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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6069

Chapter 6069 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Braimbridge M.V., 1985: Particle induced coronary vasoconstriction during cardioplegic infusion characterization and possible mechanisms

Section 7, Chapter 6069, Accession 006068002

Mcnulty, P. J.; Pease, V. P.; Bond, V. P.; Filz, R. C.; Rothwell, P. L., 1977: Particle induced visual phenomena in space

Cafmeyer J., 1987: Particle induced x ray emission analysis and multivariate techniques an application to the study of the sources of respirable atmospheric particles in gent belgium

Roudaut M.F.L., 1985: Particle induced x ray emission determination of calcium in red blood cells

Gophen M., 1987: Particle ingestion by tilapia galilaea is not affected by removal of gill rakers and microbranchiospines

Hustvedt E.L., 1988: Particle interaction effects on blood cell sedimentation and separations

Leonard A.B., 1986: Particle interception transport and rejection by the feather star oligometra serripinna echinodermata crinoidea studied by frame analysis of videotapes

Gabrilovac, J.; Pachmann, K.; Rodt, H.; Jaeger, G.; Thierfelder, S., 1979: Particle labeled antibodies 1. cell anti thymus derived cell antibodies attached to plastic beads by poly l lysine

Ohtsuki, Y.; Dmochowski, L.; Seman, G.; Bowen, J. M.; Johnson, D. E., 1978: Particle lamella complexes in a case of human benign prostate hyperplasia

Hosokawa T., 1986: Particle loss of aerosols with particle diameters between 6 and 2000 nanometers in stirred tank

Depieds R., 1981: Particle macrophage interaction role of surface charges

Lakowicz, J. R.; Mcnamara, M.; Steenson, L., 1978: Particle mediated membrane uptake of chemical carcinogens studied by fluorescence spectroscopy

Wayne M.G., 1987: Particle morphology of amorphous aluminum hydroxycarbonate and its effect on tablet production

Clark J.S., 1988: Particle motion and the theory of charcoal analysis source area transport deposition and sampling

Bardele, C. F., 1976: Particle movement in heliozoan axopods associated with lateral displacement of highly ordered membrane domains

Ojakian, G. K.; Satir, P., 1974: Particle movements in chloroplast membranes quantitative measurements of membrane fluidity by the freeze fracture technique

Ough, C. S.; Groat, M. L., 1978: Particle nature yeast strain and temperature interactions on the fermentation rates of grape juice

Cruz Orive L.M., 1987: Particle number can be estimated using a disector of unknown thickness the selector

Ehrlich, L. W.; Friedman, M. H., 1977: Particle paths and stasis in unsteady flow through a bifurcation

Stoecker D.K., 1984: Particle production by planktonic ciliates

Salazar, L. F.; Harrison, B. D., 1978: Particle properties and strains of andean potato mottle virus

Jenkin C.R., 1984: Particle recognition by hemocytes from the colonial ascidian botrylloides leachii evidence that the botrylloides leachii ha 2 agglutinin is opsonic

Nival, P.; Nival, S., 1976: Particle retention efficiencies of an herbivorous copepod acartia clausi adult and copepodite stages effects on grazing

Aller R.C., 1979: Particle reworking in sediments from the new york bight apex evidence from thorium 234 uranium 238 dis equilibrium

Hargrave B.T., 1985: Particle sedimentation in the ocean

Schuler, G.; Plattner, H.; Aberer, W.; Winkler, H., 1978: Particle segregation in chromaffin granule membranes by forced physical contact

Stancyk S.E., 1984: Particle selection by the burrowing brittle star micropholis gracillima echinodermata ophiuroidea

Mohlenberg F., 1981: Particle selection in suspension feeding bivalves

Fernandez F., 1979: Particle selection in the nauplius of calanus pacificus

Yentsch C.M., 1985: Particle selection ingestion and absorption in filter feeding bivalves

Banin A., 1979: Particle shape and size of 2 sodium calcium montmorillonite clays

Blackburn G., 1981: Particle size analyses of widgelli parna in southeast australia

