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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6070

Chapter 6070 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Germuth, F. G-Jr ; Ridriguez, E.; Lorelle, C. A.; Trump, E. I.; Milano, L.; Wise, O., 1979: Passive immune complex glomerulo nephritis in mice models for various lesions found in human disease 1. high avidity complexes and mesangiopathic glomerulo nephritis

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Schwanzel-Fukuda, M.; Pfaff, D. W., 1987: Passive immunization of fetal rats with antiserum to lhrh or transection of the central roots of the nervus terminalis does not affect rat pups' preference for home nest

Johnson R.C.; Kodner C.; Russell M., 1986: Passive immunization of hamsters against experimental infection with the lyme disease spirochete

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Altmann K.; Mukkur T.K.S., 1983: Passive immunization of neo natal lambs against infection with entero pathogenic escherichia coli via colostrum of ewes immunized with crude and purified k 99 pili

Hinz K H.; Korthas G.; Lueders H.; Stiburek B.; Gluender G.; Brozeit H.E.; Redmann T., 1981: Passive immunization of turkey poults against turkey coryza bordetellosis by vaccination of parent breeders

Moudgal, R. N.; Mukku, V. R.; Prahalada, S.; Murty, G. S. R. C.; Li, C. H., 1978: Passive immunization with and antibody to the beta subunit of ovine luteinizing hormone as a method of early abortion a feasibility study in monkeys macaca radiata

Bolin C.A.; Jensen A.E., 1987: Passive immunization with antibodies against iron regulated outer membrane proteins protects turkeys from escherichia coli septicemia

Zeleznik A.J.; Hutchison J.S.; Schuler M.M., 1987: Passive immunization with antiestradiol antibodies during the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle potentiates the perimenstrual rise in serum gonadotropin concentrations and stimulates follicular growth in the cynomolgus monkey macaca fascicularis

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Reif, A. E.; Li, R. W.; Robinson, C. M., 1977: Passive immuno therapy for mouse leukemias with anti sera of directed specificity synergism with the action of cyclo phosphamide

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Shinoda, H.; Yamazaki, M.; Mizuno, D., 1977: Passive immuno therapy of established tumors with syngeneic anti tumor serum in combination with immuno potentiators

Nobis P.; Jaenisch R., 1980: Passive immuno therapy prevents expression of endogenous moloney virus and amplification of pro viral dna in balb mo mice

Gutmann, E.; Hasek, M.; Chutna, J., 1976: Passive immunological enhancement of muscle allo grafts in rats

Culler M.D.; Negro Vilar A., 1988: Passive immunoneutralization of endogenous inhibition sex related differences in the role of inhibin during development

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Farmer K.; Gunn T.; Woodfield D.G., 1985: Passive immunoprophylaxis of hepatitis b virus infections in newborn infants

Gigliotti F.; Hughes W.T., 1988: Passive immunoprophylaxis with specific monoclonal antibody confers partial protection against pneumocystis carinii pneumonitis in animal models

Law B.; Mason P.A.; Moffat A.C.; King L.J.; Marks V., 1984: Passive inhalation of cannabis smoke

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Alter H.W.; Fleischer R.L., 1981: Passive integrating radon monitor for environmental monitoring

Tsuchiya T., 1988: Passive interaction between sliding filaments in the osmotically compressed skinned muscle fibers of the frog

Cooke A.; Earnshaw M.J., 1985: Passive interactions of calcium and other multivalent cations with the membranes of isolated corn zea mays cultivar kelvedon glory mitochondria

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Turnquist J.E., 1985: Passive joint mobility in patas monkeys erythrocebus patas rehabilitation of caged animals after release into a free ranging environment

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Gaffney F.A.; Bastian B.C.; Thal E.R.; Atkins J.M.; Blomqvist C.G., 1982: Passive leg raising does not produce a significant or sustained auto transfusion effect

Lynch, N. R.; Salomon, J. C., 1977: Passive local anaphylaxis demonstration of anti tumor activity and complementation of intra tumor bcg

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Makan N.R., 1981: Passive membrane permeability to small molecules and ions in transformed mammalian cells probable role of surface phosphorylation

Grantyn R.; Grantyn A.; Schierwagen A., 1983: Passive membrane properties afterpotentials and repetitive firing of superior colliculus neurons studied in the anesthetized cat

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Wang J.R., 1983: Passive microwave sensing of soil moisture content the effects of soil bulk density and surface roughness

Pavlov D.S.; Mochek A.D.; Gutierres E., 1988: Passive migrations of young fish on the cuban shelf

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Robertson W.W.Jr; Janssen H.F.; Walker R.N., 1985: Passive movement of radioactive microspheres from bone and soft tissue in an extremity

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O'neill, B. P., 1977: Passive ocular proptosis

Wexler A.S.; Kalaba R.E.; Marsh D.J., 1987: Passive one dimensional countercurrent models do not simulate hypertonic urine formation

Zinkernagel, R. M.; Colombini, A., 1975: Passive oral immunization with bovine immuno globulins entero pathogenic escherichia coli from infants and bovine anti escherichia coli lacto serum assayed in the rabbit ileal loop model

Agam G.; Livne A., 1983: Passive participation of fixed platelets in aggregation facilitated by covalently bound fibrinogen

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Wust C.J.; Crombie R.; Brown A., 1987: Passive protection across subgroups of alphaviruses by hyperimmune non cross neutralizing anti sindbis serum

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Shieh H.S., 1985: Passive protection of atlantic salmon with rainbow trout antiserum to protease of a virulent strain of aeromonas salmonicida

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Morris J.A.; Wray C.; Sojka W.J., 1980: Passive protection of lambs against entero pathogenic escherichia coli role of antibodies in serum and colostrum of dams vaccinated with k 99 antigens

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Mchardy N., 1980: Passive protection of mice against infection with trypanosoma cruzi with plasma the use of blood derived and vector bug derived trypomastigote challenge

Letchworth G.J.IIi; Appleton J.A., 1983: Passive protection of mice and sheep against bluetongue virus by a neutralizing mono clonal antibody

Traub W.H., 1983: Passive protection of nmri mice against serratia marcescens comparative efficacy of commercial human immuno globulin g immuno globulin preparations and rabbit anti o anti h anti k anti live cell and anti protease immune sera

Traub W.H., 1986: Passive protection of nmri mice with commercial intravenously applicable human immunoglobulin igg preparations against serratia marcescens

Sabin S.; Schwanig M., 1979: Passive protection tests in the mouse with pertussis immuno globulin

Cooper R.L.; Beale D.G.; Constable I.J., 1979: Passive radio telemetry of intra ocular pressure in vivo calibration and validation of continual scleral guard ring applanation transensors in the dog and rabbit

Merritt J.L.; Hunder G.G., 1983: Passive range of motion not isometric exercise amplifies acute urate synovitis

Thomas, R.; Mousset, S., 1970: Passive replication of hetero immune bacterio phage in a lambda driven replicon

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