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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6071

Chapter 6071 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Beller, F.K., 1970:
Patho physiologic aspects of circulating endo toxin in septic abortion

Stern, R.C., 1977:
Patho physiologic basis for symptomatic treatment of fever

Lutmer, R.F.; Wexler, B.C., 1970:
Patho physiologic changes associated with the development of arterio sclerosis during various phases of the reproductive cycles of repeatedly bred rats

Wackers F.J.; Klay J.W.; Laks H.; Schnitzer J.; Zaret B.L.; Geha A.S., 1981:
Patho physiologic correlates of right ventricular thallium 201 uptake in a canine model

Monath T.P.; Brinker K.R.; Chandler F.W.; Kemp G.E.; Cropp C.B., 1981:
Patho physiologic correlations in a rhesus monkey macaca mulatta model of yellow fever with special observations on the acute necrosis of b cell areas of lymphoid tissues

Mcintyre, K.M.; Parisi, A.F.; Benfari, R.; Goldberg, A.H.; Dalen, J.E., 1978:
Patho physiologic syndromes of cardio pulmonary resuscitation

Yamada, J., 1978:
Patho physiological alterations of the ischemic brain damage following occlusion of the middle cerebral artery

Imai T.; Takase S.; Arai M.; Fujita T., 1982:
Patho physiological analysis of a patient in hyperdynamic septic shock

Litvinova N.M.; Bobritskaya Z.M.; Gordienko Z.P.; Gorbatko L.G., 1981:
Patho physiological and morphological changes of the central nervous system during long term administration of haloperidol

Shikunova L.G.; Mirotvorskaya G.N., 1981:
Patho physiological and morphological study of the central nervous system after long term clinical death

Hrbek, V., 1976:
Patho physiological and pathogenic interpretation of the clinical picture of chromophobe adenoma of the hypophysis and of cranio pharyngioma

Tarakhovskii M.L., 1982:
Patho physiological approach to pharmaco therapy of hypoxic conditions of a fetus and a new born

Wild, K.V.; Dolce, G., 1976:
Patho physiological aspects concerning the treatment of the apallic syndrome

Rossow N.; Bergner H.; Jacobi U., 1980:
Patho physiological aspects of carbohydrate conversion in ruminants

Shilov A.M.; Orlov L.L.; Kokomina E.F., 1982:
Patho physiological aspects of cardiac insufficiency complicating acute myo cardial infarction

Von-Euler, U.S., 1972:
Patho physiological aspects of catecholamine production

Petelin L.S.; Smirnov Y.D.; Vartanyan K.Z.; Ushakov O.V.; Mamysheva L.D., 1980:
Patho physiological aspects of intermittent torticollis therapy

Tereshchenko I.P.; Kashulina A.P., 1979:
Patho physiological aspects of metastasis of malignant tumors

Shalimov A.A.; Sukharev I.I.; Furmanenko E.D.; Bakharev A.M.; Soroka A.M.; Turaev P.I., 1980:
Patho physiological aspects of venous hemodynamics in acute deep venous thrombosis and post thrombo phlebitic syndrome of the lower limbs and pelvis

Pang, C.Y.; Campbell, L.D.; Phillips, G.D., 1978:
Patho physiological changes in plasma and body composition of young poults fed a sodium deficient diet

Tarasov N.I.; Kuvshinova E.I., 1980:
Patho physiological changes of kidney function during the development of renal insufficiency in patients with nephro lithiasis residing in a hot climate

Corr P.B.; Snyder D.W.; Lee B.I.; Gross R.W.; Keim C.R.; Sobel B.E., 1982:
Patho physiological concentrations of lyso phosphatides and the slow response

Miralles Lozano F.; Fernandez Sanchez J.; Valencia Rodirguez A.; Carpintero Avellaneda J.L.; Merino Berdugo J., 1982:
Patho physiological disturbances in bagassosis and bagasse workers

Kahane J.C., 1979:
Patho physiological effects of moebius syndrome on speech and hearing

Hribalova V., 1980:
Patho physiological effects of the erythrogenic toxins

Barinov E.F., 1979:
Patho physiological features of the heart during biological preservation by the robicsek method

Albertazzi A.; Del Rosso G.; D.P.olo B.; Spisni C.; Palmieri P.F.; Cappelli P.; R., 1981:
Patho physiological foundations of a tailored management of essential hypertension

Milstead J.E., 1980:
Patho physiological influences of the heterorhabditis bacteriophora complex on 5th instar larvae of the red humped caterpillar schizura concinna changes in feeding rate larval weight and frass production

Milstead J.E., 1980:
Patho physiological influences of the heterorhabditis bacteriophora complex on 7th instar larvae of galleria mellonella effect on silk production

Milstead J.E., 1979:
Patho physiological influences of the heterorhabditis bacteriophora complex on 7th instar larvae of the greater wax moth galleria mellonella changes in the hemolymph refractive index

Hrbek, V., 1977:
Patho physiological interpretation of gerstmanns syndrome definition of new broader syndrome of inter parietal disconnection their value for topical diagnostics of lesions in the dominant cerebral hemisphere

Zin'kovskii M.F.; Osmonov E.E., 1983:
Patho physiological mechanisms of disturbances in hemodynamics with the fallot triad

Tikhonov, M.A.; Loginova, E.V., 1977:
Patho physiological mechanisms of the effect of hyperoxia on human lung function

Malagelada, J.R., 1978:
Patho physiological responses to meals in the zollinger ellison syndrome part 1 paradoxical post prandial inhibition of gastric secretion

Sumii K., 1981:
Patho physiological role of antral gastrin in patients with peptic ulcer

Shestakov, V.A.; Zatevakhin, I.I.; Vinogradova, O.I.; Aleksandrova, N.P., 1975:
Patho physiological shifts in the blood coagulation system in cases of embolism of major arteries of the extremities

Kuhara, K., 1976:
Patho physiological significance of achlorhydria in gastric carcinoma

Tanabe M.; Fujiwara S.; Ohta N.; Shimamoto N.; Hirata M., 1980:
Patho physiological significance of coronary collaterals for preservation of the myo cardium during coronary occlusion and re perfusion in anesthetized dogs

Moore P.K.; Hoult J.R.S., 1980:
Patho physiological states modify levels in rat plasma of factors which inhibit synthesis and enhance breakdown of prostaglandin

Matsushita, K.; Matsumoto, K., 1977:
Patho physiological studies of manic depressive psychosis a study on the relationship between autonomic nervous function and urinary catecholamines

Tsukamoto, M., 1982:
Patho physiological studies of the stomach and duodenum 1. duodenal mal rotation in healthy subjects

Tsukamoto, M., 1982:
Patho physiological studies of the stomach and duodenum 2. comparison between peptic ulcer group and control group

Yoshimi A., 1979:
Patho physiological studies on liver injuries with reference to metabolism of acetone bodies and pyridine nucleotides

Ishikawa Y., 1979:
Patho physiological studies on post alimentary lipemia with special reference to the effect of exogenous hyper tri glyceridemia on intra myo cardial tissue oxygen tension

Nozu, M.; Yamamoto, M.; Ofune, S.; Nishimura, A.; Bando, T., 1977:
Patho physiological studies on potato late blight with special reference to the induction of resistant reaction by the application of dna fraction from the interspecific hybrid

Matsuoka S.; Mizoguchi T.; Ueno S., 1979:
Patho physiological studies on the electro encephalographic abnormalities in patients with central nervous system disease with special reference to computer topographic display of delta wave

Goto Y., 1983:
Patho physiological studies on the ventricular enlargement following cerebral infarction

Staedtler, K.; Allgoewer, M.; Cueni, L.B.; Schoenenberger, G.A., 1972:
Patho physiological studies with a burn model in mice

Murata T., 1980:
Patho physiological study of experimental hydrocephalus with computed tomography scan

Kido M., 1981:
Patho physiological study on monocrotaline induced pulmonary hypertension in rats

Sasaki H.; Koyama S.; Abe M.; Tanaka J., 1980:
Patho physiological study on obesity study on hypertrophic fat cells by adipose tissue culture

Hrbek, J., 1976:
Patho physiology and clinic of brain disorders in semiotic systems inner thought speech spoken and written speech calculia musia and constructional praxia

