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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6068

Chapter 6068 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Tanimura, T.; Isono, K.; Kikuchi, T., 1978:
Partial sweet taste blindness and configurational requirement of stimulants in a drosophila melanogaster mutant

Zywietz F.; Jung H., 1980:
Partial synchronization of 3 solid animal tumors by x rays

Novak F.J.; Schwammenhoferova K.; Cihalikova J.; Ondrej M., 1979:
Partial synchronization of cell division in root meristem induced by 5 amino uracil

Schmid J.M.; Uchida M.; Rueedi P.; Eugster C.H., 1982:
Partial syntheses and reactions of abietanoid derivatives lanugones from plectranthus lanuginosus and of related compounds

Beeley, L.J.; Macmillan, J., 1976:
Partial syntheses of 2 hydroxy gibberellins characterization of 2 new gibberellins a 46 and a 47

Gorecki, P.; Otta, H., 1982:
Partial syntheses of aristolochic acids and analogs 4. 3 4 5 6 tetra methoxy 1 8 dinitro phenanthrene 3 4 5 6 tetra methoxy 8 nitro phenanthrenecarboxylic acid and 3 4 5 6 tetra methoxy 8 10 dinitro phenanthrenecarboxylic acid

Beale M.H.; Macmillan J., 1981:
Partial syntheses of deuterium labeled2 alpha gibberellin a 29 and tritium labeled 2 alpha gibberellin a 29 and deuterium labeled and tritium labeled 2 alpha 15 17 gibberellin a 51 from gibberellin a 3

Sliwka H R.; Liaaen Jensen S., 1987:
Partial syntheses of diastereomeric carotenols

Dolan S.C.; Holdup D.W.; Hutchison M.; Macmillan J., 1985:
Partial syntheses of gibberellins a 45 and a 63

Eichberg, D.; Eich, E., 1985:
Partial syntheses of new ergoline derivatives from clavine alkaloids v. festuclavines mono and disubstituted at n 1 and n 6

Smith K.M.; Bisset G.M.F.; Bushell M.J., 1980:
Partial syntheses of optically pure methyl bacterio pheophorbide c and methyl bacterio pheophorbide d from methyl pheophorbide a

Seguin E.; Koch M.; Chenu E.; Hayat M., 1980:
Partial synthesis and oncostatic properties of pseudo tubulosines analogs of emetine and tubulosine

Guntert, T.W.; Linde, H.H.A.; Ragab, M.S.; Spengel, S., 1976:
Partial synthesis in the series of cardiac poisons part 9 synthesis of a homologous steroidal 17 beta pyrrolinone

Macmillan J.; Willis C.L., 1986:
Partial synthesis of 1 beta 2 beta dideuterium 2 beta deuterium and 2 alpha deuterium gibberellin a 1

Kirkwood P.S.; Macmillan J.; Beale M.H., 1982:
Partial synthesis of 17 carbon 13 labeled 15 17 tritium labeled gibberellin a 29 from gibberellin a 3

Kyler K.S.; Watt D.S., 1981:
Partial synthesis of 20r 22r 20 22 di hydroxy cholesterol

Miljkovic D.; Gasi K.; Kindjer M.; Stankovic S.; Ribar B.; Argay G., 1985:
Partial synthesis of 21 27 bisnordemissidine from epiandrosterone and dehydroepiandrosterone acetates crystal and molecular structure of 21 27 bisnordemissidine hydrobromide

Moiseenkov A.M.; Cheskis B.A.; Semenovskii A.V.; Bogoslovskii N.A.; Litvinova G.E.; Samokhvalov G.I.; Segal' G.M.; Torgov I.V., 1983:
Partial synthesis of 25 hydroxy cholesterol and 25 hydroxy pro vitamin d 3 by the cyclo propyl carbinyl rearrangement/

Tschesche R.; Brennecke H.R., 1979:
Partial synthesis of 25 r 26 amino cholesterol and 25 r 26 amino 5 cholestene 3 beta 16 beta diol from diosgenin

Notegen, E.A.; Tori, M.; Tamm, C., 1981:
Partial synthesis of 3' hydroxy 2' deoxy 2 3 4 5 tetra hydro verrucarin a

Fraga B.M.; Guillermo R.; Arraez J.D.; Luis J.G.; Perales A., 1988:
Partial synthesis of 4 epi trachylobagibberellin a 12

Arraez J.D.; Fraga B.M.; Gonzalez A.G.; Luis J.G.; Fayos J.; Perales A., 1985:
Partial synthesis of a trachylobagibberellin analog

Le-Goffic, F.; Sicsic, S.; Vincent, C., 1977:
Partial synthesis of amino glycosidic antibiotics part 1 an enzymic reactor model using cofactors

Juergens U.; Brockmann H.Jr, 1982:
Partial synthesis of an 3 ethyl bacterio pheophorbide c methyl ester

Poulis A.; Barone E.; Johnson D.W., 1980:
Partial synthesis of carbon 14 labeled phytanic acid

Smith K.M.; Lewis W.M., 1981:
Partial synthesis of chlorophyll a from rhodo chlorin

Aimi N.; Kawada K.; Murakami H.; Fukumasu Y.; Sakai S I., 1985:
Partial synthesis of dihydroisothysanolactone and carbon 13 nmr study of thysanolactone

Gaskin P.; Kirkwood P.S.; Macmillan J., 1981:
Partial synthesis of ent 13 hydroxy 2 oxo 20 norgibberella 1 10 16 diene 7 19 dioic acid a catabolite of gibberellin a 29 and of related compounds

Beale M.H.; Gaskin P.; Kirkwood P.S.; Macmillan J., 1980:
Partial synthesis of gibberellin a 9 and deuterium labeled gibberellin a 9 gibberellin a 5 and deuterium labeled and tritium labeled gibberellin a 5 and gibberellin a 20 and deuterium labeled and tritium labeled gibberellin a 20

Tsukiai S., 1980:
Partial synthesis of hypothetical intermediates in biosynthesis of litho cholic acid from cholesterol 3 alpha hydroxy 5 beta cholestan 27 al and 5 beta cholestane 3 alpha 27 diol

Bianco, A.; Guiso, M.; Iavarone, C.; Passacantilli, P.; Trogolo, C., 1977:
Partial synthesis of iso eucommiol a new cyclo pentenoid tetrol

Sakai S I.; Takayama H.; Yamaguchi K.; Ide N.; Okamoto T., 1984:
Partial synthesis of isodelphinine and penduline

Hahn H.; Heitsch H.; Rathmann R.; Zimmermann G.; Bormann C.; Zaehner H.; Koenig W.A., 1987:
Partial synthesis of nikkomycins b x k x and unnatural stereoisomers and structural analogues

Malinovskaya G.V.; Pokhilo N.D.; Novikov V.L.; Denisenko V.A.; Uvarova N.I., 1982:
Partial synthesis of octa nor 13 beta dammarane

Pfenninger J.; Graf W., 1980:
Partial synthesis of quassin synthesis of a key intermediate with an angular 8 beta methyl group from testosterone

Sucrow W.; Van Nooy M., 1982:
Partial synthesis of sargasterol and 20 s cholesterol

Breitenstein, W.; Tamm, C., 1978:
Partial synthesis of tetra hydro verrucarin j

Dolan S.C.; Macmillan J., 1985:
Partial synthesis of the 15 beta hydroxygibberellins a 67 and a 68 and of 15 beta hydroxygibberellins a 1 and a 3

Barton D.H.R.; Lusinchi X.; Martinez Menendez A.; Milliet P., 1983:
Partial synthesis of the steroid chromophore aza 14 alpha d homo 8 14 alpha diene present in the antibiotic a 25822 b

Lischewski M.; Adam G.; Liebisch H W.; Pleiss U., 1982:
Partial synthesis of tritium labeled gibberellin a 3

Guentert, T.W.; Linde, H.H.A.; Ragab, M.S.; Spengel, S., 1977:
Partial synthesis studies in the series of cardiac poisons part 10 synthesis of a steroidal 17 beta pyrrolinone

Mompon B.; Vassal T.; Poirier P., 1985:
Partial synthesis via indole alkaloids a new hexacyclic derivative of levo tetrahydroalstonine

Guntert, T.W.; Linde, H.H.A.; Ragab, M.S.; Spengel, S., 1976:
Partial synthetic studies in the series of cardiac poisons part 8 synthesis of a homologous 3 beta hydroxy card 5 22 dienolide

Bode, H.H.; Danon, M.; Weintraub, B.D.; Maloof, F.; Crawford, J.D., 1973:
Partial target organ resistance to thyroid hormone

Koivusaari U.; Andersson T., 1984:
Partial temperature compensation of hepatic bio transformation enzymes in juvenile rainbow trout salmo gairdneri during the warming of water in spring

Kosower E.M., 1983:
Partial tertiary structure assignment for the acetyl choline receptor on the basis of the hydrophobicity of amino acid sequences and channel location using single group rotation theory

Hosojima H.; Kigoshi T.; Yamamoto I.; Uchida K.; Morimoto S., 1983:
Partial thyroxine binding globulin deficiency in a family

Jacobsson, H.; Lilliehook, B.; Blomgren, H., 1976:
Partial tolerant state against h 2 disparate cells no impaired specific reactivity in mixed lymphocyte culture graft vs host or antibody production

Haertel J.; Boettcher M., 1984:
Partial tongue resection in the miniature pig as a starting point for experimental jaw growth studies

Benveniste, R.E.; Todaro, G.J.; Scolnick, E.M.; Parks, W.P., 1973:
Partial transcription of murine type C viral genomes in BALB c cell lines

Houweling, A.; Van-Den-Elsen, P.J.; Van-Der-Eb, A.J., 1980:
Partial transformation of primary rat cells by the leftmost 4.5 percent fragment of adenovirus 5 dna

Douglas, K.T.; Gohel, D.I.; Nadvi, I.N.; Quilter, A.J.; Seddon, A.P., 1985:
Partial transition state inhibitors of glyoxalase i ec from human erythrocytes yeast and rat liver

Dev V.G.; Byrne J.; Bunch G., 1979:
Partial translocation of nucleolus organizer region and its activity in a balanced carrier and in her cri du chat fetus

Gagua A.M.; Gugushvili L.L.; Demikhov V.P.; Goryainov V.M., 1983:
Partial transplantation of the liver

Ansel'mi G.; Arteaga M.; Munots G.; Kal'deron M.; Suares K.; Espino Vela G., 1981:
Partial transposition of major vessels embryology pathological anatomy classification

Mutchinick, O.; Ruz, L.; Jimenez, R., 1978:
Partial trisomies 13 and 22 due to nondisjunction of a maternal reciprocal translocation translocation 13 22 q 22 q 11

Pfeiffer, R.A.; Kessel, E.K.; Soer, K.H., 1977:
Partial trisomies of chromosome 21 in man 2 new observations due to translocations 19.21 and 4.21

Leisti J.; Aula P., 1980:
Partial trisomy 1 q42 ter

Johnson, G.; Bachman, R.; Roed, T.; Riddervold, P., 1977:
Partial trisomy 10p and familial translocation 7 10 p 22 p 12

Rolland, M.; Bourrouillou, G.; Elana, G.; Colombies, P.; Regnier, C., 1977:
Partial trisomy 10p due to paternal origin 2 new cases in 2 different families

Klep-de Pater, J.M.; Bijlsma, J.B.; de France, H.F.; Leschot, N.J.; Duijndam-van den Berge, M.; van Hemel, J.O., 1979:
Partial trisomy 10q: a recognizable syndrome

Maciel A.T.; Hackel C.; Magna L.A.; Pinto W.Jr; Beiguelman B., 1986:
Partial trisomy 10q in a child born to a woman with a reciprocal translocation 7 10 p22 q24 case report and review of the literature

Palutke W.A.; Hartline J.V.; Schaefer D.; Gohle N.R., 1981:
Partial trisomy 10q syndrome a case with new findings

Palmer, C.G.; Poland, C.; Reed, T.; Kojetin, J., 1976 :
Partial trisomy 11 46 xx minus 3 minus 20 plus der 3 plus der 20 translocation 3 11 20 resulting from a complex maternal rearrangement of chromosomes 3 11 20

D.F.ance H.F.; Beemer F.A.; Senders R.C.; Gerards L.J.; Cats B.P., 1984:
Partial trisomy 11q due to paternal translocation 11q 18p further delineation of the clinical picture

Savary, J.B.; Cousin, J.; Lai, J.L.; Deminatti, M., 1977:
Partial trisomy 12 and 8 with mosaicism associated with translocation 8 12 p 21 q 13

Biederman, B.; Bowen, P.; Robertson, C.; Schiff, D., 1977:
Partial trisomy 12p due to translocation 12 21 pat translocation

D.B.acamonte N.O.; Velazco J.Q.; Figueroa F.G.H., 1982:
Partial trisomy 12p in a new born child with karyotype 46 xy deletion 11 translocation 11 12 q25 p11 mat a case and review

Pratt N.R.; Bulugahapitiya D.T.D., 1983:
Partial trisomy 12q a clinically recognizable syndrome genetic risks associated with translocations of chromosome 12q

Bourrouillou G.; Mattei M.G.; Calvas P.; L.T.llec J.Y.; Racine A.; Riviere M.; Riviere C.; Carriere J.P.; Colombies P., 1987:
Partial trisomy 13 due to a translocation x 13 the value of in situ hybridization

Giraud, F.; Mattei, J.F.; Mattei, M.G., 1977:
Partial trisomy 13 due to translocation 2.13 mat

Schwanitz, G.; Schmid, P.; Berthold, H.J.; Grosse, K.P., 1978:
Partial trisomy 13 with clinical signs of patau syndrome resulting from a complex paternal rearrangement of chromosomes 6 10 and 13

Habedank M., 1979:
Partial trisomy 13q21 to q ter de novo due to a recombinant chromosome 13 duplicate q

Ray M.; Hunter A.G.W.; Sachdeva R.K.; Christie N., 1979:
Partial trisomy 14 with a 46 xy minus 13 plus der 14 translocation 13 14 q12 q22 maternal karyotype

Fryns, J.P.; Van-Eygen, M.; Tanghe, W.; Van-Den-Berghe, H., 1977:
Partial trisomy 14q due to familial translocation 14q minus 11q plus translocation

Simpson, J.; Zellweger, H., 1977:
Partial trisomy 14q minus and parental translocation of no 14 chromosome report of a case and review of the literature

Cohen M.M.; Charrow J.; Balkin N.E.; Harris C.J., 1983:
Partial trisomy 14q23 qter via segregation of a 14 x translocation

Taysi, K.; Devivo, D.C.; Sekhon, G.S., 1979:
Partial trisomy 15 and intractable seizures

Voss R.; Lerer I.; Maftzir G.; Sheinis M.; Cohen M.M., 1982:
Partial trisomy 15 in a male with severe psycho motor retardation 48 xy plus 15q minus plus marker 15

Castel, Y.; Riviere, D.; Boucly, J.Y.; Toudic, L., 1976:
Partial trisomy 15q due to a maternal translocation 7 15 q 35 q 14

