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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6039

Chapter 6039 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038000

Fischer, J.; Romhanyi, G., 1977: Optical studies on the molecular steric mechanism of metachromasia

Ibuki F., 1980: Optical studies on the purified eggplant trypsin inhibitor

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038003

Brentani, M.; Salles, J. M.; Zinner, K.; Faljoni, A.; Brentani, R., 1978: Optical studies on the structure of hemo globin messenger rna

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038005

Porotikov V.I., 1984: Optical study of electromechanical coupling in the heart fibers

Bennett N., 1980: Optical study of the light induced protonation changes associated with the meta rhod opsin ii intermediate in rod outer segment membranes

Giglio E., 1981: Optical study of tingenone solubilized in aqueous solution of sodium deoxy cholate

Yaoeda H., 1981: Optical study on muscae volitantes

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038010

Tovey, N. K.; Wong, K. Y., 1978: Optical techniques for analyzing scanning electron micrographs

Wolcott, T. G., 1977: Optical tracking and telemetry for nocturnal field studies

Zelickson A.S., 1981: Optical transforms of epidermal langerhans cell granules

Pietsch P., 1981: Optical transforms of phleomycin induced nodules in dna

Rickards A.F., 1986: Optical transmission of normal and atheromatous arterial wall a spectral analysis

Azov Y., 1984: Optical transparency chlorophyll and primary productivity in the eastern mediterranean near the israeli coast

Dziedzic J.M., 1987: Optical trapping and manipulation of viruses and bacteria

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038018

Dansette, P. M.; Ziffer, H.; Jerina, D. M., 1976: Optically active 4 substituted cis 1 2 di phenethylene oxides and related 1 2 di phenyl ethanediols

Dyrbusch M., 1987: Optically active alpha arylglycine esters by friedel crafts alkylation with the chiral cation of the bislactim ether of cyclo l val gly

Smith, H. E.; Burrows, E. P.; Marks, M. J.; Lynch, R. D.; Chen, F. M., 1977: Optically active amines part 22 application of the salicylidenimino chirality rule to alpha amino acids

Pfander H., 1983: Optically active c synthons for the synthesis of naturally occurring terpenes

Patil P.N., 1983: Optically active catechol imidazolines a study of steric interactions at alpha adreno receptors

Miller D.D., 1980: Optically active derivatives of imidazolines alpha adrenergic blocking properties

Balaram P., 1984: Optically active gossypol as a circular dichroism probe of interactions with serum albumins

Lardicci L., 1979: Optically active hetero aromatic compounds part 9 preparation absolute configuration and optical purity of some chiral 3 alkyl indoles

Eugster C.H., 1984: Optically active luteochromes preparation spectra and chiroptical and chromatographic properties

Eugster C.H., 1986: Optically active lycopene epoxides and lycopene glycols synthesis and chiroptical properties

Wijekoon W.M.D., 1987: Optically active pyrromethenone amides excitation coupling in hydrogen bonded dimers

Haller R., 1987: Optically active tetrahydrodiazixanopurines

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038031

Gaytan Garcia S.R., 1988: Optically clear and vacuolated nuclei two useful signs for the transoperative diagnosis of papillary carcinoma of the thyroid

Kempson R.L., 1983: Optically clear nuclei an alteration of endometrial epithelium in the presence of tropho blast

Moore, T. A., 1977: Optically detected magnetic resonance in bio molecules

Kwiram A.L., 1984: Optically detected magnetic resonance in lysozyme evidence for 3 phosphorescent tryptophan residues

Maki A.H., 1984: Optically detected magnetic resonance of escherichia coli glutamic acid specific transfer rna and its anticodon anticodon complex with yeast phenylalanine specific transfer rna

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038037

Maki A.H., 1981: Optically detected magnetic resonance of the phosphorescent bases of escherichia coli valine specific transfer rna

Chase J.W., 1987: Optically detected magnetic resonance of tryptophan residues in complexes formed between a bacterial single stranded dna binding protein and heavy atom modified polyuridylic acid

Chase J.W., 1987: Optically detected magnetic resonance of tryptophan residues in escherichia coli ssb gene product and escherichia coli plasmid encoded single stranded dna binding proteins and their complexes with polydeoxythymidylic acid

Kwiram A.L., 1980: Optically detected magnetic resonance of tryptophan triplet states in native and urea denatured proteins and poly peptides

De Haas G.H., 1986: Optically detected magnetic resonance studies of porcine pancreatic phospholipase a 2 binding to a negatively charged substrate analog

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038043

Ockling G., 1987: Optically eliminating the visible outlines of pores in intact polycarbonate nucleopore filters

Wolf H.C., 1981: Optically excited triplet states in the bacteria rhodopseudomonas sphaeroides wild type detected by magnetic resonance in zero field

Crawford M.L.J., 1982: Optically induced anisometropia in kittens

Optican L.M., 1987: Optically induced changes in the couplings between vergence and accommodation

Judge S.J., 1987: Optically induced changes in tonic vergence and ac a ratio in normal monkeys and monkeys with lesions of the flocculus and ventral paraflocculus

Von Noorden G.K., 1980: Optically induced concomitant strabismus in monkeys

Hong, K.; Park, D. H.; Tanner, R. D.; Reed, W. M.; Malaney, G. W., 1987: Optically monitoring baker's yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae growing in an air fluidized expanded potato starch matrix

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038051

Vincek W.C., 1979: Optically pure dextro nicotine from r s nicotine and biological comparison with levo nicotine

Melmon K.L., 1988: Optically pure isoproterenol analogues with side chains containing an amide bond synthesis and biological properties

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038054

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038055

Kim J., 1979: Optico ciliary veins in a primary optic nerve sheath meningioma

Harrington, R. E., 1978: Optico hydrodynamic properties of high molecular weight dna part 3 the effects of sodium chloride concentrations

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038058

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038059

Protsenko V.D., 1986: Optico structural machine analysis of nuclear chromatin and cytoplastic sulfhydryl group in the epitheliocytes of human oral mucous membrane in normal and in gastric and duodenal ulcers

Et Al, 1984: Optico structural machine analysis of yeast populations in comparison with cytology physiology of cells and the composition of chemostat culture biomass under different rates of dilution

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038062

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038063

Aquavella J.A., 1981: Optics and clinical applications of wide field specular microscopy

Martin G.R., 1984: Optics of retinal oil droplets a model of light collection and polarization detection in the avian retina

Howard J., 1988: Optics of the butterfly eye

Sivak, J. G., 1976: Optics of the eye of the four eyed fish anableps anableps

Land M.F., 1981: Optics of the eyes of phronima sedentaria and other deep sea amphipods

Manning R.B., 1986: Optics range finding and neuroanatomy of the eye of a mantis shrimp squilla mantis crustacea stomatopoda squillidae

Khasaeva E.G., 1980: Optimal acid phosphatase indices and the kinetics of cathepsin reaction rate

Belovsky G.E., 1981: Optimal activity times and habitat choice of moose alces alces

Lin S.H., 1979: Optimal aeration control in a post aeration basin

Blackstone, E. H.; Kirklin, J. W.; Bradley, E. L.; Dushane, J. W.; Appelbaum, A., 1976: Optimal age and results in repair of large ventricular septal defects

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038074

Berman L.L., 1983: Optimal age for vaccination against measles in an asiatic city taipei taiwan reduction of vaccine induced titer by residual trans placental antibody

Chin, K. N.; Chun, C. S., 1980: Optimal ages for operation of undescended testes according to histologic changes

Hethcote H.W., 1988: Optimal ages of vaccination for measles

Day W.H.E., 1985: Optimal algorithms for comparing trees with labeled leaves

Myers, Ew; Miller, W., 1988: Optimal alignments in linear space

Watanabe, K; Urano, Y; Tamaoki, T., 1985: Optimal alignments of biological sequences on a microcomputer

