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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6041

Chapter 6041 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Navon, A.; Levinson, H.Z., 1976:
Oral application of d gluco ascorbic acid to adult spodoptera littoralis lepidoptera noctuidae inducing sterility by spermatophore malformation

Das, N.; Basu, M.K.; Das, M.K., 1988:
Oral application of insulin encapsulated liposomes

Miller B.R.; Friesen R.H., 1988:
Oral atropine and premedication in infants attenuates cardiovascular depression during halothane anesthesia

Light, R.W.; George, R.B., 1977:
Oral atropine in the treatment of chronic asthma

Ostergaard P.A., 1983:
Oral bacterial flora and secretory immuno globulin a in small children after repeated courses of antibiotics

Gregori G.; D.A.gelis G.L.; Caprio P.; Banchini G., 1985:
Oral bacterial therapy during acute and functional chronic diarrhea in childhood clinical experience

Zoppi, G.; Deganello, A.; Benoni, G.; Saccomani, F., 1982:
Oral bacterio therapy in clinical practice 1. use of different preparations in infants treated with antibiotics

Zoppi, G.; Balsamo, V.; Deganello, A.; Iacono, G.; Saccomani, F.; Benoni, G., 1982:
Oral bacterio therapy in clinical practice 2. use of different preparations in the treatment of acute diarrhea

Burnham, W.R.; Lennard-Jones, J.E.; Hecketsweiler, P.; Colin, R.; Geffroy, Y., 1979:
Oral BCG vaccine in Crohn's disease

Taha E.B.; Dean P.; Redgrave P., 1982:
Oral behavior induced by intra nigral muscimol is unaffected by haloperidol but abolished by large lesions of superior colliculus

Moss R.A.; Ruff M.H.; Sturgis E.T., 1984:
Oral behavioral patterns in facial pain headache and non headache populations

Male C.G.; Johnson H.D., 1984:
Oral benzodiazepine pre medication in minor gynecological surgery

Alexander M.; Newmark H.; Miller R.G., 1985:
Oral beta carotene can increase the number of okt 4 positive cells in human blood

Henness, D.M.; Richards, D.; Santella, P.J.; Rubinfeld, J., 1978:
Oral bio availability of cedfadroxil a new semi synthetic cephalosporin

Swabb E.A.; Sugerman A.A.; Stern M., 1983:
Oral bio availability of the monobactam azthreonam sq 26776 in healthy subjects

Hopkins R.; Walker D.M., 1985:
Oral blood blisters angina bullosa hemorrhagica

Tomioka, K.; Terai, M.; Maeno, H., 1977:
Oral broncho dilator effect of 16s methyl 20 methoxy prostaglandin e 2 ypg 209 in guinea pigs

Charney, P., 1976:
Oral brooding in the cardinalfishes phaeoptyx conklini and apogon maculatus from the bahamas

Ducrey, N.; Curchod, B., 1984:
Oral buflomedil in diabetic background retinopathy: results of a preliminary controlled study

Hess B.; Winter A.; Gatuschi K.; Binswanger U., 1986:
Oral calcium load during free diet in idiopathic calcium nephrolithiasis utility and limitations

Yoshida H., 1980:
Oral campylobacter

Blot, W.J.; Winn, D.M.; Fraumeni, J.F., 1983:
Oral cancer and mouthwash

Wynder, E.L.; Kabat, G.; Rosenberg, S.; Levenstein, M., 1983:
Oral cancer and mouthwash use

Pindborg, J.J., 1978:
Oral cancer and pre cancer as disease of the aged

Rosa, M.R.D., 1985:
Oral cancer epidemiological study of 670 cases recorded in the dr. napoleao laureano hospital joao pessoa paraiba brazil

Lindqvist C.; Teppo L., 1982:
Oral cancer in finland in 1953 1978

Langdon, J.D.; Harvey, P.W.; Rapidis, A.D.; Patel, M.F.; Johnson, N.W.; Hopps, R., 1977:
Oral cancer the behavior and response to treatment of 194 cases

Torssander, J.; Morfeldt-Månson, L.; Biberfeld, G.; Karlsson, A.; Putkonen, P.O.; Wasserman, J., 1987:
Oral candida albicans in HIV infection

Berdicevsky I.; Ben Aryeh H.; Szargel R.; Gutman D., 1980:
Oral candida in asymptomatic denture wearers

Sio, J.O.; Minwalla, F.K.; George, R.H.; Booth, I.W., 1987:
Oral candida: is dummy carriage the culprit?

Syrjänen, S.; Valle, S.L.; Antonen, J.; Suni, J.; Saxinger, C.; Krohn, K.; Ranki, A., 1988:
Oral candidal infection as a sign of HIV infection in homosexual men

Makris, C.; Grillot, R.; Ambroise-Thomas, P.; Amblard, P., 1977:
Oral candidiasis and psychotropic therapy in 206 patients

Jacobsen S.; Bryhni I L.; Gjermo P., 1979:
Oral candidiasis frequency treatment and relapse tendency in a group of psychiatric in patients

Duncan, W.C.; Roberts, D.P.; Knox, J., 1976:
Oral carbenicillin treatment of uncomplicated gonorrhea in men and women

Edwards M.B.; Germain J.P., 1980:
Oral carcinogenesis by intra gastric n methyl n nitroso urea in the syrian hamster mesocricetus auratus

Merchant N.E.; Ferguson M.M.; Ali A.; Hole D.J.; Gillis C.R., 1986:
Oral carcinoma in the indian and pakistani community in scotland uk

Shibuya, H.; Horiuchi, J.; Suzuki, S.; Amagasa, M.; Mashima, K., 1984:
Oral carcinoma of the upper jaw. Results of radiation treatment

Sundstrom B.; Mornstad H.; Axell T., 1982:
Oral carcinomas associated with snuff dipping some clinical and histological characteristics of 23 tumors in swedish males

Gahl, W.A.; Bernardini, I.; Dalakas, M.; Rizzo, W.B.; Harper, G.S.; Hoeg, J.M.; Hurko, O.; Bernar, J., 1988:
Oral carnitine therapy in children with cystinosis and renal Fanconi syndrome

Burford-Mason, A.P.; Weber, J.C.; Willoughby, J.M., 1988:
Oral carriage of Candida albicans, ABO blood group and secretor status in healthy subjects

Marini, D.; Veraldi, S.; Innocenti, M., 1987:
Oral cavity abscess due to Neisseria gonorrhoeae

Son Y.H.; Kapp D.S., 1985:
Oral cavity and oropharyngeal cancer in a younger population review of literature and experience at yale new haven connecticut usa

Bernard C.; Simonart J.M., 1987:
Oral cavity diabetes and candida albicans

Lawson, V.G., 1985:
Oral cavity reconstruction using pectoralis major muscle and amnion

Gomez Portugal Salazar M.; Gonzalez Guardiola I.; Pizana Rodriguez F.; Noriega Acosta R.; Granados Frayre N., 1983:
Oral cavity surgical sutures

Beumer, H.M.; Veldkamp, J., 1982:
Oral cefaclor for treatment of bronchitis a comparative double blind study vs. amoxicillin

Campagna A.; Bartolozzi M.; Scattoni M.; Malagnino A., 1988:
Oral cefroxadine for pediatric infections

Adams, D.H.; Wood, M.J.; Farrell, I.D.; Fox, C.; Ball, A.P., 1985:
Oral cefuroxime axetil: clinical pharmacology and comparative dose studies in urinary tract infection