Nevin N.C.; Coffey W.W.; Nevin J.; Reid M.M., 1983:
Partial trisomy 16q in 2 boys resulting from a maternal translocation 15 16 p12 q11

Yunis, E.; Gonzalez, J.T.; Torres-De-Caballero, O.M., 1977:
Partial trisomy 16q minus

Niazi, M.; Coleman, D.V.; Saldana-Garcia, P., 1978:
Partial trisomy 18 in a family with a translocation 18 21 q 21 q 21

Rosenmann, A.; Isacson, M.; Cohen, R.; Segal, M.; Cohen, M.M., 1978:
Partial trisomy 18 q 11 to q ter in an infant and aborted fetus resulting from a balanced paternal translocation 13 18 q 32 q 11

Otto P.G.; Richieri Costa A., 1983:
Partial trisomy 18q and partial monosomy 13q resulting from a paternal 13 18 translocation

Madokoro, H.; Ohdo, S.; Sonoda, T.; Togoe, T., 1985:
Partial trisomy 18q associated with terminal deletion of 5p 46 xx plus derivative 5 translocation 5 18 p15.3 q12.2 pat

Sanchez, O.; Mamunes, P.; Yunis, J.J., 1977:
Partial trisomy 20 20q 13 and partial trisomy 21 21p ter to 21q 21.3

Taylor, K.M.; Wolfinger, H.L.; Brown, M.G.; Chadwick, D.L.; Francke, U., 1976:
Partial trisomy 20p derived from a translocation 18 20

Geormaneanu C.; Geormaneanu M.; Ciofu C.; Suba M., 1981:
Partial trisomy 21 with retroperitoneal teratoma following a balanced translocation 14 21 p11 q21 in 2 successive generations

Poissonnier, M.; Saint-Paul, B.; Dutrillaux, B.; Chassaigne, M.; Gruyer, P.; Blignieres-Strouk, G.D., 1976:
Partial trisomy 21q 21 replaced by 21q 22.2

Zabel, B.; Hansen, S.; Hartmann, W., 1976:
Partial trisomy 2q and familial translocation 2 12 q 31 q 24

Oorthuys J.W.E.; Slater R.M.; Barrowclough H.; D.K.eine M.J.K., 1981:
Partial trisomy 3q due to a de novo translocation x 3 p21 q12

Tranebjaerg, L.; Baekmark, U.B.; Dyhr-Nielsen, M.; Kreiborg, S., 1987:
Partial trisomy 3q syndrome inherited from familial translocation 3 9 q26.1 p23

Bonfante A.; Stella M.; Rossi G., 1979:
Partial trisomy 4q 2 cases resulting from a familial translocation 4 18q27 p 11

Stella M.; Bonfante A.; Ronconi G.; Rossi G., 1979:
Partial trisomy 4q 2 cases with a familial translocation 4 18 q 27 q 23

Yunis, E.; Giraldo, A.; Zuniga, R.; Egel, H.; Ramirez, E., 1977:
Partial trisomy 4q human/

Wuu K D.; Wuu S.W.; Hwang B., 1983:
Partial trisomy 4q resulting from a maternal balanced translocation t 4 18 q31 q21

Monteleone, P.; Monteleone, J.; Sekhon, G.; Hamilton, W.; Volk, S.L.R.; Grzegocki, J.; Tietjens, M., 1976:
Partial trisomy 5 with a carrier parent translocation 5p minus 9p plus

Rodewald A.; Zankl M.; Gley E O.; Zang K.D., 1980:
Partial trisomy 5q 3 phenotypes depending on different duplication segments

Turleau, C.; Chavin-Colin, F.; De-Grouchy, J., 1978:
Partial trisomy 6p

Ferrando P.; Roman C.S.; D.C.rdoba S.R.; Arnaiz Villena A., 1981:
Partial trisomy 6p 46 xx minus 10 der 10 translocation 6 10 p22 q26 minus and paternal hla localization

Eden M.S.; Thelin J.W.; Michalski K.; Mitchell J.A., 1985:
Partial trisomy 6p and partial monosomy 9p from a de novo translocation 46 xy minus 9 plus der 9 translocation 6 9 p211 p24

Breuning, M.H.; Bijlsma, J.B.; De-France, H.F., 1977:
Partial trisomy 6p due to familial translocation 6 20 p 21 p 13

Cote, G.B.; Papadakou-Lagoyanni, S.; Sbyrakis, S., 1978:
Partial trisomy 6p with karyotype 46 xy der 22 translocation 6 22 p 22 q 13 maternal

Turleau, C.; Rossier, A.; De-Montis, G.; Roubin, M.; Chavin-Colin, F.; De-Grouchy, J., 1976:
Partial trisomy 7q 1 or 2 syndromes report of a further observation

Ray M.; Hunter G.W., 1980:
Partial trisomy 8 mosaicism with 46 xx 46 xx minus 8 plus dicentric 8

Abuelo, D.; Perl, D.P.; Henkle, C.; Richardson, A., 1977:
Partial trisomy 8 trisomy 8q 2106 to 8q ter

Fryns, J.P.; Smeets, E.; Eggermont, E.; Delire, C.; Van-Den-Berghe, H., 1978:
Partial trisomy 9q minus in a poly malformed new born infant karyotype 47 xx plus deletion 9 q 33

Soltan H.C.; Jung J.H.; Pyatt Z.; Singh R.P., 1984:
Partial trisomy 9q resulting from a familial translocation 9 16 q32 q24

Madokoro H.; Ohdo S.; Sonoda T.; Kawaguchi K.; Ohba K I., 1988:
Partial trisomy for 19q due to paternal 17 19 reciprocal translocation

Zabel, B.; Baumann, W.; Gehler, J.; Conrad, G., 1978:
Partial trisomy for short and long arm of chromosome no 5 2 cases of 2 possible syndromes

Curry C.J.R.; Loughman W.D.; Francke U.; Hall B.D.; Golbus M.S.; Derstine J.; Epstein C.J., 1979:
Partial trisomy for the distal long arm of chromosome 5 region q 34 q ter a new clinically recognizable syndrome

Zabel, B.; Baumann, W., 1977:
Partial trisomy for the distal part of the long arm of the chromosome 15 due to a balanced maternal x 15 translocation

Bajolle, F.; Rullier, J.; Picard, A.M.; Legrele, G., 1978:
Partial trisomy for the distal part of the short arm of chromosome 11 due to a balanced paternal 11 5 translocation

Duca Marinescu D.; Meila P.; Ionescu Cerna M.; Gheorghe V.; Joan D.; Maximilian C., 1979:
Partial trisomy for the long arm of chromosome 16 46 xy derivative 13 translocation 13 16 p12 q13

Couturier, J.; Aurias, A.; Prieur, M.; Barois, A., 1977:
Partial trisomy for the long arm of chromosome 2 due to mal segregation of a maternal insertion insertion 6 2 p 22 q 24 q 34

Fryns, J.P.; Van-Eygen, M.; Logghe, N.; Van-Den-Berghe, H., 1978:
Partial trisomy for the long arm of chromosome 3 3 q 21 to q ter plus in a new born with minor physical stigmata

Noel, B.; Levy, M.; Rethore, M.O., 1976:
Partial trisomy for the long arm of chromosome translocation 11 due to to translocation 11 22 q 231 111

Jalbert, P.; Jalbert, H.; Sele, B.; Mouriquand, C.; Malka, J.; Boucharlat, J.; Pison, H., 1975:
Partial trisomy for the long arms of chromosomes 5 due to insertion and further aneusomie de recombinaison

Nakai H.; Yamamoto Y.; Kuroki Y., 1979:
Partial trisomy of 11 and 22 due to familial translocation 11 22q23 q11 inherited in 3 generations

Moedjono S.J.; Sparkes R.S., 1979:
Partial trisomy of 13 pter q12 due to 47 xy plus der 13 maternal translocation 13 22 q 12 q13

Taysi, K.; Sekhon, G.S., 1978:
Partial trisomy of chromosome 1 in 2 adult brothers due to maternal translocation 1q minus 6p plus

Schutten, H.J.; Schutten, B.T.; Mikkelsen, M., 1978:
Partial trisomy of chromosome 13 case report and review of literature

Howard-Peebles, P.N.; Yarbrough, K.; Stoddard, G.R., 1977:
Partial trisomy of chromosome 15

San Martin V.; Fernandez Novoa C.; Hevia A.; Novales A.; Fornell J.; Galera H., 1981:
Partial trisomy of chromosome 18 pter q11 a discussion on the identification of the critical segment

Bonfante, A.; Stella, M.; Rossi, G., 1978:
Partial trisomy of the long arm of chromosome 1 due to a familial translocation 1 10 q 2 q 6

Carnevale, A.; Frias, S.; Del-Castillo, V., 1978:
Partial trisomy of the short arm of chromosome 7 due to a familial reciprocal translocation 7 14 p 11 p 11

Blagrove R.J.; Lilley G.G.; Kortt A.A., 1981:
Partial tryptic digestion of cucurbitin from pumpkin cucurbita moschata cultivar queensland blue seed

Ryan, P.C.; Fitzpatrick, J.M., 1987:
Partial ureteric obstruction: a new variable canine experimental model

Kirchgessner, M.; Mueller, H.L.; Neese, K.R., 1976:
Partial utilization of food energy by the veal calf

Rommel P.; Duschinski U.; Bogusch M.; Rehbock F., 1980:
Partial vaginal hysterectomy of cattle for oocyte collection

Capellini C.; Pau A.; Rivano C.; Siccardi D.; Tortori Donati P.; Turtas S., 1985:
Partial ventricular dilatation contralateral to chronic subdural hematoma

Gnad H.D., 1979:
Partial vitreous substitution with ringers solution or sodium hyaluronate histological studies on the vitreous body of rabbit eyes following vitrectomy

Gluckman, J.L.; Weissler, M.C.; McCafferty, G.; Black, R.J.; Coman, W.W.; Cooney, T.; Bird, R.J., 1987:
Partial vs total esophagectomy for advanced carcinoma of the hypopharynx

Mcsweeney G.; Charleston A.G., 1985:
Partially acidulated phosphate rock reactions with water

Braithwaite A.C.; Rogers D.A., 1987:
Partially acidulated phosphate rocks made from phosphoric acid using direct acidulation granulation techniques

Lofaldli L., 1980:
Partially albino badgers meles meles from rindal more and romsdal county norway

Kuester, J.M.; Dyong, I., 1975:
Partially benzylated carbohydrates 2 synthesis of all methylmono o benzyl alpha d gluco pyranoside methyldi o benzyl alpha d gluco pyranoside methyltri o benzyl alpha d gluco pyranoside

Malhotra, O.P., 1982:
Partially carboxylated prothrombins 1. comparison of activation properties and purification of 1 carboxyglutamyl and o carboxyglutamyl variants

Malhotra, O.P., 1982:
Partially carboxylated prothrombins 2. effect of gamma carboxy glutamyl residues on the properties of prothrombin fragment 1

Malhotra, O.P., 1983:
Partially carboxylated prothrombins 3. carboxylation studies

Thiede, A.; Sonntag, H.G.; Leder, L.D.; Mueller-Ruchholtz, W., 1977:
Partially common antigenicity of macrophages epithelioid cells and foreign body giant cells experimental studies on rats

Korba B.E.; Hays J.B., 1982:
Partially deficient methylation of cytosine in dna at ccagg or cctgg sites stimulates genetic recombination of bacterio phage lambda

Brooke, G.M.; Ferguson, J.A.K.J., 1986:
Partially fluorinated heterocyclic compounds part 22. the preparation of allyl 2 5 6 trifluoropyrimidin 4 yl ether and related compounds and a study of their claisen rearrangement reactions a new route to 5 fluorouracil and barbituric acid derivatives

Ikai, A.; Noda, H., 1968:
Partially helical conformation of hemo globin in aqueous 2 chloro ethanol horse

Chorev M.; Yaion M.; Wormser U.; Levian Teitelbaum D.; Gilon C.; Selinger Z., 1986:
Partially modified retro inverso peptide analogs 6 pyroglutamic acid 7 8 retro inverso substance p 6 11 synthesis and biological activity

Garel A.T.; Garel J R., 1982:
Partially oxidized active intermediates in re folding of reduced rnase

Araujo, F.G.; Remington, J.S., 1984:
Partially purified antigen preparations of Toxoplasma gondii protect against lethal infection in mice

Picardo, M.; Massey, J.B.; Kuhn, D.E.; Gotto, A.M.; Gianturco, S.H.; Pownall, H.J., 1986:
Partially reassembled high density lipoproteins. Effects on cholesterol flux, synthesis, and esterification in normal human skin fibroblasts

Haslinger, E., 1978:
Partially relaxed proton nmr spectra of frangulanine short communication

Carlen, P.L.; Wilkinson, D.A.; Wortzman, G.; Holgate, R., 1984:
Partially reversible cerebral atrophy and functional improvement in recently abstinent alcoholics

Martin, P.; Bergmann, P.; Gillet, C.; Fuss, M.; Kinnaert, P.; Corvilain, J.; van Geertruyden, J., 1986:
Partially reversible osteopenia after surgery for primary hyperparathyroidism

Costello, P.; Wolfe, D.A., 1980:
Partially sequential treatments vs. control multiple comparisons

Atlas, S.W.; Grossman, R.I.; Goldberg, H.I.; Hackney, D.B.; Bilaniuk, L.T.; Zimmerman, R.A., 1987:
Partially thrombosed giant intracranial aneurysms: correlation of MR and pathologic findings

Stevens C.W.; Brondyk W.H.; Burgess J.A.; Manoharan T.H.; Hane B.G.; Fahl W.E., 1988:
Partially transformed anchorage independent human diploid fibroblasts result from overexpression of the c sis oncogene mitogenic activity of an apparent monomeric platelet derived growth factor 2 species

Gunderson, L.P.; McPhee, A.J.; Donovan, E.F., 1986:
Partially ventilated endotracheal suction. Use in newborns with respiratory distress syndrome

Fling, S.; Thomas, A.; Gallaher, M., 1981:
Participant characteristics and the effects of 2 types of meditation vs. quiet sitting

Brown R.A., 1979:
Participant evaluation of 2 alcohol education courses

Denney, D.R.; Sullivan, B.J.; Thiry, M.R., 1977:
Participant modeling and self verbalization training in the reduction of spider fears

Plant, M.A.; Reeves, C.E., 1976:
Participant observation as a method of collecting information about drug taking conclusions from 2 english studies

Tagashira, E.; Hiramori, T.; Urano, T.; Nakao, K.; Yanaura, S., 1982:
Participant of serotonin turnover rate in the brain on barbital withdrawal convulsion

Jaegermann, K.; Marek, Z.; Turowska, B., 1978:
Participants of lawsuits concerning establishment or denial of paternity

Lynch, D.; Graves, W., 1983:
Participants' perceptions of ethical issues in research with humans

Desharnais, R.; Bouillon, J.; Godin, G., 1987:
Participants' early impressions of a supervised exercise program as a determinant of their subsequent adherence