Bauder J.W., 1979: Particle size analysis by hydrometer a simplified method for routine textural analysis and a sensitivity test of measurement parameters

Galindo D.J., 1979: Particle size analysis by pipette and sedigraph

Mclachlan, A. J.; Brennan, A.; Wotton, R. S., 1978: Particle size and chironomid diptera food in an upland river

Thorn C.E., 1985: Particle size and clay mineral distributions within sorted and nonsorted circles and the surrounding parent material niwot ridge front range colorado usa

Cichowicz S.M., 1981: Particle size and concentration adjustments of tomato products for howard mold count

Okamura B., 1987: Particle size and flow velocity induce an ir switch in bryozoan suspension feeding behavior

Wetzel D.L., 1979: Particle size and particle size distribution of wheat samples prepared with different grinders

Lossow, W. J.; Lindgren, F. T.; Murchio, J. C.; Stevens, G. R.; Jensen, L. C., 1969: Particle size and protein content of 6 fractions of the s f greater than 20 plasma lipo proteins isolated by inst density gradient centrifugation inst electron microscopy schlieren analysis

Kamata T., 1979: Particle size and shape of thermally denatured bovine serum albumin by light scattering

Douglas, S. J.; Illum, L.; Davis, S. S., 1985: Particle size and size distribution of polybutyl 2 cyanoacrylate nanoparticles 2. influence of stabilizers

Blair G.J., 1987: Particle size and soil texture effects of elemental sulfur oxidation

Motta A., 1984: Particle size and surface area distributions of pharmaceutical powders by micro computerized mercury porosimetry

Towne G., 1985: Particle size changes in rumens of cattle grazing kansas usa flint hills range

Whittle D.M., 1983: Particle size conversion efficiency and contaminant concentrations in lake ontario canada usa biota

Borgmann U., 1982: Particle size conversion efficiency and total animal production in pelagic ecosystems

Section 7, Chapter 6069, Accession 006068051

Johnson T., 1979: Particle size distribution analysis for the rapid detection of microbial infection of urine

Munro P.A., 1985: Particle size distribution and calcium content of batch precipitated acid casein curd effect of precipitation temperature and ph

Hittle, D. C.; Stukel, J. J., 1976: Particle size distribution and chemical composition of coal tar fumes

Chesters G., 1983: Particle size distribution and phosphorus levels in soil sediment and urban dust and dirt samples from the menominee river watershed wisconsin usa

Russell, D. A., 1976: Particle size distribution characterization for the coarse fraction of a granite soil part 1 a model

Russell, D. A., 1976: Particle size distribution characterization for the coarse fraction of a granite soil part 2 disintegrating granite

Russell, D. A., 1976: Particle size distribution characterization for the coarse fraction of a granite soil part 3 the coarse fraction of a granite sand

Tohyama E., 1984: Particle size distribution chemical composition and calculation of standard mineralogical composition of suspended sediment transported by a stream in okinawa island japan

Pillai K.C., 1986: Particle size distribution in the bottom sediments of bombay harbour bay india

Sweeney M.D., 1986: Particle size distribution method for estimating unsaturated hydraulic conductivity of sandy soils

Schultz, J. A.; Tolan, J. W., 1978: Particle size distribution of a feed pre mix containing amprolium

Takahara S., 1984: Particle size distribution of beryllium 7 aerosols formed in high energy accelerator tunnels

Hamilton R.M., 1979: Particle size distribution of commercial tomato juices

Ikeda N., 1988: Particle size distribution of fission products in airborne dust collected at tsukuba japan from april to june 1986

Kolderup, H., 1977: Particle size distribution of fumes formed by ferro silicon production

Barter P.J., 1985: Particle size distribution of high density lipoproteins as a function of plasma triglyceride concentration in human subjects

Fafunso M., 1980: Particle size distribution of hydro cyanic acid in gari a cassava based product

Duncan H.J., 1979: Particle size distribution of metals in the atmosphere of glasgow scotland uk

Menichini E., 1986: Particle size distribution of oil mist in the workplace

Tanaka I., 1987: Particle size distributions in lungs and bronchopulmonary lymph nodes due to long term exposure to coal fly ash aerosol in rats

