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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6074

Chapter 6074 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Myers B.D., 1985: Pathophysiology of protracted acute renal failure in man

Reichart B., 1987: Pathophysiology of pulmonary edema following experimental brain death in the chacma baboon

Section 7, Chapter 6074, Accession 006073002

Okamoto E., 1988: Pathophysiology of shock and dic complicating endoscopic embolization with thrombin for esophageal varices

Simpson D.I.H., 1985: Pathophysiology of shock and hemorrhage in a fulminating viral infection ebola

Hixon J.E., 1986: Pathophysiology of small testes in beef bulls relationship between scrotal circumferences histopathologic features of testes and epididymides seminal characteristics and endocrine profiles

Johanson W.C.Jr, 1986: Pathophysiology of soman intoxication in primates

Eby B., 1985: Pathophysiology of spontaneous hypercalciuria in laboratory rats role of deranged vitamin d metabolism

Lemeshow S., 1986: Pathophysiology of superoxide radical as potential mediator of reperfusion injury in pig heart

Section 7, Chapter 6074, Accession 006073009

Smahel J., 1985: Pathophysiology of the burn wound

Noble B., 1985: Pathophysiology of the kidney in rats with heymann nephritis

Section 7, Chapter 6074, Accession 006073012

Graf H., 1987: Pathophysiology of type a hypoxic lactic acidosis in dogs

Section 7, Chapter 6074, Accession 006073014

Strandness D.E.Jr, 1984: Pathophysiology of venous claudication

Maslowski J., 1986: Pathoplastic influences on symptoms of schizophrenia a comparative study in libya and malta

Bleikher V.M., 1985: Pathopsychological aspect of the study of the cognitive activity and personality features in aging and psychoses of advanced age

Section 7, Chapter 6074, Accession 006073018

Valluvaparidasan V., 1981: Pathotype grouping of xanthomonas campestris var oryza isolates of tamil nadu india

Luecke, E., 1976: Pathotype investigations with populations of heterodera avenae 1966 1975

Saefkow M., 1983: Pathotype investigations with populations of heterodera avenae in maize

Ireholm A., 1987: Pathotype survey of potato cyst nematodes globodera rostochiensis and globodera pallida 1980 1982

Section 7, Chapter 6074, Accession 006073024

Gabrielson R.L., 1983: Pathotypes of plasmodiophora brassicae in washington oregon and california usa

Rijkenberg F.H.J., 1987: Pathotypes of puccinia graminis f sp tritici with increased virulence for sr24

Ohms, J. P.; Heinicke, D. H. K., 1983: Pathotypes of the potato cyst nematode 1. rapid identification of globodera rostochiensis and globodera pallida by iso electric focusing

Ohms, J. P.; Heinicke, D. H. K., 1985: Pathotypes of the potato cyst nematode 2. identification of the pathotypes of globodera rostochiensis by 2 dimensional microelectrophoresis of single cysts

Tzeng K C., 1979: Pathovars of pseudomonas solanacearum in taiwan and their interaction in tobacco plants

Gabriel D.W., 1987: Pathovars of xanthomonas campestris are distinguishable by restriction fragment length polymorphism

Goldsmith, J. R., 1977: Paths of association in epidemiological analysis application to health effects of environmental exposures

Hughes G.M., 1979: Paths of blood flow through the gills of fishes some morphometric observations

Gatzy J.T., 1982: Paths of hydrophilic solute flow across excised bull frog rana catesbeiana lung

Amiard J.C., 1984: Paths of lead transfer from the environment to cultivated vegetables application to the agricultural utilization of sewage sludges

Section 7, Chapter 6074, Accession 006073036

Bocquet-Vedrine, J., 1976: Paths of water absorption during acquisition of the adult state in the isopod crinoniscus equitans

Swanson G.J., 1985: Paths taken by sensory nerve fibers in aneural chick wing buds

Wong S W., 1984: Paths to psychiatric care in hong kong

Gurwitz P.M., 1981: Paths to psycho therapy in the middle years a longitudinal study

