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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6061

Chapter 6061 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Beutelspacher, B.C.R., 1975:
Papilio esperanza new species papilionidae

Upton M.S., 1984:
Papilio eurymedon a synonym of papilio antinous papilionidae

Clench, H.K.; Miller, L.D., 1980:
Papilio ladon vs. argus pseudargiolus lycaenidae a nomenclatorial nightmare

Clarke C., 1980:
Papilio mandina a probable hybrid between papilio dardanus and papilio phorcas

Racheli T., 1979:
Papilio toboroi straatmani new subspecies and graphium mendana aureofasciatum new subspecies from the solomon islands with observations on graphium codrus lepidoptera papilionidae

Kullander, S.O., 1977:
Papiliochromis new genus of south american cichlid fish teleostei perciformes

De-La-Maza, E.J.; De-La-Maza, E.R.G., 1976:
Papilionidae from novillo canyon tamaulipas mexico lepidoptera papilionidae

Atkinson A.B.; Mcareavey D.; Trope G., 1980:
Papill edema and hepatic dys function apparently induced by perhexiline maleate pexid

Newton D.A.G.; Bone I., 1979 :
Papill edema and optic atrophy in chronic hypercapnia

Pamir M.N.; Kansu T.; Erbengi A.; Zileli T., 1981:
Papill edema in behcets syndrome

Stainsby D.; Elleray E.; Anderson J.; Hamilton P.J.; Thompson R.B., 1983:
Papill edema in chronic granulocytic leukemia

Cadena Gomez G.; Nicholson R.L., 1987:
Papilla formation and associated peroxidase activity a non specific response to attempted fungal penetration of maize

Murray T.D.; Y.H., 1986:
Papilla formation and hypersensitivity at penetration sites and resistance to pseudocercosporella herpotrichoides in winter wheat triticum aestivum

Sherwood R.T., 1987:
Papilla formation in corn root cap cells and leaves inoculated with colletotrichum graminicola

Aist, J.R.; Israel, H.W., 1977:
Papilla formation timing and significance during penetration of barley coleoptiles by erysiphe graminis hordei

Settembrini, B.P., 1987:
Papilla palatina, nasopalatine duct and taste buds of young and adult rats

Yu, C.M.; Anderson, R.R., 1975:
Papillae and galactophore numbers in mammae of Cricetus auratus, Meriones unguiculatus, Spermophilus tridecemlineatus, and Chinchilla laniger

Sahin, A.; Robinson, R.A., 1988:
Papillae formation in parathyroid adenoma. A source of possible diagnostic error

Atta U.R.hman; Alam M.; Ahmed G.; Choudhary M.I., 1988:
Papillamidine a new steroidal alkaloid from the leaves of buxus papillosa

Reheis J.P.; Goldstein I.S.; Mogil R.A., 1981:
Papillary adeno carcinoma arising in a urethral diverticulum accompanied by adeno carcinoma of the bladder a case and a review of the literature

Bard, R.H.; Lord, B.; Fromowitz, F., 1982:
Papillary adeno carcinoma of kidney 2. radiographic and biologic characteristics

Gradinaru V.; Filon V.; Lotreanu S., 1980:
Papillary adeno carcinoma of the biliary pathways

Ramirez-Gonzalez, C.E.; Adamsons, K.; Mangual-Vazquez, T.Y.; Wallach, R.C., 1987:
Papillary adenocarcinoma in the endometrium

Aoki, N.; Saika, T.; Takahashi, H.; Nakano, K.; Imamura, M.; Ohno, Y.; Maruyama, Y.; Matsui, H.; Hajiro, K.; Et-Al, 1986:
Papillary adenocarcinoma of the thyroid followed by manifestation of multiple endocrine neoplasia men type i a retrospective study of patient's data in the past 11 years and histological investigations of the thyroid the parathyroid and the pancreatic islet

Candes F.P.; Saudagar P.G., 1987:
Papillary adenofibroma of the cervix an unusual tumor of the cervix

Ermilova V.D.; Seredin V.P., 1987:
Papillary adenoma undergoing malignant transformation

Learmonth G.M.; Price S.K.; Visser A.E.; Emms M., 1985:
Papillary and cystic neoplasm of the pancreas an acinar cell tumor