Podesta, R.B.; Mettrick, D.F., 1976:
Patho physiology and compensatory mechanisms in a compatible host parasite system

Miyazaki M.; Sawa H.; Mori T.; Hoda N.; Shimizu H.; Fujioka H.; Kosaka Y.; Takezawa H.; Sugimura Y.; Yamazaki Y., 1981:
Patho physiology and management of obstructive nephropathy a case report and review of literature

Mori T.; Sawa H.; Iwata J.; Takezawa M.; Kosaka Y.; Takezawa H., 1981 :
Patho physiology and management of uremic peri carditis

Fedorov N.A.; Gorbunova N.A.; Yarochkin V.S.; Koziner V.B.; Nedoshivina R.V.; Balakina T.A.; Garfunkel' M.L.; Moskaleva G.P.; Matvienko V.P.; E.A., 1980:
Patho physiology and pathogenesis of the massive transfusion syndrome

Oka Y.; Miyamoto T.; Shimizu Y.; Ohashi H.; Suehiro S.; Ogawa N.; Yoshida T.; Kitai K.; Iwaoka S.; Yamamoto T., 1983:
Patho physiology and surgical treatment of atrio ventricular valvular lesions associated with cardiac myxoma

Sakoda K., 1979:
Patho physiology and surgical treatment of obstructive jaundice

Storm W., 1981:
Patho physiology and treatment of asphyxia of the new born

Takahashi, H., 1983:
Patho physiology and treatment of von willebrands disease 6. variant von willebrands disease complicating placenta previa

Burnstock G., 1981:
Patho physiology migraine a new hypothesis

Singh K.K.; Jha G.J.; Singh P.N.; Chauhan H.V.S., 1984:
Patho physiology of acute aldrin intoxication in goats

Sutton J.R.; Lassen N., 1979:
Patho physiology of acute mountain sickness and high altitude pulmonary edema hypothesis

Studley J.G.N.; Lee J.B.; Schenk W.G.Jr, 1982:
Patho physiology of acute pancreatitis evaluation of the effects and mode of action of indomethacin in experimental pancreatitis in dogs

Sharma S.N.; Prasad B.; Kohli R.N.; Singh J., 1982:
Patho physiology of bovine uremia

Hartl, J., 1976:
Patho physiology of constructional apraxia

Bystrov S.S.; Timchenko G.P., 1979:
Patho physiology of drowning causes and character of disturbances of electrolyte balance in experimental drowning in fresh water

Feletti C.; Docci D.; Capelli M.; Bonomini V., 1981:
Patho physiology of endogenous calcitonin in chronic uremia

Arieff A.I.; Park R.; Leach W.J.; Lazarowitz V.C., 1980:
Patho physiology of experimental lactic acidosis in dogs

Conradi S.; Grimby L.; Lundemo G., 1982:
Patho physiology of fasciculations in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis as studied by electro myography of single motor units

Quesney, L.F.; Gloor, P.; Kratzenberg, E.; Zumstein, H., 1977:
Patho physiology of generalized penicillin epilepsy in the cat the role of cortical and subcortical structures part 1 systemic application of penicillin

Gloor, P.; Quesney, L.F.; Zumstein, H., 1977:
Patho physiology of generalized penicillin epilepsy in the cat the role of cortical and subcortical structures part 2 topical application of penicillin to the cerebral cortex and to sub cortical structures

Takasu S.; Tsuchiya H., 1980:
Patho physiology of giant rugae 113 cases of menetriers disease

Nielsen, V.K., 1984:
Patho physiology of hemi facial spasm 1. ephaptic transmission and ectopic excitation

Nielsen, V.K., 1984:
Patho physiology of hemi facial spasm 2. lateral spread of the supraorbital nerve reflex

Nielsen, V.K.; Jannetta, P.J., 1984:
Patho physiology of hemi facial spasm 3. effects of facial nerve decompression

Ukikusa, M.; Kamiyama, Y.; Sato, T.; Tanaka, J.; Jones, R.T.; Cowley, R.A.; Trump, B.F., 1981:
Patho physiology of hemorrhagic shock 2. anoxic metabolism of the rat liver following acute blood loss in the rat

Barriga O.O.; Arnoni J.V., 1981:
Patho physiology of hepatic coccidiosis in rabbits

Landolt J.P.; Money K.E.; Topliff E.D.L.; Nicholas A.D.; Laufer J.; Johnson W.H., 1980:
Patho physiology of inner ear dys function in the squirrel monkey saimiri sciureus in rapid decompression

Knochel, J.P.; Dotin, L.N.; Hamburger, R.J., 1972:
Patho physiology of intense physical conditioning in a hot climate part 1 mechanisms of potassium depletion

Adornato, D.C.; Gildenberg, P.L.; Ferrario, C.M.; Smart, J.; Frost, E.A.M., 1978:
Patho physiology of intra venous air embolism in dogs

Ames, A.I.i ; Nesbett, F.B., 1983:
Patho physiology of ischemic cell death 1. time of onset of irreversible damage importance of the different components of the ischemic insult

Ames, A.I.i ; Nesbett, F.B., 1983:
Patho physiology of ischemic cell death 2. changes in plasma membrane permeability and cell volume

Ames, A.I.i ; Nesbett, F.B., 1983:
Patho physiology of ischemic cell death 3. role of extracellular factors

Kinoshita, K.; Amagasaki, T.; Yamada, Y.; Kamihara, S.; Muta, T.; Kitamura, T.; Ikeda, S., 1981:
Patho physiology of malignant lymphoma from the hematological point of view 1. leukemic transformation of malignant lymphoma especially traditional reticulum cell sarcoma

Horiuchi T.; Kawasaki J.; Sekiguchi H.; Nagano M., 1982:
Patho physiology of pulmonary air embolism sequential effects of continuous intra venous air infusion on cardio pulmonary system

Suzuki H., 1982:
Patho physiology of rectal prolapse

Gambaryan L.S.; Kazaryan G.M.; Garibyan A.A.; Gevorkyan K.N.; Kazaryan L.G.; Mikaelyan M.Kh; Kazaryan A.G., 1981:
Patho physiology of the amygdalar complex

Dragomirescu M.; Novac E.; Buzinschi S.; Dragomirescu L., 1980:
Patho physiology of the infectious process 3 priority pathogenetic models

Vidhyasekaran, P., 1974:
Patho physiology of the resistance of finger millet to helminthosporiose

Raz, S.; Kaufman, J.J., 1976:
Patho physiology of the urethral compression operation the use of silicone gel prostheses

Yoshie T., 1979:
Patho physiology of total pancreatectomy and its management

Honda T., 1987:
Patho surgical study of resected lung cancer

Campos V.D.P.; Silva D.O.; D.C.rvalho M.G., 1980:
Patho toxins produced in vitro by brazilian isolates of helminthosporium maydis

Samsonov V.A.; Nekachalov V.V., 1988:
Pathoanatomic characterization of lung cancer in 1981 1985 analysis of 2000 autopsy protocols

Tumanskii V.A., 1985:
Pathoanatomical characterization of hyperosmolar and other comatose conditions

Kalashnikova, E.P., 1986:
Pathoanatomical diagnosis of placental insufficiency in various forms of maternal pathology

Laulund S.; Visfeldt J.; Klinken L., 1986:
Pathoanatomical studies in patients dying of acquired immune deficiency syndrome

Kanayan A.S.; Permyakov N.K.; Titova G.P.; Arabadzhyan K.P., 1984:
Pathoanatomy and pathogenesis of experimental pancreatitis

Kleesiek K.; Van D.L.ur E.; Reinards R.; Greiling H., 1987:
Pathobiochemical significance of granulocyte elastase complexed with proteinase inhibitors effect on glycosaminoglycan metabolism in culture synovial cells

Murakami, M., 1982:
Pathobiologic classification of depressed early gastric carcinoma

Parker, J.C.; McCloskey, J.J.; Knauer, K.A., 1976:
Pathobiologic features of human candidiasis. A common deep mycosis of the brain, heart and kidney in the altered host

Grafström, R.C.; Dypbukt, J.M.; Willey, J.C.; Sundqvist, K.; Edman, C.; Atzori, L.; Harris, C.C., 1988 :
Pathobiological effects of acrolein in cultured human bronchial epithelial cells

