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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6043

Chapter 6043 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Donaldson, R.P.; Beevers, H., 1978:
Organelle membranes from germinating castor bean endosperm part 1 a comparison of purified endoplasmic reticulum glyoxysomes and mitochondria

Donaldson, R.P.; Tully, R.E.; Young, O.A.; Beevers, H., 1981:
Organelle membranes from germinating castor bean ricinus communis endosperm 2. enzymes cytochromes and permeability of the glyoxysome membrane

Gotoh, H.; Takenaka, T.; Horie, H.; Hiramoto, Y., 1985:
Organelle motility in rat pituitary clonal cells. I. Dynamic movements of intracellular organelles

Seymour, C.A.; Peters, T.J., 1978:
Organelle pathology in primary and secondary hemo chromatosis with special reference to lysosomal changes

O'Morain, C.; Smethurst, P.; Levi, A.J.; Peters, T.J., 1984:
Organelle pathology in ulcerative and Crohn's colitis with special reference to the lysosomal alterations

Niklas K.J., 1983:
Organelle preservation and protoplast partitioning in fossil angiosperm leaf tissues

Lee S L.J.; Warmke H.E., 1979:
Organelle size and number in fertile and t cytoplasmic male sterile corn

Kagawa T.; Gonzalez E., 1981:
Organelle specific isozymes of citrate synthase in the endosperm of developing ricinus communis cultivar hale seedlings

Vaughn, K.C., 1981:
Organelle transmission in higher plants organelle alteration vs. physical exclusion

Wienecke K.; Glas R.; Robinson D.G., 1982:
Organelles involved in the synthesis and transport of hydroxy proline containing glyco proteins in carrot daucus carota cultivar marktgartner root discs

Murav'ev R.A.; Rogovin V.V.; Fomina V.V., 1986:
Organelles the regulators of neutral hydrolasosomes and peroxidasosomes

Stallcup O.T.; Barr J.T., 1983:
Organic acid additions to urea containing diets and nitrogen metabolism and energy digestibility in cattle

Hussein M.M.; Ashoub M.A.; Abdel Rasoul M., 1984:
Organic acid and amino acid concentrations in broad bean vicia faba seedlings as affected by salinity and cycocel

Tsukioka M.; Hiroi T.; Suzuki T., 1988:
Organic acid composition by mutants of monascus anka studies on alcoholic beverage production using the genus monascus part 2

Sakuma, H.; Kusama, M.; Ishiguro, S.; Shimojima, N.; Sugawara, S., 1976:
Organic acid composition of cellulose cigarette smoke condensate

Kawada K.; Kamei S.; Kitagawa H., 1984:
Organic acid composition of several fruits

Sasson, A.; Monselise, S.P., 1977:
Organic acid composition of shamouti oranges at harvest and during prolonged post harvest storage

Stumpf D.K.; Burris R.H., 1981 :
Organic acid contents of soybean glycine max cultivar hodgson age and source of nitrogen

Picha D.H., 1985:
Organic acid determination in sweet potatoes by high performance liquid chromatography

Duran, M.; Ketting, D.; Wadman, S.K.; Jakobs, C.; Schutgens, R.B.H.; Veder, H.A., 1978:
Organic acid excretion in a patient with 3 hydroxy 3 methyl glutaryl coenzyme a lyase deficiency facts and artifacts

Stovall, I.; Cole, M., 1978:
Organic Acid Metabolism by Isolated Rhizobium japonicum Bacteroids

Kim K.W.; Nagai K.; Mukaida H.; Tezuka T.; Yamamoto Y., 1988:
Organic acid metabolism in cellular organelles of vigna cylindrica mitorisasage cotyledons

Clemens E.; Phillips B., 1980:
Organic acid production and digesta movement in the gastro intestinal tract of the baboon papio cynocephalus and sykes monkey cercopithecus mitis

Rozycki H.; Strzelczyk E., 1986:
Organic acid production by streptomyces spp isolated from soil rhizosphere and mycorrhizosphere of pine pinus sylvestris l

Pacaud S.; Loubiere P.; Goma G.; Lindley N.D., 1986:
Organic acid production during methylotrophic growth of eubacterium limosum b 2 displacement towards increased butyric acid yields by supplementing with acetate

Levy P.F.; Barnard G.W.; Garcia Martinez D.V.; Sanderson J.E.; Wise D.L., 1981:
Organic acid production from carbon di oxide hydrogen and carbon mon oxide hydrogen by mixed culture anaerobes

Rosenblatt, S.G.; Patak, R.V.; Lifschitz, M.D., 1978:
Organic acid secretory pathway and urinary excretion of prostaglandin E in the dog

Hubbard A.R.; Sprandel U.; Chalmers R.A., 1980:
Organic acid transport in resealed hemo globin containing human erythrocyte ghosts

Papen H.; Werner D., 1982:
Organic acid utilization succinate excretion encystation and oscillating nitrogenase activity in azospirillum brasilense under micro aerobic conditions

Keene W.C.; Galloway J.N., 1984:
Organic acidity in precipitation of north america

Triplett E.W.; Barnett N.M.; Blevins D.G., 1980:
Organic acids and ionic balance in xylem exudate of wheat triticum aestivum cultivar arthur during nitrate or sulfate absorption

Clark, R.B., 1976:
Organic acids and mineral cations of corn plant parts with age

Wilcockson J.; Werner D., 1979:
Organic acids and prolonged nitrogenase activity by nongrowing free living rhizobium japonicum

Novikova G.M., 1988:
Organic acids as a factor of mycodestruction of archaeological ceramics

Williams, A.G., 1983:
Organic acids, biochemical oxygen demand and chemical oxygen demand in the soluble fraction of piggery slurry

Thomas, J.W., 1976:
Organic acids for haylage in snow fence silos

Lynch J.M.; Hall K.C.; Anderson H.A.; Hepburn A., 1980:
Organic acids from the anaerobic decomposition of agropyron repens rhizomes

Gabow, P.A.; Clay, K.; Sullivan, J.B.; Lepoff, R., 1986:
Organic acids in ethylene glycol intoxication

Nelidov S.N.; Chistyakova I.K.; Kalininskaya T.A., 1982:
Organic acids in flooded takyr like soil as an energy substrate for nonsymbiotic nitrogen fixers

Monselise S.P.; Galily D., 1979:
Organic acids in grapefruit citrus paradisi fruit tissues

Shaw P.E.; Wilson C.W.IIi, 1983:
Organic acids in orange grapefruit and cherry juices quantified by high performance liquid chromatography using neutral resin or propylamine columns

Chapman E.G.; Sklarew D.S.; Flickinger J.S., 1986:
Organic acids in springtime wisconsin usa precipitation samples

Shaked A.; Hasdai D., 1985:
Organic acids in the juice of developing nucellar and old line clone shamouti oranges

Kloss M.; Iwannek K H.; Fendrik I.; Niemann E G., 1984:
Organic acids in the root exudates of diplachne fusca

Conde, C.; Mazzá, M.; Almar, J.; Seijo, G.; Ballabriga, A., 1979:
Organic acids in urine from preterm infants

Ruhl, I.; Herrmann, K., 1987:
Organic acids in vegetable species v. the absence of methyl ethyl as well as glucose and fructose esters of malic acid and citric acid

Alekhina, N.D.; Bochvarov, P.Z.; Andreenko, S.S., 1975:
Organic acids of 3 wheat cultivars and carbon 14 pyruvate absorption

Deren'ko S.A.; Suprunov N.I.; Kurlyanchik I.A., 1979:
Organic acids of sorbus aucuparia fruits

Yurchenko L.A.; Vecher A.S.; Bykova L.N.; Skripnik V.A.; Golger I.S., 1981:
Organic acids of sortal apple juices and wine materials

Ruhl I.; Herrmann K., 1985:
Organic acids of vegetables 1. brassica species leaf and bulbous vegetables carrots celery

