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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6056

Chapter 6056 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Parks, D.A.; Shah, A.K.; Granger, D.N., 1984:
Oxygen radicals: effects on intestinal vascular permeability

Wei E.P.; Kontos H.A.; Povlishock J.T., 1986:
Oxygen radicals in arachidonate induced increased blood brain barrier permeability to proteins

Kontos H.A., 1985:
Oxygen radicals in cerebral vascular injury

Koyama I.; Toung T.J.K.; Rogers M.C.; Gurtner G.H.; Traystman R.J., 1987:
Oxygen radicals mediate reperfusion lung injury in ischemic oxygen ventilated canine pulmonary lobe

Kontos, H.A.; Wei, E.P.; Povlishock, J.T.; Christman, C.W., 1984:
Oxygen radicals mediate the cerebral arteriolar dilation from arachidonate and bradykinin in cats

Davies, K.J.; Goldberg, A.L., 1987:
Oxygen radicals stimulate intracellular proteolysis and lipid peroxidation by independent mechanisms in erythrocytes

Spiro I.J.; Ling C.C.; Stickler R.; Gaskill J., 1985:
Oxygen radiosensitization at low dose rate

Entsch, B.; Husain, M.; Ballou, D.P.; Massey, V.; Walsh, C., 1980:
Oxygen reactivity of p hydroxy benzoate hydroxylase ec containing 1 deaza fad

Daxboeck, C.; Holeton, G.F., 1978:
Oxygen receptors in the rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

Reiner O.; Okon Y., 1986:
Oxygen recognition in aerotactic behavior of azospirillum brasilense cd

Nagaoka T.; Sakai T.; Ogura K.; Yoshino T., 1987:
Oxygen reduction with hydroxy 1 4 naphthoquinones immobilized at carbon electrodes

Kils U., 1979:
Oxygen regime and artificial aeration of net cages in mariculture

Vol'vach S.I.; Kovalenko E.A.; Voronin L.I.; Ulyatovskii N.V.; Gabyshev V.K.; Nikiforov V.I.; Arkhipov V.V., 1985:
Oxygen regime and regional circulation in the gingival mucosa during exposure to head to feet acceleration

Pokorny J.; Rejmankova E., 1983:
Oxygen regime in a fish pond with duckweeds lemnaceae and ceratophyllum

Belyaeva, N.M.; Nikolaev, V.P.; Matchin, G.A., 1986:
Oxygen regime in rat's kidneys in regeneration and carcinogenesis

Tsobel' M.R., 1987:
Oxygen regime of soils in extra moistened and boggy sites

Matveev L.N.; Marachev A.G.; Polikarpov V.A.; Abramyan R.G., 1985:
Oxygen regimen in the residents of the northeastern ussr

Yarochkin V.S.; Volos O.P.; Turkevich N.M., 1985:
Oxygen regimen of the body in the replacement of acute blood loss with polyglucin under normal and hyperoxic conditions

Zhu Y.S.; Cook D.N.; Leach F.; Armstrong G.A.; Alberti M.; Hearst J.E., 1986:
Oxygen regulated messenger rna for light harvesting and reaction center complexes and for bacteriochlorophyll and carotenoid biosynthesis in rhodobacter capsulatus during the shift from anaerobic to aerobic growth

Aliabadi Z.; Warren F.; Mya S.; Foster J.W., 1986:
Oxygen regulated stimulons of salmonella typhimurium identified by mu d 1 ap lac operon fusions

Strauch, K.L.; Lenk, J.B.; Gamble, B.L.; Miller, C.G., 1985:
Oxygen regulation in Salmonella typhimurium

Lowry C.V.; Zitomer R.S., 1984:
Oxygen regulation of anaerobic and aerobic genes mediated by a common factor in yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae

Shiba T., 1987:
Oxygen regulation of bacteriochlorophyll synthesis in the aerobic bacterium erythrobacter

