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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6057

Chapter 6057 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Gesalman, C.M.; Davis, D.D., 1978:
Ozone susceptibility of 10 azalea cultivars as related to stomatal frequency or conductance

Davis, D.D.; Coppolino, J.B., 1976:
Ozone susceptibility of selected wood shrubs and vines

Biersteker, K.; Evendijk, J.E., 1976:
Ozone temperature and mortality in rotterdam netherlands in the summers of 1974 and 1975

Ionescu G.; Pitea P.; Blaj A., 1985:
Ozone therapy a new therapeutic method for chronic obliterating arteriopathies

Ganio E.; Trompetto M.; Ginardi A., 1987:
Ozone therapy indications and results

Tanaka K.; Suda Y.; Kondo N.; Sugahara K., 1985:
Ozone tolerance and the ascorbate dependent hydrogen peroxide decomposing system in chloroplasts

Erdman H.E., 1980:
Ozone toxicity during ontogeny of 2 species of flour beetles tribolium confusum and tribolium castaneum

Karl, T.R., 1978:
Ozone transport in the st louis area

Bryant F.C.; Mills T.; Pitts J.S.; Carrigan M.; Wiggers E.P., 1984:
Ozone treated mesquite for supplementing steers in west texas usa

Akin D.E.; Morrison W.H.IIi, 1988:
Ozone treatment of forage structure and digestibility of different types of lignified cell walls

Ng, K.S.; Mueller, J.C.; Walden, C.C., 1978:
Ozone treatment of kraft mill wastes

Skarby L.; Troeng E.; Bostrom C A., 1987:
Ozone uptake and effects on transpiration net photosynthesis and dark respiration in scots pine

Stopka K., 1982:
Ozone waste water treatment directly inside collector pipes

Rotmistrov M.N.; Udod V.M.; Vengzhei G.S.; Kerzhner B.K., 1980:
Ozonization effect on bacterial destruction of dyes

Iglesias G.D.; Lopez R.; Slutzky B.; Ramos R.; Perez R.; Gomez M., 1985:
Ozonization of pith and sugar cane bagasse to enhance their biodegradability

Nair, V.; Kim, K.H.; Walsh, R.H., 1977:
Ozonolysis of 3 4 dehydro proline

Keul H.; Griesbaum K., 1980:
Ozonolysis of olefins containing mono chloro substituted double bonds

Akita H.; Oishi T., 1981:
Ozonolysis of phenolic dehydro abietane derivatives syntheses of optically active dextro confertifolin dextro valdiviolide dextro winterin dextro iso drimenin and dextro pallescensin a

Janowski, T.; Zimnal, S., 1976:
Ozonometric estimation of the range of polluted air with animal stench in the vicinity of animal farms

Slater J.A., 1981:
Ozophora cocosensis new species from cocos island hemiptera lygaeidae

Meyer P., 1985:
P 1 1st premolar on both sides of the lower jaw of a roe deer capreolus capreolus

Wu, J.C.; Chuan, H.; Wang, J.H., 1987:
P 1 5' adenosyl p 2 n 2 mercaptoethyldiphosphoramidate an affinity reagent for demonstrating the presence of tyrosine beta 311 at the hydrolytic site of f 1 atpase

Schanfield, M.S., 1976:
P 1 blood group pigeon antigens and respiratory disease

Peterson A.; Marler J., 1983:
P 1 deficiency in shiverer myelin is expressed by schwann cells in shiverer normal mouse chimera nerves

Lee, P.C.; Bochner, B.R.; Ames, B.N., 1983:
P 1 p 4 di adenosine 5' tetra phosphate heat shock stress and cell oxidation

Koehrle, J.; Luestorff, J.; Schlimme, E., 1977:
P 1 p 5 bis 5 adenosyl penta phosphate is this adenylate kinase ec inhibitor substrate for mitochondrial processes

Lienhard, G.E.; Secemski, I.I., 1973:
P 1 p 5 di adenosine 5 penta phosphate a potent multi substrate inhibitor of adenylate kinase ec

