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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6047

Chapter 6047 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Verschuren, J., 1978: Ornithological observations in the national parks of zaire 1968 1974

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Roche, J., 1977: Ornithological research in the republic of somalia results of italian missions in 1968 and 1969

Williams, A. J.; Burger, A. E.; Berruti, A.; Siegfried, W. R., 1975: Ornithological research on marion island 1974 1975

Section 7, Chapter 6047, Accession 006046015

Van-Den-Elzen, R.; Wolters, H. E., 1978: Ornithological results of a collecting trip to senegal

Utschick H., 1980: Ornithological results of a field trip to turkey

Horvath, L.; Keve, A., 1976: Ornithological results of j xantus southeast asian collecting trips

Gerritsen G.J., 1984: Ornithological significance of the barsbekerbinnenpolder northwest overijssel netherlands

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Havlin J., 1980: Ornithological situation of the brno airport czechoslovakia

Kanuscak P., 1987: Ornithological situation of the piestany airport czechoslovakia

Poliak M., 1987: Ornithological situation on the territory of the central wastewater clarification plant in vrakuna czechoslovakia

Section 7, Chapter 6047, Accession 006046024

Congost-Tor, J., 1976: Ornithological study of the region of seguiat el hamra spanish sahara in april 1973

Petretti, F., 1976: Ornithological study on the territory of maccarese italy

Bierrergaard R.O.Jr, 1982: Ornithological surveys in the cover of the rain forest

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Itamies, J.; Helle, P.; Hyytinen, L., 1976: Ornithophila metallica new record diptera hippoboscidae a new bird fly species in fennoscandia

Greiner, E. G.; Eveleigh, E. S.; Boone, W. M., 1978: Ornithophilic culicoides spp diptera ceratopogonidae from new brunswick canada and implications of their involvement in hemoproteid transmission

Breslina I.P., 1979: Ornithophilous flora of the islands in the kandalaksha gulf of the white sea ussr

Freeman C.E., 1986: Ornithophily among the hawaiian usa lobelioideae campanulaceae evidence from floral nectar sugar compositions

Section 7, Chapter 6047, Accession 006046035

Weishampel D.B., 1985: Ornithopod feeding mechanisms their bearing on the evolution of herbivory

Schmid F., 1984: Ornithoptera croesus toeantei new subspecies from morotai island indonesia and a gynandromorph of ornithoptera croesus lydius lepidoptera papilionidae

Broholm, K. A.; Bottiger, M.; Jernelius, H.; Johansson, M.; Grandien, M.; Solver, K., 1977: Ornithosis as a nosocomial infection

Vik I.S.S., 1985: Ornithosis four case reports with uncommon clinical manifestations

Palmer S.R., 1981: Ornithosis in poultry workers

Geddes, D. M.; Skeates, S. J., 1977: Ornithosis pneumonia associated with hemolysis

Ehrl P.A., 1980: Oro antral communication epicritical study of 175 patients with special concern to secondary operative closure

Amaratunga N.A.D.S., 1986: Oro antral fistulae a study of clinical radiological and treatment aspects

Lynch W.C., 1979: Oro esophageal factors in the patterning of drinking

Section 7, Chapter 6047, Accession 006046045

Codeceira A.Jr, 1980: Oro facial dys kinesia

Abbs J.H., 1984: Oro facial fine motor control impairments in congenital spasticity evidence against hypertonus related performance deficits

Russell R.I., 1985: Oro facial granulomatosis a clinical and pathological analysis

Patton, D. W.; Ferguson, M. M.; Forsyth, A.; James, J., 1985: Oro facial granulomatosis a possible allergic basis

Ferguson M.M., 1986: Oro facial granulomatosis and clinical atopy

Mitchell D.N., 1986: Oro facial granulomatosis response to elemental diet and provocation by food additives

Klein, R. J.; Friedman-Kien, A. E.; Yellin, P. B., 1978: Oro facial herpes simplex virus infection in hairless mice latent virus in trigeminal ganglia after topical anti viral treatment

Section 7, Chapter 6047, Accession 006046053

Scully C., 1981: Oro facial manifestations of chronic granulomatous disease of childhood

Section 7, Chapter 6047, Accession 006046055

Chow, A. W.; Roser, S. M.; Brady, F. A., 1978: Oro facial odontogenic infections

Brannon R.B., 1982: Oro facial synovial sarcoma a clinico pathologic study of 11 new cases and review of the literature

