Orthis berthoisi orthida brachiopoda from the ordovician of the armorican massif france

Melou, M.

Geobios 18(5): 595-608


ISSN/ISBN: 0016-6995
Accession: 006046173

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Since it is impossible to state about any generic assignment for Orthis berthoisi ROUAULT, 1849, the species name is herein restricted to original specimens figured by the author. The study of the Brachiopods from the St-Germain-sur-Ille Formation allows to confirm the first determination by De Tromelin and Lebesconte (1875) and to establish their conspecificity with Orthis berthoisi var. erratica described in 1869 by Davidson from the Budleigh-Salterton pebbles. The successive assignment of the species erratica to the genus Svobodaina (Cocks, 1978) then to Corineorthis (CoCks and Lockley, 1981) is discussed. The attribution to the genus Drabovinella HAVLICEK, 1951 appears most likely.