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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6062

Chapter 6062 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Bloom J., 1987: Paraganglioma of the supraglottic larynx

Myers R.T., 1980: Paraganglioma of the thyroid gland

Zaidel L., 1988: Paraganglioma of the urinary bladder

Smalley, J. J.; Gallagher, W. B.; Nichols, C. P., 1977: Paraganglioma simulating primary rib tumor

Ikuta F., 1987: Paragangliomas of the craniocervical region an immunohistochemical study on tyrosine hydroxylase

Peters L.J., 1988: Paragangliomas of the head and neck

Terui S., 1986: Paragangliomas of the head and neck a report of three cases and a review of the japanese literature

Barak A.P., 1982: Paragangliomas of the head and neck a review of the literature and report of a case

Woodruff J.M., 1979: Paragangliomas of the head and neck region a pathologic study of tumors from 71 patients

Jao W., 1985: Paragangliomas of the head and neck ultrastructural and immunohistochemical analysis

Solymosi L., 1983: Paragangliomas of the spinal canal

Lamasters D.L., 1984: Paragangliomas of the temporal bone high resolution computed tomography studies

Farhi, F.; Dikman, S. H.; Lawson, W.; Cobin, R. H.; Zak, F. G., 1976: Paragangliomatosis associated with multiple endocrine adenomas

Nickels J., 1979: Paraganglion cells mimicking metastatic clear cell carcinoma

Ettensohn F.R., 1980: Paragassizocrinus systematics phylogeny and ecology

Von-Wyl, E.; Steiner, E., 1977: Paragonal proteins of drosophila melanogaster adult male in vitro biosynthesis

Section 7, Chapter 6062, Accession 006061016

Mcghee G., 1982: Paragonimiasis atypical appearances in 2 adolescent asian refugees

N'dri G.A., 1980: Paragonimiasis in africa

Johnson J.R., 1983: Paragonimiasis in indochinese refugees roentgenographic findings with clinical correlations

Section 7, Chapter 6062, Accession 006061020

Johnson, J. R.; Falk, A.; Iber, C.; Davies, S., 1982: Paragonimiasis in the usa 9. cases in hmong immigrants

Et Al, 1987: Paragonimiasis westermani complicated with meningitis spontaneous pneumothorax pleural effusion and granuloma of the abdominal wall

Section 7, Chapter 6062, Accession 006061023

Kimura S., 1980: Paragonimus infection in wild boars sus scrofa leucomystax captured in miyazaki prefecture japan

Dyer W.G., 1984: Paragonimus kellicotti trematoda paragonimidae from red and gray foxes of southern illinois usa

Habe S., 1985: Paragonimus ohirai genetic control of tetrazolium oxidase isozymes

Yokogawa M., 1987: Paragonimus westermani a comparative study on the migration route of the diploid and triploid types in the final hosts

Lim, B. L.; Betterton, C., 1977: Paragonimus westermani in malaysian felidae and viverridae probable modes of transmission in relation to host feeding habits

Kao C T., 1983: Paragonimus westermani infection in crabs and school children in taipei county taiwan

Section 7, Chapter 6062, Accession 006061033

Miyazaki I., 1983: Paragonimus westermani japonicus new subspecies occurring in japan

Howard D., 1987: Paragrammatisms

Hansmann, M. L.; Wacker, H. H.; Radzun, H. J., 1986: Paragranuloma is a variant of hodgkin's disease with predominance of b cells

Whitaker J.O.Jr, 1984: Paraguacarus callosus new genus new species of leeuwenhoekiinae acari trombiculidae from cricetid rodents in paraguay

Villiers A., 1979: Paraguitelia garambensis new species from zaire coleoptera cerambycidae callichromini

Stanescu C., 1981: Paragus bradescui new species and paragus majoranae new record diptera syrphidae in the fauna of romania

Pocklington P., 1984: Paragyptis margaretae new genus new species of hesionidae annelida polychaeta from st margarets bay nova scotia canada

