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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6046

Chapter 6046 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Kolarov, D., 1975: Origin of certain vaccine virus variants

Solov'eva V.V., 1980: Origin of chaetetid pseudosepta and pathways of group development

Section 7, Chapter 6046, Accession 006045002

Hanneman R.E.Jr, 1988: Origin of chloroplast dna diversity in the andean potatoes

Stumpf P.K., 1981: Origin of chloroplastic acetyl coenzyme a

Section 7, Chapter 6046, Accession 006045005

Section 7, Chapter 6046, Accession 006045006

Juberg R.C., 1983: Origin of chromosomal abnormalities evidence for delayed fertilization in meiotic nondisjunction

Section 7, Chapter 6046, Accession 006045009

Section 7, Chapter 6046, Accession 006045010

Defrance J.F., 1983: Origin of cingulate cortex cholinergic innervation in the rat

Summerfield J.A., 1982: Origin of circulating serum immuno reactive trypsin in man

Crewe N.F., 1981: Origin of cis 9 trans 11 octadecadienoic acid and trans 9 trans 11 octadecadienoic acid in the depot fat of primates fed a diet rich in lard and corn oil and implications for the human diet

Pankova I.A., 1986: Origin of citrus fruit pulp

Korhonen K., 1980: Origin of clamped and clampless basidia in armillariella ostoyae

Section 7, Chapter 6046, Accession 006045016

Ott H., 1988: Origin of cochlea efferents in some gerbil species a comparative anatomical study with fluorescent tracers

Section 7, Chapter 6046, Accession 006045018

Kleihues P., 1987: Origin of colloid cyst immunoperoxidase study

Fukumura A., 1985: Origin of component n 16 in short latency somatosensory evoked potentials to median nerve stimulation correlation between component n 16 and thalamus

Yadomi C., 1984: Origin of components p 11 and p 13 in short latency somato sensory evoked potentials correlative study of somato sensory evoked potentials and intraoperative evoked potentials

Michaels L., 1988: Origin of congenital cholesteatoma from a normally occurring epidermoid rest in the developing middle ear

Beadle G.W., 1981: Origin of corn pollen evidence

Tulchinsky D., 1980: Origin of cortico steroids in amniotic fluid

Nunez E.A., 1986: Origin of corticosteroid binding globulin in fetal rat comparative dynamics of corticosteroid binding globulin alpha fetoprotein and albumin secretion in primary cultures of fetal rat hepatocytes

Murao S., 1980: Origin of crackles waveform and spectral analysis

Section 7, Chapter 6046, Accession 006045027

Grosset G.E., 1979: Origin of crimean flora part 2

Williams K., 1981: Origin of crystalline cold desert salts in the mcmurdo region antarctica

Ali, B. A.; Shortland, J. R.; Hudson, G., 1981: Origin of crystalloid inclusions in macrophages 1. studies of peritoneal macrophages after erythrocyte ingestion

Ali, B. A.; Shortland, J. R.; Hudson, G., 1981: Origin of crystalloid inclusions in macrophages 2. evidence for derivation from eosinophil granulocyte breakdown

Section 7, Chapter 6046, Accession 006045033

Stevens, D. L.; Strobel, G. A., 1968: Origin of cyanide in cultures of a psychrophilic basidiomycete valine iso leucine amino acids linamarin lotaustralin enz beta glucosidase enz oxynitrilase

Lustinec J., 1981: Origin of cyto kinin autonomy and auxin autonomy and changes in specific proteins in tobacco nicotiana tabacum cultivar wisconsin 38 callus tissue

Vonk C.R., 1979: Origin of cyto kinins transported in the phloem

Section 7, Chapter 6046, Accession 006045037

Takahashi I., 1979: Origin of deoxy utp in bacillus subtilis infected with bacterio phage pbs 1

Casey M.L., 1988: Origin of deoxycorticosterone and deoxycorticosterone sulfate in human pregnancy absence of steroid 21 sulfatase activity in sulfatase deficient placenta

Hargrave, B. T.; Taguchi, S., 1978: Origin of deposited material sedimented in a marine bay