Tarrach F.; Herrmann K., 1985:
Organic acids of vegetables ii

Tarrach F.; Herrmann K., 1986:
Organic acids of vegetables iii. changes in acids and sugars during development and ripening of beans peas and broad beans

Tarrach F.; Herrmann K., 1986:
Organic acids of vegetables iv. changes in acids and sugars during development and ripening to tomatoes sweet pepper and cucumber

Hunault G., 1985:
Organic acids ph ammonium and nitrate interactions on the growth of asparagus tissues cultivated in vitro

Grancai D.; Suchy V.; Tomko I., 1981:
Organic acids present in aboveground part of veratrum album ssp lobelianum plant

Tripathi P.; Tripathi V.S., 1980:
Organic acids produced by self sustaining coacervates in the presence of p nitro aniline and p phenylenediamine

Suhayda C.G.; Haug A., 1986:
Organic acids reduce aluminum toxicity in maize zea mays root membranes

Veitch, R.K.; Sherratt, H.S.; Bartlett, K., 1987:
Organic aciduria in rats made resistant to hypoglycin toxicity by pretreatment with clofibrate

Goodman S.I., 1981:
Organic aciduria in the riboflavin deficient rat

Watts R.W.E.; Baraitser M.; Chalmers R.A.; Purkiss P., 1980:
Organic acidurias and amino acidurias in the etiology of long term mental handicap

Martino F.; D.S.lvo G.; Lapiana C.; Maurizi F.; Rossi D.; Peghini C.; Avitto P., 1986:
Organic acidurias clinical and biochemical diagnosis employing an algorithm

Juettner F.; Faul H., 1984:
Organic activators and inhibitors of algal growth in water of a eutrophic shallow lake

Mehrotra, R.S.; Tiwari, D.P., 1976:
Organic amendments and control of foot rot of Piper betle caused by Phytophthora parasitica var. piperina

Mian I.H.; Rodriguez Kabana R., 1982:
Organic amendments with high tannin and phenolic contents for control of meloidogyne arenaria in infested soil

Devinsky, F.; Lacko, I.; Nagy, A.; Krasnec, L., 1980:
Organic ammonium salts 7. preparation and ir spectra of some ammonium derivatives of 11 amino undecanoic acid

Walker M.; Tyler P.A.; Billett D.S.M., 1987:
Organic and calorific content of the body tissues of deep sea elasipodid holothurians in the northeast atlantic ocean

Chakraborty P.K.; Mandal L.N.; Majumdar A., 1988:
Organic and chemical sources of nitrogen its effect on nitrogen transformation and rice productivity under submerged conditions

Takayanagai K.; Wong G.T.F., 1983:
Organic and colloidal selenium in southern chesapeake bay usa and adjacent waters

Rader J.S.; Walser R.H.; Williams C.F.; Davis T.D., 1985:
Organic and conventional peach prunus persica production and economics

Mcclintock J.B.; Pearse J.S., 1986:
Organic and energetic content of eggs and juveniles of antarctic echinoids and asteroids with lecithotrophic development

Turner R.L.; Dearborn J.H., 1979:
Organic and inorganic composition of post metamorphic growth stages of ophionotus hexactis echinodermata ophiuroidea during intra ovarian incubation

Liacos L.G.; Papanastasis V.P., 1986:
Organic and inorganic fertilization compared in a natural mediterranean grassland

Koller O.C.; Boeira R.C., 1986:
Organic and inorganic fertilization in citrus seedbeds

D.J.nghe, W.R.; Adams, F.C., 1980:
Organic and inorganic lead concentrations in environmental air in Antwerp, Belgium

Welsh F.W.; Williams R.E.; Veliky I.A., 1987:
Organic and inorganic nitrogen source effects on the metabolism of clostridium acetobutylicum

Lewkowicz, M.; Lewkowicz, S., 1976:
Organic and inorganic nutrient enrichment and the living conditions of carp fry in 1st rearing ponds physicochemical factors and the zoo plankton

Lang, D.; Saborowski, F., 1973:
Organic and inorganic phosphate compounds in skeletal muscle at various body temperatures

Stevens, B.R.; Wright, S.H.; Hirayama, B.S.; Gunther, R.D.; Ross, H.J.; Harms, V.; Nord, E.; Kippen, I.; Wright, E.M., 1982:
Organic and inorganic solute transport in renal and intestinal membrane vesicles preserved in liquid nitrogen

Mitchell M.J.; Landers D.H.; Brodowski D.F.; Lawrence G.B.; David M.B., 1984:
Organic and inorganic sulfur constituents of the sediments in 3 new york usa lakes effect of site sediment depth and season

Kolb W., 1985:
Organic and mineral mulch substances as an alternative to the use of herbicides in new plantings on lawns

Kathol, R.; Winokur, G., 1977:
Organic and psychotic symptoms in uni polar vs bi polar depressions

Steimle F.W.; Boehm P.D.; Zdanowicz V.S.; Bruno R.A., 1986:
Organic and trace metal levels in ocean quahog arctica islandica from the northwestern atlantic

Zager, R.A.; Johannes, G.A.; Sharma, H.M., 1983:
Organic anion infusions exacerbate experimental acute renal failure

Anagnostopoulos T.; Planelles G., 1979:
Organic anion permeation at the proximal tubule of necturus an electro physiological study of the peri tubular membrane

Bustos-Fernandez, L.; Gonzalez, E.; De-Paolo, I.L.; Celener, D.; De-Furuya, K.O., 1976:
Organic anions induced colonic secretion

Kunkle, G.R.; Wordelman, S.L., 1978:
Organic assimilation capacity of maumee river estuary at toledo ohio

Berndt, W.O., 1981:
Organic base transport: a comparative study

Wallis P.M.; Ladd T.I., 1983:
Organic bio geochemistry of ground water at a mountain coal mine

Hoffmann, K.H., 1976:
Organic body constituents of protophormia terrae novae diptera from spitsbergen norway compared with flies from a laboratory stock

Doi Y.; Aoba T.; Okazaki M.; Takahashi J.; Moriwaki Y., 1981:
Organic bound chromium in enamel dentin and bone studied by esr

Jarvik L.F.; Ruth V.; Matsuyama S.S., 1980:
Organic brain syndrome and aging a 6 year follow up of surviving twins

Haggerty, J.J.; Evans, D.L.; Prange, A.J., 1986:
Organic brain syndrome associated with marginal hypothyroidism

Dubin, W.R.; Weiss, K.J.; Zeccardi, J.A., 1983:
Organic brain syndrome. The psychiatric imposter

Lipowski, Z.J., 1978:
Organic brain syndromes a re formulation

Jarema M., 1986:
Organic brain syndromes in patients with symmetric brain atrophy in computerized tomography

Massarotti M., 1987:
Organic brain syndromes in the elderly a question of classification

Toomey D.F.; Nitecki M.H., 1979:
Organic buildups in the lower ordovician canadian of texas and oklahoma usa

W.P.H.; Moron M.; Barraco R., 1984:
Organic calcium channel blockers enhance tritium labeled purine release from rat brain cortical synaptosomes

Maier, W.J.; Swain, W.R., 1978:
Organic carbon a nonspecific water quality indicator for lake superior

Casellas C.; Cassanas G.; Mathonnet S.; Bablon G.; Bontoux J., 1986:
Organic carbon a parameter for the control of the preozonation process

Zielke R.C.; Christenson D.R., 1986:
Organic carbon and nitrogen changes in soil under selected cropping systems

Pulich W.M.Jr; Scalan R.S., 1987:
Organic carbon and nitrogen flow from marine cyanobacteria to semiaquatic insect food webs

Alcaraz, M., 1981:
Organic carbon and nitrogen of the meso zoo plankton in the western mediterranean in oct. 1976 spatial distribution and carbon nitrogen ratios

Schreiber J.D.; Duffy P.D., 1982:
Organic carbon and oxygen demand relationships in storm flow from southern mississippi usa pine watersheds

