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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6073

Chapter 6073 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Shariff M., 1988: Pathological changes in the tiger prawn penaeus monodon fabricius associated with culture in brackish water ponds developed from potentially acid sulfate soils

Section 7, Chapter 6073, Accession 006072002

Teglbjaerg P.S., 1987: Pathological changes in the vermiform appendix a histological analysis of 1000 appendices removed because of suspected acute appendicitis

Section 7, Chapter 6073, Accession 006072004

Morgunov V.A., 1982: Pathological changes in tunica media of intra cerebral arteries in arterial hypertension

Reynolds, H. A., 1970: Pathological changes in virus enteritis of mink

Aherne, W.; Bird, T.; Court, S. D. M.; Gardner, P. S.; Mcquillin, J., 1970: Pathological changes in virus infections of the lower respiratory tract in children

Lin H.K., 1987: Pathological changes in whole body gamma irradiated spf lan yu miniature pigs

Shimizu Y., 1982: Pathological changes in young and adult cattle after intra nasal inoculation with infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virus

Yamaguchi Y., 1987: Pathological changes induced by formaldehyde in open ended rat tracheal implants preexposed to benzo a pyrene

Thomas J.S., 1986: Pathological changes induced by pomphorhynchus laevis acanthocephala in the gut of rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

Fujimoto T., 1987: Pathological changes induced by repeated percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty

Pasztor E., 1987: Pathological changes occurring in cystic craniopharyngiomas after intracavital treatment with the isotope yttrium 90

Yun D.R., 1981: Pathological changes of brain in acute carbon mon oxide poisoning

Strejc P., 1979: Pathological changes of cardio vascular and cardio pulmonary systems in relation to some biological and social factors in the population

Bordi, C.; Gabrielli, M.; Missale, G., 1978: Pathological changes of endocrine cells in chronic atrophic gastritis an ultrastructural study on per oral gastric biopsy specimens

Kohanawa M., 1979: Pathological changes of experimental poly chlorinated bi phenyl poisoning in chickens

Eto, K.; Takeuchi, T., 1977: Pathological changes of human sural nerves in minamata disease methyl mercury poisoning light microscopic and electron microscopic studies

Section 7, Chapter 6073, Accession 006072020

Section 7, Chapter 6073, Accession 006072021

Section 7, Chapter 6073, Accession 006072022

Section 7, Chapter 6073, Accession 006072024

Kasuga T., 1986: Pathological changes of the lungs after prolonged inhalation of high concentrations of oxygen

Buehrmann K., 1987: Pathological changes of the maxillary sinus important secondary findings in orthodontic x ray diagnosis

Ghannam B.B., 1981: Pathological changes of the nasal mucosa after surgical treatment of atrophic rhinitis

Schneider, H.; Matakas, F., 1971: Pathological changes of the spinal cord after brain death

Horiuchi T., 1987: Pathological changes of tracheal mucosa in chickens infections with lentogenic newcastle disease virus

Enomoto C., 1979: Pathological changes of xanthinuro lithiasis in calves

Colgrave H.F., 1983: Pathological changes produced by exposure of rabbits and rats to smokes from mixtures of hexa chloro ethane and zinc oxide

Abe, P. M.; Majeski, J. A.; Lennard, E. S., 1976: Pathological changes produced by fusobacterium necrophorum in experimental infection of mice

Ishihara, T.; Mori, T.; Waseda, N.; Ikekubo, K.; Akamizu, T.; Imura, H., 1986: Pathological characteristics of acute exacerbation of hashimoto's thyroiditis serial changes in a patient with repeated episodes

Nakamura S., 1980: Pathological characteristics of colonic early cancers from the viewpoint of histogenesis

Makino M., 1987: Pathological characteristics of gastric cancer that develop hematogenous recurrence with special reference to the site of recurrence

Hebert J., 1980: Pathological characteristics of good and poor interpersonal problem solvers among psychiatric out patients

Yoshida S., 1987: Pathological characteristics of metastatic carcinoma in the human mandible