Reches A., 1982: Oro facial trophic changes induced by nerve injury

Lafuma J., 1979: Oro facial tumors induced in rats with radioactive cerium chloride

Section 7, Chapter 6047, Accession 006046060

Section 7, Chapter 6047, Accession 006046061

Section 7, Chapter 6047, Accession 006046062

Hall, W. G.; Blass, E. M., 1975: Oro gastric hydrational and behavioral controls of drinking following water deprivation in rats

Section 7, Chapter 6047, Accession 006046064

Section 7, Chapter 6047, Accession 006046065

Mitchell M.D., 1979: Oro granulocyte peroxidase activity as a measure of inflammatory periodontal disease

Section 7, Chapter 6047, Accession 006046067

Galzerano P., 1987: Oro maxillo facial minor surgery in adult patients with cardiovalvular prostheses treatment on day hospital basis

Shizume K., 1986: Oro maxillofacial development in patients with gh deficiency and in normal short children

Section 7, Chapter 6047, Accession 006046070

Niinimaa V., 1983: Oro nasal airway choice during running

Saibene, F.; Mognoni, P.; Lafortuna, C. L.; Mostardi, R., 1978: Oro nasal breathing during exercise

Andries K., 1982: Oro nasal challenge of fattening pigs after vaccination with an inactivated aujeszkys disease vaccine

Shephard R.J., 1981: Oro nasal distribution of respiratory air flow

Sclaroff A., 1984: Oro nasal fistula secondary to maxillary augmentation

Section 7, Chapter 6047, Accession 006046076

Section 7, Chapter 6047, Accession 006046077

Edelstein P.H., 1983: Oro pharyngeal colonization with legionella pneumophila

Blass, E. M.; Jobaris, R.; Hall, W. G., 1976: Oro pharyngeal control of drinking in rats

Section 7, Chapter 6047, Accession 006046081

Section 7, Chapter 6047, Accession 006046082

Section 7, Chapter 6047, Accession 006046083

Stutz, D. R.; Spence, M. R.; Duangmani, C., 1976: Oro pharyngeal gonorrhea during pregnancy

Section 7, Chapter 6047, Accession 006046085

Rosvall T., 1979: Orobanche alba on gotland sweden

Raabe, U., 1987: Orobanche alba steph. ex willd. and orobanche elatior sutton in the region of brilon upper sauerland district west germany

Section 7, Chapter 6047, Accession 006046088

Musselman L.J., 1981: Orobanche minor germination with strigol and gr compounds

Fontanella A., 1988: Orocecal transit time in healthy and constipated children

Carvell T., 1986: Orofacial and somatic responses elicited by lithium nicotine and amphetamine paired sucrose solution

Tolarova M., 1987: Orofacial clefts in czechoslovakia incidence genetics and prevention of cleft lip and palate over a 19 year period

Mcguire R., 1986: Orofacial dyskinesia cognitive function and medication

Jaeger A., 1985: Orofacial dyskinesias a cause of the occurrence of mandibular joint noises the origin and pathology of reciprocal cracking of the mandibular joint

Abbs, J. H.; Hartmann, D. E.; Vishwanat, B., 1987: Orofacial motor control impairment in parkinson's disease

Muftic O., 1986: Orofacial skeleton firmness as the basis of the mechanical theory of fracture in shock effect

Evander R.L., 1982: Orohippus proteros new species perissodactyla equidae from the early eocene of wyoming usa

Section 7, Chapter 6047, Accession 006046099

Mengeling W.L., 1984: Oronasal and intramuscular vaccination of swine with a modified live porcine parvovirus vaccine multiplication and transmission of the vaccine virus

Sackner M.A., 1987: Oronasal distribution of ventilation during exercise in normal subjects and patients with asthma and rhinitis

Mckown T.M., 1988: Oronasal obstruction lung volumes and arterial oxygenation

Nilsson N G., 1987: Orontium aquaticum and lysichiton americanus found in halland sweden

Pihlajamaki K., 1986: Oropharyngeal absorption of atropine

Hoffmeyer L.B., 1988: Oropharyngeal control of hand mouth coordination in newborn infants

Sackner M.A., 1987: Oropharyngeal deposition and delivery aspects of metered dose inhaler aerosols

Swoboda R., 1987: Oropharyngeal lipoma with osseous metaplasia

Epstein M.A., 1985: Oropharyngeal shedding of infectious epstein barr virus in healthy virus immune donors a prospective study

