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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6075

Chapter 6075 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Section 7, Chapter 6075, Accession 006074000

Casero P., 1982: Pattern of distribution of lateral root primordia in allium cepa cultivar french

Kearney J.F., 1979: Pattern of distribution of phosphorus 32 labeled sterile male boll weevils anthonomus grandis dropped by plane

Buschard K., 1985: Pattern of distribution of t lymphocytes langerhans cells and hla dr bearing cells in normal human oral mucosa

Mccown, R. L.; Murtha, G. G.; Field, J. B. F., 1977: Pattern of distribution of townsville stylo annual grasses and perennial grasses in relation to soil variation

Negassa M., 1986: Pattern of diversity of ethiopian wheats triticum spp and a gene center for quality breeding

Cleffmann G., 1986: Pattern of dna increase in macronuclear anlagen of tetrahymena

Palitti, F.; Rizzoni, M., 1972: Pattern of dna segregation in multi polar anatelophases of different ploidy in eu ploid and aneu ploid mammalian cells cultivated in vitro

Morris V.B., 1985: Pattern of dna synthesis and its effect on the classification of cells by flow cytometry

Makhlin E.E., 1981: Pattern of dna synthesis in nuclei of feeding and starving amoeba proteus a cyto fluorometric study

Kaliannan, K.; Gupta, B. R., 1975: Pattern of drug resistance and its transfer in salmonella

Jayaraman V.S., 1984: Pattern of drug resistance in tuberculosis

Tapadia, B. B.; Rahate, V. T., 1976: Pattern of dry matter accumulation in 2 wheat varieties as influenced by sowing dates and seed rates

Chauhan, S. P. S.; Singh, S. P., 1977: Pattern of dry matter accumulation in barley as influenced by soil moisture regimes and nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers

Sidhu P.S., 1986: Pattern of dry matter accumulation in developing fruit parts of early and late maturing pigeon peas cajanus cajan

Patil, B. P.; D'patil, S. D., 1978: Pattern of dry matter accumulation in different varieties of cotton gossypium hirsutum as influenced by 2 levels of nitrogen under irrigated conditions

Kalbhor P.N., 1980: Pattern of dry matter accumulation of sunflower helianthus annuus as influenced by irrigational schedules under various levels of nitrogen fertilization

Roach, S. H.; Ray, L., 1976: Pattern of emergence of adult heliothis from fields planted to cotton corn tobacco and soybeans

Molinari S., 1988: Pattern of emotional control and psychological reactions to breast cancer a preliminary report

Orishimo T.F., 1985: Pattern of endocardial activation during sustained ventricular tachycardia

Nagel G.A., 1985: Pattern of endogenous lectins in a human epithelial tumor

Gabius, H. J.; Engelhardt, R.; Sartoris, D. J.; Cramer, F., 1986: Pattern of endogenous lectins of a human sarcoma ewing's sarcoma reveals differences to human normal tissues and tumors of epithelial and germ cell origin

Wahi P., 1980: Pattern of energy accumulation in andrographis paniculata as influenced by various levels of light intensity

Cui, Y.; Wootton, R. J., 1988: Pattern of energy allocation in the minnow phoxinus phoxinus l. pisces cyprinidae

Section 7, Chapter 6075, Accession 006074025

Et Al, 1988: Pattern of epithelial cell proliferation in colorectal mucosa of normal subjects and of patients with adenomatous polyps or cancer of the large bowel

Weirich, E. G.; Rufli, T.; Longauer, J. K., 1976: Pattern of epithelium formation in human and guinea pig skin

Volsky D.J., 1984: Pattern of epstein barr virus specific proteins synthesized during primary lytic infection of mouse lymphocytes by epstein barr virus

Hodges J.K., 1984: Pattern of excretion of urinary steroid metabolites during the ovarian cycle and pregnancy in the marmoset monkey

Gottlieb D.I., 1988: Pattern of expression of glutamic acid decarboxylase messenger rna in the developing rat brain

Koeffler H.P., 1987: Pattern of expression of hla dr and hla dq antigens and messenger rna in myeloid differentiation

Murab'eva O.I., 1981: Pattern of fatigue accumulation during long term local muscular exercise

Rahman M., 1986: Pattern of feeding in the clinic and home delivered infants in dacca city bangladesh during first 4 months of life