Yenbutra S., 1981: Parahaemoproteus desseri new species gametogony and schizogony in the natural host psittacula roseata from thailand experimental sporogony in culicoides nubeculosus

Bartlett, J. K., 1978: Parahebe catarractae scrophulariaceae in the kauaeranga valley coromandel peninsula new zealand

Langer H.J., 1980: Parahebe catarractae scrophulariaceae infraspecific taxonomy

Bjorkman O., 1984: Paraheliotropic leaf movement in macroptilium atropurpureum cultivar siratro as a protective mechanism against drought induced damage to primary photosynthetic reactions damage by excessive light and heat

Hafeezullah M., 1980: Parahemiurus yanamense new species digenea hemiuridae of trematode from the anchovy thrissocles hamiltoni of godavary estuary india

Sando W.J., 1985: Paraheritschioides new genus a new rugose coral genus from the upper pennsylvanian of idaho usa

Arya S.N., 1987: Paraheterakis funambuli new species of the genus paraheterakis nama et jain 1972 from india

Damasio A.R., 1988: Parahippocampal projections to posterior auditory association cortex area tpt in old world monkeys

Radermecker F.J., 1980: Parainfectious encephalopathies in childhood electro encephalographic aspects and familial occurrence

Gilden, D.; Rorke, L. B.; Wroblewska, Z.; Wellish, M., 1978: Parainfluenza 1 6 94 virus induced white matter degeneration enhancement by adoptive transfer of virus sensitized immunocytes

Section 7, Chapter 6062, Accession 006061052

Kirste M., 1988: Parainfluenza 3 virus cause of pneumonia in calf herds

Bergman, R.; Moreno-Lopez, J.; Mollerberg, L.; Morein, B., 1978: Parainfluenza 3 virus difference in capacity of neuraminidase weak and strong strains to infect young calves and to elicit cellular immune response

Call, J. W.; Smart, R. A.; Blake, J. T.; Butcher, J. E.; Shupe, J. L., 1978: Parainfluenza 3 virus exposure of beef heifers prior to natural breeding

Zoboli A., 1980: Parainfluenza 3 virus infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virus and bovine adenovirus 3 antibodies in healthy calves and young heifers

Adachi A., 1981: Parainfluenza 3 virus plaque type variants lacking neuraminidase activity

Kay M.M.B., 1979: Parainfluenza infection of aged mice results in auto immune disease

Section 7, Chapter 6062, Accession 006061059

Stenzel K.H., 1979: Parainfluenza type 3 in transplant unit

Fulginiti V., 1983: Parainfluenza type ii infection in dogs a model for viral lower respiratory tract infection in humans

Mccarthy N., 1986: Parainfluenza virus bronchiolitis epidemiology and pathogenesis

Hope Simpson R.E., 1981: Parainfluenza virus infections in the cirencester england uk survey seasonal and other characteristics

Orvell C., 1988: Parainfluenza virus type 2 hemagglutinin neuraminidase glycoprotein characterized with monoclonal antibodies

Section 7, Chapter 6062, Accession 006061065

Kasel J.A., 1984: Parainfluenza virus type 3 seasonality and risk of infection and reinfection in young children

Miles J.A.R., 1979: Parainfluenza virus upper respiratory tract illnesses in partially immune adult human subjects a study at an antarctic station

Slobodyanyuk, O. V., 1976: Paraiotonchium osiris new species iotonchiinae tylenchida a new nematode species from the zoophilous fly musca osiris

Brady B.L., 1983: Paraisaria dubia new genus new combination for isaria dubia the anamorph of cordyceps gracilis

Novak G., 1987: Parakamosia margotana new species and parakamosia muehlei new species 2 new agrilini from kenya coleoptera buprestidae

Kimura, S., 1978: Parakeratosis in some epidermal tumors fine structural and immuno histochemical similarity between parakeratosis and hornmark like structure