Dar'yalova S.L., 1986: Oropharyngeal tumor proliferating activity as a prognostic criterion for radiotherapy

Section 7, Chapter 6047, Accession 006046111

Pace, R., 1983: Orophilid aleocharinae from venezuela collected by franz 1. bolithocharini and callicerini geostibae coleoptera staphylinidae

Roberts, D. R.; Dixon, K. E.; Llewellyn, C. H.; Hoch, A. L., 1981: Oropouche virus 3. entomological observations from 3 epidemics in para brazil 1975

Section 7, Chapter 6047, Accession 006046116

Whitehead R.L., 1987: Orosensory perception and articulatory proficiency in hearing impaired adults

Schils E.D.J., 1986: Orosensory similarity of vowels

Tracopoulos G.D., 1981: Oroso mucoid alpha 2 macro globulin and immuno globulins in serum and pleural effusions

Rudman, D.; Chawla, R. K.; Del-Rio, A. E.; Hollins, B. M.; Hall, E. C.; Conn, J. M., 1974: Oroso mucoid content of pleural and peritoneal effusions

Agostoni, A.; Marasini, B., 1977: Oroso mucoid contents of pleural and peritoneal effusions of various etiologies

Sikorska, E. J.; Rzucidlo, L.; Wyszomirska, J.; Tylewska, S.; Klosinska-Kita, E., 1977: Oroso mucoid level and the number of tuberculin binding lymphocytes in blood of the tuberculous patients

Suzuki T., 1988: Orosomucoid 1 and orosomucoid 2 types in the taiwanese and japanese evidence for five new orosomucoid variants

Ohuchi K., 1986: Orosomucoid as the accelerator of hepatic fibrosis

Suenaga K., 1988: Orosomucoid orm typing by isoelectric focusing evidence for an additional duplicated orm l locus haplotype and close linkage of two orm loci

Robinet Levy M., 1987: Orosomucoid orm typing by isoelectric focusing evidence for gene duplication of orm 1 and genetic polymorphism of orm 2

Demard F., 1988: Orosomucoid prealbumin ratio a marker of the host tumor relationship in head and neck cancer

Robinet Levy M., 1986: Orosomucoid typing by isoelectric focusing evidence for two structural loci orm 1 and orm 2

Suzuki T., 1985: Orosomucoid typing by print lectinofixation a new technique for isoelectric focusing two common alleles in japan

Section 7, Chapter 6047, Accession 006046130

Shanks R.D., 1984: Orotate in milk and urine of dairy cows with a partial deficiency of ump synthase

Ashihara, H., 1978: Orotate phospho ribosyl transferase ec and orotidine 5 mono phosphate decarboxylase ec of black gram phaseolus mungo seedlings

Walther, R.; Krauss, G. J.; Reinbothe, H., 1981: Orotate phospho ribosyl transferase ec and orotidine 5' phosphate decarboxylase ec of euglena gracilis purification and properties

Pragobpol, S.; Gero, A. M.; Lee, C. S.; O'sullivan, W. J., 1984: Orotate phospho ribosyl transferase ec and orotidylate decarboxylase ec from crithidia luciliae sub cellular location of the enzymes and a study of substrate channeling

Section 7, Chapter 6047, Accession 006046135

Luke A., 1987: Orotate uptake and metabolism in normal and neoplastic tissues

Parodi S., 1985: Orotic acid a promoter of liver carcinogenesis induces dna damage in rat liver

Kochkin, D. A., 1977: Orotic acid and its derivatives derivation properties and use

Milner J.A., 1979: Orotic acid biosynthesis in arginine deficient rats

Tremblay, G. C.; Crandall, D. E.; Knott, C. E.; Alfant, M. , 1977: Orotic acid biosynthesis in rat liver studies on the source of carbamoyl phosphate

Shimazaki, K. I.; Sasaki, M.; Sukegawa, K., 1978: Orotic acid concentration in bovine normal colostral and mastitic milk

Brennan M.F., 1985: Orotic acid excretion during starvation and refeeding in normal men

Womack, J. E.; O'donovan, G. A., 1978: Orotic acid excretion in some wild type strains of escherichia coli k 12

Anderson R.R., 1988: Orotic acid in guinea pig milk changes in concentration during lactation

Section 7, Chapter 6047, Accession 006046145

Lipp, K.; Van-Der-Meulen, N.; Wenske, G.; Linneweh, F., 1978: Orotic acid its influence on nuclear rna and microsomal protein synthesis in brain cells of under nourished rat pups/