Foster, J.M.; Redlinger, T.E.; Blankenship, R.E.; Fuller, R.C., 1986:
Oxygen regulation of development of the photosynthetic membrane system in Chloroflexus aurantiacus

Hernandez, D.; Rowe, J.J., 1987:
Oxygen regulation of nitrate uptake in denitrifying Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Sand Jensen K.; Prahl C.; Stokholm H., 1982:
Oxygen release from roots of submerged aquatic macrophytes

Sanyal, M.K.; Wiebke, E.A., 1979:
Oxygen requirement for in vitro growth and differentiation of the rat conceptus during organogenesis phase of embryo development

Arnason T.; Chan G.F.Q.; Wat C.K.; Downum K.; Towers G.H.N. , 1981:
Oxygen requirement for near uv mediated cyto toxicity of alpha terthienyl to escherichia coli and saccharomyces cerevisiae

Ziem Hanck U.; Heber U., 1980:
Oxygen requirement of photosynthetic carbon di oxide assimilation

Sejersted, O.M.; Mathisen, O.; Kiil, F., 1977:
Oxygen requirement of renal sodium potassium atpase dependent sodium re absorption

Durve, V.S.; Sharma, M.S., 1977:
Oxygen requirement of the early stages of the major carp labeo calbasu

Watson N.E.; Prior B.A.; D.P.eez J.C.; Lategan P.M., 1984:
Oxygen requirements for d xylose fermentation to ethanol and polyols by pachysolen tannophilus

Jahnke, L.; Klein, H.P., 1983:
Oxygen requirements for formation and activity of the squalene epoxidase in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Vantoai T.; Fausey N.; Mcdonald M.Jr, 1988:
Oxygen requirements for germination and growth of flood susceptible and flood tolerant corn lines

Scheffer T.C., 1986:
Oxygen requirements for growth and survival of wood decaying and sapwood staining fungi

Brett J.R.; Blackburn J.M., 1981:
Oxygen requirements for growth of young coho oncorhynchus kisutch and sockeye oncorhynchus nerka salmon at 15 celsius

Oblozhko, L.S.; Orlova, N.V.; Borisova, T.G., 1977:
Oxygen requirements of actinomyces rimosus depending on medium composition

Spoor, W.A., 1977:
Oxygen requirements of embryos and larvae of the largemouth bass micropterus salmoides

Spoor W.A., 1984:
Oxygen requirements of larvae of the smallmouth bass micropterus dolomieui

de Wit, L.; Coetzee, A.; Kotze, J.; Lochner, A., 1988:
Oxygen requirements of the isolated rat heart during hypothermic cardioplegia. Effect of oxygenation on metabolic and functional recovery after five hours of arrest

Paradise N.F.; Surmitis J.M.; Mackall C.L., 1984:
Oxygen reserve of left ventricle of isolated saline perfused rabbit heart

Shapiro, M.P.; Gerzof, S.G., 1987:
Oxygen reservoir rebreathing mask simulating pneumothorax

Møller, M.M.; Nielsen, L.P.; Jørgensen, B.B., 1985:
Oxygen Responses and Mat Formation by Beggiatoa spp

Post F.J., 1981:
Oxygen rich gas domes of microbial origin in the salt crust of the great salt lake utah usa

Strohl K.P.; Altose M.D., 1984:
Oxygen saturation during breath holding and during apnea in sleep

Swindells, S.R.; Simpson, K.H., 1987:
Oxygen saturation during electroconvulsive therapy

Henke, K.G.; Orenstein, D.M., 1984:
Oxygen saturation during exercise in cystic fibrosis

Moller J.T.; Johannessen N.W.; Lybecker H., 1988:
Oxygen saturation during transport to the recovery room

Calvin, S.; Jones, O.W.; Knieriem, K.; Weinstein, L., 1988:
Oxygen saturation in the supine hypotensive syndrome

Castele, R.J.; Strohl, K.P.; Chester, C.S.; Brittenham, G.M.; Harris, J.W., 1986:
Oxygen saturation with sleep in patients with sickle cell disease