Hoenig J.M., 1986: Optimal allocation of effort in studies using the size frequency method of estimating secondary production

Morris D.W., 1987: Optimal allocation of parental investment

Locatelli A., 1982: Optimal allocation of vessels along a fish migration path

Shaw, L. M.; Gray, J., 1974: Optimal alpha oxo butyrate concentration for assay of alpha hydroxy butyrate dehydrogenase activity in normal and pathological sera at 30 celsius

Talbott R.E., 1980: Optimal and adaptive control in canine postural regulation

Sansing, R. C.; Chinnici, J. P., 1976: Optimal and discriminating birth weights in human populations

Okazaki, T.; Fujita, Y.; Okazaki, A.; Ilea, V. S.; Arbesman, C. E., 1977: Optimal antibody receptor ratio in anaphylactic sensitization

Beckstead J.H., 1985: Optimal antigen localization in human tissues using aldehyde fixed plastic embedded sections

Klepper L.Ya, 1979: Optimal arrangement of discrete sources in the continuous medium

Sagawa K., 1985: Optimal arterial resistance for the maximal stroke work studies in isolated canine left ventricle

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038093

Krusell A., 1986: Optimal assay conditions for enzymatic characterization of homozygous and heterozygous twitcher mouse

Castren, M.; Oikari, A., 1983: Optimal assay conditions for liver udp glucuronosyl transferase ec from the rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

D'apollonia, S.; Anderson, P. D., 1980: Optimal assay conditions for serum and liver glutamate oxal acetate trans aminase ec glutamate pyruvate trans aminase ec and sorbitol dehydrogenase ec from the rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

Lefkovitch L.P., 1987: Optimal attribute sets for identifications and diagnoses

Webb P.W., 1984: Optimal avoidance and evasion tactics in predator prey interactions

Shoenfeld, Y.; Udassin, R.; Shapiro, Y.; Birenfeld, C.; Magazanik, A.; Sohar, E., 1978: Optimal back pack load for short distance hiking

Blachere H.T., 1981: Optimal bakers yeast production in extended fed batch culture by using a computer coupled pilot fermenter

Barreca P., 1987: Optimal bandpass filters for time domain analysis of the signal averaged electrocardiogram

Derieux M., 1982: Optimal base temperature for calculating degree day sums as applied to maize zea mays

Sih A., 1984: Optimal behavior and density dependent predation

Sih A., 1980: Optimal behavior can foragers balance 2 conflicting demands

Mintz P.D., 1981: Optimal blood use in genito urinary surgery

Case T.J., 1979: Optimal body size and an animals diet

Schott J.R., 1984: Optimal bounds for the distributions of some test criteria for tests of dimensionality

Mori T., 1986: Optimal calcium concentration in the initial reperfusate for post ischemic myocardial performance calcium concentration during reperfusion

Hannesson R., 1987: Optimal catch capacity and fishing effort in deterministic and stochastic fishery models

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038111

Kram R., 1981: Optimal choice

Rice R.P., 1986: Optimal cholangiographic technique for detecting bile duct stones

Smets P., 1980: Optimal coding of electro cardiograms for epidemiological studies the performance of human coders a statistical model

Dolan, C. T., 1971: Optimal combination and concentration of antibiotics in media for isolation of pathogenic fungi and nocardia asteroides

Malmberg P., 1987: Optimal combinations of lung function tests in the detection of various types of early lung disease

Shvets V.I., 1984: Optimal composition of a phospholipid mixture exhibiting antihemolytic activity

Thomas A., 1986: Optimal computation of probability functions for pedigree analysis

Haughton V.M., 1982: Optimal computed tomographic techniques for cervical spine imaging

Seitz P., 1985: Optimal computed tomography settings for bone evaluations

Mccartney W.H., 1979: Optimal computed tomography technique for bone evaluation

Zucoloto F.S., 1981: Optimal concentration of amino acids for adult flies anastrepha obliqua diptera tephritidae

Cotman C.W., 1981: Optimal concentration of iodo nitro tetrazolium for the isolation of junctional fractions from rat brain

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038126

Crossley D.A.Jr, 1983: Optimal concentrations of detergent solutions used for recovery of chiggers eutrombicula alfreddugesi acarina trombiculidae from vertebrate hosts

Matsuguchi, M.; Takeya, K.; Umeda, A.; Amako, K.; Watabe, T.; Aita, S., 1977: Optimal condition for observing bacterial flagella by the scanning electron microscope

Gao X., 1987: Optimal conditions and affecting factors on adhesion of campylobacter jejuni to hela cells

Buhl, S. N.; Jackson, K. Y., 1978: Optimal conditions and comparison of lactate dehydrogenase ec catalysis of the lactate to pyruvate and pyruvate to lactate reactions in human serum at 25 30 and 37 celsius/

Thomas, T. L.; Patel, G. L., 1976: Optimal conditions and specificity of interaction of a distinct class of nonhistone chromosomal proteins with dna

Popov N.N., 1979: Optimal conditions and suitability of some wheat cultivars in bulgaria for indole auxin and inhibitor determination

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038133

Ali S.A., 1986: Optimal conditions for alkaline phosphatase secretion by penicillium expansum

Dore M., 1988: Optimal conditions for applying an ozone hydrogen peroxide oxidizing system

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038136

Buhl, S. N.; Jackson, K. Y.; Lubinski, R.; Vanderlinde, R. E., 1977: Optimal conditions for assaying human lactate dehydrogenase ec by the lactate to pyruvate reaction arrhenius relationships for lactate dehydrogenase iso enzymes 1 and 5

Posner A.S., 1982: Optimal conditions for calcium acidic phospho lipid phosphate formation

Harper K.L., 1984: Optimal conditions for cell free synthesis of citrus exocortis viroid and the question of specificity of rna polymerase activity

Sakashita K., 1987: Optimal conditions for cultivation of rhodococcus sp n 774 and for conversion of acrylonitrile to acrylamide by resting cells

Rousso C., 1985: Optimal conditions for demonstrating human lymphocyte differentiation antigens a working protocol for the immunohistochemical analysis of a lymph node biopsy

Imshenetskii, A. A.; Murzakov, B. G.; Blokhin, V. A.; Lysenko, S. V.; Lemeshko, V. V.; Tserkovnyi, A. I.; Belous, A. M., 1977: Optimal conditions for determining atp of microbial origin

Pillot, J.; Goueffon, S.; Keros, R. G., 1976: Optimal conditions for elution of hepatitis b antigen after absorption onto colloidal silica

Stage H., 1987: Optimal conditions for fatty acid distillation and fractionation in relation to energy consumption product quality yield and environmental load

Zuckerman, S. H.; Douglas, S. D., 1978: Optimal conditions for fc receptor ligand interaction

Asai Y., 1980: Optimal conditions for frozen storage of immobilized luminous bacteria

Sherman L.A., 1984: Optimal conditions for genetic transformation of the cyanobacterium anacystis nidulans r 2

Kleppe K., 1988: Optimal conditions for hybridization with oligonucleotides a study with myc oncogene dna probes

Montoya E., 1980: Optimal conditions for in situ determination of catalase in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Stasinska, B.; Skupin, J., 1975: Optimal conditions for in vitro enzymatic hydrolysis of protein from the biomass of propionibacterium shermanii by means of pronase

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038151

Page W.J., 1982: Optimal conditions for induction of competence in nitrogen fixing azotobacter vinelandii

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038153

Ladna L.Ya, 1980: Optimal conditions for isolation of glaucine from aqueous solutions

Mitchell G.F., 1979: Optimal conditions for lacto peroxidase catalyzed radio iodination of external proteins on mouse erythrocytes

Engasser J.M., 1985: Optimal conditions for long term stability of acetone butanol production by continuous cultures of clostridium acetobutylicum

