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Oxygen consumption during metamorphosis of the parasitic lamprey lampetra fluviatilis and its nonparasitic derivative lampetra planeri

Lewis, S.V.; Potter, I.C.

Journal of Experimental Biology 69: 187-198


ISSN/ISBN: 0022-0949
Accession: 006054281

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During metamorphosis at 10.degree. C, standard O2 consumption rose from 29.3 to 60.4 .mu.l g-1h-1 in the parasitic lamprey L. fluviatilis and from 20.3 to 50.5 .mu.l g-1h-1 in its nonparasitic derivative, L. planeri. At maturity, O2 consumption of L. planeri increased to 73.3 .mu.l g-1h-1 in males and declined to 44.1 .mu.l g-1h-1 in females. A circadian rhythm of O2 consumption developed during metamorphosis. Standard O2 consumption and ventilatory frequency of late metamorphozing stages of L. fluviatilis rose from 24.3 .mu.l g-1h-1 and 33.0 beats min-1 at 5.degree. C to 103.8 .mu.l g-1h-1 and 98.2 beats min-1 at 15.degree. C.

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