Jonasz M., 1983: Particle size distributions in the baltic

Wheeler R.W., 1987: Particle size distributions in underground coal mines

Edmonds, J. W.; Henslee, W. W.; Guerra, R. E., 1977: Particle size effects in the determination of respirable alpha quartz by x ray diffraction

Brambilla C., 1980: Particle size for differentiation between inhalation and injection pulmonary talcosis

Section 7, Chapter 6069, Accession 006068079

Trupp, C. R., 1976: Particle size index breeding behavior and association with protein percentage in wheat

Davies, P. J.; Amin, K. K.; Mott, G. A., 1980: Particle size inhalation aerosol systems 1. production of homogenous dispersions

Section 7, Chapter 6069, Accession 006068082

Richardson M.J., 1987: Particle size light scattering and composition of suspended particulate matter in the north atlantic

Gentry M., 1986: Particle size limitations duel to heat transfer in determining pyrolysis kinetics of biomass

Kiviniemi L., 1986: Particle size measurement of lactose powder with an electrical sensing zone method coulter principle

Bulmer G.S., 1981: Particle size of airborne cryptococcus neoformans in a tower

Davies, P. J.; Amin, K. K.; Mott, G. A., 1980: Particle size of inhalation aerosol systems 2. uniformity of delivery of some commercial inhalation aerosols

Baharuddin M.K., 1987: Particle size of interrill eroded sediments from highly weathered soils

El Hamdi M., 1984: Particle size of the sediment in an arm of the rhone river france and its impact on the distribution of the benthos

Section 7, Chapter 6069, Accession 006068092

Barkley W.A., 1983: Particle size reduction by breakage in biological waste water treatment

Gould P., 1987: Particle size reduction in the ball mill

Alstad D.N., 1987: Particle size resource concentration and the distribution of net spinning caddisflies

Powell, E. N., 1977: Particle size selection and sediment reworking in a funnel feeder leptosynapta tenuis holothuroidea synaptidae

Spittler P., 1984: Particle size selection in the food of silver carp hypophthalmichthys molitrix

Fenchel, T.; Kofoed, L. H.; Lappalainen, A., 1975: Particle size selection of 2 deposit feeders the amphipod corophium volutator and the prosobranch hydrobia ulvae

Paterson C.G., 1986: Particle size selectivity in the freshwater bivalve elliptio complanata

Cruz-Orive, L. M., 1976: Particle size shape distributions the general spheroid problem part 1 mathematical model

Smail G.A., 1984: Particle size stability of intralipid and mixed total parenteral nutrition mixtures

Keith C.H., 1982: Particle size studies on tobacco smoke

Teillac A., 1988: Particle size study of nine metered dose inhalers and their deposition probabilities in the airways

Shikata E., 1984: Particle structure and double stranded rna of rice ragged stunt virus

Teragawa C.K., 1986: Particle transport and incorporation during skeleton formation in a keratose sponge dysidea etheria

Wallis R.B., 1986: Particle volume changes associated with light transmittance changes in the platelet aggregometer dependence upon aggregating agent and effectiveness of stimulus

Gambacorta A., 1983: Particle weights and protein composition of the ribosomal subunits of the extremely thermo acidophilic archaebacterium caldariella acidophila

Joel D.D., 1985: Particles and macrophages in murine peyers patches

Robertson J.D., 1986: Particles and pits matched in native membranes

Hobbs P.V., 1983: Particles and trace gases in the plume from a modern coal fired power plant in the western usa and their effects on light extinction

Axel, R.; Gulati, S. C.; Spiegelman, S., 1972: Particles containing rna instructed dna polymerase and virus related rna in human breast cancers

Brunel C., 1981: Particles containing small molecular weight nuclear rna structure and possible functions

Hehlmann, R.; Balda, B. R.; Spiegelman, S., 1978: Particles from mouse melanoma b 16 containing reverse transcriptase and 70s rna related to human melanoma cytoplasmic rna

Zimmermann U., 1979: Particles in a homogenous electrical field a model for the electrical breakdown of living cells in a coulter counter

