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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6072

Chapter 6072 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Kreutzberg, G. W.; Carlton, W. W., 1967: Pathogenetic mechanism of experimentally induced spongy degeneration duckling

Ohnishi K., 1986: Pathogenetic mechanism of stenosis in the intramural coronary artery

Section 7, Chapter 6072, Accession 006071002

Ushakov V.F., 1981: Pathogenetic mechanisms for the development of broncho pulmonary diseases under low temperature conditions

Root, R. K.; Wolff, S. M., 1968: Pathogenetic mechanisms in experimental immune fever rabbit human

Duffey, P. S.; Lukasewycz, O. A.; Martinez, D.; Murphy, W. H., 1976: Pathogenetic mechanisms in immune polio encephalo myelitis quantitative evaluation of protective and pathogenetic effects of lymphoid cells

Section 7, Chapter 6072, Accession 006071006

Chumachenko P.A., 1979: Pathogenetic mechanisms of cyst formation in mammary glands

Section 7, Chapter 6072, Accession 006071008

Dreyer M., 1983: Pathogenetic mechanisms of hereditary diabetes mellitus

Morland B., 1981: Pathogenetic mechanisms of noninfectious granulomatous inflammation

Benet Monforte I., 1981: Pathogenetic mechanisms of platelet hyper aggregation in diabetics

Klein, R. J., 1976: Pathogenetic mechanisms of recurrent herpes simplex virus infections brief review

Baluda, V. P.; Sushkevich, G. N.; Pavlovskii, D. P., 1977: Pathogenetic principle in the therapy of hemostasis disturbances

Vinogradov, A. V.; Sycheva, I. M., 1976: Pathogenetic principles of the therapy of chronic circulatory insufficiency

Kudinova T.I., 1981: Pathogenetic principles of treating chronic diarrhea

Mettinger, K. L.; Soderstrom, C. E., 1978: Pathogenetic profile of transient cerebral ischemia before 55 a 3 year investigation

Pakhomova O.G., 1987: Pathogenetic rationale for preventing antibiotic ototoxicity in experiments

Matsuda T., 1981: Pathogenetic relation between columnaris disease in cultured eel anguilla japonica and the formula feeds

Danilova L.M., 1983: Pathogenetic relationship between the complement and hemostasis systems in acute thrombosis of the major veins

Ruol A., 1983: Pathogenetic relationships between renal tubular acidosis and sodium metabolism alterations in liver cirrhosis

Grubeck-Loebenstein, B.; Londei, M.; Greenall, C.; Pirich, K.; Kassai, H.; Waldhausl, W.; Feldmann, M., 1988: Pathogenetic relevance of hla class ii expressing thyroid follicular cells in nontoxic goiter and in graves' disease

Section 7, Chapter 6072, Accession 006071024

Poluboyarinova Z.I., 1981: Pathogenetic role of dys hormonal processes in the formation of late radiation effects

Section 7, Chapter 6072, Accession 006071026

Nechaeva I.P., 1980: Pathogenetic role of immune complexes circulating in the blood of patients with alimentary toxico infections of salmonella etiology

Luk'yanova L.O., 1981: Pathogenetic role of lipid per oxidation activation and protective effect of sodium selenite during ischemia and re perfusion of rat myo cardium

Kawai C., 1987: Pathogenetic role of myocardial fiber disarray in the progression of cardiac fibrosis in normal hearts hypertensive hearts and hearts with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

Asano, T.; Sano, K., 1977: Pathogenetic role of no reflow phenomenon in experimental subarachnoid hemorrhage in dogs

Section 7, Chapter 6072, Accession 006071031

Somov G.P., 1986: Pathogenetic role of the psychrophilic nature of yersinia pseudotuberculosis

Aleksandrov V.P., 1986: Pathogenetic role of the thyroid gland in primary renal hyperparathyroidism

Section 7, Chapter 6072, Accession 006071034

Section 7, Chapter 6072, Accession 006071035

Khovanskaya T.P., 1986: Pathogenetic significance of disturbances in vascular platelet and plasma hemostatic elements for disseminated intravascular coagulation in coronary heart disease

