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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6054

Chapter 6054 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Caldwell, P.; Luk, D. C.; Weissbach, H.; Brot, N., 1978: Oxidation of the methionine residues of escherichia coli ribosomal protein l 12 decreases the proteins biological activity

Trevor A., 1984: Oxidation of the neurotoxic amine 1 methyl 4 phenyl 1 2 3 6 tetrahydropyridine by monoamineoxidase a and monoamineoxidase b and suicide inactivation of the enzymes by 1 methyl 4 phenyl 1 2 3 6 tetrahydropyridine

Section 7, Chapter 6054, Accession 006053002

Penning T.M., 1988: Oxidation of the trans 3 4 dihydrodiol metabolites of the potent carcinogen 7 12 dimethylbenz a anthracene and other benz a anthracene derivatives by 3 alpha hydroxysteroid dihydrodiol dehydrogenase effects of methyl substitution on velocity and stereochemical course of trans dihydrodiol oxidation

Tien M., 1988: Oxidation of thianthrene by the ligninase of phanerochaete chrysosporium

Singh V., 1979: Oxidation of thieno 3 2 f quinoline and its 2 carbethoxy analog and electrophilic and nucleophilic substitution reactions of the resulting oxides

Hodgson E., 1983: Oxidation of thio benzamide by the fad containing and cytochrome p 450 dependent mono oxygenases of liver and lung microsomes

Chung, J.; Wood, J. L., 1970: Oxidation of thio cyanate to cyanide and sulfate by the lacto peroxidase ec hydrogen per oxide system

Rodova N.A., 1980: Oxidation of thio sulfate by purple nonsulfur bacteria

Mason R.P., 1987: Oxidation of thiol drugs and biochemicals by the lactoperoxidase hydrogen peroxide system

Section 7, Chapter 6054, Accession 006053010

Makin M.I.H., 1984: Oxidation of thiols by superoxide ion

Deamer D.W., 1986: Oxidation of thiols in the calcium atpase of sarcoplasmic reticulum microsomes

Sklodowska A., 1985: Oxidation of thiosulfate and sulfite by thiobacillus neapolitanus

Section 7, Chapter 6054, Accession 006053014

Tada M., 1988: Oxidation of thymines by peroxosulfate ions in water

Malinin, G. I., 1977: Oxidation of tissue poly saccharides by per iodic acid in di methyl sulfoxide and its anhydrous and aqueous mixtures

Van Hulst M.W.J., 1988: Oxidation of trans caftaric acid and 2 s glutathionylcaftaric acid in model solutions

Guengerich F.P., 1982: Oxidation of tri chloro ethylene by liver microsomal cytochrome p 450 evidence for chlorine migration in a transition state not involving tri chloro ethylene oxide

Section 7, Chapter 6054, Accession 006053019

Cohen, P.; Sutter, A.; Landreth, G.; Zimmermann, A.; Shooter, E. M., 1980: Oxidation of tryptophan 21 alters the biological activity and receptor binding characteristics of mouse nerve growth factor

Fennema O., 1987: Oxidation of tryptophan in the presence of oxidizing methyl linoleate

Fontana A., 1980: Oxidation of tryptophan to oxindolyl alanine by di methyl sulfoxide hydro chloric acid selective modification of tryptophan containing peptides

Radding J.A., 1987: Oxidation of tryptophans in an interhelical hydrophobic cluster of myoglobin alters the thermodynamics of the denaturation transition

Fujita K., 1984: Oxidation of tyrosine residues in proteins by tyrosinase formation of protein bonded dopa and 5 s cysteinyl dopa

Blair H., 1982: Oxidation of tyrosine to dopachrome by peroxidase isolated from murine melanoma

Weichelt T., 1981: Oxidation of unaltered methylated and hydrogenated lignin in the presence of silicon di oxide and hydro quinone 1 4 di hydroxy benzene

Howarth, B. J., 1978: Oxidation of uniformly labeled carbon 14 palmitic acid by cock spermatozoa

Foglia T.A., 1982: Oxidation of unsaturated and hydroxy fatty acids by ruthenium tetr oxide and ruthenium oxy anions

