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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6051

Chapter 6051 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Mondain-Monval, M.; Dutourne, B.; Bonnin-Laffargue, M.; Canivenc, R.; Scholler, R., 1977: Ovarian activity during the anestrus and the reproductive season of the red fox vulpes vulpes

Maiti B.R., 1987: Ovarian activity during the annual reproductive cycle and nesting cycle of a wild avian species the pied myna sturnus contra contra

Smith P., 1985: Ovarian activity in booroola x romney ewes which have a major gene influencing their ovulation rate

Lauge G., 1979: Ovarian activity in locusta migratoria and schistocerca gregaria macroscopic and histologic observations

Harms P.G., 1984: Ovarian activity of holstein and jersey cows of diverse transmitting abilities for milk

Ojo S.A., 1985: Ovarian activity of sokoto red goats using abattoir specimens

Molokwu E.C.I., 1985: Ovarian activity of yankasa sheep using abattoir specimens

Cornish D.A., 1986: Ovarian adaptations in the viviparous teleosts clinus superciliosus and clinus dorsalis perciformes clinidae

Paul P.S., 1979: Ovarian adeno carcinomas in domestic turkeys

Averette H.E., 1986: Ovarian adenocarcinoma complicated by malignant pericarditis

Assan R., 1983: Ovarian adrenal interactions in regulation of endocrine pancreatic function in the rat

Pelletier G., 1987: Ovarian adrenergic nerves directly participate in the control of lhrh and beta adrenergic receptors during puberty a biochemical and autoradiographic study

Bondeson W.E., 1979: Ovarian anatomy of quararibea guianensis and quararibea cordata

Section 7, Chapter 6051, Accession 006050017

Judd H.L., 1980: Ovarian and adrenal steroidogenesis in a virilized patient with gonadotropin resistant ovaries and hilus cell hyperplasia

Aedo, A. R.; Landgren, B. M.; Diczfalusy, E., 1981: Ovarian and adrenal steroids at different phases of the menstrual cycle 1. dynamic changes during the peri ovulatory period

Section 7, Chapter 6051, Accession 006050020

Section 7, Chapter 6051, Accession 006050021

Ogle, T. F.; Kitay, J. I., 1977: Ovarian and adrenal steroids during pregnancy and the estrous cycle in the rat

Section 7, Chapter 6051, Accession 006050023

Hammerstein J., 1984: Ovarian and adrenal vein steroids in healthy women with ovulatory cycles selective catheterization findings

Hammerstein J., 1984: Ovarian and adrenal vein steroids in patients with nonneoplastic hyper androgenism selective catheterization findings

Gielen J.T., 1987: Ovarian and body responses of the african catfish clarias gariepinus to human chorionic gonadotropin chorulon r and carp pituitary suspension used in a bioassay for estimating the gonadotropic activity of a crude carp powder preparation

Section 7, Chapter 6051, Accession 006050028

Raychev R.D., 1986: Ovarian and endometrial endometrioid carcinoma diagnostic implications of flow cytometry

Bownes M., 1982: Ovarian and fat body vitellogenin synthesis in drosophila melanogaster

Voogt J.L., 1984: Ovarian and fetal control of rat placental lactogen and prolactin secretion at mid pregnancy

Deis R.P., 1986: Ovarian and feto placental factors and the regulation of prolactin release during pregnancy in the rat

Spaziani E., 1984: Ovarian and hemolymph titers of ecdysteroid during the gonadotropic cycle in diploptera punctata

Kirkwood, A. C., 1976: Ovarian and larval development of the sheep head fly hydrotaea irritans diptera muscidae

Section 7, Chapter 6051, Accession 006050037

Section 7, Chapter 6051, Accession 006050038

Section 7, Chapter 6051, Accession 006050039

Section 7, Chapter 6051, Accession 006050040

Section 7, Chapter 6051, Accession 006050041

Section 7, Chapter 6051, Accession 006050042

Section 7, Chapter 6051, Accession 006050044

Silva, J. C. P. D.; Chquiloff, M. A. D. G.; Nascimento, E. F. D., 1982: Ovarian and uterine alterations in sows 1. ovarian and cervical cysts