Tabolina O.V., 1980: Pathogenetic significance of disturbances of lipid protein interrelations in premature children with hyper bilirubinemia

Pakhmurnyi B.A., 1979: Pathogenetic significance of immediate hyper sensitivity and delayed hyper sensitivity reactions during nephritis

Section 7, Chapter 6072, Accession 006071039

Schulze A., 1987: Pathogenetic significance of venous hyperoxemia in retinopathy of prematurity

Huijgens P.C., 1986: Pathogenetic studies in chronic urticaria failure to demonstrate vasculitis complement activation and fibrinolysis

Brown, T. T.; Bistner, S. I.; Delahunta, A.; Scott, F. W.; Mcentee, K., 1975: Pathogenetic studies of infection of the bovine fetus with bovine viral diarrhea virus part 2 ocular lesions

Fukushima T., 1982: Pathogenetic study of complete and partial hydatidiform mole by hla

Dzharak'yan, T. K., 1975: Pathogenetic substantiation of early therapy of acute radiation sickness in experiments

Yaretskii G.I., 1982: Pathogenetic substantiation of some therapeutic measures in lumbo ischialgia

Loseva V.A., 1981: Pathogenetic substantiation of the use of pyrabutol in the therapy of patients with eczema

Comsulea L., 1980: Pathogenetic systematization of infectious myo cardiopathies

Iaseshvili I.E., 1980: Pathogenetic therapy of cobalt cardio myopathy

Section 7, Chapter 6072, Accession 006071049

Section 7, Chapter 6072, Accession 006071050

Merny G., 1982: Pathogenic action of nematodes on irrigated sugarcane

Egusa S., 1981: Pathogenic activities of aeromonas hydrophila var hydrophila on fishes

Gaines J., 1982: Pathogenic amoebae in ocean sediments near waste water sludge disposal sites

Sawyer, T. K.; Visvesvara, G. S.; Harke, B. A., 1977: Pathogenic amoebas from brackish and ocean sediments with a description of acanthamoeba hatchetti new species

Finegold S.M., 1982: Pathogenic anaerobes

Section 7, Chapter 6072, Accession 006071056

Robles E., 1984: Pathogenic and free living protozoa cultured from the naso pharyngeal and oral regions of dental patients

Islas J., 1986: Pathogenic and free living protozoa cultured from the nasopharyngeal and oral regions of dental patients ii

Svishchev A.V., 1981: Pathogenic and morphological aspects of sudden cardiac death

Cevini C., 1987: Pathogenic and non pathogenic naegleria and acanthamoeba spp a new autochthonous isolate from an italian thermal area

Hernandez-Vera, E., 1975: Pathogenic and potentially pathogenic fungi from the beaches of western puerto rico may 1972

Kimati H., 1982: Pathogenic and serological characterization of colletotrichum graminicola on wheat triticum aestivum

Becht H., 1987: Pathogenic and structural properties of wild type infectious bursal disease virus ibdv and virus grown in vitro

Beaman B.L., 1983: Pathogenic and virulence characterization of colonial mutants of nocardia asteroides guh 2

Domokos M., 1982: Pathogenic aspects of acute renal failure in experimental acute pancreatitis

Section 7, Chapter 6072, Accession 006071068

Troop M.W., 1988: Pathogenic bacteria and fungi associated with external ocular diseases in dogs 131 cases 1981 1986

Hardas U.D., 1981: Pathogenic bacteria and premature membrane rupture

Hayasaka S.S., 1983: Pathogenic bacteria associated with cultured american eels anguilla rostrata

Yamb R., 1986: Pathogenic bacteria isolated from chickens sold at the lae market papua new guinea

Akinola M.O., 1982: Pathogenic bacteria isolated from infant feeding teats contamination of teats used by illiterate and educated nursing mothers in ile ife nigeria

Batista Diaz N., 1980: Pathogenic capacity of acanthamoeba gr 1

Maeda H., 1987: Pathogenic capacity of proteases from serratia marcescens and pseudomonas aeruginosa and their suppression by chicken egg white ovomacroglobulin

Osuna Carrillo A., 1982: Pathogenic capacity of some species of acanthamoeba and hartmannella

Martinez Fernandez A.R., 1985: Pathogenic capacity of some species of acanthamoeba protozoa amoebida