Zakharova V.A., 1983: Oxidation of unsaturated lipids and dopa in the absence of light by photo oxidized furocoumarins

Poje, M.; Paulus, E. F.; Rocic, B., 1980: Oxidation of uric acid 1. structural revision of uric acid glycols

Poje, M.; Rocic, B.; Sikirica, M.; Vickovic, I.; Bruvo, M., 1983: Oxidation of uric acid 4. synthesis structure and diabetogenic action of 5 imino 2 4 6 1h 3h 5h pyrimidinetrione salts and their alloxan like covalent adducts

Abernethy, M. H.; Metcalf, M. G., 1970: Oxidation of urinary 17 oxogenic steroids with sodium meta per iodate

Ishaque, M.; Kato, L., 1977: Oxidation of various substrates by host grown mycobacterium leprae and mycobacterium lepraemurium

Dhar R.K., 1986: Oxidation of vasicine by pyridinium fluorochromate

Balasubramanian T.R., 1986: Oxidation of vicinal diols by bistri n butyltin oxide and bromine

Marinov, B. S., 1986: Oxidation of water with photocatalyst i. reduction of electron acceptors in water solution without additional electron donors

Zaya J., 1979: Oxidation of wines part 1 young white wines periodically exposed to air

Section 7, Chapter 6054, Accession 006053038

Makinen P L., 1982: Oxidation photo sensitized by certain di ketones of enzymes and protection against such oxidation by histidine derivatives

Section 7, Chapter 6054, Accession 006053040

Section 7, Chapter 6054, Accession 006053041

Kummerow F.A., 1985: Oxidation products in chicken meat after frozen storage microwave and convection oven cooking refrigerated storage and reheating

Section 7, Chapter 6054, Accession 006053043

Section 7, Chapter 6054, Accession 006053044

Takahama U., 1987: Oxidation products of kaempferol by superoxide anion radical

Kasprzykowska R., 1987: Oxidation products of l lysine derivatives as starting materials for peptide synthesis and for the preparation of homoglutamic acid homoglutamine and homoisoglutamine 5 benzyloxycarbonylcarbamoyl substituent as a versatile protection of the side chain carboxyl group or its amide

Kogi K., 1987: Oxidation products of linoleate and linolenate exposed to nitrogen dioxide

Section 7, Chapter 6054, Accession 006053048

Brossi A., 1980: Oxidation products of retinylidene dimedone

Renwick, J. A. A.; Hughes, P. R.; Pitman, G. B.; Vite, J. P., 1976: Oxidation products of terpenes identified from dendroctonus and ips bark beetles

Section 7, Chapter 6054, Accession 006053051

Rosa J., 1980: Oxidation properties of 2 hemo globin variants with their mutation localized in the heme pocket hemo globin castilla and hemo globin toulouse and abnormal functional properties of hemo globin castilla

Dixon J.B., 1984: Oxidation rate of iron sulfides as affected by surface area morphology oxygen concentration and autotrophic bacteria

Asada K., 1981: Oxidation rate of monomeric radish raphanus sativus var acanthiformis cytochrome f with plasto cyanin

Section 7, Chapter 6054, Accession 006053055

Ansari M.A., 1985: Oxidation reaction of 2 and 4 hydroxypyridines

Section 7, Chapter 6054, Accession 006053057

Ascoli F., 1987: Oxidation reaction of human oxyhemoglobin with nitrite a reexamination

Kuehl F.A.Jr, 1981: Oxidation reactions by prostaglandin cyclo oxygenase hydro peroxidase

Alvarez M.E., 1988: Oxidation reactions of baccharinoid b5

Section 7, Chapter 6054, Accession 006053061

Shimada, H.; Orii, Y., 1976: Oxidation reduction behavior of the heme c and heme d moieties of pseudomonas aeruginosa nitrite reductase and the formation of an oxygenated intermediate at heme d

Latfulina G.G., 1980: Oxidation reduction buffer properties of soils

Section 7, Chapter 6054, Accession 006053064

Mukaiyama, T., 1976: Oxidation reduction condensation

Selman, B. R.; Ort, D. R., 1977: Oxidation reduction coupled phosphorylation in the dark with isolated spinach chloroplasts

