Section 7
Chapter 6,065

Parthenogenetic mono ha ploids 2n equals x equals 12 from solanum tuberosum and solanum verrucosum and the production of homo zygous potato di ploids

Van-Breukelen, E.W.M.; Ramanna, M.S.; Hermsen, J.G.T.

Euphytica 26(2): 263-272


ISSN/ISBN: 0014-2336
Accession: 006064769

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Dihaploid and dihaploid derived clones of S. tuberosum and diploid genotypes of S. verrucosum produced 85 viable monohaploids by female parthenogenesis. All were induced using diploid S. phureja clones, homozygous for embryo spot, as pollinators. Frequency of S. tuberosum monohaploids/100 berries was rather constant in 3 successive (14, 17 and 17, respectively). No male or female fertility was found in flowering monohaploids. Colchicine-induced chromosome doubling yielded homozygous S. tuberosum diploids with low pollen quality but good seed fertility. Two diploid of self-incompatible species (S. multidissectum and S. berthaultii) produced no monohaploids. The presence of genes for female parthenogenesis in some dihaploids was discussed.

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