Kurebayashi, N.; Kodama, T.; Ogawa, Y., 1980:
P 1 p 5 di adenosine 5' penta phosphate as an inhibitor of adenylate kinase ec in studies of fragmented sarcoplasmic reticulum from bull frog skeletal muscle

Kulkarni S.K.; Mehta A.K., 1984:
P 1 purinoceptor antagonism by clonidine in the rat cecum

Stein R.L.; Strimpler A.M., 1987:
P 1 residue determines the operation of the catalytic triad of serine proteases during hydrolyses of acyl enzymes

Tomasz, J., 1983:
P 1 thymidine 5' p 1 aminotriphosphate synthesis hydrolysis and reaction with cytidine in alkali

Rodman T.C.; Pruslin F.H.; Chiorazzi N.; Michelis M.A.; Winston R., 1983:
P 15 a nuclear associated protein of human sperm identification of 4 variants and their occurrence in normal and abnormal seminal cells

Lanier L.L.; Arnaout M.A.; Schwarting R.; Warner N.L.; Ross G.D., 1985:
P 150 95 3rd member of the lfa 1 cr 3 polypeptide family identified by anti leu m 5 monoclonal antibody

Springer T.A.; Miller L.J.; Anderson D.C., 1986:
P 150 95 the third member of the mac 1 lymphocyte function associated antigen 1 human leukocyte adhesion glycoprotein family

Keppens S.; D.W.lf H., 1985:
P 2 purinergic control of liver glycogenolysis

Okajima F.; Tokumitsu Y.; Kondo Y.; U.M., 1987:
P 2 purinergic receptors are coupled to two signal transduction systems leading to inhibition of cyclic amp generation and to production of inositol trisphosphate in rat hepatocytes

Backer J.M.; Weinstein I.B., 1986:
P 21 ras proteins and guanine nucleotides modulate the phosphorylation of 36 kilodalton and 17 kilodalton mitochondria associated proteins

Kiyokawa T.; Seiki M.; Iwashita S.; Imagawa K.; Shimizu F.; Yoshida M., 1985:
P 27 x iiii and p 21 x iii proteins encoded by the p x sequence of human t cell leukemia virus type i

Begleiter H.; Porjesz B.; Chou C.L.; Aunon J.I., 1983:
P 3 and stimulus incentive value

Courchesne, E.; Hillyard, S.A.; Courchesne, R.Y., 1977:
P 3 waves to the discrimination of targets in homogeneous and heterogeneous stimulus sequences

Karis D.; Chesney G.L.; Donchin E., 1983:
P 300 and decision making

Ruchkin D.S.; Sutton S.; Munson R.; Silver K.; Macar F., 1981:
P 300 and feedback provided by absence of the stimulus

Johnson R.Jr; Pfefferbaum A.; Kopell B.S., 1985:
P 300 and long term memory latency predicts recognition performance

Fabiani M.; Karis D.; Donchin E., 1986:
P 300 and recall in an incidental memory paradigm

Ruchkin D.S.; Munson R.; Sutton S., 1982:
P 300 and slow wave in a message consisting of 2 events

Johnson R.Jr; Donchin E., 1980:
P 300 and stimulus categorization 2 plus 1 is not so different from 1 plus 1 J.H.; Kok A.; Das Smaal E.A., 1981:
P 300 and uncertainty reduction in a concept identification task

Isreal, J.B.; Chesney, G.L.; Wickens, C.D.; Donchin, E., 1980:
P 300 component and tracking difficulty evidence for multiple resources in dual task performance

Polich J., 1986:
P 300 development from auditory stimuli

Romani, A.; Molini, E.; Zerbi, F.; Tosca, P.; Cosi, V., 1984:
P 300 latency, age and cognitive styles

Howard L.; Polich J., 1985:
P 300 latency and memory span development

Glover A.A.; Onofrj M.C.; Ghilardi M.F.; Bodis Wollner I., 1986:
P 300 like potentials in the normal monkey macaca fascicularis using classical conditioning and an auditory oddball paradigm