Hobbs C.H.IIi, 1983:
Organic carbon and sulfur in the sediments of the virginia chesapeake bay usa

Westrum, B.L.; Meyers, P.A., 1978:
Organic carbon content of sea water from over 3 caribbean reefs

Tittlebaum M.E., 1982:
Organic carbon content stabilization through landfill leachate re circulation

Bornemisza E.; Constenla M.; Alvarado A.; Ortega E.J.; Vasquez A.J., 1979:
Organic carbon determination by the walkley black and dry combustion methods in surface soils and andept profiles from costa rica

Emerson S.; Fischer K.; Reimers C.; Heggie D., 1985:
Organic carbon dynamics and preservation in deep sea sediments

Van-Veen, J.A.; Paul, E.A., 1981:
Organic carbon dynamics in grassland soils 1. background information and computer simulation

Voroney, R.P.; Van-Veen, J.A.; Paul, E.A., 1981:
Organic carbon dynamics in grassland soils 2. model validation and simulation of the long term effects of cultivation and rainfall erosion

Simpson, J.F., 1978:
Organic carbon environmental factors and growth in the small eury haline gastropod potamopyrgus jenkinsi

Feuillade M.; Dufour P.; Feuillade J.; Pelletier J.P., 1986:
Organic carbon excretion by plankton from lake geneva switzerland

Mulholland P.J., 1981:
Organic carbon flow in a swamp stream ecosystem

Letzsch W.S.; Frey R.W., 1981:
Organic carbon in a holocene salt marsh sapelo island georgia usa

Marina M.M.; Levitan M.A.; Lyutsarev S.V., 1984:
Organic carbon in holocene sediments of the northwestern bering sea shelf

Sims Z.R.; Nielsen G.A., 1986:
Organic carbon in montana usa soils as related to clay content and climate

Franzmeier D.P.; Lemme G.D.; Miles R.J., 1985:
Organic carbon in soil of north central usa

Ramachandra, U.; Gupta, T.R.C., 1987:
Organic carbon in the sediments of mulki estuary dakshina kannada india

Bezrukov, P.L.; Emel'yanov, E.M.; Lisitsyn, A.P.; Romankevich, E.A., 1977:
Organic carbon in the upper sediment layer of the world ocean

Bordovskii O.K.; Mirkina S.D.; Korzhikova L.I., 1979:
Organic carbon in the waters of the northwestern indian ocean

Fontugne M.R.; Duplessy J C., 1981:
Organic carbon isotopic fractionation by marine plankton in the temperature range minus 1 31 celsius

Smith K.L.Jr; Carlucci A.F.; Jahnke R.A.; Craven D.B., 1987:
Organic carbon mineralization in the santa catalina basin california usa benthic boundary layer metabolism

Proshina, N.V., 1976:
Organic carbon nitrogen and hydrogen content in soils of the zvenigorod biological station of the moscow state university ussr

Dick W.A., 1983:
Organic carbon nitrogen and phosphorus concentrations and ph in soil profiles as affected by tillage intensity

Chrost R.H.; Faust M.A., 1983:
Organic carbon release by phyto plankton its composition and utilization by bacterio plankton

Newbold J.D.; Mulholland P.J.; Elwood J.W.; O'neill R.V., 1982:
Organic carbon spiraling in stream ecosystems

Dahm C.N.; Gregory S.V.; Park P.K., 1981:
Organic carbon transport in the columbia river usa

Korkushko A.O.; Kryshtal' O.A., 1984:
Organic cation blocking of proton induced sodium permeability in the membrane of rat trigeminal neurons

Bouchard D.C.; Powell R.M.; Clark D.A., 1988:
Organic cation effects on the sorption of metals and neutral organic compounds on aquifer material

Miller, D.S.; Holohan, P.D., 1987:
Organic cation secretion in flounder renal tissue

Markuszewski C., 1981:
Organic changes influenced by oral steroid contraceptives in female inbred buffalo rats

Crisp P.T.; Venkatesan M.I.; Ruth E.; Kaplan I.R.; Brenner S., 1979:
Organic chemical characterization of sediment trap particulates from san nicolas basin santa barbara basin santa monica basin and san pedro basin california usa

Tanoue, E., 1985:
Organic chemical composition of fecal pellet of the krill euphausia superba 1. lipid composition

Tanoue, E., 1985:
Organic chemical composition of fecal pellet of the krill euphausia superba 2. amino acid composition

Madison, S.A.; Keehn, P.A., 1986:
Organic chemistry by ir lasers 5. pulsed carbon dioxide laser induced photoablative decomposition of biomass materials

Jung, M.E.; Rohloff, J.C., 1985:
Organic chemistry of l tyrosine 1. general synthesis of chiral piperazines from amino acids

Niklas, K.J., 1976:
Organic chemistry of protosalvinia equals foerstia from the chattanooga and new albany shales

Nagy, B., 1976:
Organic chemistry on the young earth evolutionary trends between approximately 3800 million years and 2300 million years ago

Baluk, W.; Radwanski, A., 1977:
Organic communities and facies development of the korytnica basin middle miocene holy cross mountains central poland

Van Der Berg C.; Merks A.G.A.; Duursma E.K., 1987:
Organic complexation and its control of the dissolved concentrations of copper and zinc in the scheldt estuary netherlands

Tipping E.; Backes C.A., 1988:
Organic complexation of aluminum in acid waters model testing by titration of a streamwater sample

Rybak E.N.; Sobolevskii Y.V., 1986:
Organic component of the black sea pearl

Ohta K.; Handa N., 1985:
Organic components in size separated aerosols from the western north pacific

Suzuki S.; Uozumi S., 1981 :
Organic components of prismatic layers in molluscan shells

Hiroux G.; Lefevre G.; Gaffet M A., 1983:
Organic composition and degradation in soil of urban sludges

Lawrence, J.M., 1976:
Organic composition and energy content of the hepato pancreas of hermit crabs coenobita from eniwetok atoll marshall islands decapoda paguridea

Higgins A.J.; Kaplovsky A.J.; Hunter J.V., 1982:
Organic composition of aerobic anaerobic and compost stabilized sludges

Goswami, A.K., 1976:
Organic composition of eye lens of catla catla at different stages of growth

Barlocher F.; Gordon J.; Ireland R.J., 1988:
Organic composition of sea foam and its digestion by corophium volutator pallas

Krupanidhi, S.; Reddy, V.V.; Naidu, B.P., 1978:
Organic composition of tissues of the snail cryptozona ligulata with special reference to aestivation

Lawrence J.M.; Guille A., 1982:
Organic composition of tropical polar and temperate water echinoderms

Chen S.; Low P.F.; Cushman J.H.; Roth C.B., 1987:
Organic compound effects on swelling and flocculation of upton montmorillonite

Kanmiya K., 1987:
Organic compounds as attractants for the seaweed fly coelopa frigida fabricius diptera coelopidae

Griffith, S.M.; Schnitzer, M., 1977 :
Organic compounds formed by the hydrogen per oxide oxidation of soils

Jungclaus, G.A.; Lopez-Avila, V.; Hites, R.A., 1978:
Organic compounds in an industrial waste water a case study of their environmental impact

Lopez Avila V.; Hites R.A., 1980:
Organic compounds in an industrial waste water their transport into sediments

Brumioul, D.; Voss-Foucart, M.F., 1977:
Organic compounds in the cuticle of fossil crustaceans

Ketseridis, G.; Wullenweber, M.; Rüden, H., 1982:
Organic compounds in urban aerosols and their mutagenicity

Crathorne B.; Fielding M.; Steel C.P.; Watts C.D., 1984:
Organic compounds in water analysis using coupled column high performance liquid chromatography and soft ionization mass spectrometry

Matsumoto G.; Hanya T., 1980:
Organic constituents in atmospheric fallout in the tokyo area japan