Descovich G.C.; Lenzi S.; Gaddi A.; Magri G.L.; Dal Monte G.; Benassi M.S.; Muntoni S.; Pintus F.; Mascia P.; E.A., 1984:
Participation and adherence of general population samples to a preventive program of atherosclerosis

Seitz R.; Wolf R.; Egbring R.; Radtke K P.; Liesenfeld A.; Pittner P.; Havemann K., 1987:
Participation and interactions of neutrophil elastase in hemostatic disorders of patients with severe infections

Hatanaka A.; Kajiwara T.; Sekiya J.; Imoto M.; Inouye S., 1982 :
Participation and properties of lip oxygenase and hydro per oxide lyase in volatile 6 carbon aldehyde formation from 18 carbon unsaturated fatty acids in isolated tea thea sinensis cultivar yabukita chloroplasts

Zivanovic B.; Kalinovic D.; Todorovic M., 1982:
Participation and seasonal dynamics of some physiological microorganism groups in the waters of stara drava and sakadas lake yugoslavia

Wietlisbach V.; Hausser D.; Barazzoni F.; Rickenbach M., 1987:
Participation at the monica survey

Binkley R.W.; Koholic D.J., 1988:
Participation by c 3 substituents in disaccharide formation

Kearney P.; Plax T.G.; Lentz P.S., 1985:
Participation in community organizations and socioeconomic status as determinants of seniors life satisfaction

Keller H.T.; Tetlow E.W., 1980:
Participation in community theater and type of personality

Morishita T.; Ueno R.; Takahashi T., 1979:
Participation in digestion by the proteolytic enzymes of the posterior salivary gland in octopus part 5 examination for finding protein digestive enzymes in the posterior salivary gland

Morishita T.; Ueno R.; Takahashi T., 1979:
Participation in digestion by the proteolytic enzymes of the posterior salivary gland in octopus part 6 investigation on the correspondence to digestive juice enzymes of protein digestive enzymes from the posterior salivary gland

Dent O.F.; Bartrop R.; Goulston K.J.; Chapuis P.H., 1983:
Participation in fecal occult blood screening for colo rectal cancer

Wise L.S.; Green H., 1979:
Participation of 1 isozyme of cytosolic glycero phosphate dehydrogenase in the adipose conversion of 3t3 cells

Barzu, O.; Kiss, L.; Bojan, O.; Niac, G.; Mantsch, H.H., 1976:
Participation of 1 n 6 etheno adenosine di phosphate and 1 n 6 etheno adenosine tri phosphate in the reactions of oxidative phosphorylation in rat liver mitochondria

Haeder, D.P., 1974:
Participation of 2 photosystems in the photo phobo taxis of phormidium uncinatum

Minami Y.; Endo S.; Sakai H., 1984:
Participation of 200 kilodalton or 150 kilodalton subunit of neurofilament in construction of the filament core with 70 kilodalton subunit and promotion of tubulin polymerization by incorporated 200 kilodalton subunit

Tan, T.; Gordon, J., 1971:
Participation of 3 cell types in the anti sheep red blood cell response in vitro separation of antigen reactive cells from the precursors of antibody forming cells

Djeu, J.Y.; Glaser, M.; Huang, K.Y.; Herberman, R.B., 1976:
Participation of 3 lymphoid cell types in the in vitro activation of cell mediated immunity to a syngeneic gross virus induced lymphoma in rats

Norrild B.; Shore S.L.; Cromeans T.L.; Nahmias A.J., 1980:
Participation of 3 major glyco protein antigens of herpes simplex virus type 1 early in the infectious cycle as determined by antibody dependent cell mediated cyto toxicity

Bil' K.Ya; Lyubimov V.Yu; Trusov M.F.; Gedemov T.; Atakhanov B.O., 1983:
Participation of 3 types of autotrophic tissues in the diurnal dynamics of carbon di oxide assimilations in certain chenopodiaceae species

Tarasyavichene, L.E.; Kanopkaite, S.I.; Martsishauskas, R.P., 1976:
Participation of 5 deoxyadenosyl b 12 in the regulation of transfer rna methylation

Ide T.; Sugano M., 1987:
Participation of a beta adrenergic system in dopamine stimulation of respiration in isolated rat brown adipocytes

Ito A.; Hayashi S I.; Yoshida T., 1981:
Participation of a cytochrome b 5 like hemo protein of outer mitochondrial membrane in nadh semi dehydro ascorbic acid reductase activity of rat liver

Reichman B.L.; Handzel Z.T.; Segal S.; Weinstein Y.; Levin S., 1979:
Participation of a histamine sepharose adherent sub population of human mononuclear cells in the production of leukocyte migration inhibition factor in healthy children

Kondo T.; Tsudzuki T., 1980:
Participation of a membrane system in the potassium uptake rhythm in a duckweed lemna gibba g 3

Ehlers D., 1980:
Participation of a phosphatase in calcium regulation in acto myosin preparations from smooth vascular muscle

Sverdlova, A.N.; Silaev, A.B.; Alekseeva, L.N.; Nefelova, M.V., 1977:
Participation of acetate in biosynthesis of carotenoids and macro tetralides by actinomyces chrysomallus var carotenoides

Kagan V.E.; Prilipko L.L.; Savov V.M.; Pisarev V.A.; Eluashvili I.A.; Kozlov Y.P., 1979:
Participation of activated oxygen forms in enzymatic lipid per oxidation in bio membranes

Jozwiak Z., 1985:
Participation of adenine nucleotides in the regulation of structure and properties of erythrocytes

Kaul C.L.; Talwalker P.K.; Grewal R.S., 1980:
Participation of adrenal medulla in 6 amino nicotinamide induced hyper glycemia in the rat

Chalmers J.P.; Petty M.A.; Reid J.L., 1979:
Participation of adrenergic and noradrenergic neurons in central connections of arterial baro receptor reflexes in the rat

Gorizontova M.P.; Chernukh A.M., 1982:
Participation of adrenergic mechanisms in micro circulatory changes during stress

Petkov, V.; Atsev, E.; Yossifov, T.; Uzunov, P., 1976:
Participation of adrenergic mechanisms in the genesis of the cortical brain electrical activity

Kosenko A.F.; Gushinets G.P., 1982:
Participation of adreno receptors and cholino receptors in actualization of hypothalamic influences on gastric secretion

Mel'nik L.A.; Kosenko A.F., 1980:
Participation of adreno receptors in the development of gastric mucosal lesions under stress conditions

Kolesnikova L.A., 1980:
Participation of adreno receptors in the regulation of testosterone levels in the blood of white rats

Terada, N.; Koyama, S.; Horiuchi, J.; Takeuchi, T., 1987:
Participation of adrenoceptors in liver blood flow regulation in anesthetized dogs

Sojar A., 1980:
Participation of air respiration in oxygen supply of proteus anguinus

Horie A., 1979:
Participation of alcoholic beverages in carcinogenesis of the esophagus liver and pancreas

Petrov N.; Kostova Z., 1979:
Participation of alfalfa vitamin flour in mixed feeds for young geese raised for meat and liver production

Reisser, W.; Radunz, A.; Wiessner, W., 1982:
Participation of algal surface structures in the cell recognition process during infection of aposymbiotic Paramecium bursaria with symbiotic chlorellae

Letellier, M.; Plante, G.E.; Briere, N.; Petitclerc, C., 1982:
Participation of alkaline phosphatase ec in the active transport of phosphates in brush border membrane vesicles

Berrino L.; Apponi Battini G.; Barra A.; Susanna V.; Lama M.; Lisa M.; Angrisani M.; Marmo E., 1987:
Participation of alpha 2 adrenergic opiate peptidergic gabaergic and prostaglandin mechanisms on intraocular and cardiovascular effects of clonidine in conscious rabbits

Lupandin-Yu, V., 1977:
Participation of alpha and beta adreno reactive systems of the brain in shivering thermogenesis regulation in cats

Dudin V.I.; Dvinskaya L.M., 1986:
Participation of alpha tocopherol in synthesis of acid lipids in chickens

Dubinsky, P.; Rybos, M., 1978:
Participation of amino acids in the post invasion developmental stages of ascaridia galli

Vasilevskaya L.S.; Sokolova A.G.; Prokopenko O.V., 1987:
Participation of amino acids in the regulation of gastric secretion

Chin C K., 1981:
Participation of an alternate respiratory path in uptake of sucrose by excised tomato lycopersicon esculentum cultivar rutgers roots

Mestdagh H.; Pancrazki A., 1984:
Participation of an amide group in the formation of salts of 1 3 dioxolan 2 ylium biomimetic model of the peptidation reaction

Gigli, I.; Koethe, S.; Austen, K.F., 1975:
Participation of an early component of complement and hageman factor in complement c 3 destruction by zymosan

Gnegy, M.; Uzunov, P.; Costa, E., 1977:
Participation of an endogenous calcium ion binding protein activator in the development of drug induced super sensitivity of striatal dopamine receptors

DeBusk, R.M.; Ogilvie, S., 1984:
Participation of an extracellular deaminase in amino acid utilization by Neurospora crassa

Ishikawa, Y.; Israel, S.E.; Melville, D.B., 1974:
Participation of an intermediate sulfoxide in the enzymatic thiolation of the imidazole ring of hercynin to form ergothioneine

Teshima, K.; Ikeda, K.; Hamaguchi, K.; Hayashi, K., 1982:
Participation of an ionizable group with p k 8.55 in the reaction of p bromo phenacyl bromide with histidine 48 of cobra venom phospho lipases a 2 ec

Moulins M.; Nagy F., 1981:
Participation of an unpaired motor neuron in a bilaterally organized rhythmic behavior in crustacea

Hudac A.; Odler I.; Majtanova L., 1986:
Participation of anaerobic non sporulating bacteria in inflammatory processes of the gallbladder

Polikarpova, L.I., 1976:
Participation of androgens in the effect of hydrocortisone and insulin on the synthesis of tyrosine alpha keto glutarate trans aminase in rat liver mitochondria

Ponomarev, V.I.; Polikarpova, L.I., 1976:
Participation of androgens in the realization of hydrocortisone and insulin action on the rna synthesis in the nuclei and hepatocyte cytoplasm of rats

Georgiev, V.; Yonkov, D., 1985:
Participation of angiotensin II in learning and memory. I. Interaction of angiotensin II with saralasin

Yonkov, D.I.; Georgiev, V.P.; Opitz, M.J., 1986:
Participation of angiotensin II in learning and memory. II. Interactions of angiotensin II with dopaminergic drugs

Yonkov, D.; Georgiev, V.; Kambourova, T.; Opitz, M., 1987:
Participation of angiotensin II in learning and memory. III. Interactions of angiotensin II with GABAergic drugs

Kol'dints M., 1985:
Participation of angiotensin ii in the performance of negative emotional reactions

Stankiewicz M.; Jonas W., 1983:
Participation of antibodies against trichostrongylus vitrinus in alternate pathway activation of sheep complement

Rødahl, E.; Asbakk, K.; Iversen, O.J., 1988:
Participation of antigens related to the psoriasis associated antigen, pso p27, in immune complex formation in patients with ankylosing spondylitis

Izmailov, S.F., 1975:
Participation of aspartic acid and glycine in threonine biosynthesis in isolated roots of vicia sativa

Jazwinski, S.M., 1987:
Participation of ATP in the binding of a yeast replicative complex to DNA

Karpilov-Yu, S.; Bil, K.Y. ; Gukasyan, I.A., 1975:
Participation of atpases in transport of intermediate products of photosynthesis between assimilating tissues of 4 carbon plants

Pastelin, G.; Mendez, R.; Moe, G.K., 1978 :
Participation of atrial specialized conduction pathways in atrial flutter

Movchan E.V., 1984:
Participation of auditory centers in echolocative tracking of a moving target by greater horseshoe bat

Zaks A.S.; Bykova A.A., 1979:
Participation of auto immune mechanism of chemical homeostasis regulation in reactions to stress factors

Lambina V.A.; Ledova L.A.; Situkhina N.S., 1981:
Participation of bdellovibrio in the processes of sewage self purification

Tukendorf A.; Subczynski W.K.; Baszynski T., 1981:
Participation of beta carotene in reactivation of photosystem i of heptane extracted spinach chloroplasts

Ishikawa M.; Kaneko A.; Kashiwa T.; Watanabe H., 1987:
Participation of beta myrcene in the susceptibility and or resistance of pine trees to the pine wood nematode bursaphelenchus xylophilus

Chapko P.M., 1988:
Participation of biological turnover in the manifestation of solonetz formation process in river floodplains

Prigozhina, T.A.; Kurbanova, G.N.; Likhovetskaia, Z.M.; Sorokin, A.V.; Rybakina, E.G., 1984:
Participation of biologically active substances of leukocytic origin in the humoral regulation of granulocytopoiesis

Boev, K.; Papasova, M., 1976:
Participation of bivalent ions in the acetyl choline provoked gastric smooth muscle phasic contractions

Morita, T.; Kihara, I.; Oite, T.; Yamamoto, T., 1976:
Participation of blood borne cells in rat masugi nephritis

Sukhanov Y.S.; Donskov S.I.; Poloterov I.D.; Zotikov E.A., 1979:
Participation of bone marrow derived lymphocytes in the mechanism of red cell destruction in auto immune hemolytic anemia

Kagawa, K.; Hayashi, K.; Awai, M., 1986:
Participation of bone marrow stromal cells in hemopoietic recovery of rats irradiated and then parabiosed with a non irradiated litter mate ii. scanning and transmission electron microscopic observations

Ilizarov G.A.; Palienko L.A.; Pereslytskikh P.F.; Galanova R.Ya; Tolmacheva S.V.; Baldin Y.P.; Tret'yakova I.P., 1980:
Participation of bone marrow stromal precursor cells in bone regeneration in per osseous osteosynthesis

D.L.B.ume S.; Y.C.C.; Schwartz J.C.; Chaillet P.; Marcais Collado H.; Costentin J., 1983:
Participation of both enkephalinase and amino peptidase activities in the metabolism of endogenous enkephalins

Sapronov N.S., 1979:
Participation of brain catecholamines in pituitary adrenal system activation caused by ethimizol

Boyiko M.F., 1979:
Participation of bryophytes in formation of phytocenoses of the kamennaya mogila ukrainian ssr ussr reservation

Toda, N., 1977:
Participation of calcium and sodium ions in genesis of the chronotropic effect of norepinephrine in isolated rabbit sino atrial nodes

Yamaguchi M.; Yoshida H., 1985:
Participation of calcium channel in liver calcium regulation by calcitonin in rats

Brill' G.E., 1985:
Participation of calcium dependent systems in thrombocyte aggregation induced by the action of staphylococcal toxin and adp

Strumilo S.A., 1983:
Participation of calcium ii in activity regulation for oxo glutarate dehydrogenase complex from bull adrenals

Yamasaki, F.; Hayashi, H., 1982:
Participation of calcium in the induction of phospho di esterase ec by cyclic amp in dictyostelium discoideum

