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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6063

Chapter 6063 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Section 7, Chapter 6063, Accession 006062000

Section 7, Chapter 6063, Accession 006062001

Jones K., 1986: Paraquat and two endogenous analogues of the neurotoxic substance n methyl 4 phenyl 1 2 3 6 tetrahydropyridine do not damage dopaminergic nigrostriatal neurons in the mouse

Szabo L., 1987: Paraquat as an agent affecting antioxidant enzymes of common carp erythrocytes

Lengfelder E., 1980: Paraquat catalyzed photo destructions in sub chloroplast particles are independent of photosynthetic electron transport

Bond J.T., 1983: Paraquat concentration and renal function in mice fed purified and cereal based diets

Smith, E. A.; Mayfield, C. I., 1978: Paraquat determination degradation and mobility in soil

Lee, S. A., 1977: Paraquat diesel oil and kerosine for ratoon clearing of pineapple

Kontek M., 1984: Paraquat effect on the bioelectric parameters of the rabbit small intestine and its in vitro penetration

Lang A., 1987: Paraquat gramoxone poisoning in southwest hungary 1977 1984 toxicological and histopathological aspects of group intoxication cases

Lengfelder E., 1981: Paraquat induced alterations of phospho lipids and oxidized glutathione release in the isolated perfused rat liver and the effect of super oxide dis mutase active copper complexes

Roslycky E.B., 1985: Paraquat induced changes in selected rhizobia and agrobacteria

Greenberg, D. B.; Lyons, S. A.; Last, J. A., 1978: Paraquat induced changes in the rate of collagen biosynthesis by rat lung explants

Sies H., 1983: Paraquat induced chemi luminescence of microsomal fractions

Chou I N., 1987: Paraquat induced cytoskeletal injury in cultured cells

Section 7, Chapter 6063, Accession 006062015

Chang R Y., 1979: Paraquat induced dna damage in mammalian cells

Ritter R.C., 1987: Paraquat induced dose dependent conditioned taste aversions and weight loss mediated by the area postrema

Harada M., 1983: Paraquat induced enhancement of vascular permeability

Martin W.J.II, 1984: Paraquat induced injury of type ii alveolar cells an in vitro model of oxidant injury

Sachs, I. B. , 1978: Paraquat induced lightwood in red pine observed by scanning electron microscopy

Makino M., 1980: Paraquat induced lung injuries in rats with reference to interstitial pneumonia

Howard D.M., 1986: Paraquat induced neutrophil alveolitis reduction of the inflammatory response by pretreatment with endotoxin and hyperoxia

Boeger P., 1982: Paraquat induced production of hydro carbon gases

Crystal R.G., 1984: Paraquat induced pulmonary fibrosis role of the alveolitis in modulating the development of fibrosis

Tenou H., 1986: Paraquat induced radiosensitization of mammalian cells

Rama Das V.S., 1984: Paraquat induced suppression of crassulacean acid metabolism characteristics in 5 woody weeds

Hazen K.C., 1988: Paraquat induced thiol modulation of histoplasma capsulatum morphogenesis

Holt H.A., 1981: Paraquat influences development and efficacy of the mycorrhizal fungus glomus fasciculatus

Forman H.J., 1983: Paraquat inhibits mixed function oxidation by rat lung

Ausubel F.M., 1986: Paraquat mediated selection for mutations in the manganese superoxide dismutase gene sod a

Heyndrickx A., 1984: Paraquat poisoning

Kusano I., 1981: Paraquat poisoning a case report and review of the literature

Yamabayashi H., 1982: Paraquat poisoning a review of 4 cases

Wilson A.F., 1979: Paraquat poisoning an analytical toxicologic study of 3 cases

Ishii S., 1988: Paraquat poisoning and its problems

Caminiti G., 1987: Paraquat poisoning clinical report

Paoboon N., 1981: Paraquat poisoning experience in 14 patients

Janssen, F.; Baran, D.; Dubois, J., 1976: Paraquat poisoning in a child

Stodulski J.B.J., 1981: Paraquat poisoning in dogs and cats differences between accidental and malicious poisoning

