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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6055

Chapter 6055 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Marszalek D.S., 1980: Oxygen and water vapor conductance in the shell and shell membrane of the american crocodile crocodylus acutus egg

Section 7, Chapter 6055, Accession 006054001

Klein H.P., 1979: Oxygen as a factor in eukaryote evolution some effects of low levels of oxygen on saccharomyces cerevisiae

Fredericks, C. A., 1976: Oxygen as a limiting factor in photo taxis and in intra clonal spacing of the sea anemone anthopleura elegantissima

Burns, W. G.; May, R.; Baverstock, K. F., 1981: Oxygen as a product of water radiolysis in high linear energy transfer tracks 1. the origin of the hydro peroxyl radical in water radiolysis

Taylor B.L., 1987: Oxygen as attractant and repellent in bacterial chemotaxis

Kayushin L.P., 1983: Oxygen as the inhibitor of hemo globin nitrite reductase activity

Holcombe J.A., 1983: Oxygen ashing and matrix modifiers in graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometric determination of lead in whole blood

Wolf K., 1981: Oxygen assessment in trout production with regard to special environmental conditions

Bradley, B. L.; Garner, A. E.; Billiu, D.; Mestas, J. M.; Forman, J., 1978: Oxygen assisted exercise in chronic obstructive lung disease the effect on exercise capacity and arterial blood gas tensions

Hickman B.T., 1984: Oxygen at 2 atmospheres absolute pressure does not increase the radiation sensitivity of normal brain in rats

Sobel B.E., 1984: Oxygen at physiological concentrations a potential paradoxical mediator of re perfusion injury to mitochondria induced by phosphate

Srinivasan V.S., 1986: Oxygen atom transfer by an oxochromate v

Welch J.E., 1981: Oxygen availability and growth of the chick embryo

Finlay B.J., 1981: Oxygen availability and seasonal migrations of ciliated protozoa in a fresh water lake

Cappelli, V.; Pietra, P., 1978: Oxygen availability dietary restriction and transport of glucose 3 o methyl glucose and fructose in the isolated small intestine of rat

Gibby, O. M.; Veale, K. E. A.; Hayes, T. M.; Jones, J. G.; Wardrop, C. A. J., 1978: Oxygen availability from the blood and the effect of phosphate replacement on erythrocyte 2 3 di phospho glycerate and hemo globin oxygen affinity in diabetic keto acidosis

Mexal, J.; Fisher, J. T.; Osteryoung, J.; Reid, C. P. P., 1975: Oxygen availability in poly ethylene glycol solutions and its implications in plant water relations

Tokarev Yu N., 1986: Oxygen balance and acid base equilibrium in the blood of patients with hereditary erythrocytosis

Arkhipov V.V., 1985: Oxygen balance and local circulation in gingival mucosa exposure to lower body negative pressure

Shugaev V.A., 1984: Oxygen balance and the effect of antihypoxic drugs during fluorine intoxication

Knyazeva N.S., 1985: Oxygen balance in fry ponds under different operating conditions

Peters U., 1988: Oxygen balance in industrialized trout farming units

Els D., 1988: Oxygen balance in normal canine myocardium with incremental inhalational anesthesia

Dosh A.Ya, 1981: Oxygen balance state in ischemic sub epi cardium and sub endo cardium

Schumann H., 1985: Oxygen balances in the teltow canal with special regard to heat discharge from lichterfelde power plant west berlin west germany

Bauer C., 1984: Oxygen binding and acid base status of the blood from the fresh water turtle phrynops hilarii

Riggs A.F., 1984: Oxygen binding and aggregation of bull frog rana catesbeiana hemo globin

Section 7, Chapter 6055, Accession 006054028

Section 7, Chapter 6055, Accession 006054029

Van Bruggen E.F.J., 1983: Oxygen binding and ph stability of tubular polymers from helix pomatia beta hemo cyanin

Asakura T., 1985: Oxygen binding and stability properties of hemoglobin santa ana