Hayama T.; Shimmen T.; Tazawa M., 1979:
Participation of calcium ion in cessation of cytoplasmic streaming induced by membrane excitation of characeae internodal cells

Shinozaki H.; Kimura T.; Imamura K.; Ibayashi H., 1986:
Participation of calcium ions and calmodulin in rat pancreatic enzyme secretion induced by secretin forskolin and dibutyryl cyclic amp

Arsan O.M., 1986:
Participation of calcium ions in the regulation of glycolysis and tricarboxylic acid cycle in carp tissues under different temperature conditions of an aqueous medium

Lysenko L.T.; Kirishchuk S.I.; Kostenko T.O., 1986:
Participation of calcium ions in vasodilative reactions

Nelson G.A.; Andrews M.L.; Karnovsky M.J., 1982:
Participation of calmodulin in immuno globulin capping

Orlov S.N.; Kravtsov G.M., 1983:
Participation of calmodulin in regulation of plasma membrane electric potential by intra cellular calcium

Grum L.; Zimka J.R., 1981:
Participation of carabids in nutrient transfer in forest habitats

Chernyad'ev, I.I.; Terekhova, I.V.; Komarova-Yu, M.; Doman, N.G.; Goronkova, O.I.; Al'bitskaya, O.N., 1975 :
Participation of carbonate hydro lyase in photosynthesis

D.J.nge A.; Timmermans P.B.M.W.M.; Van Zwieten P.A., 1981:
Participation of cardiac presynaptic alpha 2 adrenoceptors in the brady cardiac effects of clonidine and analogs

Jovanovic R.B., 1983:
Participation of cartilaginous fish chondrichthyes in trawl catches in southern adriatic

Kazakov V.N.; Dubirnyi L.S.; Maevskaya N.V.; Obonitskaya O.V.; Prokhina E.A.; Serdyuk E.E., 1980:
Participation of cat medial thalamic nuclei in providing behavior reactions

Tsuru, H.; Shigei, T., 1976:
Participation of catecholamine in the digitoxigenin induced contraction of isolated dog veins

Adrianov, O.S.; Molodkina, L.N.; Mukhin, E.I.; Shugalev, N.P.; Yamshikova, N.G., 1980:
Participation of caudate nucleus in different forms of voluntary activity in cats

Agata, H.; Kondo, N.; Fukutomi, O.; Orii, T., 1988:
Participation of cell mediated immunity in non immediate type hen's egg allergy

Morgan M.S.; Darrow R.M.; Nafz M.A.; Varandani P.T., 1985:
Participation of cellular thiol disulfide groups in the uptake degradation and bioactivity of insulin in primary cultures of rat hepatocytes

Plech A.; Franczak T.; Herman Z.S., 1982:
Participation of central adrenergic and cholinergic neurons in the development of the behavioral despair test in rats

Koyama S., 1984:
Participation of central alpha receptors on hemodynamic response to escherichia coli endotoxin

Ribas B.; Brenes M.A.; D.P.scual F.J.; Del Rio J.; Lobato Rodrigues N., 1986:
Participation of cerebral metallothionein in iron deficient anemia of the rat

Lagutin, A.V., 1977:
Participation of certain regions of the brain stem in acute brain prolabination

Mizoguchi Y.; Sakagami Y.; Tsutsui H.; Monna T.; Ymamoto S.; Morisawa S., 1983:
Participation of cholestatic factor in the pathogenesis of intra hepatic cholestasis in acute viral hepatitis

Sapronov, N.S.; Khnychenko, L.K., 1978:
Participation of cholinergic and adrenergic hypothalamic systems in the regulation of the adreno corticotropic function of the hypophysis

D.R.cha M.J.A.; Franci C.R.; Antunes Rodrigues J., 1985:
Participation of cholinergic and adrenergic synapses of the medial septal area in the natriuretic and kaliuretic responses to intraventricular hypertonic saline

Savina L.S.; Moskaleva G.P.; Al'perovich V.V.; Novikova T.S.; Ivanova I.V., 1980:
Participation of cholinergic factors in hemopoiesis processes

Luksha G.L.; Romanov G.A., 1984:
Participation of chromatin proteins in binding glucocorticoid receptor complexes by cell nucleus

Yajima Y., 1980:
Participation of collagenolytic enzyme activities as ovulatory enzymes in the human ovulatory process

Nekrasova K.A.; Aleksandrova I.V., 1982:
Participation of collembolans and earthworms in the organic matter of algae transformations

Ohkuma, Y.; Komano, H.; Natori, S., 1986:
Participation of common surface receptor(s) in the activation of murine macrophages by Sarcophaga lectin and wheat germ agglutinin

Begg C.B.; Carbone P.P.; Elson P.J.; Zelen M., 1982:
Participation of community hospitals in clinical trials analysis of 5 years of experience in the eastern cooperative oncology group usa

Yamamura, M.; Valdimarsson, H., 1977:
Participation of complement c 3 in intra cellular killing of candida albicans

Corrall, C.J.; Winkelstein, J.A.; Moxon, E.R., 1982:
Participation of complement in host defense against encapsulated Haemophilus influenzae types a, c, and d

Crosson, F.J.; Winkelstein, J.A.; Moxon, E.R., 1976:
Participation of complement in the nonimmune host defense against experimental Haemophilus influenzae type b septicemia and meningitis

Meirelles, M.N.; Martinez-Palomo, A.; Souto-Padron, T.; D.S.uza, W., 1983:
Participation of concanavalin A binding sites in the interaction between Trypanosoma cruzi and macrophages

Viru, A.A., 1977:
Participation of cortico steroids in the regulation of protein metabolism during physical stress

Serbenyuk T.V.; Lelekova T.V., 1987:
Participation of cyclic gmp in mechanisms of the inhibition of the lymphatic hearts in amphibians

Loginov A.S.; Goryacheva T.V., 1982:
Participation of cyclic gmp in the realization of the effect of cholecystokinin pancreozymin on the bile excreting function in human liver

Bochkin L.M.; Zak P.P.; Ostrovskii M.A., 1985:
Participation of cyclic nucleotides and calcium in control of sensitivity of photoreceptors in vertebrates

Stroev E.A.; Poznyakovskii V.M.; Krylov Y.F., 1981:
Participation of cyclic nucleotides in regulation of coenzyme a tissue pool and acetylating capacity of rat tissues

Veksler I.G.; Antonenko S.G.; Okolot E.N.; Chubinskaya S.G., 1984:
Participation of cyclic nucleotides in the formation of resistance to metastatic spreading under the influence of immunomodulators

Schwartz, A.; Orbach-Arbouys, S.; Gershon, R.K., 1976:
Participation of cyclo phosphamide sensitive thymus derived cells in graft vs host reactions

Buckley, W.T.; Milligan, L.P., 1978:
Participation of cysteine and cystine in inactivation of tyrosine amino transferase ec in rat liver homogenates

Vargas, F.; Greenbaum, L.; Costa, E., 1980:
Participation of cysteine proteinase ec in the high affinity calcium dependent binding of glutamate to hippocampal synaptic membranes

Lascelles J.; Calder K.M., 1985:
Participation of cytochromes in some oxidation reducing systems in campylobacter fetus

Chernyad'ev I.I.; Doman N.G.; Khvoika L.; Freidrikh A., 1985:
Participation of cytokinins in photosynthesis regulation

Kutseva L.S.; Areshkina L.Ya; Bazdyreva N.M.; Skorobogatova E.P.; Dmitrovskii A.A., 1986:
Participation of d homoserine in the microbiological synthesis of lysine

Grigoryan S.V.; Baklavadzhyan O.G.; Khimonidi R.K., 1984:
Participation of different groups of the depressor nerve afferent fibers in the regulation of arterial pressure

Saakyan Z.D.; Oganesyan V.S., 1982:
Participation of different modulators in the regulation of rat kidney mitochondrial glutaminase activity and role of thyroid hormones in this process

Kolev, V.M.; Zhelev, R.I., 1975:
Participation of different root tiers in supplying corn with phosphorus

Fossati, C.A.; Spitz, M., 1981:
Participation of diffusible products in the in vivo immune primary response to red blood cells

Zimmermann W.; Weissbach A., 1981:
Participation of dna polymerase alpha in amplification of ribosomal dna in xenopus laevis

Shapovalova K.B.; Yakunin I.V.; Boiko M.I., 1984:
Participation of dogs caudate nucleus head in the mechanisms of conditioned posture reorganization

Koryakina L.A., 1979:
Participation of dopamine in the thermo regulation in susliks during withdrawal from hypo thermia

Spiridonov, V.K., 1976:
Participation of dopaminergic structures of rat brain in the reproduction of conditional passive avoidance response

Garrido J.J.; Dorado G.; Barbancho M., 1988:
Participation of drosophila melanogaster alcohol dehydrogenase adh in the detoxification of 1 penten 3 ol and 1 penten 3 one

Omarova A.S.; Okusheva Z.B., 1982:
Participation of duck lymphatic system in the osmo regulating reflex

Vinogradova I.M., 1981:
Participation of electrogenic ion transport in maintaining frog rana temporaria ranvier nodal membrane potential

Berger V.Ya; Lavrova E.A.; Natochin Y.V.; Shakhmatova E.I.; Yakovleva M.F., 1984:
Participation of electrolytes and amino acids in the adaptation of adductor cells of the blue mussel to altering salinity

Smirnova E.A.; Vartsok R., 1980:
Participation of endocrine cells in the formation of lung tumors

Trimarco, B.; Ricciardelli, B.;, N.; D.S.mone, A.; Cuocolo, A.; Galva, M.D.; Picotti, G.B.; Condorelli, M., 1985:
Participation of endogenous catecholamines in the regulation of left ventricular mass in progeny of hypertensive parents

Malaisse W.J.; Malaisse Lagae F.; Sener A.; Hellerstrom C., 1985:
Participation of endogenous fatty acids in the secretory activity of the pancreatic beta cell

Takamatsu S.; Mizuno S.; Kawamura Y.; Osanai I.; Satoh K.; Akitaya H.; Shoji B.; Yokouchi H.; Mikami Y.; E.A., 1985:
Participation of erythrocyte membrane protein in impairment of erythrocyte deformability detected in cerebral infarction

Bilyts'ka, H.O.; Musiyenko, L.P., 1977:
Participation of erythrocytes in hemo coagulation and fibrinolysis in healthy people

Garnovskaya M.N.; Dumler I.L., 1984:
Participation of estradiol receptor in hormonal inhibition of phosphodiesterase activity in cyclic nucleotides of uterine tissue

Abe T.; Kida H.; Yoshimura M.; Yokoyama H.; Koshino Y.; Tomosugi N.; Hattori N., 1986:
Participation of extracapillary lesions in progression of immunoglobulin a nephropathy

Puerta-Fonolla, A.J.; Blanquer, R.R., 1977:
Participation of extracardiac tissue in the embryogenesis of the human heart

Amat, Y.L.on, F.; Wyndham, C.; Wu, D.; Denes, P.; Dhingra, R.C.; Rosen, K.M., 1977:
Participation of fast and slow atrio ventricular nodal pathways in tachy cardias complicating the wolff parkinson white syndrome report of a case

Stastny J.; Mezes V., 1979:
Participation of fatty acids in myelin cerebrosides and sphingomyelins in experimental allergic encephalo myelitis

Stastny, J.; Mezes, V., 1978:
Participation of fatty acids in myelin lipids in experimental allergic encephalo myelitis

Stastny, J.; Mezes, V., 1977:
Participation of fatty acids in the phospho lipids of the central nervous system tissue in experimental allergic encephalo myelitis

Kazakova A.A.; Kiselev B.A.; Gins V.K.; Mukhin E.N., 1981:
Participation of ferredoxin reaction center in its electrochemical reduction

Shekhonin B.V.; Domogatsky S.P.; Idelson G.L.; Koteliansky V.E., 1988:
Participation of fibronectin and various collagen types in the formation of fibrous extracellular matrix in cardiosclerosis

Vinogradov, A.G.; Alksnis, E.G.; Popov, A.V.; Nagornev, V.A.; Kuznetsov, A.S.; Andreeva, L.I., 1976:
Participation of foam cells in lipo protein transformations within the vascular wall

Slezakova O.; Hajek J.; Brozman B.; Schniererova E., 1980:
Participation of foodstuffs in energy expenditure of dogs during electric stimulation in anesthesia

Kornyushenko, N.P.; Zryakov, O.M., 1977:
Participation of gamma amino butyric acid and acetyl choline in the regulation of the lactotropic function of the rat adeno hypophysis

Kovalev, G.V.; Morozov, I.S.; Petrov, V.I., 1976:
Participation of gamma amino butyric acid and glycine in the formation of somato sympathetic reflexes

Ostrovskaya R.U.; Molodavkin G.M., 1980:
Participation of gamma amino butyric acid ergic structures in realization of haloperidol effects

Molodavkin G.M.; Kampov Polevoi A.B.; Nikitina L.N., 1986:
Participation of gamma aminobutyric acid in the mediation of ethanol effects in rats with varying predisposition to experimental alcoholism development

Mishunina T.M.; Kononenko V.Ya; Luchitskii E.V., 1985:
Participation of gamma aminobutyric acid in the regulation of corticotropin secretion in rats

Savanyewski M.K.; Pyatrow U.I.; Petruchuk T.A., 1980:
Participation of ganglia of the celiac and caudal mesenteric plexus in the regulation of colonic motor activity

Wiley, J.; Tatum, D.; Keinath, R.; Chung, O.Y., 1988:
Participation of gastric mechanoreceptors and intestinal chemoreceptors in the gastrocolonic response

Tkachenko V.P.; Tkachenko T.G., 1981:
Participation of gene rad 54 in the repair of dna damages induced by gamma rays in cells of saccharomyces cerevisiae

Izvorska N.; Lilov D., 1981:
Participation of gibberellic acid in the induction of morphogenesis on tissues isolated from various grapevine organs

Batish S.; Maglani S.S., 1987:
Participation of girl students in home making activities

Sutkovoi D.A., 1982:
Participation of gluco corticoids and insulin in changes of energy metabolism in spleen of irradiated rats

Viru A.A.; Smirnova T.A.; Seene T.P.; Tomson K.E.; Eller A.K., 1979:
Participation of gluco corticoids in development and maintenance of working capacity

Ubiivovk V.M.; Bystrykh L.V.; Trotsenko Y.A., 1983:
Participation of glutathione in the regulation of methanol metabolism in yeast candida boidinii

Czernicki, J., 1983:
Participation of granulocytes in in vitro regulation of suppressor cell activity

Rudnicki, T.; Słonińska, B., 1979:
Participation of granulosa cell populations in radiation response of the follicular apparatus in the ovary of mice

Gamezo, N.V., 1978:
Participation of guanosine nucleotides of brain tissue in response to irradiation

Klein, J.; Chiang, C.; Lofgreen, J.; Steinmuller, D., 1976:
Participation of h 2 histo compatibility regions in heart transplant rejection