Wallwork J.C., 1988: Parakeratosis of the labial mucosa in zinc deficient rats

Reunala T., 1987: Parakeratotic horns in a patient with myeloma

Wiehler, H., 1978: Parakohleria new genus south american in the gesneriaceae

Okubo, I., 1976: Parakrithella pseudadonta in the inland sea japan ostracoda

Trunov I.A., 1981: Parakumba maculisquama new genus new species a new grenadier fish macrouridae from the southern atlantic

Brodsky, K. A.; Zvereva, J. A., 1976: Paralabidocera separabilis new species and paralabidocera antarctica copepoda calanoida from antarctica

Kamei T., 1986: Paralabyrinthitis a case report

Paddock, J. R.; Nowicki, S. Jr, 1986: Paralanguage and the interpersonal impact of dysphoria its not what you say but how you say it

Section 7, Chapter 6062, Accession 006061080

Section 7, Chapter 6062, Accession 006061081

Section 7, Chapter 6062, Accession 006061082

Chace F.A.Jr, 1986: Paralebbeus zotheculatus new genus new species a new hippolytid shrimp from the australian northwest shelf

Da-Silva-Brum, I. N., 1978: Paraleiopus macrochelis new genus new species of the southeastern coast of brazil tanaidacea monokonophora

Leichnetz G.R., 1983: Paralemniscal reticular formation response of cells to a noxious stimulus

Shimura S., 1984: Paralepidapedon new genus trematoda lepocreadiidae with descriptions of metacercariae of paralepidapedon hoplognathi new combination and of 2 other species from sea urchins

Lisowski S., 1986: Paralepistemon new genus of convolvulaceae from tropical africa

Long D.G., 1982: Paraleptodontium recurvifolium new genus new combination of pottiaceae

Iverson E.W., 1981: Paraleptosphaeroma glynni new genus new species of sphaeromatidae crustacea isopoda with experiments and observations on its reproductive biology interspecific interactions and color polymorphisms

Pace, R., 1978: Paraleptusa rosai new species and alpinia rosai new species from italy aleocharinae coleoptera staphylinidae 6

Petters S.W., 1979: Paralic arenaceous foraminifera from the upper cretaceous of the benue trough nigeria

O'brien C.W., 1984: Paralicus minyops new genus new species of cossoninae from florida usa and the bahama islands curculionidae coleoptera

Menon V.M., 1987: Paralimbal conjunctival incision in squint surgery

Piroth H.D., 1987: Paralimbic and limbic brain deficiency in schizophrenia a ct study

Maeda Martinez A.M., 1987: Paralimnetis mapimi new species of crustacean conchostraca from the chihuahuan desert of northern mexico

Olson K.L., 1983: Paralinguistic features of adult speech to infants and small children

Hendelberg, M., 1977: Paralinhomoeus gerlachi new species a new marine nematode from bermuda

Rucabado J., 1980: Paraliparis leptochirus new record for the iberian ichthyo fauna

Fitch J.E., 1984: Paraliparis nassarum new species pisces liparididae from off southern california usa with description of its otoliths and others from northeastern pacific liparidids

London E., 1987: Parallax method for direct measurement of membrane penetration depth utilizing fluorescence quenching by spin labeled phospholipids

Section 7, Chapter 6062, Accession 006061101

Fish L.A., 1981: Parallel activities of fatty acid methyl esters and analogous phorbol di esters toward mouse lymphocytes

Warnock D.G., 1987: Parallel adaptation of the rabbit renal cortical sodium proton antiporter and sodium bicarbonate cotransporter in metabolic acidosis and alkalosis

Hollenberg N.K., 1982: Parallel adrenal and renal abnormalities in young patients with essential hypertension

Potter D.J., 1988: Parallel algorithms for querying data on two dimensional electrophoresis gels

Potter D.J., 1986: Parallel algorithms for the analysis of two dimensional electrophoresis gels

Watanabe T., 1984: Parallel and distance alleys with moving points in the horizontal plane

Perestenko L.P., 1988: Parallel and divergent evolution phenomena in rhodophyta and their significance for phylogenetic constructions

Orona E., 1982: Parallel and serial processes of the prefrontal and cingulate cortical systems during behavioral learning