Nishida T., 1984:
Pathobiology and treatment of herpetic keratitis

Ioachim H.L., 1977:
Pathobiology annual vol 7

Ioachim H.L., 1978:
Pathobiology annual vol 8

Prehn, R.T.; Prehn, L.M., 1975:
Pathobiology of neoplasia. A teaching monograph

Mcmanus L.M.; Hanahan D.J.; Demopoulos C.A.; Pinckard R.N., 1980:
Pathobiology of the intra venous infusion of acetyl glyceryl ether phosphoryl choline a synthetic platelet activating factor in the rabbit

Popov Y.V., 1986:
Pathocharacterological reactions in adolescence

Suslina Z.A.; Lebedeva N.V., 1987:
Pathochemical aspects of blood and csf prostaglandins in hypertensive patients with ischemic disorders of cerebral circulation

Bhushan A.; Prasad M., 1987:
Pathochemical studies of cowpea infected with xanthomonas campestris pathovar vignicola and the role of leaf amino acids in evoking susceptible and resistant responses

Yamaguchi S.; Okuno A.; Eto Y.; Maekawa K., 1985:
Pathochemical study of a case of hereditary cerebral degenerative disease lipopigment accumulation and peroxidase deficiency in brain

Wacha, H.; Rieber, W.; Schumann, J.; Helm, E.B., 1979 :
Pathogen elimination after surgical interventions on common bile duct

Quazi, M.H.; Martin, S.D., 1978:
Pathogen free potato plants regenerated from meristem tip cultures

Parker, M.A., 1987:
Pathogen impact on sexual vs. asexual reproductive success in arisaema triphyllum

Vandermolen G.E.; Labavitch J.M.; Strand L.L.; Devay J.E., 1983:
Pathogen induced vascular gels ethylene as a host intermediate

Richter A.R.; Fuxa J.R., 1984:
Pathogen pathogen and pathogen insecticide interactions in velvetbean caterpillar anticarsia gemmatalis lepidoptera noctuidae

Spotte S.; Adams G., 1981:
Pathogen reduction in closed aquaculture systems by uv radiation fact or artifact?

Barrett J.A.; Wolfe M.S., 1980:
Pathogen response to host resistance and its implication in breeding programs

Radolf J.D.; Norgard M.V., 1988:
Pathogen specificity of treponema pallidum ssp pallidum integral membrane proteins identified by phase partitioning with triton x 114

Gold R.E.; Sylvester E.S., 1982:
Pathogen strains and leafhopper species as factors in the transmission of western x disease agent under varying light and temperature conditions

Tielen M.J.M., 1987:
Pathogen supply influence of environment and stage of production

Abdul P.; Lloyd D., 1985 :
Pathogen survival during anaerobic digestion fatty acids inhibit anaerobic growth of escherichia coli

Patel P.N., 1981:
Pathogen variability and host resistance in bacterial pustule disease of cowpea vigna unguiculata in africa

Milhaud C.L.; Mahouy G., 1986:
Pathogen viruses in primates and their control

Komuro, N.; Ohishi, M.; Kurashima, T.; Yokoyama, S.; Ohsuka, H.; Ito, H., 1981:
Pathogenesis and behavior of invasive mole without preceding hydatidiform mole

Romanski B., 1986:
Pathogenesis and clinic of food induced allergic reactions

Mangold, G.; Kümmerle, F., 1976:
Pathogenesis and clinic of pancreatic fistulas

Peitsch, W.; Burkhardt, K., 1976:
Pathogenesis and clinical features of gastric stump carcinoma

Arnold, W.; Ganzer, U.; Nasemann, T.h., 1977:
Pathogenesis and clinical observations of papillomatous diseases of the skin and of the mucous membranes

Hopp W.; Witte K.H.; Prager D., 1985:
Pathogenesis and clinical picture of aujeszkys disease in cattle after experimental infection of respiratory alimentary and reproductive organ and the skin

Fueessl H.S.; Schaelzky H.; Schewe S.; Frey K.W.; Goebel F D., 1985:
Pathogenesis and clinical significance of medial calcinosis of moenckeberg

Mayr A., 1986 :
Pathogenesis and control of infectious factorial disease in livestock production

Barkagan L.Z.; Arkhipov B.F., 1980:
Pathogenesis and correlation of hemostasis disturbances in schoenlein henochs hemorrhagic vasculitis

Karpov, R.S.; Slepushkin, V.D.; Mordovin, V.F.; Zykova, V.A.; Khavinson, V.Kh., 1986:
Pathogenesis and diagnosis of dysovarian cardiomyopathy

Vertongen, F., 1985:
Pathogenesis and diagnosis of hemoglobinopathies

Jezersek P.; Kordas M.; Vodopivec V., 1985:
Pathogenesis and differential diagnosis of edema

Gabal, M.A., 1985:
Pathogenesis and electron microscopic changes of spherulogenesis of Coccidioides immitis (valley fever)

Connor, W.E., 1975:
Pathogenesis and frequency of essential fatty acid deficiency during total parenteral nutrition

Smedegard Petersen V., 1976:
Pathogenesis and genetics of net spot blotch and leaf stripe of barley caused by pyrenophora teres and pyrenophora graminea

Basher, H.A.; Fowler, D.R.; Rodgers, F.G.; Seaman, A.; Woodbine, M., 1984:
Pathogenesis and growth of Listeria monocytogenes in fertile hens' eggs

Hambleton P.; Stephenson J.R.; Baskerville A.; Wiblin C.N., 1983:
Pathogenesis and immune response of vaccinated and unvaccinated rhesus monkeys macaca mulatta to tick borne encephalitis virus

Vassallo P.; Majorana M.A.; Tranfa F.; Uccello G.; Bonavolonta G., 1988:
Pathogenesis and incidence of amblyopia in patients with infantile hemangioma of the orbit

Grizic, A.M.; Marszalek, W.W., 1985:
Pathogenesis and management of ureteric injuries

Sher, G., 1977:
Pathogenesis and management of uterine inertia complicating abruptio placentae with consumption coagulopathy

Keppler D., 1975:
Pathogenesis and mechanism of liver cell necrosis

Anestiadi V.Kh; Nagornev V.A., 1984:
Pathogenesis and morphogenesis of atherosclerosis clinico experimental aspects

Maksimov V.A.; Balyabin A.A.; Dygin V.P.; Lyashenko Y.I., 1983:
Pathogenesis and morphogenesis of infectious myo carditis

Kadyrov N.T., 1979:
Pathogenesis and patho morphology of experimental delafondiosis in foals

Baskerville, A.; Hambleton, P., 1976:
Pathogenesis and pathology of respiratory tularemia in the rabbit

Bozzetti, F.; Terno, G.; Camerini, E.; Baticci, F.; Scarpa, D.; Pupa, A., 1982:
Pathogenesis and predictability of central venous catheter sepsis

Chesebro, J.H.; Fuster, V., 1986:
Pathogenesis and prevention of aortocoronary bypass graft occlusion

Meerson F.Z.; Abdikaliev N.A., 1981:
Pathogenesis and prevention of hypoxic contracture of the rat heart

Kosloske, A.M., 1984:
Pathogenesis and prevention of necrotizing enterocolitis: a hypothesis based on personal observation and a review of the literature

Depalma, R.G.; Chidi, C.C.; Sternfeld, W.C.; Koletsky, S., 1977:
Pathogenesis and prevention of trauma provoked atheromas

Matsumori, A.; Kawai, C.; Crumpacker, C.S.; Abelmann, W.H., 1987:
Pathogenesis and preventive and therapeutic trials in an animal model of dilated cardiomyopathy induced by a virus

Winkelmann, R.K., 1976:
Pathogenesis and staging of scleroderma

Novak, V.J., 1984:
Pathogenesis and surgical therapy of migraine attacks caused by weather (Foehn) and menstruation

Biasi, G.; Bianchi, E.; Perego, P.; Farina, A.; Pignoli, P.; Biglioli, P., 1978:
Pathogenesis and surgical treatment of peripheral vascular diseases

