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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6075

Chapter 6075 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Balasubramanian, K.A., 1975:
Pattern of distribution of certain cations in downy mildew affected sorghum and soil

Abadia Fenoll F.; Lloret P.; Vidal M.; Casero P., 1982:
Pattern of distribution of lateral root primordia in allium cepa cultivar french

Earle N.W.; Mcgovern W.L.; Kearney J.F., 1979:
Pattern of distribution of phosphorus 32 labeled sterile male boll weevils anthonomus grandis dropped by plane

Mccown, R.L.; Murtha, G.G.; Field, J.B.F., 1977:
Pattern of distribution of townsville stylo annual grasses and perennial grasses in relation to soil variation

Roth, J.; Cleffmann, G., 1986:
Pattern of DNA increase in macronuclear anlagen of Tetrahymena

Kaliannan, K.; Gupta, B.R., 1975:
Pattern of drug resistance and its transfer in salmonella

Hardas U.D.; Jayaraman V.S., 1984:
Pattern of drug resistance in tuberculosis

Tapadia, B.B.; Rahate, V.T., 1976:
Pattern of dry matter accumulation in 2 wheat varieties as influenced by sowing dates and seed rates

Chauhan, S.P.S.; Singh, S.P., 1977:
Pattern of dry matter accumulation in barley as influenced by soil moisture regimes and nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers

Khatra S.S.; Kumar V.; Sidhu P.S., 1986:
Pattern of dry matter accumulation in developing fruit parts of early and late maturing pigeon peas cajanus cajan

Patil, B.P.; D'patil, S.D., 1978:
Pattern of dry matter accumulation in different varieties of cotton gossypium hirsutum as influenced by 2 levels of nitrogen under irrigated conditions

Andhale R.K.; Kalbhor P.N., 1980:
Pattern of dry matter accumulation of sunflower helianthus annuus as influenced by irrigational schedules under various levels of nitrogen fertilization

Roach, S.H.; Ray, L., 1976:
Pattern of emergence of adult heliothis from fields planted to cotton corn tobacco and soybeans

Grassi, L.; Molinari, S., 1988:
Pattern of emotional control and psychological reactions to breast cancer: a preliminary report

Gabius, H.J.; Engelhardt, R.; Cramer, F.; Bätge, R.; Nagel, G.A., 1985:
Pattern of endogenous lectins in a human epithelial tumor

Wahi P., 1980:
Pattern of energy accumulation in andrographis paniculata as influenced by various levels of light intensity

Cui, Y.; Wootton, R.J., 1988:
Pattern of energy allocation in the minnow phoxinus phoxinus l. pisces cyprinidae

Ponz de Leon, M.; Roncucci, L.; D.D.nato, P.; Tassi, L.; Smerieri, O.; Amorico, M.G.; Malagoli, G.; D.M.ria, D.; Antonioli, A.; Chahin, N.J., 1988:
Pattern of epithelial cell proliferation in colorectal mucosa of normal subjects and of patients with adenomatous polyps or cancer of the large bowel

Sinangil F.; Volsky D.J., 1984:
Pattern of epstein barr virus specific proteins synthesized during primary lytic infection of mouse lymphocytes by epstein barr virus

Eastman, S.A.; Makawiti, D.W.; Collins, W.P.; Hodges, J.K., 1984:
Pattern of excretion of urinary steroid metabolites during the ovarian cycle and pregnancy in the marmoset monkey

Bond R.W.; Jansen K.R.; Gottlieb D.I., 1988:
Pattern of expression of glutamic acid decarboxylase messenger rna in the developing rat brain

Amatruda T.T.IIi; Bohman R.; Ranyard J.; Koeffler H.P., 1987:
Pattern of expression of hla dr and hla dq antigens and messenger rna in myeloid differentiation

Murab'eva O.I., 1981:
Pattern of fatigue accumulation during long term local muscular exercise

Muttalib M.A.; Haq J.A.; Husna Y.; Khan M.U.; Rahman M., 1986:
Pattern of feeding in the clinic and home delivered infants in dacca city bangladesh during first 4 months of life

Dhall K.; Majumdar S.; Gupta N., 1987:
Pattern of fetal pulmonary maturation in isoimmunized gestation

Vassilyadi M.; Michel R.P., 1988:
Pattern of fluid accumulation in nitrogen dioxide induced pulmonary edema in dogs a morphometric study

Podymov V.K.; Gladkikh S.P.; Myskin V.S.; Muratov M.A., 1980:
Pattern of fluorescence of skin sebaceous gland secretions in children in relation to age and sex

Cooper, R.L.; Linnoila, M., 1976:
Pattern of food intake and body weight gain in aged, noncycling female rats

Tredwell, S.J.; Van Peteghem, K.; Clough, M., 1984:
Pattern of forearm fractures in children

Panwar J.S., 1980:
Pattern of fruit drop in ber ziziphus mauritiana under arid condition of haryana india

Rotolo G.; G.; Mascellino M.R.; Rizzo G.; Scardavi M.; Rini G.B., 1988:
Pattern of gastric acidity and gastrin blood level in basic conditions and following the administration of food in subjects with ulcer like and non ulcer like dyspepsia

Devi K.R.L.; Suvarna N., 1980:
Pattern of gastro intestinal tumors in north kerala india

Kawakami, Y.; Shida, A.; Yamamoto, H.; Yoshikawa, T., 1985:
Pattern of genetic influence on pulmonary function

Ladiges P.Y.; Gray A.M.; Brooker M.I.H., 1981:
Pattern of geographic variation based on seedling morphology in eucalyptus ovata and eucalyptus brookerana and comparisons with some other eucalyptus spp

Nigam S.K.; Babu K.A.; Bhatt D.K.; Karnik A.B.; Thakore K.N.; Lakkad B.C.; Kashyap S.K.; Chatterjee S.K., 1981:
Pattern of glycogen and iron accumulation in early appearing bhc induced liver lesions and liver tumors

Keller P., 1981:
Pattern of glycolytic enzymes of psoas diaphragm heart muscle smooth muscle brain liver and red cells of dogs

Pierrot Deseilligny E.; Morin C.; Bergego C.; Tankov N., 1981:
Pattern of group i fiber projections from ankle flexor and extensor muscles in man

Thomas M.J.; Surendran P.U., 1984:
Pattern of growth and an alternative approach to the comparison of rates of growth of domestic fowls in 24 weeks

Starck, Z.; Stradowska, M., 1977:
Pattern of growth and carbon 14 assimilates distributions in relation to photosynthesis in radish plants treated with growth substances

Njoku E.; Nwoke F.I.O.; Okonkwo S.N.C.; Oyolu C., 1984:
Pattern of growth and development in dioscorea rotundata cultivar alafu

Ijaiya K., 1979:
Pattern of growth hormone response to insulin arginine and hemo dialysis in uremic children

Jorgensen C.B., 1983:
Pattern of growth in a temperate zone anuran bufo viridis

Khalil S.; Reda F., 1980:
Pattern of growth regulating substances in the leaves of vernalized sugar beet beta vulgaris cultivar poly ag poland during flowering period

Borgiani L.; Calzia R.; Campelli A.; Marazzi M.G.; Piscopo R.; Dorati M.; Canepari A.; Losurdo G.; Canepa M., 1986:
Pattern of hbv related antigens evaluated by immunohistochemical method in chronic hbsag positive hepatitis in children

Dagnew M B., 1984:
Pattern of health care utilization in a small rural ethiopian town

Ladipo, G.O.; Froude, J.R.; Parry, E.H., 1977:
Pattern of heart disease in adults of the Nigerian Savanna: a prospective clinical study