Gupta N., 1987: Pattern of fetal pulmonary maturation in isoimmunized gestation

Section 7, Chapter 6075, Accession 006074035

Konno K., 1986: Pattern of fibronectin distribution in human lung cancer

Michel R.P., 1988: Pattern of fluid accumulation in nitrogen dioxide induced pulmonary edema in dogs a morphometric study

Section 7, Chapter 6075, Accession 006074040

Cooper, R. L.; Linnoila, M., 1976: Pattern of food intake and body weight gain in aged noncycling female rats

Clough M., 1984: Pattern of forearm fractures in children

Section 7, Chapter 6075, Accession 006074044

Rini G.B., 1988: Pattern of gastric acidity and gastrin blood level in basic conditions and following the administration of food in subjects with ulcer like and non ulcer like dyspepsia

Section 7, Chapter 6075, Accession 006074046

Yoshikawa T., 1985: Pattern of genetic influence on pulmonary function

Section 7, Chapter 6075, Accession 006074048

Brooker M.I.H., 1981: Pattern of geographic variation based on seedling morphology in eucalyptus ovata and eucalyptus brookerana and comparisons with some other eucalyptus spp

Leung N.K., 1987: Pattern of glomerulonephritis in chinese population the effect of renal biopsy on the therapeutic decision

Vallance Owen J., 1987: Pattern of glomerulonephritis in hong kong

Chatterjee S.K., 1981: Pattern of glycogen and iron accumulation in early appearing bhc induced liver lesions and liver tumors

Section 7, Chapter 6075, Accession 006074053

Allalouf D., 1983: Pattern of glycosamino glycan distribution in tissue and blood vessels of human placenta

Terayama H., 1979: Pattern of glycosamino glycans and glyco proteins associated with nuclei of regenerating liver of rat

Strauss J.H., 1985: Pattern of glycosylation of sindbis virus envelope proteins synthesized in hamster and chicken cells

Section 7, Chapter 6075, Accession 006074057

Surendran P.U., 1984: Pattern of growth and an alternative approach to the comparison of rates of growth of domestic fowls in 24 weeks

Starck, Z.; Stradowska, M., 1977: Pattern of growth and carbon 14 assimilates distributions in relation to photosynthesis in radish plants treated with growth substances

Oyolu C., 1984: Pattern of growth and development in dioscorea rotundata cultivar alafu

Section 7, Chapter 6075, Accession 006074061

Section 7, Chapter 6075, Accession 006074062

Jorgensen C.B., 1983: Pattern of growth in a temperate zone anuran bufo viridis

Roche J.F., 1988: Pattern of growth of dominant follicles during the estrous cycle of heifers

Reda F., 1980: Pattern of growth regulating substances in the leaves of vernalized sugar beet beta vulgaris cultivar poly ag poland during flowering period

Canepa M., 1986: Pattern of hbv related antigens evaluated by immunohistochemical method in chronic hbsag positive hepatitis in children

Dagnew M B., 1984: Pattern of health care utilization in a small rural ethiopian town

Ladipo, G. O. A.; Froude, J. R. L.; Parry, E. H. O., 1977: Pattern of heart disease in adults of the nigerian savanna a prospective clinical study

Krivenko, V. V.; Filatov, V. G.; Romanenko, N. A.; Mefod'ev, V. V.; Kuznetsova, L. V., 1987: Pattern of helminthic egg dissemination nearby the settlements of the tura pyshma interfluvial area russian sfsr ussr

Shamebo M., 1987: Pattern of hematological diseases among adult hospitalized ethiopians

Tarazi R.C., 1984: Pattern of hemodynamic alterations during coronary artery operations

Govindappa S., 1983: Pattern of hepatic tissue proteolysis of freshwater fish on exposure to altered environmental ph

Qumsiyeh M.B., 1988: Pattern of heterochromatic variation and phylogeny in the rodent family gerbillidae

Tiwari, D. N., 1977: Pattern of heterocyst differentiation as a function of nitrogen fixing ability in the blue green alga nostoc linckia

Mascarenhas J.F., 1987: Pattern of hoarding in rats before during and post gestation period

Sadchikov A.P., 1979: Pattern of horizontal plankton distribution in the epilimnion of a mesotrophic lake

Steenken S., 1983: Pattern of hydroxy radical addition to cytosine and 1 3 5 and 6 substituted cytosines electron transfer and dehydration reactions of the hydroxyl adducts