Marchevsky, R. S.; Nascimento, E. F. D.; Chquiloff, M. A. D. G., 1983: Ovarian and uterine alterations in the bitch 2. metritis

Nascimento, E. F. D.; Marchevsky, R. S.; Chquiloff, M. A. D., 1986: Ovarian and uterine alterations in the bitch iii. cystic endometrial hyperplasia pyometra complex

Silva, J. C. P. D.; Chquiloff, M. A. D. G.; Nascimento, E. F. D., 1984: Ovarian and uterine alterations in the sow 3. cystic endometrial hyperplasia and hemangioma

Misra U.K., 1981: Ovarian and uterine lipids of rats administered excess vitamin a

Parfenov Yu D., 1982: Ovarian and uterine tumors in rats following exposure to different types of radiation

Sakaguchi B., 1987: Ovarian and yolk protein of ki mutant in bombyx mori

Rose C., 1984: Ovarian androblastoma metastatic to tonsil

Krasnitskaya L.N., 1981: Ovarian androgenic function and hypophyseal gonadotropic activity in different forms of cryptorchism in boys and juveniles

Wolf R.C., 1983: Ovarian aromatase activity in granulosa and theca cells of rhesus monkeys macaca mulatta

Armstrong D.G., 1984: Ovarian aromatase activity in the domestic fowl gallus domesticus

Mattner P.E., 1980: Ovarian arterial blood velocity measured with doppler ultrasonic transducers in conscious ewes

Section 7, Chapter 6051, Accession 006050059

Mattison, D. R.; Thorgeirsson, S. S., 1979: Ovarian aryl hydro carbon hydroxylase ec activity and primordial oocyte toxicity of poly cyclic aromatic hydro carbons in mice

Ishii, S.; Sakar, A. K.; Kobayashi, H., 1970: Ovarian ascorbic acid depleting factor in pigeon median eminence extracts

Hellwing, S.; Funkenstein, B., 1977: Ovarian asymmetry in the shrew crocidura russula monacha

Davis, N. E. T., 1977: Ovarian atrophy resulting from urethane injection of neo natal mice

Le-Roux, P. H.; Van-Der-Walt, L. A., 1977: Ovarian auto graft as an alternative to ovariectomy in bitches

Ojeda S.R., 1982: Ovarian beta adrenergic receptors during the onset of puberty characterization distribution and coupling to steroidogenic responses

Van Hall E.V., 1979: Ovarian binding and intrinsic biological activity of desialylated human chorionic gonadotropin in immature super ovulated rats

Kraiem, Z.; Eshkol, A.; Lunenfeld, B.; Ahren, K., 1976: Ovarian biochemical competence following gonadotropic deprivation from birth

Karam, K.; Mroueh, A., 1978: Ovarian biopsy in the evaluation of amenorrhea

Meyer G.T., 1981: Ovarian blood flow and progesterone secretion in anesthetized rats at day 16 of gestation and the effects of hemorrhage

Bruce, N. W.; Gibbs, C. P., 1976: Ovarian blood flow in conscious and anesthetized pregnant rabbits near term and the influence of arterial blood gas tensions

Curry T.E.Jr, 1983: Ovarian blood flow in the rat association with body weight the estrous cycle and pseudopregnancy

Ford S.P., 1983: Ovarian blood flow throughout the estrous cycle and early pregnancy in sows

Roth, L. M.; Dallenbach-Hellweg, G.; Czernobilsky, B., 1985: Ovarian brenner tumors 1. metaplastic proliferating and of low malignant potential