Uyama T.; Moriwaki S., 1979:
Papillary and mucus forming adeno carcinomas of prostate

Arnaud, J.P.; Ollier, J.C.; Weill-Bousson, M.; Daly, R.; Adloff, M., 1980:
Papillary and polypoid adenomas of the gallbladder clinical radiological and anatomical study and report on 6 cases

Young, R.H., 1988:
Papillary and polypoid cystitis. A report of eight cases

Sobel, R.J.; Liel, Y.; Goldstein, J., 1985:
Papillary carcinoma and the solitary autonomously functioning nodule of the thyroid

Shibata T.; Harada T.; Katagiri M.; Ohkubo S.; Kawano R.; Sai T.; Okamura Y.; Miyake K.; Ipponsugi S.; E.A., 1986:
Papillary carcinoma arising from a thyroglossal cyst a case report

Banerjee, S.N.; Ananthakrishnan, N.; Veliath, A.J.; Ratnakar, C., 1986:
Papillary carcinoma in a giant lateral thyroglossal cyst

Cameron, A.M.; Conroy, J.D., 1976:
Papillary carcinoma of apocrine sweat glands in a capuchin monkey (Cebus albifrons)

Nakashima N.; Goto K.; Takeuchi J., 1982:
Papillary carcinoma of choroid plexus light microscopic and electron microscopic study

Kline, T.S.; Kannan, V., 1986:
Papillary carcinoma of the breast. A cytomorphologic analysis

Ahsan, N.; Berman, J.J., 1988:
Papillary carcinoma of the common bile duct. Diagnosis by bile drainage cytology

Kim S.Y.; Lim J.H.; Lee J.D., 1985:
Papillary carcinoma of the pancreas findings of ultrasound and computed tomography

Mcdougall I.R.; Nelsen T.S.; Kempson R.L., 1981:
Papillary carcinoma of the thyroid 7 years after iodine 131 therapy for graves disease

Yashiro, T.; Ito, K.; Akiba, M.; Kanaji, Y.; Obara, T.; Fujimoto, Y.; Hirayama, A.; Nakajima, H., 1987:
Papillary carcinoma of the thyroid arising from dyshormonogenetic goiter

Baker, R.R.; Hyland, J., 1985:
Papillary carcinoma of the thyroid gland

Krisch, K.; Depisch, D.; Jakesz, R.; Keminger, K.; Kokoschka, R., 1980:
Papillary carcinoma of the thyroid gland

Schmid, K.W.; Lucciarini, P.; Ladurner, D.; Zechmann, W.; Hofstädter, F., 1987:
Papillary carcinoma of the thyroid gland. Analysis of 94 cases with preoperative fine needle aspiration cytologic examination

Marquardt B.; Kissler W., 1979:
Papillary carcinoma of the thyroid gland and atresia of the common bile ducts of a 5 year old boy

Vestfrid M.A., 1986:
Papillary carcinoma of the thyroid gland with lipomatous stroma report of a peculiar histological type of thyroid tumor

Dickersin G.R.; Vickery A.L.Jr; Smith S.B., 1980:
Papillary carcinoma of the thyroid oxyphil cell type clear cell variant a light microscopic and electron microscopic study

Shperling I.D., 1980:
Papillary chordal insufficiency of atrio ventricular heart valves

Appel, R.G.; Dunn, M.J., 1987 :
Papillary collecting tubule responsiveness to atrial natriuretic factor in Dahl rats

Greiner, J.V., 1988:
Papillary conjunctivitis induced by an epithelialized corneal foreign body

Kawahara, K.; Yukawa, H.; Masuoka, T.; Sasaki, M.; Nishimura, G., 1976:
Papillary cyst adenoma lymphomatosum warthins tumor an experience of 5 cases

Civil I.D.S.; Hackett A.H., 1981:
Papillary cyst adenoma of the epididymis a case

Ramirez Segura R.; Calderon Castro C.; Fuster Alfaro F.; Tropper Nusinoviez L., 1987:
Papillary cystadenofibroma of the endometrium presentation of the first case reported in costa rica