Kurihara K., 1982: Pathological characteristics of oral lymphomas

Baranova, V. M.; Keizer, S. A.; Smirnov, V. F.; Zertsalov-Yu, V.; Klocheva, N. M.; Tatarskaya, A. A.; Rezanov, P. S.; Sebeleva, V. I., 1976: Pathological characteristics of ship building electrical welders

Section 7, Chapter 6073, Accession 006072041

Nair K.P., 1984: Pathological conditions in the bursa salpinx and uterus of does

Section 7, Chapter 6073, Accession 006072043

Peters N., 1985: Pathological conditions in the liver of ruffe gymnocephalus cernua from the elbe estuary west germany

Nair K.P., 1984 : Pathological conditions in the ovaries of does

Nair, K. P.; Raja, C. K. S. V., 1976: Pathological conditions in the uterus of cows miscellaneous lesions

Raja C.K.S.V., 1980: Pathological conditions of epididymis of bucks

Section 7, Chapter 6073, Accession 006072048

Chemke J., 1987: Pathological confirmation of cystic fibrosis in the fetus following prenatal diagnosis

Papp Z., 1988: Pathological consequences of the vanishing twin

Tanabe T., 1979: Pathological consideration on the toxicity of 4 ethoxy 2 methyl 5 morpholino 32h pyridazinone m 73101 in rats

Sato S., 1987: Pathological considerations of reoperative vascular patients

Addah L., 1987: Pathological constraints to the improvement of dairy production potential in tick infested tropical areas the case of sao tome and principe

Phillips J.G., 1982: Pathological correlation of computerized tomographic ring in recurrent previously treated gliomas

Fujimura, H.; Umbach, I., 1987: Pathological correlations between dementia parkinson's disease and lesions of the reticular formation

Et Al, 1986: Pathological diagnosis of ischemic colitis and antibiotic associated colitis

Et Al, 1985: Pathological diagnosis of superficial esophageal carcinoma criteria and problems in macroscopic and histological diagnosis

Et Al, 1986: Pathological diagnosis of villous tumor of the large intestine including diagnostic problems regarding biopsy and cancerous change

Section 7, Chapter 6073, Accession 006072060

Dormans J.A.M.A., 1988: Pathological effects in freshwater fish poecilia reticulata guppy and oryzias latipes medaka following methyl bromide and sodium bromide exposure

Anugwa F.O.I., 1987: Pathological effects of feeding roasted castor bean meal ricinus communis to chicks

Reuhl, K. R.; Chang, L. W.; Townsend, J. W., 1981: Pathological effects of in utero methyl mercury exposure on the cerebellum of the golden hamster mesocricetus auratus 1. early effects on the neo natal cerebellar cortex

Reuhl, K. R.; Chang, L. W.; Townsend, J. W., 1981: Pathological effects of in utero methyl mercury exposure on the cerebellum of the golden hamster mesocricetus auratus 2. residual effects on the adult cerebellum

Shaarawy M.A., 1981: Pathological effects of macrophomina phaseolina on sunflower helianthus annuus

Roy, A. K., 1976: Pathological effects of meloidogyne graminicola on rice and histo pathological studies on rice and maize

Jackson L.L., 1982: Pathological effects of pine pinus ponderosa needle ingestion in pregnant mice

Savarino V., 1980: Pathological effects on the pancreas of rats after chronic administration of imuran a preliminary report

Podymiak Grabowska H., 1981: Pathological endometrial outgrowths

Bradfield J.W.B., 1982: Pathological evaluation of computed tomography images of lungs

Fujiwara S., 1985: Pathological evaluation of hepatic dearterialization in encapsulated hepatocellular carcinoma

Rogov M., 1984: Pathological evaluation of trauma in fatal casualties of the lebanon war 1982

Section 7, Chapter 6073, Accession 006072075

Walsh P.C., 1981: Pathological factors that influence prognosis in stage a prostatic cancer the influence of extent versus grade

Qizilbash A.H., 1985: Pathological features and mucin histochemistry of primary gastric stump carcinoma associated with gastritis cystica polyposa a study of six cases

Nakano H., 1988: Pathological features of coronary arteries in children with kawasaki disease in which coronary arterial aneurysm was absent in autopsy quantitative analysis