Ryneiskii S.V., 1983: Parallel and spiral anomalies of the cystic duct

Bianki V.L., 1982: Parallel and successive data processing in animals as functions of different hemispheres

Section 7, Chapter 6062, Accession 006061112

Ahearn G.A., 1988: Parallel antiport mechanisms for sodium and chloride transport in herbivorous teleost intestine

Section 7, Chapter 6062, Accession 006061114

Dale R.H.I., 1982: Parallel arm maze performance of sighted and blind rats spatial memory and maze structure

Georgiev G.A., 1982: Parallel arrays of micro tubules formed in electric and magnetic fields

Randall W.C., 1984: Parallel baro receptor control of sino atrial rate and atrio ventricular conduction

Section 7, Chapter 6062, Accession 006061118

Section 7, Chapter 6062, Accession 006061119

Felkner, I. C.; Kadlubar, F., 1968: Parallel between uv light mutagen and 4 nitroquinoline 1 oxide mutagen sensitivity in bacillus subtilis escherichia coli

Section 7, Chapter 6062, Accession 006061121

Section 7, Chapter 6062, Accession 006061122

Falconieri-Erspamer, G.; Erspamer, V.; Piccinelli, D., 1980: Parallel bioassay of physalemin and kassinin a tachy kinin dodeca peptide from the skin of the african frog kassina senegalensis

Section 7, Chapter 6062, Accession 006061124

Mizobe, F.; Iwamoto, M.; Livett, B. G., 1984: Parallel but separate release of catecholamines and acetyl cholin esterase ec from stimulated adrenal chromaffin cells in culture

Boparai A.S., 1984: Parallel capillary column gas chromatography in the determination of chlorinated pesticides and poly chlorinated bi phenyls

Cryer, A.; Jones, H. M., 1978: Parallel changes between lipo protein lipase activating capacity and lipid concentrations in the serum of rats and ferrets during development and dietary manipulation

Cook J.S., 1987: Parallel changes in amino acid transport and protein kinase c localization in llc pk 1 cells treated with tpa or diradylglycerols

Ramaekers, F.; Rigter, H.; Leonard, B. E., 1978: Parallel changes in behavior and hippocampal mono amine metabolism in rats after administration of acth analogs

Section 7, Chapter 6062, Accession 006061130

Section 7, Chapter 6062, Accession 006061131

Section 7, Chapter 6062, Accession 006061132

Miller L., 1982: Parallel changes in protein synthesis and messenger rna content in growing and resting epithelial cells of xenopus laevis

Lewis, M.; Helmsing, P. J.; Ashburner, M., 1975: Parallel changes in puffing activity and patterns of protein synthesis in salivary glands of drosophila

Section 7, Chapter 6062, Accession 006061135

Section 7, Chapter 6062, Accession 006061136

Section 7, Chapter 6062, Accession 006061137

Section 7, Chapter 6062, Accession 006061138

Kelly P., 1982: Parallel changes in ultrastructure and noradrenaline content of nerve terminals in rat vas deferens following transmitter release

Belyaeva E.S., 1985: Parallel changes of puffing and protein synthesis in the salivary glands of drosophila melanogaster larvae and pupae

Section 7, Chapter 6062, Accession 006061141

Hermans J., 1985: Parallel characterization of bovine von willebrand protein factor viii associated protein by light scattering and sds gel electrophoresis

Kondrashov A.S., 1986: Parallel clines as a result of countercurrent dispersion and character displacement with the special reference to the genus brachymystax salmoniformes salmonidae

Shopf, T. J. M.; Dutton, A. R., 1976: Parallel clines in morphologic and genetic differentiation in a coastal zone marine invertebrate the bryozoan schizoporella errata

Section 7, Chapter 6062, Accession 006061145

Frei R.W., 1986: Parallel column ion exchange for post separation ph modification in liquid chromatography application to barbiturates and miniaturization

Section 7, Chapter 6062, Accession 006061147

Boggis, J.; Bowman, V.; Holder, G.; Robinson, W. R.; Ryle, M., 1978: Parallel competitive binding and metabolic end point assays for human chorionic gonadotropin based on rabbit granulosa cells