Spence J., 1983: Particles in small volume injections

Terayama Y., 1981: Particles in the rhabdom of the octopus dofleini retina

Horioka, M.; Aoyama, T.; Karasawa, H., 1977: Particles of di 2 ethylhexyl phthalate in intra venous infusion fluids migrating from poly vinyl chloride bags

Tsuchizaki T., 1985: Particles of rice gall dwarf virus in thin sections of diseased rice plants and insect vector cells

Skotnicki, A.; Scotti, P. D.; Gibbs, A., 1977: Particles produced during a mixed infection by 2 tobamoviruses contain coat proteins of both viruses

Zeller, N. K.; Bashirelahi, N.; Sydiskis, R. J., 1978: Particles resembling c type oncornaviruses in normal rat prostate

Bendheim, P. E.; Dinowitz, M., 1977: Particles resembling oncornaviruses spontaneous release from cultured meningioma cells

Mak, T. W.; Manaster, J.; Howatson, A. F.; Mcculloch, E. A.; Till, J. E., 1974: Particles with characteristics of leukoviruses in cultures of marrow cells from leukemic patients in remission and relapse

Mccarthy K., 1988: Particles with properties of retroviruses in monocytes from patients with breast cancer

Cuatico, W.; Cho, J. R.; Spiegelman, S., 1973: Particles with rna of high molecular weight and rna directed dna polymerase in human brain tumors

Section 7, Chapter 6069, Accession 006068128

Bekhtereva, N. P., 1975: Particular and general mechanisms of brain provision of human mental activity and prospects of the problem

Section 7, Chapter 6069, Accession 006068130

Section 7, Chapter 6069, Accession 006068131

Section 7, Chapter 6069, Accession 006068132

Portaleone B., 1985: Particular aspects of enteral nutrition in surgery

Georgescu L. , 1984: Particular aspects of nephropathies in adults

Osculati F., 1980: Particular aspects of seminiferous tubules at early puberty

Velican, C.; Velican, D., 1978: Particular aspects of the children coronary artery remodeling

Taillandier E., 1988: Particular behavior of the adenine and guanine ring breathing modes upon the dna conformational transitions

Misonou, T.; Okazaki, M.; Nisizawa, K., 1980: Particular calcium binding substances in marine macro algae 1. uptake of calcium 45 by various algae and extraction of the calcium binding substances

Misonou, T.; Okazaki, M.; Furuya, K.; Nisizawa, K., 1980: Particular calcium binding substances in marine macro algae 2. incorporation of calcium 45 binding substances from the residues

Section 7, Chapter 6069, Accession 006068140

Roman Gil A., 1988: Particular cases of the ordered ter ter mechanism transient phase and steady state kinetic equations

Minas, M.; Bonin, M. C.; Coste, B.; David, P.; Minas, H. J., 1976: Particular character of the eutrophication mechanism in the etang de berre

Osanu M., 1984: Particular clinical and therapeutic aspects in chronic hepatic encephalopathy chronic progressive hepato cerebral degenerescence

Camenita A., 1980: Particular clinical aspects in the evolution of acoustic neurinomas

Stanciu N., 1981: Particular clinico biological aspects in chronic lupus erythematosus

Perrin-Waldemer, C., 1977: Particular effect of methylation on phospho tungstate staining of male accessory glands of drosophila melanogaster embedded in glycol methacrylate

Pacescu E., 1985: Particular evolutive modalities of acute pancreatitis chronic peritoneal and pleural effusions migrating pseudocysts

Miele A., 1981: Particular features of adrenal gland venous drainage in dogs

Khaisman, E. B., 1976: Particular features of the innervation of taste buds of the epiglottis in monkeys

Simu G., 1987: Particular form of gastric neoplasm undifferentiated carcinoma with lymphoid stroma in a 16 year old adolescent

Chagovets, R. V.; Vovnyanko, E. K., 1978: Particular forms of heterotrophy

Section 7, Chapter 6069, Accession 006068152

Rusu M., 1987: Particular implications of a postcaustic esophageal stenosis

Buklad, N. E.; Sanborn, D.; Hirshfield, I. N., 1973: Particular influence of leucine peptides on lysyl transfer rna ligase formation in a mutant of escherichia coli strain k 12