Edelstein S.J., 1987: Oxygen binding and subunit interaction of hemoglobin in relation to the two state model

Phillips J.C., 1983: Oxygen binding by helix pomatia alpha hemo cyanin studied by x ray absorption spectroscopy

Jones M.L., 1981: Oxygen binding by hemo globin of the galapagos rift vent worm riftia pachyptila pogonophora vestimentifera

Brouwer, M.; Bonaventura, C.; Bonaventura, J., 1977: Oxygen binding by limulus polyphemus hemo cyanin allo steric modulation by chloride ions

Eaton W.A., 1982: Oxygen binding by sickle cell hemo globin polymers

Davie P.S., 1985: Oxygen binding by the blood and hematological effects of capture stress in 2 big game fishes mako shark isurus oxyrinchus and striped marlin tetrapturus audax

Wood, E. J.; Cayley, G. R.; Pearson, J. S., 1977: Oxygen binding by the hemo cyanin from buccinum undatum

Bridges C.R., 1986: Oxygen binding by the hemocyanin of the terrestrial hermit crab coenobita clypeatus herbst the effect of physiological parameters in vitro

D'hondt, J.; Moens, L.; Heip, J.; D'hondt, A.; Kondo, M., 1978: Oxygen binding characteristics of 3 extracellular hemo globins of artemia salina

Van Hauwaert M L., 1983: Oxygen binding characteristics of artemia hemo globin domains

Lagarrigue J G., 1979: Oxygen binding characteristics of oniscoidea hemo cyanins crustacea terrestrial isopods

Yoshikawa S., 1985: Oxygen binding characteristics of potamilla leptochaeta chlorocruorin

Childress J.J., 1988: Oxygen binding characteristics of the hemocyanins of two deep sea hydrothermal vent crustaceans

Frey B.J., 1981: Oxygen binding characteristics of the hemolymph of the fresh water snail bulinus globosus

Robert C.H., 1987: Oxygen binding constants for human hemoglobin tetramers

Terwilliger, N. B.; Terwilliger, R. C., 1978: Oxygen binding domains of a clam cardita borealis extracellular hemo globin

Terwilliger, R. C.; Terwilliger, N. B.; Bonaventura, C.; Bonaventura, J., 1977: Oxygen binding domains of helisoma trivolvis hemo globin

White F.N., 1986: Oxygen binding functions of blood and hemoglobin from the chinese pangolin manis pentadactyla possible implications of burrowing and low body temperature

White F.N., 1986: Oxygen binding in alligator blood related to temperature diving and alkaline tide

Scheid P., 1985: Oxygen binding in blood of xenopus laevis amphibia and evidence against root effect

Warren L.M., 1982: Oxygen binding of erythrocruorin and coelomic cell hemo globin from the terebellid polychaete neoamphitrite figulus related to some environmental factors

Section 7, Chapter 6055, Accession 006054053

Hall R., 1983: Oxygen binding of intact coelomic cells and extracted hemo globin of the echiuran urechis caupo

Hosken, R. W., 1978: Oxygen binding of monotreme hemo globins part 1 oxygen binding parameters of the hemo globins of platypus ornithorhynchus anatinus and echidna tachyglossus aculeatus

Hosken, R. W.; Boettcher, B., 1978: Oxygen binding of monotreme hemo globins part 2 fixation of functionally nonequivalent hemo globins in the echidna population

Brix O., 1981: Oxygen binding of neptunea antiqua hemo cyanin the significance of allo steric ligands

Vinogradov S.N., 1981: Oxygen binding of the heme containing subunits of the extracellular hemo globin of lumbricus terrestris

Section 7, Chapter 6055, Accession 006054059

Wells R.M.G., 1984: Oxygen binding properties of blood and hemoglobin solutions in the carpet shark cephaloscyllium isabella roles of atp and urea

Jelkmann, W.; Bauer, C., 1980: Oxygen binding properties of caiman crocodilus blood in the absence and presence of carbon di oxide

Meirelles N.C., 1985: Oxygen binding properties of erythrocruorin solution and blood ph of the giant earthworm glossoscolex paulistus oligochaeta glossoscolecidae