Wohlfahrt D.J., 1981: Paraquat poisoning in papua new guinea

Chun C.H., 1980: Paraquat poisoning is not always fatal

Fairshter, R. D.; Rosen, S. M.; Smith, W. R.; Glauser, F. L.; Mcrae, D. M.; Wilson, A. F., 1976: Paraquat poisoning new aspects of therapy

Widdop B., 1979: Paraquat poisoning significance of plasma paraquat concentrations

Rooney P.A., 1981: Paraquat poisoning toxicologic and pathologic findings in 3 fatal cases

Arntzen C.J., 1985: Paraquat resistance in conyza

Asada K., 1984: Paraquat resistant tobacco nicotiana tabacum calluses with enhanced superoxide dismutase activity

Davies D.S., 1980: Paraquat stimulated binding of dopa to liver and lung microsomal protein

Harley, J. B.; Grinspan, S.; Root, R. K., 1977: Paraquat suicide in a young woman results of therapy directed against the super oxide radical

Schwarz O.J., 1986: Paraquat tolerance mutants in ceratopteris genetic characterization and reselection for enhanced tolerance

Harvey B.M.R., 1981: Paraquat tolerant lolium perenne effects of paraquat on germinating seedlings

Perry J.J., 1985: Paraquat toxicity and effect of hydrogen peroxide on thermophilic bacteria

Montgomery, M. R., 1977: Paraquat toxicity and pulmonary super oxide dis mutase an enzymic deficiency of lung microsomes

Wong, R. C.; Stevens, J. B., 1985: Paraquat toxicity in vitro 1. pulmonary alveolar macrophages

Demeere J L., 1984: Paraquat toxicity the use of hypoxic ventilation

Bend J.R., 1986: Paraquat uptake into freshly isolated rabbit lung epithelial cells and its reduction to the paraquat radical under anaerobic conditions

Section 7, Chapter 6063, Accession 006062058

Section 7, Chapter 6063, Accession 006062059

Demange P., 1987: Pararenal pseudotumors of the diaphragm computed tomographic features

Holmes J.C., 1981: Pararetinometra lateralacantha new genus new species cestoda hymenolepididae in grebes podicipedidae from alberta canada

Snimshchikova L.N., 1986: Pararhyacodrilus new genus oligochaeta tubificidae

Bloyet D., 1986: Pararosaniline or acriflavine schiff staining of epoxy embedded tissue after periodic acid oxidation in ethanol a method suitable for morphometric and fluorometric analysis of glycogen

Qasim M., 1985: Pararotylenchus microstylus new species and scutylenchus baluchiensis new species with observations on some new records from pakistan

Bell A.H., 1981: Pararotylenchus new genus pararotylenchinae new subfamily hoplolaimidae with 6 new species and 2 new combinations

Corner, E. J. H., 1976: Parartocarpus microcarpus new species moraceae

Settanni F.A.P., 1986: Parasagital arachnoid cyst in childhood a case report

Volpe, J. J.; Pasternak, J. F., 1977: Parasagittal cerebral injury in neo natal hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy clinical and neuro radiologic features

Section 7, Chapter 6063, Accession 006062069

Section 7, Chapter 6063, Accession 006062070

Pasternak J.F., 1987: Parasagittal infarction in neonatal asphyxia

Giamundo A., 1981: Parasagittal meningioma associated with metastasis by ovarian carcinoma

Tsuru M., 1983: Parasagittal meningioma extending through the sinus into the internal jugular vein a case

Section 7, Chapter 6063, Accession 006062074

Section 7, Chapter 6063, Accession 006062075

Section 7, Chapter 6063, Accession 006062076

Nisimaru N., 1988: Parasagittal zonal pattern of olivo nodular projections in rabbit cerebellum

Lehrer A.Z., 1981: Parasarcophaga paularnaudi new species of sarcophagine from the middle east diptera sarcophagidae

Jensen J.A., 1979: Parasaurolophus new record reptilia hadrosauridae from utah usa

Ma E., 1988: Parascapular flap grafting for burn scar deformity

Carne P.B., 1986: Paraschizognathus marcus new species coleoptera scarabaeidae rutelinae from southeast queensland australia

Goff M.L., 1982: Paraschoengastia magnatarsala new species acari trombiculidae from venezuela