Kirchner T.B., 1987: Pathway a dynamic food chain model to predict radionuclide ingestion after fallout deposition

Sawada K., 1980: Pathway and direction of electric current in teeth

Akazawa, T.; Newcomb, E. H.; Osmond, C. B., 1978: Pathway and products of carbon di oxide fixation by green prokaryotic algae in the cloacal cavity of diplosoma virens

Nomiyama K., 1979: Pathway and rate of metabolism of tri chloro ethylene in rats and rabbits

Tosaka, O.; Takinami, K., 1978: Pathway and regulation of lysine biosynthesis in brevibacterium lactofermentum

Nooden L.D., 1984: Pathway and regulation of phosphate translocation to the pods of soybean glycine max cultivar anoka explants

Levine R.L., 1982: Pathway choice by regenerating optic fibers following tectal lobectomy in the goldfish carassius auratus inferences from the study of gliosis in tectal efferent bundles

Orlov, V. P.; Merten, A. A.; Yankovskii, G. A.; Taivan, I. L., 1978: Pathway conducting osteo receptive signals to deiters vestibular nuclei

Maryanka D., 1979: Pathway dependent reconstitution of chromatin structure from separated constituents

De Meis L., 1980: Pathway for atp synthesis by sarcoplasmic reticulum atpase

Szumilo T., 1981: Pathway for d galactonate catabolism in nonpathogenic mycobacteria

Section 7, Chapter 6074, Accession 006073052

Kisumi, M.; Komatsubara, S.; Chibata, I., 1977: Pathway for iso leucine formation from pyruvate by leucine biosynthetic enzymes in leucine accumulating iso leucine revertants of serratia marcescens

Neyra, C. A.; Hageman, R. H., 1978: Pathway for nitrate assimilation in corn zea mays leaves cellular distribution of enzymes and energy sources for nitrate reduction

Lin, C. Y.; Kumar, S., 1972: Pathway for the synthesis of fatty acids in mammalian tissues

Young, I. G.; Stroobant, P.; Mac-Donald, C. G.; Gibson, F., 1973: Pathway for ubi quinone biosynthesis in escherichia coli k 12 gene enzyme relationships and intermediates

Azzone G.F., 1984: Pathway for uncoupler induced calcium efflux in rat liver mitochondria inhibition by ruthenium red

Furber S.E., 1987: Pathway formation and the terminal distribution pattern of the spinocerebellar projection in the chick embryo

Sironval C., 1981: Pathway from photo inactive p 633 628 proto chlorophyllide to the p 696 682 chlorophyllide in cucumber etioplast suspensions

Whitman W.B., 1987: Pathway of acetate assimilation in autotrophic and heterotrophic methanococci

Section 7, Chapter 6074, Accession 006073061

Hers H G., 1982: Pathway of adenine nucleotide catabolism and its control in isolated rat hepatocytes subjected to anoxia

Sims A.P., 1981: Pathway of ammonia assimilation in illuminated and darkened chlamydomonas reinhardii

Folkes B.F., 1980: Pathway of ammonia assimilation in illuminated lemna minor

Walter J.A., 1985: Pathway of ammonium assimilation in streptomyces venezuelae examined by amino acid analyses and nitrogen 15 nmr spectroscopy

Ben Porat T., 1982: Pathway of assembly of herpesvirus capsids an analysis using dna positive temperature sensitive mutants of pseudorabies virus

Mcintosh L., 1985: Pathway of assembly of ribulosebisphosphate carboxylase oxygenase from anabaena 7120 expressed in escherichia coli

Moll M., 1987: Pathway of assimilate transfer between mesophyll cells and minor veins in leaves of cucumis melo l

Adeniyi Jones S., 1988: Pathway of b1 alu expression in microinjected oocytes xenopus laevis proteins associated with nuclear precursor and processed cytoplasmic rna

Section 7, Chapter 6074, Accession 006073070

Patel, M. S.; Jomain-Baum, M.; Ballard, F. J.; Hanson, R. W., 1971: Pathway of carbon flow during fatty acid synthesis from lactate and pyruvate in rat adipose tissue