Thagard, P., 1986: Parallel computation and the mind body problem

Wendland V., 1984: Parallel course of the reproductive ratio in the long eared owl asio otus and the buzzard buteo buteo

Yadav D.S., 1979: Parallel cropping with short duration pigeon pea under the humid subtropical conditions at pantnagar india

Schwartz R.H., 1981: Parallel cross reactivity patterns of 2 sets of antigenically distinct cytochrome c peptides possible evidence for a presentational model of ir gene function

Khristova S., 1984: Parallel cytologic histological assessment of the lymph nodes in cat scratch fever

La Celle P.L., 1979: Parallel decrease of erythrocyte membrane deformability and spectrin solubility at low ph

Hardisty R.M., 1981: Parallel destruction of factor viii pro coagulant activity and an 85000 dalton protein in highly purified factor viii von willebrand factor

Zeplin, H.; Bach, G., 1977: Parallel determination of blood lead levels and clinical investigation of children with surgical diseases in a risk area

Weber P.C., 1985: Parallel determination of glucocorticoid receptors in human mononuclear and polymorphonuclear leukocytes after percoll separation

Weber P.C., 1988: Parallel determination of mineralocorticoid and glucocorticoid receptors in t and b lymphocytes of human spleen

Lyashenko, N. I., 1976: Parallel development of branch systems in the gymnosperm gnetum gnemon and in certain angiosperms

Kuryavyi V.V., 1987: Parallel dna

Wasson R., 1987: Parallel dunefield ecosystems predicted soil nitrogen gradient tested

Zaitseva T.A., 1985: Parallel ecotypes of the greater salad burget

Bohr D.F., 1988: Parallel effects of doca on salt appetite thirst and blood pressure in sheep

Bala R.M., 1988: Parallel effects of insulin like growth factor ii and insulin on glucose metabolism of developing mouse embryonic limb buds in culture

Laurent G., 1987: Parallel effects of joint receptors on motor neurons and intersegmental interneurons in the locust

Section 7, Chapter 6062, Accession 006061167

Skillings J.H., 1987: Parallel electromorph variation in the diploid tetraploid gray treefrog complex

Burlina, A.; Galzigna, L., 1976: Parallel electrophoretic fractionation of alkaline phosphatase ec and serum protein on cellulose acetate strips clinical evaluation

Olberg R.M., 1981: Parallel encoding of direction of wind head abdomen and visual pattern movement by single inter neurons in the dragonfly anax junius

Aiyedun, B. A.; Amodu, A. A.; Bidwell, D. E.; Bone, G. J.; Buck, A. A.; Coulm, J.; Frezil, J. L.; Kent, N. H.; Mattern, P.; Et-Al, 1976: Parallel evaluation of serological test applied in african trypanosomiasis a who collaborative study

Ludwig H.W., 1982: Parallel evolution cladistics and classification of parasitic psocodea

Robson N.K.B., 1979: Parallel evolution in african and mascarene hypericum indian ocean

Li H., 1985: Parallel evolution in litsea and lindera of lauraceae

Ghiselin M.T., 1984: Parallel evolution in opisthobranch gastropods and its implications for phylogenetic methodology

Underwood G., 1982: Parallel evolution in the context of character analysis

Wagenitz, G., 1974: Parallel evolution of characteristics in the genus centaurea

Keighery, G. J., 1975: Parallel evolution of floral structures in darwinia myrtaceae and pimelea thymelaeaceae

Rundel P.W., 1981: Parallel evolution of leaf pubescence in encelia in coastal deserts of north america and south america

Duraj M., 1984: Parallel examination of receptors of malignant lymphoma cells using combined tests with mouse erythrocytes and monoclonal vib c 5 antibody or polyvalent serum against human immunoglobulins

Eberlein K., 1981: Parallel experiments with thalassiosira rotula in outdoor plastic tanks development of dissolved free amino acids during an algae bloom