Chandler, F. W.; Kraus, S. J.; Watts, J. C., 1976: Pathological features of experimental gonococcal infection in mice and guinea pigs

Benbough J.E., 1980: Pathological features of glutaminase toxicity

Savolainen S., 1982: Pathological features of human facial nerve after central injury during tumor removal with special reference to the nonmotor component

Gopalakrishnakone P., 1984: Pathological features of idiopathic torticollis in the duck anas platyrhynchos a model for human disease

Section 7, Chapter 6073, Accession 006072083

Wiseman A., 1980: Pathological features of severe cases of infectious bovine rhino tracheitis

Sunter, J. P.; Appleton, D. R.; Wright, N. A.; Watson, A. J., 1978: Pathological features of the colonic tumors induced in rats by the administration of 1 2 di methyl hydrazine

Section 7, Chapter 6073, Accession 006072086

Ornoy, A.; Crone, K.; Altshuler, G., 1976: Pathological features of the placenta in fetal death

Ladaga L., 1979: Pathological findings after pre operative irradiation for carcinoma of the urinary bladder

Doige C.E., 1982: Pathological findings associated with loco motor disturbances lactating and recently weaned sows

Fisher, E. R.; Palekar, A. S.; Gregorio, R. M.; Redmond, C.; Fisher, B., 1978: Pathological findings from the national surgical adjuvant breast project protocol no 4 part 4 significance of tumor necrosis

Section 7, Chapter 6073, Accession 006072091

Sonakul, D., 1978: Pathological findings in 4 cases of human angio strongyliasis

Yokoyamo K., 1984: Pathological findings in a patient after long term epidural administration of morphine

Hashimoto S., 1981: Pathological findings in an autopsied case of transient global amnesia

Zink P., 1986: Pathological findings in cases of sudden death of uncertain cause in infants sids and adults and influenza a infection

Horie T., 1988: Pathological findings in cases with angina pectoris and myocardial infarction

Henn R., 1985: Pathological findings in coronary arteries associated with sudden death in austria

Pereira S.A., 1986: Pathological findings in crassostrea rhizophorae from todos os santos bay bahia brazil

Umegaki K., 1981: Pathological findings in emphysematous and bronchitic types of chronic obstructive lung disease

Hessel, P. A.; Goldstein, B.; Davies, J. C. A.; Webster, I.; Hnizdo, E.; Landau, S., 1987: Pathological findings in mine workers i. description of the pathaut database

Hessel, P. A.; Hnizdo, E.; Goldstein, B.; Sluis-Cremer, G. K., 1987: Pathological findings in mine workers ii. quality of the pathaut data

Section 7, Chapter 6073, Accession 006072102

Section 7, Chapter 6073, Accession 006072103

Windau S., 1988: Pathological findings in post mortem examinations conditioned by therapy and diagnostics a survey

Gove D.W., 1983: Pathological findings in silicone spallation in vitro studies

Barz, H.; Henker, J., 1975: Pathological findings in subacute necrotizing encephalo myelopathy leighs disease

Section 7, Chapter 6073, Accession 006072107

Section 7, Chapter 6073, Accession 006072108

Fujiwara H., 1985: Pathological findings of cardiac rhabdomyomatosis in the guinea pig

Ashizawa, H.; Moritomo, Y.; Tateyama, S.; Miyoshi, M., 1986: Pathological findings of esophagostomiasis in the domestic animals iii. lesions of natural infection cases in pigs

Ashizawa, H.; Moritomo, Y.; Tateyama, S.; Miyoshi, M., 1985: Pathological findings of oesophagostomiasis in domestic animals 1. lesions of field infection cases in cattle

Ashizawa, H.; Moritomo, Y.; Tateyama, S.; Miyoshi, M., 1985: Pathological findings of oesophagostomiasis in domestic animals 2. lesions of naturally infected sheep

Ashizawa, H.; Morimoto, Y.; Tateyama, S.; Miyoshi, M., 1987: Pathological findings of oesophagostomiasis in the domestic animals iv. lesions of naturally infected goats