Inoko A.; Miyamatsu K.; Sugahara K.; Harada Y., 1979:
Organic constituents of city refuse composts produced in japan

Wicker, E.F.; Mosher, D.P.; Wells, J.M., 1976:
Organic constituents of cronartium ribicola pycnial fluid

Roberts P.V.; Mccarty P.L.; Reinhard M.; Schreiner J., 1980:
Organic contaminant behavior during ground water recharge

Bouwer E.J.; Mccarty P.L.; Bouwer H.; Rice R.C., 1984 :
Organic contaminant behavior during rapid infiltration of secondary waste water at the phoenix 23rd avenue project arizona usa

Osman M.A.; Belal M.; Nomrossy A.M.; Yousse A.M., 1980:
Organic contaminants in water

Marchant, R.; Williams, W.D., 1977:
Organic content of some saline lake sediments in western victoria australia

Douglas G.S.; Mills G.L.; Quinn J.G., 1986:
Organic copper and chromium complexes in the interstitial waters of narragansett bay rhode island usa sediments

Selinioti E.; Nikolopoulos D.; Manetas Y., 1987:
Organic cosolutes as stabilizers of phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase in storage an interpretation of their action

Krejci-Graf, K., 1978:
Organic deposits in lakes

Field, L.; Ravichandran, R., 1979:
Organic di sulfides and related substances 42. synthesis and properties of some tertiary di sulfides especially involving penicillamine

May, J.J.; Stallones, L.; Darrow, D.; Pratt, D.S., 1986:
Organic dust toxicity (pulmonary mycotoxicosis) associated with silo unloading

Riefkohl J.; Rodriguez L.; Romero L.; Sampoll G.; Souto F.A., 1986:
Organic electron transfer reactions complex kinetics in the thermal back reaction of 2 6 and 4 6 disulfonated leucothionine with ferric ion

Cushing C.E.; Wolf E.G., 1982:
Organic energy budget of rattlesnake springs washington usa

Rogers I.R.; Birtwell I.K.; Kruzynski G.M., 1986:
Organic extractables in primary treated municipal wastewater and uptake in exposed juvenile chinook salmon oncorhynchus tshawytscha a preliminary study at iona island sewage treatment plant vancouver british columbia canada

Shacter E., 1984:
Organic extraction of ortho phosphate with iso butanol toluene

Katzenelson, E.; Fattal, B.; Hostovesky, T., 1976:
Organic flocculation an efficient 2nd step concentration method for the detection of viruses in tap water

Bitton G.; Beaver J.R.; Farrah S.R., 1980:
Organic flocculation and hydro extraction 2 new methods for phyto plankton concentration from lakes

Guynn, R.W.; Faillace, L.A., 1978:
Organic fluorides: implications for psychiatry

Vojinović, J.; Tatić, E.; Vidović, K.; Pintarić, J.; Mironicki-Kozarev, M., 1987:
Organic fluorides in the prevention of inflammatory condition of marginal periodontium of children in puberty

Kobayashi, Y.; Taguchi, T.; Mitsuhashi, S.; Eguchi, T.; Ohshima, E.; Ikekawa, N., 1982:
Organic fluorine compounds 39. steroids 79. synthesis of 1 alpha 25 di hydroxy 26 26 26 27 27 27 hexafluoro vitamin d 3

Kobayashi, Y.; Nagai, T.; Kumadaki, I.; Takahashi, M.; Yamauchi, T., 1984:
Organic fluorine compounds 41. the friedel crafts reaction of trifluoropropene

Belisle, J., 1981:
Organic fluorine in human serum natural vs. industrial sources

Duchesne, J., 1975 :
Organic free radicals anti oxidants senescence maximal longevity and cancer

Nakamura, K.; Orii, H., 1980:
Organic gallium compounds in epoxy resin as standards for the determination of gallium in biological tissues with an electron probe micro analyzer

L.R.; Wan Z.; Lin D.; Xin M., 1987:
Organic geochemical analysis of environments of dongpu basin china

Hollerbach, A.; Hufnagel, H.; Wehner, H., 1977:
Organic geochemical and petrological studies on the lake sediments from the noerdlingen austria 1973 bore hole

Didyk, B.M.; Simoneit, B.R.T.; Brassell, S.C.; Eglinton, G., 1978:
Organic geochemical indicators of paleo environmental conditions of sedimentation

Ten Haven H.L.; D.L.euw J.W.; Schenck P.A., 1985:
Organic geochemical studies of a messinian evaporitic basin northern apennines italy hydrocarbon biological markers for a hypersaline environment

Wakeham S.G.; Canuel E.A., 1988:
Organic geochemistry of particulate matter in the eastern tropical north pacific ocean implications for particle dynamics

Mckirdy D.M.; Cook P.J., 1980:
Organic geochemistry of pliocene pleistocene calcareous sediments deep sea drilling project site 262 timor trough pacific ocean

Sigleo, A.C., 1978:
Organic geochemistry of silicified wood petrified forest national park arizona usa

Yonetani H.; Oba N.; Nagata S.; Koma T., 1980:
Organic geochemistry of the pore water in peat from ozegawara gumma prefecture and miyatoko fukushima prefecture japan with special reference to the organic source material and derived gaseous hydro carbons

Faganeli J.; Ogorelec B.; Misic M.; Dolenec T.; Pezdic J., 1987:
Organic geochemistry of two 40 m sediment cores from the gulf of trieste northern adriatic

Shimoyama A., 1985:
Organic geochemistry progress and prospect

Rawla, G.S.; Chahal, S.S.; Singh, T., 1976:
Organic growth factor requirements of pseudocercospora vitis and cercospora mitteriana

Madan, M.; Gulati, N., 1980:
Organic growth factor requirements of some yeasts

Rawla, G.S.; Rewal, H.S.; Chahal, S.S., 1977:
Organic growth factors and trace elements for cercospora dolichi and their gross effects on growth

Stevens A.A.; Dressman R.C.; Sorrell R.K.; Brass H.J., 1985:
Organic halogen measurements current uses and future prospects

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Organic inorganic and caloric composition of eggs pentaculae and adults of the brooding sea cucumber cucumaria curata echinodermata holothuroidea

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Organic super conductive phenomena at room temperature some magnetic properties of dyes and graphite interpreted as manifestations of viscous magnetic flux lattices and small super conductive regions

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Organic syntheses in enzymatic catalysis vi. kinetics of enzymatic hydrolysis of n acetyl d l amino acids in stereo selective catalysis of free aminoacylase

Blasko, A., 1987:
Organic syntheses in enzymatic catalysis vii. kinetics of the enzymatic hydrolysis of n acetyl d l amino acids in the stereoselective catalysis of aminoacylase immobilized on deae filtradex r 50

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Organic syntheses using enzymes as catalysts 1. optical resolution of d l methionine in the catalytic presence of aminoacylase ec

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Organic syntheses via transition metal complexes 26. a facile route to beta lactams from iron carbene complexes and isocyanides by metal induced 1 plus 1 plus 2 cycloaddition

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Organic synthesis anti bacterial evaluation and quantitative structure activity relationships of cosmetic preservatives related to 5 bromo 5 nitro 1 3 dioxane 1. aliphatic analogs

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Organic synthesis on the microgram scale part 10 stereospecific reduction of keto steroids

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Organic synthesis using enzymes as catalysts ii. a kinetic study of the glycerol esterification with oleic acid catalyzed by pancreatic lipase

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Organic synthesis using phase transfer catalysis 1. reactions of oxybisbromomethane with diols under liquid liquid phase transfer conditions

Singh, P.; Arora, G., 1987:
Organic synthesis using ptc part 2. synthesis of cyclic esters from diols and diacid chlorides under phase transfer conditions

Singh, P.; Arora, G., 1987:
Organic synthesis using ptc part 3. asymmetric induction in epoxidation and michael addition reactions of chalcone under phase transfer conditions using optically active solvents