Krivenko, V.V.; Filatov, V.G.; Romanenko, N.A.; Mefod'ev, V.V.; Kuznetsova, L.V., 1987:
Pattern of helminthic egg dissemination nearby the settlements of the tura pyshma interfluvial area russian sfsr ussr

Shamebo M., 1987:
Pattern of hematological diseases among adult hospitalized ethiopians

Estafanous, F.G.; Urzua, J.; Yared, J.P.; Zurick, A.M.; Loop, F.D.; Tarazi, R.C., 1984:
Pattern of hemodynamic alterations during coronary artery operations

Bhaskar M.; Reddy R.M.; Rao M.V.C.; Rani P.S.; Govindappa S., 1983:
Pattern of hepatic tissue proteolysis of freshwater fish on exposure to altered environmental ph

Qumsiyeh M.B., 1988:
Pattern of heterochromatic variation and phylogeny in the rodent family gerbillidae

Tiwari, D.N., 1977:
Pattern of heterocyst differentiation as a function of nitrogen fixing ability in the blue green alga nostoc linckia

Borker A.S.; Gogate M.G.; Mascarenhas J.F., 1987:
Pattern of hoarding in rats before during and post gestation period

Gilyarov A.M.; Chekryzheva T.A.; Sadchikov A.P., 1979:
Pattern of horizontal plankton distribution in the epilimnion of a mesotrophic lake

Hazra D.K.; Steenken S., 1983:
Pattern of hydroxy radical addition to cytosine and 1 3 5 and 6 substituted cytosines electron transfer and dehydration reactions of the hydroxyl adducts

Fujita, S.; Steenken, S., 1981:
Pattern of hydroxyl radical addition to uracil and methyl substituted carboxyl substituted uracils electron transfer of hydroxyl adducts with n n n' n' tetra methyl p phenylenediamine and tetra nitro methane

Vieira A.J.S.C.; Steenken S., 1987:
Pattern of hydroxyl radical reaction with n 6 n 6 dimethyladenosine production of three isomeric hydroxyl adducts and their dehydration and ring opening reactions

Lewry, J.; Wailoo, M.P., 1985:
Pattern of illness in babies discharged from a special care unit

Stanton, A.N.; Oakley, J.R., 1983:
Pattern of illnesses before cot deaths

Akagi, T.; Matsuda, Y., 1977:
Pattern of immuno globulin production in human lympho blastoid cell lines/

Taaning E.; Scheibel E.; Laursen B.; Ingerslev J., 1988:
Pattern of immunoglobulin classes and igg subclasses of platelet associated immunoglobulin in hiv seropositive hemophiliacs

Cardillo, R.; Fuganti, C.; Ghiringhelli, D.; Grasselli, P.; Gatti, G., 1977:
Pattern of incorporation of leucine samples asymmetrically labeled with carbon 13 in the iso propyl unit into the carbon 5 isoprenoid units of echinuline and flavoglaucin

Rigg, L.A.; Lein, A.; Yen, S.S., 1977:
Pattern of increase in circulating prolactin levels during human gestation

Sharma S.K.; Sharma N., 1984:
Pattern of induced macromutations and micromutations with gamma rays and n nitroso n methylurea in lentil lens culinaris

Sharma S.K.; Sharma B., 1979:
Pattern of induced mutability in different genotypes of lentil lens culinaris

Maharajan R.; Fleming A.F.; Egler L.J., 1983:
Pattern of infections among patients with sickle cell anemia requiring hospital admission

Muchow R.C.; Wood I.M., 1981:
Pattern of infiltration with furrow irrigation and evapo transpiration of kenaf hibiscus cannabinus grown on cununurra clay in the ord australia irrigation area

Rodenstein, D.O.; Stănescu, D.C., 1985:
Pattern of inhalation of tobacco smoke in pipe, cigarette, and never smokers

Kohalmi L.; Moens P.B., 1988:
Pattern of inheritance of a larval tubercle color polymorphism in hyalophora columbia of northwestern ontario canada lepidoptera saturniidae

Fuggi A.; D.M.rtino Rigano V.; Vona V.; Rigano C., 1981:
Pattern of inhibition of nitrate utilization by ammonium in the acidophilic thermophilic uni cellular alga cyanidium caldarium

Lund, L.; Espersen, G.T., 1988:
Pattern of injuries in Danish amateur boxers

Hoeberigs, J.H.; van Galen, W.C.; Philipsen, H., 1986:
Pattern of injury in handball and comparison of injured versus noninjured handball players

Foot, J.Z.; Russel, A.J.F., 1978:
Pattern of intake of 3 roughage diets by nonpregnant nonlactating scottish blackface ewes over a long period and the effects of previous nutritional history on current intake

Shankar, V.; Velayudhan, K.C.; Trivedi, B.K., 1975 :
Pattern of interspecific association in sehima nervosum heteropogon contortus grasslands under 3 different systems of management

Elger C.E.; Speckmann E J.; Prohaska O.; Caspers H., 1981:
Pattern of intra cortical potential distribution during focal inter ictal epileptiform discharges and its relation to spinal field potentials in the rat

Nawar, N.N.; Mikhail, Y.; Mekhail, N.A.; Attia, M.M., 1981:
Pattern of intrinsic innervation of human coronary arteries

Schwartz M.S.; Swash M., 1982:
Pattern of involvement in the cervical segments in the early stage of motor neuron disease a single fiber electro myographic study

Lundquist, I.; Lövdahl, R., 1977:
Pattern of islet lysosomal enzyme activities and insulin secretory response

Murphy T.L.; Cooper I.A., 1982:
Pattern of iso accepting transfer rna common to 26 patients with hodgkins disease

Cupello, A.; Hyden, H., 1976:
Pattern of labeling of poly adenylic acid associated rna in the ca 3 region of rat hippocampus during training

Cupello A.; Ferrillo F.; Rosadini G., 1979:
Pattern of labeling of rabbit brain cortex poly adenylate associated rna after a single electro convulsive shock

Soukup T.; Jakoubek B.; Jirmanova I., 1981:
Pattern of labeling of the rat brain stem after intra ventricular administration of tritium labeled leucine

Jakoubek B.; Jirmanova I.; Soukup T.; Krekule I., 1982:
Pattern of labeling of the rat brain stem after intra ventricular administration of tritium labeled leucine low and high resolution auto radiographic study

Bopp, M.; Capesius, I., 1971:
Pattern of labelling after tritium thymidine incorporation in the nucleus of hypocotyl cells of sinapis alba d

D.M.rtiis M.; Barlattani A.; Parenzi A.; Sebastiani F., 1983:
Pattern of lecithin cholesterol acyl transferase activity in the course of liver cirrhosis

Sehgal, V.N.; Ghorpade, A.; Ramesh, V.; Gupta, S., 1983:
Pattern of leprosy in a city hospital

Scott-Emuakpor, A.B.; Okolo, A.A.; Omene, J.A.; Ukpe, S.I., 1985:
Pattern of leukocytes in the blood of healthy African neonates

Nair, P.K.R.; Balakrishnan, T.K., 1976:
Pattern of light interception by canopies in a coconut cacao crop combination

Kassimi, M.A.; Ali, M.; Zimmo, S.K.; Khan, M.A.; Anees, A.M., 1983:
Pattern of liver disease in the western region of Saudi Arabia

Notti, I.; Bessler, H.; Djaldetti, M., 1982:
Pattern of liver erythropoiesis in embryos of polycythemic mice