Baugh, R.F.; McClatchey, K.D., 1986:
Papillary cystadenoma lymphomatosum syndrome

Rustin, R.B.; Broughan, T.A.; Hermann, R.E.; Grundfest-Broniatowski, S.F.; Petras, R.E.; Hart, W.R., 1986:
Papillary cystic epithelial neoplasms of the pancreas. A clinical study of four cases

Pezzi C.M.; Schuerch C.; Erlandsoon R.A.; Deitrick J., 1988:
Papillary cystic neoplasm of the pancreas

Bombi J.A.; Milla A.; Badal J.M.; Piulachs J.; Estape J.; Cardesa A., 1984:
Papillary cystic neoplasm of the pancreas 2 cases and review of the literature

Komorn, H.J.; Zirkin, R.M.; Nathan, L.E., 1986:
Papillary cystic neoplasm of the pancreas: report of two cases of a surgically curable tumor

Miettinen, M.; Partanen, S.; Fräki, O.; Kivilaakso, E., 1987:
Papillary cystic tumor of the pancreas. An analysis of cellular differentiation by electron microscopy and immunohistochemistry

Almagro U.A.; Perry L.S.; Choi H.; Pintar K., 1982:
Papillary fibro elastoma of the heart 6 cases

Madi A.; D.R.quancourt A.; Brocheriou C.; Simard C.; Serny R.; Kuffer R., 1985:
Papillary intravascular hemangioendothelioma 4 cases of oral localization

Geenen, D.L.; White, T.P.; Lampman, R.M., 1987:
Papillary mechanics and cardiac morphology of infarcted rat hearts after training

Pasquier B.; Gasnier F.; Pasquier D.; Keddari E.; Morens A.; Couderc P., 1986:
Papillary meningioma clinicopathology study of seven cases and review of the literature

Mikuz, G.; Höpfel-Kreiner, I., 1982:
Papillary mesothelioma of the tunica vaginalis propria testis. Case report and ultrastructural study

Thomsen H.S.; Larsen S.; Talner L.B., 1983:
Papillary morphology in adult human kidneys and baby and adult pig kidneys

See, J.R.; Cosby, R.S.; Giddings, J.A.; Mayo, M., 1978:
Papillary muscle dys function and mitral insufficiency associated with myo cardial infarction

Henry, M.A.; Jablonski, P.; Howden, B.O.; Rae, D.; Tavanlis, G.; Marshall, V.C.; Tange, J.D., 1988:
Papillary necrosis in experimental renal transplantation in the rat

Kaude, J.V.; Stone, M.; Fuller, T.J.; Cade, R.; Tarrant, D.G.; Juncos, L.I., 1976 :
Papillary necrosis in kidney transplant patients

Cohen, M.S.; Davis, C.P.; Baur, P.S.; Warren, M.M., 1981:
Papillary necrosis in vitro: a scanning electron microscopic comparison of escherichia coli and Proteus mirabilis infection

Guseva I.S.; Sorokina T.T.; Skugarevskaya E.I., 1981:
Papillary pattern in men with chronic alcoholism

Galiana A.; Hajnis K.; Ayraud N., 1979:
Papillary patterns of the hands and the cephalometric characteristics in families with trisomy 21

Foyle, A.; Al-Jabi, M.; McCaughey, W.T., 1981:
Papillary peritoneal tumors in women

Faubert, P.F.; Chou, S.Y.; Porush, J.G.; Belizon, I.J.; Spitalewitz, S., 1982:
Papillary plasma flow and tissue osmolality in chronic caval dogs

Levison, S.P.; Levison, M.E.; Pitsakis, P., 1978:
Papillary plasma flow in experimental pyelo nephritis in rats effect of antibiotic therapy and indomethacin

Bayle, F.; Eloy, L.; Trinh-Trang-Tan, M.M.; Gruenfeld, J.P.; Bankir, L., 1982:
Papillary plasma flow in rats 1. relation to urine osmolality in normal and brattleboro rats with hereditary diabetes insipidus

Eloy, L.; Grunfeld, J.P.; Bayle, F.; Bankir, L.; Ramos-Frendo, B.; Trinh-Trang-Tan, M.M., 1983:
Papillary plasma flow in rats 2. hormonal control