Takeda T., 1979: Origin of descending afferents to the rostral part of dorsal cap of inferior olive which transfers contralateral optic activities to the flocculus a horseradish peroxidase study

Teramoto, S.; Iwayama, K.; Yonekura, M.; Mori, K., 1976: Origin of diabetes insipidus and hyper natremia

Cirilli J., 1987: Origin of diatom ooze belt in the southern ocean implications for late quaternary paleooceanography

Section 7, Chapter 6046, Accession 006045044

Hansel W., 1984: Origin of different cell types in the bovine corpus luteum as characterized by specific monoclonal antibodies

Mills K.B., 1988: Origin of disc new vessels assessed by videofluorography

Fritz P., 1983: Origin of dissolved solids in ground waters of mayne island british columbia canada

Conley, C. D., 1977: Origin of distorted ooliths and pisoliths

Waldeck, W.; Foehring, B.; Chowdhury, K.; Gruss, P.; Sauer, G., 1978: Origin of dna replication in papovavirus chromatin is recognized by endogenous endo nuclease

Horiuchi K., 1980: Origin of dna replication of bacterio phage f 1 as the signal for termination

Holdren G.R.Jr, 1986: Origin of dolomite cement in chesapeake group miocene siliciclastic sediments an alternative model to burial dolomitization

Kendall, A. C., 1977: Origin of dolomite mottling in ordovician limestones from saskatchewan and manitoba canada

Filby R.H., 1988: Origin of dolomites in a downslope biostrome jefferson formation devonian central idaho usa evidence from reef patterns stable isotopes and petrography

Kurochkin, E. N.; Anorova, N. S., 1977: Origin of domestic fowl comparison of skeletons in domestic fowl and wild fowl

Bischoff S., 1980: Origin of dopaminergic innervation of the rat hippocampal formation

Campbell J.A., 1986: Origin of early waves evoked by infraorbital nerve stimulation in man

Marsh, D. J.; Martin, C. M., 1977: Origin of electrical potential differences in hamster thin ascending limbs of henles loop

Damjanov, I.; Skreb, N.; Sell, S., 1977: Origin of embryo derived yolk sac carcinomas

Shapot, V. S., 1977: Origin of embryonic features of neoplasm and tumor progression

Section 7, Chapter 6046, Accession 006045060

Section 7, Chapter 6046, Accession 006045061

Section 7, Chapter 6046, Accession 006045062

Spach, M. S.; Barr, R. C., 1976: Origin of epi cardial st t wave potentials in the intact dog

Clowes F.A.L., 1985: Origin of epidermis and development of root primordia in pistia stratiotes hydrocharis morsus ranae and eichhornia crassipes

Dieterlen-Lievre, F.; Beaupain, D.; Martin, C., 1976: Origin of erythropoietic stem cells in avian development shift from the yolk sac to an intra embryonic site

Bouche J P., 1983: Origin of escherichia coli k 12 hfr b 7

Hall M.L., 1983: Origin of espanola island and the age of terrestrial life on the galapagos islands ecuador

Lindqvist, L.; Nord, C. E.; Soder, P. O., 1977: Origin of esterases in human whole saliva

Macdonald, P. C.; Grodin, J. M.; Edman, C. D.; Vellios, F.; Siiteri, P. K., 1976: Origin of estrogen in a post menopausal woman with a nonendocrine tumor of the ovary and endometrial hyperplasia

Section 7, Chapter 6046, Accession 006045071

Section 7, Chapter 6046, Accession 006045072

Jouret C., 1986: Origin of ethyl 2 methyl 3 butyric acid component of rum volatile acidity

Senapathy P., 1986: Origin of eukaryotic introns a hypothesis based on codon distribution statistics in genes and its implications

Kafatos E.C., 1982: Origin of evolutionary novelty in proteins how a high cysteine chorion protein has evolved

Gatley S.J., 1982: Origin of excess urinary nitrate in the rat

Berrow, M. L.; Wilson, M. J.; Reaves, G. A., 1978: Origin of extractable titanium and vanadium in the a horizons of scottish podzols

Ebihara Y., 1984: Origin of eye movements induced by high frequency rotation of the head