Holan, V.; Chutna, J.; Hasek, M., 1978:
Participation of h 2 regions in neo natally induced transplantation tolerance

Goldberg, M.A.; Husson, M.A.; Bunn, H.F., 1977:
Participation of hemo globin a and hemo globin f in polymerization of sickle hemo globin

Cheetham R.C.; Huehns E.R.; Rosemeyer M.A., 1979:
Participation of hemo globins a f a 2 and c in polymerization of hemo globin s

Kozlov V.A.; Gromykhina N.Yu, 1979:
Participation of hemopoietic cells in the process of immune response formation

Ilyaletdinov, A.N.; Enker, P.B.; Yakubovskii, S.E., 1976:
Participation of heterotrophic microorganisms in the purification of drainage water from heavy metal ions

Gavrovskaya L.K.; Agranovskaya I.Yu, 1979:
Participation of histamine h 2 receptors in the mechanism of development of rat experimental gastric ulcers induced by various stress irritations

El'skii, V.N., 1976:
Participation of histamine in the activation of the hypothalamo hypophyseal adrenal system under stress

Endo M., 1986:
Participation of histamines and the adrenergic nervous system in insulin release from the pancreas

Tazuya, K.; Morisaki, M.; Yamada, K.; Kumaoka, H., 1988:
Participation of histidine in biosynthesis of the pyrimidine moiety of thiamin in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Kamai, Y., 1979:
Participation of host factors on the effects of anti cancer drugs 1. changes in immunological activities during tumor chemo therapy with reference to tumor progression and regression

Kamai, Y., 1979:
Participation of host factors on the effects of anti cancer drugs 2. influence of bcg on the effects of cyclo phosphamide on tumor growth and the cellular immune response in rats

Joshi A.; Siddiqui J.Z.; Verma M.; Chakravorty M., 1982:
Participation of host proteins in the morphogenesis of bacterio phage p 22

Tanaka K.; Otsubo T.; Kondo N., 1982:
Participation of hydrogen per oxide in the inactivation of calvin cycle sulfhydride enzymes in sulfur di oxide fumigated spinach spinacia oleracea cultivar new asia

Velikaya, R.R.; Il'in, V.N., 1977:
Participation of hypothalamic formations in the regulation of neuronal activity in the rabbit optic cortex

Stetsenko M.A.; Moshkov E.A., 1984:
Participation of hypothalamic nonapeptides in the regulation of the thyroid gland function in duck embryos

Kosenko A.F.; Gushinets G.P.; Kozhevnikova L.A., 1983:
Participation of hypothalamus and supraoptico hypophyseal neuro secretory system in gastric insulin stimulated secretion regulation

Novykov, B.H.; Harmatina, S.M., 1978:
Participation of hypothalamus hypophysis thyroid gland system in induced molting of hens

Tureková, L.; Juráni, M., 1978:
Participation of hypothalamus in the response of interrenal tissue to stress of frog Rana ridibunda

Shulyakovskaya T.A., 1981:
Participation of iaa in regulation of growth processes in pinus sylvestris shoots

Balaban, P.M.; Litvinov, E.G., 1975:
Participation of identified neurons in an unconditioned reflex in the edible snail

Mistrik I.; Holobrada M., 1983:
Participation of individual maize zea mays root types in phosphate uptake and transport

Gendenshtein E.I.; Sernov L.N.; Alferov V.F., 1982 :
Participation of inflammation mediators in the genesis of hyper sensitivity to strophanthin in some types of experimental myo cardial pathology

Shul'gina, G.I., 1987:
Participation of inhibitory brain systems in learning

Fonyo A.; Lukacs G.; Ligeti E., 1981:
Participation of inorganic phosphate in the chemi osmotic mechanism of mitochondria energy transduction

Musienko, L.P., 1978:
Participation of intact erythrocytes in the processes of hemo coagulation and fibrinolysis in healthy humans

Kuroda, Y., 1975:
Participation of inter cellular materials in enhancing aggregation of embryonic quail liver cells

Nitta T.; Konno Ejiri H.; Nemoto K.; Okumura S.; Ozawa A.; Nakano M., 1986:
Participation of interleukins in synergistic effect of butanol extracted water soluble adjuvant on concanavalin a induced dna synthesis in mouse splenic lymphocytes

Pityk, N.I., 1977:
Participation of interoceptive afferent excitations in the processes of sensory integration on cat visual cortical neurons

Pityk, N.I., 1978:
Participation of interoceptive afferent signals in the multi modal responses of the cat superior colliculus neurons

Niimura T.; Otani C.; Yamaha T., 1986:
Participation of intestinal bacteria in metabolism metabolism of propyl gallate by the intestinal bacteria in the rat

Sapronova A.Ya, 1987:
Participation of intestinal hormones in the development of the reactivity to glucose in the pancreas of rat fetuses

Soyfer, V.N.; Titov, Y.B., 1979:
Participation of intra cellular enzymes in the control of mutational processes 4. role of uv specific endo nuclease and medium composition in the induction of genic mutations in escherichia coli

Fizel A.; Turcani M.; Fizelova A.; Krizko J.; Diveky L.; Maasova D., 1981:
Participation of intra cellular membrane systems of the myo cardium in the development of cardiac hypertrophy

White, E.J.; Bradford, H.F., 1986:
Participation of intracellular sites in the action of calcium channel blockers

Osipov A.N.; Savov V.M.; Zubarev V.E.; Azizova O.A.; Vladimirov Y.A., 1981:
Participation of iron in the formation of hydroxyl radicals in generating super oxide anion radical

Shavlovskii G.M.; Fedorovich D.V.; Babyak L.Ya, 1987:
Participation of iron in the regulation of formate dehydrogenase synthesis in yeast

Barclay R.; Ratledge C., 1986:
Participation of iron on the growth inhibition of pathogenic strains of mycobacterium avium and mycobacterium paratuberculosis in serum

Hecht, S.M., 1977:
Participation of isomeric transfer rna in the partial reactions of protein biosynthesis

Kazaryan V.O.; Balagezyan N.V.; Gabrielyan G.G., 1981:
Participation of kinetin in the regulation of sunflower trophic activity

Scherer, G.; Weis, W., 1978:
Participation of l ascorbate ferri cytochrome b 5 oxido reductase ec in ascorbate dependent fatty acid desaturation of rat liver microsomes

Owens T.; Fazekas D.S.G.oth B., 1987:
Participation of l3t4 in t cell activation in the absence of class ii major histocompatibility complex antigens inhibition by anti l3t4 antibodies is a function both of epitope density and mode of presentation of anti receptor antibody

Higuchi M.; Suga M.; Iwai K., 1983:
Participation of lectin in biological effects of raw winged bean psophocarpus tetragonolobus seeds on rats

Bernhard Reversat F., 1981:
Participation of light and organo mineral fractions of soil organic matter in nitrogen mineralization in a sahelian savanna soil

Petrukhin Y.A., 1986:
Participation of light in nonphotosynthetic gas exchange in plants

Borunov E.V.; Ivanov V.V.; Shchepetkin I.V., 1986:
Participation of lipid peroxidation in complement dependent hemolysis

Yuda, Y.; Tanaka, J.; Hirano, F.; Kitagawa, H., 1988:
Participation of lipid peroxidation in rat pertussis vaccine pleurisy. I. Thiobarbituric acid (TBA) reactant and ceruloplasmin

Yuda, Y.; Tanaka, J.; Hirano, F.; Kitagawa, H., 1988:
Participation of lipid peroxides in rat pertussis vaccine pleurisy ii. leukocytes and related enzymes

Dmitriev L.F.; Davletshina L.N.; Belevich N.P.; Ivanov I.I., 1984:
Participation of lipid radicals in electron transfer and energy transformation

Skorokhod, V.I., 1977:
Participation of lipids in the molecular organization of biological membranes and the productivity of animals

Saakyan I.R.; Karapetyan T.D., 1981:
Participation of liver mitochondria in adaptational reactions of the body during heart transplantation in rats

Ochalek T.; Radzioch D.; Gorka M.; Bolek A.; Porwit Bobr Z., 1985:
Participation of lymph node lymphocytes in delayed hypersensitivity reactions of cba mice to influenza virus and its purified ha subunit

Farrar W.L.; Mizel S.B.; Farrar J.J., 1980:
Participation of lymphocyte activating factor interleukin 1 in the induction of cyto toxic thymus derived cell responses

Gol'dberg E.D.; Dygai A.M., 1982:
Participation of lymphocytes in hemopoiesis regeneration under local irradiation of the body

Komatsubara, S.; Kisumi, M.; Chibata, I., 1979:
Participation of lysine sensitive asparto kinase ec in threonine production by s 2 aminoethyl cysteine resistant mutants of serratia marcescens

Mayanskaya N.N.; Panin L.E.; Filatova T.G., 1984:
Participation of lysosomes in the recovery of the liver after physical exercises

Pikulev, A.T.; Khripchenko, I.P.; Kovaleva, G.V., 1978:
Participation of m choline receptors in the average effect of ionizing radiation on the level of pyridoxal coenzymes in rat tissues

Freidlin I.S.; Kravtsov V.D.; Zaritskii A.Yu; Tsveibakh A.S., 1981:
Participation of macrophage derived products in regulation of monocytopoiesis

Yamaguchi T.; Kuroda Y.; Yokoyama T.; Saito M.; Ebina T.; Hoshino F.; Ishida N., 1984:
Participation of macrophages in enhanced in vitro immune interferon production with mouse spleen cells

Shanin S.S.; Zastrozhnova N.N.; Lyashenko V.A., 1986:
Participation of macrophages in polyclonal and specific response to in vitro t independent antigen

Semenov E.V.; Krylov S.S., 1979:
Participation of magnesium ii and calcium ii and corresponding atpase in presynaptic effect of amizil and arecoline

Russell, S.D., 1980:
Participation of Male Cytoplasm During Gamete Fusion in an Angiosperm, Plumbago zeylanica

Peskov B.Ya; Kvetnoi I.M.; Kul'chitskii V.A.; Nurmatov A.A., 1982:
Participation of medulla oblongata chemo sensitive structures in arterial pressure control and their inclusion in the apud amine precursor uptake and decarboxylation system

Reyes, A.; Mercado, E.; Goicoechea, B.; Rosado, A., 1976:
Participation of membrane sulfhydryl groups in the epididymal maturation of human and rabbit spermatozoa

Shliafer, T.P., 1978:
Participation of mesencephalic structures in the formation of vocal reactions in guinea pigs

Shliafer, T.P.; Madvedeva, M.V., 1975:
Participation of mesencephalic structures in vocal reactions

Boichenko E.A.; Udel'nova T.M., 1982:
Participation of metallo flavo proteins in the evolution of autotrophic carbon di oxide assimilation

Antoshkina N.V.; Vorob'eva L.I.; Iordan E.P., 1979:
Participation of methyl cobalamin in methylation of dna from propionibacterium shermanii

Anan'eva, N.D.; Nikitin, D.I., 1977 :
Participation of micro flora in fixation of soil carbon di oxide

Shakhnubaryan S.T.; Sarukhanyan S.G., 1981:
Participation of microorganisms in metal leaching processes at kafan and kadzharan deposits armenian ssr ussr

Grodzinskaya K.P.; Mandrovskaya N.M.; Milov M.A., 1982:
Participation of microorganisms in potassium release from volcanic rocks and its uptake by plants

Ilyaletdinov, A.N.; Enker, P.B.; Vlasova, Z.G., 1977:
Participation of microorganisms in the purification of sewage from cyanides

Storozhuk V.M.; Kovtun S.F., 1983:
Participation of mid brain peri aqueductal gray matter in defense conditioned reflex of cats

Tat'yanenko, L.V.; Raikhman, L.M.; Verevkina, I.V.; Vasyukova, N.V., 1978:
Participation of mono amine oxidase type b in regulation of calcium magnesium dependent atpase from sarcoplasmic reticulum

Romanova G.A.; Vekshina N.L.; Sovetov A.N., 1980:
Participation of mono amines in recovery reactions of central nervous system in experimental injury to rat fore brain cortex

Vorob'ev V.V.; Gromova E.A., 1982:
Participation of mono amines in the mechanisms of hypothalamic control of cortical trace processes in rats

Shchelkunob E.L.; Andreeva O.G.; Korovin K.F.; Ostroumova M.N., 1980:
Participation of mouse noradrenergic neurons in the hypo thermic effect of apo morphine and other dopaminomimetics

Blyakher, M.S., 1976:
Participation of mouse thymus derived and bone marrow derived lymphocytes in the graft vs host reaction

Martynova E.R.; Medvedev O.S., 1986:
Participation of mu opiate and delta opiate receptors in the realization of vegetative responses to opioid peptides

Makinodan Y.; Kitagawa T.; Toyohara H.; Shimizu Y., 1987:
Participation of muscle alkaline proteinase in himodori of kamaboko

Rokotova, N.A.; Zalkind, V.I., 1978:
Participation of muscle spindles in the mechanism of peripheral inhibition

Shveistite, A.I., 1986:
Participation of neuroactive substances in the mechanism of action of testosterone on the social behavior of cockerels 1. noradrenergic activity

Shveistite, A.I., 1986:
Participation of neuroactive substances in the mechanism of the effect of testosterone on the social behavior of cockerels 2. dopaminergic activity

Kogan, A.B.; Kuraev, G.A.; Rovda, L.N.; Sorokoletova, L.G., 1978:
Participation of neurons in symmetrical parts of the sensori motor cortex in conditioned reflex activity

Soboleva I.V., 1983:
Participation of neurons of associative cerebral cortex in formation of a conditioned defensive reflex

Yanvareva I.N.; Kuz'mina T.R.; Verbianova O.M., 1984:
Participation of neurons of different hypothalamic areas in the body response to hypoxia

Gulyakova L.A., 1987:
Participation of neurons of the associative parietal and somatosensory cortical areas of the cat brain in the formation and realization of the delayed conditioned response

Andrianov V.V., 1986:
Participation of neurotransmitters in neuronal mechanisms associated with attention and with the perception of visual information in the food procuring behavior of cats

Lebedeva, E.V.; Lyalikova, N.N.; Bugel'skii-Yu-Yu, 1978:
Participation of nitrifying bacteria in weathering of serpentinized ultrabasites

Dunning, D.J.; Hadley, W.F., 1978:
Participation of nonlicensed anglers in recreational fisheries erie county new york

Meiren, D.V.; Urbanovich, E.L.; Sniedze, T.N.; Khagi-Kh, B.; Gilev, A.P., 1977:
Participation of nonspecific oxidases of rat liver microsomes in the degradation of n 1 furanidyl pyrimidines

Tolochko Z.S., 1981:
Participation of noradrenergic structures of the hypothalamus in reproduction of conditioned passive avoidance reaction

Egorova V.A.; Belyazo O.E.; Blinov M.N., 1984:
Participation of oligonucleotides of human platelets in blood coagulation