Braunitzer G., 1984: Oxygen binding properties of hemo globin from the white rhinoceros and tapir

Weber, R. E.; Johansen, K.; Lykkeboe, G.; Maloiy, G. M., 1977: Oxygen binding properties of hemo globins from aestivating and active african lungfish

Jokumsen A., 1982: Oxygen binding properties of hemo globins from antarctic fishes

Decleir W., 1983: Oxygen binding properties of hemo globins from daphnia pulex

Poyart C., 1985: Oxygen binding properties of human mutant hemoglobins synthesized in escherichia coli

Daniel E., 1980: Oxygen binding properties of stripped calcium ion and magnesium ion free hemo cyanin from the scorpion leiurus quinquestriatus

Childress J.J., 1985: Oxygen binding properties of the blood of the deep sea shrimp glyphocrangon vicaria

Pauptit E., 1979: Oxygen binding properties of the coelomic hemo globin of the polychaete heteromastus filiformis related with some environmental factors

Beychok S., 1981: Oxygen binding properties of the product of the central exon of beta globin gene

Molinaro, F. S.; Little, R. G.; Ibers, J. A., 1977: Oxygen binding to a model for the active site in cobalt substituted hemo globin

Section 7, Chapter 6055, Accession 006054073

Lambeir, A. M.; Dunford, H. B., 1985: Oxygen binding to dithionite reduced chloroperoxidase ec

Gurd F.R.N., 1979: Oxygen binding to myo globins and their cobalt analogs

Giardina B., 1984: Oxygen binding to octolasium complanatum erythrocruorin modulation of homotropic and heterotropic interactions by cations

Wyman J., 1979: Oxygen binding to sickle cell hemo globin

Section 7, Chapter 6055, Accession 006054078

Castagnola M., 1987: Oxygen bonding in human hemoglobin and its isolated subunits a xanes study

Todisco, T.; Cegla, U. H.; Matthys, H., 1977: Oxygen breathing during exercise in patients with diffuse interstitial lung fibrosis

Matthys H., 1981: Oxygen breathing intermittent positive pressure breathing and beta 2 agonist inhalation in patients with chronic obstructive lung disease and global respiratory insufficiency

Bycroft B.M., 1982: Oxygen budget for an urban estuary

Parker B.C., 1986: Oxygen budget of a perennially ice covered antarctic lake

Weise G., 1988: Oxygen budget of a river rich in submerged macrophytes river zschopau in the south of east germany

Mcdonnell A.J., 1982: Oxygen budgets in macrophyte impacted streams

Section 7, Chapter 6055, Accession 006054086

Tyndale Biscoe C.H., 1988: Oxygen carriage and carbonic anhydrase activity in the blood of a marsupial the tammer wallaby macropus eugenii during early development

Rose C.M., 1984: Oxygen carrying perfluorochemical emulsion as an adjuvant to radiation therapy in mice

Baker, D. J.; Lindop, P. J., 1970: Oxygen cathode measurements in the mouse testis

Janzen E.G., 1984: Oxygen centered and carbon centered free radical formation during carbon tetra chloride metabolism observation of lipid radicals in vivo and in vitro

Forni L.G., 1984: Oxygen centered free radicals can efficiently degrade the polypeptide of proteoglycans in whole cartilage

Subrahmanyam V.S., 1986: Oxygen chemisorption and activity studies on alumina supported and carbon supported hydrodesulfurization catalysts

Favier, R.; Lacaisse, A., 1978: Oxygen chemo reflex drive of ventilation in the awake rat

Platika D., 1985: Oxygen chemoreception by carotid body cells in culture

Seela, F.; Ott, J.; Potter, B. V. L., 1983: Oxygen chiral phosphate in uridylyl 3' 5' adenosine by oxidation of a phosphite intermediate synthesis and absolute configuration

