Osmotic potential of the epidermal cells of cucumber cucumis sativa cultivar aonagajibae hypocotyls as affected by gibberellin and cotyledons

Katsumi, M.; Kazama, H.; Kawamura, N.; Katsu, N.

Plant and Cell Physiology 21(6): 933-938


ISSN/ISBN: 0032-0781
Accession: 006047205

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Using cucumber seedlings grown in the light with fully expanded cotyledons, the osmotic potential of the epidermal cells of the hypocotyl, as determined by the plasmolysis method, was examined in relation to the effect of GA7 and cotyledons. GA7 at a dosage level of 0.05 .mu.g/plant applied to the apical bud lowered the osmotic potential; the decrease was significant 5 h after GA7 treatment. Removal of the cotyledons, covering them with aluminum foil, or applying linuron a DCMU [N-(3,4-dichlorophenyl-N-N-dimethyl-urea] analogue, caused an increase in potential. In light-grown cucumber seedlings, the maintenance of a lower osmotic potential in the epidermal cells of the hypocotyl may be regulated by the photosynthetic activity of the cotyledon and by GA.