Inoki, R.; Oka, M.; Maeda, S.; Iwatsubo, K., 1986:
Participation of opiate and serotonergic systems in brain conditioning stimulatory inhibition of the potentials evoked by tooth pulp stimulation in the pars caudalis of the trigeminal sensory nucleus of the rat

Cohen E.; Arad S.; Heimer Y.M.; Mizrahi Y., 1982:
Participation of ornithine decarboxylase in early stages of tomato lycopersicon esculentum cultivar pearson ms 35 fruit development

Rodionov, V.S., 1978:
Participation of ortho phosphate and acetate in biosynthesis of phospho lipids in potato leaves

Muratov N.I.; Pavlishchuk A.V.; Sergeev M.M., 1985:
Participation of otorhinolaryngologists in the general prophylactic medical examination of farmers

Ohta T., 1982:
Participation of overlying layers in determining the shape of melanophores on oryzias latipes scales

Katagiri C.; Iwao Y.; Yoshizaki N., 1982:
Participation of oviducal pars recta secretions in inducing the acrosome reaction and release of vitelline coat lysin in fertilizing toad bufo bufo japonicus sperm

Luganskaya, A.N.; Krasnovskii, A.A., 1975:
Participation of oxygen in chlorophyll photo sensitized reduction of methyl viologen in detergent aqueous solution

Takeda K.; Narashima F.; Nonaka S., 1980:
Participation of p coumaroyl glucose residue of awobanin in the synthesis of the complex molecule of commelinin

Szymczyk, T.; Sadurska, B., 1978:
Participation of pancreatic hormones in the regulation of udp glucose pyro phosphorylase activity in the sublingual and submandibular salivary glands and liver in the rat

Filatov A.V., 1985:
Participation of peptide mechanisms in physiological responses of the cardiovascular system to hypoxia

Tojo M.; Shibata N.; Mikami T.; Suzuki M.; Suzuki S., 1987:
Participation of peptide moieties in adhesive behavior of antigenic mannans of candida albicans to the plastic microtiter plate in elisa

Calmes J.; Naudy M.; Viala G., 1984:
Participation of peptides in foliar storage of soybean glycine max nitrogen compounds

Sudakov S.K., 1985:
Participation of peptides in processes of realization of feeding motivation in rabbits

Savov V.M.; Kagan V.E.; Prilipko L.L., 1980:
Participation of per oxidative radicals and active oxygen forms in per oxidation of lipids from microsomal membranes induced by organic hydro per oxides

Gedevanishvili D.M.; Vepkhvadze G.L., 1979:
Participation of peripheral nerves in the formation of extended action potentials

Shutov A.D.; Polo R.E., 1983:
Participation of phenyl alanine p nitro anilidase in the degradation of reserve proteins of germinating vetch seeds

Kagan, V.E.; Shvedova, A.A.; Novikov, K.N., 1978:
Participation of phospho lipases in repair of photo receptor membranes subjected to lipid per oxidation

Fluegge U.I.; Stitt M.; Freisl M.; Heldt H.W., 1982:
Participation of phospho ribulo kinase in the light regulation of carbon di oxide fixation

Zotov V.A.; Vinogradova N.B., 1979:
Participation of photo sensitive elements in the mechanism of biological clocks

Ladygin V.G.; Shirshikova G.N., 1987:
Participation of photosystem i in the light induced conversion of violaxanthin to zeaxanthin

Mende D.; Wiessner W., 1983:
Participation of photosystem ii in regulation of photosynthetic electron transport in the green alga chlamydobotrys stellata

Nesterenko, V.G.; Koval'chuk, L.V., 1976:
Participation of phyto hem agglutinin transformed mouse lymphocytes in the realization of the graft vs host reaction

Hammans, J.W.K.; Rabou, L.P.L.M.; Pietersen, H.Q., 1976:
Participation of pigment complexes in uptake and incorporation of mercury ions by anacystis nidulans

Eshdat Y.; Speth V.; Jann K., 1981:
Participation of pili and cell wall adhesin in the yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae agglutination activity of escherichia coli

Halonen M.; Lohman I.C.; Dunn A.M.; Mcmanus L.M.; Palmer J.D., 1985:
Participation of platelets in the physiologic alterations of the acetylglyceryl ether phosphorylcholine response and of immunoglobulin e anaphylaxis in the rabbit effects of prostaglandin i 2 inhibition of platelet function

Ikenami M.; Yamazaki M., 1985:
Participation of polymorphonuclear leukocyte derived factor in murine tumor cell killing

Il'yashuk, E.M., 1977:
Participation of potassium in light induced movements of stomata in sugar beets

Pirogov A.A.; Kozlov A.P.; Shabaev V.V., 1986:
Participation of prefrontal neurons in the organization of successive inhibition and disinhibition of conditioned reflexes in dogs

Smetanin B.N.; Kudinova M.P.; Shlykov V.Yu, 1982:
Participation of proprioceptive afferentation in maintaining the balance of unstable mechanical system

Imagawa, J.; Miyauchi, T.; Satoh, S., 1985:
Participation of prostaglandin and adrenergic nervous system in renin release induced by changes in renal arterial pressure in rats

Koscielak, M.; Moniuszko-Jakoniuk, J.; Wisniewski, K., 1980:
Participation of prostaglandins in the action of kinins on the central dopaminergic system in the rat 1. the action of kinins on the central dopaminergic system after pre treatment with indomethacin

Koscielak, M.; Moniuszko-Jakoniuk, J.; Wisniewski, K., 1980:
Participation of prostaglandins in the action of kinins on the central dopaminergic system in the rat 2. participation of prostaglandin f 2 alpha in the action of kinins on the central dopaminergic system

Koscielak, M.; Moniuszko-Jakoniuk, J.; Wisniewski, K., 1980:
Participation of prostaglandins in the action of kinins on the central dopaminergic system in the rat 3. participation of prostaglandin e 1 in the action of kinins on the central dopaminergic system

Koscielak, M.; Moniuszko-Jakoniuk, J.; Wisniewski, K., 1980:
Participation of prostaglandins in the action of kinins on the central dopaminergic system in the rat 4. participation of prostaglandin e 2 in the action of brady kinin and kallikrein on the central dopaminergic system

Kosovskii M.I., 1987:
Participation of prostaglandins in the activation of sugar transport in the rat diaphragm

Mirzoyan, S.A.; Boroyan, R.G.; Oganesyan, S.S.; Barinyan, S.B.; Davtyan ; Zh, S., 1978:
Participation of prostaglandins in the regulation of catecholamine absorption by the myo cardium

Pontremoli, S.; Melloni, E.; Sparatore, B.; Salamino, F.; Michetti, M.; Sacco, O., 1986:
Participation of protein kinase C in the activation of human neutrophils by phorbol ester

Filippenko, L.N., 1977:
Participation of pulmonary macrophages in the regulation of surfactant level on the alveolar surface

Tagawa M.; Yamagata H.; Udaka S., 1980:
Participation of pure gene in exo protein accumulation by a protein leaky mutant of escherichia coli

Komov V.P.; Firsova V.I.; Vennikas O.R.; Sinakevich N.V., 1985:
Participation of pyridine nucleotide cofactors in the reaction of microsomal n demethylation in malignancy and health

Chen, H.I.; Lin, J.D.; Liao, J.F., 1981:
Participation of regional sympathetic outflows in the centrogenic pulmonary pathology

Sergievskii M.V., 1983:
Participation of reticular neurons of the medulla oblongata in respiratory act organization

Tripathi, N.N.; Grover, R.K., 1978:
Participation of root exudates of susceptible and resistant plants in pathogenesis of diseases caused by pythium butleri

Komano, H.; Natori, S., 1985:
Participation of Sarcophaga peregrina humoral lectin in the lysis of sheep red blood cells injected into the abdominal cavity of larvae

Gurfinkel' V.S.; El'ner A.M., 1988:
Participation of secondary motor area of the frontal lobe in organization of postural components of voluntary movements in man

Aho W.R., 1979:
Participation of senior citizens in the swine influenza inoculation program an analysis of health belief model variables in preventive health behavior

Antonenko, V.T.; Tymchenko, A.S.; Bachyns'ka, L.Y., 1976:
Participation of sensitized and anti lymphocytic serum resistant lymphocytes of lymph organs in the formation of transplantation immunity

Raulino-Filho, M.; Leme, J.G., 1977:
Participation of sensory nervous structures in the development of inflammatory reactions

Wiley, J.; Owyang, C., 1987:
Participation of serotonin and substance P in the action of cholecystokinin on colonic motility

Kruszewska, A., 1980:
Participation of serotonin in development of morphine dependence in mice and rats

Hery, M.; Laplante, E.; Kordon, C., 1976:
Participation of serotonin in the phasic release of luteinizing hormone part 1 evidence from pharmacological experiments

Hery, M.; Laplante, E.; Kordon, C., 1978:
Participation of serotonin in the phasic release of luteinizing hormone part 2 effects of lesions of serotonin containing pathways in the central nervous system

Jordan, D.; Poncet, C.; Mornex, R.; Ponsin, G., 1978:
Participation of serotonin in thyrotropin release part 1 evidence for the action of serotonin on thyrotropin releasing hormone release

Naumenko, E.V.; Shishkina, G.T., 1977:
Participation of serotonin receptors of the brain in the negative feedback mechanisms of the hypothalamus hypophysis testes system

Petkov V.; Markovska V., 1984:
Participation of serotoninergic gamma aminobutyric acid ergic and opiate mechanisms in the genesis of amphetamine stereotypy

Popova N.K.; Lobacheva I.I., 1981:
Participation of serotoninergic system of the brain in the formation of stress reactivity of the hypophyseal suprarenal complex

Baranova, L.A.; Volotovskiĭ, I.D., 1978:
Participation of singlet and triplet states of tryptophanyls in protein inactivation

Mary-Rabine, L.; Hoffman, B.F.; Rosen, M.R., 1979:
Participation of slow inward current in the Purkinje fiber action potential overshoot

Gal'perin Y.M.; Alimova E.K.; Baklykova N.M.; Astvatsatur'yan A.T.; Kostromitina L.I., 1979:
Participation of small intestine in interstitial lipid metabolism

Bonev A.; Boev K., 1983:
Participation of sodium in the excitation contraction coupling of the phasic and tonic contractions in stomach smooth muscles

Striganova, B.R.; Valiachmedov, B.V., 1976:
Participation of soil saprophaga in the leaf litter decomposition in pistachio stands

Pronina, N.B.; Makarov, A.D.; Stakhov, L.F.; Kholodenko, N.Y. ; Kalachnikov-Yu, E.; Belonog, N.P., 1976:
Participation of some low molecular weight cofactors in photo phosphorylation

Matyushkin D.P.; Drabkina T.M.; Shabunova I.A., 1986:
Participation of some muscle metabolites in the antidromic regulation of transmitter release from the motor nerve ending

Parsadanyan, G.K.; Alkanyan, I.G.; Ter-Tatevosyan, L.P., 1977:
Participation of some nucleotides in the regulation of phospho protein phosphatase ec activity in the rat and chicken myo cardium

Korotkova G.P.; Ermolina N.O., 1986:
Participation of specialized amoebocytes in the sexual embryogenesis of the white sea sponge halisarca dujardini

Gagner, J.P.; Gauthier, S.; Sourkes, T.L., 1983:
Participation of spinal mono aminergic and cholinergic systems in the regulation of adrenal tyrosine hydroxylase ec

Xie, C.W.; Du, X.L.; Tang, J.; Han, J.S., 1985:
Participation of spinal norepinephrine in morphine analgesia in rats

Gavey K.L.; Noland B.J.; Scallen T.J., 1981:
Participation of sterol carrier protein 2 in the conversion of cholesterol to cholesterol ester by rat liver microsomes

Danilenko V.N.; Puzynina G.G.; Kaluzhskii V.E.; Sladkova I.A.; Lomovskaya N.D., 1980:
Participation of streptomyces coelicolor a 32 plasmid scp 2 in the genetic exchange and synthesis of diffusible inhibitor

Gurevichk A.I.; Babii N.I., 1987:
Participation of structural elements of col e i related plasmids in replication control

Smirnova, V.M.; Shandurina, A.N., 1975:
Participation of subcortical formations in the cerebral organization of speech and body schema and in mechanisms of functional asymmetry of the brain

Wang L H.; Stacey D.W., 1982:
Participation of subgenomic retroviral messenger rna species in recombination

Finnerty E.P.; Chan S.H.H., 1981:
Participation of substantia nigra zona compacta and zona reticulata neurons in morphine suppression of caudate spontaneous neuronal activities in the rat

Ilialetdinov, A.N.; Enker, P.B.; Loginova, L.V., 1977:
Participation of sulfate reducing bacteria in copper precipitation

Krupa, Z.; Baszynski, T., 1977:
Participation of sulfoquinovosyldiacyl glycerol in the reconstitution of photosystem i activity of heptane extracted chloroplasts

Oyanagui, Y., 1976:
Participation of super oxide anions at the prostaglandin phase of carrageenan foot edema

Inouye, B.; Ikeda, M.; Ishida, T.; Ogata, G.; Akiyama, J.; Utsumi, K., 1978:
Participation of super oxide free radical and manganese ion in sulfite oxidation

Aono, K.; Yamamoto, M.; Iida, S.; Utsumi, K., 1978:
Participation of super oxide generating system super oxide dis mutase and vitamin e in radiation hazards

Broder S.; Mann D.L.; Waldmann T.A., 1980:
Participation of suppressor thymus derived cells in the immuno suppressive activity of a hetero anti serum to human ia like antigens p 23 30

Nikol'skaya, M.G.; Samonina, G.E.; Udel'nov, M.G., 1975:
Participation of sympathetic innervation of the heart in the occurrence of vagotomic and atropine tachy cardia in anesthetized dogs

Druzhinina T.N.; Pankrushina A.N.; Shibaev V.N., 1982:
Participation of synthetic moraprenyl pyro phosphate sugars in biosynthesis of lipid oligo saccharides and glyco proteins in membrane preparation from red clover seedlings

Kumano Y.; Yamamoto M.; Iwasaki M.; Ishibashi T.; Inomata H.; Mori R., 1988:
Participation of t lymphocytes in corneal edema in the early stage of herpetic stromal keratitis

Arias Negrete S.; Calderon J., 1980:
Participation of t lymphocytes in the immune response against entamoeba histolytica in hamsters mesocricetus auratus

Dozmorov I.M.; Lutsenko G.V.; Nikolaeva I.S., 1986:
Participation of t lymphocytes with varying electrophoretic mobility in the inactivation of allogeneic stem cells

Koledin D.; Ribarac Stepic N.; Stankovic J., 1981 :
Participation of tetrodontophora bielanensis collembola insecta in decomposition of forest litter lipid compounds

Klingberg, F.; Klingberg, H., 1982:
Participation of thalamic nuclei in the acquisition of conditioned avoidance reflexes in rats 9. lesions of the nucleus reticularis

Klingberg, F.; Klingberg, H., 1980:
Participation of thalamic nuclei in the elaboration of conditioned avoidance reflexes of rats 6. lesions of the nucleus lateralis anterior