Roth, L. M.; Czernobilsky, B., 1985 : Ovarian brenner tumors 2. malignant

Young R.C., 1979: Ovarian cancer a solid tumor with evidence of normal cellular immune function but abnormal bone marrow derived cell function

Section 7, Chapter 6051, Accession 006050076

Wojciechowski C.A., 1982: Ovarian cancer and talc a case control study

Brunner K., 1988: Ovarian cancer and tumor markers sialic acid galactosyltransferase and ca 125

James R.D., 1984: Ovarian cancer antigen ca 125 a prospective clinical assessment of its role as a tumor marker

Seppala M., 1986: Ovarian cancer antigen ca 125 levels in pelvic inflammatory disease and pregnancy

Griffiths C.T., 1979: Ovarian cancer cachexia surgical interactions

Barber H.R.K., 1984: Ovarian cancer diagnosis and management

Wollner D., 1979: Ovarian cancer effective treatment after alkylating agent failure

Jereb, B.; Golouh, R.; Havlicek, S., 1977: Ovarian cancer in children and adolescents a review of 15 cases

Yates J.W., 1986: Ovarian cancer in the elderly an analysis of surveillance epidemiology and end results program data

Schenker J.G., 1985: Ovarian cancer in the young

Section 7, Chapter 6051, Accession 006050087

O'fallon M., 1979: Ovarian cancer incidence and case control study

Kolosov A.E., 1980: Ovarian cancer metastases in the greater omentum

Llompart M., 1986: Ovarian cancer metastatic to the kidney case report

Brunner K.W., 1980: Ovarian cancer new prognostic and therapeutic concepts

Copeland, L. J.; Gershenson, D. M., 1986: Ovarian cancer recurrences macroscopic tumor at second look laparotomy

Chudina A.P., 1986: Ovarian cancer risk evaluation using individual and family history data

Goldsman T., 1985: Ovarian cancer role of diaphragmatic lymphatic obstruction in the mechanism of ascites formation scintigraphic studies

Et Al, 1987: Ovarian cancer ten year experience in a community hospital

Gordon H., 1981: Ovarian cancer the 10 year experience of a district general hospital

Stoter G., 1988: Ovarian cancer the prognostic value of the serum half life of ca 125 during induction chemotherapy

Imani T., 1981: Ovarian carcinoid composed of argyrophil and argentaffin cells

Boyes D.A., 1985: Ovarian carcinoma a multivariate analysis of prognostic factors

Ehrlich C.E., 1987: Ovarian carcinoma adjuvant treatment with phosphorus 32

Krstajic N., 1979: Ovarian carcinoma against the background of acute abdomen

Mcdonald E.C., 1984: Ovarian carcinoma cells in culture assessment of drug sensitivity by clonogenic assay

Slater G., 1981: Ovarian carcinoma complicated by gastric outlet obstruction

Khan, O.; Cosgrove, D. O.; Fried, A. M.; Savage, P. E., 1986: Ovarian carcinoma follow up ultrasound vs. laparotomy

Mccarty K.S.Jr, 1981: Ovarian carcinoma histologic and clinical correlation of cytoplasmic estrogen and progesterone binding

Reid J.G., 1979: Ovarian carcinoma improved survival following abdomino pelvic irradiation in patients with a completed pelvic operation

Pepe P., 1987: Ovarian carcinoma in adolescents

Melchert F., 1987: Ovarian carcinoma increase in clinical validity by simultaneous determination of sra and ca 125

Mitchell G.W.Jr, 1983: Ovarian carcinoma management of stress in patients and physicians

Lifshitz, S.; Newland, W. H.; Dolan, T. E.; Buchsbaum, H. J., 1978: Ovarian carcinoma presenting as a vaginal lesion

Section 7, Chapter 6051, Accession 006050111

Jazy F.K., 1987: Ovarian carcinoma results of radiation therapy and chemotherapy in 83 patients