Huaux, J.P.; Bigaignon, G.; Stadtsbaeder, S.; Zangerlé, P.F.; Nagant de Deuxchaisnes, C., 1988:
Pattern of Lyme arthritis in Europe: report of 14 cases

Amoni, S.S., 1983:
Pattern of macular diseases in Nigerians: a preliminary report

Reddy, C.R., 1976:
Pattern of malignancy at Visakhapatnam on the east coast of India

Popat, N.; Wood, W.G.; Weatherall, D.J.; Turnbull, A.C., 1977:
Pattern of maternal fetal cell production during pregnancy

Powell Jones C.H.J.; Lester J.B.; Polge C.; Hartree A.S., 1984:
Pattern of medium proteins radio labeled after culture of day 13 to 16 pig conceptus tissue with tritium labeled leucine and absence of chorionic gonadotropin like activity

Sacre R.; Lejeune F.J., 1982:
Pattern of metastases distribution in 173 stage i or stage ii melanoma patients

Kamby, C.; Rose, C.; Iversen, H.; Holm, N.V.; Andersen, K.W.; Thorpe, S.M., 1986:
Pattern of metastases in human breast carcinoma in relation to estrogen receptor status

Pirogov A.I.; Ryndin V.D.; Dzhumanazarov M.S., 1980:
Pattern of metastatic proliferation of lower esophageal cancer

Stein R.; Sciaky Gallili N.; Razin A.; Cedar H., 1983:
Pattern of methylation of 2 genes coding for housekeeping functions

Holloway J.W.; Worley T.L.; Butts W.T.Jr, 1983:
Pattern of milk intake as related to weaning traits of angus calves grazing fescue legume or fescue pastures

Robinson, C.; Weatherell, J.A.; El-Attar, I.; Deutsch, D., 1980:
Pattern of mineral uptake in developing bovine incisors

Deutsch, D.; Shapira, L., 1987:
Pattern of mineral uptake in the developing human deciduous enamel

Ahmed, Z.U.; Begum, R.; Saha, M.; Begum, H.A., 1978 :
Pattern of mitosis in different organs of germinating wheat embryo and synchronization of early mitoses by hydroxy urea

Packard, R.B., 1980:
Pattern of mortality in choroidal malignant melanoma

Heller R.; Gregory P.C.; Engelhardt W.V., 1984:
Pattern of motility and flow of digesta in the fore stomach of the llama lama guanacoe f glama

Rijnsdorp A.D., 1980:
Pattern of movement in and dispersal from a dutch forest of carabus problematicus coleoptera carabidae

Mukiibi, J.M.; Kyobe, J., 1988:
Pattern of multiple myeloma in Kenyans

Patsalos, P.N.; Bell, M.E.; Wiggins, R.C., 1980:
Pattern of myelin breakdown during sciatic nerve Wallerian degeneration: reversal of the order of assembly

Llewelyn J.G.; Thomas P.K.; Gilbey S.G.; Watkins P.J.; Muddle J.R., 1988:
Pattern of myelinated fiber loss in the sural nerve in neuropathy related to type 1 insulin dependent diabetes

Kuwayama T.; Kono T.; Itoh H.; Ichinoe K., 1988:
Pattern of nesting behavior and changes in the plasma concentrations of sex steroid hormones in gifujidori hens during the period between hatching their incubated eggs and the onset of laying

Perkin, G.D., 1986:
Pattern of neurological outpatient practice: implications for undergraduate and postgraduate training

Sebastian, S.M.; Selvaraj, S.; Aruldhas, M.M.; Govindarajulu, P., 1987:
Pattern of neutral and phospholipids in the semen of normospermic, oligospermic and azoospermic men

Singh R.P.; Anderson R.G., 1980:
Pattern of nitrogen accumulation in different plant parts of wheat triticum aestivum cultivars sharbati sonora and kalyan sona as influenced by nitrogen fertilization

Polara K.B.; Patel C.L.; Pathak S.R., 1984:
Pattern of nitrogen phosphorus and potassium accumulation in groundnut varieties as influenced by soil moisture stress at different stages of growth

Dhaliwal A.S.; Malik C.P.; Singh M.B., 1982:
Pattern of nonphotosynthetic carbon di oxide fixation in stigmatic and stylar tissues of brassica campestris following incompatible pollination

Jankowska E.; Mccrea D.; Mackel R., 1981:
Pattern of nonreciprocal inhibition of moto neurons by impulses in group ia muscle spindle afferents in the cat

Santos J.; Sentis C.; Fernandez Piqueras J., 1987:
Pattern of nucleolar organizer region activity during male meiosis in callicrania seoanei orthoptera as analyzed by silver staining evidences for a possible reactivation in the period between the two meiotic divisions

Thyagarajan S.P.; Subramaniam S.; Solomon S.; Panchanadam M.; Madanagopalan N., 1980:
Pattern of occurrence of hepatitis b e antigen and antibody to hepatitis b e antigen among blood donors and patients with liver diseases in tamil nadu india

Hama, T.; Handa, N., 1987:
Pattern of organic matter production by natural phytoplankton population in a eutrophic lake 1. intracellular products

Hama, T.; Handa, N., 1987:
Pattern of organic matter production by natural phytoplankton production in a eutrophic lake 2. extracellular products

Tomonaga, S., 1976:
Pattern of osmium deposition in lymphoid tissues of mice

Reddy R.M.; Reddy Y.D.; Reddanna P.; Govindappa S., 1984:
Pattern of ovarian and uterine carbohydrate metabolism during induced antiimplantation by dextro gossypol

Jana B.B.; Kundu G.; Sarkar G., 1986:
Pattern of oxygen and phosphate uptake by indian carp cirrhinus mrigala eggs during development in the chinese hatchery system

Jensen, A.R.; Matzen, P.; Malchow-Møller, A.; Christoffersen, I., 1984:
Pattern of pain, duct morphology, and pancreatic function in chronic pancreatitis. A comparative study

Ozbay G., 1981:
Pattern of parathyroid hormone secretion in hyper thyroidism

Sharma A.; Sirohi G.S.; Sengupta U.K.; Reddy K.J., 1981:
Pattern of partitioning of photosynthates during pod development in groundnut

Berger, E.; Ireland, R.; Wyss, C., 1980:
Pattern of peptide synthesis in Drosophila cell lines and their hybrids

Baelum, V., 1987:
Pattern of periodontal breakdown in adult Tanzanians

Hoehler B.; Schlegel R.; Bluethner W D., 1979:
Pattern of peroxidase iso enzymes in ir 1b wheat rye triticum aestivum secale cereale substitution and 1b 1r translocation lines

Kanner, D.; Gerber, N.N.; Bartha, R., 1978:
Pattern of phenazine pigment production by a strain of Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Jana B.B.; Sarkar G.; Kundu G., 1985:
Pattern of physicochemical changes in the water during hatching of indian carp cirrhinus mrigala eggs in a chinese hatchery system

Yoshii K.; Matsukura T.; Nakano M.; Tagaya I., 1979:
Pattern of plaquing efficiency at different temperatures as a differentiation tool among poliovirus type 3 leon 12a 1 b progenies and its possible use as a genetic marker

Quabbe H J.; Gregor M.; Bumke Vogt C.; Haerdel C., 1982:
Pattern of plasma cortisol during the 24 hour sleep wake cycle in the rhesus monkey macaca mulatta

Colabucci F.; Rossodivita A.; Salvaggio E.; Marietti G.; Solazzi S.; Castorina M.; Menini E.; Liberale I., 1984:
Pattern of plasma cortisol testosterone and 17 alpha hydroxyprogesterone during the 1st 6 months of life preliminary report