Pidoplichko, V. N.; Zrazhevskaya, T. G., 1977: Pathogenic characteristics of helminthosporium sativum strains the causative agent of wheat root rot

Yamada S., 1985: Pathogenic characteristics of highly virulent avian reovirus strain 58 132 isolated from a chicken with tenosynovitis

Popkova, K. V.; Stroikov-Yu, M., 1977: Pathogenic characteristics of phytophthora infestans races and phytophthora resistance of potatoes

Al-Akhmed, M.; Zrazhevskaya, T. G., 1978: Pathogenic characteristics of some fusarium species with respect to tomato seedlings

Kimati H., 1987: Pathogenic characterization and starch hydrolysis in xanthomonas campestris pathovar vesicatoria from pepper and tomato

Polotsky-Yu, E.; Dragunskaya, E. M.; Seliverstova, V. G.; Avdeeva, T. A.; Chakhutinskaya, M. G.; Ketyi, I.; Vertenyi, A.; Ralovich, B.; Emody, L.; Et-Al, 1977: Pathogenic effect of entero toxigenic escherichia coli and escherichia coli causing infantile diarrhea

Oliver, G., 1977: Pathogenic effect of fixation of diplectanum aequans monogenea monopisthocotylea diplectanidae on the gills of dicentrarchus labrax pisces serranidae

Mamedov D.G., 1980: Pathogenic effect of mycoplasmal hemo cultures from leukemic cows

Luk'yanova A.D., 1986: Pathogenic effect of plague bacteria on the flea xenopsylla cheopis and the ultrastructure of the causative agent during various periods of its presence in the vector

Deshevykh N.D., 1979: Pathogenic effect of the microsporidian pleistophora culicoidi on the larvae of punkies of the genus culicoides

Kannerstein, M.; Churg, J.; Mccaughey, W. T. E.; Selikoff, I. J., 1977: Pathogenic effects of asbestos

Diaz L.A., 1981: Pathogenic effects of bullous pemphigoid auto antibodies on rabbit corneal epithelium

Norton D.C., 1986: Pathogenic effects of pratylenchus scribneri in maize zea mays inbreds and related cultivars

Niskanen A., 1980: Pathogenic entero toxin producing staphylococci in mink feed and mink feed raw materials

Carvalho A.E., 1981: Pathogenic escherichia coli associated with infantile diarrhea

Section 7, Chapter 6072, Accession 006071093

Hart D., 1984: Pathogenic factors in broncho pulmonary dysplasia

Kleckner H., 1981: Pathogenic factors in idiopathic mental retardation

Goto S., 1986: Pathogenic factors in mixed infection due to bacteroides fragilis and other species of bacteria in mice

Ishii A.I., 1987: Pathogenic factors in the later pulmonary phase of angiostrongylus cantonensis infected rats

Mil'chenko K.P., 1981: Pathogenic factors promoting the development of pneumonia in patients with acute leukemia

Brown, T. J.; Cursons, R. T. M., 1977: Pathogenic free living amoebae from frozen swimming areas in oslo norway

Harper K., 1984: Pathogenic free living amoebae immunocytologic demonstration and species identification

De Jonckheere J.F., 1979: Pathogenic free living amoebae in swimming pools survey in belgium

Dibo M., 1987: Pathogenic fungal flora isolated from swimming pools in brittany france

Oak S.W., 1985: Pathogenic fungi associated with sand pine pinus clausa root disease in florida usa

Volz, P. A.; Yeh, K. W., 1976: Pathogenic fungi associated with taipei pigeons

Stasevich L.I., 1985: Pathogenic fungi from bushes in the green plantings of cities in the western ukrainian ssr ussr

Lambat A.K., 1986: Pathogenic fungi intercepted in imported seed and planting material during 1976 1981

Kazanas N., 1987: Pathogenic fungi isolated from desiccated mushrooms seaweed anchovies and rice sticks imported from the orient

Cosendey M.A.E., 1986: Pathogenic fungi isolated from soil in the municipality of rio de janeiro brazil

Section 7, Chapter 6072, Accession 006071109

James R.L., 1985: Pathogenic fusarium on spruce seed from the towner nursery north dakota usa