Section 7, Chapter 6046, Accession 006045079

Section 7, Chapter 6046, Accession 006045080

Section 7, Chapter 6046, Accession 006045081

Section 7, Chapter 6046, Accession 006045082

Saunders M.C., 1985: Origin of fibers innervating the basilar artery of the cat

Mohr, W.; Carl, H.; Beneke, G., 1972: Origin of fibroblasts in cultures diffusion chambers of rat peritoneal fluid cells

Kendall, A. C., 1976: Origin of fibrous calcite cements that apparently replace foraminiferal tests

Demina N.I., 1982: Origin of follicular cells in ovarioles of some hymenoptera

Boucher R., 1981: Origin of fore brain afferents to the habenula in rat cat and monkey saimiri sciureus

Section 7, Chapter 6046, Accession 006045088

Geoffroy G., 1984: Origin of friedreichs disease in quebec canada

Masago M., 1988: Origin of frontal n15 component of somatosensory evoked potential in man

Ingram D.S., 1981: Origin of gametangia in hetero thallic isolates of bremia lactucae

Di Chiara G., 1980: Origin of gamma amino butyric acid ergic strio nigral neurons as studied by kainate induced lesions

Vasan, U.; Lim, D. M.; Greenstein, R. M.; Raye, J. R., 1977: Origin of gastric aspirate polymorphonuclear leukocytes in infants born after prolonged rupture of membranes

Olbe L., 1987: Origin of gastrin liberated by gastrin releasing peptide in man

Polteva D.G., 1981: Origin of germ cells and early stages of oogenesis in a marine hydroid polyp obelia

Takei, Y., 1976: Origin of ghost cell in coats disease

Ryan G.B., 1983: Origin of glomerular crescents in rabbit nephro toxic nephritis

Hetenyi G.Jr, 1982: Origin of glucose released in the regulatory response against hypo glycemia

Tappaz, M. L.; Brownstein, M. J., 1977: Origin of glutamate decarboxylase containing cells in discrete hypothalamic nuclei

Havassy I., 1981: Origin of glutamate dehydrogenase from the mucosa of the sheep rumen

Section 7, Chapter 6046, Accession 006045103

Brannon, D. R.; Mabe, J. A.; Ellis, R.; Whitney, J. G.; Nagarajan, R., 1972: Origin of glycine from acid hydrolysis of the beta lactam antibiotic a 16886 b

Tesio F., 1983: Origin of glycosylated hemo globin al in chronic renal failure

True L.D., 1988: Origin of granules in granular cell tumor intracellular myelin formation with autodigestion

Boyer J.S., 1987: Origin of growth induced water potential solute concentration is low in apoplast of enlarging tissues

Nazeer M.A., 1986: Origin of guineen type of okra abelmoschus and its nature of resistance to yellow vein mosaic virus disease

Kumari D.S., 1980: Origin of gynobasic style in lamiaceae

Jain S., 1987: Origin of gynodioecy in limnanthes evidence from ecogeographic patterns of variation

Shifriss O., 1985: Origin of gynoecism in squash cucurbita pepo

Kaulfers P M., 1981: Origin of haemophilus influenzae r factors

Radford M., 1981: Origin of handicap in young children

Lanaud C., 1988: Origin of haploids and semigamy in theobroma cacao l

Shumizu, A.; Nishimura, C.; Kitaoka, M., 1975: Origin of heavy hem agglutinin of japanese encephalitis virus brief report

Lamberts L., 1987: Origin of heavy metal fluxes to the meuse river in southern belgium using lead 210 dated water meadow sediments

Samoylova R.S., 1985: Origin of hemopoietic stromal progenitor cells in chimeras

Section 7, Chapter 6046, Accession 006045119

Section 7, Chapter 6046, Accession 006045120

Algaba F., 1987: Origin of high grade superficial bladder cancer

Paulis, J. W.; Wall, J. S.; Sanderson, J., 1978: Origin of high methionine content in sugary 1 corn endosperm