Glagoleva T., 1981: Pathway of carbon metabolism in halophytic desert species from chenopodiaceae

Mcdonald R., 1980: Pathway of carbon transport within developing ovules of phaseolus vulgaris cultivar brown beauty

Mcmurrough, I.; Flores-Carreon, A.; Bartnicki-Garcia, S., 1971: Pathway of chitin synthesis and cellular localization of chitin synthetase in mucor rouxii

Firestone, M. K.; Tiedje, J. M., 1978: Pathway of degradation of nitrilo tri acetate by a pseudomonas spp

Saz H.J., 1981: Pathway of formation of branched chain volatile fatty acids in ascaris lumbricoides var suum mitochondria

Pollock C.J., 1979: Pathway of fructosan synthesis in leaf bases of dactylis glomerata

Markwell, J.; Shimamoto, G. T.; Bissett, D. L.; Anderson, R. L., 1976: Pathway of galactitol catabolism in klebsiella pneumoniae

Anderson R.L., 1981: Pathway of galactitol catabolism in klebsiella pneumoniae oxidation of l galactitol 1 phosphate by a nad specific dehydrogenase

Saijo R., 1983: Pathway of gallic acid biosynthesis and its esterification with catechins in young tea camellia sinensis shoots

Lardy H.A., 1988: Pathway of gluconeogenesis from d and l glycerate in rat hepatocytes

Section 7, Chapter 6074, Accession 006073082

Riley, R. G.; Kolodziej, B. J., 1976: Pathway of glucose catabolism in caulobacter crescentus

Koudelka A.P., 1985: Pathway of glycogen synthesis from glucose in hepatocytes maintained in primary culture

Saurat J H., 1987: Pathway of granule formation in merkel cells an ultrastructural study

Goryachenkova E.V., 1980: Pathway of hydrogen sulfide formation in plants

Section 7, Chapter 6074, Accession 006073087

Stoltz, D. B.; Summers, M. D., 1971: Pathway of infection of mosquito iridescent virus part 1 preliminary observations on the fate of ingested virus

Mayo, J. W.; Anderson, R. L., 1968: Pathway of l mannose degradation in aerobacter aerogenes

Kelker, N. E.; Simkins, R. A.; Anderson, R. L., 1972: Pathway of l sorbose metabolism in aerobacter aerogenes

Hedrick L., 1982: Pathway of lysine degradation in fusobacterium nucleatum

Summons R.E., 1982: Pathway of malic acid synthesis in response to ion uptake in wheat triticum aestivum and lupine lupinus luteus roots evidence from fixation of carbon 13 and carbon 14

Humphreys G.B., 1981: Pathway of movement of apoplastic fluorescent dye tracers through the endodermis at the site of secondary root formation in corn zea mays cultivar seneca chief and broad bean vicia faba cultivar windsor

Walker, J. D.; Cooney, J. J., 1973: Pathway of n alkane oxidation in cladosporium resinae

Costa M., 1986: Pathway of nickel uptake influences its interaction with heterochromatic dna

Wolk, C. P.; Thomas, J.; Shaffer, P. W.; Austin, S. M.; Galonsky, A., 1976: Pathway of nitrogen metabolism after fixation of nitrogen 13 labeled nitrogen gas by the cyanobacterium anabaena cylindrica

Katsumata F., 1979: Pathway of nutrients absorbed by roots grown at the different positions of the stem in mulberry trees

Section 7, Chapter 6074, Accession 006073099

Section 7, Chapter 6074, Accession 006073100

Lin W., 1983: Pathway of phloem unloading of sucrose in corn zea mays roots

Section 7, Chapter 6074, Accession 006073102

Rast D.A., 1983: Pathway of photosynthetic malate formation in vitis vinifera a carbon pathway plant

Guild W.R., 1981: Pathway of plasmid transformation in pneumococcus open circular and linear molecules are active

Hansen T.A., 1987: Pathway of propionate formation from ethanol in pelobacter propionicus