Boizel R.; D.P.retti E.; Cathiard A.M.; Halimi S.; Bost M.; Berthezene F.; Saez J.M., 1986:
Pattern of plasma levels of cortisol dehydroepiandrosterone and pregnenolone sulfate in normal subjects and in patients with homozygous familial hypercholesterolemia during acth infusion

de Peretti, E.; Mappus, E., 1983:
Pattern of plasma pregnenolone sulfate levels in humans from birth to adulthood

Brzeski H.; Linder S.; Krondahl U.; Ringertz N.R., 1980:
Pattern of poly peptide synthesis in myo blast hybrids

Anisko J.J.; Adler N.T.; Suer S., 1979:
Pattern of post ejaculatory urination and socio sexual behavior in the rat

Modin A.Yu; Sokolov V.I.; Degterenkova N.V.; Shashkov V.S.; Gornago V.A., 1984:
Pattern of postural changes in human hemodynamics after treatment with sydnocarb and obsidan

Reddy R.M.; Reddy Y.D.; Reddy K.V.; Reddanna P.; Govindappa S., 1985:
Pattern of protein fractions in reproductive organs of albino rats during estrous cycle

Lamy F.; Lecocq R.; Dumont J.E.; Keppens S.; D.W.lf H., 1982:
Pattern of protein phosphorylation in rat hepatocytes stimulated by glucagon or by the calcium linked hormones

Shiokawa K.; Saito A.; Tashiro K.; Nomura K.; Koga K.; Yamana K., 1985:
Pattern of protein synthesis in dissociated embryonic cells of xenopus laevis whose reaggregation was inhibited by calcium deprivation and by mechanical interference

Anderson, C.W.; Gesteland, R.F., 1972:
Pattern of protein synthesis in monkey cells infected by sv 40

Slater A.; Cato A.C.B.; Sillar G.M.; Kioussis J.; Burdon R.H., 1981:
Pattern of protein synthesis induced by heat shock of hela cells

Vohra A.K.; Gupta A.R., 1986:
Pattern of psychiatric disorders in child guidance clinic

Max-Audit, I.; Testa, U.; Kechemir, D.; Titeux, M.; Vainchenker, W.; Rosa, R., 1984:
Pattern of pyruvate kinase isozymes in erythroleukemia cell lines and in normal human erythroblasts

Pyszynski W., 1980:
Pattern of ray arrangement on cross section of bark of aesculus

Lieberman F.; Marton L.S.; Stefansson K., 1985:
Pattern of reactivity of immunoglobulin m from the sera of eight patients with immunoglobulin m monoclonal gammopathy and neuropathy with components of neural tissues evidence for interaction with more than one epitope

Alexander, C.M.; Kaptein, E.M.; Lum, S.M.; Spencer, C.A.; Kumar, D.; Nicoloff, J.T., 1982:
Pattern of recovery of thyroid hormone indices associated with treatment of diabetes mellitus

Reddy, S.; Lee, M.S.; Hendrickson, F.R., 1979:
Pattern of recurrences in endometrial carcinoma and their management

Boettcher D.; Holper H.; Meindl S.; Christl H.L.; Adam W.; Pfannenstiel P., 1986:
Pattern of regional wall motion impairment in primary dilated cardiomyopathy

Chugh, K.S.; Datta, B.N.; Singhal, P.C.; Jain, S.K.; Sakhuja, V.; Dash, S.C., 1981:
Pattern of renal amyloidosis in Indian patients

Sharfi, A.R.; Ibrahim, A.; Beshir, M.O., 1986:
Pattern of renal carcinoma in Sudanese patients

Whitbourn, R.J.; Henry, M.A.; Tange, J.D., 1984:
Pattern of renal cortical scarring after experimental papillary necrosis

Zimmerman, B.G.; Gisslen, J., 1968:
Pattern of renal vaso constriction and transmitter release during sympathetic stimulation in presence of angiotensin cardio vasc and cocaine cardio vasc

Zeuthen, J.; Morozow, E.; Pato, M.L., 1972:
Pattern of replication of a colicin factor during the cell cycle of Escherichia coli

Peng M.T.; Hsu H.K.; P.W.P.; W.K.M.; Liao C.F.; Wan W.C M., 1983:
Pattern of reproductive hormone secretion and disappearance rates of luteinizing hormone and fsh in senile male rats

Gregoretti S.; Drummond G.B.; Milic Emili J., 1979:
Pattern of respiration and responses to carbon di oxide during tri chloro ethylene anesthesia in the cat

Jones, M.B.; Leafe, E.L.; Stiles, W.; Collett, B., 1978 :
Pattern of respiration of a perennial rye grass crop in the field

Schuler R.L.; Radike M.A.; Hardin B.D.; Niemeier R.W., 1985:
Pattern of response of intact drosophila to known teratogens

Malaviya A.N.; Khan K.M.; Tiwari S.C., 1983:
Pattern of response to systematized drug therapy in rheumatoid arthritis in indians

Hegedus K., 1986:
Pattern of reticular fibers of the major cerebral arteries in cases of unexplained subarachnoid hemorrhage

Knibiehler B.; Bernadac A.; Mirre C.; Rosset R., 1983:
Pattern of rna synthesis and morphological changes induced at the nucleolar level by ecdysone treatment in a drosophila kc cell line derivative

Albertini, A.M.; Galizzi, A., 1982:
Pattern of RNA transcription during Bacillus subtilis spore outgrowth

Szarek J., 1982:
Pattern of sarcocystis sp invasion of the myo cardium and skeletal muscles of cows with lymphatic leukemia compared with healthy cows

Wilson A.J.; Robards A.W., 1980:
Pattern of secondary wall development in the hypodermis of onion allium cepa roots

Brink E.E.; Jinnai K.; Wilson V.J., 1981:
Pattern of segmental monosynaptic input to cat dorsal neck motoneurons

Schwartz, M.S.; Stalberg, E.; Swash, M., 1980:
Pattern of segmental motor involvement in syringomyelia a single fiber electro myographic study

Rasko, I.; Peter, S.L.; Burg, K.; Dallmann, L.; Bajszar, G., 1979:
Pattern of segregation of chicken hypo xanthine phospho ribosyl transferase ec phenotype in chinese hamster chick red blood cell hybrids

Kenkel N.C., 1988:
Pattern of self thinning in jack pine testing the random mortality hypothesis

Gurgel, A.; Huebner, S.; Larink, O., 1987:
Pattern of sensilla on the labium and cerci of acheta domestica l. insecta ensifera gryllidae and their postembryonic alteration

Larink, O., 1978:
Pattern of sensilla on the labium of lepismatidae insecta zygentoma

Hultberg, B.; Isaksson, A.; Joelsson, B.; Alwmark, A.; Gullstrand, P.; Bengmark, S., 1983:
Pattern of serum beta hexosaminidase ec in liver cirrhosis

Meehan R.R.; Barlow D.P.; Hill R.E.; Hogan B.L.M.; Hastie N.D., 1984:
Pattern of serum protein gene expression in mouse visceral yolk sac and fetal liver

Schulz, K.D.; Geiger, W.; del Pozo, E.; Künzig, H.J., 1978:
Pattern of sexual steroids, prolactin, and gonadotropic hormones during prolactin inhibition in normally cycling women

Jeyasingh, P.; Ramanaiah, T.B.; Fernandes, S.D., 1985:
Pattern of sexually transmitted disease in Madurai, India

Cameron, D.J.S.; Bishop, R.F.; Veenstra, A.A.; Barnes, G.L.; Holmes, I.H.; Ruck, B.J., 1978:
Pattern of shedding of 2 noncultivable viruses in stools of new born babies

