979: Opportunistic fungal infection by fusarium oxysporum in a renal transplant patient

Thiermann, A. B.; Jeffries, C. D., 1980: Opportunistic fungi in rats rattus norvegicus and an opossum didelphis virginiana from detroit michigan usa

Feigin, R. D.; Shearer, W. T., 1975: Opportunistic infection in children part 1 in the compromised host

Feigin, R. D.; Shearer, W. T., 1975: Opportunistic infection in children part 2 in the compromised host

Et Al, 1982: Opportunistic infection in previously healthy women initial manifestations of a community acquired cellular immuno deficiency

Feigin, R. D.; Shearer, W. T., 1975: Opportunistic infection of children part 3 in the normal host

Appelbaum, P. C.; Bowen, A. J., 1978: Opportunistic infection of chronic skin ulcers with pseudomonas putrefaciens

Kemna M.E., 1986: Opportunistic infection of the spleen caused by aureobasidium pullulans

Navarro, M. D.; Leal, M.; Pineda, J. A.; Diaz-Torres, M. A.; Wichmann, I.; Jimenez, J. M.; Lissen, E., 1987: Opportunistic infections and kaposi's sarcoma in hemophiliacs analysis of a series of patients controlled in a hospital and evaluation of medical assessment

Spira T.J., 1983: Opportunistic infections and kaposis sarcoma among haitians evidence of a new acquired immuno deficiency state

Dalhoff A., 1987: Opportunistic infections caused by pseudomonas aeruginosa

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037096

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037097

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037098

Barde A.K., 1986: Opportunistic infections of skin and nails by non dermatophytic fungi

Godwin J.D., 1986: Opportunistic lung infection caused by rhodococcus equi

Hakala T.R., 1979: Opportunistic lung infection due to pittsburgh pneumonia agent

Hakala T.R., 1981: Opportunistic lung infections in renal transplant patients a comparison of pittsburgh pneumonia agent and legionnaires disease

Traore, F.; Rabbani, R.; N'dir, O.; Stamatopoulou, Z.; Badillet, G., 1988: Opportunistic mycosis at st. louis hospital paris france during the first 9 months

Rinaldi M.G., 1983: Opportunistic mycotic infection caused by chaetomium in a patient with acute leukemia

Land, G. A., 1976: Opportunistic mycotic infections and malignancies

Sande M.A., 1979: Opportunistic pneumonia a clinico pathological study of 5 cases caused by an unidentified acid fast bacterium

Kessler G.F.Jr, 1980: Opportunistic pneumonia caused by a new acid fast bacterium

Tonnel A.B., 1986: Opportunistic pneumonia due to torulopsis glabrata

Ho M., 1981: Opportunistic trichosporon cutaneum pneumonia association with invasive aspergillosis

Kerkering T.M., 1987: Opportunistic zygomycotic infections a literature review

Teixeira R.A., 1987: Opportunities and constraints black white differences in the formation of interracial friendships

Sandor T., 1982: Opportunities for and prerequisites of genetic improvement of prolificacy of geese

Szekely S., 1982: Opportunities for application of ethology and test methods

Babinszky M., 1980: Opportunities for autarchy in feeding ruminants

Mason, J. A., 1976: Opportunities for biological research in space during the 1980s

Khristov, K.; Khristova, P.; Dimochovski, P., 1978: Opportunities for direct use of teosinte in creation of hybrids for silage production

White R.G., 1986: Opportunities for improved use of electrical energy on victorian australia dairy farms

Juhasz B., 1984: Opportunities for improvement of protein quality of lupine breeds

Mihaly W., 1985: Opportunities for increasing the population density in the post weaning and fattening period

Johnson G.J., 1979: Opportunities for research in rural practice

Entwistle A.R., 1988: Opportunities for the microbial control of allium white rot

Zakhariev, A., 1978: Opportunities for the stabilization of heterosis in sugar beets on a tetra ploid level

Veress L., 1986: Opportunities of breeding value estimation in sheep breeding

Gere T., 1987: Opportunities of using biotechnology in animal production

Winterhalder B., 1983: Opportunity cost foraging models for stationary and mobile predators

Mcmahon R.T., 1987: Opportunity cost of type score for alternative milk to type holstein sire selection policies

Vincene H., 1987: Opportunity for breeding booroola merinos in hungary

Nagy N., 1985: Opportunity for estimation of tissue composition of carcasses of fattening bulls of different genotypes

Durbize P., 1986: Opportunity for natural selection in the utah usa mormons

Malhotra K.C., 1987: Opportunity for natural selection with special reference to population structural measures among the vadde

Hed H., 1984: Opportunity for selection during the 17th 19th centuries in the diocese of linkoping as estimated with crows index in a population of clergymens wives