Peterson F.J.; Mason R.P.; Hovsepian J.; Holtzman J.L., 1979:
Oxygen sensitive and oxygen insensitive nitro reduction by escherichia coli and rat hepatic microsomes

Fishman J.E.; Joseph P.M.; Floyd T.F.; Mukherji B.; Sloviter H.A., 1987:
Oxygen sensitive fluorine 19 nmr imaging of the vascular system in vivo

Come D.; Perino C.; Ralambosoa J., 1985:
Oxygen sensitivity of apple pyrus malus embryos in relation to dormancy

Rubanyi G.; Paul R.J., 1984:
Oxygen sensitivity of beta adrenergic responsiveness in isolated bovine and porcine coronary arteries

Loesche, W.J., 1969:
Oxygen sensitivity of various anaerobic bacteria

Campbell J.A.; Grimsrud E.P., 1984:
Oxygen sensitized responses of the electron capture detector and atmospheric pressure ionization mass spectrometer to derivatized isomers of amino anthracene and amino phenanthrene/

Reynafarje B.; Costa L.E.; Lehninger A.L., 1985:
Oxygen solubility in aqueous media determined by a kinetic method

Zander, R., 1974:
Oxygen solubility in fluoro carbon liquids

Shurikova, V.I., 1978:
Oxygen sorption and carbon di oxide loss in dark gray forest soils differing in erosion

Enfors S O., 1981:
Oxygen stabilized enzyme electrode for d glucose analysis in fermentation broths

Vainer, E.N., 1975:
Oxygen state of the myo cardium during local chilling of the brain and heart

Maher E.A.; Kelman A., 1983:
Oxygen status of potato solanum tuberosum tuber tissue in relation to maceration by pectic enzymes of erwinia carotovora

Harashima K.; Hayasaki J I.; Ikari T.; Shiba T., 1980:
Oxygen stimulated synthesis of bacterio chlorophyll and carotenoids in marine bacteria

Brown, R.H.; Bouton, J.H.; Evans, P.T., 1986:
Oxygen Stimulation of Apparent Photosynthesis in Flaveria linearis

McKean, T.; Carlton, C., 1977:
Oxygen storage in beavers

Snow, T.R.; Bressler, P.B., 1977:
Oxygen sufficiency in working rabbit papillary muscle at 25 celsius

Zack, M.B.; Palange, A.V., 1985:
Oxygen supplemented exercise of ventilatory and nonventilatory muscles in pulmonary rehabilitation

Trinchant J.C.; Birot A.M.; Rigaud J., 1981:
Oxygen supply and energy yielding substrates for nitrogen fixation acetylene reduction by bacteroid preparations

Kurbanova K.K.; Sultanov S.F., 1981:
Oxygen supply and lactic acid level in dosed physical exertion at high air temperature depending on physical preparedness

Tenney, S.M., 1985:
Oxygen supply and limiting oxygen pressures in an insect larva

Yarochkin V.S.; Koziner V.B., 1979:
Oxygen supply and maintenance of hemodynamics in partial blood substitution with a concentrated hemo globin solution

Yarochkin V.S.; Vinogradov S.M., 1987:
Oxygen supply and the functional status of the isolated heart in various degrees of hemodilution

Power, G.G.; Gunn, T.R.; Johnston, B.M.; Gluckman, P.D., 1987:
Oxygen supply and the placenta limit thermogenic responses in fetal sheep

Il'yash M.G.; Sledzevskaya I.K., 1980:
Oxygen supply during physical exertion in the course of rehabilitation of patients with a history of myo cardial infarction complicated with heart aneurysm

Davydova I.V.; Rishko N.V., 1986:
Oxygen supply in patients with ischemic heart disease under dosed physical exercise

Makolkin V.I.; Sokova E.A.; Abbakumov S.A., 1984:
Oxygen supply in patients with neurocirculatory dystonia during exercise

Hartwig U.; Boller B.; Nosberger J., 1987:
Oxygen supply limits nitrogenase activity of clover nodules after defoliation