Ruckebusch Y., 1980: Origin of high slow wave frequency in the dog colon

Gale R.P., 1980: Origin of human bone marrow fibroblasts

Horton M.A., 1987: Origin of human mast cells studied by dual immunofluorescence

Yodoi J., 1985: Origin of human t lymphotropic virus i positive t cell lines in adult t cell leukemia analysis of t cell receptor gene rearrangement

IIda S., 1985: Origin of human triosephosphate isomerase isozymes further evidence for the single structural locus hypothesis with japanese variants

Jacobs, P. A.; Morton, N. E., 1977: Origin of human trisomics and poly ploids

Seyama, Y.; Kasama, T.; Yamakawa, T.; Kawaguchi, A.; Saito, K.; Okuda, S., 1977: Origin of hydrogen atoms in the fatty acids synthesized with yeast fatty acid synthetase

Orme Johnson W.H., 1980: Origin of hydrogen in methane produced by methanobacterium thermoautotrophicum

Section 7, Chapter 6046, Accession 006045131

Fujiwara A., 1985: Origin of immature teratoma of the ovary

Section 7, Chapter 6046, Accession 006045133

Bulycheva T.I., 1981: Origin of immuno globulins bound to surface membranes of malignant cells in some nonlymphoid forms of acute human leukemia

Reichlin S., 1983: Origin of immuno reactive acth in brain sites outside the ventral hypothalamus

Gronbald Saskela E., 1986: Origin of immunoglobulins in human saliva

Park, P., 1977: Origin of inclusive materials between cell walls and invaginated plasma membranes in cells of susceptible leaves of japanese pear treated with a host specific toxin from alternaria kikuchiana

Section 7, Chapter 6046, Accession 006045140

Posner B.I., 1983: Origin of insulin receptive nerve terminals in rat median eminence

Glendenning K.K., 1985: Origin of interhemispheric fibers in acallosal opossum with a comparison to callosal origins in rat

Korn, R. W., 1976: Origin of internodal air spaces in hippuris vulgaris

Section 7, Chapter 6046, Accession 006045144

Djaldetti, M.; Lewinski, U. H., 1978: Origin of intra nuclear inclusions in myeloma cells

Koga T., 1986: Origin of intracellular calcium and quantitation of mobilizable calcium in neutrophils stimulated with chemotactic peptide

Marvaldi J., 1985: Origin of intracellular lumina in ht 29 colonic adenocarcinoma cell line an ultrastructural study

Roeder R., 1987: Origin of intramuscular nerve action potential

Pierron M., 1984: Origin of iron exuded in the sap by excised roots of helianthus annuus

Vanin A.F., 1987: Origin of iron forming nitrosyl complexes in animal tissues

Felder C.E., 1986: Origin of iron iii binding and conformational properties of enterobactin

Mudry J., 1981: Origin of isotopic and geochemical ratio gradients in karst water of the jura mountains france

Borisy G.G., 1980: Origin of kinetochore micro tubules in chinese hamster ovary cells

Garver, K. L.; Marchese, S. G.; Wineman, A. E.; Garver, J. J., 1980: Origin of lactate dehydrogenase ec in amniotic fluid

Engvall E., 1985: Origin of laminin in the extracellular matrix of human tumor xenografts in nude mice

Moller A.R., 1985: Origin of latency shift of cochlear nerve potentials with sound intensity

Ursprung, H.; Conscience-Egli, M.; Fox, D. J.; Wallimann, T., 1972: Origin of leg musculature during drosophila metamorphosis

Juric Lekic G., 1987: Origin of lentoids in experimental teratomas derived from early postimplantation rat embryos

Tohyama M., 1987: Origin of leucine enkephalin fibers and their two main afferent pathways in the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis in the rat

Belch A., 1985: Origin of leukemic relapse after bone marrow transplantation detected by restriction fragment length polymorphism

Balasubramanian R., 1982: Origin of life a hypothesis for the origin of adapter mediated ordered synthesis of proteins and an explanation for the choice of terminating codons in the genetic code

Spaargaren D.H., 1985: Origin of life oceanic genesis panspermia or darwins warm little pond

Noda, H., 1978: Origin of life proceedings of the 2nd international society for the study of origins of life meeting and the 5th international conference on the origin of life meeting