Vesmanis I.E., 1985:
P 4 variation found out in spanish greater white toothed shrews crocidura russula pulchra mammalia insectivora soricidae

Mikoshiba K.; Okano H.; Tsukada Y., 1985:
P 400 protein characteristic to purkinje cells and related proteins in cerebella from neuropathological mutant mice autoradiographic study by carbon 14 leucine and phosphorylation

Rosenberg I.; Awxhalom M.; Kuo T.Y.; Tom J.L., 1981:
P 42 beryllium neutron therapy beams dose rate and penetration as a function of target thickness and beam filtration

Eisenstein, L.; Debey, P.; Douzou, P., 1977:
P 450 cam oxygenated complexes stabilized at low temperature

Diwan B.A.; Rice J.M.; Nims R.W.; Lubet R.A.; H.H.; Ward J.M., 1988:
P 450 enzyme induction by 5 ethyl 5 phenylhydantoin and 5 5 diethylhydantoin analogues of barbiturate tumor promoters phenobarbital and barbital and promotion of liver and thyroid carcinogenesis initiated by n nitrosodiethylamine in rats

Wong W.W.; Fearon D.T., 1985:
P 65 a complement c 3b binding protein on murine cells that shares antigenic determinants with the human complement c 3b receptor and is distinct from murine complement c 3b receptor

Yoshinaka Y.; Luftig R.B., 1982:
P 65 of gazdar murine sarcoma viruses contains antigenic determinants from all 4 of the murine leukemia virus gag poly peptides p 15 p 12 p 30 and p 10 and can be cleaved in vitro by murine leukemia virus proteolytic activity

Bose S.; Hoch G.E., 1981:
P 700 component sensitization by low concentration of 3 3 4 di chlorophenyl 1 1 dimethyl urea in isolated pea chloroplasts

Kozlov O.F.; Yurchenko A.G.; Isaev S.D.; Leont'eva N.A.; Nabokova A.B., 1986:
P adamantyl substituted phenylpyrazolone derivatives

Bharucha K.R.; Cross C.K.; Rubin L.J., 1986:
P alkoxyanilines as antinitrosamine agents for bacon

Turner A.D.; Monroe D.M.; Roberts H.R.; Porter N.A.; Pizzo S.V., 1986:
P amidino esters as irreversible inhibitors of factor ixa factor xa and thrombin

Zarafonetis C.J.D.; Batsakis J.G.; Wolfe R.A., 1979:
P amino benzoate inhibition of precipitation of urine salts

Kane, J.F.; O'brien, H.D., 1975:
P amino benzoate synthase from bacillus subtilis amino transferase composed of nonidentical subunits

Surovtseva, E.G.; Karasevich-Yu, N., 1976:
P amino benzoic acid as a sole source of carbon and energy for pseudomonas desmolytica

Levee G.J.; Sayre R.M.; Marlowe E., 1981:
P amino benzoic acid as a sunscreen and its behavior on the skin

Thijssen, H.H.W., 1977:
P amino benzoic acid derivatives as inhibitors of the cell free deuterated pteroate synthesizing system of escherichia coli

Vasil'eva S.V.; Tonkal' T.E., 1983:
P amino benzoic acid inhibits expression of the inducible sos functions in escherichia coli k 12

Sacher, M.; Kobsa, A.; Shmerling, D.H., 1978:
P amino benzoic acid screening test for exocrine pancreatic function in infants and children

Castel J.; Aznar R.; Rieu D.; Lesbros D.; Jean R., 1980:
P amino benzoic acid test and muco viscidosis 1st results

Phelps, D.L.; Omori, K.; Oh, W., 1976:
P amino hippurate clearance sodium excretion and p amino hippurate extraction ratio in acidotic near term lambs treated with hypertonic sodium bi carbonate

Irish, J.M.Iii ; Dantzler, W.H., 1976:
P amino hippurate transport and fluid absorption by isolated perfused frog proximal renal tubules