Yarochkin V.S.; Vinogradov S.M.; Koziner V.B., 1988:
Oxygen supply of an isolated heart by its perfusion with suspension of fresh or 7 day storage red blood cells

Morgenstern, C.; Arnold, W., 1978:
Oxygen supply of middle ear and inner ear in experimental tubal occlusion

Yarochkin V.S.; Koziner V.B.; Kolonina I.R.; Afonin N.I., 1983:
Oxygen supply of the body in complete blood substitution by organo fluoric emulsions

Thermann M.; Jostarndt L.; Eberhard F.; Richter H.; Sass W., 1985:
Oxygen supply of the bowel in mechanical ileus

Frowein, R.A.; Karimi-Nejad, A., 1968:
Oxygen supply of the cerebral tissue after severe head injuries human

Yarochkin, V.S.; Koziner, V.B., 1977:
Oxygen supply of the isolated rabbit heart in its perfusion with eryhem and blood

Broelsch, C.E.; Hoeper, J.; Kessler, M., 1978:
Oxygen supply of the liver following various types of porta caval shunting

Adlercreutz, P.; Holst, O.; Mattiasson, B., 1982:
Oxygen supply to immobilized cells 2. studies on a co immobilized algae bacteria preparation with in situ oxygen generation

Adlercreutz, P.; Mattiasson, B., 1984:
Oxygen supply to immobilized cells 4. use of p benzoquinone as an oxygen substitute

Stolbov A.L., 1987 :
Oxygen supply to the liver during hemodilution with albumin solution

Ivanov K.P.; Lyabakh E.G., 1980:
Oxygen supply to the muscles during complete substitution of the blood with an oxygen transporting blood substitute

Maslennikova L.S., 1987:
Oxygen supply to the skeletal muscle in anemia and polycythemia

Messmer, K.; Sunder-Plassmann, L.; Jesch, F.; Goernandt, L.; Sinagowitz, E.; Kessler, M.; Pfeiffer, R.; Horn, E.; Hoeper, J.; Joachimsmeier, K., 1973:
Oxygen supply to the tissues during limited normo volemic hemo dilution

Shioi, J.; Taylor, B.L., 1984:
Oxygen taxis and proton motive force in Salmonella typhimurium

Jaszczak P.; Sejrsen P., 1987:
Oxygen tension and consumption measured by a transcutaneous oxygen partial pressure electrode on heated skin before and after epidermal stripping

Man'kovskaya I.N.; Lyabakh E.G.; Filippov M.M.; Kurbakov L.A., 1980:
Oxygen tension and factors determining it in skeletal muscles with aging

Pappová, N.; Siracká, E.; Vacek, A.; Durkovský, J., 1982:
Oxygen tension and prediction of the radiation response. Polarographic study in human breast cancer

Coceani, F.; Olley, P.M., 1977:
Oxygen tension and the response of the ductus arteriosus to prostaglandin e 1 and prostaglandin e 2

Clyman, R.I.; Heymann, M.A.; Rudolph, A.M., 1977:
Oxygen tension and the response of the ductus arteriosus to prostaglandin e searching high and low for a solution

Efron, N.; Carney, L.G., 1981:
Oxygen tension beneath contact lenses under the closed eyelid: human eye measurements

Laskarzhevskaya M.A.; Leonov A.N., 1985:
Oxygen tension blood flow and nitrogen metabolism in the liver in chronic toxic hepatitis and hyperbaric oxygenation

Tsybenko V.A., 1983:
Oxygen tension blood flow and oxygen consumption in the skeletal muscles in hypothalamic stimulation

Comline, R.S.; Silver, M., 1970:
Oxygen tension carbon di oxide tension and ph levels in the umbilical and uterine blood of the mare and ewe

Buerk, D.G.; Goldstick, T.K., 1986:
Oxygen tension changes in the outer vascular wall supplied by vasa vasorum following adenosine and epinephrine