Govindan R., 1987: Parasellar chondromyxofibroma with ipsilateral total internal carotid artery occlusion

Section 7, Chapter 6063, Accession 006062084

Richmond, I. L.; Wilson, C. B., 1980: Parasellar tumors in children 1. clinical presentation pre operative assessment and differential diagnosis

Richmond, I. L.; Wilson, C. B., 1980: Parasellar tumors in children 2. surgical management radiation therapy and follow up

Section 7, Chapter 6063, Accession 006062087

Section 7, Chapter 6063, Accession 006062088

Section 7, Chapter 6063, Accession 006062089

Section 7, Chapter 6063, Accession 006062090

Section 7, Chapter 6063, Accession 006062091

Section 7, Chapter 6063, Accession 006062092

Section 7, Chapter 6063, Accession 006062093

Section 7, Chapter 6063, Accession 006062094

Section 7 , Chapter 6063, Accession 006062096

Section 7, Chapter 6063, Accession 006062097

Section 7, Chapter 6063, Accession 006062098

Section 7, Chapter 6063, Accession 006062099

West G.A., 1986: Parashiinoa mackayi new genus new species poecilostomatoida shiinoidae a new parasitic copepod from two australian species of pomadasys haemulidae

Warashina A., 1980: Parasicyonis toxin effect on crayfish procambarus clarkii giant axon

Section 7, Chapter 6063, Accession 006062102

Lichtman, M. A.; Chamberlain, J. K.; Simon, W.; Santillo, P. A., 1978: Parasinusoidal location of megakaryocytes in marrow a determinant of platelet release

Reiner, N. E., 1987: Parasite accessory cell interactions in murine leishmaniasis i. evasion and stimulus dependent suppression of the macrophage interleukin 1 response by leishmania donovani

Reiner, N. E.; Ng, W.; Mcmaster, W. R., 1987: Parasite accessory cell interactions in murine leishmaniasis ii. leishmania donovani suppresses macrophage expression of class i and class ii major histocompatibility complex gene products

Stephen F.M., 1983: Parasite and predator component of within tree southern pine beetle dendroctonus frontalis coleoptera scolytidae mortality

Piessens W.F., 1988: Parasite antigens are present in breast milk of women infected with onchocerca volvulus

Raptopoulou, F. A.; Lambertsen, R. H., 1987: Parasite associated pathology of the dolphin fish coryphaena hippurus l. from florida usa waters

Bogucki, M. S.; Seed, J. R., 1978: Parasite bound heterospecific antibody in experimental african trypanosomiasis

Hemmingsen A.R., 1986: Parasite burdens in experimental families of coho salmon oncorhynchus kisutch

Limbos, P., 1975: Parasite caused mal absorption in tropical pathology

Usui M., 1982: Parasite changes and their influence on the body weight of japanese monkeys macaca fuscata fuscata of the koshima troop

Pschorn Walcher H., 1988: Parasite community of european diprionidae from an ecological evolutionary point of view

Pogue M.G., 1985: Parasite complex of archips argyrospilus choristoneura rosaceana lepidoptera tortricidae and anacampsis innocuella lepidoptera gelechiidae in wyoming usa shelterbelts

Konnorova, E., 1987: Parasite complex of leucoptera coffeella guer. in different localities

Takenaka Y., 1982: Parasite complex of myzus persicae homoptera aphididae on tobacco

Kamijo K., 1979: Parasite complex of the garden pea leaf miner phytomyza horticola in japan

Thompson, L. C.; Kulman, H. M., 1976: Parasite complex of the larch sawfly in minnesota usa

Trigg, P. I., 1976: Parasite cultivation in relation to research on the chemo therapy of malaria

Kino H., 1984: Parasite density and the fecundity of angiostrongylus cantonensis in rats

Agrapart M., 1981: Parasite derived mitogenic activity for human t cells in plasmodium falciparum continuous cultures

Emery D.L., 1984: Parasite development and host responses during the establishment of trypanosoma brucei infection transmitted by tsetse fly

Ibragimov Sh R., 1985: Parasite fauna in acipenseridae in the caspian sea

Niewiadomska K., 1980: Parasite fauna of 5 fish species from the konin lake complex artificially heated with thermal effluents and from lake goplo poland