Stopp M.; Braeunlich H., 1983:
P amino hippurate transport and sodium potassium atpase activity in rat renal cortical slices during post natal maturation and drug induced stimulation

Holliday C.W.; Miller D.S., 1984:
P amino hippuric acid excretion in 2 species of cancroid crab cancer irroratus and cancer borealis

Miller D.S.; Holliday C.W., 1982:
P amino hippuric acid secretion in the urinary bladder of a crab cancer borealis

Holliday C.W.; Miller D.S., 1980:
P amino hippuric acid transport in rock crab cancer irroratus urinary bladder

Holliday, C.W.; Miller, D.S., 1982:
P amino hippuric acid transport in rock crab cancer irroratus urinary bladder 2. luminal and serosal steps

Eveloff J.; Kinne R.; Kinter W.B., 1979:
P amino hippuric acid transport into brush border vesicles isolated from flounder pseudopleuronectes americanus kidney

Vessby, B.; Lithell, H.; Boberg, J.; Hellsing, K., 1978:
P amino salicylic acid as a lipid lowering agent

Ohta M.; Kimura T.; Tanaka A., 1986:
P aminobenzoylglutamic acid reference standard control 801 of national institute of hygienic sciences

Birch A.N.E.; Fellows L.E.; Evans S.V.; Doherty K., 1986:
P aminophenylalanine in vigna possible taxonomic and ecological significance as a seed defense against bruchids

Knipscheer R.J.J.L., 1982:
P aortal lymph node dissection in 20 cases of primary epithelial ovary carcinoma stage i international federation of obstetrics and gynecology influence on staging

Ernsberger P.; U'prichard D.C., 1986:
P azidoclonidine a novel photoaffinity ligand for the alpha 2 receptor

Nutsubidze, N.N.; Davitashvili, N.A., 1976:
P benzo quinone inhibition of glutamate dehydrogenase in corn seedlings

Narasimhan K.; Wingard L.B.Jr, 1985:
P benzoquinone activation of metal oxide electrodes for attachment of enzymes

Wong Y H.H.; Winer F.B.; Frey P.A., 1979:
P bromoacetamidophenyluridyl pyro phosphate an active site directed irreversible inhibitor for udp galactose 4 epimerase

Johns R.A.; Peach M.J., 1988:
P bromophenacyl bromide inhibits endothelium dependent arterial relaxation and cyclic gmp accumulation by effects produced exclusively in the smooth muscle

Viterbo, D.; Gasco, A.; Serafino, A.; Mortarini, V., 1975:
P carboxyphenylazoxy cyanide di methyl sulfoxide an anti bacterial and anti fungal compound from calvatia lilacina

Fazekas de S.G.oth, B.; Thomas, W.R.; McKimm-Breschkin, J.L.; Clark-Lewis, I.; Schrader, J.W.; Miller, J.F., 1986:
P cell stimulating factor release: a useful assay of T cell activation in vitro

Cooper A.M.; Whalen D.H.; Fowler C.A., 1986:
P centers are unaffected by phonetic categorization

Humphries C.R.; O'brien M.; Paxinos G., 1980:
P chloro amphetamine effects on ejaculation thermo regulation salivation and irritability in rats

Sanders-Bush, E.; Sulser, F., 1970:
P chloro amphetamine in vivo investigations on the mechanism of action of the selective depletion of cerebral serotonin

Sheard, M.H.; Davis, M., 1976:
P chloro amphetamine short term and long term effects upon shock elicited aggression

Copenhaver, J.H.; Schalock, R.L.; Carver, M.J., 1978:
P chloro dl phenyl alanine induced filicidal behavior in the female rat

Prakash, J.; Joshi, R.D., 1978:
P chloro phenol an inhibitor of cucumber mosaic virus

M'batchi B.; Delrot S., 1984:
P chloromercuri benzene sulfonic acid a potential tool for differential labeling of the sucrose transporter