Witztum J.L., 1986: Parallel expression of the mb 19 genetic polymorphism in apoprotein b 100 and apoprotein b 48 evidence that both apoproteins are products of the same gene

Kushnirenko O.Yu, 1979: Parallel fiber gastroscopic and electro gastrographic study of the motor function of the stomach

Section 7, Chapter 6062, Accession 006061184

Mendell L.M., 1982: Parallel fluctuations of excitatory postsynaptic potential amplitude and rise time with latency at single ia fiber moto neuron connections in the cat

Yurin B.L., 1982: Parallel formation of effector cells and delayed hyper sensitivity t suppressors following intra peritoneal injection of a massive dose of sheep red blood cells

Burdett C., 1987: Parallel forms of the knowledge of behavioral principles as applied to children questionnaire an independent multi centered british uk replication

Malagelada J R., 1982: Parallel gastric emptying of nonhydrolyzable fat and water after a solid liquid meal in humans

Parkes K.C., 1982: Parallel geographic variation in 3 myiarchus flycatchers in the yucatan peninsula and adjacent areas mexico aves tyrannidae

Anagnostopoulos C.E., 1983: Parallel growth of rectus sheath grafts and recipient aorta critical role of graft tissue preservation

Kuprina T.A., 1982: Parallel immuno electrophoresis in rapid detection of proteins moving to the cathode

Hatch D.A., 1985: Parallel incision unstented extravesical ureteroneocystostomy follow up of 203 kidney transplants

Masse R., 1987: Parallel increase of plasma fibronectin and perchlorosoluble serum glycoproteins in radiation induced lung damage

Cannon B., 1984: Parallel increases in amount of tritium labeled gdp binding and thermogenin antigen in brown adipose tissue mitochondria of cafeteria fed rats

Denton R.M., 1982: Parallel increases in rates of fatty acid synthesis and in pyruvate dehydrogenase activity in isolated hepatocytes incubated with insulin

Mendelson J., 1983: Parallel increases in sister chromatid exchanges at base level and with uv treatment in human opiate users

Hachisu M., 1980: Parallel individual variation in effectiveness of electro acupuncture morphine analgesia and dorsal peri aqueduct central gray stimulation produced analgesia and its abolishment by d phenyl alanine

Section 7, Chapter 6062, Accession 006061198

Section 7, Chapter 6062, Accession 006061199

Section 7, Chapter 6062, Accession 006061200

Yamagishi A., 1984: Parallel inductive kinetics of fluorescence and photoacoustic signal in dark adapted thalli of bryopsis maxima

Section 7, Chapter 6062, Accession 006061202

Section 7, Chapter 6062, Accession 006061203

Kase H., 1988: Parallel inhibition of platelet activating factor induced protein phosphorylation and serotonin release by k 252a a new inhibitor of protein kinases in rabbit platelets

Section 7, Chapter 6062, Accession 006061205

Section 7, Chapter 6062, Accession 006061206

Dordevic M., 1980: Parallel investigations of nicotine content in tobacco and smoke condensate of cigarettes of different quality groups

Stanley D.J., 1983: Parallel laminated deep sea muds and coupled gravity flow hemi pelagic settling in the mediterranean

Pekary A.E., 1979: Parallel line and relative potency analysis of bioassay and radio immunoassay data using a desk top computer

Nakashima Y., 1985: Parallel line assay to estimate days after laying of table eggs

Section 7, Chapter 6062, Accession 006061211

Ammassari Teule M., 1988: Parallel modifications of spatial memory performances exploration patterns and hippocampal theta rhythms in fornix damaged rats reversal by oxotremorine

Lefkowitz R.J., 1980: Parallel modulation of catecholamine activation of adenylate cyclase and formation of the high affinity agonist receptor complex in turkey erythrocyte membranes by temperature and cis vaccenic acid

Section 7, Chapter 6062, Accession 006061214

Stump D.C., 1982: Parallel observation of the occupancy of the alpha 2 adrenergic receptor in intact platelets and its ability to inhibit the adenylate cyclase