Tateyama S., 1988: Pathological findings of the hepatic lesions in swine infected with stephanurus dentatus

Motozono Y., 1980: Pathological findings of the hepatic lesions in wild boars sus scrofa leucomystax infected with stephanurus dentatus

Figuerola D., 1985: Pathological findings of the newborn in the diabetic mother their relationship to the degree of metabolic control during pregnancy

Tomioka Y., 1986: Pathological findings on gastric ulcer in the proventricular region in foals

Section 7, Chapter 6073, Accession 006072119

Section 7, Chapter 6073, Accession 006072120

Ebong W.W., 1986: Pathological fracture complicating long bone osteomyelitis in patients with sickle cell disease

Ranz R., 1988: Pathological fractures in infancy

Spaengler H., 1979: Pathological fractures of long medullary bones due to malignant tumors indications for osteosynthesis

Dahlin D.C., 1981: Pathological fractures through nonossifying fibromas review of the mayo clinic rochester minnesota usa experience

Mcconaghy N., 1985: Pathological gamblers heroin addicts and controls compared on the eysenck personality questionnaire addiction scale

Linnoila M., 1988: Pathological gambling a psychobiological study

Klein R., 1987: Pathological gambling among high school students

Heineman M., 1988: Pathological gambling among youthful multiple substance abusers in a therapeutic community

Section 7, Chapter 6073, Accession 006072129

Sommers I., 1988: Pathological gambling estimating prevalence and group characteristics

Krupnick J.K., 1980: Pathological grief and the activation of latent self images

Serur M.C., 1988: Pathological grief its care in brief psychotherapy

Slepyan, E. I.; Minina, E. V., 1978: Pathological growth of cruciferae caused by plasmodiophora brassicae and the importance and purposes of its study in commemoration of the centennial of its discovery by m s voronin

Takahashi, K.; Terashima, K.; Kojima, M.; Yoshida, H.; Kimura, H., 1977: Pathological histochemical and ultrastructural studies on sea blue histiocytes and gaucher like cells in acquired lipidosis occurring in leukemia

Scommegna A., 1988: Pathological hyperprolactinemia suppresses hot flashes in menopausal women

Garrido J.L., 1988: Pathological incidence study of human papilloma virus hpv carried out on 1439 patients between 1982 1985 in panama

Gavrilova, L. N.; Kolosova, T. E.; Mikhailov, A. I., 1978: Pathological inert motor reaction in dogs with sectioned corpus callosum

Khananashvili M.M., 1984: Pathological information processing behavior and some mechanisms of the autoregulation of higher nervous activity

Waite W.W., 1982: Pathological interaction of a combination of heterodera schachtii and meloidogyne hapla on tomato lycopersicon esculentum cultivar stone improved

Et Al, 1984: Pathological investigation of noncoronary cardiac sudden death

Hong S.J., 1980: Pathological investigation on adeno myoma of the stomach

Sasaki K I., 1979: Pathological investigations of hepato cellular carcinoma

Nakama A., 1981: Pathological investigations on cause of death in slender billed shearwater puffinus tenuirostris collected in johga shima area japan

Section 7, Chapter 6073, Accession 006072144

Carpenter, S.; Karpati, G.; Rothman, S.; Watters, G.; Andermann, F., 1978: Pathological involvement of primary sensory neurons in werdnig hoffmann disease

Coen S.J., 1987: Pathological jealousy

Brion S., 1981: Pathological laughing and posterior fossa tumors

Van Der Vlugt H., 1979: Pathological left handedness cross cultural tests of a model

Pipe M E., 1987: Pathological left handedness is it familial?