Wanas T.M.; Williams P.E.O., 1986:
Oral cefuroxime axetil compared with oral ampicillin in treating acute uncomplicated gonorrhea

Shah-Majid, M.; Rosendal, S., 1987:
Oral challenge of turkey poults with Mycoplasma iowae

Przybilla B.; Ring J.; Harle R.; Galosi A., 1986:
Oral challenge with components of analgesic preparations in patients with anaphylactoid reactions to mild analgesics

Veien, N.K.; Hattel, T.; Justesen, O.; Norholm, A., 1983:
Oral challenge with metal salts 1. vesicular patch test negative hand eczema

Veien, N.K.; Hattel, T.; Justesen, O.; Norholm, A., 1983:
Oral challenge with metal salts 2. various types of eczema

Sayag J.; Lagrange B., 1987:
Oral challenges in cutaneous diseases of children

Mihalas L.S.; Loren M.L., 1979:
Oral challenges of inhalant antigens in asthmatics

Barrett, A.P., 1986:
Oral changes as initial diagnostic indicators in acute leukemia

Taylor D.M.; Volf V., 1980:
Oral chelation treatment of injected americium 241 or plutonium 239 in rats

Cowart B.J., 1987:
Oral chemical irritation does it reduce perceived taste intensity?

Lawless H., 1984:
Oral chemical irritation psycho physical properties

Shiba Y.; Sumomogi H.; Nomura S.; Muneoka Y.; Kanno Y., 1980:
Oral chemo receptor organs of bull frog tadpoles during metamorphosis

Arnetoli, F.; Poggiali, C.; Peris, A.; Pagni, E., 1985:
Oral chlorodemethyldiazepam 0.038 milligrams per kilogram in a triple blind controlled clinical trial and pre anesthetic medication

Nakayama, F., 1980:
Oral chole litholysis cheno deoxy cholic acid vs. urso deoxy cholic acid japanese experience

Chan E.S.H.; Benness G.T., 1980:
Oral cholecysto cholangiography with iopodate and metoclopramide

Hollands, M.J.; May, A.R.; Edwards, J.M.; Nash, A.G., 1983:
Oral cholecystographic findings and the incidence of wound infection after cholecystectomy

Roller, R.J.; Mallory, A.; Caruthers, S.B.; Schaefer, J.W., 1977:
Oral cholecystography after alcoholic pancreatitis

Scudamore, C.H.; Nightingale, R.; Sherwood, T.; Calne, R.Y., 1985:
Oral cholecystography after liver transplantation in man

Smith, G.W.; Bixler, T.J.; Sterioff, S., 1980:
Oral cholecystography in assessment of acute abdominal pain

Smith, H.J.; Corbett, D.B.; Loeb, P.M.; Peterson, W.L., 1982:
Oral cholecystography in the early phase of acute alcoholic pancreatitis. A prospective, randomized comparison of Telepaque and Bilopaque

Gelfand, D.W.; Wolfman, N.T.; Ott, D.J.; Watson, N.E.; Chen, Y.M.; Dale, W.J., 1988:
Oral cholecystography vs gallbladder sonography: a prospective, blinded reappraisal

Ray R.; Ramakrishnan N.; Rao B.S.S., 1982:
Oral choline in tardive dys kinesia

Iyer N.K.N.; Lim E.S.; Grewal J.K., 1988:
Oral cimetidine as a prophylactic in pulmonary acid aspiration syndrome in a local population

Wesdorp, E.; Bartelsman, J.; Pape, K.; Dekker, W.; Tytgat, G.N., 1978:
Oral cimetidine in reflux esophagitis: a double blind controlled trial

Wollschlager, C.M.; Raoof, S.; Khan, F.A., 1987:
Oral ciprofloxacin in the treatment of 14 patients with bacterial pneumonia

D.L.lla, F.; Rizzardini, G.; Angelucci, B., 1987:
Oral ciprofloxacin in the treatment of uncomplicated gonococcal urethritis in men

Brunner, H.; Zeiler, H.J., 1988:
Oral ciprofloxacin treatment for Salmonella typhimurium infection of normal and immunocompromised mice

Reines, H.D.; Hunt, P.; Rambo, W.; Loadholt, C.B., 1986:
Oral ciramadol: a new analgesic for postoperative pain

Sittertz Bhatkar H., 1980:
Oral cleansing in spiders is gland mediated

Lanes R.; Hurtado E., 1982:
Oral clonidine an effective growth hormone releasing agent in pre pubertal subjects comparison of the effects of clonidine metoclopramide and insulin on growth hormone cortisol and glucose concentrations in normal and growth hormone deficient children

Salti, R.; Galluzzi, F.; Becherucci, P.; Seminara, S.; Calzolari, C.; Innocenti, S.; L.C.uza, C., 1981:
Oral clonidine: an effective provocative test of growth hormone release

Marks, A.D.; Adlin, E.V.; Channick, B.J., 1987:
Oral clonidine for rapid control of accelerated hypertension

Romer, T.E.; Rymkiewicz-Kluczynska, B.; Bogoniowska, Z., 1982:
Oral clonidine for screening of growth hormone deficiency

Cohen, I.M.; Katz, M.A., 1978:
Oral clonidine loading for rapid control of hypertension

Anderson, R.J.; Hart, G.R.; Crumpler, C.P.; Reed, W.G.; Matthews, C.A., 1981:
Oral clonidine loading in hypertensive urgencies

Lemor, M.; Yeo, J.H.; Glaser, B.M., 1986:
Oral colchicine for the treatment of experimental traction retinal detachment

Behbehani, M.J.; Jordan, H.V.; Heeley, J.D., 1983:
Oral colonization and pathogenicity of Actinomyces israelii in gnotobiotic rats

Lindemann, R.A.; Newman, M.G.; Kaufman, A.K.; Le, T.V., 1985:
Oral colonization and susceptibility testing of Pseudomonas aeruginosa oral isolates from cystic fibrosis patients

Jimenez Echemendia T.; Licea Puig M., 1987:
Oral complications in diabetes mellitus

Rosenberg S.W., 1986:
Oral complications of cancer chemotherapy a review of 398 patients

Lowe, O., 1986:
Oral concerns for the pediatric cancer patient

Dahllöf, G.; Heimdahl, A.; Bolme, P.; Lönnqvist, B.; Ringdén, O., 1988:
Oral condition in children treated with bone marrow transplantation

Kaneko, Y., 1976:
Oral condition of institutionalized severely handicapped children

Anneroth G.; Anniko M.; Romander H., 1982:
Oral condyloma acuminatum a light microscopic and electron microscopic study

Ragni, N.; Boccardo, E.; Viglino, S.; Larosa, E., 1981:
Oral contraception and breast pathology

Genton, C.Y., 1981:
Oral contraception and cancer risk

Hilal M., 1985:
Oral contraception and carbohydrate metabolism the physiopathological explanations

Skouby, S.O.; Andersen, O.; Saurbrey, N.; Kühl, C., 1987:
Oral contraception and insulin sensitivity: in vivo assessment in normal women and women with previous gestational diabetes

Vessey, M.P.; McPherson, K.; Lawless, M.; Yeates, D., 1985:
Oral contraception and serious psychiatric illness: absence of an association

Briet, E.; Van-Tilburg, N.H.; Veltkamp, J.J., 1978:
Oral contraception and the detection of carriers in hemophilia b