Section 7, Chapter 6062, Accession 006061216

Bash J.A., 1981: Parallel orders of reactivity in murine cells of mezerein and phorbol esters toward the mixed lymphocyte response and promotion of tumorigenesis

Balaram P., 1986: Parallel packing of alpha helices in crystals of the zervamicin iia analog tert butoxycarbonyl trp ile ala alpha aminoisobutyryl ile val alpha aminoisobutyryl leu alpha aminoisobutyryl pro methyl ester dihydrate

Weisz D.J., 1988: Parallel pathways can conduct visual cs information during classical conditioning of the nm response

Dawson, D. C.; Cooke, A. R., 1978: Parallel pathways for ion transport across rat gastric mucosa effect of ethanol

Brooks V.B., 1982: Parallel pathways for movement initiation in monkeys

Section 7, Chapter 6062, Accession 006061222

Goryshin, N. I.; Tyshchenko, G. F., 1976: Parallel phenomena in photoperiodic reaction and circadian rhythms in insects exposed to light dark cycles of various duration

Lovaszi M., 1982: Parallel picture processing using micro programmable bit slice micro processors

Mcfaul J.A., 1988: Parallel plate ionization chamber response in cobalt 60 irradiated transition zones

Leroy Willig A., 1988: Parallel plate split conductor surface coil analysis and design

Hewitt, G. M.; John, B., 1970: Parallel polymorphism for supernumerary segments in chorthippus parallelus

Westerman, M., 1969: Parallel polymorphism for supernumerary segments in chorthippus parallelus french populations

Hewitt, G. M.; John, B., 1968: Parallel polymorphism for supernumerary segments in chorthippus parallelus i british populations

John, B.; Hewitt, G. M., 1969: Parallel polymorphism for supernumerary segments in chorthippus parallelus part 3 the ashurst population

Vilardi J.C., 1986: Parallel polymorphisms for interstitial c bands and b chromosomes in zoniopoda tarsata orthoptera romaleidae

Section 7, Chapter 6062, Accession 006061232

Bonhoeffer T., 1984: Parallel processing for associative and neuronal networks

Von Helversen D., 1984: Parallel processing in auditory pattern recognition and directional analysis by the grasshopper chorthippus biguttulus acrididae

Blake, J., 1976: Parallel processing of position and form information in young children

Burrows M., 1987: Parallel processing of proprioceptive signals by spiking local interneurons and motor neurons in the locust

Boer J.P.A., 1983: Parallel processing of redundant targets in simple visual search tasks

Blake J., 1980: Parallel processing of same and different form arrays in children and adults

Kandel E.R., 1988: Parallel processing of short term memory for sensitization in aplysia

Section 7, Chapter 6062, Accession 006061240

Cavanagh P., 1988: Parallel processing of two disjunctive targets

Goodglass, H.; Calderon, M., 1977: Parallel processing of verbal and musical stimuli in right and left hemispheres

Jun, B. D.; Roberts, L. K.; Cho, B. H.; Robertson, B.; Daynes, R. A., 1988: Parallel recovery of epidermal antigen presenting cell activity and contact hypersensitivity responses in mice exposed to uv irradiation the role of a prostaglandin dependent mechanism

Himms Hagen J., 1980: Parallel regression of cold induced changes in ultrastructure composition and properties of brown adipose tissue mitochondria during recovery of rats from acclimation to cold

Bloom S.R., 1981: Parallel release of 2 molecular forms of motilin in human plasma and suppression of big motilin by exogenous motilin infusion

Labrie F., 1979: Parallel release of acth beta endorphin alpha melanotropin and beta melanotropin like immuno reactivities in rat anterior pituitary cells in culture

Weber, A., 1969: Parallel response of myo fibrillar contraction and relaxation to 4 different nucleoside tri phosphates

Morris M.L., 1988: Parallel rice markets policy lessons from northern senegal

Glazer G., 1980: Parallel secretion of enzymes by the rabbit pancreas

Schwartz R.S., 1987: Parallel sets of autoantibodies in mrl lpr lpr mice an anti dna anti smrnp anti gp 70 network