Cohen, A.; Staal, G. E. J.; Ammann, A. J.; Martin, D. W-Jr, 1977: Orotic aciduria in 2 unrelated patients with inherited deficiencies of purine nucleoside phosphorylase

Rajantie J., 1981: Orotic aciduria in lysinuric protein intolerance dependence on urea cycle intermediates

Rattke, W.; Krauss, G. J., 1977: Orotidine 5 phosphate pyro phosphate phospho ribosyl transferase ec and orotidine 5 phosphate carboxy lyase ec of euglena gracilis

Taglianti A.V., 1980: Orotrechus gigas new species from venetian prealps coleoptera carabidae italy

Priddy R.W., 1986: Orpams a data management system for oral pathology

Goldsmith, R.; Stark, F.; Smith, C.; Healy, G.; Donegan, E.; Juchau, V.; Stalcup, A., 1976: Orphan airlift enteric pathogens isolated from vietnamese children immigrating to the usa

Section 7, Chapter 6047, Accession 006046154

Section 7, Chapter 6047, Accession 006046155

Section 7, Chapter 6047, Accession 006046156

Section 7, Chapter 6047, Accession 006046157

Section 7, Chapter 6047, Accession 006046158

Section 7, Chapter 6047, Accession 006046159

Section 7, Chapter 6047, Accession 006046160

Section 7, Chapter 6047, Accession 006046161

Kedes L., 1981: Orphons dispersed genetic elements derived from tandem repetitive genes of eukaryotes

Kass L., 1981: Orseilline aniline blue a new stain for erythro blasts

Corlett, M.; Kokko, E. G., 1977: Orseilline bb and crystal violet a differential staining combination for paraffin sections and water mounts of fungi

Luteyn J.L., 1987: Orthaea ericaceae vaccinieae new species and redefinition of the genus

Leisinger T., 1986: Orthanilic acid and analogs as carbon sources for bacteria growth physiology and enzymic desulfonation

Section 7, Chapter 6047, Accession 006046168

Dumont, H. J., 1977: Orthetrum abbotti new record of ethiopian representative in the palearctic fauna anisoptera libellulidae

Watson, J. A. L.; Arthington, A. H., 1978: Orthetrum boumiera new species from dune lakes in eastern australia odonata libellulidae

Section 7, Chapter 6047, Accession 006046171

Melou, M., 1976: Orthida brachiopoda from the postolonnec formation ordovician finistere france

Melou M., 1985: Orthis berthoisi orthida brachiopoda from the ordovician of the armorican massif france

David, H., 1978: Ortho and patho morphology of human and animal cells in drawings diagrams and constructions

Vilmann, H.; Kirkeby, S.; Moss, M. L., 1980: Ortho cephalization 4. differential growth of the spheno occipital syn chondrosis in the rat

Section 7, Chapter 6047, Accession 006046176

Stockert J.C., 1981: Ortho chromatic and meta chromatic staining reactions of chromatin by thiazine dyes

Lechi A., 1979: Ortho chromatic leuko dystrophy with pigmented glial cells an adult case with clinical anatomical study

Buncel, E.; Chuaqui-Offermanns, N.; Hunter, B. K.; Norris, A. R., 1977: Ortho complexes as biophysical and biochemical probes part 2 transformations of ortho complex intermediates from reaction of 4 nitro benzofuroxan and methoxide ion

Suami T., 1987: Ortho ester claisen rearrangements of three 3 c hydroxymethylmethylene derivatives of hexofuranose stereoselective introduction of a quaternary center on c 3 of d ribo l lyxo and d arabinohexofuranoses

Mathew, T. V.; Chauhan, V. S., 1987: Ortho formylation of a tyrosine derivative using duff's reaction

Mccarty M.F., 1982: Ortho molecular aids for dieting

Talari, A.; Ainamo, J., 1976: Ortho pan tomographic assessment of the width of attached gingiva

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Smith L.H., 1980: Ortho phosphate therapy decreases urinary calcium excretion and serum 1 25 di hydroxy vitamin d concentrations in idiopathic hyper calciuria

Tenenhouse, H. S.; Scriver, C. R., 1975: Ortho phosphate transport in the erythrocyte of normal subjects and of patients with x linked hypo phosphatemia

Peters, R. H.; Macintyre, S., 1976: Ortho phosphate turnover in east african lakes

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Musig Y., 1981: Ortho phosphate uptake by phyto plankton and sediment