Kapadia, S. B.; Krause, J. R., 1978: Ovarian carcinoma terminating in acute nonlymphocytic leukemia following alkylating agent therapy

Section 7, Chapter 6051, Accession 006050114

Section 7, Chapter 6051, Accession 006050115

Teufel, G.; Pfleiderer, A. Jr, 1976: Ovarian carcinomas in vitro under endoxan influence a cytochemical and morphological investigation

Greenstein A.J., 1981: Ovarian carcinomatosis presenting with hyper amylasemia and pleural effusion

Lima Filho J.V.D., 1986: Ovarian carcinosarcoma a case report

Cerezo L., 1986: Ovarian cavernous hemangioma

Section 7, Chapter 6051, Accession 006050120

Section 7, Chapter 6051, Accession 006050121

Section 7, Chapter 6051, Accession 006050122

Section 7, Chapter 6051, Accession 006050123

Dimichele L., 1980: Ovarian changes during the lunar spawning cycle of fundulus heteroclitus

Caussanel, C., 1976: Ovarian changes during the reproductive cycles of labidura riparia insecta dermaptera

Nakahara T., 1984: Ovarian changes in dairy cows intramuscularly injected with lhrh analog in the postpartum inactive period of the ovary

Rosser A.M., 1983: Ovarian characteristics and reproductive performance of rein deer rangifer tarandus

Belcher H.K., 1985: Ovarian characteristics of fox squirrels sciurus niger rufiventer

Czernobilsky B., 1984: Ovarian clear cell adeno fibromatous tumors benign of low malignant potential and associated with invasive clear cell carcinoma

Van-Bogaert, L. J.; De-Muylder, E.; Staquet, J. P., 1976: Ovarian clear cell carcinoma associated with multiple distinct muellerian tumors

Espey, L. L., 1978: Ovarian contractility and its relationship to ovulation a review

Section 7, Chapter 6051, Accession 006050134

Tresch, D. D.; Halverson, G.; Blick, M.; Keelan, M. H. Jr, 1978: Ovarian corpus luteum hemorrhage during anti coagulation therapy

Makaran R., 1986: Ovarian cycle and plasma concentrations of estrogen and vitellogenin in brook trout salvelinus fontinalis

Nilson G., 1981: Ovarian cycle and reproductive dynamics in the female adder vipera berus reptilia viperidae

Malhotra, Y. R.; Jyoti, M. K.; Gupta, K., 1978: Ovarian cycle and spawning season of ophiocephalus punctatus inhabiting jammu waters india

Duda, P. L.; Koul, O., 1977: Ovarian cycle in high altitude lizards from kashmir india part 2 scincella himalayanum

Saidapur S.K., 1985: Ovarian cycle in the frog rana cyanophlyctis a quantitative study of follicular kinetics in relation to body mass oviduct and fat body cycles

Cheng H Y., 1984: Ovarian cycle in the house gecko hemidactylus frenatus in taiwan with reference to food stress in winter

Haider S., 1985: Ovarian cycle of a freshwater catfish mystus vittatus with a special note on the steroidogenic sites

Trauth, S. E., 1978: Ovarian cycle of crotaphytus collaris reptilia lacertilia iguanidae from arkansas with emphasis on corpora albicantia follicular atresia and reproductive potential

Kattoulas M.E., 1982: Ovarian cycle of the lizard agama stellio stellio

Makrushin A.V., 1981: Ovarian cycles in daphnia pulex and moina macrocopa crustacea cladocera

Hubbard C.J., 1980: Ovarian cyclic amp and cyclic gmp fluctuations in the hamster mesocricetus auratus during the estrous cycle

Inskeep E.K., 1988: Ovarian cyclic amp and prostaglandins a sequential comparison of gonadotropin stimulated events in small and large ovine follicles

Lanthier A., 1985: Ovarian cyclic amp concentration and guanylate cyclase activity in immature rats after treatment with pregnant mare serum gonadotropin