Raga, J. A.; Aguilar, A.; Fernandez, J. P.; Carbonell, E., 1986: Parasite fauna of balaenoptera physalus l. 1758 cetacea balaenopteridae on spanish atlantic coasts i. on the presence of ogmogaster antarcticus new record johnston 1931 trematoda notocotylidae

Raga, J. A.; Aguilar, A.; Fernandez, J. P.; Abril, E., 1986: Parasite fauna of balaenoptera physalus l. 1758 cetacea balaenopteridae on the spanish atlantic coast ii. presence of anisakis simplex new record rudolph 1809 as identified by krabbe 1878 nematoda ascaridoidea

Nickel, S.; Buchwald, G. W., 1979: Parasite fauna of east germany 4. incidence of helminths in the brown rat rattus norvegicus

Wisniewski B., 1983: Parasite fauna of fallow deers dama dama under breeding conditions in the wielkopolska region poland

Nikitina E.N., 1985: Parasite fauna of nereis diversicolor introduced into the caspian sea

Lyadov V.N., 1981: Parasite fauna of notothenioid fish from the atlantic and indian oceans

Kolbintsev V.G., 1985: Parasite fauna of ophisaurus apodus in the kazakh ssr ussr

Manilla, G.; Orecchia, P.; Paggi, L., 1976: Parasite fauna of salmo trutta from the tirino river italy part 1 re description of dentitruncus truttae and considerations on the genus dentitruncus

Dechtiar, A. O.; Berst, A. H., 1978: Parasite fauna of splake salvelinus fontinalis hybrid parent x salvelinus namaycush hybrid parent

Krishnasamy M., 1979: Parasite fauna of the house rat rattus rattus diardii in kuala lumpur and nearby villages malaysia

Gaevskaya, A. V.; Umnova, B. A., 1977: Parasite fauna of the main commercial fishes in the northwest atlantic

Shuteev, M. M., 1977: Parasite fauna of the muskrat from the upper ob river pine forest ussr

Pugachev O.N., 1980: Parasite fauna of the sucker catostomus catostomus from the kolyma river russian sfsr ussr

Zlotorzycka J., 1981: Parasite findings in sea and fresh water food fishes

Pimentel, D.; Bellotti, A. C., 1976: Parasite host population systems and genetic stability

Vet, L. E. M.; Van-Lenteren, J. C., 1981: Parasite host relationship between encarsia formosa hymenoptera aphelinidae and trialeurodes vaporariorum homoptera aleyrodidae 10. comparison of 3 encarsia spp and 1 eretmocerus sp to estimate their potentialities in controlling white fly on tomatoes in greenhouses with a low temperature regime

Section 7, Chapter 6063, Accession 006062146

Rymzhanov T.S., 1982: Parasite host relationships in mermithidosis of land mollusks in zailiiskii ala tau kazakh ssr ussr

Section 7, Chapter 6063, Accession 006062148

Section 7, Chapter 6063, Accession 006062149

Sahakian B.J., 1983: Parasite induced learned taste aversion involving nippostrongylus brasiliensis in rats

Skorping A., 1985: Parasite induced reduction in host survival and fecundity the effect of the nematode elaphostrongylus rangiferi on the snail intermediate host arianta arbustorum

Lafond M.M., 1986: Parasite induced suppression of the immune response in aedes aegypti by brugia pahangi

Howard R.J., 1986: Parasite infected cell agglutination and indirect immunofluorescence assays for detection of human serum antibodies bound to antigens on plasmodium falciparum infected erythrocytes

Torres, P.; Franjola, R.; Cubillos, V.; Miranda, J. C.; Vera, R., 1988: Parasite infestation of freshwater ecosystems in chile 1. presence of metacercariae of the species stephanostomum digenea acanthocolpidae in fish

Kuhlman E.G., 1981: Parasite interaction with sporulation by cronartium quercuum f sp fusiforme on loblolly pine pinus taeda and slash pine pinus elliottii var elliottii

Murray M., 1986: Parasite kinetics and immune responses in efferent prefemoral lymph draining skin reactions induced by tsetse transmitted trypanosoma congolense