Lokvancic H.; Dzuvic A.; Mutevelic A.; Hadzimuratovic M.; Klancevic J., 1980:
Pathogenesis and therapy of liver dys function during the final stage of pregnancy and puerperium

Romano, J., 1976:
Pathogenesis and therapy of neo natal graves disease

Dreher R.; Roebe Oltmanns B.; Fink K.; Seidel H., 1986:
Pathogenesis and therapy of rheumatic inflammation

Bondarenko S.; Malyshev Y.I.; Blagosklonov A.V.; Lebedev V.N., 1981:
Pathogenesis and therapy of tic type hyper kineses in children

Machemer, R.; Williams, J.M., 1988:
Pathogenesis and therapy of traction detachment in various retinal vascular diseases

Dorsch W.; Baur X.; Emslander H.P.; Fruhmann G., 1980:
Pathogenesis and treatment of allergen induced late bronchial obstruction

Bleyaert, A.L.; Kuperwasser, B.; Chang, J.L.; Cohn, N.; Willy, J.A.; Nemoto, E.M., 1980:
Pathogenesis and treatment of anoxic encephalopathy. Definition and importance of experimental animal models

Bywater, R.J., 1976:
Pathogenesis and treatment of Escherichia coli infections in calves

Studer, U.E.; Weidmann, P., 1984:
Pathogenesis and treatment of hypertension in renal tuberculosis

Perrin C.; Long F X.; Mariel P., 1985:
Pathogenesis and treatment of laryngo tracheal and cricoid stenosis

Ryzhkova, M.N.; Tarasova, L.A., 1975:
Pathogenesis and treatment of manganese induced Parkinsonism

Mau H.; Lingg W., 1985:
Pathogenesis and treatment of metatarsus varus

Lattanzi, A., 1981:
Pathogenesis and treatment of nitrogen breakdown anomalies hyper azotemia vs. hyper ammonemia vs. hyper uricemia

Roediger, W.E.; Kay, S., 1977:
Pathogenesis and treatment of plunging ranulas

Williams, R.; Buckley, R.J., 1985:
Pathogenesis and treatment of recurrent erosion

Nisevich, N.I.; Uchaikin, V.F., 1977:
Pathogenesis and treatment of severe forms of viral hepatitis in children

Nagahiro S.; Matsukado Y.; Hirata Y.; Saito Y.; Hamada J I.; Fukumura A.; Itoyama Y., 1987:
Pathogenesis and treatment of the secondary syringomyelia

Rapis, E.G., 1978:
Pathogenesis and treatment of traumatic hemophthalmia

Dzhavad Zade M.D.; Abdullaev K.I.; Akperov T.R.; Guseinov E.Ya, 1986:
Pathogenesis and treatment of vesico ureteral reflux in children with uninhibited urinary bladder

Arbelaez R.G., 1983:
Pathogenesis assay of vesicular stomatitis virus in cattle

Nutting, W.B., 1976:
Pathogenesis associated with hair follicle mites (Acari: Demodicidae)

Nutting, W.B.; Green, A.C., 1976:
Pathogenesis associated with hair follicle mites (Demodex spp.) in Australian Aborigines

Kutzner M., 1982:
Pathogenesis classification and diagnosis of closed cranio cerebral trauma

Wegener M.; Boersch G.; Reitemeyer E.; Schmidt G., 1986:
Pathogenesis clinical aspects and non invasive diagnosis of acute hepatic ischemia due to fulminant circulatory failure

Toguebaye B.S.; Marchand B., 1985:
Pathogenesis cycle development and ultrastructure of amblyospora culicis new species protozoa microspora parasite of the mosquito culex quinquefasciatus diptera culicidae

Schneider H J.; Rugendorff E.W.; Roehrborn C., 1985:
Pathogenesis diagnosis and therapy of induratio penis plastica

Kocik T., 1981:
Pathogenesis immunogenic properties and antigenic structure of domestic strains of trichophyton verrucosum

E.S.erif M.A.; E.H.wary I.S., 1980:
Pathogenesis in strawberry by the nematode meloidogyne incognita

Yamamoto A., 1982:
Pathogenesis in the occurrence of myo cardial ischemia in cases of brain stroke

Dykstra, M.A.; Friedman, L., 1978:
Pathogenesis, lethality, and immunizing effect of experimental cutaneous cryptococcosis

Huland H.; Klosterhalfen H., 1982:
Pathogenesis morphology diagnosis and therapy of rejection of the transplanted kidney

Takemiya, M.; Miyayama, H.; Takeuchi, T., 1982:
Pathogenesis of 1 2 di methyl hydrazine induced carcinomas in rat intestine 1. induction of mucin producing carcinomas in rat intestine

Takemiya, M.; Miyayama, H.; Takeuchi, T., 1982:
Pathogenesis of 1 2 di methyl hydrazine induced carcinomas in rat intestine 2. histochemical and ultrastructural characteristics of glyco proteins of 1 2 di methyl hydrazine induced carcinoma cells

Villarreal D.; Freeman R.H.; Davis J.O.; Sweet W.D.; Garoutte G., 1984:
Pathogenesis of 1 kidney 1 clip hypertension in rats after renal denervation

Mcbride M.C.; Kemper T.L., 1982:
Pathogenesis of 4 layered microgyric cortex in man

Okishima T.; Ohdo S.; Hayakawa K.; Okamoto N., 1985:
Pathogenesis of a bisdiamine induced malformation complex in rat resembling digeorge syndrome

Sedarati, F.; Javier, R.T.; Stevens, J.G., 1988:
Pathogenesis of a lethal mixed infection in mice with two nonneuroinvasive herpes simplex virus strains

Jahrling, P.B.; Hesse, R.A.; Rhoderick, J.B.; Elwell, M.A.; Moe, J.B., 1981:
Pathogenesis of a pichinde virus strain adapted to produce lethal infections in guinea pigs

Abe Y., 1980:
Pathogenesis of abnormal architecture of the cerebral neo cortex and hippocampal formation in experimentally induced microcephalic mice

Shimada M.; Yamano T.; Ohta S.; Yamazaki S.; Ohya N.; Abe Y., 1982:
Pathogenesis of abnormal cyto architecture in the cerebral cortex and hippocampus of the mouse treated trans placentally with cytosine arabinoside

Inoue, M.; Fujiwara, T.; Ohe, K.; Okada, Y.; Matsumoto, H.; Shirakawa, T.; Miyoshi, A., 1981:
Pathogenesis of abnormality in gastric acid secretion studied by intra gastric titration 1. fundamental study on the technical problems of intra gastric titration

Fujiwara, T.; Ohe, K.; Okada, Y.; Matsumoto, H.; Shirakawa, T.; Inoue, M.; Miyoshi, A., 1981:
Pathogenesis of abnormality in gastric acid secretion studied by intra gastric titration 2. acid secretion by heidenhain pouch induced by meal in dogs with pyloric blockade and the mechanism of inhibition by lowering the intra gastric ph

Fujiwara, T.; Ohe, K.; Inoue, M.; Matsumoto, H.; Okada, Y.; Shirakawa, T.; Miyoshi, A., 1981:
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Pathogenesis of acquired rectal structure of swine

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Pathogenesis of acute cardiac insufficiency in closed chest trauma in dogs

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Pathogenesis of acute renal failure transmission electron microscopic and scanning electron microscopic studies of the ultrastructural changes of experimental ischemic renal tubules

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Pathogenesis of acute viral myocarditis

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Pathogenesis of adhesions in endometriosis

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Pathogenesis of age related features of experimental atherosclerosis development

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Pathogenesis of aleutian disease in mink 9. occurrence of auto antibodies

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Pathogenesis of allergic manifestations of neuro arthritic diathesis in children

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Pathogenesis of allogenic tissue incompatibility in the bobak marmot on a background of hypo reactive states

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Pathogenesis of amyloidosis in periodic disease

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Pathogenesis of amyotrophic leukospongiosis induced in guinea pigs by retrobulbar infection

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Pathogenesis of anastomotic aneurysms

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Pathogenesis of and causal surgery for senile entropion by en bloc resection

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Pathogenesis of anemia in collagen disease 1. heme synthesis of bone marrow erythroblasts in systemic lupus erythematosus patients and the effect of peripheral blood mononuclear cells and sera