Mehdi, S.; Coderre, J. A.; Gerlt, J. A., 1983: Oxygen chiral phospho di esters 8. stereochemical course of the base catalyzed hydrolysis of oxygen 17 oxygen 18 labeled 2' deoxy cyclic amp

Demirsoy F., 1982: Oxygen concentration and factor viii pro coagulant activity

Voronin N.M., 1982: Oxygen concentration at the surface of the oral mucosa under normal conditions and in parodontosis

Trudell J.R., 1986: Oxygen concentration dependent metabolism of leukotriene b 4 by hepatocyte monolayers

Smith J.P., 1979: Oxygen concentration from room air a new source for oxygen therapy in the home

Byatt Smith J.G., 1986: Oxygen concentration gradient across the ovarian follicular epithelium model predictions and implications

Yeh T.F., 1981: Oxygen concentration gradients in the special care nursery

Steiger, H. M.; Beck, E.; Beck, R., 1977: Oxygen concentration in isolated chloroplasts during photosynthesis

Sushko B.S., 1984: Oxygen concentration profile in a cell and certain disputable problems of free oxygen transport in biological objects

Storch T.G., 1988: Oxygen concentration regulates egf induced proliferation and egf receptor down regulation

Talley G.D., 1988: Oxygen concentration regulates the proliferative response of human fibroblasts to serum and growth factors

Tjepkema J.D., 1983: Oxygen concentration within the nitrogen fixing root nodules of myrica gale

Section 7, Chapter 6055, Accession 006054108

Cannell R.Q., 1979: Oxygen concentrations in a clay soil after plowing or direct drilling

Section 7, Chapter 6055, Accession 006054110

Manresa Presas F., 1986: Oxygen concentrator as an alternative to conventional oxygen therapy

Davies R.W., 1987: Oxygen conditions in two prairie pothole lakes alberta canada during winter ice cover

Fashchuk D.Ya, 1985: Oxygen conditions of the bottom layer of water of the northwestern part of the black sea in the summer

Nishimura N., 1984: Oxygen conformers in critically ill patients

Section 7, Chapter 6055, Accession 006054115

Donnelly H.T., 1982: Oxygen consumption activity and body fat in normal and hairless mice

Section 7, Chapter 6055, Accession 006054118

Raison, J. C. A.; Osborn, J. J.; Beaumont, J. O.; Gerbode, F., 1970: Oxygen consumption after open heart surgery measured by a digital computer system

Schoenenweid F., 1986: Oxygen consumption and active sodium and chloride transport in bovine tracheal epithelium

Feder, M. E., 1977: Oxygen consumption and activity in salamanders effect of body size and lunglessness

Moreira G.S., 1987: Oxygen consumption and acute salinity exposure in the freshwater shrimp macrobrachium olfersii wiegmann crustacea decapoda whole animal and tissue respiration

Sames K., 1981: Oxygen consumption and aging in long term cultures of lens epithelia

Brener, J.; Phillips, K.; Connally, S. R., 1977: Oxygen consumption and ambulation during operant conditioning of heart rate increases and decreases in rats

Prochazkova L., 1982: Oxygen consumption and ammonia and phosphate excretion in pond zoo plankton

Cohen D., 1982: Oxygen consumption and ammonia excretion during the molt cycle of the fresh water prawn macrobrachium rosenbergii

Sukumaran, N.; Kutty, M. N., 1977: Oxygen consumption and ammonia excretion in the catfish mystus armatus with special reference to swimming speed and ambient oxygen

Kaufman E., 1986: Oxygen consumption and ammonia excretion in the detritovore caddisfly limnephilus sp exposed to low ph and aluminum

Tatrai I., 1982: Oxygen consumption and ammonia excretion of herbivorous chironomid larvae in lake balaton europe

Smith D.M., 1986: Oxygen consumption and ammonia nitrogen excretion in fed and starved tiger prawns penaeus esculentus

Forster M.E., 1981: Oxygen consumption and apnea in the shortfin eel anguilla australis schmidtii

Berry A.J., 1983: Oxygen consumption and aspects of energetics in a malaysian population of natica maculosa gastropoda feeding on the trochacean gastropod umbonium vestiarium