Lee S.L., 1983: Optimal conditions for long term storage of native collagens

Orlova T.G., 1981: Optimal conditions for manifestation of the anti mitotic effect of interferon

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038159

Nordby, O., 1977: Optimal conditions for meiotic spore formation in ulva mutabilis

Metelitsa D.I., 1984: Optimal conditions for o dianisidine oxidation by horseradish peroxidase

Baranov O.K., 1988: Optimal conditions for obtaining the mouse mink interspecies hybridomas that produce mink immunoglobulins

Sarma, T. A., 1978: Optimal conditions for photodynamic mutagenesis in anacystis nidulans

Rashid A., 1987: Optimal conditions for plant regeneration from mesophyll protoplasts of eggplant solanum melongena l

Yoshii, T.; Kono, R., 1978: Optimal conditions for plaque assay of echoviruses in human embryonic lung fibroblasts cells

Kunori, T.; Ringden, O.; Moller, E., 1978: Optimal conditions for poly clonal antibody secretion and dna synthesis in human blood and spleen lymphocytes by lipo poly saccharide

Grossman, A. R.; Bartlett, S. G.; Schmidt, G. W.; Mullet, J. E.; Chua, N. H., 1982: Optimal conditions for post translational uptake of proteins by isolated chloroplasts in vitro synthesis and transport of plasto cyanin ferredoxin nadp oxido reductase ec and fructose 1 6 bis phosphatase ec

Bashlai A.G., 1980: Optimal conditions for production of sera of rare blood groups

Myara, I.; Charpentier, C.; Lemonnier, A., 1982: Optimal conditions for prolidase ec assay by proline colorimetric determination application to imino di peptiduria

Gordon S., 1983: Optimal conditions for proliferation of bone marrow derived mouse macrophages in culture the roles of macrophage colony stimulating factor serum calcium ii and adherence

Hardie, I. D.; Dawes, I. W., 1977: Optimal conditions for selecting specific auxotrophs of saccharomyces cerevisiae using temperature sensitive suicide mutants

Goi M., 1988: Optimal conditions for shoot production from phalaenopsis flower stalk cuttings cultured in vitro

Thong Y.H., 1980: Optimal conditions for simultaneous purification of mononuclear and polymorphonuclear leukocytes from human blood by the hypaque ficoll method

Lim, H. M.; Pene, J. J., 1988: Optimal conditions for supercoil dna sequencing with the escherichia coli dna polymerase i large fragment

Goulian M., 1979: Optimal conditions for synthesis of long complementary dna product with moloney murine leukemia virus

Misztal B., 1979: Optimal conditions for testing in vitro antibody dependent cell mediated cyto toxicity

Garcia-Melus, M. C.; Gonzalez, S., 1984: Optimal conditions for the asparaginase ec activity determination in soil

Tettamanti G., 1979: Optimal conditions for the assay of fibroblast neuraminidase with different natural substrates

Becker, D. M.; Knipprath, W. G.; Perlman, S. L.; Nissenson, C.; Kark, R. A. P., 1982: Optimal conditions for the assay of lipoamide dehydrogenase ec in homogenized human platelets

Yoshinaga F., 1987: Optimal conditions for the enzymatic production of d amino acids from the corresponding 5 substituted hydantoins

Mitsugi K., 1987: Optimal conditions for the enzymatic production of l aromatic amino acids from the corresponding 5 substituted hydantoins

Gordon, S. A.; Fleck, A.; Bell, J., 1978: Optimal conditions for the estimation of ammonium by the berthelot reaction

Schulte, C.; Garrett, R. A., 1972: Optimal conditions for the interaction of ribosomal protein s 8 and 16s rna and studies on the reaction mechanism

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038184

King J., 1987: Optimal conditions for the isolation and culture of protoplasts from a cell suspension culture of an isoleucine valine requiring auxotroph of datura inoxia

Ellis, G.; Goldberg, D. M., 1972: Optimal conditions for the kinetic assay of serum glutamate dehydrogenase ec activity at 37 celsius

Thaw H.H., 1987: Optimal conditions for the measurement of lipid peroxidation products lipofuscin in individual cultivated human glial and glioma cells

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038188

Koskela M., 1986: Optimal conditions for the opsonophagocytosis test with streptococcus pneumoniae serotypes 3 6a 7f and 19f and human granulocytes

Rousseaux, J.; Rousseaux-Prevost, R.; Bazin, H., 1983: Optimal conditions for the preparation of fab and fab' 2 fragments from mono clonal immuno globulin g of different rat immuno globulin g subclasses

Roemer W., 1984: Optimal conditions for the preparation of ferritin labeled antibodies defined by binding to their antigen in an elisa enzyme linked immunosorbent assay

Thorpe, P. E.; Knight, S. C.; Farrant, J., 1976: Optimal conditions for the preservation of mouse lymph node cells in liquid nitrogen using cooling rate techniques

Qureshi I.H., 1985: Optimal conditions for the production of funiculosic acid from locally isolated strain of penicillium funiculosum

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038194

Selitrennikoff C.P., 1987: Optimal conditions for the release of protoplasts of neurospora using novozym 234

Kondorosi, E.; Nagy, J.; Denes, G., 1977: Optimal conditions for the separation of rat thymus derived lymphocytes on anti immuno globulin immuno globulin affinity columns

Guermouche M.H., 1982: Optimal conditions for the separation of salicylic acid and acetyl salicylic acid by high pressure liquid chromatography application to trace analysis of salicylic acid in aspirin

Alvarez Uria M., 1985: Optimal conditions for the ultrastructural preservation of opisthobranchia molluscs

Holloway P.J., 1988: Optimal conditions for the use of complementary dna probes to measure the concentration of barley yellow dwarf virus in barley hordeum vulgare

Haberfellner, H.; Tiefenbrunner, F., 1978: Optimal conditions for therapeutic swimming of handicapped children

Hallick L.M., 1983: Optimal conditions for titration of sv 40 by the plaque assay method

Bhaya, D.; Jagendorf, A. T., 1984: Optimal conditions for translation by thylakoid bound polysomes from pea pisum sativum cultivar progress no. 9 chloroplasts

Leysen, J. E.; Grommeren, W., 1981: Optimal conditions for tritium labeled apo morphine binding and anomalous equilibrium binding of tritium labeled apo morphine and tritium labeled spiperone to rat striatal membranes involvement of surface phenomena vs. multiple binding sites

Metelitsa D.I., 1986: Optimal conditions for utilization of malate dehydrogenase and lactate dehydrogenase with chemical regeneration of the cofactor

Alarcon Segovia D., 1981: Optimal conditions in tritium labeled thymidine uptake studies to prevent radiation damage to cells a scintimetric and cyto fluorographic analysis

Vallier, P.; Bata, J.; Colobert, L., 1977: Optimal conditions of alpha amylase ec production by aspergillus oryzae in liquid medium

Pshukov Yu G., 1984: Optimal conditions of extraction of bioflavonoids from the waste of rose flowers

Chen, H. J.; Tsai, P. J., 1980: Optimal confidence interval for the largest mean in repeated measurements design

Rudolph A.J., 1986: Optimal constant positive airway pressure assessed by arterial alveolar difference for carbon dioxide in hyaline membrane disease

Suga H., 1988: Optimal contractility and minimal oxygen consumption for constant external work of heart

Swan, G. W.; Vincent, T. L., 1977: Optimal control analysis in the chemo therapy of immuno globulin g multiple myeloma

Swan G.W., 1987: Optimal control analysis of a cancer chemotherapy problem

Noldus, E. J., 1976: Optimal control aspects of left ventricular ejection dynamics

Yamashiro S.M., 1981: Optimal control evaluation of left ventricular systolic dynamics

Kajiya F., 1981: Optimal control in compartmental systems and its application to drug administration