Tyagi S.C., 1987: Oxidation reduction electron transfer of tetrasulfonated phthalocyanine cobalt ii apomyoglobin and tetrasulfonated phthalocyanine iron ii apomyoglobin

Mauk A.G., 1982: Oxidation reduction equilibrium of cytochrome b 5

Vatkevich L.K., 1981: Oxidation reduction in erythrocytes of patients with diabetes mellitus

Yoneda, F.; Sakuma, Y.; Matsushita, Y., 1978: Oxidation reduction in hydrolysis of pyrimido 4 5 b quinoline 2 3h 4 10h diones 5 deaza flavines

Sandomirsky B.P., 1981: Oxidation reduction in rat skin after cryo treatment

Van Gelder B.F., 1982: Oxidation reduction kinetics of the reaction of cytochrome c 1 with nonphysiological redox agents

Section 7, Chapter 6054, Accession 006053073

Voltti, H.; Hassinen, I. E., 1978: Oxidation reduction midpoint potentials of mitochondrial flavo proteins and their intra mitochondrial localization

Thorpe C., 1988: Oxidation reduction of general acyl coenzyme a dehydrogenase by the butyryl coenzyme a crotonyl coenzyme a couple a new investigation of the rapid reaction kinetics

Section 7, Chapter 6054, Accession 006053076

Mohanty J.G., 1982: Oxidation reduction of nitroxyl radicals cyclic voltammetric response in aqueous media

Wraight C.A., 1981: Oxidation reduction physical chemistry of the acceptor quinone complex in bacterial photosynthetic reaction centers evidence for a new model of herbicide activity

Tabatabai, L. B.; Walker, H. W., 1970: Oxidation reduction potential and growth of clostridium perfringens and pseudomonas fluorescens

Conroy, C. W.; Tyma, P.; Daum, P. H.; Erman, J. E., 1978: Oxidation reduction potential measurements of cytochrome c peroxidase ec and ph dependent spectral transitions in the iron ii enzyme

Section 7, Chapter 6054, Accession 006053081

Ehrenberg A., 1983: Oxidation reduction potential of soluble and membrane bound rabbit liver microsomal cytochrome p 450 lm 2

Magnin P., 1987: Oxidation reduction potential studies a new method in pharmacology principles materials and methods

Muller F., 1988: Oxidation reduction potential studies on p hydroxybenzoate hydroxylase from pseudomonas fluorescens

Colmsjo A., 1987: Oxidation reduction potentials and absorption spectra of two b type cytochromes from the halophilic archaebacterium halobacterium halobium

Kelly D.P., 1984: Oxidation reduction potentials and spectral properties of some cytochromes from thiobacillus versutus

Valiela I., 1981: Oxidation reduction potentials in a salt marsh spatial patterns and interactions with primary production

Ke, B.; Hansen, R. E.; Beinert, H., 1973: Oxidation reduction potentials of bound iron sulfur proteins of photosystem i

Soltysik S., 1986: Oxidation reduction potentials of butyryl coenzyme a dehydrogenase

Section 7, Chapter 6054, Accession 006053090

Williams-Smith, D. L.; Cammack, R., 1977: Oxidation reduction potentials of cytochromes p 450 and ferredoxin in the bovine adrenal their modification by substrates and inhibitors

Brunori, M.; Rotilio, G. C.; Antonini, E.; Curti, B.; Branzoli, U.; Massey, V., 1971: Oxidation reduction potentials of d amino acid oxidase ec

Section 7, Chapter 6054, Accession 006053093

Section 7, Chapter 6054, Accession 006053094

Wilson D.F., 1982: Oxidation reduction potentials of respiratory chain components in thiobacillus a 2

Dervartanian D.V., 1979: Oxidation reduction potentials of the hemes in cytochrome c 3 from desulfovibrio gigas in the presence and absence of ferredoxin by epr spectroscopy

Section 7, Chapter 6054, Accession 006053097

Ivanova O.I., 1984: Oxidation reduction processes in liver under the influence of high external temperature on the body

Pleshkova, S. M., 1978: Oxidation reduction processes in sensitization and allergic response to microbic antigens