Mutanda L.N.; Golam Kibriya A.K.M.; Mansur M.N., 1981 :
Pattern of shigella flexneri serotypes and drug resistance in dacca bangladesh

Reddanna P.; Moorthy C.V.N.; Govindappa S., 1981:
Pattern of skeletal muscle chemical composition during in vivo electrical stimulation

Gulati, A.K., 1986:
Pattern of skeletal muscle regeneration after reautotransplantation of regenerated muscle

Ravn H.; Langkilde N.C.; Ovesen P.G.; Busch F.; Christensen K.; Pedersen T.; Krarup K.; Nielsen P.S.; Ramsing P., 1988:
Pattern of skiing injuries in the county of vejle denmark during the season 1986 1987

Mathur A.; Singh U.K.; Tandon H.O.; Chaturvedi U.C., 1979:
Pattern of some viruses in acute respiratory illness during 1972 1973 at lucknow india

Johnson L.S., 1987:
Pattern of song type use for territorial defense in the plain titmouse parus inornatus

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Pattern of spatial distribution and density of nacella magellanica in the inter tidal sites of the eastern area of the straits of magellan mollusca gastropoda

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Pattern of spatial distribution in Drosophila melanogaster

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Pattern of spore discharge over hymenial surfaces

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Pattern of starch distribution carbon di oxide compensation concentration and photochemical reduction of tetra nitro tetrazolium blue in parthenium hysterophorus

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Pattern of sulfate uptake during root elongation in maize its correlation with productivity

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Pattern of susceptibility of neisseria gonorrhoeae against antimicrobials in belo horizonte area brazil

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Pattern of talar articular facets in Indian calcanei

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Pattern of temperature relative humidity and rainfall in the north of indian tropics

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Pattern of testicular activity in the toad bufo melanostictus

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Pattern of the callose distribution during mega sporogenesis in orchids

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Pattern of the cerebro spinal fluid and blood biogenic amines and of the cerebro spinal fluid blood and urine amino acids as pathogenetic ground of senile depressive illness

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Pattern of the intestinal enzymes of the carnivorous ground beetle pterostichus nigrita coleoptera carabidae

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Pattern of the nephrotic syndrome in the Sudan

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Pattern of the response of testosterone and its precursors to human chorionic gonadotropin stimulation in relation to age in infants and children

Carolin R.C., 1980:
Pattern of the seed surface of goodenia and related genera

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Pattern of the ventilatory response to transient hypoxia in man: differences from transient hypercapnic test

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Pattern of therapeutic intervention and role of psychiatric settings: a survey in two regions of Italy

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Pattern of thielaviopsis basicola in tobacco field soil

Köpf-Maier, P.; Gerlach, S., 1986:
Pattern of toxicity by titanocene dichloride in mice. Blood and urine chemical parameters

Leporati E., 1987:
Pattern of transition metal chelates with biological activity complex formation equilibria between alpha amino n hydroxy 1h imidazole 4 propanamide and cobalt ii nickel ii copper ii and hydrogen ions in aqueous solution

Ashihara H., 1981:
Pattern of uracil metabolism during aging of tobacco nicotiana tabacum cultivar bright consolation leaves

Castro H.A.D.; Bergamin Filho A.; Krugner T.L., 1984:
Pattern of uredospore production on eucalyptus seedlings artificially inoculated with puccinia psidii

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Pattern of urinary nickel 63 excretion in rats

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Pattern of urinary symptoms in patients with metastatic bladder cancer

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Pattern of uro lithiasis in brooklyn new york usa

Johnson, R.T.; Sperling, K., 1978:
Pattern of uv light induced repair in metaphase and interphase chromosomes

Khanduja S.D.; Goel V.L., 1986:
Pattern of variability in some fuel wood trees grown on sodic soils

Ingrouille M.J.; Stace C.A., 1985:
Pattern of variation of agamospermous limonium binervosum plumbaginaceae in the british isles

Rai P., 1984:
Pattern of vegetative growth of dichanthium annulatum plant types

Abdel Megeed M.; Naguib M.I.; Hussein N.M., 1986:
Pattern of vertical distribution of first instar larvae of pink bollworm in cyanophos treated and untreated cotton plants

Mehra M.S.; Singh J.S., 1985:
Pattern of wood litter fall in 5 forest located along an altitudinal gradient in central himalaya himalaya

Maki D.L.; Moffett J.O., 1985:
Pattern preferences and seasonal cell building trends of alfalfa leaf cutting bees megachile rotundata in western oklahoma usa

Von Mengden H.J.; Mayet W.; Lippold K.; Just H., 1981:
Pattern quantification of coronary artery stenosis by computerized analysis of multiple electro cardiogram parameters

Alexander, R., 1977:
Pattern rate and inter pattern interval in development of matching simple auditory visual patterns

Duquesne M.; Sallantin J., 1981:
Pattern recognition analysis of carcinogenic poly cyclic hydro carbons

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Pattern recognition analysis of elemental data wines of vitis vinifera pinot noir from france and the usa

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Pattern recognition analysis of fatty acids application to beef fat tissue classification

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Pattern recognition analysis of gas chromatographic data geographic classification of wines of vitis vinifera cultivar pinot noir from france and the usa

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Pattern recognition and interpretation of nucleoside mass spectra

Tsukamoto S.; Yamamoto K., 1987:
Pattern recognition by grasping an object with artificial fingers

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Pattern recognition classification of mineral waters based on spectrochemical analysis/

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Pattern recognition for analysis of cigarette smoke by capillary gas chromatography 1. total particulate matter

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Pattern recognition for classification and determination of poly chlorinated bi phenyls in environmental samples

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Pattern recognition in histo pathology by order of textures

Paakko, P.; Sutinen, S.; Lahti, R., 1981:
Pattern recognition in radiographs of excised air inflated human lungs 1. circulatory disorders in nonemphysematous lungs

Paakko, P.; Sutinen, S.; Lahti, R., 1981:
Pattern recognition in radiographs of excised air inflated human lungs 2. acute inflammation in nonemphysematous lungs

Paakko, P., 1981:
Pattern recognition in radiographs of excised air inflated human lungs 3. chronic interstitial and granulomatous inflammation scars and lymph angitis carcinomatosa in nonemphysematous lungs

Sutinen, S.; Paakko, P.; Lohela, P.; Lahti, R., 1981:
Pattern recognition in radiographs of excised air inflated human lungs 4. emphysema alone and with other common lesions

Marczynski, T.J., 1976:
Pattern recognition in sequences of neuronal spike intervals; a new nonparametric approach and its implications

Ronacher B., 1983:
Pattern recognition in the honey bee the rating of 2 parameters is independent of their differences presented during the training

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Pattern recognition methods in air pollution control

Forina M.; Tiscornia E., 1982:
Pattern recognition methods in the prediction of italian olive oils origin by their fatty acid content

Dumitrescu, D.; Kekedy, L., 1987:
Pattern recognition new method of analytical data interpretation ii. classification of indigenous mineral waters based on chemical analysis data

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Pattern recognition of biologically active compounds 3. alkoxyphenylcycloalkyl penicillins physicochemical characteristics of their structure/

Frankel D.S., 1984:
Pattern recognition of fourier transform ir spectra of organic compounds

Aishima T.; Nakai S., 1987:
Pattern recognition of gc profiles for classification of cheese variety

Fridlund A.J.; Schwartz G.E.; Fowler S.C., 1984:
Pattern recognition of self reported emotional state from multiple site facial electromyographic activity during affective imagery

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Pattern recognition of suspended material