Deangelo, A. B.; Schweppe, J. S.; Jungmann, R. A.; Huber, P.; Eppenberger, U., 1975: Ovarian cyclic amp dependent protein kinase activity ontogeny and effect of gonadotropins

Section 7, Chapter 6051, Accession 006050151

Section 7, Chapter 6051, Accession 006050152

Grossman G.D., 1985: Ovarian cycling of tilefish lopholatilus chamaeleonticeps from the south atlantic bight usa

Torkildsen E.M., 1982: Ovarian cyst adeno carcinoma in a 4 year old girl a case and review of the literature

Fowler W.C.Jr, 1982: Ovarian cyst adeno fibromas in 3 women with ante natal exposure to di ethyl stilbestrol

Larsen, J. F.; Pedersen, O. D.; Gregersen, E., 1986: Ovarian cyst fenestration via the laparoscope a laparoscopic method for treatment of non neoplastic ovarian cysts

Okada H., 1986: Ovarian cystadenocarcinoma metastasis in the abdominal wall with marked ossification a case report

Louvet J.P., 1988: Ovarian cystadenoma with stromal cell hyperplasia and postmenopausal virilization a case report

Ozasa H., 1987: Ovarian cystic teratomas mr imaging

Zajicek, J., 1977: Ovarian cystomas and ovulation a histogenetic concept

Bruhat M.A., 1987: Ovarian cysts and laparoscopy 226 cases considered

Cook R.C.M., 1985: Ovarian cysts and tumors in infancy and childhood

Borlum K G., 1988: Ovarian cysts assessed by ultrasound and cytology

Zoldag, L.; Rudas, P.; Pethes, G., 1985: Ovarian cysts in dairy cattle 3. thyroxine and triiodothyronine content in serum in cystic cows

Section 7, Chapter 6051, Accession 006050165

Section 7, Chapter 6051, Accession 006050166

Currie R.H., 1988: Ovarian cysts in moose in southeastern new brunswick canada

Wells M., 1987: Ovarian cysts in pregnancy does ultrasound make traditional management inappropriate?

Grosieux P., 1984: Ovarian cysts in the newborn

Section 7, Chapter 6051, Accession 006050172

Hernandez E., 1986: Ovarian dermoid cyst complicated by an entero ovarian fistula

Zanuy, S., 1977: Ovarian development and induced spawning of a marine teleost paracentropristis cabrilla

Hurlburt M., 1987: Ovarian development and oocyte diameter as maturation criteria in pacific herring clupea harengus pallasi

Fresneau D., 1984: Ovarian development and social status in a primitive ant neoponera obscuricornis hymenoptera formicidae ponerinae

Niblack G.D., 1982: Ovarian development in 46 xy gonadal dysgenesis

Burger J.F., 1980: Ovarian development in adult chrysops diptera tabanidae in northern new england usa with emphasis on chrysops ater and chrysops mitis

Sossinka R., 1980: Ovarian development in an opportunistic breeder the zebra finch poephila guttata castanotis

Velthuis, H. H. W., 1970: Ovarian development in apis mellifera mellifera worker bees

Lintern-Moore, S.; Pantelouris, E. M., 1975: Ovarian development in athymic nude mice part 1 the size and composition of the follicle population

Section 7, Chapter 6051, Accession 006050184

Section 7, Chapter 6051, Accession 006050185

Lintern-Moore, S.; Pantelouris, E. M., 1976: Ovarian development in athymic nude mice part 5 the effects of pregnant mares serum gonadotropin upon the numbers and growth of follicles in the early juvenile ovary

Section 7, Chapter 6051, Accession 006050187

Williams, K. L.; Browne, L. B.; Van-Gerwen, A. C. M., 1977: Ovarian development in autogenous and anautogenous lucilia cuprina in relation to protein storage in the larval fat body