Yeh, W.K.; Ornston, L.N., 1984:
P chloromercuri benzoate specifically modifies thiols associated with the active sites of beta keto adipate enol lactone hydrolase ec and succinyl coenzyme a beta keto adipate coenzyme a transferase ec

Loseva L.P.; Shatilov V.R.; Bendianishvili M.V.; Kretovich V.L., 1987:
P chloromercuribenzoate induced non specific inhibition of nadp glutamate dehydrogenase from chlorella pyrenoidosa 82t

Grouiller A.; Nioche J Y.; Barailler J.; Roche M.; Pacheco H., 1980:
P chlorophenyl alanine analogs and derivatives synthesis biochemical and pharmacological properties

Garrigou D.; Blozovski D., 1980:
P chlorophenyl alanine and atropine influences on theta activity in the young rat

Booth J.E.; Van Der Schoot P.; Moleman P., 1979:
P chlorophenyl alanine and copulatory behavior in neo natally castrated male rats

Kaufman L.S., 1983:
P chlorophenyl alanine does not affect pontine geniculate occipital waves in rats despite significant effects on other sleep waking parameters

Miller, M.R.; Mcclure, D.; Shiman, R., 1975:
P chlorophenyl alanine effect on phenyl alanine hydroxylase in hepatoma cells in culture

Petitjean F.; Buda C.; Janin M.; Sallanon M.; Jouvet M., 1980:
P chlorophenyl alanine induced insomnia in the cat hypnogenic effects of intra ventricular injection of indolamines

Sallanon M.; Buda C.; Janin M.; Jouvet M., 1981:
P chlorophenyl alanine induced insomnia in the cat its reversibility by intra ventricular injection of cerebro spinal fluid from paradoxical sleep deprived cat

Chodera A.; Szafarek P.; Nowakowska E.; Szczawinska K.; Godlewski J., 1981:
P chlorophenyl alanine interference with pheno barbital formation from primidone

Stoff, D.M.; Wyatt, R.J.; Gillin, J.C., 1976:
P chlorophenyl alanine potentiates facilitatory effects of mescaline on shuttle box escape avoidance in rats

Dahlof L G.; Larsson K., 1979:
P chlorophenyl alanine potentiates the effects of specific copulatory experience on the sexual behavior of the pudendectomized male rat

Oades, R.; Isaacson, R.L., 1977:
P chlorophenyl alanine produced effects on behavior in intact and brain damaged rats

Matte, A.C.; Tornow, H., 1978:
P chlorophenyl alanine produces dissociated effects on aggression emotionality and motor activity

Horn A.M.; Fink G., 1985:
P chlorophenylalanine blocks the spontaneous proestrous surge of prolactin as well as luteinizing hormone and affects the secretion of estradiol 17 beta

Ledley F.D.; Woo S.L.C., 1987:
P chlorophenylalanine does not inhibit production of recombinant human phenylalanine hydroxylase in nih3t3 cells or escherichia coli

Singh U.S.; Kumar M.V., 1986:
P chlorophenylalanine effects on testicular and epididymal catecholamines in rats

Vergnes M.; Depaulis A.; Boehrer A., 1986:
P chlorophenylalanine induced serotonin depletion increases offensive but not defensive aggression in male rats

Dourish C.T.; Hutson P.H.; Curzon G., 1986:
P chlorophenylalanine prevents feeding induced by the serotonin agonist 8 hydroxy 2 di n propylaminotetralin

Butler, M.G.; D'Ardenne, A.J.; Scott, D.L., 1988:
P component in the synovium in rheumatoid and osteoarthritis

Ruda, M.Y. ; Staroverov, I.I.; Salem, S., 1978:
P controlled electric stimulation of the heart in complete atrio ventricular block in patients with acute myo cardial infarction

Bentley M.D.; Mcdaniel I.N.; Yatagai M.; Lee H P.; Maynard R., 1979:
P cresol an oviposition attractant of aedes triseriatus

Keat, M.J.; Hopper, D.J., 1978:
P cresol and 3 5 xylenol methyl hydroxylases in pseudomonas putida ncib 9869