Hansen T.A., 1984: Pathway of propionate formation in desulfobulbus propionicus

Kluytmans J.H., 1983: Pathway of propionate synthesis in the sea mussel mytilus edulis

Cazzulo J.J., 1981: Pathway of protein glycosylation in the trypanosomatid crithidia fasciculata

Turvey P.M., 1981: Pathway of radial transfer of photosynthate in decapitated stems of phaseolus vulgaris cultivar brown beauty

Stitt, M.; Bulpin, P. V.; Rees, T. A., 1978: Pathway of starch breakdown in photosynthetic tissues of pisum sativum

Macy, J. M.; Ljungdahl, L. G.; Gottschalk, G., 1978: Pathway of succinate and propionate formation in bacteroides fragilis

Popova L.Yu, 1980: Pathway of synthesis of luciferase aldehyde factor in photobacterium mandapamensis and the effect of aldehyde precursors on the luminescence development

Kusumi T., 1987: Pathway of taurolipid b formation from exogenous taurolipid a by tetrahymena thermophila

Section 7, Chapter 6074, Accession 006073114

Tsujimoto T., 1986: Pathway of the blink reflex in the brainstem of the cat interneurons between the trigeminal nuclei and the facial nucleus

Sanemori, H.; Egi, Y.; Kawasaki, T., 1976: Pathway of thiamine pyro phosphate synthesis in micrococcus denitrificans

Jennings D.H., 1982: Pathway of translocation in serpula lacrimans

Section 7, Chapter 6074, Accession 006073118

Simons K., 1982: Pathway of vesicular stomatitis virus entry leading to infection

Scheirer, D. C.; Goldklang, I. J., 1977: Pathway of water movement in hydroids of polytrichum commune bryopsida

Landmesser L., 1981: Pathway selection by chick lumbo sacral moto neurons during normal development

Landmesser L., 1981: Pathway selection by embryonic chick moto neurons in an experimentally altered environment

Murphy R., 1987: Pathway specific connections between peptide containing preganglionic and postganglionic neurons in the vagus nerve of the toad bufo marinus

Petursdottir G., 1988: Pathway specificity of reticulospinal and vestibulospinal projections in the 11 day chicken embryo

Banerjee S.P., 1980: Pathway to fiber yield in jute corchorus olitorius

Section 7, Chapter 6074, Accession 006073126

Raymond, J.; Dememes, D.; Marty, R., 1976: Pathways and ascending vestibular projections emanating from primary nuclei radioautographic study

Summerfelt R.C., 1986: Pathways and mechanisms for expulsion of surgically implanted dummy transmitters from channel catfish ictalurus punctatus

Section 7, Chapter 6074, Accession 006073130

Delouvee A., 1982: Pathways and mechanisms of avian trunk neural crest cell migration and localization

Miller R.F., 1979: Pathways and polarities of synaptic interactions in the inner retina of the mudpuppy part 1 synaptic blocking studies

Miller R.F., 1979: Pathways and polarities of synaptic interactions in the inner retina of the mudpuppy part 2 insight revealed by an analysis of latency and threshold

Demain A.L., 1986: Pathways and regulation of ammonium assimilation in streptomyces clavuligerus

Chernov Yu I., 1982: Pathways and sources of fauna formation on small islands of oceania

Section 7, Chapter 6074, Accession 006073136

Cohen D.J., 1980: Pathways between constitution and competence during the 1st 5 years of life

Ogren, M.; Hendrickson, A., 1976: Pathways between striate cortex and subcortical regions in macaca mulatta and saimiri sciureus evidence for a reciprocal pulvinar connection

Koizumi K., 1981: Pathways between the nucleus tractus solitarius and neuro secretory neurons of the supraoptic nucleus electro physiological studies

Section 7, Chapter 6074, Accession 006073140

Section 7, Chapter 6074, Accession 006073141

Gaston K.C., 1982: Pathways connecting the right and left cochlear nuclei

Mufson E.J., 1980: Pathways disrupted in aphagia and adipsia following diencephalic damage

Farquhar M.G., 1980: Pathways followed by membrane recovered from the surface of plasma cells and myeloma cells