Press G.A.; Mcclennan B.L.; Melson G.L.; Weyman P.J.; Mauro M.A.; Lee J.K.T., 1984:
Papillary renal cell carcinoma computed tomographic and sonographic evaluation

Sokolova, I.N., 1987:
Papillary renal tumors in children

Hirth L.; Schneider M.; Goedde H.W., 1984:
Papillary ridges of the palmar interdigital fields aspects of bilateral asymmetry

Jeffrey, J.F.; Krepart, G.V.; Lotocki, R.J., 1986:
Papillary serous adenocarcinoma of the endometrium

Gozzi G.; Soravito G.; Ricci S., 1986:
Papillary serous carcinoma of the ovary and rokitanski kuster hauser syndrome considerations on an observed case

Honore, L.H.; Nickerson, K.G., 1976:
Papillary serous cyst adenoma arising in a paramesonephric cyst of the parovarium

Solomon, R.; Reddy, V., 1980:
Papillary solute concentrations in acute ureteral obstruction. The effect of prostaglandin inhibition

Randall, M.E.; Andersen, W.A.; Mills, S.E.; Kim, J.A., 1986:
Papillary squamous cell carcinoma of the uterine cervix: a clinicopathologic study of nine cases

Schneiderman, D.J.; Cello, J.P.; Laing, F.C., 1987:
Papillary stenosis and sclerosing cholangitis in the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome

Cifuentes Delatte, L.; Miñón-Cifuentes, J.L.; Medina, J.A., 1985:
Papillary stones: calcified renal tubules in Randall's plaques

Cifuentes Delatte L.; Medina J.A.; Minon Cifuentes J.L.R., 1984:
Papillary stones with atypic plaques

Mcconahey, W.M.; Hay, I.D.; Woolner, L.B.; Van-Heerden, J.A.; Taylor, W.F., 1986:
Papillary thyroid cancer treated at the mayo clinic rochester minnesota usa 1946 through 1970 initial manifestations pathologic findings therapy and outcome

van Erpecum, K.J.; van Berge Henegouwen, G.P.; Meinders, A.E.; Bronkhorst, F.B.; Eggink, W.F.; Jonkers, M., 1988:
Papillary thyroid carcinoma and characteristic pigmented ocular fundus lesions in a patient with Gardner's syndrome

Ladurner D.; Seeber G.; Hofstaedter F., 1984:
Papillary thyroid carcinoma prognosis and prognostic variables

Shechner, C.; Spindel, A., 1986:
Papillary thyroid carcinoma with Grave's disease

Tscholl-Ducommun, J.; Hedinger, C.E., 1982:
Papillary thyroid carcinomas. Morphology and prognosis

Kannerstein, M.; Churg, J.; McCaughey, W.T.; Hill, D.P., 1977:
Papillary tumors of the peritoneum in women: mesothelioma or papillary carcinoma

Kodet, R.; Marsden, H.B., 1985:
Papillary wilms' tumor with carcinoma like foci and renal cell carcinoma in childhood

Baer R.L.; Garcia R.L.; Partsalidou V.; Ackerman A.B., 1981:
Papillated squamous cell carcinoma in situ arising in seborrheic keratosis

Kawaai, I., 1985:
Papilledema 2. the histopathology in experimental ocular hypotensive rats

Tessler Z.; Biender B.; Yassur Y., 1985:
Papilledema benign intracranial hypertension in menarche

Kiribuchi K.; Ito K.; Murakami N.; Yosikawa K.; Uchida Y.; Taira T.; Kubo N.; Oosawa M.; Maruyama H., 1987:
Papilledema developed in a case of tuberous sclerosis

Hayasaka S.; Yabata K.; Ohmura M.; Nomura H.; Takase S., 1984:
Papilledema in late onset citrullinemia a 2nd case

Jinkins, J.R., 1987:
"Papilledema": neuroradiologic evaluation of optic disk protrusion with dynamic orbital CT

Olinici C.D.; Vieru R., 1986:
Papilliferous adenocarcinoma of the palate with low malignancy potential

Farinon, A.M.; Sianesi, M.; Percudani, M.; Zanella, E., 1987:
Papillitis: a critical appraisal based on intraoperative radiomanometric evaluation