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Pathogenesis of anemia in collagen diseases 2. effect of lymphocytes from rheumatoid arthritis patients on the heme synthesis of human bone marrow erythro blasts

Sugimoto, M.; Wakabayashi, Y.; Shiokawa, Y.; Takaku, F., 1981:
Pathogenesis of anemia in collagen diseases 4. effect of synovial fluid lymphocytes from rheumatoid arthritis patients on heme synthesis of human bone marrow erythro blasts

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Pathogenesis of anemia in patients undergoing chronic dialysis program

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Pathogenesis of anemia in the syndrome of massive transfusions

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Pathogenesis of anemia of inflammation erythrocyte survival

Weiss D.J.; Krehbiel J.D.; Lund J.E., 1983:
Pathogenesis of anemia of inflammation mechanism of impaired erythropoiesis

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Pathogenesis of aortic hyperplasia in renovascular hypertensive rat effect of chemical sympathectomy platelet aggregation inhibition and renin angiotensin system blockade

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Pathogenesis of aplasia in the epididymis and ductus deferens of the tw inbred rat

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Pathogenesis of aqueductal occlusion in congenital murine hydrocephalus

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Pathogenesis of ascites in mice with peritoneal carcinomatosis

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Pathogenesis of autonomous thyroid nodules in vitro study of iodine and cyclic amp metabolism

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Pathogenesis of azoospermia

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Pathogenesis of bacterial meningitis studies on the route of meningeal invasion following haemophilus influenzae inoculation of infant rats

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Pathogenesis of bacteriuria in elderly women: the role of Escherichia coli adherence to vaginal epithelial cells

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Pathogenesis of black stones a study on mechanism of polymerization in black pigment and precipitation of calcium carbonate

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Pathogenesis of bleeding colonic diverticulosis

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Pathogenesis of block of rapid orthograde axonal transport by elevated intra ocular pressure

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Pathogenesis of blood brain barrier opening by the use of hyperosmolar solution

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Pathogenesis of bloodstream invasion with Haemophilus influenzae type b

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Pathogenesis of bone marrow hypoplasia

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Pathogenesis of bovine babesiasis caused by babesia bigemina gross and histo pathological changes

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Pathogenesis of bovine viral diarrhea mucosal disease distribution and significance of bovine viral diarrhea virus antigen in diseased calves

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Pathogenesis of bovine viral diarrhea mucosal disease virus infection in tracheal organ cultures

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Pathogenesis of brain abscess formation in an infant rat model of Citrobacter diversus bacteremia and meningitis

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Pathogenesis of brain lesions caused by experimental epilepsy light microscopic and electron microscopic changes in the rat cerebral cortex following bicuculline induced status epilepticus

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Pathogenesis of brain lesions caused by experimental epilepsy light microscopic and electron microscopic changes in the rat hippocampus following bicuculline induced status epilepticus

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Pathogenesis of bronchiolitis and pneumonia induced in neonatal and weanling rats by parainfluenza (Sendai) virus

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Pathogenesis of burn auto intoxication

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Pathogenesis of calcium metabolic disorders in glomerulo nephritis

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Pathogenesis of Campylobacter fetus infections. Failure of encapsulated Campylobacter fetus to bind C3b explains serum and phagocytosis resistance

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Pathogenesis of canine parvovirus type 2 in dogs hematology serology and virus recovery

Carman P.S.; Povey R.C., 1985:
Pathogenesis of canine parvovirus type 2 in dogs histopathology and antigen identification in tissues

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Pathogenesis of cardiac activity disorders during emotional stress

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Pathogenesis of cardiac dysfunction in aged diabetics

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Pathogenesis of cardiac hypertrophy in iron deficiency anemia the role of noradrenaline

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Pathogenesis of cardiac rhythm and conductivity disturbance in cases of acute poisoning with organo phosphorus insecticides

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Pathogenesis of cardio vascular disturbances in experimental acute arterial obstruction

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Pathogenesis of cardiogenic shock

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Pathogenesis of cardiovascular complications in children following scorpion envenoming

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Pathogenesis of carotid bifurcation atherosclerosis in cynomolgus monkeys macaca fascicularis

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Pathogenesis of carotid stroke in the elderly

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Pathogenesis of catheter sepsis: a prospective study with quantitative and semiquantitative cultures of catheter hub and segments

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Pathogenesis of caudogenic intermittent claudication

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Pathogenesis of celiac disease

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Pathogenesis of central nervous system infiltration in acute leukemia

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Pathogenesis of cerebellar hypoplasia produced by lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus infection of neo natal rats part 2 an ultrastructural study of the immune mediated pathology

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Pathogenesis of cerebral infarct of middle cerebral artery area in 22 cases

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Pathogenesis of cerebral infarction secondary to mechanical carotid artery occlusion

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Pathogenesis of cerebral vasospasm: with special references to the response of fresh human cerebral arteries to red blood cell hemolysate and the changes in the responses of cerebral arteries to vasoconstrictor substances after subarachnoid hemorrhage

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Pathogenesis of chalkbrood in the alfalfa leaf cutting bee megachile rotundata

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Pathogenesis of change in the upper respiratory tracts of turkeys experimentally infected with an Alcaligenes faecalis isolate

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Pathogenesis of changes in phosphorus calcium metabolism in patients with uro lithiasis

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Pathogenesis of changes in the anti coagulant and fibrinolytic properties of blood in diffuse glomerulo nephritis

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Pathogenesis of chronic antral gastritis alterations in local immunological competent cells and endocrine cells

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Pathogenesis of chronic disease associated with persistent lymphocytic chorio meningitis viral infection i relationship of antibody production to disease in neo natally infected mice glomerulo nephritis hepatic necrosis lymphoid infiltration

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Pathogenesis of chronic disease associated with persistent lymphocytic choriomeningitis viral infection part 2 relationship of the anti lymphocytic chorio meningitis immune response to tissue injury in chronic lymphocytic chorio meningitis disease

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Pathogenesis of chronic inflammation in experimental ferritin induced arthritis part 4 immuno electron microscopic techniques in the study of articular collagenous tissues

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Pathogenesis of chronic myo carditis in mice infected with coxsackievirus b 3

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Pathogenesis of chronic nonspecific pneumonia in children

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Pathogenesis of chronic subdural hematoma. Sequential study with computerized tomography

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Pathogenesis of clinical hyponatremia: observations of vasopressin and fluid intake in 100 hyponatremic medical patients

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Pathogenesis of coagulation pathologies in patients with coronary athero sclerosis

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Pathogenesis of coarctation of the aorta

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Pathogenesis of coats' disease with total retinal detachment

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Pathogenesis of colibacillosis in the calf

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Pathogenesis of colon polyposis

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Pathogenesis of congenital alkalosis with diarrhea. Implications for the physiology of normal ileal electrolyte absorption and secretion

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Pathogenesis of congenital defects associated with Turner's syndrome: the role of hypoalbuminemia and edema

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Pathogenesis of congenital midline porencephaly

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Pathogenesis of coronary artery spasm in miniature swine with regional intimal thickening after balloon denudation

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Pathogenesis of coronavirus sd in mice 1. prominent de myelination in the absence of infectious virus production

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Pathogenesis of cowdry type a inclusion bodies in dermal cells of mucocutaneous varicella zoster virus infections

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Pathogenesis of cryptorchidism

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Pathogenesis of cysteamine induced duodenal ulceration 2. cysteamine induced increase in acid neutralization by duodenal mucosa and the increase in hydrogen ion back diffusion

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Pathogenesis of cytomegalovirus infection part 1 activation of virus from bone marrow derived lymphocytes by in vitro allogenic reaction

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Pathogenesis of deficient serum alpha 1 anti trypsin in the type zz homo zygote

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Pathogenesis of delayed radiation necrosis of the brain

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Pathogenesis of dental caries and periodontal disease the concept of progression and stagnation

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Pathogenesis of desmoplasia 1. immunofluorescence identification and localization of some structural proteins of line 1 and line 10 guinea pig tumors and healing wounds

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Pathogenesis of developmental defects induced in the rat by amniotic sac puncture

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Pathogenesis of diabetic cardiopathy