Calisher E.H., 1986: Pathological lesions in mice infected with thogoto virus a tick borne orthomyxovirus

Flesja, K. I.; Ulvesaeter, H. O., 1980: Pathological lesions in swine at slaughter 3. inter relationship between pathological lesions and between pathological lesions and carcass quality and carcass weight

Rao S.S., 1980: Pathological lesions in the reproductive system of murrah buffalo in anestrous condition

Armstrong D., 1981: Pathological life and death medical spatialization and geriatrics

Section 7, Chapter 6073, Accession 006072159

Lindstrom, J. M.; Engel, A. G.; Seybold, M. E.; Lennon, V. A.; Lambert, E. H., 1976: Pathological mechanisms in experimental auto immune myasthenia gravis part 2 passive transfer of experimental auto immune myasthenia gravis in rats with anti acetyl choline receptor antibodies

Salomon F V., 1985: Pathological myophosphorylase reaction in malignant hyperthermia

Snajdr, M., 1978: Pathological neoplasms in the fringe of bohemoharpes trilobita

Saito Y., 1985: Pathological observation on dilated cardiomyopathy in holstein friesian cattle a report of a milch cow suffered in nonlactational period and two steer cases

Saito Y., 1982: Pathological observation on porcine myeloid leukemias 3 cases

Fetuga B.L., 1983: Pathological observation on rats dosed with lima bean and cowpea hem agglutinins

Saito Y., 1984: Pathological observation on so called idiopathic congestive cardiomyopathy in cattle

Section 7, Chapter 6073, Accession 006072168

Ikeda K., 1985: Pathological observation on white spots in the liver of adult pigs for breeding

Singh, B. P.; Joshi, H. C.; Sharma, U. K., 1976: Pathological observations in chronic bovine hematuria

Section 7, Chapter 6073, Accession 006072173

Grewal, G. S.; Singh, B.; Kumar, R.; Singh, H. P., 1977: Pathological observations of acute riboflavine deficiency in broiler chicks

Goto N., 1980: Pathological observations of cerebellar hypoplasia in calves

Kishimoto M., 1981: Pathological observations of emphysema formed in the mucosa of the fore stomach in fattened steers

Section 7, Chapter 6073, Accession 006072178

Whitwell K.E., 1980: Pathological observations on an outbreak of paralysis in brood mares

Lansdown, A. B. G.; Brown, J. D., 1978: Pathological observations on experimental cytomegalovirus infections in pregnancy

Baketana, K.; Pandey, V. S.; Kindele, N.; Shukla, R. R., 1977: Pathological observations on fascioliasis in lubumbashi shaba zaire

Uchida S., 1986: Pathological observations on intracranial intraabdominal and bone tumors induced by bk virus a human papovavirus in syrian hamsters

Okaniwa A., 1980: Pathological observations on natural cases of sialo dacryo adenitis of rats

Couturier J.Y., 1980: Pathological obstruction of the 1st portion of the tubal isthmus an analysis of 50 micro surgical operations

Planten, J. T.; Kooijman, A. C.; De-Vries, B.; Woldringh, J. J. H., 1978: Pathological optic approach of cataract and lens

Patte, E., 1976: Pathological or abnormal bones from the cave of feigneux oise france

Malez, M.; Nikolic, V., 1975: Pathological phenomena in human skulls from the cave bezdanjaca in the lika

Sohma S., 1982: Pathological physiology of gastric ulceration with special reference to gastric micro circulation and defense mechanism of gastric mucosa

Section 7, Chapter 6073, Accession 006072189

Von Recum A.F., 1987: Pathological potential of intraperitoneal transmitter implants in beavers

Rodesch F., 1986: Pathological pregnancies results of amniotic fluid studies and fetal outcome

Stephanos, S., 1978: Pathological primary identifications and their effects on the psycho somatic economy of the individual

Section 7, Chapter 6073, Accession 006072193

Bogoyavlenskaya, R. A., 1978: Pathological process in host plants in obligate parasitism as exemplified by peronosporosis

Vahala J., 1988: Pathological process induced by demodex sp acari demodicidae in the skin of eland taurotragus oryx pallas

Bubnov-Yu, I.; Koptyaeva, I. S., 1977: Pathological processes as a factor affecting the genotypic structure of a population

Schraub S., 1986: Pathological prognostic factors of rectal carcinoma monofactorial and multifactorial analysis

Fox H., 1988: Pathological prognostic indicators in cervical cancer with particular reference to patients under the age of 40 years

Lehrer G.F., 1982: Pathological pruning a useful tool in white pine pinus strobus blister rust cronartium ribicola control

