Section 7
Chapter 6,049

Osteologic findings on the skeleton of the shoulder of the mongolian gerbil meriones unguiculatus in comparison with that of the syrian hamster mesocricetus auratus and the laboratory mouse mus musculus

Irmer, S.; Wissdorf, H.

Zeitschrift fuer Versuchstierkunde 21(2): 61-71


Accession: 006048067

The skeleton of the shoulder of M. unguiculatus is characterized by a large crista epicondyli lateralis humeri and a large foramen supracondylare in the epicondylus medialis. The carpal bones of the 3 animals also have differences. All 3 spp. have 5 digits. In the Mongolian gerbil and in the Syrian hamster each digit consists of 2 parts. The ossa sesamoidea proximales are paired on all digits. M. unguiculatus has, except for the 1st digit, an os sesamoideum distalis on the palmar aspect of the distal interphalangeal joint.

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