Section 7, Chapter 6074, Accession 006073145

Steinmetz P.R., 1979: Pathways for bi carbonate transfer across the serosal membrane of turtle urinary bladder studies with a di sulfonic stilbene

Azzone G.F., 1987: Pathways for calcium efflux in heart and liver mitochondria

Section 7, Chapter 6074, Accession 006073148

Bruus, K.; Kristensen, P.; Larsen, E. H., 1976: Pathways for chloride and sodium transport across toad skin

Section 7, Chapter 6074, Accession 006073150

Grabner, G.; Koehler, G.; Zechner, J.; Getoff, N., 1977: Pathways for formation of hydrated electrons from excited phenol and related compounds

Mortimer D.C., 1979: Pathways for mercury uptake by fish from bed sediments

Di-Bona, D. R.; Civan, M. M., 1973: Pathways for movement of ions and water across toad urinary bladder part 1 anatomic site of trans epithelial shunt pathways

Section 7, Chapter 6074, Accession 006073154

Civan, M. M.; Dibona, D. R., 1978: Pathways for movement of ions and water across toad urinary bladder part 3 physiologic significance of the para cellular pathway

Boulos Z., 1981: Pathways for photic entrainment of mammalian circadian rhythms

Sekiguchi M., 1979: Pathways for repair of dna damaged by alkylating agent in escherichia coli

Vasil'ev A.G., 1983: Pathways for synchronized discharges from the superior olivary complex and inferior colliculus in the bat rhinolophus ferrum equinum

Section 7, Chapter 6074, Accession 006073159

Section 7, Chapter 6074, Accession 006073160

Hopper, D. J.; Taylor, D. G., 1975: Pathways for the degradation of m cresol and p cresol by pseudomonas putida

Hashimoto, N.; Kuroiwa, Y., 1975: Pathways for the formation of volatile aldehydes during storage of bottled beer

Calvert G.D., 1982: Pathways for the incorporation of esterified cholesterol into very low density and low density lipo proteins in plasma incubated in vitro

Section 7, Chapter 6074, Accession 006073164

Chapman R.A., 1986: Pathways for the movements of ions during calcium free perfusion and the induction of the calcium paradox

Olson J., 1986: Pathways for the reduction of oxidized glutathione in the plasmodium falciparum infected erythrocyte can parasite enzymes replace host red cell glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase

Ito, M.; Nisimaru, N.; Yamamoto, M., 1976: Pathways for the vestibulo ocular reflex excitation arising from semicircular canals of rabbits

Kolomiets B.P., 1987: Pathways for transmission of visual and auditory information to caudate nucleus of cat

Gupta S.C., 1984: Pathways in pollen sporophyte development in anther cultures of datura metel and petunia hybrida

Bertina R.M., 1980: Pathways in the activation of human coagulation factor x

Tindal, J. S.; Knaggs, G. S., 1977: Pathways in the fore brain of the rat concerned with the release of prolactin

Shore V.G., 1987: Pathways in the formation of human plasma high density lipoprotein subpopulations containing apolipoprotein a i without apolipoprotein a ii

Ostroy S.E., 1984: Pathways in the hydrolysis of vertebrate rhod opsin

Gonatas N.K., 1980: Pathways involved in fluid phase and adsorptive endocytosis in neuro blastoma

Dimond R.L., 1985: Pathways involved in targeting and secretion of a lysosomal enzyme in dictyostelium discoideum

Heptinstall, J.; Quayle, J. R., 1970: Pathways leading to and from serine during growth of pseudomonas am 1 on 1 carbon compounds or succinate

Section 7, Chapter 6074, Accession 006073177

Iggo A., 1986: Pathways mediating descending control of spinal nociceptive transmission from the nuclei locus coeruleus and raphe magnus in the cat

Lannou J., 1980: Pathways mediating opto kinetic responses of vestibular nucleus neurons in the rat

Crawford, R. L., 1976: Pathways of 4 hydroxy benzoate degradation among bacillus spp