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Pattern recognition on the trace element spectrum in gastric cancer and peptic ulcer

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Pattern recognition part 2 investigation of structure activity relationships

Parker R.; Whitehead W.E.; Schuster M.M., 1987:
Pattern recognition program for analysis of colon myoelectric and pressure data

Biggin R.J., 1981:
Pattern reestablishment transplantation and regeneration of the leg in the cricket teleogryllus commodus

Rollman Dinsmore C.; Bryant S.V., 1982:
Pattern regulation between hind limbs and fore limbs after blastema exchanges and skin grafts in notophthalmus viridescens

French, V.; Bryant, P.J.; Bryant, S.V., 1976:
Pattern regulation in epimorphic fields

Dale L.; Bownes M., 1985:
Pattern regulation in fragments of drosophila melanogaster wing discs which show variable wound healing

Kageura, H.; Yamana, K., 1983:
Pattern regulation in isolated halves and blastomeres of early Xenopus laevis

Babloyantz A.; Bellemans A., 1985:
Pattern regulation in reaction diffusion systems the problem of size invariance

Iten L.E.; Murphy D.J., 1980:
Pattern regulation in the embryonic chick limb supernumerary limb formation with anterior nonzone of polarizing activity limb bud tissue

O'rourke N.A.; Fraser S.E., 1986:
Pattern regulation in the eyebud of xenopus laevis studied with a vital dye fiber tracing technique

Steinbach, P.A.; Josephson, R.A., 1980:
Pattern regulation of mesoderm in transplanted and supernumerary limbs of the cockroach 1. the final morphology

Steinbach, P.A., 1980:
Pattern regulation of mesoderm in transplanted and supernumerary limbs of the cockroach periplaneta americana 2. time course of muscle de differentiation

Kamai H.; Ohtaki T., 1987:
Pattern regulation of the leg disc of the fleshfly sarcophaga peregrina

Vomberg H.E.; Heider W., 1985:
Pattern reversal and brightness electroretinograms in occlusions of retinal vessel branches

Trick, G.L.; Bickler-Bluth, M.; Cooper, D.G.; Kolker, A.E.; Nesher, R., 1988:
Pattern reversal electroretinogram (PRERG) abnormalities in ocular hypertension: correlation with glaucoma risk factors

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Pattern reversal evoked cortical responses in normals. A study of different methods of stimulation and potential reproducibility

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Pattern reversal evoked potentials in infantile spasms

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Pattern reversal evoked potentials in psychiatric patients

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Pattern reversal evoked visual potential in the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis

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Pattern reversal vep and computerized perimetry in the partner eye of unilateral optical neuritis

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Pattern reversal visual evoked cortical potentials to stimulation of upper and lower half fields

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Pattern reversal visual evoked potential and cortical somatosensory evoked potential latency prolongations in epilepsy

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Pattern reversal visual evoked potentials in Japanese patients with multiple sclerosis

Dorfman L.J.; Cummins K.L., 1979:
Pattern reversal visual evoked potentials in late onset progressive multiple sclerosis

Taghavy A.; Kuegler C.F.A., 1987:
Pattern reversal visual evoked potentials white black and color black pveps in the study of eye dominance

Goomas D.T., 1982:
Pattern running under a 4 nonreward 1 reward schedule in acquisition

Soso, M.J.; Lettich, E.; Belgum, J.H., 1980:
Pattern sensitive epilepsy 1. a demonstration of a spatial frequency selective epileptic response to gratings

Soso, M.J.; Lettich, E.; Belgum, J.H., 1980:
Pattern sensitive epilepsy 2. effects of pattern orientation and hemi field stimulation

Tackmann W.; Radue E.W., 1980:
Pattern shift visual evoked potentials in charcot marie tooth disease hereditary motor and sensory neuropathy type i

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Pattern shift visual evoked response: application in neurology

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Pattern shift visual evoked responses 200 patients with optic neuritis and or multiple sclerosis

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Pattern shift visual evoked responses and electroencephalogram in migraine

Polich J.; Aung M.; Dalessio D.J., 1987:
Pattern shift visual evoked responses in cluster headache

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Pattern specification in imaginal discs of drosophila melanogaster developmental analysis of a temperature sensitive mutant producing duplicated legs

Nuebler-Jung, K., 1977:
Pattern stability in the insect segment part 1 pattern reconstitution by intercalary regeneration and cell sorting in dysdercus intermedius

Nuebler Jung K., 1979:
Pattern stability in the insect segment part 2 the inter segmental region

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Pattern VECPs in optic neuritis caused by multiple sclerosis

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Pattern visual evoked potential in 2 immunochemical subtypes of optic neuritis

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Pattern visual evoked potentials and flash electroretinogram in clinically definite multiple sclerosis

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Pattern visual evoked potentials and spatial vision in retrobulbar neuritis and multiple sclerosis

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Pattern visual evoked potentials in Huntington's disease

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Pattern visual evoked potentials in hyperthyroidism

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Pattern visual evoked potentials in multiple sclerosis

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Pattern visual evoked responses in hereditary spastic paraplegia

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Pattern visual evoked responses in multiple sclerosis

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Pattern visually evoked potentials in haradas disease

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Patterned acquisition of the antibody repertoire diversity of the hem agglutinin specific bone marrow derived cell repertoire in neo natal balb mice

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Patterned arrays of intra membranous particles in the bristle cilia of 3 different species of euplotes

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Patterned carbonate a diagenetic feature

Smith W.J., 1988:
Patterned daytime singing of the eastern wood pewee contopus virens

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Patterned discharge of 6 different neurons in a single enteric ganglion

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Patterned disjunction in drosophila melanogaster part 1 assortment of spa pol plus and x y in the stock n 1

Meindl U., 1982:
Patterned distribution of membrane associated calcium during pore formation in micrasterias denticulata

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Patterned distribution of metastases from malignant melanoma in humans

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Patterned dystrophies of the retinal pigment epithelium

Chujo H., 1985:
Patterned ground and vegetation in the alpine area of mount ontake central japan

Ollier, C.D.; Seely, M.K., 1977:
Patterned ground near gobabeb central namib desert

Kammer, A.E.; Kinnamon, S.C., 1977:
Patterned muscle activity during eclosion in the hawk moth manduca sexta

Woollacott, M.H., 1974:
Patterned neural activity associated with prey capture in navanax inermis gastropoda aplysiacea

Dunin Barkovskii V.L., 1984:
Patterned neural oscillators

Johnson, K.; Borgo, P.M., 1976:
Patterned perching behavior in 2 callophrys lycaenidae

Parker, J.E.; Rockerbie, R.A., 1976:
Patterned relationships between immuno globulin and blast cells in peripheral blood in a child with acute leukemia

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Patterned response to odor in single neurons of goldfish olfactory bulb influence of odor quality and other stimulus parameters

Stanton M.; Dailey W.; Amsel A., 1980:
Patterned single alternation in 11 day old and 14 day old rats under various reward conditions

Okada T., 1986:
Patterned wing species of drosophila subgenus scaptodrosophila of southeast asia and new guinea diptera drosophilidae

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Patterning in dictyostelium discoideum the proportions of the 3 differentiated cell types spore stalk and basal disc in the fruiting body

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Patterning in the regeneration of type I cutaneous receptors

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Patterning of ciliary structures in janus mutant of tetrahymena with mirror image cortical duplications an ultrastructural study

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Patterning of cognitive and somatic processes in the self regulation of anxiety effects of meditation vs exercise

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Patterning of new born behavior in an urban population

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Patterning of the head in hydra hydra oligactis as visualized by a monoclonal antibody i. budding and regeneration

