Section 7
Chapter 6,060

Papain induced asthma diagnosis by skin test radio allergo sorbent test and bronchial provocation test

Baur, X.; Fruhmann, G.

Clinical Allergy 9(1): 75-82


ISSN/ISBN: 0009-9090
Accession: 006059874

Of 11 workers occupationally exposed to airborne papain, 7 developed immediate hypersensitive reactions, predominantly asthma and rhinitis. Skin tests and RAST [radioallergosorbent test] with papain were positive in all symptomatic workers, but not in the 4 asymptomatic workers. Out of 40 non-exposed asthmatics, 38 had negative RAST results and all had negative skin test results. Bronchial provocation tests with 0.15-0.5 mg papain performed in 5 patients with a positive case history showed in each case an immediate asthmatic reaction; in addition, 1 patient developed signs of a dual asthmatic reaction. Airborne papain is apparently a highly immunogenic agent in humans, which induces type I allergic reactions in a large percentage of the exposed subjects.

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