Section 7, Chapter 6063, Accession 006062159

Santoro, F.; Carlier, Y.; Borojevic, R.; Bout, D.; Tachon, P.; Capron, A., 1977: Parasite m antigen in milk from mothers infected with schistosoma mansoni preliminary report

May P.G., 1982: Parasite mediated reductions in the growth of nymphal backswimmers

Lanciani C.A., 1982: Parasite mediated reductions in the survival and reproduction of the backswimmer buenoa scimitra hemiptera heteroptera notonectidae

Dinarello C.A., 1985: Parasite monocyte interactions in human leishmaniasis production of interleukin 1 in vitro

Higashi G.I., 1980: Parasite parasite interaction of salmonella typhimurium and schistosoma

Godd, M. F.; Pombo, D.; Maloy, W. L.; De-La-Cruz, V. F.; Miller, L. H.; Berzofsky, J. A., 1988: Parasite polymorphism present within minimal t cell epitopes of plasmodium falciparum circumsporozoite protein

Walters D.E., 1983: Parasite population biology and host nutrition dietary fructose and moniliformis dubius acanthocephala

Jaenike J., 1985: Parasite pressure and the evolution of amanitin tolerance in drosophila

Schwalbe C.P., 1983: Parasite production in nurse plots after inoculative release of pediobius foveolatus hymenoptera eulophidae against mexican bean beetle epilachna varivestis larvae coleoptera coccinellidae

Bakalova, G., 1976: Parasite pycnidial fungi observed on plant growth in the teteven balkan the middle part of the balkan mountains part 1 the genus phyllosticta

Section 7, Chapter 6063, Accession 006062175

Jones D., 1985: Parasite regulation of host insect metamorphosis a new form of regulation in pseudoparasitized larvae of trichoplusia ni

Moser R.J., 1985: Parasite screening and treatment among indochinese refugees cost benefit utility and the general health policy model

Oligino L.D., 1983: Parasite sequestration in plasmodium falciparum malaria spleen and antibody modulation of cyto adherence of infected erythrocytes

Trenchev G., 1980: Parasite species of subfamily phasiinae diptera tachinidae in bulgaria

Trenchev G., 1980: Parasite species of the subfamily exoristinae diptera tachinidae in bulgaria

Ottesen E.A., 1987: Parasite specific anergy in human filariasis insights after analysis of parasite antigen driven lymphokine production

Murray P.K., 1985: Parasite specific antibodies in 3 strains of mice after infection with trypanosoma cruzi

Bianco A.E., 1988: Parasite specific immune responses to onchocerca lienalis microfilariae in normal and immunodeficient mice

Walter, R. D.; Albiez, E., 1985: Parasite specific inhibition of 5' nucleotidase from onchocerca volvulus and dirofilaria immitis by the amoscanate derivative cgp 8065

Byrne, G. I.; Moulder, J. W., 1978: Parasite specified phagocytosis of chlamydia psittaci and chlamydia trachomatis by l and hela cells

Stary, P., 1976: Parasite spectrum and relative abundance of parasites of cereal aphids in czechoslovakia hymenoptera aphidiidae homoptera aphidoidea

Section 7, Chapter 6063, Accession 006062192

Dailey, M.; Stroud, R., 1978: Parasites and associated pathology observed in cetaceans stranded along the oregon usa coast

Stroud, R. K.; Dailey, M. D., 1978: Parasites and associated pathology observed in pinnipeds stranded along the oregon coast usa

Carswell, F.; Meakins, R. H.; Harland, P. S. E. G., 1976: Parasites and asthma in tanzanian children

Kholodkovskaya E.V., 1987: Parasites and commensals of the mussel mytilus galloprovincialis in the northwestern part of the black sea

Alvarado Rodriguez B., 1987: Parasites and disease associated with larvae of beet armyworm spodoptera exigua lepidoptera noctuidae infesting processing tomatoes in sinaloa mexico

Choquette, L. P. E.; Broughton, E.; Cousineau, J. G.; Novakowski, N. S., 1978: Parasites and diseases of bison in canada part 4 serologic survey for brucellosis in bison in northern canada

Marcogliese D., 1986: Parasites and diseases of some marine finfish off nova scotia canada

Fell R.D., 1984: Parasites and parasitization rates in bumble bee queens bombus spp hymenoptera apidae in southwestern virginia usa