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Organic synthesis with enzymes 3. thermoanaerobium brockii alcohol dehydrogenase catalyzed reduction of chloroketones total synthesis of dextro s s cis 6 methyltetrahydropyran 2 ylacetic acid a civet constituent

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Organic synthetics and their vermicidal properties part 4 2 ethyl phenols

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Organic system hydration studied by microwave di electric absorption

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Organic vs. functional etiology in catatonia

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Organic walled micro phyto plankton abundance and stratigraphic distribution from the middle devonian columbus and delaware limestones of the hamilton quarry marion county ohio usa

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Organic walled micro phyto plankton from the eden shale upper ordovician indiana usa

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Organic walled microphytoplankton and chitinozoans from the middle devonian givetian boyle dolomite of kentucky usa

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Organic walled microplankton from the silurian of gotland sweden electron microscopic observations on excystment structures

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Organic walled paleo plankton from lower devonian gedinnian gres de landevennec formation of rade de brest finistere france bio stratigraphy

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Organic water quality and other factors in poultry plant waste water renovation and reuse

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Organically bound copper in lake and river waters in japan

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Organically caused states of fear in childhood

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Organics in drinking water maximum contaminant levels as an alternative to the granular activated carbon treatment requirement

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Organics in the water column and air water interface samples of mississippi river usa water

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Organics in the water column of lake pontchartrain new orleans louisiana usa

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Organism and environment on polluted beaches a canonical correlation analysis

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Organism communities and biofacies of the fatra formation uppermost triassic fatric in the west carpathians czechoslovakia

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Organism parameterization in qsar

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Organism resembling Neisseria gonorrhoeae and Neisseria meningitidis

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Organism substrate relations terminology for ecology and paleo ecology

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Organism substrate relationships in the main channel of the lower hudson river usa

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Organism vasculosum lamina terminalis innervation by serotonin neurons of the mid brain raphe

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Organism zonation in the sandy substrate of playa blanca coronel bay chile and observations on uncommon crustaceans

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Organisms and active substances the peripheral zone of biological substance research

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Organisms associated with caprine mastitis

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Organisms from positive most probable number tubes inoculated with samples that yielded no growth on pour plates

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Organisms impacting water hyacinth eichhornia crassipes in the panama canal panama

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Organisms of enterobacteriaceae family associated with animal byproducts

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Organisms of public health significance in fish and shrimp from karachi pakistan coastal waters a survey

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Organization and activity in the pre ovulatory and post ovulatory follicle of necturus maculosus inst electron microscopy inst thin layer chromatography inst gel electrophoresis auto radiography

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Organization and administration of the dental services in the japanese self defense forces

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Organization and affinities of the amoeba pompholyxophrys punicea based on ultrastructural examination of individual cells from wild material

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Organization and alkaloid production in tissue cultures of hyoscyamus niger

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Organization and amplification of 2 chromosomal domains containing drosophila chorion genes

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Organization and cellular biology of the perichondrial ossification groove of ranvier

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Organization and chromosomal specificity of autosomal homologues of human y chromosome repeated dna

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Organization and classification of the protozoon actinophrys sol

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Organization and cloning of mitochondrial dna from paramecium tetraurelia and paramecium primaurelia

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Organization and codon usage of the streptomycin operon in micrococcus luteus a bacterium with a high genomic g plus c content

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Organization and complete sequence of identical embryonic and plasma cytoma kappa chin variable region genes

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Organization and control of the escherichia coli uvr c gene

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Organization and development of brain stem auditory nuclei of the chicken dendritic development in nucleus laminaris

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Organization and development of brain stem auditory nuclei of the chicken ontogeny of nucleus magnocellularis and nucleus laminaris

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Organization and development of the gonads of the dorado salminus maxillosus val. during the reproductive cycle

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Organization and differential activation of a gene family encoding the plant defense enzyme chalcone synthase in Phaseolus vulgaris

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Organization and differentiation of the segmentary plate in the common toad embryo bufo bufo following heat shock

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Organization and distribution of the cellulosome in Clostridium thermocellum

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Organization and dynamics of membrane lipids as determined by magnetic resonance spectroscopy

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Organization and economy of rearing cattle in difficult production conditions

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Organization and effectiveness of cytological examination in mass screenings of female population of the moldavian ssr ussr

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Organization and efficacy of a therapeutic drug monitoring consultation service in a pediatric hospital

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Organization and efficacy of an out patient hypertension clinic

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Organization and efficacy of repeated overall examination of a population in a remote sparsely populated district

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Organization and efficiency of a unit for the care of arterial hypertension

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Organization and evolution of D region class I genes in the mouse major histocompatibility complex

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Organization and evolution of ecologic units of the french national park of cevennes application to the arrangement and management of the territory of mount lozere bouges nord

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Organization and evolution of repeated DNA sequences in closely related plant genomes

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Organization and evolution of the actin gene family in sea urchins

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Organization and evolution of the alcohol dehydrogenase gene in Drosophila

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Organization and evolution of the mammalian genome 1. polymorphism of h 2 linked loci

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Organization and expression of a 2 gene cluster in the arginine biosynthesis of saccharomyces cerevisiae

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Organization and expression of alpha tubulin genes in drosophila melanogaster 1 member of the alpha tubulin multi gene family is transcribed in oogenesis and later embryonic development

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Organization and expression of drosophila melanogaster tropo myosin genes

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Organization and expression of early genes of sv 40

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Organization and expression of genes responsible for type 1 piliation in Escherichia coli

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Organization and expression of genetic determinants for synthesis and assembly of type 51 R bodies

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Organization and expression of leg hemo globin genes

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Organization and expression of multiple actin genes in the sea urchin strongylocentrotus purpuratus

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Organization and expression of poliovirus genome

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Organization and expression of Rhizobium meliloti nitrogen fixation genes

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Organization and expression of the col d ca 23 plasmid genes connected with colicin synthesis

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Organization and expression of the immediate early genes of human cytomegalovirus

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Organization and expression of the pyruvate dehydrogenase ec complex genes of escherichia coli k 12

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Organization and features of pyramidal neurons in the rat motor cortex

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Organization and fine structure of the hind gut of the nymph of uropetala carovei odonata petaluridae

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Organization and function of a regional pediatric trauma center: does a system of management improve outcome?

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Organization and function of the flower forming bract husks in symphoremoideae verbenaceae

Poikolainen K., 1984:
Organization and funding of medical research in 20 european countries

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Organization and heterogeneity of sequences within a repeating unit of human y chromosome dna

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Organization and histochemistry of the embryo sac of scilla sibirica

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Organization and implementation of an integrated pest management system

Pandav C.S.; Kochupillai N., 1985:
Organization and implementation of neonatal hypothyroid screening program in india a primary health care approach

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Organization and mapping of a sequence on the Drosophila melanogaster X and Y chromosomes that is transcribed during spermatogenesis

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Organization and mapping of legumin genes in pisum

Zhukova S.G.; Prelatova E.S.; Popova V.S.; Kovalev L.M.; Ignat'eva T.Ya, 1986:
Organization and methodological aspects of the dispensary use of gastrofluorography with visual control in an outpatient hospital

Houser, C.R.; Crawford, G.D.; Barber, R.P.; Salvaterra, P.M.; Vaughn, J.E., 1983:
Organization and morphological characteristics of cholinergic neurons an immuno cytochemical study with a mono clonal antibody to choline acetyl transferase ec

Parent, A.; Butcher, L.L., 1976:
Organization and morphologies of acetyl cholin esterase ec containing neurons in the thalamus and hypothalamus of the rat

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Organization and morphology of masticatory neurons in the rat a retrograde horseradish peroxidase study

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Organization and multiple regulation of histidine utilization genes in Pseudomonas putida

Perrin, A., 1972:
Organization and natur of the crystalline inclusion found in crystal containing bodies looking like organelles of cichorium intybus d and taraxacum officinale d epithem cells

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Organization and neuraminidase susceptibility of sialic acid residues in human melanoma cell lines with different heterotransplantabilities in nude mice