Okubo J.; Watanabe K.; Harada H.; Teramura K.; Koyama S.; Ishikawa N.; Ogawa A.; Hanari K.; Watanabe I., 1987:
Oxygen tension changes in the tympanic cavity and role of the capillary structure in human mastoid cells

Aleksandrova T.B.; Kilibaeva G.S.; Ryasina T.V.; Demchenko I.T.; Moskalenko Y.E.; Rodionov I.M., 1987:
Oxygen tension distribution in the brain of spontaneously hypertensive rats

Nikolaishvili L.S.; Gobechiya L.Sh; Mitagvariya N.P., 1983:
Oxygen tension dynamics in the hippocampus and sensori motor cortex during the sleep awake cycle

Mosienko, V.S.; Zagoruiko, L.I., 1976:
Oxygen tension in animal tissues in malignant tumor growth

Logvinoff, M.; Mossay, C.; Geubelle, F., 1976 :
Oxygen tension in arterialized cutaneous blood and lung function in asthmatic children

Bogomolets, V.I.; Zhuravleva, N.N.; Sushko, B.S., 1978:
Oxygen tension in blood and tissues of some invertebrates

Sokolyanskii I.F., 1981:
Oxygen tension in certain albino rat abdominal organs in normobarism and hyperoxybarism

Myslovatyi B.S.; Zairov D.K.; Chebotarev A.A.; Muzykantskii E.L., 1982:
Oxygen tension in different tissues and organs and some hemodynamic characteristics during tourniquet shock

Raguzin A.V.; Tikhonov V.V., 1986:
Oxygen tension in fetal brain under increased oxygenation of pregnant animals

Gatenby R.A.; Coia L.R.; Richter M.P.; Katz H.; Moldofsky P.J.; Engstrom P.; Brown D.Q.; Brookland R.; Broder G.J., 1985:
Oxygen tension in human tumors in vivo mapping using computed tomography guided probes

Zirakadze A.N.; Makharadze L.M., 1983:
Oxygen tension in organs of the pregnant and in fetal brain tissue

Saborowski F.; Kessler M.; Hoeper J.; Greitschuss F.; Rath K.; Dickmans H.A.; Thiele K.G., 1981:
Oxygen tension in skeletal muscle in patients with reduced oxygen carrying capacity

Kir'yanov I.Yu; Sutyagin A.G.; Alipchenko L.A., 1981:
Oxygen tension in stomach adeno carcinoma

Raguzin A.V., 1987:
Oxygen tension in the brain of newborn rats and its dynamics at hypoxia and hyperoxia

Whalen, W.J.; Nair, P., 1976:
Oxygen tension in the carotid body perfused and or superfused with cell free media

Kunath U.; Uckmann C., 1979:
Oxygen tension in the gastric fundus wall in relation to arterial blood supply experimental study with intra mural oxygen partial pressure measurement

Hunt, R.; Blackburn, J.G.; Ogilvie, R.W.; Balentine, J.D., 1978:
Oxygen tension in the globus pallidus and neo striatum of unanesthetized rats during exposure to hyperbaric oxygen

Maas, D.H.; Storey, B.T.; Mastroianni, L., 1976:
Oxygen tension in the oviduct of the rhesus monkey (Macaca mulatta)

Pospelov N.I.; Kovalenko E.A., 1980:
Oxygen tension in the skeletal muscle of homeotherms after de nervation

Zelinskii B.A.; Goncharov L.I.; Gamarnik L.V.; Vernigorodskii V.S.; Shimonko A.I., 1981:
Oxygen tension in the tissues and some enzymes of blood neutrophils in patients with diabetes mellitus

Necas, E., 1976:
Oxygen tension in tissues

Davydova I.V., 1980:
Oxygen tension in tissues of patients with chronic ischemic heart disease

Mettraux G.R.; Gusberti F.A.; Graf H., 1984:
Oxygen tension in untreated human periodontal pockets