Bracken, M.B., 1979:
Oral contraception and twinning: an epidemiologic study

Beaumont V.; Lemort N.; Beaumont J L., 1982:
Oral contraception budd chiari syndrome and antibodies to synthetic sex hormones

Gaspard U., 1988:
Oral contraception carbohydrate metabolism and monitoring criteria

Belaisch J.; Hommais Loufrani B., 1987:
Oral contraception evolution of concepts for the last thirty years

Soutoul J.H.; Tichet J.; Renaud M.; Welfens Ekkra C.; Vol S.; Boulard P., 1979:
Oral contraception in a regional center variation in age profile and profession from 21000 case notes in 5 years 1973 1977

Radberg T.; Skryten A.; Karlsson K.; Gustafson A., 1981:
Oral contraception in diabetic women diabetes control serum and high density lipo protein lipids during low dose progestogen combined estrogen progestogen and nonhormonal contraception

Pribicevic V.; Skrabalo Z.; Lipovac V.; Trenc S.; Zadjelovic J.; Rajkovic Z., 1979:
Oral contraception mechanical contraception carbohydrate and lipid metabolism a 2 year study

Leone, A.; Lopez, M., 1986:
Oral contraception, ovarian disorders and tobacco in myocardial infarction of woman

Cohen, J., 1980:
Oral contraception using an ultra low dose progestogen only pill containing 0.35 milligrams norgestrienone

Tallián, F., 1986:
Oral contraception with a biphasic tablet (observations with anteovin)

Samsioe, G.; Skryten, A.; Silfverstolpe, G., 1983:
Oral contraception with a nonalkylated estrogen component. Effects on lipid metabolism

Soutoul J.H.; Renaud M., 1979:
Oral contraception with an associated therapeutic action using a progestational method at 2 levels

Chow L.P.; Lin C.C.; Keyvan Larijani E.; Chang K.K., 1983:
Oral contraceptive and mortality from circulatory system diseases an epidemiologic study in taiwan

Neuberger J.; Portmann B.; Nunnerley H.B.; Laws J.W.; Davis M.; Williams R., 1980:
Oral contraceptive associated liver tumors occurrence of malignancy and difficulties in diagnosis

Buchanan, G.C.; Tredway, D.R.; Lewis, S.B., 1977:
Oral contraceptive exposure in a male with a pituitary micro adenoma a case report

Hallac P.; Erbengi T.; Aytekin Y.; Hepyuksel G.; Yeginsu B., 1979:
Oral contraceptive induced fine structural changes in rat liver

Bryant C.J.; Hoy R.J., 1980:
Oral contraceptive induced hepatic adenoma and focal nodular hyperplasia

Laragh, J.H., 1976:
Oral contraceptive induced hypertension 9 years later

Fleckenstein, L.; Joubert, P.; Lawrence, R.; Patsner, B.; Mazzullo, J.M.; Lasagna, L., 1976:
Oral contraceptive patient information. A questionnaire study of attitudes, knowledge, and preferred information sources

Berger, G.S.; Talwar, P.P., 1978:
Oral contraceptive potencies and side effects

Beaumont, J.L.; Lemort, N., 1976:
Oral contraceptive pulmonary artery thrombosis and anti ethynyl estradiol mono clonal immuno globulin g

Crawford F.E.; Back D.J.; Orme M.L.; Breckenridge A.M., 1981:
Oral contraceptive steroid concentrations in smokers and nonsmokers

Roberts, R.K.; Grice, J.; McGuffie, C.; Heilbronn, L., 1983:
Oral contraceptive steroids impair the elimination of theophylline

Travers, R.L.; Hughes, G.R., 1978:
Oral contraceptive therapy and systemic lupus erythematosus

Vessey M.P.; Mcpherson K.; Yeates D.; Doll R., 1982:
Oral contraceptive use and abortion before 1st term pregnancy in relation to breast cancer risk

Cairns, V.; Keil, U.; Doering, A.; Koenig, W.; Stieber, J.; Kleinbaum, D.G., 1985:
Oral contraceptive use and blood pressure in a German metropolitan population

Hennekens C.H.; Evans D.A.; Castelli W.P.; Taylor J.O.; Rosner B.; Kass E.H., 1979:
Oral contraceptive use and fasting tri glyceride plasma cholesterol and high density lipo protein cholesterol

Berkowitz G.S.; Kelsey J.L.; Livolsi V.A.; Holford T.R.; Merino M.J.; Ort S.; O'connor T.Z.; Goldenberg I.S.; White C., 1984:
Oral contraceptive use and fibro cystic breast disease among pre menopausal and post menopausal women

Bain, C.; Hennekens, C.H.; Speizer, F.E.; Rosner, B.; Willett, W.; Belanger, C., 1982:
Oral contraceptive use and malignant melanoma

Kinghorn, G.R.; Waugh, M.A., 1981:
Oral contraceptive use and prevalence of infection with Chlamydia trachomatis in women

Kissi, M.; Faber, J.A., 1979:
Oral contraceptive use and secondary amenorrhea

Shy, K.K.; McTiernan, A.M.; Daling, J.R.; Weiss, N.S., 1983:
Oral contraceptive use and the occurrence of pituitary prolactinoma

Rubin G.L.; Wingo P.A.; Layde P.M.; Webster L.A.; Ory H.W., 1983:
Oral contraceptive use and the risk of endometrial cancer. The Centers for Disease Control Cancer and Steroid Hormone Study

Dicker R.C.; Webster L.A.; Layde P.M.; Wingo P.A.; Ory H.W., 1983:
Oral contraceptive use and the risk of ovarian cancer. The Centers for Disease Control Cancer and Steroid Hormone Study

Swan, S.H.; Brown, W.L., 1981:
Oral contraceptive use, sexual activity, and cervical carcinoma

Hislop, T.G.; Threlfall, W.J., 1984:
Oral contraceptives and benign breast disease

Lesch, R.; Hoppe-Seyler, P.; Heissmeyer, H.H.; Hoensch, D.; Jenss, H.; Wimmer, B.; Wenz, W., 1980:
Oral contraceptives and benign tumorous conditions of the liver

Fisch, I.R.; Frank, J., 1977:
Oral contraceptives and blood pressure

Paul, C.; Skegg, D.C.; Spears, G.F.; Kaldor, J.M., 1986:
Oral contraceptives and breast cancer: a national study

Lipnick, R.J.; Buring, J.E.; Hennekens, C.H.; Rosner, B.; Willett, W.; Bain, C.; Stampfer, M.J.; Colditz, G.A.; Peto, R.; Speizer, F.E., 1986:
Oral contraceptives and breast cancer. A prospective cohort study

Vessey, M.; Baron, J.; Doll, R.; McPherson, K.; Yeates, D., 1983:
Oral contraceptives and breast cancer: final report of an epidemiological study

Kelsey, J.L.; Holford, T.R.; White, C.; Mayer, E.S.; Kilty, S.E.; Acheson, R.M., 1978:
Oral contraceptives and breast disease. An epidemiological study

Lees, A.; Burns, P.E.; Grace, M., 1978:
Oral contraceptives and breast disease in pre menopausal northern albertan canada women

Helling T.S.; Wood W.G., 1982:
Oral contraceptives and cancer of the liver a review with 2 additional cases

Irwin, K.L.; Rosero-Bixby, L.; Oberle, M.W.; Lee, N.C.; Whatley, A.S.; Fortney, J.A.; Bonhomme, M.G., 1988:
Oral contraceptives and cervical cancer risk in Costa Rica. Detection bias or causal association?