Sivers, V. S.; Dorozhko, V. P., 1976: Pathogenic hemolytic and phyto toxic properties of microbial associations isolated from the cattle rumen

Sima A.A.F., 1987: Pathogenic heterogeneity in retinal capillary basement membrane thickening in the diabetic bb rat

Altomare G.F., 1981: Pathogenic hypothesis on pityriasis rubra pilaris

Blancou J., 1980: Pathogenic immunogenic and protective powers of 10 temperature sensitive mutants of rabies virus in mice

Section 7, Chapter 6072, Accession 006071116

Everard C.O.R., 1982: Pathogenic leptospira isolates from the caribbean island of barbados

James A.C., 1980: Pathogenic leptospira isolates from the caribbean islands of trinidad grenada and st vincent

Alexander, A. D.; Evans, L. B.; Baker, M. F.; Baker, H. J.; Ellison, D.; Marriapan, M., 1975: Pathogenic leptospiras isolated from malaysian surface waters

Scheslenok E.P., 1987: Pathogenic machupo and lassa arenaviruses some biochemical characteristics of virion rna and proteins

Section 7, Chapter 6072, Accession 006071121

Maroteaux P., 1984: Pathogenic mechanisms in osteo chondro dysplasias

Kravis, T. C.; Ahmed, A.; Brown, T. E.; Fulmer, J. D.; Crystal, R. G., 1976: Pathogenic mechanisms in pulmonary fibrosis collagen induced migration inhibition factor production and cyto toxicity mediated by lymphocytes

Chew T., 1985: Pathogenic mechanisms in recurrent genital candidosis in women

Section 7, Chapter 6072, Accession 006071125

Mottet N.K., 1982: Pathogenic mechanisms of heterotopic neural tissue associated with anencephaly

Section 7, Chapter 6072, Accession 006071127

Nwufoh K.J., 1981: Pathogenic microbes isolated from rabbit urine

Mcentegart M.G., 1982: Pathogenic microbial flora of genital ulcers in sheffield england uk with particular reference to herpes simplex virus and haemophilus ducreyi

Schuhardt, V. T.; Huber, T. W., 1978: Pathogenic microbiology the biology and prevention of selected bacterial fungal rickettsial and viral diseases of clinical importance

Zarnea G., 1984: Pathogenic microfungi isolated from the termite odontotermes obesus

Section 7, Chapter 6072, Accession 006071132

Section 7, Chapter 6072, Accession 006071133

Section 7, Chapter 6072, Accession 006071134

Section 7, Chapter 6072, Accession 006071135

Bond C.W., 1979: Pathogenic murine coronaviruses part 1 characterization of biological behavior in vitro and virus specific intra cellular rna of strongly neurotropic jhmv and weakly neurotropic a 59v viruses

Leibowitz J.L., 1979: Pathogenic murine coronaviruses part 3 biological and biochemical characterization of temperature sensitive mutants of jhmv

Robb J.A., 1979: Pathogenic murine coronaviruses part i characterization of virus specific proteins of murine coronaviruses jhmv and a 59v

Minella E., 1985: Pathogenic mycoflora associated with barley seeds in the state of rio grande do sul brazil 1982 1983

Tully, J. G.; Whitcomb, R. F.; Clark, H. F.; Williamson, D. L., 1977: Pathogenic mycoplasmas cultivation and vertebrate pathogenicity of a new spiroplasma

Section 7, Chapter 6072, Accession 006071141

Section 7, Chapter 6072, Accession 006071142

Lal, S.; Saksena, H. K., 1977: Pathogenic potential of fungi associated with seeds and seedlings of maize

Mendes E., 1986: Pathogenic potential of fungi in the genus aspergillus

Varghese G., 1986: Pathogenic potential of soil fusaria from malaysian oil palm habitats

Melchior G.L., 1985: Pathogenic potential of verticillium albo atrum protoplasts

Lemeshchenko G.P., 1987: Pathogenic properties of aspergillus fumigatus fres

Schenk E.A., 1985: Pathogenic properties of campylobacter jejuni assay and correlation with clinical manifestations