Boue A., 1987: Particular interest of hla typing for genetic counselling in families with congenital adrenal hyperplasia 21 oh deficiency

Sternberg, E.; Konzewoi, V., 1978: Particular manifestations of schizophrenia in old age

Plawecki M., 1979: Particular rna fragments as promoters of leukocyte and platelet formation in rabbits

Beljanski B., 1987: Particular rna primer from growth medium differentially stimulates in vitro dna synthesis and in vivo cell growth of neurospora crassa and its slime mutant

Van Den Berghe H., 1981: Particular secondary chromosome changes in chronic leukemia translocation 8 17 2 cases

Beljanski, M.; Aaron-Da-Cunha, M. I., 1976: Particular small size rna and rna fragments from different origins as tumor inducing agents in datura stramonium

Brahms J., 1979: Particular structural role of h 1 in complexes with dna and comparison with h 2a and h 4 dna complexes investigated by ir linear dichroism

Mininno L., 1986: Particular treatment of macular and perimacular holes in retinal detachment

Ursea C., 1984: Particular ultrastructural aspects in some splenectomized cases of hairy cell leukemia

Polito M., 1984: Particular ultrastructural aspects of cryptorchid testis in adult and advanced age

Stottmeister U., 1987: Particularities in the kinetics of growth and citric acid accumulation by saccharomycopsis lipolytica

Anastasatu C., 1984: Particularities in the onset and evolution of chronic obstructive bronchopneumopathy in nonsmokers

Section 7, Chapter 6069, Accession 006068167

Bilyk, P. P.; Stoev, K. D., 1975: Particularities in the translocation of glucose from the root system of grafted or cultivated ungrafted vines

Marcov A., 1986: Particularities of diagnosis and surgical therapy in acute lithiasic angiocholitis

Costa D., 1981: Particularities of diagnosis of confusional states in the aged

Patrascu, T.; Radu, C.; Juvara, I., 1986: Particularities of hirschsprung's disease in the adult

Dolaptschieva, S.; Lierse, W., 1976: Particularities of myelin formation in spinal roots of the rabbit

Popivanova C., 1981: Particularities of perceptions of movement among adolescent drivers vestibulo visual perceptions

Section 7, Chapter 6069, Accession 006068174

Popescu I., 1985: Particularities of the angiocholitic hepatic abscesses

Fioretti L.L., 1987: Particularities of the developmental sequence of some alpine plants in phyto ecological and experimentally controlled conditions

De Forges B.R., 1985: Particularities of the ichthyofauna in a supersalted environment of the national park of arguin bank mauritania

Section 7, Chapter 6069, Accession 006068178

Section 7, Chapter 6069, Accession 006068179

Aguirre L., 1987: Particularities of the melanocytic cerebriform nevus

Barnola P., 1979: Particularities of the release of apical dominance on the leafy shoot of sambucus nigra

Dekaris D., 1979: Particularity of local immunity in the naso pharynx parallel study of surface receptors and cell mediated immune responses in cells derived from palatine or pharyngeal tonsils and blood

Esteve J C., 1980: Particularity of the cell coat in the ciliate paramecium caudatum the cyto pharynx vacuolar sac complex

Stolp W., 1981: Particularly small fetus papyraceus after full pregnancy period

Siegenthaler C., 1985: Particularly successful trichoptera the limnephilidae

Kun C., 1985: Particulars in the treatment of heart failure in chronic congestive myocardiopathies

Tirilly, Y., 1976: Particulars on phialophora cinerescens fungistatic activity

Atkins J., 1981: Particulate acetyl cholin esterase in amniotic fluid and its implications for neural tube defect screening

Charlson R.J., 1983: Particulate air pollutants a comparison of british smoke with optical absorption coefficient and elemental carbon concentration

Naiman R.J., 1984: Particulate allochthonous inputs relationships with stream size in an undisturbed watershed