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Pathogenesis of diabetic gastroparesis: a pharmacologic study

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Pathogenesis of diffuse intimal thickening in nonhuman primate thoracic aortas

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Pathogenesis of disorders in dental solid tissues during thyro toxicosis

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Pathogenesis of disorders of nutritive circulation in traumatic and burn shock

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Pathogenesis of disturbances developing during preservation of the heart in cardio pulmonary preparations

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Pathogenesis of disturbances of the cardiac function in hemo transfusion shock

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Pathogenesis of diverticulitis complicating granulomatous colitis

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Pathogenesis of downy mildew on peas

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Pathogenesis of drechslera sorokiniana leaf spot on progressively older leaves of poa pratensis as influenced by photoperiod and light quality

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Pathogenesis of drusen in the primate

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Pathogenesis of duck plague in the bursa of Fabricius, thymus, and spleen

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Pathogenesis of duct hyperplasia in the pancreas

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Pathogenesis of dyssomnia in some occupational neuro toxicoses as revealed by polygraphic recording of night sleep

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Pathogenesis of early neonatal hypocalcemia: studies of serum calcitonin, gastrin, and plasma glucagon

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Pathogenesis of edema of the optic disc

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Pathogenesis of emphysema importance of exogenous

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Pathogenesis of emphysematous bulla with special reference to the mechanism of bleb formation

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Pathogenesis of epidemic dropsy glaucoma

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Pathogenesis of erythromelalgia

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Pathogenesis of expansion of bony external auditory canal and accumulation of keratin debris a clinical study

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Pathogenesis of experimental allergic orchitis part 3 thymus derived lymphocyte requirement in local adoptive transfer by peritoneal exudate cells

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Pathogenesis of experimental bovine mastitis following a small inoculum of Escherichia coli

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Pathogenesis of experimental candida albicans infections in chickens

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Pathogenesis of experimental cholera preparation and isolation of choleragen and choleragenoid vibrio cholorea rabbit

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Pathogenesis of experimental haemonchus longistipes infection in goats

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Pathogenesis of experimental histoplasmosis in the bat, Artibeus lituratus

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Pathogenesis of experimental leptospira interrogans bataviae infection in the dog microbiological clinical hematologic and biochemical studies

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Pathogenesis of experimental leptospira interrogans serotype icterohaemorrhagiae infection in the guinea pig possible role of endo toxin of intestinal bacteria in the development of lesions

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Pathogenesis of experimental lipid keratopathy: corneal and plasma lipids

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Pathogenesis of experimental Pseudomonas keratitis in the guinea pig: bacteriologic, clinical, and microscopic observations

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Pathogenesis of experimental reovirus tenosynovitis in chickens: influence of the route of infection

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Pathogenesis of experimental vibriosis in larval american oysters crassostrea virginica

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Pathogenesis of fat necrosis in acute pancreatitis with special reference to the role of pancreatic phospholipase a 2

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Pathogenesis of feline infectious peritonitis: nature and development of viremia

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Pathogenesis of feline infectious peritonitis pathologic changes and immuno fluorescence

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Pathogenesis of foreign body infection: description and characteristics of an animal model

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Pathogenesis of foreign body infection. Evidence for a local granulocyte defect

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Pathogenesis of frostbites

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Pathogenesis of functional disturbances of pancreatic beta cells in patients with mechanical jaundice

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Pathogenesis of gastric cancer in pernicious anemia

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Pathogenesis of gastric ulceration produced by acetazolamide in rats

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Pathogenesis of genetic human hair disorders

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Pathogenesis of genital herpes simplex virus infection in mice 3. comparison of the virulence of wild and mutant strains

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Pathogenesis of genital herpes simplex virus infection in mice. IV. Quantitative aspects of viral latency

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Pathogenesis of glaucoma in patients with idiopathically dilated episcleral vessels

Ikeda T., 1980:
Pathogenesis of glioma in the aqueductal wall

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Pathogenesis of Hantaan virus infection in suckling mice: clinical, virologic, and serologic observations

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Pathogenesis of head aches after lumbar punctures

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Pathogenesis of heart failure of the congestive type in patients with ischemic heart disease

Tsyganii A.A.; Petrova S.L.; Vadnev A.A.; Nemchikov M.Yu, 1984:
Pathogenesis of hemodynamic disorders in the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias with obsidan trimecaine and lidocaine in cardiosurgical patients

Belov, I.V., 1982:
Pathogenesis of hemodynamic pulmonary edema

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Pathogenesis of herpes simplex labialis 1. replication of herpes simplex virus in cultures of epidermal cells from subjects with frequent recurrences

Spruance, S.L.; Green, J.A.; Chiu, G.; Yeh, T.J.; Wenerstrom, G.; Overall, J.C., 1982:
Pathogenesis of herpes simplex labialis: correlation of vesicle fluid interferon with lesion age and virus titer

Spruance, S.L., 1984:
Pathogenesis of herpes simplex labialis: excretion of virus in the oral cavity

Spruance, S.L., 1985:
Pathogenesis of herpes simplex labialis: experimental induction of lesions with UV light

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Pathogenesis of Herpes simplex virus infections in guinea pigs

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Pathogenesis of herpes simplex virus type 1 and type 2 in mice after various routes of inoculation

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Pathogenesis of heterogeneity in human multinodular goiter. A study on growth and function of thyroid tissue transplanted onto nude mice

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Pathogenesis of hot and cold follicles in multi nodular goiters

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Pathogenesis of human poliovirus infection in mice 1. clinical and pathological studies

Jubelt, B.; Narayan, O.; Johnson, R.T., 1980:
Pathogenesis of human poliovirus infection in mice 2. age dependency of paralysis

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Pathogenesis of hurricane keratitis

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Pathogenesis of hydrometra endometritis complex in rats

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Pathogenesis of hyper calcemia in malignancy

Kohri K.; Yachiku S.; Kurita T., 1982:
Pathogenesis of hyper calciuria in calcium stone formers

Matsui H.; Wada O.; Manabe S.; Ono T.; Komatsu S I., 1982:
Pathogenesis of hyper lipidemia and fatty liver of rabbits induced by methyl iodide an increased synthesis and secretion of tri glyceride in the liver

Matsui H.; Wada O.; Manabe S.; Ushijima Y.; Komatsu S.; Ono T., 1982:
Pathogenesis of hyper lipidemia induced in rabbits by methyl iodide

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Pathogenesis of hyper lipo proteinemia in rats after administration of ethanol

Albertazzi A.; Cappelli P.; Spisni C.; Del Rosso G.; D.P.olo B.; Palmieri P.F.; Evangelista M., 1980:
Pathogenesis of hyper tri glyceridemia in chronic uremia

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Pathogenesis of hypercalcemia in nude mice bearing a human renal carcinoma

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Pathogenesis of hypercalciuria in spontaneously hypertensive rats

Oster J.R.; Alpert H.C.; Vaamonde C.A., 1985:
Pathogenesis of hyperphosphatemia in the lactic acidosis disparate effects of racemic and levo lactic acid on plasma phosphorus concentration

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Pathogenesis of hypertension in renal lithiasis

Farley, M.M.; Stephens, D.S.; Mulks, M.H.; Cooper, M.D.; Bricker, J.V.; Mirra, S.S.; Wright, A., 1986:
Pathogenesis of immunoglobulin a 1 protease producing and nonproducing haemophilus influenzae in human nasopharyngeal organ cultures

Tanaka, K., 1985:
Pathogenesis of impaired glucose tolerance and its relationship to hemodynamics in patients with acute myocardial infarction

Milner, A.R.; Marshall, I.D., 1984:
Pathogenesis of in utero infections with abortogenic and non-abortogenic alphaviruses in mice

Rogal'skii V.Ya, 1980:
Pathogenesis of increased carcino embryonic antigen levels in sera of patients with different diseases

Sengupta, S., 1985:
Pathogenesis of infantile quadriceps fibrosis and its correction by proximal release

Chen S., 1987:
Pathogenesis of infantile spasm

Soares G.G.Jr, 1982:
Pathogenesis of infection by the hyphomycetous fungus tolypocladium cylindrosporum in aedes sierrensis and culex tarsalis diptera culicidae