Devriese L.A., 1984: Pathogenic properties of escherichia coli strains isolated from diarrheic commercial rabbits

Savinkova V.S., 1988: Pathogenic properties of freshly isolated bordetella pertussis strains

Kuznetsova, T. F.; Koshkelova, E. N.; Tolmacheva, N. V., 1987: Pathogenic properties of isolates from some populations of verticillium dahliae kleb. in the turkmen ssr ussr

Onyshchenko, A. M.; Skrypal, I. H.; Toryanyk, N. V.; Malynovs'ka, L. P., 1977: Pathogenic properties of mycoplasma an agent of cereal light green dwarf disease

Omel'yanets T.G., 1984: Pathogenic properties of pseudomonas bacteria proposed for plant pest and disease control

Hattingh M.J., 1986: Pathogenic pseudomonas spp in stone fruit buds

Yamada M., 1986: Pathogenic race and mating type of pyricularia oryzae from ussr china nepal thailand indonesia and colombia

Section 7, Chapter 6072, Accession 006071156

Hammouda A.M. , 1982: Pathogenic races of helminthosporium teres in egypt

Armstrong, G. M.; Armstrong, J. K.; Netzer, D., 1978: Pathogenic races of the cucumber wilt fusarium oxysporum f sp cucumerinum

Lozano J.C., 1983: Pathogenic relationships among some species of elsinoe and sphaceloma affecting cassava and some other euphorbiaceae in central and south america

Perlino G.F., 1982: Pathogenic role and sensitivity to antibiotics of propionibacterium acnes

Section 7, Chapter 6072, Accession 006071161

Papilian, M.; Purice, S.; Nita, I.; Tanaseanu, S., 1977: Pathogenic role of intra vascular coagulation in immune diseases

Carmona Castanon A., 1987: Pathogenic role of pityrosporum ovale in seborrheic dermatitis and pityriasis versicolor

Basset, M.; Koenig, H.; Samsoen, M.; Heid, E., 1976: Pathogenic role of prototheca 2 recent cases

Section 7, Chapter 6072, Accession 006071165

Bennejean G., 1985: Pathogenic roll of aspergillus fumigatus for newly hatched chicks retrospective investigation about the incidence of respiratory aspergillosis

Linderman R.G., 1983: Pathogenic seed borne fusarium oxysporum from douglas fir pseudotsuga menziesii

Section 7, Chapter 6072, Accession 006071168

Obana Y., 1986: Pathogenic significance of acinetobacter calcoaceticus analysis of experimental infection in mice

Calder M.A., 1983: Pathogenic significance of klebsiella oxytoca in acute respiratory tract infection

Svenson S., 1985: Pathogenic significance of p fimbriated escherichia coli in urinary tract infections

Stavely J.R., 1984: Pathogenic specialization in uromyces phaseoli in the usa and rust resistance in beans phaseolus vulgaris

Schrohenloher R.E., 1979: Pathogenic species of the genus haemophilus and streptococcus pneumoniae produce immuno globulin a 1 protease

Alexander T.J.L., 1979: Pathogenic synergism between treponema hyodysenteriae and other selected anaerobes in gnotobiotic pigs

Hashimoto K., 1983: Pathogenic synergism of fusobacterium necrophorum and other bacteria in formation of liver abscess in balb c mice

Maclaren D.M., 1986: Pathogenic synergy between escherichia coli and bacteroides fragilis or bacteroides vulgatus in experimental infections a non specific phenomenon

Maclaren D.M., 1985: Pathogenic synergy between escherichia coli and bacteroides fragilis studies in an experimental mouse model

De Graaff J., 1984: Pathogenic synergy mixed infections in the oral cavity

Kaan J.A., 1984: Pathogenic synergy mixed intra abdominal infections

Sidorenko L.N., 1979: Pathogenic therapy of mastopathies in prophylaxis of mammary gland cancer

Megdyatov R.S., 1988: Pathogenic therapy of trigeminal neuralgia

Pearlman E., 1984: Pathogenic trichomonas vaginalis cyto toxicity to cell culture mono layers

Menzies S.A., 1984: Pathogenic variability in isolates of aphanomyces euteiches from new zealand soils