Chester R., 1982: Particulate aluminum fluxes in the eastern atlantic

Cook S.D., 1986: Particulate aluminum oxide as a bone graft material

Cronin C., 1984: Particulate amino acids in the sea effects of primary productivity and biological decomposition

Section 7, Chapter 6069, Accession 006068194

Section 7, Chapter 6069, Accession 006068195

Section 7, Chapter 6069, Accession 006068196

Coker R.D., 1981: Particulate and dissolved trace metals in lake ontario canada

Hommes, F. A.; Everts, R. S., 1978: Particulate and free hexo kinase ec in fetal rat liver

Muhlbaier J.L., 1981: Particulate and gaseous emissions from natural gas furnaces and water heaters

Dasch J.M., 1982: Particulate and gaseous emissions from wood burning fireplaces

Section 7, Chapter 6069, Accession 006068202

Section 7, Chapter 6069, Accession 006068203

Adamo, S.; Conti, M.; Geremia, R.; Monesi, V., 1980: Particulate and soluble adenylate cyclase ec activities of mouse male germ cells

Blyth, W.; Wardrop, V. E., 1977: Particulate and soluble antigens of micropolyspora faeni in experimental allergic alveolitis of the mouse

Andren A.W., 1986: Particulate and vapor phase n alkanes in the northern wisconsin usa atmosphere

Cheers C., 1987: Particulate antigens may be reprocessed after initial phagocytosis for presentation to t cells in vivo

Guinea J., 1983: Particulate bound pigment of serratia marcescens and its association with the cellular envelopes

Liebezeit G., 1987: Particulate carbohydrate fluxes in the bransfield strait and the drake passage south atlantic south pacific

Grosjean D., 1984: Particulate carbon in los angeles california usa air

Yoder R.A., 1986: Particulate carbon monoxide and acid emission factors for residential wood burning stoves

Mckinley, D. N.; Whitney, P. L., 1976: Particulate carbonic anhydrase ec in homogenates of human kidney

Bukata, R. P.; Jerome, J. H.; Bruton, J. E., 1988: Particulate concentrations in lake st. clair canada usa as recorded by a shipborne multispectral optical monitoring system

Mceuen, D. D.; Abraham, J. L., 1978: Particulate concentrations in pulmonary alveolar proteinosis

Mccollum C.N., 1987: Particulate contaminants of intravenous medications and infusions

Meltzer D.W., 1983: Particulate contamination in disposable corneal trephines

Gregersen E., 1985: Particulate contamination in eye surgery

Gillies I.R., 1986: Particulate contamination in plastic ampules

Longe R.L., 1980: Particulate contamination in selected parenteral drugs

Veltman A.M., 1988: Particulate contamination in solutions of antibiotics packed as dry powders in vials

Passel W., 1981: Particulate contamination in sterilized water

Oppenheim R.C., 1986: Particulate contamination of australian ampoules

Pinnock C.A., 1984: Particulate contamination of solutions for intrathecal use

Taylor S.A., 1982: Particulate contamination of sterile syringes and needles

Section 7, Chapter 6069, Accession 006068225

Takle E.S., 1979: Particulate deposition from dry unpaved roadways

Raynor, G. S.; Hayes, J. V.; Ogden, E. C., 1975: Particulate dispersion from sources within a forest

Raynor, G. S.; Hayes, J. V.; Ogden, E. C., 1974: Particulate dispersion into and within a forest

Cox W.M., 1982: Particulate dispersion model evaluation a new approach using receptor models

Deflaun M., 1985: Particulate dna in subtropical oceanic and estuarine planktonic environments

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Muir W.M., 1979: Particulate emboli retained by a screen and a depth transfusion filter a scanning electron microscopic study

Ellenbecker M.J., 1982: Particulate emission factors for small wood and coal stoves

Meiering, A. G.; Hoefkes, H. J.; Otten, L., 1977: Particulate emission in corn drying

Lakowicz, J. R.; Englund, F.; Hidmark, A., 1978: Particulate enhanced membrane uptake of 1 2 benz anthracene observed by fluorescence spectroscopy a possible role in co carcinogenesis