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Patterning partial reinforcement and n length effects at spaced trials as a function of reinstatement of retrieval cues

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Patterns and causes of change in a cliff swallow petrochelidon pyrrhonata colony during a 17 year period

Winkel, P., 1973:
Patterns and clusters multi variate approach for interpreting clinical chemistry results

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Patterns and control of neuro secretion for the cytochromogenic hormone in blaberus discoidalis cockroaches

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Patterns and correlates of genetics variation in south amerindians

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Patterns and correlates of shellfish exploitation by coastal people in transkei south africa an enigma of protein production

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Patterns and determinants of conjugated estrogen use

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Patterns and evolution of drumming behavior in the stonefly families perlidae and peltoperlidae

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Patterns and factors controlling nitrogen mineralization in paddy soils in tropical and temperature regions

Odutola, A.B., 1977:
Patterns and fields of dorsal column fiber terminals in the cuneo gracile nuclei of the rat

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Patterns and levels of genetic variation in great basin usa bristlecone pine pinus longaeva

Meyer, R.D., 1977:
Patterns and mechanisms of emergence of resistance to amikacin

Humphrey L.D., 1984:
Patterns and mechanisms of plant succession after fire on artemisia grass sites in southeastern idaho usa

Jarvinen A., 1984:
Patterns and performance in a ranunculus glacialis population in a mountain area in finnish lapland

Lingard, D.A., 1982:
Patterns and pitfalls in the ultrasonic diagnosis of molar pregnancy

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Patterns and possible significance of water exchange by flexible shelled eggs of painted turtles chrysemys picta

Barnes G.M.; Welte J.W., 1986:
Patterns and predictors of alcohol use among 7 12th grade students in new york state usa

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Patterns and rates of ammonia excretion by juvenile american lobsters homarus americanus fed casein and crab protein based diets

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Patterns and rates of protein synthesis in sea urchin embryos part 1 uptake and incorporation of amino acids during the 1st cleavage cycle

Fry, B.J.; Gross, P.R., 1970:
Patterns and rates of protein synthesis in sea urchin embryos part 2 the calculation of absolute rates

van de Velde, J.P.; van Ginkel, F.C.; Vermeiden, J.P., 1986:
Patterns and relationships of plasma calcium, protein and phosphorus during the egg laying cycle of the fowl and the effect of dietary calcium

Morris D.W., 1984:
Patterns and scale of habitat use in 2 temperate zone small mammal faunas

Merrett, N.R.; Roe, H.S.J., 1974:
Patterns and selectivity in the feeding of certain meso pelagic fishes

Barrett, A.P., 1986:
Patterns and significance of oral hemorrhage in acute leukemia

Baldwin, I.T.; Schultz, J.C.; Ward, D., 1987:
Patterns and sources of leaf tannin variation in yellow birch (Betula allegheniensis) and sugar maple (Acer saccharum)

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Patterns and variations in the relationship between infant mortality and socioeconomic status

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Patterns in 12 reproductive parameters for the white footed mouse peromyscus leucopus

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Patterns in biomass and cover of aquatic macrophytes in lakes

Rigby J.K., 1979:
Patterns in devonian sponge distribution

Moyle P.B.; Daniels R.A.; Herbold B.; Baltz D.M., 1986:
Patterns in distribution and abundance of a noncoevolved assemblage of estuarine fishes in california usa

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Patterns in effects of sulfhydryl reagents on transport in bovine lens

Evans G.T.; Rice J.C.; Chadwick E.M.P., 1984:
Patterns in growth an smolting of atlantic salmon salmo salar parr

Chafee-Bahamon, C.; Caplan, D.L.; Lovejoy, F.H., 1983:
Patterns in hospitals' use of a regional poison information center

Burke R.J.; Weir T., 1979:
Patterns in husbands and wives coping behaviors

Guzhov-Yu, L., 1978:
Patterns in modification and genotypic variation in quantitative indices in wheat cultivars with a differing number of genes for dwarfness

Sluka, Z.A., 1975:
Patterns in moss epiphytes growth

Price P.W.; Clancy K.M., 1983:
Patterns in numbers of helminth parasite species in fresh water fishes

Hollowed A.B.; Bailey K.M.; Wooster W.S., 1987:
Patterns in recruitment of marine fishes in the northeast pacific ocean

Conover D.O.; Ross M.R., 1982:
Patterns in seasonal abundance growth and biomass of the atlantic silverside menidia menidia in a new england estuary usa

Karlsson, T.; Ormstad, K.; Rajs, J., 1988:
Patterns in sharp force fatalities a comprehensive forensic medical study part 2. suicidal sharp force injury in the stockholm sweden area 1972 1984

Godfray H.C.J., 1984:
Patterns in the distribution of leaf miners on british uk trees

Threlfall, C.J.; Stoner, H.B.; Galasko, C.S., 1981:
Patterns in the excretion of muscle markers after trauma and orthopedic surgery

Boyd W.E.; Dickson J.H., 1986:
Patterns in the geographical distribution of the early flandrian corylus rise in southwest scotland uk

Corter C.M.; Zucker K.J.; Galligan R.F., 1980:
Patterns in the infants search for mother during brief separation

Guzhov Y.L.; Balashov T.N.; Gneim A.R., 1981:
Patterns in the manifestation of quantitative characters in f 2 and f 3 pea hybrids

Betterton, C.; Lim, B.L., 1977:
Patterns in the morphological variation of Zonorchis and Skrjabinus (Trematoda: Dicrocoelidae) from small mammals in Malaysia

Dillon R.T.Jr, 1981:
Patterns in the morphology and distribution of gastropods in oneida lake new york usa detected using computer generated null hypotheses

Tonn W.M.; Magnuson J.J., 1982:
Patterns in the species composition and richness of fish assemblages in northern wisconsin lakes usa

Kneib R.T., 1984:
Patterns in the utilization of the intertidal salt marsh by larvae and juveniles of fundulus heteroclitus and fundulus luciae

Popma J.; Bongers F.; Del Castillo J.M., 1988:
Patterns in the vertical structure of the tropical lowland rain forest of los tuxtlas mexico

Sholl S.A., 1983:
Patterns of 3 beta hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase delta 5 4 isomerase activity in the rhesus monkey macaca mulatta placenta and fetal adrenal

Johnson, M.A.; Kucukyalcin, D.K., 1978:
Patterns of abnormal histochemical fibre type differentitation in human muscle biopsies

Wright S.J., 1988:
Patterns of abundance and the form of the species area relation

Mccoy E.D.; Rey J.R., 1981:
Patterns of abundance distribution and alary polymorphism among the salt marsh delphacidae homoptera fulgoroidea of northwest florida usa

Mcclure M.S., 1985:
Patterns of abundance survivorship and fecundity of nuculaspis tsugae homoptera diaspididae on tsuga species in japan in relation to elevation

Dallinger R.; Wieser W., 1984:
Patterns of accumulation distribution and liberation of zinc copper cadmium and lead in different organs of the land snail helix pomatia

Jeffree R.A., 1988:
Patterns of accumulation of alkaline earth metals in the tissue of the freshwater mussel velesunio angasi sowerby

Barry B.E.; Crapo J.D., 1985:
Patterns of accumulation of platelets and neutrophils in rat lungs during exposure to 100 percent and 85 percent oxygen

Miller G.E.; Wile I.; Hitchin G.G., 1983:
Patterns of accumulation of selected metals in members of the soft water macrophyte flora of central ontario canada lakes

Du-Souich, P.; Erill, S., 1976:
Patterns of acetylation of procainamide and procainamide derived p amino benzoic acid in man