Auclair J.C., 1984: Ortho phosphate uptake rate constants are mediated by the 1000 to 10000 molecular weight fraction in shield lake canada waters

Roth R.L., 1979: Ortho phosphoric acid as a phosphorus fertilizer in trickle irrigation

Ran R., 1981: Ortho plasty for bile duct stricture at the hilum a preliminary report of 5 cases

Lecomte J., 1979: Ortho sympathetic reaction during acute asphyxia in the rat

Bartfai T., 1983: Ortho vanadate induces loss of muscarinic cholinergic binding sites

Lammes T., 1981: Orthocephalus coriaceus heteroptera miridae found in finland

Kelton L.A., 1986: Orthocephalus saltator heteroptera miridae corrections of misidentification and the first authentic report for north america

Saether O.A., 1982: Orthocladiinae diptera chironomidae from southeastern usa with descriptions of pludsonia new genus unniella new genus and platysmittia new genus and atelopodella new subgenus

Saether O.A., 1981: Orthocladiinae diptera chironomidae from the british west indies with descriptions of antillocladius antecarvus new genus new species lipurometriocnemus alabalus new genus new species compterosmittia dentispina new genus new species and diplosmittia harrisoni new genus new species

Soponis A.R., 1983: Orthocladius ferringtoni new species subgenus orthocladius from kansas usa diptera chironomidae

Eduardo S.L., 1980: Orthocoelium indonesiense new species of amphistome from ruminants in indonesia

Peralta R.C., 1987: Orthocoelium serpenticaecum new species paramphistomidae orthocoeliinae from the swamp buffalo bubalus bubalis linnaeus in the philippines

Grahn Y., 1986: Orthocone nautiloid orientations in arenig and llanvirn limestones of oland sweden

Rajagopal K.R., 1987: Orthodeoxia a new finding in interstitial fibrosis

Yamamori O., 1986: Orthodirection gonioscopy

Bennett N., 1988: Orthodontic analysis and treatment planning a suite of programs for performing centroid cephalometrics

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Richmond S., 1986: Orthodontic movement of a canine into an adjoining extraction site

Thilander B., 1984: Orthodontic movement of maxillary incisors through the midpalatal suture area an experimental study in dogs

Thilander B., 1980: Orthodontic relapse in dentitions with reduced periodontal support an experimental study in dogs

Rus Staroste D., 1981: Orthodontic screws of an original type

Dahl E., 1987: Orthodontic surgical reconstruction of cleft palate surgical reconstruction of teeth mouth and jaw in lip jaw palate cleavage

Ruiz Mirete P., 1986: Orthodontic surgical treatment of unerupted teeth

Edmundson J.T., 1984: Orthodontic tooth movement analyzed by the finite element method

Thilander B., 1985: Orthodontic tooth movement through the midpalatal suture area after surgical removal of the suture an experimental study in dogs

Section 7, Chapter 6047, Accession 006046225

Rolling S., 1982: Orthodontic treatment and socio economic status in danish children aged 11 15 years

Yamashita S., 1981: Orthodontic treatment at the clinic of oral and maxillo facial surgery the medical hospital kagoshima university japan

Muench J., 1987: Orthodontic treatment of adult patients advice and supervision

Rosenstein S.W., 1987: Orthodontic treatment of fissure patients using the edgewise technique

Gurevich E.Ts, 1981: Orthodontic treatment of parodontosis with the application of silver palladium alloy

Helm S., 1982: Orthodontic treatment priorities in the danish child dental health services

Rolling S., 1984: Orthodontic treatment service studied retrospectively in a group of danish children aged 15 16 years

Dixon, D. A.; Edwards, J. R. G.; Newton, I., 1976: Orthodontically induced eruption of the permanent canine combined with alveolar cleft osteo plasty a new procedure illustrated by a case with stereo photogrammetric reconstructions

Pop E., 1985: Orthodontico parodontologic correlations

Souyris F., 1986: Orthodontics and surgery

Howell S., 1986: Orthodontics in general practice a survey

Adler, T., 1976: Orthodontics its role in preventive dentistry

Hedenas L., 1981: Orthodontium lineare an advancing moss species

Soderstrom L., 1988: Orthodontium lineare in sweden

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Pritchard H.W., 1983: Orthodox behavior of oil palm elaeis guineensis seed and cryo preservation of the excised embryo for genetic conservation