Swan, G. W., 1980: Optimal control in some cancer chemo therapy problems

Whittle P., 1986: Optimal control in the neighborhood of an optimal equilibrium with examples from fisheries models

Hayashi K., 1983: Optimal control mode of a biochemical feedback system

Bobisud, L. E., 1977: Optimal control of a deterministic epidemic

Ohno, H.; Nakanishi, E.; Takamatsu, T., 1976: Optimal control of a semi batch fermentation

Bogner H., 1981: Optimal control of a structured growth model

Gopalsamy, K., 1976: Optimal control of age dependent populations

Ryu D., 1981: Optimal control of an immobilized enzyme reactor

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038224

Olgac, N. M.; Cooper, C. A.; Longman, R. W., 1977: Optimal control of artificial aeration in river networks

Olgac, N. M.; Longman, R. W.; Cooper, C. A., 1976: Optimal control of artificial aeration in river networks

Mishra, J.; Rajaman, V. S., 1976: Optimal control of discrete time delay systems via dynamic programming

Kapur, P.; Nath, N. G., 1977: Optimal control of long term forced ventilation of lungs

Inoue, M.; Kajiya, F.; Inada, H.; Kitabatake, A.; Hori, M.; Fukui, S.; Abe, H.; Takasugi, S.; Furukawa, T., 1976: Optimal control of medical treatment adaptive control of blood glucose level in diabetic coma

Calam C.T., 1983: Optimal control of penicillin production using a mini computer

Walsh, G. R., 1978: Optimal control of pests in the presence of predators

Loftis B., 1981: Optimal control of reservoir discharge quality through selective withdrawal

Gerson D.F., 1986: Optimal control of substrate concentrations in bioreactors with separated sensors

Brune D., 1985: Optimal control of the complete mix activated sludge process

Lefevre C., 1979: Optimal control of the simple stochastic epidemic with variable recovery rates

Wickwire, K. H., 1976: Optimal control policies for reducing the maximum size of a closed epidemic part 1 deterministic dynamics

Wickwire, K. H.; Guest, D., 1976: Optimal control policies for reducing the maximum size of a closed epidemic part 2 stochastic dynamics

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038238

Huang, C. C.; Vertinsky, I. B.; Wilimovsky, N. J., 1976: Optimal controls for a single species fishery and the economic value of research

Ash, R. J.; Barnhart, E. R., 1975: Optimal cooling and warming rates in the preservation of herpes simplex virus type 2

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038241

Elsen J.M., 1984: Optimal criteria for selection some general results

Matthews J.N.S., 1987: Optimal crossover designs for the comparison of two treatments in the presence of carryover effects and autocorrelated errors

Alacevic M., 1982: Optimal cultural and physiological conditions for handling streptomyces rimosus protoplasts

Warner L.A., 1981: Optimal culture conditions for in vitro antigen induced proliferation of rat lymph node cells

Udaka S., 1983: Optimal culture conditions for production of the macro molecular peptide antibiotics an 1 an 3 and an 7

Lubenets E.N., 1982: Optimal curative dose and the results of radio therapy of cancer of the lower lip larynx and cervix uteri

Chen, J. L., 1986: Optimal cutting frequency and intervals derived from johnson and thornley's model of grass growth

Houston A.I., 1987: Optimal daily routines of singing and foraging in a bird singing to attract a mate

Lehtonen O P., 1988: Optimal data processing procedure for automatic bacterial identification by gas liquid chromatography of cellular fatty acids

Iwasa, Y., 1978: Optimal death strategy of animal populations

Mccleery R., 1985: Optimal decision rules for herring gulls larus argentatus

Nikolov G., 1985: Optimal density of early garant type cotton cultivars

Moon Y.B., 1981: Optimal density of initial inoculation of rotifer and optimal density of chlorella for sustainable daily harvest of rotifer

Salimbaev A.U., 1987: Optimal density of the agrophytocenosis of winter wheat

Krautkraemer J.A., 1986: Optimal depletion with resource amenities and a backstop technology

Moresi M., 1981: Optimal design of airlift fermenters

Lettenmaier D.P., 1986: Optimal design of biological sampling programs using the analysis of variance

Chan F Y., 1981: Optimal design of experiments for the estimation of precise hyperbolic kinetic and binding parameters

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038260

Thames H.D.Jr, 1983: Optimal design of multi fraction assays of colony survival in vivo

Boecklen W.J., 1986: Optimal design of nature reserves consequences of genetic drift

Hoel D., 1983: Optimal design of the chronic animal bioassay

Otten E., 1987: Optimal design of vertebrate and insect sarcomeres

Nystrom B., 1983: Optimal design personnel for control of intensive care unit infection

Jennrich R.I., 1979: Optimal designs for dose response experiments in cancer research

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038267

Blom H.A.P., 1981: Optimal detection of the alpha state in a model of the human electro encephalogram

Alderman E.L., 1986: Optimal detection of the progression of coronary artery disease comparison of methods suitable for risk factor intervention trials

Hacisalhizade S.S., 1985: Optimal determination of dosage in parkinsons disease

Christensen M.S., 1980: Optimal diagnosis in acute myo cardial infarction a cost effectiveness study

Trenkner, M.; Raczynski, S.; Gutkowski, R., 1976: Optimal diameter of the stent for aortic valvular grafts part 1 studies on valve function and geometry

Estabrook, G. F.; Dunham, A. E., 1976: Optimal diet as a function of absolute abundance relative abundance and relative value of available prey

Heller R., 1980: Optimal diet in a patchy environment

Vickery W.L., 1984: Optimal diet models and rodent food consumption

Perry D.M., 1987: Optimal diet theory behavior of a starved predatory snail

Schoeller D.A., 1982: Optimal dietary therapy for obese adolescents comparison of protein plus glucose and protein plus fat

Horn M.H., 1983: Optimal diets in complex environments feeding strategies of 2 herbivorous fishes from a temperate rocky inter tidal zone

Hughes R.N., 1979: Optimal diets under the energy maximization premise the effects of recognition time and learning

Marcus, R., 1980: Optimal diffusion in a random environment

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038283

Smolik, G.; Baurmeister, U.; Gurland, H. J., 1988: Optimal dimensions of capillary membranes of plasma separation

Scafoglieri U., 1983: Optimal direction of the electro gastrographic signal in man

Rozhkova, G. I.; Polishchuk, N. A., 1978: Optimal directions of air flows for activation of giant neurons of the cercal system in the cricket gryllus domesticus

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038287

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038288

Muranishi S., 1985: Optimal dosage regimen calculation program based on the remaining drug concentrations in plasma

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038290

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038291

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038292

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038293

Mar D.D., 1980: Optimal dosing of epinephrine in acute asthma

Paul R.E.Jr, 1986: Optimal double contrast visualization of the posteriorly directed duodenal bulb

Remson I., 1982: Optimal dynamic management of ground water pollutant sources

Chua K.G., 1987: Optimal ecg monitoring during percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty of the left anterior descending artery

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038298

Luscher E.F., 1983: Optimal efficiency of human platelet shape changes

Finn J.T., 1986: Optimal effort allocation among competing mixed species fisheries subject to fishing mortality constraints

Andersson, M., 1978: Optimal egg shape in waders

Begon M., 1986: Optimal egg size and clutch size effects of environment and maternal phenotype

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Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038503

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Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038505

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Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038517

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Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038528

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Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038531

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038532

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De Kruijff B., 1987: Optimal posttranslational translocation of the precursor of pho e protein across escherichia coli membrane vesicles requires both atp and the protonmotive force

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Andersson M., 1981: Optimal predator search

Surin A., 1984: Optimal prediction of saturation and wetting fronts during trickle irrigation

Kier I., 1984: Optimal preparation of mycelia and arthrospores of geotrichum candidum a scanning electron microscopy transmission electron microscopy and cytochemical study

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Stonestrom J.P., 1979: Optimal processing of computed tomography images using experimentally measured noise properties

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Silverthorne, W., 1977: Optimal production from a seaweed resource

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Hashimoto T., 1988: Optimal projection of the cervical arteries in iv dsa appraisal of the overlapping vessels by ct

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038560

Ghista, D. N.; Reul, H., 1977: Optimal prosthetic aortic leaflet valve design parametric and longevity analyses development of the avcothane 51 leaflet valve based on the optimum design analysis

Nishizaki T., 1984: Optimal protocol for preparation of leukocyte poor red cells with a blood cell processor

Bronskill M.J., 1986: Optimal pulse sequence for imaging hepatic metastases

Goldstein E.J., 1986: Optimal pulsing sequences for magnetic resonance contrast agents

Rasmussen J.B., 1987: Optimal pursuit times how long should predators pursue their prey?