Tsypanova, A. N., 1978: Oxidation reduction processes in surface gley soils of southern tundra ussr

Newton W.E., 1980: Oxidation reduction properties and complexation reactions of the iron molybdenum cofactor of nitrogenase

Mayhew, S. G.; Foust, G. P.; Massey, V., 1969: Oxidation reduction properties of flavodoxin from peptostreptococcus elsdenii spinach d enz ferredoxin tpn reductase

Stankovich M., 1986: Oxidation reduction properties of glycolate oxidase

Section 7, Chapter 6054, Accession 006053104

Stombaugh, N. A.; Sundquist, J. E.; Burris, R. H.; Orme-Johnson, W. H., 1976: Oxidation reduction properties of several low potential iron sulfur proteins and of methyl viologen

Edmondson, D. E.; Singer, T. P., 1973: Oxidation reduction properties of the 8 alpha substituted flavines

Segal A.W., 1981: Oxidation reduction properties of the cytochrome b found in the plasma membrane fraction of human neutrophils a possible oxidase in the respiratory burst

Diner, B. A.; Delosme, R., 1983: Oxidation reduction properties of the electron acceptors of photosystem ii 1. redox titration of the flash induced carotenoid band shift of c 550 and of the variable fluorescence yield in spinach chloroplasts

Diner, B. A.; Delosme, R., 1983: Oxidation reduction properties of the electron acceptors of photosystem ii 2. redox titration at various ph values of the flash induced formation of c 550 in chlamydomonas photosystem ii particles lacking the secondary quinone electron acceptor

Waterman M.R., 1982: Oxidation reduction properties of the hemo globin of the opossum didelphis virginiana

Section 7, Chapter 6054, Accession 006053111

Adams M.W.W., 1987: Oxidation reduction properties of the two iron sulfide clusters in clostridium pasteurianum ferredoxin

Nakase Y., 1979: Oxidation reduction ratio studies of mitochondria in freeze trapped samples nadh and flavo protein fluorescence signals

Wong C L., 1980: Oxidation reduction reactions of complexes with macro cyclic ligands energetics and dynamics of methyl exchange

Weser U., 1979: Oxidation reduction reactions of copper thiolate centers in copper thioneine

Chain R.K., 1987: Oxidation reduction reactions of cytochrome b 6 in a liposome incorporated cytochrome b 6 f complex

Yamada, T.; Marini, C. P.; Cassatt, J. C., 1978: Oxidation reduction reactions of hemo globin a hemo globin m iwate and hemo globin m hyde park

Novak M., 1985: Oxidation reduction reactions of n sulfonoxyacetanilides mechanisms of the halide induced reduction of models for the carcinogenic metabolites of aromatic amides

Section 7, Chapter 6054, Accession 006053119

Yu T.R., 1984: Oxidation reduction regimes in some oxisols of tropical china

Mitsuishi S., 1987: Oxidation reduction state in the vicinity of the paddy rice seed sown into flooded soil

Section 7, Chapter 6054, Accession 006053122

Section 7, Chapter 6054, Accession 006053123

Kobayashi S., 1981: Oxidation reduction states of pyridine nucleotide and cytochrome p 450 during mixed function oxidation in perfused rat liver

Neve N., 1979: Oxidation reduction states of pyridine nucleotides measured by an adapted enzymatic cycling method in maize zea mays leaves submitted to anoxia

Moura, J. J. G.; Xavier, A. V.; Cammack, R.; Hall, D. O.; Bruschi, M.; Le-Gall, J., 1978: Oxidation reduction studies of the molybdenum ii iron ii sulfur protein from desulfovibrio gigas

Yang T., 1980: Oxidation reduction titration of 2 cytochromes b in azotobacter vinelandii

Yang T., 1981: Oxidation reduction titration of cytochrome components in the electron transport chain of azotobacter vinelandii

Goranov I., 1988: Oxidation stability and fatty acid composition of selected storage and structural lipids influence of different high fat diet compositions

Peisach J., 1983: Oxidation state dependence of proton exchange near the iron sulfur centers in ferredoxins and high potential iron sulfur proteins