Landau B.R., 1982: Pathways of acetoacetate formation in liver and kidney

Landau B.R., 1986: Pathways of acetone metabolism in the rat

Yeh Y Y., 1984: Pathways of acetyl coenzyme a production for lipogenesis from acetoacetate beta hydroxy butyrate pyruvate and glucose in neo natal rat lung

Vasil'ev V.P., 1987: Pathways of activation of the process of serotonin release in a rat jejunal segment perfused in situ

Hers H.G., 1986: Pathways of adenine nucleotide catabolism in erythrocytes

Sperling O., 1988: Pathways of adenine nucleotide catabolism in primary rat cardiomyocyte cultures

Section 7, Chapter 6074, Accession 006073188

Beilawski, W.; Kaczkowski, J., 1984: Pathways of ammonia assimilation in rye secale cereale seedlings at different concentration of ammonium ion 1. the enzyme activities and level of metabolites

Bielawski, W.; Kaczkowski, J., 1984: Pathways of ammonia assimilation in rye secale cereale seedlings at different concentration of ammonium ion 2. kinetic studies with nitrogen 15 labeled

Hellebust J.A., 1986: Pathways of ammonium assimilation in the soil alga stichococcus bacillaris

Higgins, T. E.; Johnson, M. J., 1970: Pathways of anaerobic acetate utilization in escherichia coli and aerobacter cloacae

Chen Y., 1984: Pathways of androgenesis and observations on cultured pollen grains in rice oryza sativa ssp keng

Section 7, Chapter 6074, Accession 006073194

Holliday T.A., 1984: Pathways of ascending evoked spinal cord potentials of dogs

Pulleyblank D.E., 1983: Pathways of assembly of nucleo histone complexes formed in vitro under physiological conditions implications for the structure of the nucleosome

Romanova, A. K.; Nozhevnikova, A. N.; Leont'ev, I. G.; Alekseeva, S. A., 1977: Pathways of assimilation of carbon oxides in the bacteria seliberia carboxydohydrogena and achromobacter carboxydus

Meeks, J. C.; Wolk, C. P.; Lockau, W.; Schilling, N.; Shaffer, P. W.; Chien, W. S., 1978: Pathways of assimilation of nitrogen gas nitrogen 13 and nitrogen 13 ammonium ion by cyanobacteria with and without heterocysts

Nishimura K., 1984: Pathways of autonomic fibers in the inferior alveolar nerve of rabbits

Morris, D. A.; Kadir, G. O., 1972: Pathways of auxin transport in the intact pea seedling pisum sativum

Thiery J.P., 1986: Pathways of avian neural crest cell migration in the developing gut

Section 7, Chapter 6074, Accession 006073202

Rasmussen H.P., 1985: Pathways of calcium penetration through isolated cuticles of cultivar golden delicious apple fruit malus domestica

Ap Rees T., 1979: Pathways of carbohydrate fermentation in the roots of marsh plants

Kottel, R. H.; Raj, H. D., 1973: Pathways of carbohydrate metabolism in microcyclus spp

Section 7, Chapter 6074, Accession 006073206

Kageyama, T., 1976: Pathways of carbohydrate metabolism in the eggs of the silkworm bombyx mori

Ap-Rees, T.; Fuller, W. A.; Wright, B. W., 1976: Pathways of carbohydrate oxidation during thermogenesis by the spadix of arum maculatum

Stitt, M.; Rees, T. A., 1978: Pathways of carbohydrate oxidation in leaves of pisum sativum and triticum aestivum

Romanova, A. K.; Vedenina, I. Ya ; Zykalova, K. A.; Ermolenko, Z. M.; Semenova, L. R., 1978: Pathways of carbon assimilation during methylotrophy of pseudomonas gasotropha

Morris I., 1980: Pathways of carbon assimilation in phyto plankton from the antarctic ocean

Osmond, C. B.; Bender, M. M.; Burris, R. H., 1976: Pathways of carbon di oxide fixation in the crassulacean acid metabolism plant kalanchoe daigremontiana part 3 correlation with delta 13 carbon value during growth and water stress