Gambetti P., 1986: Pathological reaction of astrocytes in perinatal brain injury immunohistochemical study

Mcglashan N.D., 1983: Pathological regions correspondences between cancer mortality distributions in south africa

Section 7, Chapter 6073, Accession 006072202

Bachmayer, F.; Ehrenberg, K.; Gruenberg, W., 1975: Pathological remains of ursus spelaeus part 1 examples of ankylosis of the spine

Yang B S., 1986: Pathological renal changes in epidemic hemorrhagic fever accompanied by chronic renal failure in one case

Evans, D. L.; Patterson, L. T.; Beasley, J. N., 1971: Pathological response of the chicken embryo to an agent which causes acute leukosis mareks disease

Kaya H.K., 1983: Pathological response of the parasitoid glyptapanteles militaris to nuclear polyhedrosis virus infected armyworm pseudaletia unipuncta hosts

Menendez, I., 1982: Pathological response to the inoculation of different pathotypes of newcastle disease virus in avians immunized against this entity 2. mature hens

Menendez, I., 1981: Pathological response to the inoculation of different pathotypes of newcastle disease virus in immunized avians 1. replacement chickens

In Der Maur G.A.P., 1982: Pathological secretion of the breast

Gill, W. B.; Schumacher, G. F. B.; Bibbo, M., 1977: Pathological semen and anatomical abnormalities of the genital tract in human male subjects exposed to di ethyl stilbestrol in utero

Montagnon D., 1981: Pathological seminal plasma proteins by cellulose acetate electrophoresis

Maki Y., 1985: Pathological significance of the localized hyperplastic foci in relation to the initial features and spreading process in human myelogenous leukemia

Tatter D., 1986: Pathological spectrum of liver diseases in sickle cell disease

Ferrer, A.; Castellano, M.; Bona, M.; Plaza, L., 1988: Pathological spectrum of the lung in cases of violent death part i. lesion classification

Ferrer, A.; Castellano, M.; Plaza, L., 1988: Pathological spectrum of the lung in cases of violent death part ii. clinicopathologic correlation

Keehn R.J., 1980: Pathological stage grouping of patients with resected carcinoma of the lung

Kark A.E., 1982: Pathological stage i e lymphoma of the testis treated by local surgery alone

Mendez M.F., 1988: Pathological stealing in dementia

Schwartz, M. S.; Scott, D. F., 1978: Pathological stimulus related slow wave arousal responses in the electro encephalogram

Meder M., 1984: Pathological studies in chicken embryos and day old chicks experimentally infected with avian reovirus

Povazsan J., 1984: Pathological studies in chicken embryos and day old chicks experimentally infected with salmonella typhimurium and staphylococcus aureus

Section 7, Chapter 6073, Accession 006072222

Koshimura T., 1985: Pathological studies in experimental production of oral carcinomas erythrocyte osmotic fragility in carcinoma bearing hamsters

Miyagawa Y., 1985: Pathological studies in experimental production of oral carcinomas hematological investigation of anemia in hamsters with carcinomas

Mizuno M., 1985: Pathological studies in experimental production of oral carcinomas phagocytosis of res in hamsters with carcinoma

Zen M., 1988: Pathological studies in experimentally induced oral carcinomas basic research on the differentiation of immunocompetent cells in mice

Kanou N., 1988: Pathological studies in experimentally induced oral carcinomas pathological study on carcinogenesis in the buccal skin of mice

Section 7, Chapter 6073, Accession 006072228

Okamoto J., 1985: Pathological studies in the experimental production of oral carcinomas hematological investigation of anemia in rats with carcinomas

Ono T., 1981: Pathological studies of cardiac tumors in cattle

Et Al, 1986: Pathological studies of experimental hepatic arterial embolization in rat

Fujimoto, Y.; Mikami, T.; Narita, M.; Okada, K., 1975: Pathological studies of mareks disease in japanese quail

Section 7, Chapter 6073, Accession 006072234

Watanabe H., 1988: Pathological studies of neuroendocrine cells in human embryonic and fetal lung light microscopical immunohistochemical and electron microscopical approaches