Klotz I.M., 1983: Oxidation state of bi nuclear iron site in azido semi met hem erythrin

Ghiorse W.C., 1988: Oxidation state of magnesium in the magnesium oxide produced by leptothrix discophora ss 1

Section 7, Chapter 6054, Accession 006053133

Bilinski H., 1987: Oxidation states of fallout plutonium in mediterranean rain and seawater

Yamazaki, I.; Yokota, K. N., 1973: Oxidation states of peroxidase

Bondietti E.A., 1985: Oxidation states of plutonium 239 and plutonium 240 in global fallout

Section 7, Chapter 6054, Accession 006053137

Fowler M.C., 1983: Oxidation status and gas composition of wet turf grass thatch and soil

Siddiqui, S.; Faizi, S.; Siddiqui, B. S., 1983: Oxidation studies in some steroidal bases solasodine 3 beta o acetyl solasodine and conessine 2. per iodic acid as the trans hydroxylating agent

Section 7, Chapter 6054, Accession 006053140

Section 7, Chapter 6054, Accession 006053141

Shaw C.C., 1986: Oxidation studies on beta lactam antibiotics the 6 diacylaminopenicillins

Pai, P. P.; Kulkarni, G. H., 1977: Oxidation studies on taraxasterol taraxasteryl acetate and taraxastenone

Usha, A. V.; Sethuram, B.; Navaneeth-Rao, T., 1977: Oxidation studies part 8 kinetics of silver ion catalyzed cobalt iii oxidation of amino acids

Reddy, M. G. R.; Sethuram, B.; Navaneeth-Rao, T., 1978: Oxidation studies part 9 kinetics and mechanism of copper ii catalyzed oxidation of some amino acids by per oxy di sulfate ion in aqueous medium

Ramasarma T., 1984: Oxidations in kidney mitochondria of heat exposed rats regulation by cytochrome c

Section 7, Chapter 6054, Accession 006053147

Makin M.I.H., 1984: Oxidations of aromatic amines by superoxide ion

Southwell Keely P.T., 1988: Oxidations of vitamin e alpha tocopherol and its model compound 2 2 5 7 8 pentamethyl 6 hydroxychroman a new dimer

Section 7, Chapter 6054, Accession 006053150

Cole, E. R.; Crank, G.; Hai-Minh, H. T., 1980: Oxidations with lead tetra acetate 2. oxidations of 2 2 di substituted 1 3 benzodioxoles

Haruta J I., 1985: Oxidative 1 2 aryl migration of alkyl aryl ketones by using diacetoxyphenyliodine syntheses of arylacetate 2 arylpropanoate and 2 arylsuccinate

Paik S.M., 1984: Oxidative activation and inactivation of the carcinogen 2 acetylamino fluorene by various purified cytochromes p 450 from 3 methyl cholanthrene pre treated rats

Cochran, S. A.; Ordal, Z. J., 1973: Oxidative activation of bacillus cereus spores

Section 7, Chapter 6054, Accession 006053155

Boveris A., 1987: Oxidative activities in soybean embryonic axes during germination

Thomas T.D., 1986: Oxidative activity of bacteria from cheddar cheese

Section 7, Chapter 6054, Accession 006053158

Lyons, J. M.; Raison, J. K., 1970: Oxidative activity of mitochondria isolated from plant tissues sensitive and resistant to chilling injury

Burdin K.S., 1986: Oxidative activity of the culture medium as an indicator of the physiological state of marine macroalgae

Romao M.J., 1985: Oxidative addition of nickel 0 complexes to carbon carbon bonds in cyclobutadiene the question of the interconvertibility of cyclobutadiene nickel 0 complexes and the nickelaring systems

Section 7, Chapter 6054, Accession 006053162

Rowell, R. M.; Green, J., 1970: Oxidative alkaline degradation of 3 deoxy aldosuloses

Yurkiv V.A., 1981: Oxidative and anti oxidative blood systems in the defense and injury mechanisms of mouse red blood cells during plasmodium berghei invasion

Sadykov A.S., 1983: Oxidative and anti oxidative processes in the course of host plant pathogen relationships