Tompkins W.J., 1983: Optimal qrs detector

Izumoto E., 1982: Optimal quality control of bakers yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae fed batch culture using population dynamics

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Robel P., 1983: Optimal radio ligand exchange conditions for measurement of occupied androgen receptor sites in rat ventral prostate

Darrow B.A., 1981: Optimal radio therapy treatment planning for carcinoma of the cervix uteri

Stolpe J., 1980: Optimal range of the air temperature for breeding fattening pigs

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Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038574

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Nag, P. K.; Sen, R. N.; Ray, U. S., 1978: Optimal rate of work for mountaineers

Sexton T.J., 1980: Optimal rates for cooling chicken semen from 5 to minus 196 celsius

Gal'perin Yu M., 1980: Optimal rates of administering nutritive substances during parenteral nutrition

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Motro, U., 1983: Optimal rates of dispersal 3. parent offspring conflict

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Roberts W.M., 1979: Optimal recognition of neuronal waveforms

Iwasa Y., 1987: Optimal recombination rate in fluctuating environments

Halasz N.A., 1985: Optimal redox electrode potential for 24 hour rabbit kidney perfusion

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038588

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Kontorin V.V., 1979: Optimal relationship of natural and artificial reproduction of the baikal omul coregonus autumnalis migratorius

Kristensen A.R., 1987: Optimal replacement and ranking of dairy cows determined by a hierarchic markov process

Hom C.L., 1988: Optimal reproductive allocation in female dusky salamanders a quantitative test

Lehman J.T., 1983: Optimal reproductive strategies in age structured populations of zoo plankton

Pugliese A., 1987: Optimal resource allocation and optimal size in perennial herbs

Kisslo J.A.Jr, 1982: Optimal resources for ultrasonic examination of the heart

Prablanc, C.; Echallier, J. F.; Komilis, E.; Jeannerod, M., 1979: Optimal response of eye and hand motor systems in pointing at a visual target 1. spatio temporal characteristics of eye and hand movements and their relationships when varying the amount of visual information

Prablanc, C.; Echallier, J. E.; Jeannerod, M.; Komilis, E., 1979: Optimal response of eye and hand motor systems in pointing at a visual target 2. static and dynamic visual cues in the control of hand movement

Silva J.E., 1987: Optimal response of key enzymes and uncoupling protein to cold in bat depends on local t 3 generation

Davis C.E., 1987: Optimal restricted two stage designs

Karel M., 1979: Optimal retort temperature profile in optimizing thiamine retention in conduction type heating of canned foods

Mirouze J., 1984: Optimal routes for chronic insulin infusion with portable and implantable devices

Remizov L.P., 1980: Optimal running on skis in downhill

Sanders C.J., 1983: Optimal sample size for the estimation of spruce budworm choristoneura fumiferana lepidoptera tortricidae populations on balsam fir abies balsamea and white spruce picea glauca

Thompson E.A., 1983: Optimal sampling for pedigree analysis parameter estimation and genotypic uncertainty

Thompson E.A., 1981: Optimal sampling for pedigree analysis relatives of affected probands

Louis A.K., 1982: Optimal sampling in nmr tomography

Poulsen H.E., 1983: Optimal sampling times for minimum variance of clearance determination

D'argenio D.Z., 1981: Optimal sampling times for pharmaco kinetic experiments

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038610

Churikova L.I., 1983: Optimal scheduling for cell synchronization by cycle phase specific blockers

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038612

Gadzhiev M.K., 1983: Optimal scheme of arranging droppers in vineyard irrigation/

Klepper L.A., 1986: Optimal schemes of placing radiation sources in planning interstitial radiation therapy

Register P.A., 1984: Optimal scoring as amnesia on the harvard group scale of hypnotic susceptibility form a

De Verdier C H., 1983: Optimal screening for patients with hyper parathyroidism with use of serum calcium observations a decision theoretical analysis

Bergman R.N., 1983: Optimal segments a method for smoothing tracer data to calculate metabolic fluxes

Dijkstra L.J., 1986: Optimal selection and exploitation of hosts in the parasitic wasp colpoclypeus florus hymenoptera eulophidae

Myszkowski L., 1987: Optimal selection in foraging by three spined stickleback gasterosteus aculeatus l

Erickson B.W., 1986: Optimal sequence alignment using affine gap costs

Fitch, Wm; Smith, Tf, 1983: Optimal sequence alignments

Brahme A., 1988: Optimal setting of multileaf collimators in stationary beam radiation therapy

Sorokin A.A., 1982: Optimal shift work regime in industry

Parker D.L., 1982: Optimal short scan convolution reconstruction for fan beam computed tomography

Emanuel, W. R.; Murphy, B. D.; Huff, D. D., 1978: Optimal siting of energy facilities for minimum air pollutant exposure on a regional scale

Hayes P.A., 1985: Optimal siting of heat flux transducers for the assessment of body heat loss when immersed in water

Bley T., 1987: Optimal situation control for a biosynthetic process on the basis of a prediction filter

Khramtsov V.V., 1988: Optimal size and structure control in herds of cervus nippon artiodactyla cervidae based on mathematical model of population dynamics

Mahajan S.P., 1985: Optimal size hydraulic retention time and volatile solids loading rate of biogas unit using water hyacinth eichhornia crassipes

Breslow, A.; Macht, S. D., 1977: Optimal size of resection margin for thin cutaneous melanoma

Smith R.H., 1988: Optimal size of seasonal breeders

Knapton R.W., 1979: Optimal size of territory in the clay colored sparrow spizella pallida

Machev, M.; Stoikov, A., 1980: Optimal slaughter weight of hybrid camborough pigs 3. carcass slaughter and market value

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038635

Krebs E.G., 1980: Optimal spatial requirements for the location of basic residues in peptide substrates for the cyclic amp dependent protein kinase

Rao, R. G. S.; Ulaby, F. T., 1977: Optimal spatial sampling techniques for ground truth data in microwave remote sensing of soil moisture

Ohlsson T., 1980: Optimal sterilization temperatures for flat containers

Ohlsson T., 1980: Optimal sterilization temperatures for sensory quality in cylindrical containers

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Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038647

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Rorres, C., 1976: Optimal sustainable yield of a renewable resource

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Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038655

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038656

Ramirez W.F., 1988: Optimal temperature control for batch beer fermentation

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Werner, Y. L., 1976: Optimal temperatures for inner ear performance in gekkonid lizards

Ikuta T., 1987: Optimal tempo for the random number generation test

Hoyert M.S., 1987: Optimal temporal differentiation

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038666

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Baumgart S., 1987: Optimal thermal management for low birth weight infants nursed under high powered radiant warmers

Sahota H.S., 1985: Optimal thickness of soil between source and detector for different gamma ray energies

Hannesson R., 1986: Optimal thinning of a year class with density dependent growth

Mueller Lissner S.A., 1987: Optimal thresholds sensitivity and specificity of long term ph metry for the detection of gastroesophageal reflux disease