Wensing C.J.G., 1983: Ovarian development in control and decapitated pig fetuses

Roberts J.A., 1986: Ovarian development in females of the australian sheep blowfly lucilia cuprina given limited opportunity to feed on protein rich material at different ages

Wensing C.J.G., 1979: Ovarian development in fetal and pre pubertal pigs

Campos L.A.D., 1986: Ovarian development in frieseomelitta silvestri languida workers hymenoptera apidae in normal and queenless colonies

Howe, E.; Lintern-Moore, S.; Moore, G. P. M.; Hawkins, J., 1978: Ovarian development in hypo pituitary snell dwarf mice the size and composition of the follicle population

Prabhu, V. K. K.; John, M., 1975: Ovarian development in juvenilized adult dysdercus cingulatus affected by some plant extracts

Crews D. , 1986: Ovarian development in red sided garter snakes thamnophis sirtalis parietalis relationship to mating

Section 7, Chapter 6051, Accession 006050198

Staurengo-Da-Cunha, M. A., 1979: Ovarian development in scaptotrigona postica hymenoptera apidae 2. quantitative study

Section 7, Chapter 6051, Accession 006050202

Staurengo-Da-Cunha, M. A., 1978: Ovarian development of adult workers of scaptotrigona postica hymenoptera apidae part 3 histologic and histochemical aspects

Lintern-Moore, S.; Pantelouris, E. M., 1975: Ovarian development of athymic nude mice part 2 the growth of the oocyte and follicle

Crompton D.W.T., 1987: Ovarian development of corynosoma semerme acanthocephala during experimental infections in rats

Richards, K. W., 1977: Ovarian development of queen and worker bumble bees hymenoptera apidae in southern alberta canada

Chang K H., 1979: Ovarian developmental rhythm of the formosan red scad decapterus kurroides akaadsi in taiwan

Oguri M., 1981: Ovarian differentiation in the medaka oryzias latipes with special reference to the gradient of the differentiation

James D.G., 1982: Ovarian dormancy in danaus plexippus lepidoptera nymphalidae oligopause not diapause

Dunlap-Pianka, H.; Boggs, C. L.; Gilbert, L. E., 1977: Ovarian dynamics in heliconiine butterflies programmed senescence vs eternal youth

Dunlap Pianka H.L., 1979: Ovarian dynamics in heliconius butterflies correlations among daily oviposition rates egg weights and quantitative aspects of oogenesis

Dallapiccola B., 1979: Ovarian dys function in balanced x autosome translocations 2 cases involving band xq 21

Charreau E.H., 1983: Ovarian dys function in streptozotocin induced diabetic rats

Lewenthal H., 1981: Ovarian dys germinoma in young women and in pregnancy

Section 7, Chapter 6051, Accession 006050217

Kennedy, J. F.; Freeman, M. G.; Benirschke, K., 1977: Ovarian dysgenesis and chromosome abnormalities

Valenta, L. J.; Higgins, J. V.; Holzman, G. B., 1977: Ovarian dysgenesis due to 45 x o 46 dicentric x mosaicism

Cantu J.M., 1987: Ovarian dysgenesis due to an idic x q2803

Restaino A., 1984: Ovarian dysgerminoma a clinico pathologic study

Malkasian G.D., 1987: Ovarian dysgerminoma a retrospective analysis of results of treatment sites of treatment failure and radiosensitivity

Powell D.E. , 1988: Ovarian dysgerminoma report of seven cases and review of the literature

Deligdisch L., 1984: Ovarian dysplasia a study of identical twins

Manson J.M., 1988: Ovarian effects of an anti inflammatory immunomodulatory drug in the rat

Manson J.M., 1988: Ovarian effects of skf 86002a 2 in the rat site of action

Section 7, Chapter 6051, Accession 006050229

Wildt D.E., 1982: Ovarian endocrine behavioral function in the domestic cat treated with exogenous gonadotropins during mid gestation

