Parasite infestation of freshwater ecosystems in chile 1. presence of metacercariae of the species stephanostomum digenea acanthocolpidae in fish

Torres, P.; Franjola, R.; Cubillos, V.; Miranda, J.C.; Vera, R.

Journal of Veterinary Medicine Series B 35(3): 169-177


Accession: 006062156

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Between May 1986 and September 1987, 949 fish caught in different areas of the Valdivia basin (between''S,''W) were examined. The presence of metacercariae of the type Stephanostomum sp. was established in the mesenterium and/or liver of Brachigalaxias bullocki, Galaxias platei, Galaxias maculatus, Aplochiton zebra and Cheirodon australe, but not in Trichomycterus, Gambusia affinis holbrooki, Salmo trutta and Salmo gairdneri; the last three were imported to Chile. All these hosts are new for this taxon. The prevalence, average intensity and abundance of infestations were greater in G. platei, B. bullocki and A. zebra. The infrapopulation of Stephanostomum sp. showed a slight overdispersion in its hosts. Considerable histopathological changes are described in the liver parenchyma of G. maculatus and the possibility of some fish from the Valdivia basin, possibly of marine origin, being the end hosts for Stephanostomum sp. is considered.