Leung L W.S., 1979: Orthodromic activation of hippocampal ca 1 region of the rat

Mcclung J.R., 1988: Orthodromic activation of juxta abducens neurons following sixth nerve stimulation in the cat

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Reulen H.J., 1988: Orthodromic intra extracranial neurography to monitor facial nerve function intraoperatively

Libet B., 1981: Orthodromic production of noncholinergic slow de polarizing response in the superior cervical ganglion of the rabbit

Scott J.W., 1983: Orthodromic response properties of rat olfactory bulb mitral and tufted cells correlate with their projection patterns

Section 7, Chapter 6047, Accession 006046249

Belen J., 1985: Orthodromic sensory nerve conduction of the medial and lateral plantar nerves a standardization

Llanas J.M., 1988: Orthodromic study of the sensory fibers innervating the fourth finger

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Bookstein, F. L., 1977: Orthogenesis of the hominids an exploration using bi orthogonal grids

Isshiki N., 1987: Orthognathic surgery for cleft palate deformities

Lilja J., 1987: Orthognathic surgery with no postoperative intermaxillary fixation

Sotereanos G.C., 1981: Orthognathic surgical reconstruction of cleft palate deformities in adolescents

Araujo, R. L., 1977: Orthognathotermes insignis new species from brazil isoptera termitidae

Fitch S.J., 1985: Orthognotic surgery for children analysis of 88 consecutive cases

Ellisman M.H., 1984: Orthogonal arrays are re distributed in the membranes of astro glia from alumina induced epileptic foci

Greven H., 1980: Orthogonal arrays of intra membranous particles in the basal plasma membranes of the epidermis of larval salamandra salamandra amphibia urodela

Bordi, C.; Perrelet, A., 1978: Orthogonal arrays of particles in plasma membranes of the gastric parietal cell

Section 7, Chapter 6047, Accession 006046262

Miragall F., 1986: Orthogonal arrays of particles in the plasma membrane of pneumocytes

Fang L L., 1987: Orthogonal astigmatic axes in chinese and caucasian infants

Krause W.R., 1987: Orthogonal bone cutting saw design and operating characteristics

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Ingling, C. R-Jr ; Tsou, B. H. P., 1977: Orthogonal combination of the 3 visual channels

Section 7, Chapter 6047, Accession 006046268

Koziol J.A., 1982: Orthogonal components of the kruskal wallis and related k sample linear rank statistics

An D K., 1987: Orthogonal design simplex method and its application to the analysis of compound anti hypertensive tablets

Inoue M., 1979: Orthogonal electro cardiographic study on progressive muscular dystrophy of the duchenne type

Levkov C.L., 1987: Orthogonal electrocardiogram derived from the limb and chest electrodes of the conventional 12 lead system

Moses J.A.Jr, 1986: Orthogonal factor structure of the luria nebraska neuropsychological battery localization scale items for the left and right hemispheres

Emeis C C., 1987: Orthogonal field alternation gel electrophoresis ofage as a means for the analysis of somatic hybrids obtained by protoplast fusion of different saccharomyces strains

Bukovitz, A. G.; Deutsch, M.; Slayton, R., 1978: Orthogonal fields variations in dose vs gap size for treatment of the central nervous system

Janin J., 1982: Orthogonal packing of beta pleated sheets in proteins

Von Maltzahn W.W., 1984: Orthogonal polynomials used as soft tissue energy density functions

Mall G., 1985: Orthogonal triplet probes an efficient method for unbiased estimation of length and surface of objects with unknown orientation in space

Mantravadi, R.; Liebner, E. J.; Ginde, J. V.; Haas, R. E., 1978: Orthogonal xero radiography for iodine 125 seed implantation

Dodwell P.C., 1984: Orthogonality of patterns does not predict their discriminability

Arratia G., 1987: Orthogonikleithrus leichi new genus new species pisces teleostei from the late jurassic of west germany

Kirpekar S.M., 1984: Orthograde and retrograde axonal transport of calmodulin in a cat noradrenergic neuron

Grabau G.G., 1987: Orthograde and retrograde axonal transport of dopamine beta hydroxylase in ileal mesenteric nerves of rats with chronic streptozotocin diabetes

Section 7, Chapter 6047, Accession 006046284

Nedjabat, T.; Funke, H. D.; Klammer, H. L., 1976: Orthograde in situ venous bypass in cases of femoro popliteal arterial occlusion

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Flanigan H.P., 1980: Orthographic and phonological activation in auditory and visual word recognition

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