Shtykhno O.M.; Udovichenko V.I.; Donskikh E.A., 1986:
Oxygen tension index in evaluation the severity of the course and outcome of shock in an experiment

Schuchhardt, S., 1971:
Oxygen tension measurement in the myo cardium of the beating heart

Frezza, W.A.; Bing, O.H.L., 1976:
Oxygen tension modulated performance of cardiac muscle

Vinogradov A.A., 1981:
Oxygen tension of the anterior part of the hypophysis in normal dogs and those with disturbed blood outflow

Wagner, G.; Levin, R., 1978:
Oxygen tension of the vaginal surface during sexual stimulation in the human

Velluti, R.; Monti, J.M., 1976:
Oxygen tension recorded in the amygdaloid complex during the sleep walking cycle of the cat

Knighton, D.R.; Hunt, T.K.; Scheuenstuhl, H.; Halliday, B.J.; Werb, Z.; Banda, M.J., 1983:
Oxygen tension regulates the expression of angiogenesis factor by macrophages

Polse, K.A.; Decker, M., 1979:
Oxygen tension under a contact lens

Mueller Klieser W.F.; Sutherland R.M., 1982:
Oxygen tensions in multi cell spheroids of 2 cell lines

Hempel, F.G., 1979:
Oxygen tensions measured in cat cerebral cortex under hyperbaric conditions

Sheehy J.E.; Thornley J.H.M., 1988:
Oxygen the nif a gene nodule structure and the initiation of nitrogen fixation

Drummond, G.B.; Wright, D.J., 1977:
Oxygen therapy after abdominal surgery

Drummond, G.B.; Milne, A.C., 1977:
Oxygen therapy after thoracotomy

Bandini L.; Capecchi V.; A.; Ferretti A.; Franco M.; Giampiccolo P.; Reboa G., 1987:
Oxygen therapy integrating artificial ventilation with iron lung in the treatment of serious hypercapnic respiratory insufficiency

Kim, K., 1976:
Oxygen therapy part 1

Kim, K., 1976:
Oxygen therapy part 2

Peil M.L.; Rubin L.J., 1986:
Oxygen therapy titrated to raise mixed venous oxygen content in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Carlsson, J.; Frölander, F.; Sundquist, G., 1977:
Oxygen tolerance of anaerobic bacteria isolated from necrotic dental pulps

Tally, F.P.; Stewart, P.R.; Sutter, V.L.; Rosenblatt, J.E., 1975:
Oxygen tolerance of fresh clinical anaerobic bacteria

F.C.; Knowles R., 1986:
Oxygen tolerance of uptake hydrogenase in azospirillum spp

Wagner, F.W.; Welch, B.E., 1969:
Oxygen tolerant strain of chlorella sorokiniana toxicity photosynthesis

Joenje, H.; Nieuwint, A.W.; Taylor, A.M.; Harnden, D.G., 1987:
Oxygen toxicity and chromosomal breakage in ataxia telangiectasia

Lindenbaum A.; Magny J.F.; Abella A.; Chalas J.; Baret A.; Dehan M., 1987:
Oxygen toxicity and copper superoxide dismutase manganese superoxide dismutase contents in the newborn with respiratory failure preliminary results

Lagneaux D.; Lecomte J., 1982:
Oxygen toxicity and cutaneous mast cells of the rat

Colepicolo Neto P.; Bechara E.J.H.; Costa C., 1986:
Oxygen toxicity aspects in luminescent and non luminescent elaterid larvae

Frank L., 1987:
Oxygen toxicity in neonatal rats the effect of endotoxin treatment on survival during and post oxygen exposure

Zocco, J.; Wilk, J.; Crute, S.L.; Greenfield, L.J., 1979:
Oxygen toxicity in normal and anoxic ventilated perfused canine lungs

Koizumi, M.; Frank, L.; Massaro, D., 1985:
Oxygen toxicity in rats. Varied effect of dexamethasone treatment depending on duration of hyperoxia