Chavdarian, C. G.; Karashima, D.; Castagnoli, N. Jr ; Hundley, H. K., 1978: Oxidative and cardio vascular studies on natural and synthetic catecholamines

Section 7, Chapter 6054, Accession 006053167

Moldeus, P.; Vadi, H.; Berggren, M., 1976: Oxidative and conjugative metabolism of p nitro anisole and p nitro phenol in isolated rat liver cells

Curphey T.J., 1984: Oxidative and conjugative metabolism of xenobiotics by isolated rat and hamster acinar cells

Koivusaari U., 1986: Oxidative and conjugative metabolism of xenobiotics in isolated liver cells from thermally acclimated rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

Vandenheuvel W.J.A., 1986: Oxidative and defluorinative metabolism of fludalanine 2 deuterated 3 fluoro d alanine

Leonowicz, A.; Grzywnowicz, K.; Malinowska, M., 1979: Oxidative and demethylating activity of multiple forms of laccase ec from pholiota mutabilis

Felber J.P., 1988: Oxidative and non oxidative glucose metabolism in non obese type 2 non insulin dependent diabetic patients

Genco R.J., 1986: Oxidative and nonoxidative killing of actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans by human neutrophils

Jidoi J., 1986: Oxidative and phagocytic functions of macrophages during infections induced in mice by mycobacterium intracellulare and listeria monocytogenes

Marcellin P., 1987: Oxidative and phosphorylating activities of mitochondria isolated from tomato fruit during the post chilling burst of respiration

Killion, D. D.; Grooms, S.; Frans, R. E., 1968: Oxidative and phosphorylative activities of mitochondria isolated from cotton d hypocotyls gossypium hirsutum d glycine max d gossypol di terpenoid uncoupler

Sato, N.; Kamada, T.; Kawano, S.; Abe, H.; Hagihara, B., 1978: Oxidative and phosphorylative activities of the gastric mucosa of animals and humans in relation to the mechanism of stress ulcer

Kolloffel, C., 1970: Oxidative and phosphorylative activity of mitochondria from pea d cotyledons during maturation of the seed

Section 7, Chapter 6054, Accession 006053181

Rowe P.B., 1979: Oxidative and reductive cleavage of folates a critical appraisal

Yoneyama Y., 1984: Oxidative and reductive reactions of sulfhemoglobin with various reagents correlated with changes in quaternary structure of the protein

Popov V.I., 1981: Oxidative and synthetic processes in rat liver and brain tissues under the effect of helium neon laser irradiation

Siegfried, M. A.; Hilpert, H.; Rey, M.; Dreiding, A. S., 1980: Oxidative aryl aryl coupling of 6 6' 7 7' tetra methoxy 1 1' 2 2' 3 3' 4 4' octa hydro 1 1' bi iso quinoline derivatives

Lowe W.L., 1984: Oxidative assimilation treatment of a nitrogen deficient toxic waste

Section 7, Chapter 6054, Accession 006053187

Jakobsson S.W., 1979: Oxidative bio transformation of benzo a pyrene by human lung microsomal fractions prepared from surgical specimens

Blattmann, L.; Preussmann, R., 1977: Oxidative bio transformation of di n butyl nitrosamine formation in vitro of aldehydes in the presence of rat liver microsomes

Section 7, Chapter 6054, Accession 006053190

Van Bladeren P.J., 1986: Oxidative biotransformation in primary cultures of chick embryo hepatocytes induction of cytochrome p 450 and the metabolism of benzo a pyrene

Meunier B., 1987: Oxidative biotransformation of the antitumor agent elliptinium acetate structural characterization of its human and rat urinary metabolites

Blackburn, G. M.; Orgee, L.; Williams, G. M., 1977: Oxidative bonding of natural estrogens to dna by chemical and metabolic means

Pietra F., 1987: Oxidative breaking of long chain acetylenic enol ethers of glycerol of the marine sponges raspailia pumila and raspailia ramosa and of model compounds with aerial oxygen

Keisari Y., 1984: Oxidative burst dependent tumoricidal and tumorostatic activities of paraffin oil elicited mouse macrophages