Van Crevel H., 1979:
Papillo edema cerebro spinal fluid pressure and cerebro spinal fluid flow in cerebral tumors

Farello G.A.; Gandolfi P.; Manfrini R.; Ferroni M.; Dall'antonia F.; Cordioli L.; Tirone G.; Locatelli C., 1981:
Papillo sphinctero plasty indications complications and results

Goldschmidt R., 1981:
Papilloma of the bladder as a cause of hydro nephrosis

Pelargonio S.; Paone F.M.; Siccardi M.; Salvaggio E.; Fundaro C.; Pinto F.; Torrioli M.G., 1981:
Papilloma of the choroid plexus in childhood a case and review of literature

Dufillot D.; Fontan D.; Hermouet Y.; Micheau M.; Guerin J.; Guillard J M., 1981:
Papilloma of the choroid plexus in children under 3 months

Freese U.K.; Schulte P.; Pfister H., 1982:
Papilloma virus induced tumors contain a virus specific transcript

Kurman, R.J.; Jenson, A.B.; Lancaster, W.D., 1983:
Papilloma virus infection of the cervix 2. relationship to intra epithelial neoplasia based on the presence of specific viral structural proteins

Gross, G.E.; Pfister, H.; Mittermayer, C., 1980:
Papilloma virus particles in a fibroma of the tongue

Gogusev J.; Lesec G.; Gogusev P.; Mondie J.Y.; Peyrot J.; Jourde J., 1986:
Papilloma viruses screening and identification of group specific antigens within various lesions of oral mucosa

Boever, W.J.; Kern, T., 1976:
Papillomas in black and white colobus monkeys (Colobus polykomus)

Bordas E.; Bretter E.; Papilian V.V., 1987:
Papillomas of and proliferation of rat renal calyceal epithelium induced by a total extract from the soil of an area with endemic nephropathy

Karageosov I.; Makaveeva V., 1981:
Papillomas of the lower female genital organs incidence colposcopic and histological findings onco gynecological relevance

Groh V.; Schnyder U.W.; Sigg C., 1981:
Papillomatose papuleuse confluente et reticulee of gougerot carteaud a further form of skin amyloidosis

Savvina, T.V.; Kaem, R.I.; Danilov, M.V., 1977:
Papillomatosis of the distal part of the common bile duct in combination with adenomatosis of its wall

Burgess, J.H.; Kalfayan, B.; Slungaard, R.K.; Gilbert, E., 1985:
Papillomatosis of the gallbladder associated with metachromatic leukodystrophy

Mercadier M.; Bodard M.; Fingerhut A.; Chigot J.P., 1984:
Papillomatosis of the intra hepatic bile ducts

Medvedeva M.S., 1979:
Papillomatosis of the opening of the major duodenal papilla in patients with chronic relapsing pancreatitis according to the data of surgery biopsies

Brach, B.B.; Klein, R.C.; Mathews, A.J.; Cook, E.W., 1978:
Papillomatosis of the respiratory tract. Upper airway obstruction and carcinoma

Ortner A.; Klammer J.; Mikuz G.; Dapunt O., 1979:
Papillomatous lesions of the cervix uteri

Coupez F.; Guillemotonia A.; Barrasso R.; D.B.ux J., 1986:
Papillomavirus and cervix atypias retrospective histo colposcopic study of 175 cases

Gal, A.A.; Meyer, P.R.; Taylor, C.R., 1987:
Papillomavirus antigens in anorectal condyloma and carcinoma in homosexual men

D.B.ux J.; Ionesco M.; Barrasso R., 1985:
Papillomavirus infection and uterine cervical intraepithelial neoplasms morphological study of cervical intraepithelial neoplasms in two conizations and hysterectomies series 1957 1968 and 1981 1983

Warhol, M.J.; Pinkus, G.S.; Rice, R.H.; El-Tawil, G.H.; Lancaster, W.D.; Jenson, A.B.; Kurman, R.J., 1984:
Papillomavirus infection of the cervix 3. relationship of the presence of viral structural proteins to the expression of involucrin