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Pathogenesis of infection with attenuated Marek's disease virus strains

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Pathogenesis of insulin deficiency with the action of alternating magnetic field of industrial frequency

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Pathogenesis of intestinal atresia and stenosis a clinico pathological study

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Pathogenesis of intestinal atresia and stenosis: an experimental study using fetal rabbits

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Pathogenesis of intra hepatic biliary stone from the standpoint of stenosis and bifurcation pattern of the bile duct

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Pathogenesis of ischemic cell injury 6. mitochondrial flocculent densities in autolysis

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Pathogenesis of ischemic cerebrocirculatory disorders in arterial hypertension

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Pathogenesis of isoproterenol induced myo cardial lesions its relation to human coagulative myocytolysis

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Pathogenesis of jaundice in histiocytic medullary reticulosis. A correlative scintigraphic, histologic and biochemical study

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Pathogenesis of juvenile naso pharyngeal fibroma

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Pathogenesis of Lassa virus infection in guinea pigs

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Pathogenesis of latent herpes simplex virus infection of the trigeminal ganglion in guinea pigs: effects of age, passive immunization, and hydrocortisone

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Pathogenesis of lesions due to the effect of beryllium and its compounds

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Pathogenesis of lesions induced in rat lung by chronic tobacco smoke inhalation

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Pathogenesis of Listeria monocytogenes for gnotobiotic rats

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Pathogenesis of lithium induced polyuria

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Pathogenesis of litho cholate induced and tauro litho cholate induced intra hepatic cholestasis in rats

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Pathogenesis of local recurrence after surgical treatment of rectal carcinoma

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Pathogenesis of longitudinal splitting of muscle fibers in neurogenic disorders and in poly myositis

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Pathogenesis of lupus dermatoses in autoimmune mice viii. effects of cyclophosphamide and prednisolone on skin lupus band test and related autoimmune traits in new zealand mice

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Pathogenesis of maize leaves by helminthosporium spp production and possible significance of green islands

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Pathogenesis of mallory bodies acceleration by partial hepatectomy and their morphogenesis

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Pathogenesis of micro circulation disorders and rheological properties of blood in experimental hemorrhagic shock

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Pathogenesis of Mooren's ulcer: some new concepts

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Pathogenesis of mouse scrapie: dynamics of agent replication in spleen, spinal cord and brain after infection by different routes

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Pathogenesis of mouse scrapie: dynamics of vacuolation in brain and spinal cord after intraperitoneal infection

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Pathogenesis of mouse scrapie evidence for direct neural spread of infection to the central nervous system after injection of sciatic nerve

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Pathogenesis of mucociliary dysfunction in the upper respiratory tract

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Pathogenesis of mucosal injury in the blind loop syndrome release of di saccharidases from brush border membranes by extracts of bacteria obtained from intestinal blind loops in rats

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Pathogenesis of multiple sclerosis neurochemical and morphological studies on multiple sclerosis biopsies and autopsies

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Pathogenesis of murine cytomegalovirus infection: the macrophage as a permissive cell for cytomegalovirus infection, replication and latency

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Pathogenesis of mycoplasma gallisepticum infection in the reproductive and respiratory tracts of chickens in vivo and in vitro studies

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Pathogenesis of myonecrosis induced by coral snake (Micrurus nigrocinctus) venom in mice

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Pathogenesis of nasal hemorrhages not associated with blood system diseases in children

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Pathogenesis of nasal polyps

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Pathogenesis of natural and simulated natural foot and mouth disease infection in cattle

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Pathogenesis of necrotizing enteritis with special reference to intestinal hyper sensitivity reactions

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Pathogenesis of negative washout rate in stress thallium emission computed tomography of coronary artery disease correlation with cine coronary angiographic findings

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Pathogenesis of neo natal escherichia coli meningitis induction of bacteremia and meningitis in infant rats fed escherichia coli k 1

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Pathogenesis of nephrogenic diabetes insipidus due to chronic administration of lithium in rats

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Pathogenesis of nephrogenous anemia

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Pathogenesis of nephrotic crisis in children

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Pathogenesis of neurogenic pulmonary edema

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Pathogenesis of neurological signs associated with bovine enteric coccidiosis: a prospective study and review

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Pathogenesis of newcastle disease virus in the psittacidae family

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Pathogenesis of nocturnal urinary incontinence after ileocecal bladder replacement continuous measurement of urethral closure pressure during sleep

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Pathogenesis of nodular goiter and its implications for surgical management

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Pathogenesis of nonspecific inflammatory lung diseases

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Pathogenesis of nontraumatic cerebro spinal rhinorrhea

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Pathogenesis of obesity and fatty liver subsequent to hypothalamic lesion caused by mono sodium glutamate administration to suckling mouse 1. the relationship between the development of obesity and the food consumption and motor activity

Nakao, K., 1980:
Pathogenesis of obesity and fatty liver subsequent to hypothalamic lesion caused by mono sodium glutamate administration to suckling mouse 2. histological changes in the liver and pancreas

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Pathogenesis of obesity related diabetes syndromes altered multiple molecular forms of lactate dehydrogenase in obese pituitary adrenal axis

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Pathogenesis of Osler's nodes

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Pathogenesis of osteopathy caused by anti convulsants

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Pathogenesis of ovine pseudorabies (Aujeszky's disease) following intratracheal inoculation

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Pathogenesis of pancreatic and biliary calcium carbonate lithiasis the solubility product of calcite determined with the calcium electrode

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Pathogenesis of pancreatic lesions in chronic liver injury part 1 histo pathological study of the pancreas in liver cirrhosis

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Pathogenesis of paracoccidioidomycosis: a histopathological study of the experimental murine infection

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Pathogenesis of paradoxical hypertension after coarctation resection

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Pathogenesis of paralysis and lymphoma associated with a wild mouse retrovirus infection 1. age related and dose related effects in susceptible laboratory mice

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Pathogenesis of peptic ulcer from the viewpoint of gut hormones

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Pathogenesis of peri ventricular lucency on computed tomography

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Pathogenesis of periodic disease

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Pathogenesis of persistent subdural effusions in infants

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Pathogenesis of persistent truncus arteriosus and dextroposed aorta in the chick embryo after neural crest ablation

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Pathogenesis of pigment gall stones in hemolytic anemia description and characteristics of a mouse model

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Pathogenesis of pleural plaques. Relationship of early cellular response and pathology

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Pathogenesis of polypous rhinopathy

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Pathogenesis of post irradiation infections 1. yersinia enterocolitica administered to normal and irradiated rats

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Pathogenesis of post vaccinal encephalitis

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Pathogenesis of postantibiotic diarrhea caused by clostridium difficile an in vitro study in the rabbit intestine

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Pathogenesis of posterior staphyloma

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Pathogenesis of postmyelographic arachnoiditis

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Pathogenesis of postoperative respiratory failure in congenital heart disease with downs syndrome

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Pathogenesis of preretinal membrane induced by vitreous hemorrhage in relation to the blood volume injected into the vitreous cavity

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Pathogenesis of protruded false vocal fold

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Pathogenesis of pseudomembranous colitis

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Pathogenesis of pulmonary edema associated with the adult respiratory distress syndrome

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Pathogenesis of pulmonary fibrosis induced by chrysotile asbestos. Longitudinal light and electron microscopic studies on the rat model

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Pathogenesis of pulmonary silicosis in rats fed stock and multi deficient diet since weaning

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Pathogenesis of pupillary capture after posterior chamber intraocular lens implantation

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Pathogenesis of pythium butleri on cowpea vigna unguiculata as influenced by 2 herbicides

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Pathogenesis of quadriceps contracture in children and adolescence

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Pathogenesis of radiation anomalies in the skeleton and joints of albino rat fetuses

Kabak S.L., 1980:
Pathogenesis of radiation induced skeletal lesions in the proximal part of the pelvic limb in white rat embryos

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Pathogenesis of re formation of intra peritoneal adhesions in albino rats

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Pathogenesis of reactivated latent murine cytomegalovirus infection

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Pathogenesis of recurrent herpes simplex labialis 4. maturation of lesions within 8 hours after onset and implications for antiviral treatment

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Pathogenesis of recurrent parotitis in childhood

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Pathogenesis of reduplicative paramnesia