Dounce A.L., 1981: Origin of life proposed mechanisms for primeval poly nucleotide and peptide chain synthesis

Kirkland, D. W.; Evans, R., 1976: Origin of limestone buttes gypsum plain culberson county texas

Section 7, Chapter 6046, Accession 006045167

Nakama T., 1980: Origin of lympho blasts from null cell leukemia clinical findings and cell function of pre b cell leukemia

Maesato S., 1985: Origin of lysozyme in amniotic fluid

Matsuyama, H.; Komatsu, N.; Senda, R., 1975: Origin of macrophage in the telencephalic wall of the rat fetus an observation based on methylazoxy methanol and radiation induced lesions

Section 7, Chapter 6046, Accession 006045171

Buffa P., 1984: Origin of male gametes from choanocytes in spongia officinalis porifera demospongiae

Contel, E. P. B.; Kerr, W. E., 1976: Origin of males in melipona subnitida estimated from data of an isozymic polymorphic system

Section 7, Chapter 6046, Accession 006045175

Wu T W., 1984: Origin of mammalian biliprotein and rearrangement of bilirubin glucuronides in vivo in the rat

Kudo, M.; Glendenning, K. K.; Frost, S. B.; Masterton, R. B., 1986: Origin of mammalian thalamocortical projections i. telencephalic projections of the medial geniculate body in the opossum didelphis virginiana

Buzhievskaya, T. I., 1977: Origin of marker chromosomes in some continuous human cell lines

Pigon, A., 1978: Origin of medium exudate and its effect on the cell surface in acanthamoeba culture/

Hirobe T., 1982: Origin of melanosome structure and cytochemical localizations of tyrosinase activity in differentiating epidermal melanocytes of new born mouse skin

Torpier G., 1985: Origin of membranes of toxoplasma

Section 7, Chapter 6046, Accession 006045182

Ferguson E.S., 1986: Origin of metabolic energy systems or the fusion of light and matter

Mancini, E. A., 1978: Origin of micromorph faunas in the geologic record

Ekweozor C.M., 1982: Origin of mid cretaceous black shales in the benue trough nigeria

Ruckebusch, Y.; Bueno, L., 1977: Origin of migrating myo electric complex in sheep

Merh S.S., 1982: Origin of miliolite rocks of kutch india micro faunal evidences

Lowy D.R., 1981: Origin of mink cytopathic focus forming viruses comparison with ecotropic and xenotropic murine leukemia virus genomes

Section 7, Chapter 6046, Accession 006045189

Bernstein, J. D.; Bucher, J. R.; Penniall, R., 1978: Origin of mitochondrial enzymes part 5 the poly peptide character and the biosynthesis of rat liver cytochrome c oxidase poly peptides by mitochondria

Kiselev, O. I.; Puchkova, L. V.; Gaitskhoki, V. S., 1975: Origin of mitochondrial rna in animal tissues part 4 post transcriptional rna and poly ribosome formation in isolated mitochondria

Watanabe, M.; Ito, T.; Yamamoto, M.; Watanabe, G. I., 1978: Origin of mitotic cells of the chorionic villi in direct chromosome analysis

Shen E., 1986: Origin of monoaminergic innervation of the nucleus raphe magnus a combined monoamine histochemistry and fluorescent retrograde tracing study in the rat

Robinson S.H., 1982: Origin of multi nucleated giant cells in long term diffusion chamber cultures

Mandelkern L., 1979: Origin of multi peak behavior in the nmr spectra of poly l glutamic acid

Coon J.S., 1986: Origin of multiple primary colon carcinomas a retrospective flow cytometric study

Porcelli, L. J. Jr ; Small, E. D.; Brewer, J. M., 1978: Origin of multiple species of yeast enolase a on iso electric focusing

Huhtala, A., 1976: Origin of myelinated nerves in the rat iris

Ryan G.B., 1983: Origin of myo fibroblasts in the avascular capsule around free floating intra peritoneal blood clots