Murphy, W.M.; Fu, Y.S.; Lancaster, W.D.; Jenson, A.B., 1983:
Papillomavirus structural antigens in condyloma acuminatum of the male urethra

zur Hausen, H., 1987:
Papillomaviruses in human cancer

Paghdiwala A.F., 1980:
Papillon lefevre syndrome a case

Bravo Piris J.; Aparicio M.; Moran M.; Armijo M., 1983:
Papillon lefevre syndrome a case treated with oral retinoid ro 10 9359 etretinate

Bravo-Piris, J.; Villaron, L.G.; Martinez, C.; Garcia-Perez, A., 1976:
Papillon lefevre syndrome report of 2 familial cases

Fahmy M.S., 1988:
Papillon lefevre syndrome report of four cases in two families with a strong tie of consanguinity a clinical radiographic hematological and genetic study

Nazzaro V.; Blanchet Bardon C.; Mimoz C., 1988:
Papillon lefevre syndrome ultrastructural study and successful treatment with acitretin

Gittinger, J.W.; Asdourian, G.K., 1987:
Papillopathy caused by amiodarone

Gisser, S.D., 1981:
Papovavirus and squamous cell carcinoma

Waldeck W.; Sauer G., 1981:
Papovavirus chromatin associated cellular endo nuclease which introduces 1 double strand cut in super helical dna

Ibelgaufts H.; Jones K.W., 1982:
Papovavirus related rna sequences in human neurogenic tumors

Georgi, M.E.; Harper, P.; Hyypio, P.A.; Pritchard, D.K.; Scherline, E.D., 1982:
Pappus bristles: the cause of burdock stomatitis in dogs

Bachmann, K.; Chambers, K.L., 1978:
Pappus part number in annual species of microseris compositae cichoriaceae

Goff, M.L., 1984:
Papua new guinea chiggers acari trombiculidae 12. a new species of gahrliepia from the long footed melomys melomys lorentzi

Goff, M.L., 1982:
Papua new guinea chiggers acari trombiculidae 4. radfordiana is a junior synonym of schoengastia with description of a new species and a key to the species

Goff, M.L., 1982:
Papua new guinea chiggers acari trombiculidae 5. trombigastia novabritainia new species from new britain bats

Goff, M.L., 1982:
Papua new guinea chiggers acari trombiculidae 7. sasatrombicula umboiensis new species

Goff, M.L.; Loomis, R.B., 1982:
Papua new guinea chiggers acari trombiculidae 9. a new species of apoloniinae vargatula pacifica new species from the north solomon islands

Bellamy J.A., 1986:
Papua new guinea inventory of natural resources population distribution and land use

Johnstone I.M., 1979:
Papua new guinea seagrasses and aspects of the biology and growth of enhalus acoroides

Balogh P., 1980:
Papuan attidae araneae furculattus maxillosus new genus new species

Balogh P., 1980:
Papuan attidae araneae leptathamas paradoxus new genus new species

Menzies J.I.; Zug G.R., 1979:
Papuan tree frogs of the litoria thesaurensis group salientia hylidae

Gressitt, J.L., 1977:
Papuan weevil genus gymnopholus 3rd supplement with studies in epizoic symbiosis

Zelazny B.; Autar M.L.; Singh R.; Malone L.A., 1988:
Papuana uninodis a new host for the baculovirus of oryctes

Baguley, B.C.; Römmele, G.; Gruner, J.; Wehrli, W., 1979:
Papulacandin B: an inhibitor of glucan synthesis in yeast spheroplasts

Traxler, P.; Gruner, J.; Auden, J.A.L., 1977:
Papulacandins a new family of antibiotics with anti fungal activity part 1 fermentation isolation chemical and biological characterization of papulacandins

Rommele G.; Traxler P.; Wehrli W., 1983:
Papulacandins the relationship between chemical structure and effect on glucan synthesis in yeast

Takata M.; Fukui Y.; Taketani T.; Nakamura Y., 1980:
Papular acro dermatitis of childhood gianottis disease 2 cases

Taieb A.; Pompougnac E.; Hans P.; Fontan I.; Maleville J., 1985:
Papular acrodermatitis of infantile and double primary infection with hepatitis b virus and epstein barr virus