Tripathi, N. N.; Grover, R. K., 1977: Pathogenic variability in pythium butleri

Stavely J.R., 1988: Pathogenic variability in uromyces appendiculatus from tanzania and rust resistance in tanzanian bean cultivars

Sokhi S.S., 1980: Pathogenic variability in uromyces viciae fabae

Reddy, O. R.; Ou, S. H., 1976: Pathogenic variability in xanthomonas oryzae

Section 7, Chapter 6072, Accession 006071188

Section 7, Chapter 6072, Accession 006071189

Lee E.J., 1987: Pathogenic variability of monoconidial isolates of pyricularia oryzae in korea and in the philippines

Lozano J.C., 1981: Pathogenic variability of xanthomonas manihotis the causal agent of cassava manihot esculenta bacterial blight

Pietkiewicz, J. B., 1978: Pathogenic variation among field isolates of phytophthora infestans

Brown J.S., 1985: Pathogenic variation among isolates of rhynchosporium secalis from cultivated barley hordeum vulgare growing in victoria australia

Powers H.R.Jr, 1980: Pathogenic variation among single aecio spore isolates of cronartium quercuum f sp fusiforme

Section 7, Chapter 6072, Accession 006071195

Cobo, S. F.; Postar-Corrales, M. A., 1987: Pathogenic variation and source of resistance to colletotrichum lindemuthianum sacc and magn scrib. pathogen of bean anthracnose in colombia

Section 7, Chapter 6072, Accession 006071197

Thielges B.A., 1987: Pathogenic variation in melampsora medusae leaf rust of poplars

Coyier D.L., 1986: Pathogenic variation in oregon usa populations of sphaerotheca pannosa var rosae

Cromey M.G., 1987: Pathogenic variation in rhynchosporium secalis on barley in new zealand

Sharp E.L., 1986: Pathogenic variation in some isolates of pyrenophora teres f sp maculata on barley hordeum vulgare

Sharma S.C., 1985: Pathogenic variation in some isolates of ustilago tritici

Costa C.P., 1979: Pathogenic variation of colletotrichum gloeosporioides f sp cucurbitae new combination

Nishibuchi, M.; Muroga, K.; Seidler, R. J.; Fryer, J. L., 1979: Pathogenic vibrio isolated from cultured eels 4. dna studies

Nishibuchi, M.; Muroga, K., 1980: Pathogenic vibrio isolated from cultured eels 5. serological studies

Nishibuchi, M.; Muroga, K.; Jo, Y., 1980: Pathogenic vibrio isolated from cultured eels 6. diagnostic tests for the disease due to present bacterium

Nishibuchi, M.; Muroga, K., 1977: Pathogenic vibrio sp isolated from cultured eels part 3 sodium chloride tolerance and flagellation

Strout, R. G.; Sawyer, E. S.; Coutermarsh, B. A., 1978: Pathogenic vibrios in confinement reared and feral fishes of the maine new hampshire usa coast

Colorni B., 1987: Pathogenic viruses introduced into israeli mariculture systems by imported penaeid shrimp

Curley V., 1986: Pathogenic weight control behavior in female athletes

Hough D.O., 1988: Pathogenic weight control behaviors of female college gymnasts

Counsilman J.E., 1987: Pathogenic weight control behaviors of young competitive swimmers

Frohlich B., 1980: Pathogenic yeast like fungi in meat products

Reddy D.D.R., 1984: Pathogenicity and analysis of crop losses in patchouli pogostemon cablin due to meloidogyne incognita

Ramos-Olmos, P.; Lucio-Martinez, B.; Estudillo-Lopez, J.; Paasch-Martinez, L., 1986: Pathogenicity and antigenicity of a parrot amazona stivae pox suspected isolate

Imai K., 1986: Pathogenicity and antigenicity of eleven isolates of chicken anemia agent caa

Elliston J.E., 1980: Pathogenicity and canker control by mixtures of hypo virulent strains of endothia parasitica in american chestnut

Thirachandra S., 1981: Pathogenicity and central nervous system migration of the larval stage of gnathostoma spinigerum in experimental animals

Momoyama K., 1985: Pathogenicity and characteristics of vibrio sp isolated from cultured kuruma prawn penaeus japonicus