Hicks G.H.; Stiffler D.F., 1984:
Patterns of acid base regulation in urodele amphibians in response to variations in environmental temperature

Mckiernan J.; Johnston D.I.; Hiller E.J., 1981:
Patterns of acid induced release of endogenous immuno reactive secretin in children with cystic fibrosis and recurrent pain

Robertson D.; Aldersley M.; Shepherd H.; Smith C.L., 1987:
Patterns of acid reflux in complicated esophagitis

Hayes D.; Jerger J., 1981:
Patterns of acoustic reflex and auditory brain stem response abnormality

Lomo, T., 1971:
Patterns of activation in a mono synaptic cortical pathway the perforant path input to the dentate area of the hippocampal formation

Gruber S.H.; Nelson D.R.; Morrissey J.F., 1988:
Patterns of activity and space utilization of lemon sharks negaprion brevirostris in a shallow bahamian lagoon

Magni, F.; Pellegrino, M., 1978:
Patterns of activity and the effects of activation of the fast conducting system on the behavior of unrestrained leeches

Cody F.W.J.; Moore R.B.; Richardson H.C., 1981:
Patterns of activity evoked in cerebellar interpositus nuclear neurons by natural somato sensory stimuli in awake cats

Streit P.; Burkhalter A.; Stella M.; Cuenod M., 1980:
Patterns of activity in pigeon brains visual relays as revealed by the carbon 14 labeled 2 deoxy glucose method

Tattersall I., 1979:
Patterns of activity in the mayotte lemur lemur fulvus mayottensis

Dance C., 1987:
Patterns of activity of the sea urchin paracentrotus lividus in the bay of port cros var france mediterranean

Csuti B.A., 1979:
Patterns of adaptation and variation in the great basin kangaroo rat dipodomys microps

Ashihara H.; Kubota H., 1986:
Patterns of adenine metabolism and caffeine biosynthesis in different parts of tea camellia sinensis cultivar yabukita seedlings

Uniyal, S.; Brash, J.L., 1982:
Patterns of adsorption of proteins from human plasma onto foreign surfaces

Gervais P.; Bazelin C.; Voilley A., 1986:
Patterns of aeration in a solid substrate fermentor through the study of the residence time distribution of a volatile tracer

Mulroy, M.J., 1986:
Patterns of afferent synaptic contacts in the alligator lizard's gerrhonotus multicarinatus cochlea

Thierry B., 1985:
Patterns of agonistic interactions in three species of macaque macaca mulatta macaca fascicularis macaca tonkeana

Jacob, T.; Dunn, N.J.; Leonard, K., 1983:
Patterns of alcohol abuse and family stability

Pandina, R.J.; White, H.R., 1981:
Patterns of alcohol and drug use of adolescent students and adolescents in treatment

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Patterns of alcohol and multiple drug use among rural white and American Indian adolescents

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Patterns of assimilate distribution in soybeans at maturity part 3 the contribution of assimilate to pods near the apex in determinate types

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Patterns of decision making in multihospital systems

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Gammon, D.M.; Roberts, B.R., 1978:
Patterns of defoliation during continuous and rotational grazing of the matopos sand veld of rhodesia part 2 severity of defoliation

Gammon, D.M.; Roberts, B.R., 1978:
Patterns of defoliation during continuous and rotational grazing of the matopos sand veld of rhodesia part 3 frequency of defoliation

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Patterns of dental fluorosis in a European country in relation to the fluoride concentration of drinking water

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Patterns of dephosphorylating activities in the mesoderm of developing mouse limb buds 1. 5 nucleotidase nonspecific atp phospho hydrolase and alkaline phosphatase in normal fore limb buds

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Patterns of depletion in a kenya rhino diceros bicornis population and the conservation implications

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Patterns of development of habituation in cortical areas of the visceral analyzer

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Patterns of development of nonspecific reaction of cells and modification of chemical protection 2. correlation between chemical protection efficiency and treatment conditions

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Patterns of development of Trypanosoma cruzi in the embryonated chicken egg

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Patterns of diffusibility of lignin and carbohydrate degrading systems in wood rotting fungi

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Patterns of direct and indirect embryogenesis from mesophyll protoplasts of medicago sativa

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Patterns of disc electrophoresis in the hemolymph protein of the fall webworm hyphantria cunea

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Patterns of discourse cohesion and coherence in Alzheimer's disease

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Patterns of dissemination in different pathogenetic types of choriocarcinoma

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Patterns of distribution and abundance in small samples of litter inhabiting orthoptera in some costa rican cacao plantations

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Patterns of distribution and abundance of ants hymenoptera formicidae in 3 costa rican cocoa farm localities

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Patterns of distribution and endemism in iran

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Patterns of distribution of lateral root primordia

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Patterns of disturbance in some old growth mesic forests of eastern north america

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Patterns of diurnal and seasonal airborne spore concentrations of fusicladium effusum and its impact on a pecan carya illinoensis scab epidemic

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Patterns of dna synthesis and cell division im marine dinoflagellates

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Patterns of drinking among the deaf

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Patterns of drinking behavior of some australian estrildine finches

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Patterns of drought response in leaf succulent shrubs of the coastal atacama desert in northern chile

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Patterns of drug abuse among women

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Patterns of drug use from adolescence to young adulthood 1. periods of risk for initiation continued use and discontinuation

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Patterns of drug use from adolescence to young adulthood 3. predictors of progression

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Patterns of dry matter distribution in transplanted populations of trifolium repens and its bearing on ecological interpretations

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Patterns of dynamical behavior in single species populations

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Patterns of ear disease in the southwestern American Indian

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Patterns of early and late discharges in somatotopically identified precentral neurons in awake monkeys in response to somatic inputs

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Patterns of early gross chromosomal changes in malignant human gliomas

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Patterns of early socialization mother infant and father infant interaction in the home

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Patterns of eating in normal men and women

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Patterns of ecto mycorrhizal host specificity and potential among pacific northwest usa conifers and fungi

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Patterns of EEG dysfunction in general hospital psychiatry

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Patterns of electrical activity in the digestive tract of the conscious cat

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Patterns of electro cochleographic responses observed in the guinea pig during ethacrynic acid intoxication

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Patterns of electrochemical proton gradient formation by membrane vesicles from an obligately acidophilic bacterium

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Patterns of electrophoretic and morphologic variability in a widely distributed unionid an initial survey

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Patterns of EMG activity of rat plantaris muscle during swimming and other locomotor activities

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Patterns of emotional disturbance on the revised wechsler intelligence scale for children

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Patterns of endo poly ploidy and 2c nuclear dna content feulgen in scilla decidua liliaceae

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Patterns of endothecial wall thickenings in araceae subfamilies calloideae lasioideae and philodendroideae

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Patterns of endothecial wall thickenings in araceae subfamilies colocasioideae aroideae and pistioideae

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Patterns of endothecial wall thickenings in araceae subfamilies pothoideae and monsteroideae

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Patterns of enzyme activities in the gills of the catfish heteropneustes fossilis exposed to the anion active detergent sodium alkylbenzenesulfonate

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Patterns of enzyme activities related to epithelial differentiation in the amphibian epidermis

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Patterns of epipelic algal abundance with depth trophic status and acidity in poorly buffered new hampshire lakes usa

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Patterns of epipelic algal distribution in an acidic adirondack usa lake

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Patterns of epithelial metaplasia in malignant gliomas. I. Papillary formations mimicking medulloepithelioma

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Patterns of esophageal invasion in gastric carcinoma. Macroscopic and microscopic appearance

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Patterns of ESS's. I

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