Section 7, Chapter 6046, Accession 006045200

Section 7, Chapter 6046, Accession 006045201

Qu F., 1987: Origin of n 2 in the cat electrocochleogram

Baddoo P.A., 1986: Origin of n nitrosomorpholine contamination in margarine

Nicholas D.J.D., 1984: Origin of nadh for nitrate reduction in wheat triticum aestivum cultivar bindawarra roots

Haumont S., 1979: Origin of necklace particles in thymic ciliating cells

Ilbery, P. L. T.; Barnes, C. A., 1970: Origin of neoplastic cells following prophylaxis of radiation induced mouse leukemia

Lopez Hernandez O.J., 1984: Origin of neurologic affections attended at the department of neurology during 1981 comparative study with regard to 1980

Romeo G., 1986: Origin of new mutations in duchenne muscular dystrophy

Murase S., 1987: Origin of new woody tissue formed under the ring graft of bark in apple

Kawashima, N.; Tanabe, Y.; Iwai, S., 1976: Origin of nicotiana tabacum detected by primary structure of fraction i protein

Kumaoka H., 1987: Origin of nitrogen atoms of the pyrimidine moiety of thiamin

Kaneko, K.; Tanaka, M. W.; Mitsuhashi, H., 1976: Origin of nitrogen in the biosynthesis of solanidine by veratrum grandiflorum

Section 7, Chapter 6046, Accession 006045214

Bourre J.M., 1980: Origin of nonessential brain fatty acids in situ biosynthesis and exogenous source influence of nutrition

Byzov A.L., 1979: Origin of nonlinearity of voltage current relationships of turtle cones

Regan D., 1987: Origin of notches in csf optical or neural

Lelley T., 1983: Origin of nuclear aberrations and seed shriveling in triticale a reevaluation of the role of c hetero chromatin

Naumenko O.I., 1980: Origin of nuclear bodies

Das T.P., 1979: Origin of observed changes in nitrogen 14 hyper fine interaction accompanying r to t transition in nitrosyl hemo globin

Nishikawa N., 1984: Origin of ocular pulse

Section 7, Chapter 6046, Accession 006045222

Fajszi C., 1982: Origin of optical purity role of physical asymmetry

Dyachenko-Yu, V., 1977: Origin of oral cavity staphylococci

Section 7, Chapter 6046, Accession 006045225

Ferster D., 1987: Origin of orientation selective epsps in simple cells of cat visual cortex

Doom J.P., 1986: Origin of oxygen atoms in cantharidin biosynthesized by beetles

Section 7, Chapter 6046, Accession 006045228

Rao K.S., 1979: Origin of pericarp layers in solanum melongena

Sato K., 1986: Origin of periodic acid schiff reactive glycoprotein in human eccrine sweat

Section 7, Chapter 6046, Accession 006045231

Section 7, Chapter 6046, Accession 006045232

Koninckx, P. R.; Renaer, M.; Brosens, I. A., 1980: Origin of peritoneal fluid in women an ovarian exudation product

Takasugi N., 1983: Origin of permanently altered epithelial cells of the vagina in neo natally estrogen treated mice

Khrushchov N.G., 1982: Origin of phagocytes in the central nervous system

Lanks K.W., 1983: Origin of phenotypic variation in clones of sv 40 transformed mouse embryo cells

Section 7, Chapter 6046, Accession 006045237

Section 7, Chapter 6046, Accession 006045238

Zentmyer, G. A., 1977: Origin of phytophthora cinnamomi evidence that it is not an indigenous fungus in the americas

Macedo M.C., 1979: Origin of planting material and its influence on the rapid propagation method of cassava manihot esculenta

Tsuyuzaki S., 1987: Origin of plants recovering on the volcano usu northern japan since the eruptions of 1977 and 1978

Horton R., 1984: Origin of plasma androstanediol glucuronide in men

Section 7, Chapter 6046, Accession 006045243

Yonetani, Y.; Ishii, M.; Yamada, K.; Ogawa, Y., 1977: Origin of plasma uric acid induced by levo epinephrine

Essad S., 1982: Origin of poly ha ploid plants obtained through in vitro anther culture cyto photometric analysis of petunia and wheat micro spore in situ and in vitro

Rouget, P.; Parodi, A.; Blangy, D.; Cuzin, F., 1976: Origin of polyoma virus associated endo nuclease