Golovlev E.L., 1985: Pathways of catabolism of aromatic substrates in rhodococci

Adamson I.Y.R., 1984: Pathways of cellular efflux and particulate clearance after carbon instillation to the lung

Gruenstein E., 1988: Pathways of chloride transport in human fibroblasts

Tanaka, K.; Kurihara, N.; Nakajima, M., 1977: Pathways of chlorophenol formation in oxidative bio degradation of bhc

Section 7, Chapter 6074, Accession 006073217

Schrager, M. A.; Rothfield, N. F., 1977: Pathways of complement activation in chronic discoid lupus serologic and immuno fluorescence studies

Yudaev, N. A.; Afinogenova, S. A., 1978: Pathways of cortico steroid formation in guinea pig adrenals

Kinter W.B., 1979: Pathways of cyclo leucine transport in killifish fundulus heteroclitus small intestine

Ng S.K., 1979: Pathways of cystine metabolism in human saliva

Wrigglesworth J.M., 1980: Pathways of cytochrome c oxidation by soluble and membrane bound cytochrome aa 3

Gale E.A., 1986: Pathways of cytodifferentiation during the metamorphosis of the epibranchial cartilage in the salamander eurycea bislineata

Sawyer, M. H.; Baumann, P.; Baumann, L., 1977: Pathways of d fructose and d glucose catabolism in marine alcaligenes spp pseudomonas marina and alteromonas communis

Sawyer, M. H.; Baumann, P.; Baumann, L.; Berman, S. M.; Canovas, J. L.; Berman, R. H., 1977: Pathways of d fructose catabolism in pseudomonas spp

Chkanikov, D. I.; Pavlova, N. N.; Makeev, A. M.; Nazarova, T. A.; Makoveichuk, A. Yu, 1977: Pathways of de toxification and immobilization of 2 4 d in cucumber plants

Young J.M., 1982: Pathways of decomposition of propylbenzilyl choline mustard in neutral and alkaline solution

Herzog, M.; Pfeiffer, P.; Hirth, L., 1976: Pathways of degradation of brome mosaic virus particles as influenced by their rna content

Gali M.A.H., 1982: Pathways of differentiation in chick embryo neuro retinal cultures

Section 7, Chapter 6074, Accession 006073230

Wakem, L. P.; Ebisuzaki, K., 1976: Pathways of dna repair in t 4 phage part 2 sedimentation analysis of intra cellular dna in repair defective mutants

Hannan, M. A.; Hurley, L. H., 1978: Pathways of dna repair operating in yeast treated with the pyrrolo 1 4 benzo diazepine anti tumor antibiotics

Starke K., 1981: Pathways of dopamine metabolism in the rabbit caudate nucleus in vitro

Reggio H., 1980: Pathways of endocytosis from luminal plasma membrane in rat exocrine pancreas

Thyberg J., 1986: Pathways of endocytosis in cultured macrophages electron microscopic autoradiographic tracing of iodinated plasma membrane proteins

Rolfe B.G., 1979: Pathways of energy metabolism required for phenotypic expression of nif plus kp genes in escherichia coli

Van Gool J., 1986: Pathways of enzyme transfer in sodium taurocholate induced acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis

Pototskaya V.A., 1983: Pathways of evolution of adaptive peculiarities and phylogenetic correlations of cucujidae coleoptera in the light of study of larval forms

Klyshev L.K., 1982: Pathways of exogenous anabasine transformation in the shoots of anabasis aphylla

Cohen, P.; Derksen, A.; Van-Den-Bosch, H., 1970: Pathways of fatty acid metabolism in human platelets

Bauman, D. E.; Brown, R. E.; Davis, C. L., 1970: Pathways of fatty acid synthesis and reducing equivalent generation in mammary gland of rat sow and cow

Nakamura, M.; Baba, N.; Nakaoka, T.; Wada, Y.; Ishibashi, T.; Kawabata, T., 1976: Pathways of formation of n nitroso pyrrolidine in fried bacon