Aldegunde M.A., 1985: Oxidative capacity and ethanol an in vivo study on hepatocytes and some brain regions of the female rat

Section 7, Chapter 6054, Accession 006053197

Section 7, Chapter 6054, Accession 006053198

Section 7, Chapter 6054, Accession 006053199

Truscott, R. J. W.; Augusteyn, R. C., 1977: Oxidative changes in human lens proteins during senile nuclear cataract formation

Section 7, Chapter 6054, Accession 006053201

Section 7, Chapter 6054, Accession 006053202

Takizawa T., 1979: Oxidative cleavage of indoles using copper pyridine complex

Baumann, W. J.; Schmid, H. H. O.; Mangold, H. K., 1969: Oxidative cleavage of lipids with sodium meta periodate in pyridine

Namiki M., 1982: Oxidative cleavage of the di sulfide bond of cystine by allyl iso thio cyanate

Watabe, T.; Akamatsu, K., 1975: Oxidative cleavage of the ethylenic linkage of stilbene by rabbit liver microsomes

Alexander, N. M., 1974: Oxidative cleavage of tryptophanyl peptide bonds during chemical catalyzed and peroxidase catalyzed iodinations

Section 7, Chapter 6054, Accession 006053208

Section 7, Chapter 6054, Accession 006053209

Maisuradze Ts M., 1980: Oxidative conversion of alpha naphthol in rye grass lolium perenne

Eremina, G. V.; Sokolova, L. I.; Natanson, A. O., 1975: Oxidative conversion of vitamin a in rats with different vitamin a allowances

Kinney, J. L.; White, F. N., 1977: Oxidative cost of ventilation in a turtle pseudemys floridana

Lewis, J. R.; Paul, J. G., 1981: Oxidative coupling 11. approaches to the synthesis of bikaverin

Section 7, Chapter 6054, Accession 006053215

Pham P.T.K., 1988: Oxidative coupling of cis 3 n bismethoxycarbonyl n norreticuline an approach to the asymmetric synthesis of morphine alkaloids

Burden, J. K.; Cambie, R. C.; Craw, P. A.; Rutledge, P. S.; Woodgate, P. D., 1988: Oxidative coupling of lignans iv. monophenolic oxidative coupling

Boyd S.A., 1984: Oxidative coupling of phenols and anilines by peroxidase structure activity relationships

Mcdonald, E.; Wylie, R. D., 1979: Oxidative coupling of phenols and phenolic ethers 3. synthesis of erysodienone lactam from an n phenacyl indoline

Mcdonald, E.; Wylie, R. D., 1980: Oxidative coupling of phenols and phenolic ethers 4. synthesis of di benz d f azonines and a di benz d f azecine via direct coupling

Reedijk J., 1980: Oxidative coupling of phenols catalyzed by copper chloride coordinated to aminated poly styrene a possible model reaction for di oxygen reduction by laccase and tyrosinase

Section 7, Chapter 6054, Accession 006053222

Itahara T., 1985: Oxidative coupling of quinones and aromatic compounds by palladium ii acetate

Maraini G., 1988: Oxidative cross linking of fodrin parallels a membrane conductance increase in the mammalian lens

Jasin H.E., 1988: Oxidative cross linking of immune complexes by human polymorphonuclear leukocytes

Section 7, Chapter 6054, Accession 006053226

Section 7, Chapter 6054, Accession 006053227

Section 7, Chapter 6054, Accession 006053228

Section 7, Chapter 6054, Accession 006053229

Matsumoto J., 1980: Oxidative cyclization of morusin

D'andreq S.V., 1985: Oxidative cyclization of unsaturated aminoquinones synthesis of quinolinoquinones palladium catalyzed synthesis of pyrroloindoloquinones

Dyall, L. K., 1984: Oxidative cyclizations 7. cyclization of 2 substituted anilines with alkaline hypohalite

Le Clerc J.E., 1988: Oxidative damage in dna lack of mutagenicity by thymine glycol lesions

Farnsworth, C.; Dratz, E. A., 1976: Oxidative damage of retinal rod outer segment membranes and the role of vitamin e

Harris S.E., 1987: Oxidative damage to dna and replicative lifespan in cultured adrenocortical cells

