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Oviposition preference of scirpophaga incertulas on different varieties of rice oryza sativa under caged conditions

Padhi, G.; Chatterji, S.M.

Journal of Entomological Research (New Delhi) 8(1): 81-85


Accession: 006051778

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The preference for oviposition by Scirpophaga (Tryporyza) incertulas (Walker) was studied among 8 rice varieties PTB 18, 'Ratna', TKM6, ARC 10443, W 1263, 'Jaya', MR 1526 and RPW 6-13. At 2 levels of moth population, 100 (low) and 200 (high) moths/cage, 'Jaya' received the highest number of egg masses. The egg masses also covered more area in this variety. The dorsal side of the rice leaf was more preferred for egg laying than the ventral side and leaf sheath under caged condition, irrespective of varieties used. The middle portion of rice leaf was more preferred for each laying than the basal and apical portions in all these varieties. S. incertulas moths preferred the early tillering stage for egg laying than the flowering and maximum tillering stages of the rice plant.

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