Harlan, J. R.; De-Wet, J. M. J., 1977: Pathways of genetic transfer from tripsacum to zea mays

Scott K.J., 1982: Pathways of glucose assimilation in puccinia graminis

Mosley M.J., 1985: Pathways of glucose catabolism and the origin and metabolism of pyruvate during calcium induced conidiation of penicillium notatum

Jayanthi-Bai, N.; Ramachandra-Pai, M.; Murthy, P. S.; Venkitasubramanian, T. A., 1976: Pathways of glucose catabolism in mycobacterium smegmatis

Goldman M., 1986: Pathways of glucose catabolism in the smut fungus ustilago violacea

Section 7, Chapter 6074, Accession 006073249

Rodchenko O.P., 1985: Pathways of glucose oxidation in cells of maize seedling roots at lower temperature

Section 7, Chapter 6074, Accession 006073251

Fekl W., 1987: Pathways of glutamine and glutamate metabolism in resting and proliferating rat thymocytes comparison between free and peptide bound glutamine

Section 7, Chapter 6074, Accession 006073253

Penninckx M.J., 1985: Pathways of glutathione degradation in the yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae

Rognstad, R.; Clark, D. G.; Katz, J., 1974: Pathways of glyceride glycerol synthesis

Crawford D.H., 1987: Pathways of human b lymphocyte activation blocked by b cell specific monoclonal antibodies

Rudders, R. A.; Howard, J. P., 1977: Pathways of human bone marrow derived lymphocyte differentiation a clonal transition between immuno globulin m and immuno globulin g synthesis in leukemia bone marrow derived lymphocytes

Alexandre A., 1988: Pathways of hydrogen generation in guinea pig cerebral cortex mitochondria

Section 7, Chapter 6074, Accession 006073259

Cohen M.A., 1979: Pathways of inflammatory cellular exudate through radicular cyst epithelium a light microscope and scanning electron microscope study

Section 7, Chapter 6074, Accession 006073261

Section 7, Chapter 6074, Accession 006073262

Baird K.L., 1985: Pathways of insulin degradation in isolated adipocytes evaluation by gel filtration and differential precipitation

Widdicombe J.H., 1980: Pathways of ion movement in the canine tracheal epithelium

Guidotti G.G., 1983: Pathways of l glutamic acid transport in cultured human fibroblasts

Section 7, Chapter 6074, Accession 006073266

Efetov S.V., 1984: Pathways of lymph discharge from operated stomach

Heath T., 1987: Pathways of lymph flow through superficial inguinal lymph nodes in the pig

Spalding H.J., 1987: Pathways of lymph flow to and from the medulla of lymph nodes in sheep

Chepelenko G.V., 1983: Pathways of lymph movement when the medial superficial lymph vessels of the lower extremities are blocked up

Donskikh N.V., 1982: Pathways of lymph outflow from the uterus and its regional lymph nodes in rats at various stages of pregnancy

Reisert I., 1984: Pathways of lymphocyte migration within the periarterial lymphoid sheath of rat spleen

Efetov S.V., 1982: Pathways of lymphogenous metastasis of stomach carcinoma resected after billroth ii

Chesselet R., 1981: Pathways of manganese in an open estuarine system

Schwartz, M. A.; Kolis, S. J., 1972: Pathways of medazepam metabolism in the dog and rat

Cho, A. K.; Wright, J., 1978: Pathways of metabolism of amphetamine and related compounds

Biryukova I.V., 1979: Pathways of metabolism of exogenous pyrimidines in aspergillus nidulans

Munnecke, D. M.; Hsieh, D. P. H., 1976: Pathways of microbial metabolism of parathion

Section 7, Chapter 6074, Accession 006073279

Schendel, P. F.; Defais, M.; Jeggo, P.; Samson, L.; Cairns, J., 1978: Pathways of mutagenesis and repair in escherichia coli exposed to low levels of simple alkylating agents/

Section 7, Chapter 6074, Accession 006073281

Section 7, Chapter 6074, Accession 006073282

Section 7, Chapter 6074, Accession 006073283

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