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Organization and nucleotide sequence analysis of ribosomal rna and transfer rna gene cluster from caulobacter crescentus

Holschuh K.; Bottomley W.; Whitfeld P.R., 1984:
Organization and nucleotide sequence of the genes for spinach spinacia oleracea chloroplast glutamic acid transfer rna and tyrosine transfer rna

Gaffron, R.E.; Fleming, C.R.; Berkner, S.; McCallum, D.; Schwartau, N.; McGill, D.B., 1980:
Organization and operation of a home parenteral nutrition program with emphasis on the pharmacist's role

Cassidy, J.E.; Barnes, G.P., 1972:
Organization and operation of a military preventive dentistry program

Mohler, S.R., 1977:
Organization and operation of civil aviation medicine in the ussr

Kamunvi F.; Kenya P.R., 1988:
Organization and operation of large scale population based surveys of human intestinal parasitoses in rural communities

Green C.H.; Burnet B.; Connolly K.J., 1983:
Organization and patterns of interspecific and intraspecific variation in the behavior of drosophila larvae

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Organization and physical properties of the giant extracellular hemo globin of the clam astarte castanea

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Organization and properties of neurons in a visual area within the insular cortex of the cat

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Organization and properties of visually responsive neurons in the suprageniculate nucleus of the cat

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Organization and re distribution of atpase during spermiogenesis in the mouse

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Organization and replication activity of the mitochondrial mass of oogonia and pre vitellogenic oocytes in xenopus laevis

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Organization and results of the cervical cytology screening program in british columbia canada 1955 1985

Oswald R.C.; Seed R., 1986:
Organization and seasonal progression within the epifaunal communities of coastal macroalgae

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Organization and sequence analysis of two related satellite dna species in cucumber cucumis sativus

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Organization and sequences at the 5 prime end of a cloned complete ov albumin gene

Quigley F.; Weil J.H., 1985:
Organization and sequences of five transfer rna genes and of an unidentified reading frame in the wheat chloroplast genome evidence for gene rearrangements during the evolution of chloroplast genomes

Rosenthal, T.L.; Zimmerman, B.J., 1976:
Organization and stability of transfer in vicarious concept attainment

Yedgar S.; Cooper G.V., 1985:
Organization and structure of 2 mixed micellar phases of the sphingomyelin triton x 305 system

Nakajima N.; Ozeki H.; Shimura Y., 1981:
Organization and structure of an escherichia coli transfer rna operon containing 7 transfer rna genes

Anderson P.A.; Schwab W.E., 1981:
Organization and structure of nerve and muscle in the jellyfish cyanea capillata coelenterata scyphozoa

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Organization and synaptic ultrastructure of glomeruli in the antennal lobes of the moth manduca sexta a study using thin sections and freeze fracture

Hahnenberger, K.M.; Shapiro, L., 1988:
Organization and temporal expression of a flagellar basal body gene in Caulobacter crescentus T.P.; Davis R.W., 1981:
Organization and transcription of the galactose gene cluster of saccharomyces

Fujita, Y.; Fujita, T.; Miwa, Y.; Nihashi, J.; Aratani, Y., 1986:
Organization and transcription of the gluconate operon, gnt, of Bacillus subtilis

Shoemaker, N.B.; Smith, M.D.; Guild, W.R., 1979:
Organization and transfer of heterologous chloramphenicol and tetracycline resistance genes in pneumococcus

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Organization and unusual expression of histone genes in the sea star pisaster ochraceus

Khokhutkin I.M., 1984:
Organization and variability of the polymorphic structure of species of land mollusks

Drobinskii A.D.; Klimenko A.V.; Keller O.N., 1980:
Organization and working experience of a department for peripheral nervous system disease patients

Cioflec D., 1987:
Organization aspects in the care of patients with chronic pulmonary diseases in the timis district romania

Baumgartner, W.A.; Borkon, A.M.; Achuff, S.C.; Baughman, K.L.; Traill, T.A.; Reitz, B.A., 1986:
Organization, development and early results of a heart transplant program. The Johns Hopkins Hospital experience

Jenkins, N.A.; Copeland, N.G.; Taylor, B.A.; Lee, B.K., 1982:
Organization, distribution, and stability of endogenous ecotropic murine leukemia virus DNA sequences in chromosomes of Mus musculus

Greenley, J.R.; Schoenherr, R.A., 1981:
Organization effects on client satisfaction with humaneness of service

Canabal-Torres, M.Y.; Christina, R.W.; Lundegren, H.M., 1984:
Organization in children's recall of information about movement

Miller, J.L.; Eimas, P.D., 1979:
Organization in infant speech perception

Shimp, C.P., 1976:
Organization in memory and behavior

Linneke P.; Voss P., 1988:
Organization model and results of a graduated thyroid gland hormone diagnostics within the area of a central laboratory

Kolic, J., 1974:
Organization of 2 phase broiler fattening

Blomberg B.; Traunecker A.; Eisen H.; Tonegawa S., 1981:
Organization of 4 mouse lambda light chain immuno globulin genes

Mahr A.; Roberts B.E., 1984:
Organization of 6 early transcripts synthesized from a vaccinia virus eco r i dna fragment

Meredith G.E.; Butler A.B., 1983:
Organization of 8th nerve afferent projections from individual end organs of the inner ear in the teleost astronotus ocellatus

Clemo H.R.; Stein B.E., 1983:
Organization of a 4th somato sensory area of cortex in cat

Achiong Estupinan F.; Rivero Fernandez J.; Risco Ramirez J., 1985:
Organization of a campaign for the extermination of the mongoose previous report

Griffin Shea R.; Thireos G.; Kafatos F.C., 1982:
Organization of a cluster of 4 chorion genes in drosophila melanogaster and its relationship to developmental expression and amplification

Bleiholder H.; Behrendt S.; Hockadel H.; Sarwar E., 1979:
Organization of a data bank system for storing and evaluating the results of field trials with plant protection products

Rummel S.; Claus J.; Kalm E., 1986:
Organization of a field recording scheme for german beef production 2 communication breeding performance control

Rummel, S.; Claus, J.; Kalm, E., 1986:
Organization of a field recording scheme for the german beef production 1. analysis of the performance data as a production control

Timberlake W.E.; Barnard E.C., 1981:
Organization of a gene cluster expressed specifically in the asexual spores of aspergillus nidulans

Hawkins B.A.; Goeden R.D., 1984:
Organization of a parasitoid community associated with a complex of galls on atriplex spp in southern california usa

Higgins, M.J.; Wang, H.; Shtromas, I.; Haliotis, T.; Roder, J.C.; Holden, J.J.A.; White, B.N., 1985:
Organization of a repetitive human 1.8 kilobase kpn i sequence localized in the heterochromatin of chromosome 15

Grenot C.; Serrano V., 1980:
Organization of a small mammal community in the bolson of mapimi chihuahua desert mexico

Bergland O.; Semb G., 1986:
Organization of a team treatment for the comprehensive rehabilitation of cleft patients

Feinsinger, P., 1976:
Organization of a tropical guild of nectarivorous birds

Kodric Brown A.; Brown J.H.; Byers G.S.; Gori D.F., 1984 :
Organization of a tropical island community of hummingbirds and flowers

Des-Granges, J.L., 1978:
Organization of a tropical nectar feeding bird guild in a variable environment

Parsons, R.L.; Neel, D.S.; McKeon, T.W.; Carraway, R.E., 1987:
Organization of a vertebrate cardiac ganglion: a correlated biochemical and histochemical study

Heuser J.E.; Salpeter S.R., 1979:
Organization of acetyl choline receptors in quick frozen deep etched and rotary replicated torpedo californica postsynaptic membrane

Hudspeth M.E.S.; Shumard D.S.; Bradford C.J.R.; Grossman L.I., 1983:
Organization of achlya ambisexualis mitochondrial dna a population with 2 orientations and a large inverted repeat containing the ribosomal rna genes