Boyce, J.G.; Lu, T.; Nelson, J.H.; Fruchter, R.G., 1977:
Oral contraceptives and cervical carcinoma

Molina, R.; Thomas, D.B.; Dabancens, A.; Lopez, J.; Ray, R.M.; Martinez, L.; Salas, O., 1988:
Oral contraceptives and cervical carcinoma in situ in Chile

Franceschi, S.; L.V.cchia, C.; Talamini, R., 1986:
Oral contraceptives and cervical neoplasia: pooled information from retrospective and prospective epidemiologic studies

Hjelt K.; Brynskov J.; Hippe E.; Lundstrom P.; Munck O., 1985:
Oral contraceptives and cobalamin vitamin b 12 metabolism

Mostardi, R.A.; Woebkenberg, N.R.; Jarrett, M.T., 1980:
Oral contraceptives and exercise

Huisveld, I.A.; Hospers, A.J.; Bernink, M.J.; Biersteker, M.W.; Erich, W.B.; Bouma, B.N., 1982:
Oral contraceptives and fibrinolysis among female cyclists before and after exercise

Balazs, M.; Gergely, R.; Kostic, S., 1978:
Oral contraceptives and focal nodular hyperplasia of the liver 2 case reports with electron microscopic studies

Boerger, L.M.; Morris, P.C.; Thurnau, G.R.; Esmon, C.T.; Comp, P.C., 1987:
Oral contraceptives and gender affect protein S status

Kent, D.R.; Nissen, E.; Goldstein, A.I., 1981:
Oral contraceptives and hepatic vein thrombosis

Morrison, A.S.; Jick, H.; Ory, H.W., 1977:
Oral contraceptives and hepatitis. A report from the Boston Collaborative Drug Surveillance Program, Boston University Medical Center

Neuberger, J.; Forman, D.; Doll, R.; Williams, R., 1986:
Oral contraceptives and hepatocellular carcinoma

Premuzic Lamqic M.; Sever Prebiljc M.; Matana A.; Radovic M., 1979:
Oral contraceptives and lesions of the breast

Beskid, M.; Ruźyllo, E., 1977:
Oral contraceptives and liver damage under experimental conditions

Jick, H.; Porter, J.; Rothman, K.J., 1978:
Oral contraceptives and nonfatal stroke in healthy young women

Porter, J.B.; Hunter, J.R.; Jick, H.; Stergachis, A., 1985:
Oral contraceptives and nonfatal vascular disease

Porter J.B.; Hunter J.R.; Danielson D.A.; Jick H.; Stergachis A., 1982:
Oral contraceptives and nonfatal vascular disease recent experience

Rubin, G.L.; Ory, H.W.; Layde, P.M., 1982:
Oral contraceptives and pelvic inflammatory disease

Shevde, N.; Sussman, I.I.; Rosner, F.; Pacholuk, V., 1978:
Oral contraceptives and platelet aggregation

Kjeldaas L.; Jacobsen C.D.; Laake K.; Borchgrevink C.F., 1988:
Oral contraceptives and prodromal symptoms of fatal pulmonary embolism in young women

Ory, H.; Cole, P.; MacMahon, B.; Hoover, R., 1976:
Oral contraceptives and reduced risk of benign breast diseases

Leenen, F.H.; Boer, P.; Dorhaut Mees, E.J., 1980:
Oral contraceptives and responsiveness of plasma renin activity and blood pressure in normotensive women

Masurkar, K.G.; Joshi, U.M., 1980:
Oral contraceptives and sex hormone binding globulin capacity

Chang K.K.; Chow L.P.; Rider R.V., 1986:
Oral contraceptives and stroke a preliminary report on an epidemiologic study in taiwan

Wiseman, R.A.; MacRae, K.D., 1981:
Oral contraceptives and the decline in mortality from circulatory disease

Farag, A.M.; Bottoms, S.F.; Mammen, E.F.; Hosni, M.A.; Ali, A.A.; Moghissi, K.S., 1988:
Oral contraceptives and the hemostatic system

Kansky, A.; Gregorc, J.; Pavlic, M., 1978:
Oral contraceptives and their influence on porphyrin concentrations in erythrocytes and urine

Perrone G.; Calzolari E.; Mancone M.; Masci A.; Steffe M.; Tesseri E., 1987:
Oral contraceptives and their minor side effects comparison between three low dose estroprogestinic associations

Bottiger L.E.; Boman G.; Eklund G.; Westerholm B., 1980:
Oral contraceptives and thrombo embolic disease effects of lowering estrogen content

Lejeune, J.; Prieur, M., 1979:
Oral contraceptives and trisomy 21. A retrospective study of 730 cases

Nischan P.; Ebeling K., 1985:
Oral contraceptives containing chlormadinone acetate and cancer incidence at selected sites in east germany a correlation analysis

Kulkarni, H.J.; Gaitonde, B.B.; Bandisode, M.S., 1980:
Oral contraceptives: effects on carbohydrate metabolism, insulin like activity and histology of the pancreas

Piper J.M.; Kennedy D.L., 1987 :
Oral contraceptives in the usa trends in content and potency

Ciavatti, M.; Dumont, E.; Benoit, C.; Renaud, S., 1980:
Oral contraceptives, lanosterol, and platelet hyperactivity in rat

Beaucaire, G.; Mouton, Y.; Brion, M.; M'Belepe, R.; Fourrier, A., 1980:
Oral contraceptives :misunderstood etiology of erythema nodosum

Nonavinakere V.K.; Man Y.M.; Lei K.Y., 1981:
Oral contraceptives norethindrone and mestranol effect on serum vitamin a retinol binding protein and prealbumin levels in women

Young L.C.; Lei K.Y., 1985:
Oral contraceptives norethindrone and mestranol effects on oxidation excretion and tissue distribution of l carbon 14 uniformly labeled ascorbic acid in guinea pigs

Lei, K.Y.; Prasad, A.S.; Bowersox, E.; Oberleas, D., 1976:
Oral contraceptives, norethindrone and mestranol: effects on tissue levels of minerals

Scragg R.K.R.; Mcmichael A.J.; Seamark R.F., 1984:
Oral contraceptives pregnancy and endogenous estrogen in gall stone disease a case control study

Lough, J.; Kinch, R.; Spellman, S.; Shaffer, E., 1978:
Oral contraceptives, smoking and nodular hyperplasia of the liver

Petitti, D.B.; Wingerd, J.; Pellegrin, F.; Ramcharan, S., 1978:
Oral contraceptives smoking and other factors in relation of risk of venous thrombo embolic disease

Griswold, W.; McNeal, R.; O'Connor, D.; Reznik, V.; Mendoza, S., 1982:
Oral converting enzyme inhibitor in malignant hypertension

Gerrard, J.W., 1979:
Oral cromoglycate: its value in the treatment of adverse reactions to foods

Canonica, G.W.; Ciprandi, G.; Bagnasco, M.; Scordamaglia, A., 1986:
Oral cromolyn in food allergy: in vivo and in vitro effects

Jones, E.A., 1985:
Oral cromolyn sodium in milk induced anaphylaxis

Nizami, R.M.; Lewin, P.K.; Baboo, M.T., 1977:
Oral cromolyn therapy in patients with food allergy: a preliminary report