Lindstedt G., 1981: Ovarian endocrine function in young women undergoing radio therapy for carcinoma of the cervix

Section 7, Chapter 6051, Accession 006050232

Langley F.A., 1981: Ovarian endometrioid adeno fibromatous and cyst adeno fibromatous tumors benign proliferating and malignant

Yanai I., 1986: Ovarian endometrioid carcinoma with an adenofibromatous pattern

Section 7, Chapter 6051, Accession 006050235

Czernobilsky B., 1982: Ovarian endometrioid tumors mimicking sertoli and sertoli leydig cell tumors sertoliform variant of endometrioid carcinoma

Holland J.B., 1981: Ovarian enterobiasis enterobius vermicularis a proposed pathogenesis

Section 7, Chapter 6051, Accession 006050238

Hammond J.M., 1987: Ovarian epidermal growth factor like activity concentrations in porcine follicular fluid during follicular enlargement

Isarangkul W., 1984: Ovarian epithelial tumors in thai women a histological analysis of 291 cases

Kempson R.L., 1986: Ovarian epithelial tumors of borderline malignancy a clinical and pathologic study of 109 cases

Section 7, Chapter 6051, Accession 006050242

Section 7, Chapter 6051, Accession 006050243

Jimerson, G. K.; Woodruff, J. D., 1977: Ovarian extraembryonal teratoma part 1 endodermal sinus tumor

Jimerson, G. K.; Woodruff, J. D., 1977: Ovarian extraembryonal teratoma part 2 endodermal sinus tumor mixed with other germ cell tumors

Friesen H.G., 1984: Ovarian factors inhibit and fetal factors stimulate the secretion of rat placental lactogen

Shalet, S. M.; Beardwell, C. G.; Morris-Jones, P. H.; Pearson, D.; Orrell, D. H., 1976: Ovarian failure following abdominal irradiation in childhood

Clark V.A., 1984: Ovarian failure following cytotoxic therapy

Section 7, Chapter 6051, Accession 006050249

Jaffe N., 1981: Ovarian failure in long term survivors of childhood malignancy

Driancourt M.A., 1987: Ovarian features contributing to the variability of pmsg induced ovulation rate in sheep

Section 7, Chapter 6051, Accession 006050252

Pantic V., 1987: Ovarian follicle development and atresia in rats neonatally treated with estrogen

Edwards R.G., 1983: Ovarian follicle dynamics in mice a comparative study of 3 inbred strains and an f 1 hybrid

Driancourt M.A., 1987: Ovarian follicles during infancy in romanov and ile de france ewe lambs

Piper L.R., 1983: Ovarian follicles of new born merino lambs from genetic lines which differ in fecundity

Sprumont, P., 1976: Ovarian follicles of normal nmri mice and homo zygous nude mice

O'keeffe L.E., 1987: Ovarian follicular activity in booroola lambs with and without a fecundity gene

Nakano, R.; Hashiba, N.; Washio, M.; Tojo, S., 1978: Ovarian follicular apparatus and hormonal parameters in patients with primary and secondary amenorrhea

Section 7, Chapter 6051, Accession 006050261

Section 7, Chapter 6051, Accession 006050262

Cowles, C. J.; Kirkpatrick, R. L.; Newell, J. O., 1977: Ovarian follicular changes in gray squirrels as affected by season age and reproductive state

Richards J.S., 1979: Ovarian follicular development during the rat estrous cycle gonadotropin receptors and follicular responsiveness

Chiras, D. D.; Greenwald, G. S., 1978: Ovarian follicular development in cyclic hamsters treated with a super ovulatory dose of pregnant mares serum

Elstein M., 1987: Ovarian follicular development in oral contraceptive cycles

Section 7, Chapter 6051, Accession 006050270

Miyamoto, H.; Katsuura, G.; Ishibashi, T., 1978: Ovarian follicular development in the untreated and pregnant mare serum gonadotropin treated cyclic rat