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Pathogenesis of reflux pancreatitis

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Pathogenesis of renal disease in mono clonal gammopathies current concepts/

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Pathogenesis of renal osteodystrophy role of vitamin d aluminum parathyroid hormone calcium and phosphorus

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Pathogenesis of renal stones

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Pathogenesis of reovirus type 1 hydrocephalus in mice. Significance of aqueductal changes

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Pathogenesis of respiratory insufficiency in myotonic dystrophy: the mechanical factors

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Pathogenesis of respiratory insufficiency in patients with acute renal insufficiency treated with hemodialysis

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Pathogenesis of respiratory Klebsiella pneumoniae infection in rats: bacteriological and histological findings and metabolic alterations

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Pathogenesis of respiratory syncytial virus infection in ferret and fetal human tracheas in organ culture

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Pathogenesis of retinal neovascularization in retinal vein occlusion

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Pathogenesis of rh immunization in primi gravidas feto maternal vs materno fetal bleeding

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Pathogenesis of rice leaves by helminthosporium oryzae secretion of cytokinins in vitro by the fungus

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Pathogenesis of rotavirus infection in mice

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Pathogenesis of rotavirus infection in various age groups of chickens and turkeys: clinical signs and virology

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Pathogenesis of rotavirus infection in various age groups of chickens and turkeys: pathology

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Pathogenesis of salmonellosis the fate of the infective agent at an early stage of the experimental infectious process

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Pathogenesis of Sarcocystis falcatula in the budgerigar. I. Early pulmonary schizogony

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Pathogenesis of Sarcocystis falcatula in the budgerigar. II. Pulmonary pathology

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Pathogenesis of schistosoma incognitum in mice with special reference to the mechanism of anemia

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Pathogenesis of scrapie agent multiplication in brain at the 1st and 2nd passage of hamster scrapie in mice

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Pathogenesis of secondary contractures of mimical muscles

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Pathogenesis of secondary segmental ganglion cell changes in the bowel

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Pathogenesis of sendai virus infection in mice the possible role of interferon on the development of disease

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Pathogenesis of Sendai virus infection in the central nervous system of mice

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Pathogenesis of septicemia in pine moth larvae

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Pathogenesis of shigella diarrhea 8. evidence for a translocation step in the cyto toxic action of shiga toxin

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Pathogenesis of shigella diarrhea 9. simplified high yield purification of shigella toxin and characterization of subunit composition and function by the use of subunit specific monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies

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Pathogenesis of Shigella diarrhea: rabbit intestinal cell microvillus membrane binding site for Shigella toxin

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Pathogenesis of shigella dysenteriae diarrhea part 7 evidence for a cell membrane toxin receptor involving beta 1 4 linked n acetyl d glucosamine oligomers

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Pathogenesis of simian acquired immune deficiency syndrome in rhesus macaques inoculated with the srv 1 strain of type d retrovirus

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Pathogenesis of simulated natural infections with Ostertagia ostertagi in calves

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Pathogenesis of so called exogen lipid pneumonia

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Pathogenesis of spontaneous gastric rupture in childhood

Bauer G., 1981:
Pathogenesis of spontaneous perforation of the esophagus

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Pathogenesis of spooning

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Pathogenesis of squamous bronchial carcinoma in 20 methyl cholanthrene treated beagle dogs

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Pathogenesis of staphylococcal infection localized forms

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Pathogenesis of Staphylococcus aureus mastitis: bacteriologic, histologic, and ultrastructural pathologic findings

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Pathogenesis of stress ulcers

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Pathogenesis of subacute combined degeneration: a result of methyl group deficiency

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Pathogenesis of subclinical bovine mastitis a comparison of the dynamic balances of various subclinical udder health states monitored by means of single double and triple parameter laboratory techniques

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Pathogenesis of subclinical bovine mastitis: diagnostic and dynamic characteristics of various subclinical udder conditions monitored by means of the International Dairy Federation criteria

Giesecke W.H.; Barnard M L., 1986:
Pathogenesis of subclinical bovine mastitis persistence deterioration and improvement of various subclinical conditions monitored by means of the international dairy federation bovine serum albumin criteria

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Pathogenesis of synchytrium endobioticum 4. cyclical variations in disease intensity in potato wart disease

Hampson, M.C., 1985:
Pathogenesis of synchytrium endobioticum v. wart disease suppression in potato in soils amended with urea and or ammonium nitrate in relation to soil ph

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Pathogenesis of tachycardia in hyperthyroidism a study based on holter recordings and the use of beta blockers

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Pathogenesis of temperature sensitive mutants of sindbis virus in the embryonated egg part 3 autologous homologous and heterologous interference

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Pathogenesis of thalidomide teratogenesis in the marmoset callithrix jacchus evidence suggesting a possible trophic influence of cholinergic nerves in limb morphogenesis

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Pathogenesis of the central retinal vein occlusion a clinical study

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Pathogenesis of the central retinal vein occlusion a histopathological study

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Pathogenesis of the glomerulo nephritis of nzb w mice anti dna antibody bovine serum albumin nuclear antigen

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pathogenesis of the henny feathering trait in the Sebright bantam chicken. Increased conversion of androgen to estrogen in skin

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Pathogenesis of the hypertensive arterial syndrome in itsenko cushings disease

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Pathogenesis of the hypertriglyceridemia at early stages of alcoholic liver injury in the baboon

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Pathogenesis of the impaired gall bladder contraction of celiac disease

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Pathogenesis of the infectious allergic form of bronchial asthma clinical functional correlations

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Pathogenesis of the low cardiac output syndrome in post resuscitation states

Nakhapetov V.A., 1980:
Pathogenesis of the pain syndrome in cases of diabetic affections of oculo motor nerves

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Pathogenesis of the pulmonary heart in patients operated on for chronic nonspecific lung diseases

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Pathogenesis of the renal injury in choline deficiency the role of catecholamines and acetyl choline

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Pathogenesis of the rubella exanthem: distribution of rubella virus in the skin during rubella with and without rash

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Pathogenesis of the slow disease of the central nervous system associated with m 1504 e virus part 1 relationship of strain susceptibility and replication to disease

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Pathogenesis of the slow disease of the central nervous system associated with wild mouse virus 2. role of virus and host gene products

Oldstone, M.B.A.; Jensen, F.; Elder, J.; Dixon, F.J.; Lampert, P.W., 1983:
Pathogenesis of the slow disease of the central nervous system associated with wild mouse virus 3. role of input virus and mink cell focus forming recombinants in disease

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Pathogenesis of thoracic outlet syndrome clinical and morphological study

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Pathogenesis of trachoma

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Pathogenesis of trachoma: the stimulus for inflammation

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Pathogenesis of trypanosoma brucei infection in deer mice peromyscus maniculatus light microscopic and electron microscopic studies on erythrocyte pathologic changes and phagocytosis

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Pathogenesis of tumor desmoplasia 2. collagens synthesized by line 1 and line 10 guinea pig carcinoma cells and syngeneic fibroblasts in vitro

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Pathogenesis of upper airway occlusion during sleep

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Pathogenesis of urgency in defecation in crohns disease

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Pathogenesis of urinary infection in patients with acute spinal cord injury on intermittent catheterization

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Pathogenesis of vaginal candidiasis: studies with a mutant which has reduced ability to adhere in vitro

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Pathogenesis of vascular head ache of the migrainous type the role of impaired central inhibition

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Pathogenesis of vertebral artery occlusion following cervical spine manipulation

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Pathogenesis of vertebral osteo chondrosis and its neurological symptomatology in different age periods

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Pathogenesis related b proteins do not play a central role in tobacco mosaic virus localization in nicotiana rustica

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Pathogenetic action of strains of definite escherichia coli serogroups causing mastitis in cows 1. clinical course

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Pathogenetic action of strains of definite escherichia coli serogroups causing mastitis in cows 2. changes in milk

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Pathogenetic and clinical considerations on a case of post traumatic myo cardial infarction

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Pathogenetic basis of alimentary prevention of dichlorobutene intoxication

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Pathogenetic basis of oncological risk

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Pathogenetic hypothesis about the fluorescein angiographic choroidal delay in a case of acquired toxoplasmosis

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