Noble M.G., 1979: Origin of populus deltoides and salix interior zones on point bars along the minnesota river usa

Barratt L.J., 1985: Origin of positive transepithelial potential difference in early distal segments of rat kidney

Semikhov V.F., 1982: Origin of prolamines and the reasons for their emergence in the evolution of the protein complex of gramineae seeds

Radomirov R., 1980: Origin of prostaglandin and its role in the sympathetic nerve transmission in vas deferens

Dray F., 1982: Origin of prostaglandins in human semen

Section 7, Chapter 6046, Accession 006045253

Finkel M., 1979: Origin of proteins released from barley hordeum vulgare roots by osmotic shock

Section 7, Chapter 6046, Accession 006045255

Bloom, W. L., 1974: Origin of reciprocal translocations and their effect in clarkia speciosa

Dumont, A. E.; Witte, C. L.; Witte, M. H.; Cole, W. R., 1970: Origin of red blood cells in thoracic duct lymph in hepatic cirrhosis

Ben Dor E., 1987: Origin of red clay layers interbedded with basalts of the golan heights israel

Knox J.C., 1983: Origin of red clay over dolomite in the loess covered wisconsin usa driftless uplands

Section 7, Chapter 6046, Accession 006045261

Keen E.N., 1981: Origin of renal arteries from the aorta

Carter, C.; Stoltzfus, C. M.; Banerjee, A. K.; Shatkin, A. J., 1974: Origin of reovirus oligo adenylic acid

Akeson W.H., 1986: Origin of replacement cells for the anterior cruciate ligament autograft

Zakian V.A., 1981: Origin of replication from xenopus laevis mitochondrial dna promotes high frequency transformation of yeast

Delius H., 1982: Origin of replication in chloroplast dna of euglena gracilis located close to the region of variable size

Zentgraf H., 1984: Origin of replication in episomal bovine papilloma virus type 1 dna isolated from transformed cells

Tomizawa, J. I.; Ohmori, H.; Bird, R. E., 1977: Origin of replication of colicin e 1 plasmid dna

Tomizawa J I., 1982: Origin of replication of escherichia coli plasmid rsf 1030

Bolivar, F.; Betlach, M. C.; Heyneker, H. L.; Shine, J.; Rodriguez, R. L.; Boyer, H. W., 1977: Origin of replication of pbr 345 plasmid dna

Veach R.A., 1980: Origin of replication of the dna of a herpesvirus pseudorabies

Von-Meyenburg, K.; Hansen, F. G.; Nielsen, L. D.; Riise, E., 1978: Origin of replication ori c of the escherichia coli chromosome on specialized transducing phages lambda asn

Von-Meyenburg, K.; Hansen, F. G.; Nielsen, L. D.; Jorgensen, P., 1977: Origin of replication oric of the escherichia coli chromosome mapping of genes relative to r eco r i cleavage sites in the oric region

Prakash, S., 1972: Origin of reproductive isolation in the absence of apparent genic differentiation in a geographic isolate of drosophila pseudoobscura

Sytova V.A., 1980: Origin of rugosa and their taxonomic rank

Hurlen B., 1980: Origin of salivary hepatitis b surface antigen

Section 7, Chapter 6046, Accession 006045278

Davydov V.I., 1984: Origin of schwagerina

Section 7, Chapter 6046, Accession 006045280

Erwin D.M., 1987: Origin of seed plants an aneurophyte seed fern link elaborated

Schold, C.; Yarnell, P. R.; Earnest, M. P., 1977: Origin of seizures in elderly patients

Suzuki M., 1986: Origin of septal trh in the rat

Blessing W.W., 1987: Origin of serotonin innervation of the arcuate and ventromedial hypothalamic region

Saini, P. K.; Saini, S. K., 1978: Origin of serum alkaline phosphatase ec in the dog

Section 7, Chapter 6046, Accession 006045286

Judd H.L., 1984: Origin of serum progestins in poly cystic ovarian disease

Section 7, Chapter 6046, Accession 006045288

Imai Y., 1987: Origin of short circuit current of frog skin in the non steady condition