Murakami Y.; Mizushima N.; Oshio Y.; Uchida M.; Katano A.; Yamada Y., 1981:
Oral cyst containing intestinal and pancreatic tissue an unusual embryological heterotopia or choristoma

Lustmann, J.; Copelyn, M., 1981:
Oral cysticercosis. Review of the literature and report of 2 cases

Sawyer D.R.; Nwoku A.L.; Druyan M.E., 1987:
Oral cytologic characteristics as related to nutritional status

Zellner P.; Klinger G., 1982:
Oral cytological studies on the effect of contraceptive compound preparations as compared to menstruation and pregnancy

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Oral intubation of dogs with combinations of fertilizer, herbicide, and insecticide chemicals commonly used on lawns

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Oral lichenoid reactions related to composite restorations. Preliminary report

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Oral manifestations in chronic graft versus host disease

Swart J.G.N.; Lekkas C.; Allard R.H.B., 1985:
Oral manifestations in cowdens syndrome report of 4 cases

Hou, G.L.; Tsai, C.C., 1988:
Oral manifestations of agranulocytosis associated with methimazole therapy

Carl, W.; Higby, D.J., 1985:
Oral manifestations of bone marrow transplantation

Bevenius J.; Hedstrom Persson B M., 1987:
Oral manifestations of bulimia nervosa in an adult female diabetic

Schubert, M.M.; Sullivan, K.M.; Morton, T.H.; Izutsu, K.T.; Peterson, D.E.; Flournoy, N.; Truelove, E.L.; Sale, G.E.; Buckner, D.; Et-Al, 1984:
Oral manifestations of chronic graft vs. host disease

Leggott P.J.; Roberston P.B.; Greenspan D.; Wara D.W.; Greenpan J.S., 1987:
Oral manifestations of primary and acquired immunodeficiency disease in children

Driban, N.E.; Alvarez, M.A., 1984:
Oral manifestations of Sweet's syndrome

Ham R.E.; Holbrook A., 1986:
Oral manual motor reaction times and delayed auditory feedback disturbances among normally speaking females

Audesirk T.E., 1979:
Oral mechano receptors in tritonia diomedea part 1 electro physiological properties and location of receptive fields

Audesirk T.E.; Audesirk G.J., 1979:
Oral mechano receptors in tritonia diomedea part 2 role in feeding

Garma-Aviña, A., 1981:
Oral melanoma in a captive wallaby, Wallabia rufogrisea

Alberts, D.S.; Chang, S.Y.; Chen, H.S.; Evans, T.L.; Moon, T.E., 1979:
Oral melphalan kinetics

Martin P.L.; Burnier A.M.; Greaney M.O., 1987:
Oral menopausal therapy using micronized 17 beta estradiol

Chessells J.M.; Leiper A.D.; Tiedemann K.; Hardisty R.M.; Richards S., 1987:
Oral methotrexate is as effective as intramuscular in maintenance therapy of acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Levine M.J.; Parrish J.A.; Fitzpatrick T.B., 1981:
Oral methoxsalen photo chemo therapy psoralen plus uv a of dys hidrotic eczema

Wein, A.J.; Benson, G.S.; Raezer, D.M.; Mulholland, S.G., 1976:
Oral methylene blue and the dissolution of renal calculi

Grunberg, S.M.; Ehler, E.; McDermed, J.E.; Akerley, W.L., 1988:
Oral metoclopramide with or without diphenhydramine: potential for prevention of late nausea and vomiting induced by cisplatin

Chamberlain D.A.; Jewitt D.E.; Julian D.G.; Campbell R.W.F.; Boyle D.M.; Shanks R.G., 1980:
Oral mexiletine in high risk patients after myo cardial infarction

Peter M., 1981:
Oral micro biocenosis aspects of nomenclature and taxonomy

Ota, F.; Fukui, K.; Saito, R.; Akiyama, Y.; Satomi, Y.; Yasuoka, M., 1981:
Oral microorganisms 6. morphological studies on oral streptococci by scanning electron microscopy

Foissner W.; Foissner I., 1985:
Oral monokinetids in the free living haptorid ciliate enchelydium polynucleatum ciliophora enchelyidae ultrastructural evidence and phylogenetic implications

O'Hara, M.; McGrath, P.J.; D'Astous, J.; Vair, C.A., 1987:
Oral morphine versus injected meperidine (Demerol) for pain relief in children after orthopedic surgery

Jones, W.R., 1976:
Oral morphogenesis during asexual reproduction in Paramecium tetraurelia

Wassersug, R.J., 1976:
Oral morphology of anuran larvae terminology and general description

Brimley, C.C.; Mogenson, G.J., 1979:
Oral motor deficits following lesions of the central nervous system in the rat

Sochaniwskyj, A.E.; Koheil, R.M.; Bablich, K.; Milner, M.; Kenny, D.J., 1986:
Oral motor functioning, frequency of swallowing and drooling in normal children and in children with cerebral palsy

Tal, H.; Dekel, A., 1986:
Oral mouthwash and erythema multiforme

Fleisch L.; Cleaton Jones P.; Austin J.C., 1980:
Oral mucosa of the vervet monkey cercopithecus aethiops

Shklar, G., 1982:
Oral mucosal carcinogenesis in hamsters: inhibition by vitamin E

Walsh, L.J.; Seymour, G.J.; Savage, N.W., 1986:
Oral mucosal Langerhans cells express DR and DQ antigens

Fleishman, R.; Peles, D.B.; Pisanti, S., 1985:
Oral mucosal lesions among elderly in Israel

Epstein J.B.; Gangbar S.J., 1987:
Oral mucosal lesions in patients undergoing treatment for leukemia

Wahlin, Y.B.; Matsson, L., 1988:
Oral mucosal lesions in patients with acute leukemia and related disorders during cytotoxic therapy

Mcgavin C.R.; Macfarlane J.T.; Prescott R.J.; Elmes P.; Ferguson A.; Nariaman S.; Stableforth D., 1985:
Oral n acetylcysteine and exacerbation rates in patients with chronic bronchitis and severe airway obstruction

Baronti A.; Grieco A.; Vibelli C., 1980:
Oral nab 365 clenbuterol and terbutaline in chronic obstructive lung disease a double blind 2 week study

Basilisco G.; Camboni G.; Bozzani A.; Paravicini M.; Bianchi P.A., 1987:
Oral naloxone antagonizes loperamide induced delay or orocecal transit

Sunshine, A.; Laska, E.; Slafta, J., 1978:
Oral nefopam and aspirin

Tanaka T.; Tanaka T.; Makita I.; Takei M., 1980:
Oral neisseria of human and rodents

Suh, B.; Stephens, J.L.; Kunin, C.M., 1979:
Oral neomycin dosage schedules for suppression of ammonia production by bowel flora

Hojnacki, J.; Mulligan, J.; Cluette-Brown, J.; Igoe, F.; Osmolski, T., 1986:
Oral nicotine impairs clearance of plasma low density lipoproteins

Cluette-Brown, J.; Mulligan, J.; Doyle, K.; Hagan, S.; Osmolski, T.; Hojnacki, J., 1986:
Oral nicotine induces an atherogenic lipoprotein profile

Sturani C.; Bassein L.; Schiavina M.; Gunella G., 1983:
Oral nifedipine in chronic cor pulmonale secondary to severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease short term and long term hemodynamic effects

Alexander, T.; Jose, J.; Mathai, D.; Dennison, D.; Pulimond, B.M., 1985:
Oral nifedipine in hypertensive emergencies