Komura, J.; Imamura, S., 1977:
Papular dermatitis herpetiformis. Report of a case with localized, facial lesions

Young, A.W.; Frankel, M.; Menegus, M., 1977:
Papular (erosive) herpes genitalis. A clinical variant in sarcoid and pregnancy

Rosen, T.; Algra, R.J., 1980:
Papular eruption in black men

Jones R.R., 1982:
Papular eruption with elimination of papillary edema

McHugh, N.J.; Maddison, P.J.; MacCleod, T.I.; Dean, S.G.; James, I.E.; Goulding, N.J.; Tan, R.S., 1988:
Papular lesions and cutaneous lupus erythematosus: a comparative clinical and histological study using monoclonal antibodies

Farmer E.R.; Hambrick G.W.Jr; Shulman L.E., 1982:
Papular mucinosis a clinico pathologic study of 4 patients

Revier, J.; Kienzler, J.L.; Blanc, D.; Coulon, G.; Saint-Hillier, Y.; Laurent, R., 1982:
Papular mucinosis associated with lupus erythematosus. A case presentation and review of the literature

Weidner F.; Djawari D., 1982:
Papular mucinosis in a patient with lupus erythematosus integumentalis

Verier A.; Jouet J.P.; Muller J.P.; Destee A.; Thomas P.; Warot P., 1987:
Papular mucinosis recurrent comas benign dysglobulinemia

Sanchez, R.L.; Raimer, S.S.; Peltier, F.; Swedo, J., 1985:
Papular xanthoma. A clinical, histologic, and ultrastructural study

Chavalittamrong B.; Chantrarakul N.; Talalak P.; Bedavanija A., 1980:
Papulo necrotic tuberculids in childhood

Ihm C W.; Suh J I., 1987:
Papulonecrotic tuberculid report of a case

Yoshikawa, K.; Kimura, S.; Mizuno, N., 1985:
Papulonecrotic tuberculid with inflammatory nodular lesions of the lower leg: a report of two cases

Jeyakumar, W.; Ganesh, R.; Mohanram, M.S.; Shanmugasundararaj, A., 1988:
Papulonecrotic tuberculids of the glans penis: case report

Petrescu Z.; Dobrescu A.; Barsu M.; Popescu E.; Stoica L.; Caraman D., 1986:
Papulous and maculo pigmentary cutaneous amyloidosis

Elpern, D.J.; Morison, W.L.; Hood, A.F., 1985:
Papulovesicular light eruption. A defined subset of polymorphous light eruption

Amagaya, S.; Takai, M.; Ogihara, Y.; Iitaka, Y., 1977:
Papyriogenin a

Thompson K.; Shewry P.R.; Woolhouse H.W., 1979:
Papyrus swamp development in the upemba basin zaire population structure in cyperus papyrus stands

Gall G.A.E.; Bentley B., 1981:
Para albumin polymorphism an unlinked 2 locus system in rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

Belinson J.L.; Goldberg M.I.; Averette H.E., 1979:
Para aortic lymph adenectomy in gynecologic cancer

Lane J.G.; Watkins P.E., 1986:
Para aural abscess in the dog and cat

Lubini, D.G.E.; Christen, P., 1979:
Para catalytic modification of aldolase ec a side reaction of the catalytic cycle resulting in irreversible blocking of 2 active site lysyl residues

Raviola G.; Raviola E., 1981:
Para cellular route of aqueous outflow in the trabecular meshwork and canal of schlemm a freeze fracture study of the endothelial junctions in the sclero corneal angle of the macaque monkey eye

Ludwicka, A.; Jeljaszewicz, J., 1978:
Para coagulation of fibrinogen in vitro and in vivo by protein t of streptococcus pyogenes

Makino K., 1982:
Para cordal injection of silicone under an x ray image scope its fundamental study and clinical application

Riehl, R., 1977:
Para crystalline bodies in young oocytes of the loach noemacheilus barbatulus teleostei cobitidae

Laclette J.P.; Merchant M.T.; Willms K.; Canedo L., 1981:
Para crystalline bundles of large tubules induced in vitro by mebendazole in cysticercus cellulosae