Vahida I., 1984: Parasites and parasitoses in the fish in salmonid ponds in bosnia hercegovina yugoslavia

Presidente P.J., 1979: Parasites and pathological findings in enclosed and free ranging populations of macropus rufus marsupialia at menindee new south wales australia

Tudor, C.; Teodorescu, I.; Ciurdarescu, G., 1978: Parasites and pests in wild bee megachile rotundata nests

Agarwala, B. K.; Ghosh, D.; Das, S. K.; Poddar, S. C.; Raychaudhuri, D. N., 1981: Parasites and predators of aphids homoptera aphididae from india 5. new records of 2 aphidiid parasites 9 arachnid and 1 dipteran predators from india

Agarwala, B. K.; Raychaudhur, D. N., 1981: Parasites and predators of aphids homoptera aphididae in northeast india 4. 12 coleopteran and 2 dipteran predators of aphids from sikkim

Raychaudhuri D.N., 1980: Parasites and predators of aphids in sikkim and manipur northeast india 3

Room P.M., 1979: Parasites and predators of heliothis spp lepidoptera noctuidae in cotton in the namoi valley new south wales australia

Ahmad I., 1987: Parasites and predators of pyrrhocoroidea hemiptera and possible control of cotton stainers by phonoctonus spp hemiptera reduviidae

Rzaeva L.M., 1985: Parasites and predators of the mealybug planococcus ficus and introduction of new entomophages into the eastern transcaucasian area ussr

Parra, J. R. P.; Goncalves, W.; Gravena, S.; Marconato, A. R., 1977: Parasites and predators of the white coffee leaf miner perileucoptera coffeella in sao paulo brazil

Blahutiak A., 1981: Parasites and predators that attack saissetia hemisphaerica homoptera coccoidea in cuba

Boshko, E. G., 1976: Parasites and symbionts of crayfish of the sluch river dnieper basin ukrainian ssr ussr

Freeland, Wj, 1983: Parasites and the coexistence of animal host species

Hare, G. M.; Burt, M. D. B., 1976: Parasites as potential biological tags of atlantic salmon salmo salar smolts in the miramichi river system new brunswick canada

Section 7, Chapter 6063, Accession 006062221

Oatman E.R., 1985: Parasites associated with lepidopterous leaf miners on apple in northeastern wisconsin usa

Gordon F.C., 1985: Parasites associated with the native holly leafminer phytomyza ilicicola diptera agromyzidae on american holly in kentucky usa

Kietzmann E.A., 1987: Parasites associated with thirteen lined ground squirrels spermophilus tridecemlineatus mitchill from ames iowa usa

Grissell E.E., 1980: Parasites attacking fall armyworm larvae spodoptera frugiperda in late planted field corn

Yukinari, M., 1976: Parasites attacking the larvae of adoxophyes orana and adoxophyes fasciata in tokushima

Milinski M., 1984: Parasites determine a predator optimal feeding strategy

Lewis J.A., 1987: Parasites diseases and health status of sympatric populations of sambar deer and white tailed deer in florida usa

Crow C.B., 1983: Parasites diseases and health status of sympatric populations of sika deer cervus nippon and white tailed deer odocoileus virginianus in maryland and virginia usa

Purnomo, 1984: Parasites found in the mouths of inhabitants of 3 villages of south kalimantan borneo indonesia

Heckmann R.A., 1980: Parasites from 2 species of suckers catostomidae from southern utah usa

Bowie J.Y., 1984: Parasites from an atlantic bottlenose dolphin tursiops truncatus and a revised checklist of parasites of this host

Gajendergad M.R., 1980: Parasites from an indian python python molurus from the mysore zoo india

Bakke, T. A., 1978: Parasites from beaver castor fiber in norway

Petersen, H., 1976: Parasites hymenoptera chalcidoidea associated with bark beetles in norway

Zeyhle E., 1981: Parasites in 3603 red foxes vulpes vulpes in wuerttemberg southwest west germany

Goll P.H., 1979: Parasites in bulinus senegalensis mollusca planorbidae and their detection

Garret M., 1980: Parasites in cyto diagnosis a case report of strongyloides stercoralis in papanicolaou smears of gastric aspirate with a review of the literature