Ames B.N., 1988: Oxidative damage to dna relation to species metabolic rate and life span

Andley U., 1987: Oxidative damage to human lens enzymes

Schulman J.D., 1979: Oxidative damage to neutrophils in glutathione synthetase deficiency

Bull R.J., 1979: Oxidative damage to the erythrocyte induced by sodium chlorite in vitro

Bull R.J., 1979: Oxidative damage to the erythrocyte induced by sodium chlorite in vivo

Chevrier, N.; Sarhan, F.; Chung, Y. S., 1988: Oxidative damages and repair in euglena gracilis exposed to ozone i. sulfhydryl groups and lipids

Lindegren, C. C.; Lindegren, G., 1973: Oxidative de toxication of thallium in the yeast mitochondria

Degn H., 1981: Oxidative de toxification of hydrogen sulfide detected by mass spectrometry in the soil amoeba acanthamoeba castellanii

Hildebrandt A.G., 1985: Oxidative dealkylation and reductive denitrosation of nitrosomethylaniline in vitro

Hemmerich P., 1979: Oxidative dealkylation of 4a alkylated 4a 5 di hydro flavines properties of 4a alkylated flavine radicals

Darbinyan G.V., 1981: Oxidative deamination of biogenic mono amines in the mitochondrial fraction of the rat brain and liver

Rinaldi, A.; Fadda, M. B.; De-Marco, C., 1978: Oxidative deamination of carboxyethyl cysteine and carboxymethyl homo cysteine

Yamaha T., 1979: Oxidative deamination of cyclo hexylamine and its homologues by rabbit liver microsomes

Siegel R.C., 1979: Oxidative deamination of epsilon amino lysine residues and formation of schiff base cross linkages in cell envelopes of escherichia coli

Berezov T.T., 1979: Oxidative deamination of poly amines in hepatomas with various growth rates

Blarzino C., 1986: Oxidative deamination of s 1 carboxyethyl l cysteine and s 1 carboxypropyl l cysteine by l amino acid oxidase

Miller, C. H.; Duerre, J. A., 1969: Oxidative deamination of s adenosyl l homo cysteine by rat kidney l amino acid oxidase

Section 7, Chapter 6054, Accession 006053253

Steckham E., 1984: Oxidative deblocking of the 4 methoxybenzyl thioether protecting group application to the directed synthesis of polycystinyl peptides

Yeaman S.J., 1986: Oxidative decarboxylation of 4 methylthio 2 oxobutyrate by branched chain 2 oxo acid dehydrogenase complex

Savitskii, I. V.; Savchenko, E. S., 1978: Oxidative decarboxylation of alpha keto acids in the irradiated body

Cederbaum A.I., 1982: Oxidative decarboxylation of benzoate to carbon di oxide by rat liver microsomes a probe for oxygen radical production during microsomal electron transfer

Hunt E., 1983: Oxidative decarboxylation of clavulanic acid and its 9 methyl ether

Karnovsky M.L., 1981: Oxidative decarboxylation of free and peptide linked amino acids in phagocytizing guinea pig granulocytes

Halliwell, B.; Butt, V. S., 1974: Oxidative decarboxylation of glycolate and glyoxylate by leaf peroxisomes

Section 7, Chapter 6054, Accession 006053261

Ruede J., 1985: Oxidative decay of vegetable oil

Section 7, Chapter 6054, Accession 006053264

Bounias, M.; Bonnot, G., 1976: Oxidative degradation of ascorbic acid in diets prepared for artificial nutrition of phytophagous lepidoptera

Namiki M., 1983: Oxidative degradation of beta cyclo dextrin induced by lipid per oxidation

Kawakishi S., 1986: Oxidative degradation of beta cyclodextrin induced by an ascorbic acid copper ion system

Stankovic M., 1984: Oxidative degradation of cellulose in alkaline media

Donzel B., 1986: Oxidative degradation of chlortoluron propiconazole and metalaxyl in suspension cultures of various crop plants

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Section 7, Chapter 6054, Accession 006053965

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Section 7, Chapter 6054, Accession 006053998

Section 7, Chapter 6054, Accession 006053999

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