Richter, J.E.; Dalton, C.B.; Bradley, L.A.; Castell, D.O., 1987:
Oral nifedipine in the treatment of noncardiac chest pain in patients with the nutcracker esophagus

Pickard J.D.; Walker V.; Vile J.; Perry S.; Smythe P.J.; Hunt R., 1987:
Oral nimodipine reduces prostaglandin and thromboxane production by arteries chronically exposed to a periarterial hematoma and the antifibrinolytic agent tranexamic acid

Meistrup Larsen I K.; Mygind N.; Thomsen J.; Sorensen H.; Vesterhauge S., 1980:
Oral norephedrine therapy in acute otitis media a double blind placebo controlled clinical trial

Karp J.E.; Merz W.G.; Hendricksen C.; Laughon B.; Redden T.; Bamberger B.; Bartlett J.G.; Saral R.; Burke P.J., 1987:
Oral norfloxacin for prevention of gram negative bacterial infections in patients with leukemia and granulocytopenia a randomized double blind placebo controlled trial

Cazzola G.; Barlocco E.G.; Borgo G.; Braggion C.; Canciani M.; Pederzini F.; Mastella G.; Scheda P., 1987:
Oral ofloxacin treatment of pseudomonas infection of the lung in cystic fibrosis

Dominguez J.A.; Lopez Corella E.; Auro A., 1981:
Oral papillomatosis in 2 laboratory rabbits oryctolagus cuniculus in mexico

Sundberg, J.P.; Junge, R.E.; el Shazly, M.O., 1985:
Oral papillomatosis in New Zealand white rabbits

Prociv, P.; Brindley, P.J., 1986:
Oral, parenteral and paratenic infections of mice with Toxocara pteropodis

Jackson S.; Mestecky J., 1981:
Oral parenteral immunization leads to the appearance of immuno globulin g auto anti idiotypic cells in mucosal tissues

Pap I., 1986:
Oral pathology and social stratification in the hungarian middle ages

Barrett, A.P.; Bilous, A.M., 1984:
Oral patterns of acute and chronic graft vs. host disease

Sallee F.; Stiller R.; Perel J.; Bates T., 1985:
Oral pemolin kinetics in hyperactive children

Meurer, M.; Millns, J.L.; Rogers, R.S.Iii ; Jordon, R.E., 1977:
Oral pemphigus vulgaris a report of 10 cases

Laskaris G., 1981:
Oral pemphigus vulgaris an immuno fluorescent study of 58 cases

Buchanan G.R.; Siegel J.D.; Smith S.J.; Depasse B.M., 1982:
Oral penicillin prophylaxis in children with impaired splenic function a study of compliance

Dahan J., 1985:
Oral perception and motor activity

Chaleil D.; Mauras Y.; Allain P., 1986:
Oral pharmacokinetics of an enteric coated sodium fluoride preparation

Carroll M.E.; Meisch R.A., 1980:
Oral phencyclidine self administration in rhesus monkeys macaca mulatta effects of feeding conditions

Janecek, E.; Kapur, B.M.; Devenyi, P., 1987:
Oral phenobarbital loading: a safe method of barbiturate and nonbarbiturate hypnosedative withdrawal

Kuiters, G.R.R.; Hup, J.M.; Siddiqui, A.H.; Cormane, R.H., 1986:
Oral phenylalanine loading and sunlight as source of uv a irradiation in vitiligo on the caribbean island of curacao netherlands antilles

Allegro L.; Favaretto V.; Ziliotto G., 1987:
Oral phosphatidylserine in elderly patients with cognitive deterioration an open study

Ortonne J.P.; Schmitt D.; Alario A.; Thivolet J., 1979:
Oral photo chemo therapy in lichen planus and mycosis fungoides ultrastructural modifications of the infiltrating cells

Sannwald C.; Ortonne J.P.; Thivolet J., 1979:
Oral photo chemo therapy in the treatment of atopic eczema

Sbano E.; Andreassi L.; Fimiani M.; Valentino A.; Biagioli M.; Baiocchi R., 1981:
Oral photo chemo therapy in the treatment of lichen planus

Ortonne, J.P.; Thivolet, J.; Sannwald, C., 1978:
Oral photo chemo therapy in the treatment of lichen planus clinical results histological and ultrastructural observations

Thivolet J.; Ortonne J.P.; Gianadda B.; Gianadda E., 1981:
Oral photo chemo therapy in the treatment of parapsoriasis guttata

Ortonne, J.P.; Coussa, M.S.; Thivolet, J., 1977:
Oral photo chemo therapy of psoriasis clinical findings in 100 patients

Hunziker T.; Knecht Y.; Krebs A., 1982 :
Oral photo chemo therapy psoralen uv a for actinic reticuloid

Thal, L.J.; Fuld, P.A.; Masur, D.M.; Sharpless, N.S.; Davies, P., 1983:
Oral physostigmine and lecithin improve memory in Alzheimer's disease

Mohs, R.C.; Davis, B.M.; Johns, C.A.; Mathé, A.A.; Greenwald, B.S.; Horvath, T.B.; Davis, K.L., 1985:
Oral physostigmine treatment of patients with Alzheimer's disease

Lonnerholm G.; Bengtsson S.; Ewald U., 1982:
Oral pivampicillin and amoxicillin in new born infants

Idris, M.Z.; Mathur, A.; Sharma, P.; Chaturvedi, U.C.; Sharma, N.L., 1980:
Oral polio vaccination and factors affecting its efficacy

Bass, J.W.; Halstead, S.B.; Fischer, G.W.; Podgore, J.K.; Wiebe, R.A., 1978:
Oral polio vaccine effect of booster vaccination 1 to 14 years after primary series

Heymann, D.L.; Murphy, K.; Brigaud, M.; Aymard, M.; Tembon, A.; Maben, G.K., 1987:
Oral poliovirus vaccine in tropical Africa: greater impact on incidence of paralytic disease than expected from coverage surveys and seroconversion rates

Olivesi A., 1985:
Oral prednisolone 21 phosphate is absorbed at the same rate and to the same extent as oral prednisolone in normal adults

Ori C.; Manani G.; Paccagnella F.; D.Z.tti M.A.; Innocente F.; Farnia A.; Cirillo F.M.; Bonaccorso G.; Camporese C., 1986:
Oral premedication diazepam and droperidol and chloral hydrate hypnosis

Pouttu J.; Scheinin B.; Rosenberg P.H.; Viinamaki O.; Scheinin M., 1987:
Oral premedication with clonidine effects on stress responses during general anesthesia

Lanz E.; Schaefer M.; Bruenisholz V., 1987:
Oral premedication with midazolam for local anesthesia

Eisenbud, L.; Mir, R.; Sciubba, J.; Sachs, S.A., 1985:
Oral presentation in non hodgkins lymphoma a review of 31 cases 3. 6 cases in children

Van Der Glass H.W.; A.; Van Steenberghe D., 1985:
Oral pressure receptors mediate a series of inhibitory and excitatory periods in the masseteric poststimulus electromyogram complex following tapping of a tooth in man

Ottosson U B., 1984:
Oral progesterone and estrogen progestogen therapy effects of natural and synthetic hormones on subfractions of high density lipoprotein cholesterol and liver proteins

Morrison, D.A.; Goldman, A.L., 1986:
Oral progesterone treatment in chronic obstructive lung disease: failure of voluntary hyperventilation to predict response