Bossert, I.D.; Rivera, M.D.; Young, L.Y., 1986:
P cresol biodegradation under denitrifying conditions isolation of a bacterial coculture

Kumar S.; Rastogi S.N., 1986:
P cyclopentenylphenol derivatives as potential biodynamic agents

Ling C.R.; Foster M.A., 1980:
P di methylamino azo benzene induced changes in nmr relaxation times water and iron content of rat tissue

Cannon, J.G.; Amoo, V.E.D.; Long, J.P.; Bhatnagar, R.K.; Flynn, J.R., 1986:
P dimethoxy substituted trans octahydrobenzo f and g quinolines synthesis and assessment of dopaminergic agonist effects

Torkamanzehi A.; Moran C.; Nicholas F.W., 1988:
P element induced mutation and quantitative variation in drosophila melanogaster lack of enhanced response to selection in lines derived from dysgenic crosses

Roiha, H.; Rubin, G.M.; O'Hare, K., 1988:
P element insertions and rearrangements at the singed locus of Drosophila melanogaster

Zendem Z.; Khalil S.; Luckner M., 1982:
P factor a developmental hormone of penicillium cyclopium?

Brown, J.S.; Inglis, M.S.; Wheatley, D.N., 1975:
P fluorophenyl alanine and nuclear alkaline phosphatase ec in hela cells

Griffiths, A.J.F.; Delange, A.M., 1977:
P fluorophenyl alanine increases meiotic nondisjunction in a neurospora test system

Berlin J., 1980:
P fluorophenyl alanine resistant cell lines of tobacco

Morgan M.A.; Volk R.J.; Jackson W.A., 1985:
P fluorophenylalanine induced restriction of ion uptake and assimilation by maize zea mays roots

Melhado L.L.; Peltz S.W.; Leytus S.P.; Mangel W.F., 1982:
P guanidino benzoic acid esters of fluorescein as active site titrants of serine proteases

Gray, J.R.; Mabry, T.J.; Bell, A.A.; Stipanovic, R.D.; Lukefahr, M.J., 1976:
P hemi gossypolone a sesqui terpenoid aldehyde quinone from gossypium hirsutum

Woodhead S.; Galeffi C.; Bettolo G.B.M., 1982:
P hydroxy benzaldehyde as a major constituent of the epicuticular wax of seedling sorghum bicolor

Woodhead S., 1982:
P hydroxy benzaldehyde in the surface wax of sorghum sorghum bicolor its importance in seedling resistance to acridids locusta migratoria migratorioides

Hofsteenge, J.; Weijer, W.J.; Jekel, P.A.; Beintema, J.J., 1983:
P hydroxy benzoate hydroxylase ec from pseudomonas fluorescens 1. completion of the elucidation of the primary structure

Weijer, W.J.; Hofsteenge, J.; Beintema, J.J.; Wierenga, R.K.; Drenth, J., 1983:
P hydroxy benzoate hydroxylase ec from pseudomonas fluorescens 2. fitting of the amino acid sequence to the tertiary structure

Karasevich-Yu, N., 1975:
P hydroxy benzoic acid as a carbon and energy source for yeast candida tropicalis

Nakajima K.; Yasuda T., 1980:
P hydroxy benzoic acid esters in capsules

Osswald W.F.; Zieboll S.; Schuetz W.; Firl J.; Elstner E.F., 1987:
P hydroxyacetophenone a fungitoxic compound in spruce needles

Tokuyama T.; Shoji K.; Maruo B., 1985:
P hydroxybenzoic acid degradation by pseudomonas sp tk 91 and its mutant strain

Boquist L., 1979:
P hydroxymercuri benzoate induced hyper glycemia influence of pre treatment and post treatment with l leucine tolbutamide d manno heptulose insulin and alloxan

Fries, L.; Iwasaki, H., 1976:
P hydroxyphenyl acetic acid and other phenolic compounds as growth stimulators of the red alga porphyra tenera