Klingberg, F.; Klingberg, H., 1980:
Participation of thalamic nuclei in the elaboration of conditioned avoidance reflexes of rats 7. lesions of the nucleus lateralis posterior

Klingberg, F.; Klinberg, H., 1982:
Participation of thalamic nuclei in the elaboration of conditioned avoidance reflexes of rats 8. lesions of the posterior nucleus

Flaemig, R.; Klingberg, F., 1978:
Participation of thalamic nuclei in the elaboration of conditioned avoidance reflexes of rats part 4 lesions of the nucleus reuniens

Klingberg, F.; Klingberg, H., 1978:
Participation of thalamic nuclei in the elaboration of conditioned avoidance reflexes of rats part 5 lesions of the nucleus mediodorsalis

Nagibneva I.N.; Morozova T.M.; Merkulova T.I.; Protopopova M.V., 1985:
Participation of the adenylate cyclase system in the estradiol stimulated growth of rat mammary tumors

Aleksidze, N.G.; Balavadze, M.V., 1977:
Participation of the adenylate cyclase system in the inductive synthesis of acetyl cholin esterase in the brain

Strigun L.M.; Konovalova N.P., 1980:
Participation of the adrenal catecholamine system of tumor bearing rats in sarcolysine mediated effect

Arishima K.; Yamamoto M.; Eguchi Y.; Mochizuki K., 1983:
Participation of the adrenal in lung development during fetal life in rats

Debowy, J.; Wegrzyn, T.; Zieba, D.; Leroch, Z.; Gutowski, S., 1981:
Participation of the adrenergic receptors in the regulation of large bowel motor activity in sheep

Kosenko A.F.; Begeka A.D., 1979:
Participation of the adreno reactive and cholino reactive systems in the transmission of influences from the hypothalamus to heart activity

Kramer, S.; Estrugamou, M.; Taquini, A.C., 1978:
Participation of the anterior hypothalamus in the regulation of arterial blood pressure

Pukhov I.A.; Il'yuchenok R.Yu, 1980:
Participation of the auditory cortex and emotiogenic subcortical brain structures in the formation and reproduction of the conditioned reaction

Gurkalo V.K.; Zabezhinski M.A., 1982:
Participation of the autonomic nervous system in the mechanisms of chemical carcinogenesis

Sizov I.; Mitov B.; Kharalambiev K.E., 1985:
Participation of the bovine hemagglutinating corona virus in the etiology of respiratory diseases in calves

Allikmets, L.K. ; Zharkovskii, A.M., 1975:
Participation of the brain serotoninergic system in regulating emotional reactivity

Bianki V.L.; Shurgai G.G.; Koroleva I.V., 1980:
Participation of the callosal system in signal discrimination due to noise

Sokolov, E.I.; Belova, E.V.; Mal'tseva, A.S., 1976:
Participation of the cardio vascular system in the manifestation of orientation reaction in hypertension patients

Tychynin, V.A., 1977:
Participation of the carotid sinus area in the regulation of blood sugar level

Al'bertin S.V., 1985:
Participation of the caudate nucleus dopamine reactive system in regulation of instrumental conditioned reflexes of different degrees of complexity

Kachalova L.M., 1981:
Participation of the caudate nucleus globus pallidum and ventrolateral nucleus of the thalamus in selective integrations at various stages of formation of defensive behavior

Baranov V.V., 1980:
Participation of the caudato orbital subsystem in the function of transport of the learning experience

Andriesh V.N., 1981:
Participation of the celiac plexus in innervation of bronchi and pulmonary vessels

Saito, M.; Yanagisawa, K., 1978:
Participation of the cell surfaces in determining the developmental courses in the cellular slime mold dictyostelium purpureum

Beaulieu S.; D.P.olo T.; Cote J.; Barden N., 1987:
Participation of the central amygdaloid nucleus in the response of acth secretion to immobilization stress opposing roles of the noradrenergic and dopaminergic systems

Beaubaton D.; Trouche E., 1982:
Participation of the cerebellar dentate nucleus in the control of a goal directed movement in monkeys papio papio

Cunchillos J.D.; D.A.dres I., 1982:
Participation of the cerebellum in regulation of the sleep wakefulness cycle results in cerebellectomized cats

D.A.dres I.; Reinoso Suarez F., 1979:
Participation of the cerebellum in the regulation of the sleep wakefulness cycle through the superior cerebellar peduncle

Gushchin G.V.; Shkhinek E.K., 1979:
Participation of the cholinergic mechanisms in regulation of immunological processes

Beller N.N.; Busygina I.I., 1986:
Participation of the cholinergic system in the central mechanisms of the cortico limbic regulation of visceral functions

Menendez A.M.; Bertrand N.; Bianco G., 1986:
Participation of the clinical pharmacist in parenteral enteral and oral nutrition

Obsitnikova A.; Stefanovic J., 1979:
Participation of the complexes of antigen with antibody in affecting the immunological characteristics of the organism

Osadchii L.I., 1979:
Participation of the contractile activity of skeletal muscles in systemic circulatory reactions to orthostasis

Tolkunov, B.F.; Oganesyan, G.A., 1978:
Participation of the corticofugal volley in formation of somatic evoked potentials in the monkey caudate nucleus

D.K.erk Kiebert Y.M.; Kneppers T.J.A.; Van Der Plas L.H.W., 1981:
Participation of the cyanide resistant alternative oxidase pathway in the respiration of white and green soybean glycine max cells during growth in batch suspension culture

Rychter A.M.; Ciesla E.; Kacperska A., 1988:
Participation of the cyanide resistant pathway in respiration of winter rape leaves as affected by plant cold acclimation

Kudryashov-Yu, B.; Sobolev, A.S., 1977:
Participation of the cyclic amp system in radioprotective effects

Cazala, P.; Guenet, J.L., 1977:
Participation of the dilute locus in the genetic control of self stimulation behavior in the mouse

Wada M.; Sekine K.; Itikawa H., 1986:
Participation of the dna k and dna j gene products in phosphorylation of glutaminyl transfer rna synthetase and threonyl transfer rna synthetase of escherichia coli k 12

Mukhin E.I.; Adrianov O.S., 1982:
Participation of the dopaminergic brain system in the realization of the generalization function

Bil'din V.N.; Barkan R.S.; Nikol'skii N.N.; Zhestyanikov V.D., 1987:
Participation of the epidermal growth factor and insulin in the regulation of gamma induced single stranded dna breaks

Medvedev A.E., 1987:
Participation of the external side of the inner mitochondrial membrane in the formation of conformation changes in the transhydrogenase molecule upon activation with catecholamines and cyclic amp

Meerson-Ya, A., 1977:
Participation of the frontal sections of the left and right occipital lobes in higher visual functions

Kovalev G.V.; Tyurenkov I.N.; Nikitin S.A., 1981:
Participation of the gamma amino butyric acid ergic system in the central regulation of resistance and capacity vessel tone

Nasledova N.I.; Pechurkina N.I., 1979:
Participation of the gastro intestinal tract of desert rodents in osmo regulation

Kometiani, P.A.; Aleksidze, N.G.; Kleĭn, E.E., 1976:
Participation of the genetic apparatus in memory and learning phenomena

Bikbulatova L.S.; Orlova N.V.; Devyatov S.B., 1987:
Participation of the genetic apparatus of hippocampal and neocortical cells in mechanisms of action of desglycyl arginine vasopressin on the process of learning and memory in rats

Arushanyan E.B.; Yuntsev S.V., 1984:
Participation of the globus pallidus in the organization of stereotyped behavior in cats

Kezeli A.R.; Maksimov V.V.; Lomashvili N.I.; Khomeriki M.S.; Tskhvediani N.G., 1987:
Participation of the green sensitive cone mechanism of the cat retina in color discrimination

Schrader, J.W.; Edelman, G.M., 1976:
Participation of the h 2 antigens of tumor cells in their lysis by syngeneic thymus derived cells

Moiseeva L.A., 1984:
Participation of the hippocampus in delayed spatial choice and differentiation of time intervals in rhesus monkeys

Gavrilova, L.N.; Mikhailov, A.I.; Obukhova, G.P.; Khananashvili, M.M., 1977:
Participation of the hippocampus in the regulation of a pathological inert motor reaction in dogs

Kudryashov, B.A.; Shapiro, F.B.; Ul'yanov, A.M., 1977:
Participation of the hypophysis adrenal cortex system in realization of thrombin clearance in immobilization stress

Filaretov, A.A.; Vasilevskaya, L.V., 1977:
Participation of the hypothalamus in feedback regulation of the hypophyseal adreno cortical system

Reznikov A.G.; Volkova N.N., 1979:
Participation of the hypothalamus in rat pituitary and testicular responses to administration of the anti androgen flutamide

Samonina G.E.; Pevtsova E.I.; Udel'nov M.G., 1982:
Participation of the hypothalamus in regulation of parasympathetic cardiac reflexes in unanesthetized cats

Teofilovski Parapid G., 1981:
Participation of the ileo colic artery in the vascularization of the terminal ileum

Joseph M.; Ameisen J C.; Kusnierz J P.; Pancre V.; Capron M.; Capron A., 1984:
Participation of the immuno globulin e receptor in the toxicity of blood platelets against schistosomes

Soler, J.; Timoneda, J.; De-Arriaga, D.; Grisolia, S., 1980:
Participation of the inner mitochondrial membrane in the inactivation of carbamyl phosphate synthase ec and of atpase ec by lysosomes

Pollard, I., 1983:
Participation of the intermediate lobe of the pituitary gland after prolonged exposure to unpredictable stress in the rat

Soyfer, V.N.; Kartel, N.A., 1978:
Participation of the intra cellular enzymes in the control of the mutation process part 3 influence of the inhibition of repair and replication on gamma ray induced chromosomal aberrations in barley

Makarov, A.D.; Stakhov, L.F., 1976:
Participation of the iron containing pterin protein complex in nadp reduction and electron transport

Steenkamp, D.J.; Singer, T.P.; Beinert, H., 1978:
Participation of the iron sulfur cluster and of the covalently bound coenzyme of tri methylamine dehydrogenase in catalysis

Andreenko G.V.; Podorol'skaya L.V., 1984:
Participation of the kidneys in the realization of the response of the anticoagulation system to the administration of thrombin to the blood flow

Lyubimova, Z.V.; Esakov, A.I., 1975:
Participation of the lingual nerve fibers in the transmission of the mechano sensitive information from the tongue and the oral cavity in cats

Herve F.; Martin M T.; Rajkowski K.; Dessen P.; Cittanova N., 1987:
Participation of the lone tryptophan residue of rat alpha fetoprotein in its drug binding sites comparison with rat serum albumin

Simbirtsev S.A.; Belyakov N.A.; Malakhova M.Ya; Solomennikov A.V., 1987:
Participation of the lungs in the absorption of middle molecular weight molecules from the blood

Kraev, A.V.; Levin-Yu, M.; Nikitina, R.G., 1977:
Participation of the lymph system in the metastases of malignant tumors

Domarkene S.B.; Tamosjunas A.A.; Fomina R.F., 1986:
Participation of the male population in primary medical examination in kaunas and minsk ussr data from the co operative study of the effectiveness of multifactorial prevention of ischemic heart disease

Koźlik, D., 1980:
Participation of the maxilla and mandible in anterior occlusal anomalies

Chernigovskii V.N.; Musyashchikova S.S.; Mokrushin A.A.; Sinyaya M.S., 1981:
Participation of the mesencephalic reticular formation in the development of habituation in visceral responses

Storozhuk V.M.; Ryazantseva E.F.; Kruchenko Z.A., 1986:
Participation of the mesencephalic reticular formation neurons of cat in conditioning

Kimura T.; Kodama M.; Nagata C.; Tagashira Y.; Igarashi S.; Yonekawa H.; Kawajiri K.; Watanabe J., 1982:
Participation of the microsomal electron transport system in mutagenic activation of 4 di methylamino azo benzene 4 methylamino azo benzene and their 3 methyl derivatives

Tsunoda Y.; Mizuno T., 1985:
Participation of the microtubular microfilamentous system on intracellular calcium transport and acid secretion in dispersed parietal cells

Nikitin, S.A.; Kovalev, G.V.; Tyurenkov, I.N., 1978:
Participation of the mid brain in regulation of the tone of capacitance and resistance vessels of the musculo cutaneous region

Yamazaki, K.; Beauchamp, G.K.; Matsuzaki, O.; Bard, J.; Thomas, L.; Boyse, E.A., 1986:
Participation of the murine X and Y chromosomes in genetically determined chemosensory identity

Johnson R.J.; Klebanoff S.J.; Ochi R.F.; Adler S.; Baker P.; Sparks L.; Couser W.G., 1987:
Participation of the myeloperoxidase hydrogen peroxide halide system in immune complex nephritis

Suvorov N.F.; Shapovalova K.B.; Al'bertin S.V., 1983:
Participation of the neo striatum in the mechanisms of instrumental behavior

Ventura, M.A., 1977:
Participation of the nervous system in the adrenal cortical response to neurogenic stress

Garibyan A.A.; Kazaryan G.M.; Gevorkyan K.N.; Gambaryan M.L., 1980:
Participation of the nucleus caudatus in memory mechanisms

Chida K.; Kawamura H.; Hatano M., 1983:
Participation of the nucleus locus coeruleus in deoxy cortico sterone acetate salt hypertensive rats

Il'inskii O.B.; Kondrikova E.S.; Spevak S.E.; Solov'eva A.I., 1986:
Participation of the opioidergic structures of the brain in healing processes

Kachalova, L.M., 1980:
Participation of the pallidum in formation of different forms of adaptive behavior

Zholkevich V.N.; Chugunova T.V., 1987:
Participation of the parenchymal cells in the pumping activity of the root

Yamashita T.; Tomoda K.; Amano H.; Minami T.; Tanke M.; Kumazawa T., 1988:
Participation of the pharyngeal orifice of eustachian tube in middle ear ventilation

Kudrjashov B.A.; Uljanov A.M.; Shapiro F.B.; Bazasian G.G., 1979:
Participation of the pituitary adrenal system in thrombin clearance in the presence of immobilization stress

Baubinene, A.V.; Domarkene, S.B.; Glazunov, I.S.; Grabauskas, V.I.; Pampikas, S.I., 1977:
Participation of the population in a mass preventive survey and the importance of completeness of the survey in the detection of the disease studied from the experience in methodic study of ischemic heart disease prevention in kaunas

Moiseeva L.A., 1982:
Participation of the prefrontal cortex in delayed spatial choice and in differentiating temporal intervals in rhesus monkeys

Mogilevskii A.Ya; Romanov D.A., 1981:
Participation of the preoptic area in some synchronizing and de synchronizing brain mechanisms

Beteleva T.G., 1980:
Participation of the projection and nonprojection cerebral cortical regions in children aged 3 10 during a sensory analysis

Oliver, J.A.; Sciacca, R.R.; Pinto, J.; Cannon, P.J., 1981:
Participation of the prostaglandins in the control of renal blood flow during acute reduction of cardiac output in the dog