Crowe M.W., 1983: Parasites in kentucky usa thoroughbreds at necropsy emphasis on stomach worms and tapeworms

Frank F., 1987: Parasites in sheep grazing on kikuyu pennisetum clandestinum pastures in the winter rainfall region

Voigt, H. R., 1977: Parasites in smelts pisces osmerus eperlanus from tvarminne storfjard gulf of finland

Vooren, C. M.; Tracey, D., 1976: Parasites in tarakihi pisces cheilodactylidae from 3 areas around new zealand

Appy, R. G.; Dadswell, M. J., 1978: Parasites of acipenser brevirostrum and acipenser oxyrhynchus osteichthyes acipenseridae in the st john river estuary new brunswick canada with a description of caballeronema pseudoargumentosus new species nematoda spirurida

Dipeolu O.O., 1982: Parasites of african snakes

Gruber F., 1982: Parasites of agromyzid leaf miners diptera agromyzidae on alfalfa in europe

Belosevic M., 1981: Parasites of arctic charr salvelinus alpinus and their use in separating sea run and nonmigrating charr

Halperin J., 1981: Parasites of bark beetles coleoptera scolytidae on pine and cypress in israel

Johnson P.T., 1986: Parasites of benthic amphipods dinoflagellates duboscquodinida syndinidae

Raske, A. G., 1978: Parasites of birch casebearer larvae in newfoundland canada lepidoptera coleophoridae

Niewiadomska K., 1984: Parasites of birds from the lake goplo and heated lakes of the konin region poland

Stone J.D., 1982: Parasites of black margined aphids monellia caryella and their effect on aphid populations in far west texas usa

Pojmanska, T.; Dzika, E., 1987: Parasites of bream abramis brama l. from lake goslawskie poland affected by long term thermal pollution

Peebles C.R., 1987: Parasites of burbot lota lota family gadidae from the ford river in the upper peninsula of michigan usa

Marumo R., 1979: Parasites of chaetognaths in suruga bay japan

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Baker, J. C.; Crites, J. L., 1976: Parasites of channel catfish ictalurus punctatus from the island region of western lake erie usa

Hendrickson G.L., 1982: Parasites of chinook salmon oncorhynchus tshawytscha and coho salmon oncorhynchus kisutch from the mad river and vicinity humboldt county california usa

Schooley H.O., 1979: Parasites of coleophora laricella larvae in newfoundland lepidoptera coleophoridae

Michajlow W., 1981: Parasites of copepoda in the system euglenida the need for distinguishing a new suborder embryocolina

Bilqees, F. M.; Sultana, R., 1974: Parasites of corvus sp from karachi university campus pakistan

Sinclair E.R., 1979: Parasites of cryptophlebia ombrodelta lepidoptera tortricidae in southeast queensland australia

Section 7, Chapter 6063, Accession 006062264

Section 7, Chapter 6063, Accession 006062265

Blume R.R., 1986: Parasites of diptera associated with bovine droppings on a pasture in east central texas usa

Horak, I. G., 1979: Parasites of domestic and wild animals in south africa 12. artificial transmission of nematodes from blesbok and impala to sheep goats and cattle

Londt, J. G. H.; Horak, I. G.; De-Villiers, I. L., 1979: Parasites of domestic and wild animals in south africa 13. the seasonal incidence of adult ticks acarina ixodidae on cattle in the northern transvaal

Horak, I. G., 1982: Parasites of domestic and wild animals in south africa 14. the seasonal prevalence of rhipicephalus sanguineus and ctenocephalides spp on kenneled dogs in pretoria north

Horak, I. G., 1982: Parasites of domestic and wild animals in south africa 15. the seasonal prevalence of ecto parasites on impala and cattle in the northern transvaal south africa

Horak, I. G.; De-Vos, V.; Brown, M. R., 1983: Parasites of domestic and wild animals in south africa 16. helminth and arthropod parasites of blue and black wildebeest connochaetes taurinus and connochaetes gnou

Horak, I. G.; De-Vos, V.; De-Klerk, B. D., 1984: Parasites of domestic and wild animals in south africa 17. arthropod parasites of burchells zebra equus burchelli in the eastern transvaal lowveld

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