Ostroy S.E., 1980: Oxygen consumption and atp changes of the vertebrate rana catesbeiana photo receptor

Braendle R., 1984: Oxygen consumption and availability in the rhizomes of acorus calamus glyceria maxima menyanthes trifoliata phalaris arundinacea phragmites communis and typha latifolia

Blaxland H.J., 1979: Oxygen consumption and biochemistry of australian women physio therapists

Wells J., 1982: Oxygen consumption and blood gases of octopus vulgaris in hypoxic conditions

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Feder, M. E., 1976: Oxygen consumption and body temperature in neotropical and temperate zone lungless salamanders amphibia plethodontidae

Kunz T.H., 1987: Oxygen consumption and body temperature of female little brown bats myotis lucifugus under simulated roost conditions

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Yuki T., 1985: Oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production following open heart surgery

Visser H.K.A., 1985: Oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production of low birth weight infants in 2 sleep states

Hamburger K., 1981: Oxygen consumption and clearance as a function of size in mytilus edulis veliger larvae

Section 7, Chapter 6055, Accession 006054145

Section 7, Chapter 6055, Accession 006054146

Hirshfeld, J. R.; Bradley, W. G., 1976: Oxygen consumption and development of thermo regulation in young eutamias panamintinus and eutamias palmeri

Section 7, Chapter 6055, Accession 006054148

Kaplan M.L., 1979: Oxygen consumption and early detection of fa fa genotype in rats

Section 7, Chapter 6055, Accession 006054150

Garcia Canovas F., 1988: Oxygen consumption and enzyme inactivation in the iaa acid oxidation catalyzed by peroxidase

Dean D., 1988: Oxygen consumption and feeding rates of the sabellid polychaete myxicola infundibulum renier

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Williams, JB.; Swift, K., 1988: Oxygen consumption and growth of northern bobwhite embryos under normoxic and hyperoxic conditions

Oja P., 1984: Oxygen consumption and heart rate in different modes of manual postal delivery

Watt E.W., 1979: Oxygen consumption and hemodynamic response of exercise used in training of patients with recent myo cardial infarction

Stone J.H., 1980: Oxygen consumption and hemolymph osmolality of brown shrimp penaeus aztecus

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Kristoffersson R., 1983: Oxygen consumption and lactate accumulation in the intra ovarian embryos and young of the viviparous fish zoarces viviparus in relation to decreasing water oxygen concentration

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Section 7, Chapter 6055, Accession 006054166

Baguet F., 1987: Oxygen consumption and luminescence of maurolicus photophores stimulated by adrenaline

Section 7, Chapter 6055, Accession 006054168

Section 7, Chapter 6055, Accession 006054169

Lormes W., 1986: Oxygen consumption and metabolic strain in rowing ergometer exercise

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Holmes L.J., 1986: Oxygen consumption and nitrogen excretion in the antarctic brachiopod liothyrella uva jackson 1912 under simulated winter conditions

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Section 7, Chapter 6055, Accession 006054183

Kaplan M.L., 1986: Oxygen consumption and oxidative capacity of hepatocytes from young male obese and nonobese zucker rats

Section 7, Chapter 6055, Accession 006054185

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Section 7, Chapter 6055, Accession 006054204

Varndell I.M., 1980: Oxygen consumption and the occurrence of a hemo protein within the central nervous tissue of the hoplonemertean amphiporus lactifloreus nemertea enopla monostilifera

Section 7, Chapter 6055, Accession 006054206

Schembri P.J., 1979: Oxygen consumption and the respiratory responses to declining oxygen tension in the crab ebalia tuberosa crustacea decapoda leucosiidae

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Section 7, Chapter 6055, Accession 006054211

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Section 7, Chapter 6055, Accession 006054253

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Section 7, Chapter 6055, Accession 006054263

Silva Penteado C.H., 1983: Oxygen consumption by the hermit crab clibanarius vittatus in declining oxygen tensions

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Section 7, Chapter 6055, Accession 006054273

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