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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6057

Chapter 6057 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

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Miller G.; Heston L.; Countryman J., 1985: P 3hr 1 epstein barr virus with heterogeneous dna is an independent replicon maintained by cell to cell spread

Vesmanis I.E., 1985: P 4 variation found out in spanish greater white toothed shrews crocidura russula pulchra mammalia insectivora soricidae

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Rotter V., 1983: P 53 a transformation related cellular encoded protein can be used as a biochemical marker for the detection of primary mouse tumor cells

Rotter V.; Abutbul H.; Ben Ze'ev A., 1983: P 53 transformation related protein accumulates in the nucleus of transformed fibroblasts in association with the chromatin and is found in the cytoplasm of nontransformed fibroblasts

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Cimler B.M.; Andreasen T.J.; Andreasen K.L.; Storm D.R., 1985: P 57 is a neural specific calmodulin binding protein

Wong W.W.; Fearon D.T., 1985: P 65 a complement c 3b binding protein on murine cells that shares antigenic determinants with the human complement c 3b receptor and is distinct from murine complement c 3b receptor

Yoshinaka Y.; Luftig R.B., 1982: P 65 of gazdar murine sarcoma viruses contains antigenic determinants from all 4 of the murine leukemia virus gag poly peptides p 15 p 12 p 30 and p 10 and can be cleaved in vitro by murine leukemia virus proteolytic activity

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Laura R.; Robinson D.J.; Bing D.H., 1980: P amidinophenyl methanesulfonyl fluoride an irreversible inhibitor of serine proteases

Fraser L.R., 1982: P amino benzamidine an acrosin inhibitor inhibits mouse sperm penetration of the zona pellucida but not the acrosome reaction

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Sharp T.; Zetterstrom T.; Christmanson L.; Ungerstedt U., 1986: P chloroamphetamine releases both serotonin and dopamine into rat brain dialysates in vivo

Gottlieb, G. P.; Turnheim, K.; Frizzell, R. A.; Schultz, S. G., 1978: P chloromercuri benzene sulfonate blocks and reverses the effect of amiloride on sodium transport across rabbit colon in vitro

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