Hed H.M.E., 1987: Opportunity for selection in the parish of tuna sweden

Nussdorfer G.G., 1985: Opposed effects of chronic prolactin administration on the zona fasciculata and zona reticularis of the rat adrenal cortex an ultrastructural stereological study

Eison, M. S.; Stark, A. D.; Ellison, G., 1977: Opposed effects of locus coeruleus and substantia nigra lesions on social behavior in rat colonies

Wolfe J., 1987: Opposed locomotor asymmetries following lesions of the medial and lateral substantia nigra pars compacta or pars reticulata in the rat

Morris W., 1981: Opposed stages of continuous amphetamine administration parallel alterations in motor stereotypies and in vivo spiroperidol accumulation

Levin, R. M.; Haugaard, N.; Hess, M. E., 1976: Opposing actions of calcium and magnesium ions on the metabolic effects of epinephrine in rat heart

Mason, M.; Tobes, M. C., 1977: Opposing actions of calcium ion and atp plus magnesium ion in controlling the kynurenine amino transferase activity of isolated rat kidney mitochondria

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037141

Lucci J., 1987: Opposing actions of d 1 and d 2 dopamine receptor mediated alterations of cyclic amp formation during the amphetamine induced release of endogenous dopamine in vitro

Williams B.A., 1983: Opposing actions of di butyryl cyclic amp and cyclic gmp on temperature in conscious guinea pigs

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037144

Hendricks, S. B.; Toole, V. K.; Borthwick, H. A., 1968: Opposing actions of light in seed germination of poa pratensis m and amaranthus arenicola d

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037146

Heisler S., 1987: Opposing actions of the enantiomers of bay k 8644 on calcium currents and acth secretion in clonal pituitary corticotrophs

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037148

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037149

Gorski J., 1985: Opposing biological actions of antiestrogens in vitro and in vivo induction of progesterone receptor in the rat and mouse uterus

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037151

Koss M.C., 1987: Opposing central autonomic actions of alpha 1 adrenoceptor and alpha 2 adrenoceptor antagonists on oculomotor tone

Vaillier J., 1981: Opposing changes in electro kinetic potential of spleen cells induced by factors from different tumor supernatants

Nakashima Tanaka E., 1986: Opposing effects between cobalt 60 gamma radiation damage and ether anesthesia in anesthetic resistant strain of drosophila melanogaster evidences in chromosomal analysis

Dunne J.V., 1983: Opposing effects of 12 o tetradecanoyl phorbol 13 acetate on human myeloid and lymphoid cell proliferation

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037156

Racker E., 1987: Opposing effects of a ras oncogene on growth factor stimulated phosphoinositide hydrolysis desensitization to platelet derived growth factor and enhanced sensitivity to bradykinin

Stock M.J., 1988: Opposing effects of activation of central gaba a and gaba b receptors on brown fat thermogenesis in the rat

Dutcher J.A., 1987: Opposing effects of anesthetics on pressure tolerance and compression rate effect

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037160

Brown, K. T.; Flaming, D. G., 1978: Opposing effects of calcium and barium in vertebrate rod photo receptors

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037162

Heppner G., 1979: Opposing effects of cryostat sections of pre neoplastic and neoplastic mouse mammary lesions on in vitro migration of peritoneal exudate cells

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037164

Knee M., 1986: Opposing effects of daminozide and ethylene on the induction of flesh softening in apple malus domestica fruits

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037166

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037167

Lahiri S., 1983: Opposing effects of dopamine receptors blockade on ventilation and carotid chemo receptor activity

Tang, L. C.; Cotzias, G. C., 1977: Opposing effects of dopaminergic to cholinergic compounds on a cerebral dopamine activated adenylate cyclase ec

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037170

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037171

Vogel S.N., 1985: Opposing effects of glucocorticoids on interferon gamma induced murine macrophage fc receptor and ia antigen expression

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037173

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037174

Simon E., 1982: Opposing effects of hypothalamic cooling on threshold and sensitivity of metabolic response to body cooling in rabbits

Weinstein I.B., 1983: Opposing effects of interferon produced in bacteria and of tumor promoters on myogenesis in human myo blast cultures

Greene, W. C.; Parker, C. M.; Parker, C. W., 1976: Opposing effects of mitogenic and nonmitogenic lectins on lymphocyte activation evidence that wheat germ agglutinin produced a negative signal

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037178

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037179

Bunney B.S., 1985: Opposing effects of striatonigral feedback pathways on midbrain dopamine cell activity

Whitbeck G.A., 1986: Opposing effects of the interferon inducer avridine enhancement or suppression of tumor growth depending on treatment regimen

Houck J.C., 1985: Opposing effects of the polycation hexadimethrine polybrene on normal and leukemic lymphocytes