Shutov, A.D.; Koroleva, T.N.; Vaintraub, I.A., 1978:
Participation of the proteases of dormant vetch seeds in the degradation of reserve proteins during germination

Lozitskii V.P.; Fedchuk A.S.; Puzis L.E.; Buiko V.P.; Girlya Y.I.; Bubnov V.V., 1987:
Participation of the proteolysis system in the virulence of influenza virus and in the development of the infection process antiviral effect of protease inhibitors

Voilokova, N.L., 1978:
Participation of the putamen in delayed reactions

Lyneva L.F.; Ismailov A.A.; Kovaleva N.I., 1984:
Participation of the reticular structure in the formation of evoked potentials in response to the stimulation of the olfactory tract in teleosts

Osadchii L.I.; Balueva T.V.; Sergeev I.V., 1986:
Participation of the right heart and pulmonary vessels in the formation of changes in cardiac output in the occlusion of the sinocarotid reflexogenic zone

Pastukhov V.A.; Bolondinskii V.K., 1985:
Participation of the serotoninergic mechanisms in the regulation of visceral functions and conditioning

Chamov K., 1985:
Participation of the society and population in support of public health and primary medico sanitary care in bulgaria

Savosina, N.S.; Popova, O.M.; Terskikh, I.I., 1978:
Participation of the species specific and group specific ornithosis antigens in immune responses

Hommel, H.; Fischer, U.; Gottschling, H.D.; Berkos, O.V., 1976:
Participation of the stomach and small intestine in insulin secretion after oral administration of glucose

Sawai T., 1988:
Participation of the subcortical and interior cytoplasm in cleavage division of newt eggs

Aver'yanov A.A.; Ismailov A.I., 1986:
Participation of the superoxide radical in the autooxidation of gossypol

Martynov N.N.; Knyazev G.G., 1987:
Participation of the system of the dorsal noradrenergic pathway in defensive conditioned behavior

Voloshin N.A.; Yakhnitsa A.G., 1987:
Participation of the thymic medulla of newborn rats in lymphocytopoiesis

Todorova M.; Cherkezova Kinova E.; Kemileva Z., 1984:
Participation of the thymus in the regulation of gastric secretory activity in rats

Velchev V.I.; Rusakova V.; Yurukova L., 1986:
Participation of the tree stand from pinus peuce and vaccinium myrtillus and luzula luzuloides biogeocenosis in the turnover of basic biogenic elements

Devitsina, G.V.; Belousova, T.A., 1978:
Participation of the trigeminal system in the perception of odoriferous substances by fish

Tsuda, M.; Hirose, S.; Suzuki, Y., 1986:
Participation of the upstream region of the fibroin gene in the formation of transcription complex in vitro

Cherenkova L.V.; Yunatov Y.A., 1983:
Participation of the ventrolateral thalamic nucleus in the organization of visually controlled cat movements

Levashov, M.M.; Stolbkov-Yu, K., 1977:
Participation of the vertical semicircular canals in the rabbit vestibular oculo motor response to the horizontal rotation test

Mileikovskii B.Yu, 1987:
Participation of the visceral centers of the brain stem in the formation of emotional and behavioral reactions

Komatsu Takaki M., 1986:
Participation of three distinct active states of chloroplast atpase complex cf 0 cf 1 in the activation by light and dithiothreitol

Antonenko, V.T.; Chornen'ka, V.D., 1977:
Participation of thymus derived and bone marrow derived lymphocytes from lymphoid organs in transplantation immunity during immuno deficiency simulated by anti thymus serum and cyclo phosphamide

Ebert, L.Y. ; Dolgushin, I.I., 1978:
Participation of thymus derived and bone marrow derived lymphocytes in auto sensitization mechanisms in thermal burns

Drzhevetskaya, I.A.; Mishina, N.F., 1978:
Participation of thyro calcitonin in stress development

Abdukarimov A.; Shamsieva D.M.; Muchnik S.E.; Aripdzhanov A.A.; Khamidov D.Kh, 1979:
Participation of thyroid hormones in regulating genetic activity of normal and transformed human cells

Medvedeva, G.M.; Niselovskaya, L.I., 1976:
Participation of thyroid hormones in the action of diphtheria toxin on the oxidative phosphorylation in rabbit liver mitochondria

Eshchenko, N.D.; Redikh, S.V., 1975:
Participation of thyroxine in the regulation of the iso citrate dehydrogenase reaction rate in the brain and liver

Michurina, T.V., 1975:
Participation of transplanted xenogenic bone marrow cells in the inflammation reaction

Kudrin A.N.; Zhdanova N.F., 1982:
Participation of trigger membrane mechanisms in the action of cardiac glycosides on the frog heart

Norton, R.S.; Allerhand, A., 1977:
Participation of tryptophan 62 in the self association of hen egg white lysozyme application of natural abundance carbon 13 nmr spectroscopy

Kimata, K.; Sakakura, T.; Inaguma, Y.; Kato, M.; Nishizuka, Y., 1985:
Participation of two different mesenchymes in the developing mouse mammary gland: synthesis of basement membrane components by fat pad precursor cells

Amroyan, E.A., 1977:
Participation of type e prostaglandins in the effects of cytisine on the resistance of brain vessels

Lichko L.P.; Okorokov L.A.; Kulaev I.S., 1982:
Participation of vacuoles in regulation of levels of potassium ion and ortho phosphate ion in cytoplasm of the yeast saccharomyces carlsbergensis

Shemyakin M.F.; Malygin A.G., 1980:
Participation of various adenosine and guanosine derivatives in the abortive initiation of rna synthesis the effect of magnesium and manganese ions and rifampicin

Idova G.V.; Cheido M.A., 1981:
Participation of various cell populations in the immuno globulin m and immuno globulin g immune responses under the effect of the biogenic amine of serotonin

Miyamori, I.; Yasuhara, S.; Ikeda, M.; Koshida, H.; Takeda, Y.; Morise, T.; Nagai, K.; Okamoto, S.; Takeda, R., 1985:
Participation of vascular prostacyclin for the pathogenesis of experimental glucocorticoid hypertension in rats

Konno, A.; Togawa, K.; Nishihira, S., 1982:
Participation of vascular reflex in mucosal swelling in nasal allergy

Balueva T.V.; Borisova E.A.; Teplov S.I., 1980:
Participation of vasopressin and epinephrine of the adrenal glands in the reflex coronaro constriction mechanism

Roik V.I., 1987:
Participation of vasopressin and oxytocin in the regulation of the level of glycemia and carbohydrate metabolism in the liver

Kolomiets B.P., 1985:
Participation of visual specific and associative cortical inputs in the creation of neuronal responses to visual stimuli in the neostriatum of awake cats

Izotov M.V.; Shcherbakov V.M.; Devichenskii V.M.; Lugovaya L.V.; Benediktova S.A.; Saprin A.N., 1987:
Participation of vitamin k 3 in benzo a pyrene hydroxylation in 3 methylcholanthrene induced and phenobarbital induced rat liver microsomes

Martoja R., 1981:
Participation of vitellophagic cells in the establishment of the 1st larval instar mesenteron in locusta migratoria orthoptera physiological role

Sahrhage D., 1986:
Participation of west germany in sibex second international biomass experiment and ccamlr conservation of antarctic marine living resources activities on antarctic marine living resources

Berry S.K.; Ibrahim R.H.; Karim N.A., 1985:
Participation of winged bean oil in the biological effects of raw winged beans psophocarpus tetragonolobus on rats

Julian, J.; Chytil, F., 1970:
Participation of xanthine oxidase in the activation of liver tryptophan pyrrolase

Loskutova L.V.; Vinnitskii I.M.; Il'yuchenok R.Yu, 1979:
Participation of zona incerta in mechanisms of a conditioned avoidance reaction

Traore Lamizana M.; Lemasson J J., 1987:
Participation to a feasibility study for the onchocerciasis control in the logone basin area simulium damnosum complex species distribution in the cameroonian area of the project

Kallay, N.; Tomic, M.; Biskup, B.; Kunjasic, I.; Matijevic, E., 1987:
Particle adhesion and removal in model systems xi. kinetics of attachment and detachment for hematite glass systems

Naidu, A.S.; Paulsson, M.; Wadström, T., 1988:
Particle agglutination assays for rapid detection of fibronectin, fibrinogen, and collagen receptors on Staphylococcus aureus

Ecanow B.; Webster J.M.; Blake M.I., 1986:
Particle aggregation states and aerosol clogging

Clark N.J., 1985:
Particle analysis of an urban aerosol using high spatial resolution techniques

Livingston H.D.; Mann D.R.; Casso S.A.; Schneider D.L.; Surprenant L.D.; Bowen V.T., 1987:
Particle and solution phase depth distributions of transuranics and iron 55 in the north pacific

Highsmith V.R.; Bond A.E.; Howes J.E.Jr, 1986:
Particle and substrate losses from teflon and quartz filters

Flower, N.E.; Briers, J.D., 1983:
Particle arrays on insect nerve membranes

Anders, J.J.; Brightman, M.W., 1982:
Particle assemblies in astrocytic plasma membranes are rearranged by various agents in vitro and cold injury in vivo

Lawler D.F.; Singer P.C.; O'melia C.R., 1982:
Particle behavior in gravity thickening

Lehnert, B.E.; Ferin, J., 1983:
Particle binding, phagocytosis, and plastic substrate adherence characteristics of alveolar macrophages from rats acutely treated with chlorphentermine

Dzubay, T.G.; Hines, L.E.; Stevens, R.K., 1976:
Particle bounce errors in cascade impactors

Hinds, W.C.; Liu, W.C.; Froines, J.R., 1985:
Particle bounce in a personal cascade impactor: a field evaluation

Van Muijen G.N.P.; T.V.lde J.; Willemze R.; Zwaan F.E.; Warnaar S.O., 1982:
Particle bound dna polymerase activity in hematological disorders and normal controls

Quail, P.H.; Schaefer, E., 1974:
Particle bound phytochrome a function of light dose and steady state level of the far red absorbing form

Gressel, J.; Quail, P.H., 1976:
Particle bound phytochrome differential pigment release by surfactants rnase and phospho lipase c

Labarbera, M., 1978:
Particle capture by a pacific brittle star: experimental test of the aerosol suspension feeding model

Ganf G.G.; Shiel R.J., 1985:
Particle capture by daphnia carinata

Mccrone, W.C., 1982:
Particle characterization by polarized light microscopy 1. single polar

Kenoyer J.L.; Phalen R.F.; Davis J.R., 1981:
Particle clearance from the respiratory tract as a test of toxicity effect of ozone on short term and long term clearance

Willgress S.H., 1984:
Particle cohesion effects of the active ingredient on the content uniformity of low dose tablets

Sparks L.E.; Ramsey G.H.; Daniel B.E., 1981:
Particle collection by a pilot plant venturi scrubber downstream from a pilot plant electrostatic precipitator

Sansone, E.B.; Bernard, T., 1976:
Particle collection by probes of nil and infinite bluntness

Jolley M.E.; Wang C H.J.; Ekenberg S.J.; Zuelke M.S.; Kelso D.M., 1984:
Particle concentration fluorescence immunoassay a new rapid immunoassay technique with high sensitivity

Kogure, K.; Koike, I., 1987:
Particle counter determination of bacterial biomass in seawater

Cambiaso, C.L.; Sindic, C.; Masson, P.L., 1979:
Particle counting immunoassay 3. automated determination of circulating immune complexes by inhibition of an agglutinating factor of mouse serum

Limet, J.N.; Moussebois, C.H.; Cambiaso, C.L.; Vaerman, J.P.; Masson, P.L., 1979:
Particle counting immunoassay 4. the use of fab' 2 fragments and n epsilon chloroacetyl lysine n carboxyanhydride for their coupling to poly styrene latex particles

Sindic, C.J.M.; Chalon, M.P.; Cambiaso, C.L.; Collet-Cassart, D.; Masson, P.L., 1981:
Particle counting immunoassay 6. the determination of rabbit immuno globulin g antibodies against myelin basic protein using immuno globulin m rheumatoid factor

Limet J.N.; Collet Cassart D.; Magnusson C.G.M.; Sauvage P.; Cambiaso C.L.; Masson P.L., 1982:
Particle counting immunoassay of ferritin

Fagnart O.C.; Mareschal J.C.; Cambiaso C.L.; Masson P.L., 1985:
Particle counting immunoassay of pregnancy specific beta 1 glycoprotein a possible marker of various malignancies and crohns ileitis

Fagnart, O.C.; Sindic, C.J.; Laterre, C., 1988:
Particle counting immunoassay of S100 protein in serum. Possible relevance in tumors and ischemic disorders of the central nervous system

Cambiaso, C.L.; Leek, A.E.; De-Steenwinkel, F.; Billen, J.; Masson, P.L., 1977:
Particle counting immunoassay part 1 a general method for the determination of antibodies antigens and haptens

Cambiaso, C.L.; Riccomi, H.; Sindic, C.; Masson, P.L., 1978:
Particle counting immunoassay part 2 automated determination of circulating immune complexes by inhibition of the agglutinating activity of rheumatoid sera

Hamill, P., 1979:
Particle deposition due to turbulent diffusion in the upper respiratory system

Brabec E.; Kovar P.; Drabkova A., 1981:
Particle deposition in 3 vegetation stands a seasonal change

Kovar P.; Brabec E.; Holubova J., 1982:
Particle deposition in prague czechoslovakia grasslands

Kovar P.; Dostalek J.; Koblihova H.; Frantik T.; Stejskalova H., 1987:
Particle deposition on the weed component in agrophytocenosis

Hull, R., 1977:
Particle differences related to aphid transmissibility of a plant virus

Ongarelli M.G.; Silva D.M.; Gatti D.A.meida I.M., 1980:
Particle dimensions of the nuclear polyhedrosis virus from anticarsia gemmatalis to bombyx mori

Hunt J.R., 1982:
Particle dynamics in sea water implications for predicting the fate of discharged particles

Morris A.W.; Loring D.H.; Bale A.J.; Howland R.J.M.; Mantoura R.F.C.; Woodward E.M.S., 1982:
Particle dynamics particulate carbon and the oxygen minimum in an estuary

Guzelsu N.; Donofrio J., 1983:
Particle electrophoresis of compact bone tissue

Stith J.L.; Radke L.F.; Hobbs P.V., 1981:
Particle emissions and the production of ozone and nitrogen oxides from the burning of forest slash

Staniforth J.N., 1984:
Particle engineering of a direct compression excipient

Foster P.M., 1982:
Particle fallout during plume rise

Hiraki, S.; Mulcahy, M.F.; Dmochowski, L., 1978:
Particle filament complex in tumor cells of northern pike esox lucius

Karino, T.; Goldsmith, H.L., 1985:
Particle flow behavior in models of branching vessels 2. effects of branching angle and diameter ratio on flow patterns

Ichikawa T., 1980:
Particle formation from dissolved material by the use of a continuous harvesting system

Olson, O.T., 1980:
Particle generation from equipment used for the administration of infusion fluids

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