Kramer P., 1982: Ovarian follicular development leading to 1st ovulation and accompanying gonadotropin levels as studied in the unilaterally ovariectomized rat

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Poyser N.L., 1985: Ovarian follicular fluid concentrations of prostaglandin e 2 prostaglandin f 2 alpha and prostaglandin i 2 during the pre ovulatory period in pigs

Lahlou-Kassi, A.; Mariana, J. C., 1984: Ovarian follicular growth during the estrous cycle in 2 breeds of ewes of different ovulation rate the d'man and the timahdite

Chen H Y., 1985: Ovarian follicular growth monitored by ultrasound

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Palmer E., 1982: Ovarian follicular populations in pony and saddle type mares

Waddington D., 1987: Ovarian follicular structure of white leghorns fed ad libitum and dwarf and normal broiler breeders fed ad libitum or restricted until point of lay

Et Al, 1980: Ovarian function after pelvic lymph node irradiation in patients with hodgkins disease submitted to oophoropexy during laparotomy

Section 7, Chapter 6051, Accession 006050285

Winston R.M.L., 1986: Ovarian function after salpingostomy following mechanically produced hydrosalpinx in rabbits

Ramsay N.K.C., 1983: Ovarian function after successful bone marrow transplantation in post menarcheal females

Rubens R.D., 1987: Ovarian function and adjuvant chemotherapy for early breast cancer

Armstrong D.T., 1981: Ovarian function and early embryo development in immature rats given a super ovulatory dose of pregnant mare serum gonadotropin later neutralized by anti serum

Ryan, K. J., 1970: Ovarian function and gynecologic endocrinopathies

Jenei K., 1988: Ovarian function and hormonal contraception after the menarche

Wessel J., 1987: Ovarian function and recurrences with adjuvant chemotherapy for breast cancer

Johansson E.D.B., 1983: Ovarian function bleeding control and serum lipo proteins in women using contraceptive vaginal rings releasing 5 progestins

Stora C., 1986: Ovarian function during aflatoxin b 1 induced hepatocarcinogenesis in the rat

Ruotsalainen P., 1982: Ovarian function during and after curative intra cavitary high dose rate irradiation steroidal output and morphology

Widholm O., 1986: Ovarian function during estrogen progestin replacement treatment in pre menopausal women

Section 7, Chapter 6051, Accession 006050298

Perez Palacios R.L.A., 1984: Ovarian function following a single administration of depo medroxy progesterone acetate at different doses

Thomas E.D., 1988: Ovarian function following marrow transplantation for aplastic anemia or leukemia

Ditroi F., 1986: Ovarian function immediately after the menarche

Frohman L.A., 1980: Ovarian function in chronic renal failure evidence suggesting hypothalamic anovulation

Section 7, Chapter 6051, Accession 006050303

Murdoch W.J., 1986: Ovarian function in ewes treated with antihistamines

Section 7, Chapter 6051, Accession 006050305

Blaha G., 1979: Ovarian function in hamsters treated with mono sodium glutamate

Leslie K.E., 1986: Ovarian function in holstein cows immunized against pregnant mare serum gonadotropin

Section 7, Chapter 6051, Accession 006050308

Hulka J.F., 1984: Ovarian function in monkeys after bilateral salpingectomy

Rose, D. P.; Davis, T. E., 1977: Ovarian function in patients receiving adjuvant chemo therapy for breast cancer

Kormilitsyn, K. A., 1977: Ovarian function in patients with uterine fibro myoma complicated by bleeding

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Rasweiler J.J.Iv, 1988: Ovarian function in the captive black mastiff bat molossus ater

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Fozard, J. R.; Prakash, N. J.; Grove, J., 1980: Ovarian function in the rat following irreversible inhibition of l ornithine decarboxylase ec

Mehta, P. V., 1976: Ovarian function in tubectomized women studied by vaginal cytology

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