Dziarski R., 1984: Opposing effects of xid and nu mutations on proliferative and polyclonal antibody and autoantibody responses to peptidoglycan lipopolysaccharide protein a and pokeweed mitogen

Stainbrook G.L., 1986: Opposing heart rate reactions associated with behavioral states of excitation and inhibition

Grunstein M.M., 1985: Opposing hemodynamic effects of substance p on pulmonary vasculature in rabbits

Rich R.R., 1986: Opposing immunoregulatory functions of cd 8 positive lymphocytes a requirement for monocytes in suppressor cell induction

Buccafusco, J. J.; Brezenoff, H. E., 1980: Opposing influences on behavior mediated by muscarinic and nicotinic receptors in the rat posterior hypothalamic nucleus

Lombardini J.B., 1985: Opposing interactions of ionophores valinomycin and monensin on calcium ion uptake in rat retinal preparations

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037189

Hisada M., 1987: Opposing parallel connections through crayfish local nonspiking interneurons

Akkermann, R., 1976: Opposing population changes in characteristic song bird species on the banks of duemmer lake west germany

Small, M., 1978: Opposing reactivities of sub populations of thymus derived lymphocytes toward syngeneic tumor cells separation of early thymocytes

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037193

Starr M., 1987: Opposing roles of dopamine d 1 and d 2 receptors in nigral tritiated gamma aminobutyric acid release

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037195

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037196

Ettenberg A., 1988: Opposite actions of cck 8 on amphetamine induced hyperlocomotion and stereotypy following intracerebroventricular and intra accumbens injections in rats

Ben Ari Y., 1983: Opposite actions of muscarinic and nicotinic agents on hippocampal dendritic negative fields recorded in rats

Nilsen Hamilton M., 1986: Opposite and selective effects of epidermal growth factor and human platelet transforming growth factor beta on the production of secreted proteins by murine 3t3 cells and human fibroblasts

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037200

Galluzzo T.S., 1979: Opposite changes in aggregability of platelets stored in plasma and in blood

Poon, H. C.; Mccourtie, D. R. M.; Haust, H. L., 1977: Opposite changes in blood histamine and forced expiratory volume during bronchial inhalation challenge

Tassin J.P., 1981: Opposite changes in dopamine utilization in the nucleus accumbens and the frontal cortex after electrolytic lesion of the median raphe in the rat

Cioni M., 1988: Opposite changes of pituitary and ovarian receptors for lhrh in aging rats further evidence for a direct neural control of ovarian lhrh receptor activity

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037205

Karban R., 1984: Opposite density effects of nymphal and adult mortality for periodical magicicada spp

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037207

Gibori G., 1987: Opposite effect of human chorionic gonadotropin on placental and ovarian synthesis of androstenedione

Sorensen P.G., 1982: Opposite effect of lysine on platelet aggregation induced by arachidonate and by other aggregants

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037210

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037211

Macgregor R.R., 1988: Opposite effects of 1 25 dihydroxyvitamin d 3 on synthesis and release of pth compared with secretory protein i

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037213

Marklund S.L., 1983: Opposite effects of 2 metal chelators in alloxan induced diabetes in mice

Sehlin J., 1983: Opposite effects of 5 hydroxy tryptophan and 5 hydroxy tryptamine on the function of micro dissected ob ob mouse pancreatic islets

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037216

Ellison G., 1987: Opposite effects of a d1 and a d2 agonist on oral movements in rats

Zalisz R., 1985: Opposite effects of a glucocorticoid and an immunostimulating agent on prostaglandin production by 2 different cell types

Saez, J. M.; Morera, A. M.; Gallet, D., 1977: Opposite effects of acth and gluco corticoids on adrenal dna synthesis in vivo

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037220

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037221

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037222

Williamson P., 1979: Opposite effects of age and weight on cadmium concentrations of a gastropod mollusk

Isturiz M., 1988: Opposite effects of amines on lymphocyte and monocyte mediated adcc

Kato S., 1985: Opposite effects of ammonia and carbon dioxide on dye coupling between horizontal cells in the carp retina

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037226

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037227

Turcotte, R.; Lafleur, L.; Labreche, M., 1978: Opposite effects of bcg on spleen and lymph node cells lymphocyte proliferation and immuno globulin synthesis

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037229

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037230

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037231

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037232

Nishida E., 1985: Opposite effects of cofilin and profilin from porcine brain on rate of exchange of actin bound atp

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037234

Hellerstrom C., 1987: Opposite effects of d glucose and a nonmetabolized analogue of l leucine on respiration and secretion in insulin producing tumoral cells rinm5f

Cesselin F., 1987: Opposite effects of delta and mu opioid receptor agonists on the in vitro release of substance p like material from the rat spinal cord

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037237

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037238

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037239

Bennett J.A., 1980: Opposite effects of different strains or batches of the same strain of bcg on in vitro generation of syngeneic and allogeneic anti tumor cyto toxicity