Gabbiani, G.; Gabbiani, F.; Heimark, R.L.; Schwartz, S.M., 1984:
Organization of actin cytoskeleton during early endothelial regeneration in vitro

Shimizu T., 1983:
Organization of actin filaments during polar body formation in eggs of tubifex hattai annelida oligochaeta

Ryder M.I.; Weinreb R.N.; Niederman R., 1984:
Organization of actin filaments in human polymorphonuclear leukocytes

Durica D.S.; Schloss J.A.; Crain W.R.Jr, 1980:
Organization of actin gene sequences in the sea urchin strongylocentrotus purpuratus molecular cloning of an intron containing dna sequence coding for a cytoplasmic actin

Vilyanskii M.P.; Chumakov A.A.; Uglev N.N.; Orlova I.S.; Gur'eva N.K., 1984:
Organization of active detection of pre cancerous and tumor lesions of the stomach using primary automated screening and fibro gastroscopy

Donoghue, J.P.; Sanes, J.N., 1988:
Organization of adult motor cortex representation patterns following neonatal forelimb nerve injury in rats

Cooke, J.D.; Larson, B.; Oscarsson, O.; Sjolund, B., 1971:
Organization of afferent connections to cuneo cerebellar tract

Senatorov V.V., 1981:
Organization of afferent inputs of the parietal associative field area 7 and clare bishop area of cat neo cortex

McGee, M.P.; Myrvik, Q.N.; Leake, E.S., 1978:
Organization of allergic granulomas and dependence on insoluble antigen

Felice A.E.; Ozdonmez R.; Headlee M.E.; Huisman T.H.J., 1982:
Organization of alpha chain genes among hemo globin g philadelphia hetero zygotes in association with hemo globin s beta thalassemia and alpha thalassemia 2

Del Senno L.; Bernardi F.; Marchetti G.; Perrotta C.; Conconi F.; Vullo C.; Salsini G.; Cristofori G.; E.A., 1980:
Organization of alpha globin genes and messenger rna translation in subjects carrying hemo globin hasharon from the ferrara region northern italy

Giglioni B.; Comi P.; Taramelli R.; Ottolenghi S.; Ciocca Vasino M.A.; Ane C.; Cappellini M.D.; Gianni A.M., 1980:
Organization of alpha globin genes in hemo globin hasharon carriers

Thiollay J M.; Meyburg B U., 1981:
Organization of an island population of raptors madagascar

Decou, V.G.; Tufescu, M.V., 1976:
Organization of an unusual biocenosis the guano biocenosis of pestera lui adam baile herculane southern carpathians romania

Lind, R.W.; Swanson, L.W.; Ganten, D., 1985:
Organization of angiotensin II immunoreactive cells and fibers in the rat central nervous system. An immunohistochemical study

Soechting J.F.; Terzuolo C.A., 1987:
Organization of arm movements motion in segmented

Parent A.; Descarries L.; Beaudet A., 1981:
Organization of ascending serotonin systems in the adult rat brain a radioautographic study after intra ventricular administration of tritium labeled 5 hydroxy tryptamine

Kotlyar B.I.; Khludova G.G., 1979:
Organization of associative connections in the cat motor cortical area by means of horseradish peroxidase

Kelly, J.B.; Sally, S.L., 1988:
Organization of auditory cortex in the albino rat: binaural response properties

Sally, S.L.; Kelly, J.B., 1988:
Organization of auditory cortex in the albino rat: sound frequency

Korbut V.V., 1981:
Organization of behavior and sound communication in jackdaws in feeding situations

Erdélyi, A.; Mitsányi, A.; Morava, I., 1979:
Organization of blood pressure reflexes elicited by low intensity stimulation of cutaneous and muscular afferents in cats

Levitt P.; Moore R.Y., 1980:
Organization of brain stem noradrenaline hyper innervation following neo natal 6 hydroxy dopamine treatment in rat

Boerner H.J.; Momm H.; Fewson D., 1981:
Organization of breeding planning

Munkacsi L., 1986:
Organization of breeding value in beef cattle production

Ruszzcyk A., 1986:
Organization of butterfly communities lepidoptera along the main routes of porto alegre rio grande do sul brazil

Gerasimenko V.N.; Artyushenko Y.V.; Dorogova E.V., 1981:
Organization of cancer patient rehabilitation

Milon A.; Wolff G.; Ourisson G.; Nakatani Y., 1986:
Organization of carotenoid phospholipid bilayer systems incorporation of zeaxanthin astaxanthin and their c 50 homologues into dimyristoylphosphatidylcholine vesicles

Mckenna T.M.; Whitsel B.L.; Dreyer D.A.; Metz C.B., 1981:
Organization of cat anterior parietal cortex relations among cyto architecture single neuron functional properties and inter hemispheric connectivity

Toyama K.; Kimura M.; Tanaka K., 1981:
Organization of cat visual cortex as investigated by cross correlation technique

Echteler S.M., 1985:
Organization of central auditory pathways in a teleost fish cyprinus carpio

Perbal, B.; Cline, J.M.; Hillyard, R.L.; Baluda, M.A., 1983:
Organization of chicken dna sequences homologous to the transforming gene of avian myeloblastosis virus 2. isolation and characterization of phase lambda proto amv dna recombinant clones from a library of leukemic chicken dna

Ish Shalom D.; Ohad I., 1983:
Organization of chlorophyll protein complexes of photosystem i in chlamydomonas reinhardii

Popova M.A.; Gyurjan I.; Boddi B.; Paless G.; Erdos G.; Nagy A.H.; Toth G., 1985:
Organization of chloroplast membranes during greening of yellow mutants of chlamydomonas reinhardii

Chana R.S.; Cushley R.J.; Wassall S.R.; Smith I.C.P.; Dufourc E.J., 1985:
Organization of cholesteryl esters in membranes a deuterium nmr study

Vasil'ev B.G., 1982:
Organization of chromatium minutissimum membranes

Katsumata, M.; Lo, C.W., 1988:
Organization of chromosomes in the mouse nucleus: analysis by in situ hybridization

Miles, T.S.; Wiesendanger, M., 1975:
Organization of climbing fiber projections to the cerebellar cortex from trigeminal cutaneous afferents and form the sensory motor face area of the cerebral cortex in the cat

Orberg, J.; Baer, E.; Hiltner, A., 1983:
Organization of collagen fibers in the intestine

Michna, H., 1986:
Organization of collagen fibrils in tendon changes induced by an anabolic steroid i. functional and ultrastructural studies

Michna, H., 1986:
Organization of collagen fibrils in tendon changes induced by an anabolic steroid ii. a morphometric and stereologic analysis

Fitch J.M.; Gross J.; Mayne R.; Johnson Wint B.; Linsenmayer T.F., 1984:
Organization of collagen type i and type ii in the embryonic chicken cornea mono clonal antibody studies

Birk, D.E.; Fitch, J.M.; Linsenmayer, T.F., 1986 :
Organization of collagen types I and V in the embryonic chicken cornea

Hosokawa T.; Ueda T.; Kobatake Y., 1987:
Organization of community behavior during initiation of morphogenetic aggregation in a population of dictyostelium discoideum amoebae

Al'tova L.S.; L'vovich A.I.; Fokin V.F., 1979:
Organization of connections between the putamen the brain cortex and the hypothalamus

Inger, R.F.; Colwell, R.K., 1977:
Organization of contiguous communities of amphibians and reptiles in thailand

Karlik C.C.; Mahaffey J.W.; Coutu M.D.; Fyrberg E.A., 1984:
Organization of contractile protein genes within the 88f subdivision of the drosophila melanogaster 3rd chromosome

Khromov A.S.; Kutuzova E.P., 1979:
Organization of control of tropical parasitic diseases in west and central africa

Karplyuk, I.A.; Maiorova, L.N., 1978:
Organization of control over the production and processing of milk in east germany