Diguiseppi J.; Fridovich I., 1982:
Oxygen toxicity in streptococcus sanguis relative importance of super oxide and hydroxyl radicals

Nishiki, K.; Jamieson, D.; Oshino, N.; Chance, B., 1976:
Oxygen toxicity in the perfused rat liver and lung under hyperbaric conditions

Delemos, R.A.; Coalson, J.J.; Gerstmann, D.R.; Kuehl, T.J.; Null, D.M., 1987:
Oxygen toxicity in the premature baboon with hyaline membrane disease

Steiner B.M.; Wong G.H.W.; Sutrave P.; Graves S., 1984:
Oxygen toxicity in treponema pallidum dna single stranded breakage induced by low doses of hydrogen peroxide

Sebert P.; Barthelemy L.; Peyraud C., 1984:
Oxygen toxicity in trout salmo gairdneri at 2 seasons

Feeney, L.; Berman, E.R., 1976:
Oxygen toxicity: membrane damage by free radicals

Monteiro, H.P.; Abdalla, D.S.; Arcuri, A.S.; Bechara, E.J., 1985:
Oxygen toxicity related to exposure to lead

Yamada S.; Chibata I.; Wada M., 1979:
Oxygen transfer as a parameter of automatic control of the continuous cultivation for the conversion of sorbitol to sorbose by acetobacter suboxydans

Armstrong M.S.; Boyd C.E., 1982:
Oxygen transfer calculations for a tractor powered paddlewheel aerator

Oyama G.; Ushikubo A.; Ishimaru K., 1981:
Oxygen transfer coefficient in an agricultural irrigation waterway

Sevin A.; Fontecave M., 1986:
Oxygen transfer from iron oxoporphyrins to ethylene a semiempirical mo vb approach

Wagner W.R.; Spero D.M.; Rastetter W.H., 1984:
Oxygen transfer from oxaziridines a chemical model for flavin dependent mono oxygenases

Lee W.A.; Yuan L C.; Bruice T.C., 1988:
Oxygen transfer from percarboxylic acids and alkyl hydroperoxides to meso tetraphenylporphinatoiron iii and chromium iii

Part P.; Tuurala H.; Soivio A., 1982:
Oxygen transfer gill resistance and structural changes in rainbow trout salmo gairdneri gills perfused with vasoactive agents

Takahashi H.; Yoshida F., 1979:
Oxygen transfer in a bubble column for fermentation with aspergillus niger

Gschwend K.; Feichter A.; Widmer F., 1983:
Oxygen transfer in a loop reactor for viscous non newtonian biosystems

Hassan, I.T.M.; Robinson, C.W., 1977:
Oxygen transfer in mechanically agitated aqueous systems containing dispersed hydro carbon

Balasubramanian P.N.; Bruice T.C., 1986:
Oxygen transfer involving non heme iron the reaction of edta iron iii with m chloroperbenzoic acid

Balasubramanian P.N.; Bruice T.C., 1987:
Oxygen transfer involving nonheme iron the influence of leaving group ability on the rate constant for oxygen transfer to edta iron iii from peroxycarboxylic acids and hydroperoxides

Wang S D.; Huang C J., 1983:
Oxygen transfer mechanisms in the submerged acetic acid fermentation by gluconobacter suboxydans

Páca, J., 1976:
Oxygen transfer rate, respiration and yields in batch and chemostat cultures of Klebsiella aerogenes

Orazem M.E.; Erickson L.E., 1979:
Oxygen transfer rates and efficiencies in 1 stage and 2 stage airlift towers

Yen J.R.; Brown R.B.; Dick R.L.; Acton J.A., 1988:
Oxygen transmission rate of packaging films and light exposure effects on the color stability of vacuum packaged dry salami

Dmitrieva M.G.; Polyakova A.S.; Andreeva A.P.; Kazanets E.G.; Lutsenko I.N., 1979:
Oxygen transport and acid base balance in patients with endemic hereditary erythrocytosis