Fuller, R.W.; Snoddy, H.D.; Snoddy, A.M.; Hemrick, S.K.; Wong, D.T.; Molloy, B.B., 1980:
P iodo amphetamine as a serotonin depletor in rats

Van-Der-Helm, D.; Enwall, E.L.; Weinheimer, A.J.; Karns, T.K.B.; Ciereszko, L.S., 1976:
P iodo benzoate of jeunicin

Pelot D.; Berk J.E.; Wistow B.W.; Morton M.E., 1981:
P iso propylacetanilido iminodiacetic acid excretory scintigraphy in the diagnosis of hepato biliary disorders

Kokina, N.N., 1978:
P k anokhins concept of systemogenesis and its further development

Cohen, S.I.; Koh, D.; Lau, S.H.; Rosen, K.M.; Damato, A.N., 1977:
P loops during common and uncommon atrial flutter in man

Brookfield J.F.Y.; Mitchell S.F., 1985:
P m hybrid dysgenesis using geographically separate p strains of drosophila melanogaster

Anxolabehere D.; Periquet G., 1983:
P m system of hybrid dysgenesis genetic polymorphism and evolution of drosophila melanogaster populations

Ronsseray S., 1986:
P m system of hybrid dysgenesis in drosophila melanogaster thermic modification of the cytotype can be detected for several generations

Buinova E.F.; Urbanovich T.R.; Udarov B.G.; Izotova L.V., 1982:
P menthadiene conversion by potassium tert butylate in di methyl sulfoxide

Nishimura, O.; Fujino, M., 1976:
P methoxy benzene sulfonyl as a protecting group of guanidino function in peptide synthesis

Mahachi T.J.; Carlson R.M.; Poe D.P., 1984:
P n n dimethylaminophenylisothiocyanate as an electrochemical label for high performance liquid chromatographic determination of amino acids

Chapdelaine, P.; Tremblay, R.R.; Dube, J.Y., 1978:
P nitro phenol alpha d gluco pyranoside as substrate for measurement of maltase ec activity in human semen

Griffin M.J.; Walston K.K., 1979:
P nitro phenol udp glucuronyl transferase and epoxide hydrase in microsomes from liver of rats fed 2 acetyl amino fluorene and barbital

Tissut M.; Mrlina G.; Genies E.; Calmon J.P., 1985:
P nitroacetophenoxime n methylcarbamate a new electron acceptor in isolated thylakoids

Azaryan A.V.; Agatyan G.L.; Galoyan A.A., 1987:
P nitroanilides of amino acids and peptides and a fluorescent peptide with inner fluorescence quenching as substrates for brain cathepsins h b d and high molecular weight aspartic peptidase

Lyublinskaya L.A.; Khaidu I.; Balandina G.N.; Filippova I.Yu; Markaryan A.N.; Lysogorskaya E.N.; Oksenoit E.S.; Stepanov V.M., 1987:
P nitroanilides of pyroglutamylpeptides as chromogenic substrates of serine proteinases

Ekborg G.; Glaudemans C.P.J., 1984:
P nitrophenyl 2 and 3 o alpha d mannopyranosyl alpha d mannopyranoside

Rabinovich M.L.; Mel'nik M.S.; Novikova T.V.; Tikhomirov D.F.; Talebarovskaya I.K.; Shchegolev A.A.; Klesov A.A., 1986:
P nitrophenyl beta d lactoside the substrate for continuous determination of cellobiohydrolase i in cellulase complexes

Mccroskey, R.; Chang, T.; David, H.; Winn, E., 1982:
P nitrophenyl glycosides as substrates for measurement of amylase ec in serum and urine

Gahan, P.B.; Dawson, A.L.; Fielding, J., 1978:
P nitrophenyl phosphate as a substrate for some acid phosphatases in roots of vicia faba

Peterson, S.R.; Ellarson, R.S., 1978:
P p dde poly chlorinated bi phenyls and endrin in oldsquaws in north america 1969 1973

Hwang E.C.; Van Woert M.H., 1979:
P p ddt induced myo clonus serotonin and alpha noradrenergic interaction