Markow-Rajkowska, G.; Kosmal, A., 1987:
Organization of cortical afferents to the frontal association cortex in dogs

Pritzel, M.; Markowitsch, H.J., 1982:
Organization of cortical afferents to the prefrontal cortex in the bush baby (Galago senegalensis)

Seagull R.W.; Heath I.B., 1980:
Organization of cortical micro tubule arrays in the radish raphanus sativus root hair

Itzkowitz M., 1979:
Organization of courtship sequences in fishes

Franke W.W.; Appelhans B.; Schmid E.; Freudenstein C.; Osborn M.; Weber K., 1979:
Organization of cyto keratin filaments in the intestinal epithelium

Stepanenko M.A., 1980:
Organization of cytological examination of women

Lichtner, R.B.; Nicolson, G.L., 1987:
Organization of cytoskeletal structures in 13762NF rat mammary adenocarcinoma cell lines and clones of different metastatic potentials

D.R.nzo M.F.; Tarone G.; Comoglio P.M.; Marchisio P.C., 1985:
Organization of cytoskeleton and fibronectin matrix in rous sarcoma virus transformed fibroblast lines with different metastatic potential

Norrild, B.; Lehto, V.P.; Virtanen, I., 1986:
Organization of cytoskeleton elements during herpes simplex virus type 1 infection of human fibroblasts: an immunofluorescence study

Itzkowitz M., 1984:
Organization of defensive behavior in the pupfish cyprinodon variegatus

Shapiro, J.A., 1987:
Organization of developing Escherichia coli colonies viewed by scanning electron microscopy

Skagerberg G.; Lindvall O., 1985:
Organization of diencephalic dopamine neurons projecting to the spinal cord in the rat

Hancock R.; Hughes M.E., 1982:
Organization of dna in the interphase nucleus

Chan C.S.M.; Tye B K., 1983:
Organization of dna sequences and replication origins at yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae telomeres

Kruglova N.L.; Strazhevskaya N.B., 1985:
Organization of dna supramolecular structure of eukaryotic cells on dna subunits and the nature of intersubunit linkers

Preobrazhenskii V.N.; Gavrilenko Y.V.; Nefedova E.A., 1980:
Organization of dynamic endoscopic observation under out patient conditions

Bonch Bruevich E.V.; Malakhov V.V., 1987:
Organization of early larva of the marine bristle worm chaetopterus variopedatus spiomorpha chaeotopteridae

Virtanen A.; Pettersson U., 1985:
Organization of early region 1b of human adenovirus type 2 identification of 4 differentially spliced messenger rna species

Parent, A.; D.B.llefeuille, L., 1982:
Organization of efferent projections from the internal segment of globus pallidus in primate as revealed by fluorescence retrograde labeling method

Kasicki, S.; Romanov, S.P., 1978:
Organization of electrical activity in different groups of muscles during loco motion in rats

Barr, R.; Crane, F.L., 1976:
Organization of Electron Transport in Photosystem II of Spinach Chloroplasts According to Chelator Inhibition Sites

Barvyn', V.G.; Aronov, A.E.; Gorodkov, V.G., 1978:
Organization of emergency cardiological service and treatment of myo cardial infarction complicated with cardiogenic shock using circulatory assist device

Ahmed, S.I.; Giles, N.H., 1969:
Organization of enzymes in the common aromatic synthetic pathway evidence for aggregation in fungi inst sucrose density gradient centrifugation rhizopus stolonifer phycomyces nitens absidia glauca aspergillus nidulans coprinus lagopus ustilago maydis neurospora crassa saccharomyces cerevisiae enz dehydro quinase quinic acid catabolism

Berlyn, M.B.; Giles, N.H., 1969:
Organization of enzymes in the poly aromatic synthetic pathway separability in bacteria algae fungi

Koshiba T., 1979:
Organization of enzymes in the shikimate pathway of phaseolus mungo seedlings

Shmidt E.V.; Khondkarian O.A.; Zavalishin I.A., 1980:
Organization of epidemiological examinations and clinical criteria for diagnosing multiple sclerosis

Feigl W.; Susani M.; Ulrich W.; Matejka M.; Losert U.; Sinzinger H., 1985:
Organization of experimental thrombosis by blood cells evidence of the transformation of mononuclear cells into myofibroblasts and endothelial cells

Van Aken P.J.; Emeis J.J., 1983:
Organization of experimentally induced arterial thrombosis in rats from 2 weeks until 10 months

Van Aken P.J.; Emeis J.J., 1982:
Organization of experimentally induced arterial thrombosis in rats the 1st 6 days

Mattey, D.L.; Garrod, D.R., 1984:
Organization of extracellular matrix by chick embryonic corneal epithelial cells in culture and the role of fibronectin in adhesion

Dancik J., 1981:
Organization of feedstuff basis in large centers of milk cows

Zimmer Faust R.K.; Case J.F., 1982:
Organization of food search in the kelp crab pugettia producta

Waltzer, R.; Martin, G.F., 1988:
Organization of forebrain projections from the medullary reticular formation in the North American opossum. Evidence for connectional heterogeneity

Velisheva L.S.; Tomilin V.V., 1981:
Organization of forensic medical examinations in air crashes

Graham, A.; Boxer, D.H., 1981:
Organization of formate dehydrogenase ec in the cytoplasmic membrane of escherichia coli

Leskawa K.C.; Rosenberg A., 1981:
Organization of gangliosides and other lipid components in synaptosomal plasma membranes and modifying effects of calcium ii

Green, D.M.; Laman, D., 1972:
Organization of gene function in bacillus subtilis bacterio phage sp 8 2 g

Shostak N.G.; Kupriyanova N.S.; Serenkova T.I.; Timofeeva M.Ya; Baev A.A., 1984:
Organization of genes coding 5s ribosomal rna in the loach misgurnus fossilis

Ahmad, M.; Haque, S.; Mozmadar, A.; Baset, A.; Fayaz, M.; Badrul, A.; Rahman, A.; Saha, B.C., 1979:
Organization of genes controlling lysine biosynthesis in neurospora crassa 2. organization of locus lysine 1

Howe, T.R.; LaQuier, F.W.; Barbour, A.G., 1986:
Organization of genes encoding two outer membrane proteins of the Lyme disease agent Borrelia burgdorferi within a single transcriptional unit

Rhen M.; Vaisanen Rhen V.; Saraste M.; Korhonen T.K., 1986 :
Organization of genes expressing the blood group m specific hemagglutinin of escherichia coli identification and nucleotide sequences of the m agglutinin subunit gene

Yamamoto, M.; Nomura, M., 1979:
Organization of genes for transcription and translation in the rif region of the Escherichia coli chromosome

Bendiak D.S.; Friesen J.D., 1981:
Organization of genes in the 4 minute region of the escherichia coli chromosome evidence that rpsb and tsf are co transcribed

Voltsit O.V., 1979:
Organization of group foraging in ants aphaenogaster subterranea hymenoptera formicidae

Dlusskii, G.M.; Voltsit, O.V.; Sulkhanov, A.V., 1978:
Organization of group foraging in ants of the genus myrmica

Vernik L.I.; Vas'kovskaya N.M., 1980:
Organization of hematological service in the tyumen oblast russian sfsr ussr

Rosendaal M.; Hodgson G.S.; Bradley T.R., 1979:
Organization of hemopoietic stem cells the generation age hypothesis

Sinden, R.R.; Pettijohn, D.E.; Francke, B., 1982:
Organization of herpes simplex virus type 1 dna during replication probed in living cells with 4 5' 8 tri methyl psoralen

Welsh, R.S.; Vyska, K., 1981:
Organization of highly purified calf thymus dna 1. cleavage into subunits and release of phospho peptides

Jacquin M.F.; Semba K.; Egger M.D.; Rhoades R.W., 1983:
Organization of horseradish per oxide labeled trigeminal mandibular primary afferent neurons in the rat

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