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Osteologic findings on the cranial bones in the mongolian gerbil meriones unguiculatus in comparison with the cranial bones of the syrian hamster mesocricetus auratus and those of the laboratory mouse mus musculus

Irmer, S.; Wissdorf, H.

Zeitschrift fuer Versuchstierkunde 22(3): 179-191


Accession: 006048066

The cranial bones of the Mongolian gerbil, M. unguiculatus (Milne-Edwards, 1867), were examined macroscopically and compared to those of the Syrian hamster (M. auratus Waterhouse) and those of the laboratory mouse (M. musculus L.). The Ossa cranii of the 3 spp. are nearly similar. Literature nomenclature of particular points of the bones shows some differences. Unlike M. musculus and M. auratus the squama frontalis of M. unguiculatus is connected to the proc. [process] frontalis dors. [dorsalis] of the maxilla. Inside of the os frontale of the Syrian hamster 2 special bone borders are formed. At the pars petrosa of the os temporale of M. unguiculatus a proc. occipitalis is prominent; it connects to the corresponding point inside the squama occipitalis. An os pterygoideum occurs only in the Mongolian gerbil.

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