Chaudhry N.C.; Rai D., 1984:
Oral prolonged release preparation on belladonna alkaloids with cation exchange resin

Schamroth, L.; Myburgh, D.P.; Schamroth, C.L.; Scholtz, M.E.; Pincus, D.R.; Kawalsky, D.L., 1985:
Oral propafenone in the suppression of chronic stable ventricular arrhythmias

Yagasaki, O.; Suzuki, H.; Yanagiya, I., 1979:
Oral propagation of the circular muscle contraction induced by local distension of the isolated guinea pig ileum

Takeuchi, A.; Hashimoto, T., 1987:
Oral prostaglandin e 1 as a therapeutic modality for leg ulcers in behcet's disease

Befrits R.; Johansson C., 1985:
Oral prostaglandin e 2 inhibits gastric acid secretion in man

Klimek R., 1981:
Oral prostaglandin test of the uterine readiness for labor

Gannon, M.C.; Nuttall, F.Q., 1987:
Oral protein hydrolysate causes liver glycogen depletion in fasted rats pretreated with glucose

Brooks B.; Schuster F.L., 1984:
Oral protozoa isolation and ultrastructure and trichomonas tenax from clinical practice

Zechner, O.; Pflüger, H., 1980:
Oral purine loading for evaluation of uric acid excretion in patients with urinary calculi

Mussalli, N.G.; Hopps, R.M.; Johnson, N.W., 1976:
Oral pyogenic granuloma as a complication of pregnancy and the use of hormonal contraceptives

Winkler, W.G.; Shaddock, J.H.; Williams, L.W., 1976:
Oral rabies vaccine evaluation of its infectivity in 3 species of rodents

Alexandridis C.; Papagiannouli E.; Stefanou E., 1981:
Oral radiography in children

Jones, B.E., 1976:
Oral radiological evaluation of the biliary tract

Nalin D.R.; Levine M.M.; Mata L.; D.C.spedes C.; Vargas W.; Lizano C.; Loria A.R.; Simhon A.; Mohs E., 1979:
Oral re hydration and maintenance of children with rotavirus and bacterial diarrheas

Kasemsarn P.; Varavithya W., 1981:
Oral re hydration in diarrheal disease in infant and children

Kasemsarn P.; Varavithya W., 1980:
Oral re hydration in diarrheal infants and children

Pizarro D.; Posada G.; Villavicencio N.; Mohs E.; Levine M.M., 1983:
Oral re hydration in hyper natremic and hypo natremic diarrheal dehydration treatment with oral glucose electrolyte solution

Chatterjee, A.; Mahalanabis, D.; Jalan, K.N.; Maitra, T.K.; Agarwal, S.K.; Dutta, B.; Khatua, S.P.; Bagghi, D.K., 1978:
Oral re hydration in infantile diarrhea controlled trial of a low sodium glucose electrolyte solution

Pizarro D.; Mata L.; Posada G.; Nalin D.; Mohs E., 1979:
Oral re hydration of neo nates with dehydrating diarrheas

Taylor P.R.; Merson M.H.; Black R.E.; Rahman A.S.M.M.; Yunus M.D.; Alim A.R.M.A.; Yolken R.H., 1980:
Oral re hydration therapy for treatment of rotavirus diarrhea in a rural treatment center in bangladesh

Santosham M.; Daum R.S.; Dillman L.; Rodriguez J.L.; Luque S.; Russell R.; Kourany M.; Ryder R.W.; Bartlett A.V.; E.A., 1982:
Oral re hydration therapy of infantile diarrhea a controlled study of well nourished children hospitalized in the usa and panama

Olivos Fernandez V.; Mondragon Orihuela R., 1984:
Oral rehydration analysis of 100 cases

Taylor, C.E.; Yu, X.Z., 1986:
Oral rehydration in China

Rosegger H.; Sixl W., 1985 :
Oral rehydration in infants and young children with diarrhea a modified technique for preparation and application of fluids applied in a rural area of the upper nile region sudan

Bhargava, S.K.; Sachdev, H.P.; Das Gupta, B.; Daral, T.S.; Singh, H.P.; Mohan, M., 1984:
Oral rehydration of neonates and young infants with dehydrating diarrhea: comparison of low and standard sodium content in oral rehydration solutions

Isolauri, E.; Vesikari, T., 1985:
Oral rehydration, rapid feeding, and cholestyramine for treatment of acute diarrhea

Finau S.A.; Latu R., 1987:
Oral rehydration salts and diarrheal diseases effects of changing inpatient management in tonga

Frankel S.J.; Lehmann D., 1984:
Oral rehydration therapy combining anthropological and epidemiological approaches in the evaluation of a papua new guinea program

David C.B.; Pyles L.L.; Pizzuti A.M., 1987:
Oral rehydration therapy comparison of the commercial product with the standard solution

Sokucu S.; Marin L.; Gunoz H.; Aperia A.; Neyzi O.; Zetterstrom R., 1985:
Oral rehydration therapy in infectious diarrhea comparison of rehydration solutions with 60 and 90 millimoles sodium per liter

Chekalina K.I.; Golokhvastova E.L.; Brodov L.E., 1986:
Oral rehydration therapy of patients with alimentary intoxication

Dahlgren E.; Crona N.; Janson P.O.; Samsioe G., 1985:
Oral replacement with estradiol cyclooctyl acetate a new estradiol analog effects on serum lipids proteins gonadotropins estrogens and uterine endometrial morphology

Orfanos C.E.; Steigleder G.K.; Pullmann H.; Bloch P.H., 1979 :
Oral retinoid and selective uv photo therapy a new alternative treatment for psoriasis on an out patient basis

Pettit J.H.S., 1979:
Oral retinoid for psoriasis a double blind study

Torok L.; Raffai S.; Kasa M., 1987:
Oral retinoid treatment in some selected dermatoses with defective keratinization

Molin L.; Thomsen K.; Volden G.; Aronsson A.; Hammar H.; Hellbe L.; Wantzin G.L.; Roupe G., 1987:
Oral retinoids in mycosis fungoides and sezary syndrome a comparison of isotretinoin and etretinate a study from the scandinavian mycosis fungoides group

Stein, D.S.; Creticos, C.M.; Jackson, G.G.; Bernstein, J.M.; Hayden, F.G.; Schiff, G.M.; Bernstein, D.I., 1987:
Oral ribavirin treatment of influenza A and B

Levy, D.L.; Warsof, S.L., 1985:
Oral ritodrine and preterm premature rupture of membranes

Vesikari T.; Ruuska T.; Delem A.; Andre F.E., 1986:
Oral rotavirus vaccination in breast fed and bottle fed infants aged 6 to 12 months

Vázquez, C.; Román, L.; Azcarate, M.J.; Rodriguez Soriano, J., 1987:
Oral salbutamol vs fenoterol in childhood asthma

Truscott, R.B., 1981:
Oral salmonella antigens for the control of salmonella in chickens

Sadoff, J.C.; Ballou, W.R.; Baron, L.S.; Majarian, W.R.; Brey, R.N.; Hockmeyer, W.T.; Young, J.F.; Cryz, S.J.; Ou, J.; Lowell, G.H., 1988:
Oral Salmonella typhimurium vaccine expressing circumsporozoite protein protects against malaria

Murray F.E.; O'boyle C.A.; Lombard M.; Lennon J.R.; Kinsella A.; Crowe J.P., 1988:
Oral sedation for gastrointestinal endoscopy a double blind comparison of midazolam diazepam and placebo as premedications for upper endoscopy