Cariati, E.; Acanfora, L.; Branconi, F.; Bigazzi-Grasso, C.; Capei, R.; Grasso, G., 1983:
P p' ddt in peri natal samples maternal and neo natal measurements

Magnussen, I., 1985:
P p' ddt induced myoclonus in mice the effect of enhanced 5 hydroxytryptamine neurotransmission

Salmon D.; Bouchmel S.; Hafsia A.; Boussen S.; Boussen M.; Bouguerra A., 1979:
P phenotypes observed in 2 generations of tunisian family with a high rate of inbreeding

Datta, S.; Datta, S.C.; Sengupta, R., 1976:
P phenylazophenyl iso thio cyanate as a possible reagent in the n terminal amino acid sequence determination of proteins

Sadun A.A.; Smith L.E.H.; Kenyon K.R., 1983:
P phenylenediamine a new method for tracing human visual pathways

Vaganova M.E.; Sekamova S.M., 1980:
P phenylenediamine identification of the types of muscle fibers on cryostat slices

Fjell I., 1987:
P protein and inclusion bodies in root protophloem of salix viminalis

Lawton, D.M., 1978:
P protein crystals do not disperse in uninjured sieve elements in roots of runner bean phaseolus multiflorus fixed with glutaraldehyde

Sabnis, D.D.; Hart, J.W., 1973:
P protein in sieve elements part 1 ultrastructure after treatment with vinblastine and colchicine

Syrenskii, V.I., 1978:
P s kupalovs situational conditioned reflexes

Zhdanov A.M., 1984:
P synchronized stimulation of the ventricles in supraventricular tachycardias

Hurlburt, R.T.; Melancon, S.M., 1987:
P technique factor analyses of individuals' thought and mood sampling data

Barton K.; Flocchini S., 1985:
P technique factor analysis and the construct validity of emotional state scales

Chowdhry, V.; Westheimer, F.H., 1978:
P toluene sulfonyl di azo acetates reagents for photo affinity labeling

Ballesteros A.; Sanchez Montero J.M.; Sinisterra J.V., 1986:
P toluenesulfonyl chloride activation of agarose as exemplified by the coupling of lysine and micrococcal endonuclease

Nilsson K.; Norrlow O.; Mosbach K., 1981:
P toluenesulfonyl chloride as an activating agent of agarose for the preparation of immobilized affinity ligands and proteins optimization of conditions for activation and coupling

Fukuda, T.; Kitada, C.; Fujino, M., 1978:
P tolylmethyl sulfonyl a new amino protecting group in peptide synthesis

Kane R.E., 1986:
P tosyl l arginine methyl ester stabilizes the cortex and mitotic apparatus of the sea urchin tripneustes gratilla egg during isolation

Steller, H.; Pirrotta, V., 1986:
P transposons controlled by the heat shock promoter

Ekborg G.; Glaudemans C.P.J., 1985:
P trifluoroacetamidophenyl o alpha d mannopyranosyl 1 3 o alpha mannopyranosyl 1 6 beta d mannopyranoside

Zhang Y.; Wang X.; L.L.; Zhang P., 1986:
P trimethylammonium chloridobenzyloxycarbonyl as a water soluble amino protecting group

Behnke, H.D., 1975:
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Pacemaker implantation in japan 1981

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Pacemaker implantation in the extremely young. A safe and cosmetic approach

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Pacemaker implants

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Pacemaker potential in the dynamic central nervous system

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Pacemaker role of the hypothalamus in formation of normal and pathological nutritive motivations

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Pacemaker with digital control circuit

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Pacheco's parrot disease

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Packing of samples for postal transport to and from biological analysis laboratories

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Packing scheme of alpha helices in the histone core of the nucleosome

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Paclobutrazol a promising growth inhibitor for injection into woody plants

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Pacs or the future of the radiologist's workplace

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Paddlefish polyodon spathula reproduction in the cumberland and tennessee river systems usa

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Padus avium ssp petraea in the north hercynian mountains east germany

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