Temmim L., 1980: Pathological studies of spleen lymph node and liver biopsies in 250 cases of exploratory laparotomy for hodgkins disease

Yagawa K., 1982: Pathological studies of the airways in fatal cases of bronchial asthma

Mano, I.; Fujimasa, I.; Imachi, K.; Nishisaka, T.; Ohmichi, H.; Mori, J.; Iwai, N.; Atsumi, K.; Sakurai, Y.; Et-Al, 1976: Pathological studies of the animals replaced totally with the artificial heart part 1 concerning lungs natural heart and brain

Section 7, Chapter 6073, Accession 006072239

Otsuka H., 1984: Pathological studies on 25 cases with small hepatocellular carcinoma

Ogawa, K.; Imai, M.; Tanigawa, T.; Tsuji, T.; Arima, T., 1978: Pathological studies on a long term survived case of gamma heavy chain disease a brief review of 30 reported cases and a proposal for histological typing

Kamae S., 1979: Pathological studies on animals after intra venous administration of per fluorochemical emulsion as blood gas carrier

Takagi, T., 1978: Pathological studies on atrio ventricular conduction disturbances

Kusama H., 1986: Pathological studies on autopsy cases of malignant pleural mesothelioma with special reference to mucous and immuno histochemical differentiation from subclassified pulmonary adenocarcinomas

Hirabayashi I., 1987: Pathological studies on autopsy cases of pulmonary asbestosis

Sukumaran K., 1988: Pathological studies on bovine horn cancer with particular reference to the site of its origin

Chou C W., 1982: Pathological studies on calcification of the inter vertebral discs

Yamamoto Y., 1980: Pathological studies on cattle heavily infected with eurytrema coelomaticum

Et Al, 1982: Pathological studies on early primary hepato cellular carcinoma an analysis of 37 resected small lesions

Itoh H., 1981: Pathological studies on early retinopathy of prematurity

Hwang, E. K.; Jean, Y. H.; Kang, M. I.; Kwon, Y. B.; Chung, U. I., 1987: Pathological studies on endotoxemia 1. histopathological studies on endotoxemia in mice and rats

Chung U.I., 1987: Pathological studies on enterovirus infection complicated with hog cholera vaccine virus

Et Al, 1986: Pathological studies on epidermal and appendage tumors and tumor like lesions analysis of 3425 cases

Oyamada T., 1980: Pathological studies on equine ataxia in japan

Section 7, Chapter 6073, Accession 006072257

Section 7, Chapter 6073, Accession 006072258

Section 7, Chapter 6073, Accession 006072259

Et Al, 1985: Pathological studies on experimental schistosomiasis japonica in rabbits

Kumanomido T., 1984: Pathological studies on foals experimentally infected with equine rotavirus

Mehta, P.; Vyas, K. M.; Saksena, S. B., 1975: Pathological studies on fruit rot of tomato caused by alternaria solani and alternaria tenuis

Kawai T., 1981: Pathological studies on hem angio sarcoma of rat liver

Takashina, M., 1979: Pathological studies on n methyl n' nitro n nitroso guanidine induced gastric tumor of the rat with special reference to dna mode stained by feulgen reaction

Inazumi, T., 1979: Pathological studies on n methyl n' nitroso guanidine induced tumors of the rat large intestine

Itoh H., 1985: Pathological studies on retinopathy of prematurity comparison between stillborn and premature babies

Abubakr, M. I.; Elfaki, M. E.; Abdalla, S. A.; Kamal, S. M., 1981: Pathological studies on sheep and goats with pneumonia in the sudan 2. experimental infection

Takagaki Y., 1981: Pathological studies on spontaneous tumors in mice

Ito H., 1987: Pathological studies on temporal bone with facial nerve deficiency

Nomura, T., 1978: Pathological studies on the brood rainbow trout that died after egg stripping part 2 occurrence of aeromonas salmonicida

Nomura, T.; Seki, Y., 1977: Pathological studies on the brood rainbow trout which died after egg stripping part 1 mortality and symptoms