Asch R.H., 1985: Opposite effects of ethanol on the activation of adenylyl cyclase in human corpus luteum membranes

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037243

Sandoz D., 1984: Opposite effects of glucocorticoid on estrogen induced growth and differentiation of quail oviduct demonstration by sequential treatments

Berstad A., 1984: Opposite effects of h 2 receptors on parietal cells and chief cells gastric acid and pepsin secretion stimulated by histamine and food combined in dogs the role of vagal innervation

Stevens D.A., 1982: Opposite effects of human monocytes macrophages and polymorphonuclear neutrophils on replication of blastomyces dermatitidis in vitro

Malaisse W.J., 1980: Opposite effects of hypo glycemic and hyper glycemic sulfonamides upon ionophore mediated calcium transport

Crabbe J., 1985: Opposite effects of indacrinone mk 196 on sodium and chloride conductance of amphibian skin

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037249

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037250

Bueno L., 1988: Opposite effects of kappa opioid agonists on gastric emptying of liquids and solids in dogs

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037252

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037253

Hilston C., 1984: Opposite effects of methionine enkephalin and leucine enkephalin on a discriminated shock escape task

Porte A., 1985: Opposite effects of monosodium glutamate on the dopaminergic and gamma aminobutyric acid ergic innervations of the median eminence and the intermediate lobe in the mouse

Ohshima T., 1983: Opposite effects of morphine on feeding and drinking in rats relative to administration time

Kunihara M., 1985: Opposite effects of morphine on feeding behavior in rats associated with administration time

Imperato A., 1988: Opposite effects of mu and kappa opiate agonists on dopamine release in the nucleus accumbens and in the dorsal caudate of freely moving rats

Friederich M.W., 1987: Opposite effects of mu and kappa opiates on the firing rate of dopamine cells in the substantia nigra of the rat

Commissaris, R. L.; Davis, M., 1982: Opposite effects of n n di methyl tryptamine and 5 methoxy n n dimethyl tryptamine on acoustic startle spinal vs. brain sites of action

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037261

Genest J., 1987: Opposite effects of neuropeptide y npy and polypeptide yy pyy on plasma immunoreactive atrial natriuretic factor ir anf in rats

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037263

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037264

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037265

Andersson, A., 1978: Opposite effects of starvation on oxidation of carbon 14 adenosine and adenosine induced insulin release by isolated mouse pancreatic islets

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037267

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037268

Come D., 1984: Opposite effects of temperature on breaking of dormancy and on induction of frost resistance in apple pyrus malus cultivar golden delicious embryos

Chang K J., 1984: Opposite effects of the delta and mu opioid receptor agonists on ventilation in conscious adult dogs

Adam A., 1980: Opposite effects of the synthetic adjuvant n acetyl muramyl l alanyl d iso glutamine on the immune response in mice depending on experimental conditions

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037272

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037273

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037274

Wise R.A., 1987: Opposite effects of unilateral forebrain ablations on ipsilateral and contralateral hypothalamic self stimulation

Goldstein R., 1988: Opposite effects of vasotocin and of a specific vasotocin antiserum on active sleep of kittens

Wise R.A., 1986: Opposite effects of ventral tegmental and periaqueductal gray morphine injections on lateral hypothalamic stimulation induced feeding

Weiss J.F., 1988: Opposite effects of wr 2721 and wr 1065 on radiation induced hypothermia possible correlation with oxygen uptake

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037279

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037280

Margolis, R. L.; Wilson, L., 1978: Opposite end assembly and disassembly of micro tubules at steady state in vitro

De Wied D., 1982: Opposite interactions between alpha endorphin and beta endorphin fragments with dopamine mediated responses on the rat rectum in vitro

Franklin K.B., 1984: Opposite loco motor asymmetries elicited from the medial and lateral substantia nigra by modulation of substantia nigra dopamine receptors

Prupas D., 1985: Opposite locomotor asymmetries elicited from the medial and lateral substantia nigra role of the superior colliculus

Vinkler C., 1981: Opposite modulation by uncoupling and electron transport limitation of the apparent michaelis menton constant of adp for photo phosphorylation

Stevens D.A., 1981: Opposite modulation of lymph node cell and spleen cell responses to mitogens by muramyl di peptide and its demethyl analog

Vassalli P., 1980: Opposite polarity of filipin induced deformations in the membrane of condensing vacuoles and zymogen granules

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037288

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037289

Section 7, Chapter 6038, Accession 006037290

Segal J., 1987: Opposite regulatory effects of cyclic amp and cyclic gmp on sugar uptake in rat thymocytes

Leffak M., 1988: Opposite replication polarities of transcribed and nontranscribed histone h5 genes

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