Hultkrantz L., 1986: Optimal timber harvesting programs in a model with adjustment costs

Watanabe K., 1983: Optimal time dose relationships in high dose rate intra cavitary irradiation for carcinoma of the cervix uteri using time dose and fractionation values

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038674

Makeev Zh M., 1983: Optimal time for patrinia intermedia cultivation

Washington J.A.II, 1980: Optimal time for routine early sub culture of blood cultures

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Saarnivaara L., 1988: Optimal time interval between pretreatment with alcuronium and suxamethonium during anesthetic induction

Han B.K., 1983: Optimal timing for diagnostic cranial ultrasound in low birth weight infants detection of intra cranial hemorrhage and ventricular dilation

Nichols J.D., 1984: Optimal timing in biological processes

Silverstein M.D., 1988: Optimal timing of colonoscopy to screen for cancer in ulcerative colitis

Palmer E.A., 1981: Optimal timing of examination for acute retrolental fibroplasia

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Keighley M.R.B., 1984: Optimal timing of operation for bleeding peptic ulcer prospective randomized trial

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038685

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Lechat P., 1979: Optimal trypsin concentration for rat heart cell cultures

Smith P., 1987: Optimal two phase stratified sampling for estimation of the age composition of a fish population

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Lucotte G., 1983: Optimal use of restriction enzymes in the analysis of human dna polymorphism

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Kindlmann P., 1984: Optimal use of the pest in 1st method for controlling tetranychus urticae acarina tetranychidae on glasshouse cucumbers through phytoseiulus persimilis acarina phytoseiidae

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038702

Pedersen S., 1985: Optimal use of tube spacer aerosols in asthmatic children

Alerstam T., 1979: Optimal use of wind by migrating birds combined drift and over compensation

Silvert W., 1982: Optimal utilization of a variable fish supply

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Anderson L.G., 1982: Optimal utilization of fisheries with increasing costs of effort

Kurchenko V.P., 1987: Optimal utilization of horseradish peroxidase and its antibodies in immunoenzymatic analysis

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Oh K.S., 1983: Optimal visualization of the naso pharyngeal airway

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Vukov K., 1981: Optimalization of the protein content of canned baby foods based on their nutritive value

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Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038741

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Mayaudon J., 1986: Optimization and characterization of an extracellular polysaccharide produced by moniliella pollinis

Sarkar J.M., 1986: Optimization and characterization of an extracellular polysaccharide produced by paecilomyces lilacinus

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Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038756

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Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038761

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Wang Q., 1987: Optimization by simulating molecular evolution

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Gould P.L., 1984: Optimization methods for the development of dosage forms

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Tsuji K., 1984: Optimization of a chromogenic limulus amoebocyte lysate assay for automated endotoxin detection

Gavrilova N.N., 1985: Optimization of a culture medium for urobacteria used in poultry breeding as premixes

Edwards C.R.W., 1981: Optimization of a direct radio immunoassay for plasma aldo sterone

Beloborodova M.N., 1986: Optimization of a fish community in using drinking water and recreational ozerninsk reservoir russian sfsr ussr as an example

Nicklasson M., 1987: Optimization of a fluid bed spray coating process using reduced factorial design

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038777

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Richmond A., 1988: Optimization of a growth medium for spirulina based on cattle waste

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038780

Klein D., 1980: Optimization of a medium for a high yield production of spore crystal preparation of bacillus thuringiensis effective against the egyptian cotton leafworm spodoptera littoralis

Takagi M., 1984: Optimization of a medium for the production of 1 2 epoxytetradecane by nocardia corallina b 276

Glaser R., 1981: Optimization of a method for di electrophoretic cell separation

Zinova S.A., 1987: Optimization of a method for isolating 25r spirost 5 ene 3 beta 17 alpha diol pennogenin from plant raw material

Khabirov F.A., 1985: Optimization of a method for recording action potential of human motor units with a needle electrode

Rowley A.F., 1988: Optimization of a monolayer phagocytosis assay and its application for studying the role of the prophenol oxidase system in the wax moth galleria mellonella

Butenk R.G., 1985: Optimization of a nutrient medium and the isolation of new strains of ginseng panax ginseng for tissue culture

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038788

Frei R.W., 1984: Optimization of a peroxy oxalate chemi luminescence detection system for the liquid chromatographic determination of fluorescent compounds

Van-Haverbeke, D. A.; Brown, P. R., 1978: Optimization of a procedure for extraction of nucleotides from plasma and erythrocytes prior to high pressure liquid chromatography analysis

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038791

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038793

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038794

Kerr J., 1979: Optimization of a rayleigh type equation for the detection of tritanomaly

Lillig B., 1986: Optimization of a reaction detector for analysis of the femtomole level of carbamate insecticides by high performance liquid chromatography

Villadsen J., 1984: Optimization of a reactor assembly for the production of 6 aminopenicillanic acid from penicillin v

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Lurie, I. S.; Demchuk, S. M., 1981: Optimization of a reverse phase ion pair chromatographic separation for drugs of forensic interest 2. factors effecting selectivity

Schuurs A.H.W.M., 1983: Optimization of a sandwich sol particle immunoassay for human chorionic gonadotropin

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038801

Bryukhova L.I., 1986: Optimization of a substrate for the biosynthesis of extracellular heteropolysaccharide by cryptococcus elinovii

Khovrychev M.P., 1984: Optimization of a synthetic nutrient medium for bacillus thuringiensis cultivation

Rechnitz G.A., 1982: Optimization of a tissue based membrane electrode for guanine

Foreman J., 1986: Optimization of a vehicle solution for the introduction and removal of glycerol with rabbit kidneys

Profitt M., 1984: Optimization of a wastewater treatment plant by the employee involvement optimization system

Walther H.J., 1983: Optimization of activated sludge systems

Wehrmann R., 1987: Optimization of activity distribution in brachytherapy

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038809

Olsen G., 1988: Optimization of alumina selectivity for tetrachlorodibenzo p dioxins and the isomer specific determination of 2 3 7 8 tetrachlorodibenzo p dioxin

Lohani B.N., 1985: Optimization of ambient air quality monitoring networks 1

Lohani B.N., 1985: Optimization of ambient air quality monitoring networks 2

Lohani B.N., 1985: Optimization of ambient air quality monitoring networks 3

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038814

Soudi O., 1986: Optimization of an implantable coated wire glucose sensor

Trembly B.S., 1981: Optimization of an invasive microwave antenna for local hyper thermia treatment of cancer

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Perez Bustamante J.A., 1986: Optimization of analytical foam flotation separations by means of the simplex algorithm

Schwartz R.H., 1987: Optimization of antigen presentation to t cell hybridomas by purified ia molecules in planar membranes ia molecule polymorphism determines the antigenic fine specificity of the response to cytochrome c peptides

Kellogg S.R., 1982: Optimization of areawide waste water management

Metelitsa D.I., 1984: Optimization of aromatic amine oxidation by horseradish peroxidase modified by strophanthin k

Matty A.J., 1980: Optimization of artemia feeding rate for carp larvae cyprinus carpio

Chalon J., 1980: Optimization of arterial oxygenation during 1 lung anesthesia

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038824

Ritter M., 1982: Optimization of assay conditions for free ligand determination by immunoassay

Wang, Y. J.; Leesman, G. D.; Dahl, T. C.; Monkhouse, D. C., 1984: Optimization of autoclave cycles and selection of formulation for parenteral products 1. identification of autoclave conditions by a nonisothermal approach

Wang, Y. J.; Dahl, T. C.; Leesman, G. D.; Monkhouse, D. C., 1984: Optimization of autoclave cycles and selection of formulation for parenteral products 2. effect of counter ion on ph and stability of diatrizoic acid at autoclave temperatures

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Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038832