Yarochkin V.S.; Koziner V.B.; Zeinalov A.M.; Azhigirova M.A.; Vyazova E.P., 1980:
Oxygen transport and cardio vascular system function after complete blood replacement by solutions of modified hemo globin poly hemo globin and poly hemo globin albumin

Gump, F.E.; Butler, H.; Kinney, J.M., 1968:
Oxygen transport and consumption during acute hemo dilution

Kato T.; Nonami T.; Kasai Y.; Harada A.; Nakao A.; Takagi H., 1988:
Oxygen transport and consumption in cirrhotic patients the effect of hyperdynamic systemic circulation

Moss, M.; Moreau, G.; Lister, G., 1987:
Oxygen transport and metabolism in the conscious lamb: the effects of hypoxemia

Caldwell, P.R.; Enson, Y.; Ferrer, M.I.; Harvey, R.M., 1979:
Oxygen transport and oxygen consumption in shock

Hill, E.P.; Willford, D.C.; Moores, W.Y.; Bellamy, R.; Heydorn, W.H., 1987:
Oxygen transport and oxygen consumption vs. cardiac output at different hematocrits

Saglio P.H.; Raymond P.; Pradet A., 1983:
Oxygen transport and root respiration of maize zea mays seedlings a quantitative approach using the correlation between atp adp and the respiration rate controlled by oxygen tension

Messmer K., 1981:
Oxygen transport and tissue oxygenation during moderate normo volemic hemo dilution

Valeri, C.R., 1974:
Oxygen transport and viability of preserved red blood cells

Aleksandrov V.N.; Bobrinskaya I.G.; Kurmut M.; Pozin A.I., 1986:
Oxygen transport as a criterion of the effectiveness of controlled lung ventilation with positive end expiratory pressure in patients with traumatic shock

Eremenko A.A.; Dement'eva I.I., 1986:
Oxygen transport blood function in patients after heart surgery with the use of artificial circulation

Cain S.M.; Adams R.P., 1983:
Oxygen transport during 2 forms of stagnant hypoxia following acid and base infusions

Scott, A.; Chakrabarti, M.K.; Hall, G.M., 1979:
Oxygen transport during dopamine infusion in dogs

Borisyuk M.V., 1979:
Oxygen transport during electrical stimulation of emotiogenic structures of the hypothalamus

Thomson J.M.; Stone J.A.; Ginsburg A.D.; Hamilton P., 1982:
Oxygen transport during exercise following blood re infusion

Freund, U.; Carlson, R.W.; Schaeffer, R.C.; Puri, V.; Weil, M.H., 1976:
Oxygen transport during extracorporeal oxygenation for the treatment of adult respiratory distress syndrome

Nuritdinov N.; Vartapetyan B.B., 1980:
Oxygen transport from epigeal cotton gossypium hirsutum cultivar 108 f organs to roots at various temperatures

Setrakyan S.A.; Volovoi V.L.; Abdukakharova S.S., 1985:
Oxygen transport function following surgical correction on mitral stenosis

Fateeva I.N.; Bogdanovich V.S.; Fedorova Z.P.; Gruzova L.M., 1979:
Oxygen transport function of a hemo globin solution obtained from erythrocytes of donors blood

Akopov S.E., 1981:
Oxygen transport function of erythrocytes in patients with cerebral circulatory disorders

Zhukova O.T.; Meitina R.A., 1981:
Oxygen transport function of fibrinolytic blood

Terechow N.; Petrow M.; Beresowsky B., 1984:
Oxygen transport function of the blood and of erythrocyte concentrates during storage and its importance in transfusion research

Grigor'yants R.A.; Meitina R.A.; Gasilin V.S., 1980:
Oxygen transport function of the blood in patients with ischemic heart disease

Eremenko A.A.; Mikhailov Y.M.; Kukaeva E.A., 1984:
Oxygen transport function of the blood under conditions of decreased hemoglobin concentration in patients after open heart surgery

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Oxygen transport in a woman with hemo globin hope beta positive thalassemia

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