Ator N.A.; Griffiths R.R., 1983:
Oral self administration of methohexital in baboons papio anubis

Carroll M.E., 1982:
Oral self administration of phencyclidine analogs by rhesus monkeys macaca mulatta conditioned taste and visual reinforcers

Siar C.H.; N.K.H.; Devadas V.; Patricia M., 1986:
Oral soft tissue myxoma report of case

Ylipaavalniemi, P.; Happonen, R.P.; Hietanen, J.; Söderlund, K.; Calonius, B., 1987:
Oral soft tissue pathology. An analysis of 6101 intraoral biopsies

Gallagher G.T.; Lichtenstein J.L., 1987:
Oral squamous carcinoma presenting in a mucocele

Mörmann, J.E.; Mühlemann, H.R., 1981:
Oral starch degradation and its influence on acid production in human dental plaque

Eeg-Olofsson, O.; Lundström, A.; Hamp, S.E., 1983:
Oral state of children with epilepsy on treatment with sodium valproate

Yahata S.; Sato M.; Sasaki M., 1981:
Oral state of inhabitants in western areas of iriomote island okinawa prefecture japan

Floystrand F.; Ambjornsen E.; Valderhaug J.; Norheim P.W., 1982:
Oral status and acceptance of dental services among some elderly persons in oslo norway

Wahlers T.; Frimpong K.; Schaefers H J.; Fieguth H.J.; Jurmann M.; Herrmann G.; Kemnitz J.; Haverich A., 1987:
Oral steroids in the treatment of rejection after heart transplantation

Kharole, M.U.; Chauhan, H.V.S.; Dixit, S.N.; Kaul, P.L., 1975:
Oral streptothricosis in cow calves and a buffalo calf

Dworkin, J.P.; Culatta, R.A., 1985:
Oral structural and neuromuscular characteristics in children with normal and disordered articulation

Wassersug R.J.; Duellman W., 1984:
Oral structures and their development in egg brooding hylid frog embryos and larvae evolutionary and ecological implications

Vilmer C.; Civatte J., 1986:
Oral submucous fibrosis report of a case and review of literature

Gregersen G.; Bertelsen B.; Harbo H.; Larsen E.; Andersen J.R.; Heeles A.; Schmiegelow M.; Christensen J.E.J., 1983:
Oral supplementation of myo inositol effects on peripheral nerve function in human diabetics and the concentration in plasma erythrocytes urine and muscle tissue in human diabetics and normals

Ogiuchi H.; Ando T.; Tanaka M.; Aoki M.; Takeuchi T.; Furukawa S.; Sangu K.; Kuwasawa T.; Sangu Y.; E.A., 1985:
Oral surgical procedures for patient with prosthetic valve

Price, J.D.; Fluker, J.L.; Giles, A.J.H., 1977:
Oral talampicillin in the treatment of gonorrhea

Salonen M.; Kanto J.; Hovi Viander M.; Irjala K.; Viinamaki O., 1986:
Oral tempazepam as a premedicant in elderly general surgical patients

Daggett, P.R.; Wheeler, M.J.; Nabarro, J.D., 1978:
Oral testosterone, a reappraisal

Gluud, C.; Bahnsen, M.; Bennett, P.; Dietrichson, O.; Henriksen, J.H.; Johnsen, S.G.; Svendsen, L.B.; Brodthagen, U.A.; Juhl, E., 1983:
Oral testosterone load related to liver function in men with alcoholic liver cirrhosis

Angelini G.; Meneghini C.L., 1981:
Oral tests in contact allergy to p amino compounds

Georgitis, J.W.; Eigen, H.; Warner, R.; Gonzales, M.A., 1982:
Oral theophylline disposition in cystic fibrosis

Al-Damluji, S.; Nathan, A.W.; Johnston, A.; Banim, S.O.; Spurrell, R.A.; Camm, A.J., 1982:
Oral theophylline in chronic heart failure

Kaik G.; Bauer K., 1987:
Oral theophylline therapy with regard to circadian dosing food intake and smoking habits

Sack, D.A.; Islam, S.; Brown, K.H.; Islam, A.; Kabir, A.K.; Chowdhury, A.M.; Ali, M.A., 1980:
Oral therapy in children with cholera: a comparison of sucrose and glucose electrolyte solutions

Bhargava S.K.; Sachdev H.P.S.; Das Gupta B.; Mohan M.; Singh H.P.; Daral T.S., 1986:
Oral therapy of neonates and young infants with who rehydration packets a controlled trial of two sets of instructions

Gould, L.A.; Reddy, C.V., 1979:
Oral therapy with phentolamine in chronic congestive heart failure

Sawin, C.T.; Surks, M.I.; London, M.; Ranganathan, C.; Larsen, P.R., 1984:
Oral thyroxine: variation in biologic action and tablet content

Mclaran, C.J.; Hossack, K.F.; Neilson, G.H.; Siskind, V., 1984:
Oral tocainide vs. disopyramide a double blind randomized crossover study of out patients with stable ventricular premature beats

Russell, G.; Costalos, C., 1980:
Oral tolerance of Caloreen in babies

Bruce, M.G.; Ferguson, A., 1986:
Oral tolerance to ovalbumin in mice: studies of chemically modified and 'biologically filtered' antigen

Rochat P., 1983:
Oral touch in young infants response to variations of nipple characteristics in the 1st months of life

Ohishi, I.; Sugii, S.; Sakaguchi, G., 1977:
Oral toxicities of Clostridium botulinum toxins in response to molecular size

Ohishi, I., 1984:
Oral toxicities of Clostridium botulinum type A and B toxins from different strains

Ohishi I.; Sakaguchi G., 1980:
Oral toxicities of clostridium botulinum type c and type d toxins of different molecular sizes

Smyth, H.F.J. ; Weil, C.S.; King, J.M.; Knaak, J.B.; Sullivan, L.J.; Carpenter, C.P., 1970:
Oral toxicity and excretion of 4 commercial poly oxy alkylene glycol compounds

Falconer, I.R.; Smith, J.V.; Jackson, A.R.; Jones, A.; Runnegar, M.T., 1988:
Oral toxicity of a bloom of the Cyanobacterium microcystis Aeruginosa administered to mice over periods up to 1 year

Llobet J.M.; Domingo J.L., 1985:
Oral toxicity of aluminum in rats during an extended period

Bruckner, J.V.; MacKenzie, W.F.; Muralidhara, S.; Luthra, R.; Kyle, G.M.; Acosta, D., 1986:
Oral toxicity of carbon tetrachloride: acute, subacute, and subchronic studies in rats

Hara, T.; Tsukamoto, I.; Miyoshi, M., 1983:
Oral toxicity of Kintoki bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) lectin

Hendrixson, R.R.; Mack, M.P.; Palmer, R.A.; Ottolenghi, A.; Ghirardelli, R.G., 1978:
Oral toxicity of the cyclic poly ethers 12 crown 4 15 crown 5 and 18 crown 6 in mice/

Grolleau, G., 1976:
Oral toxicity of various nitro phenols used as herbicides in guinea pig

Nagata T.; Nagata T.; Hamabata M.; Sato M.; Murakami U.; Enomoto M.; Tamura J., 1983:
Oral toxicity studies of ranitidine hydro chloride in beagles

White, A.; O'Reilly, B.F., 1988:
Oral tranexamic acid in the management of epistaxis

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