Momoyama K., 1984: Pathogenicity and characteristics of vibrio sp isolated from diseased postlarvae of kuruma prawn penaeus japonicus

Heale J.B., 1985: Pathogenicity and colonization studies on wild type and auxotrophic isolates of verticillium albo atrum from hop humulus lupulus

El Sattar M.A.A., 1981: Pathogenicity and control of 3 fungi associated with damping off and root rot of the egyptian clover trifolium alexandrinum

Soteros J.J., 1979: Pathogenicity and control of alternaria radicina and alternaria dauci in carrots

Hoffmann G.M., 1980: Pathogenicity and control of godronia cassandrae on vaccinium corymbosum

Muthukrishnan, T. S.; Rajendran, G.; Ramamurthy, V. V.; Chandrasekaran, J., 1977: Pathogenicity and control of hirschmanniella oryzae

Dunn R.A., 1982: Pathogenicity and control of nematodes affecting sunflower helianthus annuus in north central florida usa

Peterson F.S., 1987: Pathogenicity and cross protection of pigeon paramyxovirus 1 and newcastle disease virus in young chickens

Quimio, T. H., 1976: Pathogenicity and cultural characteristics of fusarium solani from papaya

Shearer, B. L.; Wilcoxson, R. D., 1977: Pathogenicity and development of septoria avenae f sp triticea on winter and spring rye and on spring barley and wheat

Kawamura H., 1983: Pathogenicity and distribution of avian nephritis virus g 4260 strain in inoculated laying hens

Hussain S.S., 1984: Pathogenicity and effect on germination caused by aspergillus and penicillium species on wheat rice barley and corn

Section 7, Chapter 6072, Accession 006071233

Hoffman G.L., 1982: Pathogenicity and histo pathology of an unusually intense infection of white grubs posthodiplostomum minimum minimum in the fathead minnow pimephales promelas

Hendrix F.F., 1981: Pathogenicity and histo pathology of botryosphaeria dothidea on apple stems

Singh, K.; Misra, S. R., 1976: Pathogenicity and histo pathology of hoplolaimus indicus on sugarcane

Amosu J.O., 1982: Pathogenicity and histo pathology of pratylenchus brachyurus and helicotylenchus pseudorobustus on sugarcane saccharum officinarum

Anderson N.A., 1983: Pathogenicity and host specificity of rhizoctonia solani isolated from carrots daucus carota var sativa

Krishnaswamy S., 1987: Pathogenicity and humoral and cell mediated immune responses in experimental lambs infected with mycoplasmas

Izawa H., 1987: Pathogenicity and immunogenicity in chickens of newcastle disease viruses isolated from wild ducks

Peters C.J., 1987: Pathogenicity and immunogenicity of a mutagen attenuated rift valley fever virus immunogen in pregnant ewes

Brydak L., 1982: Pathogenicity and immunogenicity of cold adapted variants of influenza virus

Lehr C., 1986: Pathogenicity and immunogenicity of piliated and nonpiliated phases of moraxella bovis in calves

Minamishima Y., 1983: Pathogenicity and immunogenicity of temperature sensitive mutants of murine cytomegalovirus

Section 7, Chapter 6072, Accession 006071246

Tewari, R. P.; Macpherson, C. R., 1968: Pathogenicity and neurological effects of oidiodendron kalrai for mice cortisone streptomycin increased symptoms

Hattingh M.J., 1987: Pathogenicity and numerical analysis of phenotypic features of pseudomonas syringae strains isolated from deciduous fruit trees

Fagbami, A. H.; Ikede, B. O., 1978: Pathogenicity and pathology of jos virus infection in mice and tissue culture

Nakayama M., 1981: Pathogenicity and persistence of propionibacterium acnes in mice

Beye I., 1984: Pathogenicity and race classification of some isolates of verticillium dahliae from resistant tomato in morocco

Mircetich S.M., 1985: Pathogenicity and relative virulence of 7 phytophthora spp on cultivars mahaleb and mazzard cherry

Mircetich S.M., 1985: Pathogenicity and relative virulence of phytophthora spp from walnut and other plants to rootstocks of english walnut trees