Takahashi, K.; Inoue, K.; Takahashi, Y., 1977: Parallel shift in circadian rhythms of adreno cortical activity and food intake in blinded and intact rats exposed to continuous illumination

Section 7, Chapter 6062, Accession 006061254

Permanetter B., 1984: Parallel stimulation by calcium of inotropism and pyruvate dehydrogenase in perfused heart

Jarett L., 1981: Parallel stimulation in adipocytes of the plasma membrane calcium ii transport calcium magnesium atpase system and mitochondrial pyruvate dehydrogenase by a supernatant factor derived from isolated plasma membranes

Lissitzky J C., 1981: Parallel stimulation of acth beta lipotropin plus beta endorphin and alpha melanotropin release by alpha adrenergic agents in rat anterior pituitary cells in culture

Jovin T.M., 1988: Parallel stranded dna

Jovin T.M., 1988: Parallel stranded duplex dna

Ehrlich K., 1984: Parallel structure a source of facilitation in sentence comprehension

Section 7, Chapter 6062, Accession 006061261

Popovic, N.; Ilic, B., 1978: Parallel studies of methyl bromide and phostoxin penetration and effect through oil seeds

Blumenkrantz, N.; Ullman, S.; Asboe-Hansen, G., 1976: Parallel studies on collagen hydroxy proline and hydroxy lysine in human skin biopsies

Section 7, Chapter 6062, Accession 006061264

Nadaud, M.; Cancet, B., 1977: Parallel study of 2 techniques for identification of gram negative anaerobic bacilli

Mestecky, J.; Winchester, R. J.; Hoffman, T.; Kunkel, H. G., 1977: Parallel synthesis of immuno globulins and j chain in pokeweed mitogen stimulated normal cells and in lympho blastoid cell lines

Clarkin J., 1981: Parallel techniques in supervision and treatment

Sims M.A., 1984: Parallel temperature dependence of contracture associated enzyme release due to anoxia 2 4 di nitro phenol or caffeine and the calcium paradox

Satoh, K.; Katoh, S., 1977: Parallel time courses of electro chromic shifts of carotenoids and cytochrome f photo oxidation in intact bryopsis maxima chloroplasts

Fleming T.H., 1982: Parallel trends in the species diversity of west indian birds and bats

Section 7, Chapter 6062, Accession 006061271

Halie M.R., 1982: Parallel tubular structures in t lymphocyte b lymphocyte and null lymphocyte sub populations

Section 7, Chapter 6062, Accession 006061273

Mcclure S.A., 1982: Parallel usage of medicinal plants by africans and their caribbean descendants

Maksimov, V. A., 1976: Parallel variability in salmon species of the genus salmo

Ivanskaya, E. N., 1978: Parallel variability in stem structure of several herbaceous plants in relation to altitude of habitat

Zera A.J., 1980: Parallel variation of genotype dependent amino peptidase i activity between mytilus edulis and mercenaria mercenaria

Inagawa T., 1982: Parallel variation of homo vanillic acid 5 hydroxy iaa and cyclic amp in ventricular cerebro spinal fluid of man

Inagawa, T.; Mori, S.; Yoshimoto, H.; Ishikawa, S.; Uozumi, T.; Kajikawa, H., 1976: Parallel variation of homo vanillic acid and 5 hydroxy iaa in ventricular cerebro spinal fluid of man

Russell A.P., 1979: Parallelism and integrated design in the foot structure of gekkonine and diplodactyline geckos

Tadokoro S., 1984: Parallelism between avoidance suppressing and prolactin increasing effects of antipsychotic drugs in rats

Section 7, Chapter 6062, Accession 006061282

Lenczner J.M., 1986: Parallelism between human porphyria cutanea tarda and an experimental model of hepatic porphyria produced with polychlorinated compounds

Chatterjee S., 1988: Parallelism between male mating propensity and chromosome arrangement frequency in natural populations of drosophila ananassae

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