Sakai S., 1987: Origin of short latency somatosensory evoked potential in cats especially potentials derived from thalamus and cortex

Popova L.B., 1984: Origin of signals conveyed by the ventral spino cerebellar tract and spino reticulo cerebellar pathway

Rutherford G.K., 1981: Origin of silt sesqui oxide coatings on sand grains in some podzolic soils of eastern ontario canada

Lean J.S., 1987: Origin of simple glial epiretinal membranes in an animal model

Inouye K., 1983: Origin of slow conformer conversion of triostin a and interaction ability with nucleic acid bases

Goff V.G., 1983: Origin of slow negative potential of direct cortical response in cat

Chambers M.M., 1983: Origin of slow waves in the canine colon

Almawy R., 1986: Origin of small beta lactamase specifying plasmids in haemophilus species and neisseria gonorrhoeae

Papka R.E., 1985: Origin of small primary afferent substance p immunoreactive nerve fibers in the guinea pig heart

Sugiura A., 1979: Origin of small rna in von magnus particles of influenza virus

Section 7, Chapter 6046, Accession 006045300

Kling G.F., 1980: Origin of soil materials in foothill soils of willamette valley oregon usa

Shimoji, K.; Shimizu, H.; Maruyama, Y., 1978: Origin of somato sensory evoked responses recorded from the cervical skin surface

Bjerke T.K., 1982: Origin of song traditions in the redwing turdus iliacus evidence from field studies

Aarts J.M.M.J.G., 1984: Origin of specific elicitors of chlorosis and necrosis occurring in inter cellular fluids of compatible interactions of cladosporium fulvum synonym fulvia fulva and tomato

Oldfield E.H., 1985: Origin of spinal arteriovenous malformation and normal cord vasculature from a common segmental artery angiographic and therapeutic considerations

Steeves, R. A.; Bubbers, J. E.; Plata, F.; Lilly, F., 1978: Origin of spleen colonies generated by friend virus infected cells in mice

Shatkin A.J., 1983: Origin of splice junction phosphate in transfer rna processed by hela cell extract

Ivanov-Smolenskii, A. A.; Chailakhyan, R. K.; Gerasimov-Yu, V.; Gorskaya-Yu, F.; Kuralesova, A. I.; Latsinik, N. V.; Fridenshtein, A. Ya, 1978: Origin of stromal mechanocytes of the bone marrow according to their identification by iso antigens and chromosome markers

Vanin A.F., 1984: Origin of structural differences between nitrosyl non heme iron complexes formed in animal tissues in vivo or in vitro

Dugaiczyk A., 1987: Origin of structural domains of the serum albumin gene family and a predicted structure of the gene for vitamin d binding protein

Kahle, C. F., 1977: Origin of subaerial holocene calcareous crusts role of algae fungi and sparmicritisation

Therman E., 1982: Origin of symmetrical tri radial chromosomes in human cells

Wiberg M., 1988: Origin of sympathetic and sensory innervation of the elbow joint in the rat a retrograde axonal tracing study with wheat germ agglutinin conjugated horseradish peroxidase

Nadelhaft I., 1982: Origin of sympathetic efferent axons in the renal nerves of the cat

Dreher R., 1982: Origin of synovial type a cells during inflammation an experimental approach

Izaguirre C.A., 1988: Origin of t lymphocyte colony forming cells in cell populations depleted of sheep erythrocyte rosette forming cells

Wessels H., 1987: Origin of t lymphocytes in human mixed hematopoietic colonies

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Section 7, Chapter 6046, Accession 006045372

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Section 7, Chapter 6046, Accession 006045432

Section 7, Chapter 6046, Accession 006045433

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Section 7, Chapter 6046 , Accession 006045444

Section 7, Chapter 6046, Accession 006045445

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Section 7, Chapter 6046, Accession 006045528

Section 7, Chapter 6046, Accession 006045529

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Section 7, Chapter 6046, Accession 006045545

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Section 7, Chapter 6046, Accession 006045563

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Section 7, Chapter 6046, Accession 006045588

Section 7, Chapter 6046, Accession 006045589

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