Messner P.; Hollaus F.; Sleytr U.B., 1984:
Para crystalline cell wall surface layers of different bacillus stearothermophilus strains

Corless J.M.; Costello M.J., 1981:
Para crystalline inclusions associated with the disc membranes of frog rana pipiens berlandieri retinal rod outer segments

Rey L.; Moreau A., 1983:
Para crystalline inclusions of the nutritive cells of the gall induced by diplolepis rosae on rosa canina

Kemmer C.; Riedel H.; Koestler E.; Paetzold K., 1983:
Para crystalline needle shaped cytoplasmic liver cell inclusions in chronic hepatic porphyria light microscopic and electron microscopic examination of liver biopsy specimens

Wilson, R.F.; Wilkins, R.J., 1978:
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Para mutation at the sulfurea locus of lycopersicon esculentum part 7 determination of the time of occurrence of para mutation by the quantitative evaluation of the variegation

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Paraclausenia herbicola gs metapterencyrtus and neocharitopus from india hymenoptera encyrtidae

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Paracontrast and dis inhibition

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Paracooperia horaki new species nematoda trichostrongylidae from the nyala tragelaphus angasi gray 1849

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Paracooperioides peleae new genus new species nematoda trichostrongylidae from the vaal ribbok pelea capreolus

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Paracorophium hartmannorum new species from the eu littoral of the chilean pacific coast crustacea amphipoda

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Paracortical activity in the lymph nodes draining female breast carcinoma

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Paracorynanthe new genus of rubiaceae cinchonae from madagascar malagasy republic

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Paracoskinolina hispanica new species a new orbitolinid from the barremian of the spanish pyrenees

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Paracoskinolina querolensis new species new orbitolinid from the hautervian limestone southeast spain

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Paracosmocerca indica new species of nematode parasite oxyuridae in the digestive tract of frog rana sp at chandigarh india

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Paracrenosoma kontrimavichusi new species nematoda metastrongyloidea from the lungs of crocidura leucodon and crocidura suaveolens in bulgaria

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Paracreptotrematina limi new genus new species digenea allocreadiidae from the mud minnow umbra limi

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Paracricotopus millrockensis new species of orthocladiinae diptera chironomidae from the southeastern usa

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Paracrine cells of the crustacean posterior ceca a new cellular type from the gut endocrine system

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Paracrine influence of human breast stromal fibroblasts on breast epithelial cells secretion of a polypeptide which stimulates reductive 17 beta estradiol dehydrogenase activity

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Paracrine regulation of Leydig cells by the seminiferous tubules

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Paracrinoids platycystitidae from the benbolt formation blackriverian of virginia usa

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Paracrystalline distortions in biological polymers

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Paracrystalline inclusions in the chloroplasts of sieve parenchyma cells of arum italicum preliminary report

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Paracupidaspis wilkeyi new genus new species of diaspididae from conifers

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Paracymothoa tholoceps new species a new freshwater parasitic isopod from southern venezuela flabellifera cymothoidae

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Paracymus seclusus new species from mississippi usa coleoptera hydrophilidae

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Paracyon caribensis new genus new species of mammal carnivora canidae from the cuban holocene

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Paracytic (syndetocheilic) stomata in carboniferous seed ferns

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Parafoveal word perception a case against semantic pre processing

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Paragaleus leucolomatus new species of shark from south africa with notes on the systematics of hemigaleid sharks carcharhiniformes hemigaleidae

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Paragamasus physomastax new record athias henriot 1980 acari pergamasidae in the polish fauna

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Paraganglia in the human gallbladder

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Paraganglia of the bladder

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Paraganglia of the superior laryngeal nerve of the rat

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Paraganglioma complicating pregnancy and the puerperium

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Paraganglioma involving the larynx

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Paraganglioma of the cauda equina a case

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Paraganglioma of the cauda equina a rare tumor

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Paraganglioma of the falciform ligament a case

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Paraganglioma of the filum terminale internum. Report of a case and review of the literature

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Paraganglioma of the heart. The value of magnetic resonance imaging in the preoperative evaluation

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Paraganglioma of the hepatic duct

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Paraganglioma of the organs of zuckerkandl a case

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Paraganglioma of the stomach

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