Lewis S.A., 1984: Pathogenicity and reproduction of hoplolaimus columbus and meloidogyne incognita cultivar davis soybean glycine max

Section 7, Chapter 6072, Accession 006071256

Cerkauskas R.F., 1987: Pathogenicity and survival of phoma complanata

Akanbi M.O., 1985: Pathogenicity and symptomatology of paecilomyces farinosus dickson ex fries browne and smith on epicerura pulverulenta hampson lepidoptera notodontidae

Mccain A.H., 1986: Pathogenicity and teleomorph anamorph connection of botryosphaeria dothidea on sequoiadendron giganteum and sequoia sempervirens

Hof H., 1981: Pathogenicity and toxicity of yeasts used in production of single cell proteins

Fulbright D.W., 1986: Pathogenicity and virulence of cephalosporium gramineum is independent of in vitro production of extracellular polysaccharides and graminin a

Section 7, Chapter 6072, Accession 006071264

Oliveira C.B., 1984: Pathogenicity and virulence of rhizoctonia solani to peas in the federal district brazil

Szaniszlo P.J., 1987: Pathogenicity and virulence of wild type and melanin deficient wangiella dermatitidis

Groth J.V., 1984: Pathogenicity associations in puccinia graminis f sp tritici in the usa

Hussain M., 1984: Pathogenicity associations in puccinia recondita f sp tritici in pakistan

Browder, L. E.; Eversmeyer, M. G., 1977: Pathogenicity associations in puccinia recondita tritici

Schmitz J.A., 1979: Pathogenicity attributed to massive infection of nanophyetus salmincola in a cougar felis concolor

Wu B., 1984: Pathogenicity biology and treatment of pseudodactylogyrus for eels in fish farms

Sologub V.V., 1981: Pathogenicity factors of melanogenic pseudomonas aeruginosa strains

Kawamura H., 1979: Pathogenicity for baby chicks of the g 4260 strain of the picornavirus avian nephritis virus

Wierup M., 1985: Pathogenicity for chickens of a paramyxovirus type 1 isolated from racing pigeons in sweden

Parsons G., 1986: Pathogenicity for chickens of avian paramyxovirus type 1 isolates obtained from pigeons in great britain during 1983 1985

Akiyama Y., 1988: Pathogenicity for horses of original sagiyama virus a member of the getah virus group

Borkowska-Opacka, B.; Truszczynski, M., 1976: Pathogenicity for poultry of staphylococcus aureus strains isolated from industrial feed mixtures

L'vov D.K., 1983: Pathogenicity for primates of batai virus leiv 23 astrakhan strain

Sweasey D., 1980: Pathogenicity for the sheep fetus of bovine virus diarrhea mucosal disease virus of bovine origin

Herner R.C., 1988: Pathogenicity fungicide resistance and ethylene production of penicillium spp isolated from tulip bulbs

Barash I., 1985: Pathogenicity host specificity and anastomosis groups of rhizoctonia spp isolated from soils in israel

Glorioso J.C., 1986: Pathogenicity in mice of herpes simplex virus type 2 mutants unable to express glycoprotein c

Section 7, Chapter 6072, Accession 006071285

Section 7, Chapter 6072, Accession 006071286

Bajan C., 1983: Pathogenicity level of various strains of beauveria bassiana

Hassan S.K.M., 1981: Pathogenicity of 10 seed borne fungi of peanut seeds

Whiteside, J. O., 1978: Pathogenicity of 2 biotypes of elsinoe fawcetti to sweet orange and some other cultivars

Lewis L.C., 1982: Pathogenicity of 2 nuclear polyhedrosis viruses in the black cutworm agrotis ipsilon lepidoptera noctuidae

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Section 7, Chapter 6072, Accession 006071374

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Section 7, Chapter 6072, Accession 006071380

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Section 7, Chapter 6072, Accession 006071462

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Section 7, Chapter 6072, Accession 006071513

Section 7, Chapter 6072, Accession 006071514

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Lambe, R. C.; Wills, W. H., 1978: Pathogenicity of thielaviopsis basicola to japanese holly ilex crenata

Ozino Marletto O.I., 1984: Pathogenicity of three deuteromycetes against corthucha ciliata heteroptera tingidae

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