Burns N.M., 1983: Particulate flux at the bottom of lake ontario usa canada

Tsunogai S., 1986: Particulate fluxes and major components of settling particles from sediment trap experiments in the pacific ocean

Sandrik R., 1983: Particulate forms of radium and barium in uranium mine waste waters and receiving river waters

Helson, B. V.; West, A. S., 1978: Particulate formulations of abate and methoxychlor as black fly larvicides their selective effects on stream fauna

Lehtonen E., 1985: Particulate fraction in amniotic fluid at second trimester

Zalenskii A.O., 1981: Particulate fractionation and some properties of basic proteins of sperm chromatin of bivalve mollusks

Kleinig H., 1983: Particulate fractions from chloroflexus aurantiacus and distribution of lipids and polyprenoid forming activities

Section 7, Chapter 6069, Accession 006068243

May, R. J.; Mccarthy, D. M., 1976: Particulate hexo kinase activity in rat intestine the comparative contributions of mitochondria and brush border membranes

Bookstein J.J., 1981: Particulate intra arterial embolization in pelvic arterio venous malformations

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Ward D.E., 1983: Particulate matter emissions for fires in the palmetto gallberry fuel type

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Wiebe, P. H.; Boyd, S. H.; Winget, C., 1976: Particulate matter sinking to the deep sea floor at 2000 meters in the tongue of the ocean bahamas with a description of a new sedimentation trap

Ishizaka S., 1979: Particulate metals in waters of a typical irrigation river the sakuragawa river japan

Puca G.A., 1985: Particulate nature of the unoccupied uterine estrogen receptor

Schumacher P.M., 1979: Particulate nitrate laboratory and field studies of major sampling interferences

Macias E.S., 1987: Particulate nitrate measurements in rural areas of the western usa

James A.E.Jr, 1985: Particulate oral nmr contrast agents

Section 7, Chapter 6069, Accession 006068264

Section 7, Chapter 6069, Accession 006068265

Section 7, Chapter 6069, Accession 006068266

Section 7, Chapter 6069, Accession 006068267

Section 7, Chapter 6069, Accession 006068268

Section 7, Chapter 6069, Accession 006068269

Section 7, Chapter 6069, Accession 006068270

Section 7, Chapter 6069, Accession 006068271

Section 7, Chapter 6069, Accession 006068272

Section 7, Chapter 6069, Accession 006068273

Section 7, Chapter 6069, Accession 006068274

Sugawara S., 1980: Particulate phase of cellulose cigarette smoke

Scoullos M., 1984: Particulate pollution monitoring in the elefsis gulf greece the role of mineral magnetic studies

Maita, Y.; Yanada, M., 1978: Particulate protein in coastal waters with special reference to seasonal variation

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Lal, D.; Somayajulu, B. L. K., 1977: Particulate transport of radio nuclides carbon 14 and iron 55 to deep waters in the pacific ocean

Nishioka, K., 1978: Particulate tyrosinase of human malignant melanoma solubilization purification following trypsin treatment and characterization

Andren A.W., 1979: Particulate zinc cadmium lead and copper in the surface micro layer of southern lake michigan

Denny P., 1985: Particulates and the cycling of lead in ullswater cumbria england uk

Ukhacheva, V. N., 1976: Particulation in oxytropis immersa in the eastern pamirs ussr

Champion H.R. , 1988: Partition a quantitative method for evaluating prehospital services for trauma patients

Ling T.G.I., 1980: Partition affinity ligand assay a new approach to binding assays

Section 7, Chapter 6069, Accession 006068295

Schwarz, F. J.; Kirchgessner, M., 1976: Partition and endogenous secretion of zinc given intra venous in rats with varying zinc intake

Li C.H., 1981: Partition and high performance liquid chromatography of beta lipotropin and synthetic human beta endorphin analogs

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Lien E.J., 1987: Partition behaviors of 2 substituted 4 phenylquinolines with different length in side chain structural implication and effect on pharmacological activities

Section 7, Chapter 6069, Accession 006068302

Section 7, Chapter 6069, Accession 006068303

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Section 7, Chapter 6069, Accession 006068487

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