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Leong J., 1987: Optimization of beam weights under dose volume restrictions

Maier J., 1987: Optimization of beet production through the electro ultrafiltration method of nitrogen recommendations in southern bavaria west germany

Woodford R., 1984: Optimization of bio availability of topical steroids penetration enhancers under occlusion

Barry B.W., 1982: Optimization of bio availability of topical steroids thermodynamic control

Woodford R., 1985: Optimization of bioavailability of topical steroids nonoccluded penetration enhancers under thermodynamic control

Komemushi S., 1982: Optimization of biomass productivity and substrate utility of a hydrogen bacterium alcaligenes hydrogenophilus

Van Deyck W., 1982: Optimization of blood lead standards in electro thermal atomization atomic absorption spectrometry

Fumero R., 1980: Optimization of blood pumping systems

Dreyer R., 1985: Optimization of bombardment conditions of the bismuth 209 alpha 2n cyclotron production of astatine 211

Mcfarland D.C., 1987: Optimization of bovine satellite cell derived myotube formation in vitro

Basu S.B., 1986: Optimization of breeding and managemental variables for maximizing lifetime milk production and profit in murrah buffaloes

Hoffmann G., 1983: Optimization of brownian search strategies

Wideroe R., 1987: Optimization of cancer radiotherapy with selective sensitizers

Jain, V. K.; Kalia, V. K.; Gopinath, P. M.; Naqvi, S.; Kucheria, K., 1979: Optimization of cancer therapy 3. effects of combining 2 deoxy d glucose treatment with gamma irradiation on normal mice

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038848

IIda S., 1987: Optimization of carbon 11 hydrogen cyanide production and no carrier added 1 carbon 11 amino acid synthesis

Paerl H.W., 1979: Optimization of carbon di oxide and nitrogen fixation by the blue green alga anabaena sp in fresh water blooms

Khosla S., 1980: Optimization of carrier frequency and duty cycle for pulse modulation of biological signals

Kohler G.O., 1981: Optimization of cell disruption for alfalfa medicago sativa leaf protein concentration pro xan production

Thompson B.K., 1987: Optimization of chick embryotoxicity bioassay for testing toxicity potential of fungal metabolites

Griffin, D. A.; Marin, A. B.; Deinzer, M. L., 1980: Optimization of chromatographic conditions for the separation of p p' dde from aroclor 1254 on silica using azulene as indicator

Chernobrovkin, V. P.; Kalantarov, K. D.; Syrokvashin, V. A.; El'kind, E. Yu ; Meier, V. P., 1976: Optimization of collimation system parameters of the radio isotopic tomograph

Livshits, V. B.; Sirota, S. M.; Kostylev, V. A., 1976: Optimization of collimator parameters for a gamma chamber

Jordan K., 1985: Optimization of collimators for imaging positron emitters by a gamma camera

Finnie M.S., 1986: Optimization of color in commercial port blends

Kochetkova, G. V.; Gladkikh, E. G.; Nechaeva, N. P.; Ukholina, R. S., 1975: Optimization of composition of nutrient medium for biosynthesis of carminomycin by mathematical methods of experimental planning

Maccanna C., 1979: Optimization of compost depth and density in plastic bags and comparison with tray systems for growing the cultivated mushroom agaricus bisporus

Herman P.G., 1988: Optimization of computed tomography technique to demonstrate the fine structure of the lung

Almorza J., 1980: Optimization of computerized statistical models in soil evaluation

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038863

Tsangaris G.T., 1986: Optimization of conditions for accurate phosphonate and total phosphorus assay on lipid samples in conjunction with thin layer chromatography

Tikhomirova, A. S.; Kulikova, A. K.; Tsereteli, A. K.; Gogolev, M. N.; Letunova, E. V., 1978: Optimization of conditions for beta galactosidase biosynthesis in eukaryotes

Rushizky, G. W.; Mozejko, J. H., 1977: Optimization of conditions for cleavage of transfer rna at the anti codon loop by s 1 nuclease

Zagidullin, N. V.; Khristova, M. L.; Busse, T. L.; Kharitonenkov, I. G., 1987: Optimization of conditions for determining influenza a virus internal proteins by solid phase immunoenzyme analysis

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038868

Foxe M.J., 1985: Optimization of conditions for infection of isolated potato protoplasts with potato virus x

Radzhabova A.A., 1984: Optimization of conditions for lipid cultivation and synthesis by predatory fungi

Semenov S.V., 1982: Optimization of conditions for modified irradiation of cells

Losada M., 1982: Optimization of conditions for photo production of ammonia from nitrate by anacystis nidulans

Zvyagintsev, D. G.; Andreeva, T. A., 1978: Optimization of conditions for preliminary ultrasound treatment of soils using the uzdn 1 apparatus before performing a microbiological analysis

Danilenko V.N., 1985: Optimization of conditions for preparation and regeneration of protoplasts of streptomyces fradiae 3830 which produces tylosin an antibiotic used as a feed additive

Boyle J.A., 1985: Optimization of conditions for production of channel catfish ictalurus punctatus ovary cells and channel catfish virus dna

Hooper R.J.L., 1986: Optimization of conditions for solubilization of the bovine dopamine d 2 receptor

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038877

Varadi K., 1979: Optimization of conditions for the catalytic effect of the factor ixa factor vii complex probable role of the complex in the amplification of blood coagulation

Rahmatullah M., 1980: Optimization of conditions for the colorimetric determination of citrulline using di acetyl mon oxime

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038880

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038881

Graf H., 1979: Optimization of conditions for the in vitro formation of hybrid dna molecules by dna ligase

Mishchenko V.A., 1985: Optimization of conducting the complement fixation inhibition test in foot and mouth disease

Ong S.L., 1986: Optimization of continuous stirred tank rectors in series by dynamic programming

El Samaligy M.S., 1985: Optimization of controlled drug release through interfacial polymerization

Gupta B.K., 1988: Optimization of controlled drug release through micropelletization

Barratt Boyes G., 1979: Optimization of coronary perfusion rate during cardiac surgery in man

El Haddad S.E., 1982: Optimization of cortisol radio immunoassay in serum

Livansky K., 1980: Optimization of costs per unit of microbial biomass produced in a batch culture

Ahmed, J.; Van-Bavel, C. H. M.; Hiler, E. A., 1976: Optimization of crop irrigation strategy under a stochastic weather regime a simulation study

Sharupich V.P., 1986: Optimization of cucumber cultivation conditions in opaque greenhouses

Leshchinskaya I.B., 1980: Optimization of cultivation conditions for bacillus intermedius aimed at increasing biosynthesis of alkaline extracellular rnase

Palagina, N. K.; Rozmanova, N. V.; Vitrinskaya, A. M.; Khrycheva, A. I., 1975: Optimization of cultivation conditions for bakers yeast

Zherebtsov N.A., 1984: Optimization of cultivation conditions of the cellulase producer aspergillus terreus

Mascarenhas J.P., 1981: Optimization of culture conditions for the formation of sperm cells in pollen tubes of tradescantia paludosa

Sudenko V.I., 1979: Optimization of culture conditions for yeast rhodosporidium diobovatum 689 on mineral media with ethanol in continuous cultivation

Mheen T.I., 1987: Optimization of culture media on cpc production by cephalosporium acremonium n 6

Volfova O., 1983: Optimization of culture medium composition for cellulolytic bacteria by mathematical methods

Park, K. K.; Kim, T. W.; Lee, J. H., 1986: Optimization of dairy feeding system in korea i. mathematical model of dairy roughage production costs

Park, K. K.; Chang, Y. H.; Kim, T. W., 1986: Optimization of dairy feeding system in korea ii. development of l. p. model for optimum dairy feeding system

Timofeev V.I., 1981: Optimization of decompression conditions according to rib cage impedance