Suto, C.; Kawamoto, F.; Kumada, N., 1978: Pathological studies on the cockroach part 1 spontaneous occurrence of hind gut ulcer in the smoky brown cockroach periplaneta fuliginosa

Shim T.S., 1987: Pathological studies on the effects of venom of agkistrodon saxatilis in the heart of rats

Koga T., 1986: Pathological studies on the liver with extrahepatic portal obstruction

Hashizume Y., 1980: Pathological studies on the ossification of the posterior longitudinal ligament

Khan M.Z., 1985: Pathological studies on the pituitary gland adenohypophysis of buffaloes

Perneczky G., 1980: Pathological study and clinical manifestations of median nerve variations in the carpal canal

Kestens P.J., 1980: Pathological study of a surgical series of benign tumoral lesions of the liver

Galian, A.; Lecestre, M. J.; Scotto, J.; Bognel, C.; Matuchansky, C.; Rambaud, J. C., 1977: Pathological study of alpha chain disease with special emphasis on evolution

Murase T., 1982: Pathological study of bladder cancer by mapping of urothelium

Shimada M., 1987: Pathological study of blood borne tuberculosis

Et Al, 1987: Pathological study of carcinoma of the anal canal

Yoshida K., 1983: Pathological study of carcinoma of the gallbladder

Shinohara T., 1981: Pathological study of chronic d galactosamine induced hepatitis in mice by administration of adjuvants an animal model of chronic active hepatitis

Iwata Y., 1987: Pathological study of degenerative changes of finger joints in cadavers of aged persons

Section 7, Chapter 6073, Accession 006072290

Takamizawa H., 1984: Pathological study of endometrial carcinogenesis in androgen sterilized rats

Kikuchi T., 1984: Pathological study of experimental osteoporosis

Narishima K., 1987: Pathological study of experimental pulmonary fat embolism after fracture

Section 7, Chapter 6073, Accession 006072294

Et Al, 1984: Pathological study of hepatocellular carcinoma intra bile duct tumor growth

Et Al, 1984: Pathological study of hepatocellular carcinoma with a pedunculated growth

Nakade T., 1986: Pathological study of idiopathic acinar atrophy of the pancreas in a dog

Gallucci V., 1981: Pathological study of infective endo carditis on hancock porcine bio prostheses

Section 7, Chapter 6073, Accession 006072299

Kikuchi H., 1979: Pathological study of late arterial spasm

Hu, Y.; Yuan, Y. M.; Ma, H. H.; Chiang, S. S.; Tan, S. Y., 1978: Pathological study of lung cancer resection specimens from 405 cases

Ishihara A., 1980: Pathological study of multiple gastric carcinoma

Section 7, Chapter 6073, Accession 006072303

Kim C.S., 1980: Pathological study of otitis media in experimental animal and human

Tabata M., 1987: Pathological study of ovarian metastasis in cervical cancer

Fujinami M., 1985: Pathological study of postsurgical complication

Nakamura T., 1985: Pathological study of resected and dissected malignant hepatic tumors treated by transcatheter arterial embolization and one shot intraarterial infusion chemotherapy

Ueno T., 1986: Pathological study of sequelae of kawasaki disease mcls with special reference to the heart and coronary arterial lesions

Yamane Y., 1987: Pathological study of skeletal maturation process of spontaneously hypertensive rats

Chabaud A.G., 1986: Pathological study of skin and ocular lesions in murids infested by monanema spp an experimental model of human onchocerciasis

Kuroda C., 1985: Pathological study of small hepatocellular carcinoma frequency of their invasion

Section 7, Chapter 6073, Accession 006072312

Gyotoku Y., 1982: Pathological study of the adrenal cortex in idiopathic hyper aldo steronism

Miyata T., 1984: Pathological study of the calcification of the hip joint

Section 7, Chapter 6073, Accession 006072315

Nagasawa T., 1986: Pathological study of the experimental fat embolism

Kumagai K., 1985: Pathological study of the pituitary adrenal system in spontaneously hypertensive rats with special reference to the corticotrophs by immunohistochemical and morphometrical technique

Itoh H., 1981: Pathological study of the retinopathy of prematurity

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