Eberhardt R.D., 1979: Optimization of determination of drugs by high pressure liquid chromatography

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038904

Ionescu, S. G.; Balanescu, I., 1986: Optimization of diagnostic and therapeutic methods in ovarian cancer

Williams D., 1980: Optimization of diagnostic discrimination applied to the amniotic fluid lecithin to sphingomyelin ratio

Uylings, H. B. M., 1977: Optimization of diameters and bifurcation angles in lung and vascular tree structures

Sauvant D., 1986: Optimization of diets by computers

Reichman, O. J., 1977: Optimization of diets through food preferences by heteromyid rodents

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038910

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038911

Holmquist B., 1985: Optimization of disintegration time and crushing strength of a tablet formulation

Heckenthaler W., 1983: Optimization of dose distribution by use of lead wedge filters in combined electron and photon therapy

Cohen L., 1987: Optimization of dose time factors for a tumor and multiple associated normal tissues

Guha M.K., 1988: Optimization of efficiency in the glyoxalase pathway

Muntz, E. P.; Welkowsky, M.; Kaegi, E.; Morsell, L.; Wilkinson, E.; Jacobson, G., 1978: Optimization of electrostatic imaging systems for minimum patient dose or minimum exposure in mammography

Kromidas S., 1986: Optimization of enantiomeric separations with chiral bonded phases

Thilly W.G., 1986: Optimization of environment for high density vero cell culture effect of dissolved oxygen and nutrient supply on cell growth and changes in metabolites

Ooraikul B., 1986: Optimization of enzymatic hydrolysis of canola meal with response surface methodology

Wehrly J.A., 1983: Optimization of enzyme based assays in coagulation testing

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038921

Buffone G.J., 1981: Optimization of enzyme multiple immunoassay tests reagent system using a cobas bio centrifugal analyzer

Blomberg C., 1985: Optimization of error correction processes with respect to time comparison to free energy aspects

Miller T.J., 1986: Optimization of erythrocyte membrane glycoprotein fluorescent labeling with dansylhydrazine after polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis

Magomedov M R.D., 1981: Optimization of estimates of the little suslik citellus pygmaeus

Guiochon G., 1982: Optimization of experimental conditions for the analysis of complex mixtures by gas chromatography

Mckellar R.C., 1986: Optimization of extracellular lipase activity from pseudomonas fluorescens using a super simplex optimization program

Jinno K., 1987: Optimization of fat soluble vitamin separation in reversed phase microcolumn liquid chromatography

Taguchi H., 1980: Optimization of fed batch culture by dynamic programming and regression analysis

Elsen, J. M.; Mocquot, J. C., 1976: Optimization of female replacement and terminal crossing in dairy herds

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038932

Lee S.B., 1988: Optimization of fermentation conditions for production of recombinant human interleukin 2 in escherichia coli

Merchant R.F., 1986: Optimization of fermentation conditions for thermostable cellulase production by thielavia terrestris

Vishwanathan L., 1981: Optimization of fermentation parameters for kojic acid fermentation

Reimann B., 1986: Optimization of fermentation processes with special consideration of structural relationship by means of a model

Almond P.R., 1981: Optimization of field flatness and depth dose for therapy electron beams

Treweek G.P., 1979: Optimization of flocculation time prior to direct filtration

Werner E., 1986: Optimization of flow cytometric discrimination between reticulocytes and erythrocytes

Oosta, G. M.; Mathewson, N. S.; Catravas, G. N., 1978: Optimization of folin ciocalteu reagent concentration in an automated lowry protein assay

Ivanov V.K., 1984: Optimization of fractionated radiotherapy for tumors

Whitfield C.H., 1987: Optimization of freezing conditions for bovine spermatozoa

Matheron, G.; Rouvier, R., 1977: Optimization of genetic progress on litter size in rabbits

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038944

Leonowicz A., 1988: Optimization of glucose oxidase synthesis in submerged cultures of aspergillus niger g 13 mutant

Monsan, P., 1978: Optimization of glutaraldehyde activation of a support for enzyme immobilization

Radajewski W., 1982: Optimization of grain drying with rest periods

Seleznev L.G., 1980: Optimization of granulation of glutamic acid

Parrick J., 1980: Optimization of grit removal at a waste water treatment plant

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Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038951

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Qin Z L., 1987: Optimization of high performance liquid chromatographic separation for progestogens

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Chistyakov V.A., 1981: Optimization of human movements by means of electronic computer

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Meldrum D.R., 1985: Optimization of hydrogen ion concentration during aspiration of oocytes and culture and transfer of embryos

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Golub E., 1984: Optimization of hydroxylapatite adhesion assay for streptococcus sanguis

Waite J.H., 1986: Optimization of hydroxylation of tyrosine and tyrosine containing peptides by mushroom tyrosinase

Frolov A.V., 1985: Optimization of hypotensive therapy under hospital conditions

Evsikov E.M., 1985: Optimization of hypotensive treatment of essential hypertensive patients with diuretics and sodium chloride substitutes

Yurov Yu B., 1984: Optimization of in situ hybridization of cloned dna sequences and differential staining of human chromosomes

Villnave C., 1986: Optimization of in situ hybridization using isotopic and non isotopic detection methods

Kowal J., 1984: Optimization of in vitro protein synthesis by isolated mouse adrenal mitochondria

Strauss H.W., 1986: Optimization of indices of external pneumatic compression for prophylaxis against deep vein thrombosis radionuclide gated imaging studies

Hanna M.A., 1988: Optimization of initial moisture ph and extrusion temperature of an acetone extracted maize gluten meal and soy extrudate for use in pet foods

Section 7, Chapter 6039, Accession 006038974

Hoetzinger H., 1984: Optimization of intracavitary radiotherapy of carcinomas of the body of the uterus by intrauterine sonography

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Bakker F.P., 1988: Optimization of ion chromatography using commercially available detection systems and software

Carmichael M., 1982: Optimization of ion pair extraction by direct measurement of conditional extraction constants with a membrane phase separator

Ram G., 1982: Optimization of ionizing radiation usage in medical imaging by means of image enhancement techniques

Ballin R., 1986: Optimization of irradiation time in treatment of malignant choroidal melanomas with beta ray applicators ruthenium 106 rhodium 106

Zakrzhevskii D.A., 1979: Optimization of isolation conditions for 3 types of pigment protein lipid complexes from pea chloroplasts during solubilization with triton x 100

Lapointe D.S., 1981: Optimization of kinetic proofreading a general method for derivation of constraint relations and exploration of a specific case

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Maksimov V.N., 1980: Optimization of laboratory feeding conditions of mosquito larvae culex pipiens molestus diptera culicidae

Gusteleva L.A., 1979: Optimization of laboratory raising of larvae of the bark beetle ips subelongatus coleoptera ipidae on artificial medium

Moon N.J., 1979: Optimization of lactic acid fermentation of frozen vegetable process wastes model systems for producing animal feeds

Stepanyuk V.V., 1988: Optimization of lactic bacteria cultivation in molasses containing media

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Huzulak J., 1985: Optimization of leaf sampling for water regime characteristics determination in apricots and peaches

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Smit H., 1988: Optimization of lipid production in the oleaginous yeast apiotrichum curvatum in whey permeate

Boehme G., 1979: Optimization of local hyper thermy in tumors based on a new radio frequency procedure local hyper thermy of large body areas using the cancer multistep therapy selectotherm method

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Vollosovich A.G., 1981: Optimization of macro salt composition for a tissue culture of rauwolfia serpentina 2

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Baz A., 1979: Optimization of mans energy during under water paddle propulsion

Norris, K. H.; Williams, P. C., 1984: Optimization of mathematical treatment of raw near ir signal in the measurement of protein in hard red spring wheat 1. influence of particle size

Boucek J., 1987: Optimization of measuring the activity of calcium 45 in biological material

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