Fujita, S.; Steenken, S., 1981: Pattern of hydroxyl radical addition to uracil and methyl substituted carboxyl substituted uracils electron transfer of hydroxyl adducts with n n n' n' tetra methyl p phenylenediamine and tetra nitro methane

Steenken S., 1987: Pattern of hydroxyl radical reaction with n 6 n 6 dimethyladenosine production of three isomeric hydroxyl adducts and their dehydration and ring opening reactions

Wailoo M.P., 1985: Pattern of illness in babies discharged from a special care unit

Oakley J.R., 1983: Pattern of illnesses before cot deaths

Akagi, T.; Matsuda, Y., 1977: Pattern of immuno globulin production in human lympho blastoid cell lines/

Schwaber, J.; Cohen, E. P., 1974: Pattern of immuno globulin synthesis and assembly in a human mouse somatic cell hybrid clone

Section 7, Chapter 6075, Accession 006074084

Section 7, Chapter 6075, Accession 006074085

Philippu A., 1988: Pattern of in vivo release of endogenous histamine in the mamillary body and the amygdala

Section 7, Chapter 6075, Accession 006074087

Rigg, L. A.; Lein, A.; Yen, S. S. C., 1977: Pattern of increase in circulating prolactin levels during human gestation

Sharma N., 1984: Pattern of induced macromutations and micromutations with gamma rays and n nitroso n methylurea in lentil lens culinaris

Sharma B., 1979: Pattern of induced mutability in different genotypes of lentil lens culinaris

Egler L.J., 1983: Pattern of infections among patients with sickle cell anemia requiring hospital admission

Wood I.M., 1981: Pattern of infiltration with furrow irrigation and evapo transpiration of kenaf hibiscus cannabinus grown on cununurra clay in the ord australia irrigation area

Stanescu D.C., 1985: Pattern of inhalation of tobacco smoke in pipe cigarette and never smokers

Moens P.B., 1988: Pattern of inheritance of a larval tubercle color polymorphism in hyalophora columbia of northwestern ontario canada lepidoptera saturniidae

Rigano C., 1981: Pattern of inhibition of nitrate utilization by ammonium in the acidophilic thermophilic uni cellular alga cyanidium caldarium

Espersen G.T., 1988: Pattern of injuries in danish amateur boxers

Page G., 1987: Pattern of injuries in survivors of a helicopter crash

Philipsen H., 1986: Pattern of injury in handball and comparison of injured versus noninjured handball players

Pilo A., 1979: Pattern of insulin delivery after intra venous glucose injection in man and its relation to plasma glucose disappearance

Foot, J. Z.; Russel, A. J. F., 1978: Pattern of intake of 3 roughage diets by nonpregnant nonlactating scottish blackface ewes over a long period and the effects of previous nutritional history on current intake

Shankar, V.; Velayudhan, K. C.; Trivedi, B. K., 1975: Pattern of interspecific association in sehima nervosum heteropogon contortus grasslands under 3 different systems of management

Svendsen E., 1980: Pattern of intimal folds around intercostal artery orifices in rabbit aorta a reflection of pattern of blood flow?

Caspers H., 1981: Pattern of intra cortical potential distribution during focal inter ictal epileptiform discharges and its relation to spinal field potentials in the rat

Attia M.M., 1981: Pattern of intrinsic innervation of human coronary arteries

Swash M., 1982: Pattern of involvement in the cervical segments in the early stage of motor neuron disease a single fiber electro myographic study

Gainotti, G.; Caltagirone, C.; Lemmo, M. A.; Miceli, G., 1975: Pattern of ipsilateral clinical extinction in brain damaged patients

Lundquist, I.; Lovdahl, R. , 1977: Pattern of islet lysosomal enzyme activities and insulin secretory response

Cooper I.A., 1982: Pattern of iso accepting transfer rna common to 26 patients with hodgkins disease

Cupello, A.; Hyden, H., 1976: Pattern of labeling of poly adenylic acid associated rna in the ca 3 region of rat hippocampus during training

Rosadini G., 1979: Pattern of labeling of rabbit brain cortex poly adenylate associated rna after a single electro convulsive shock

Rosadini G., 1986: Pattern of labeling of rabbit cerebral cortex soluble proteins 24 hours after a single electroconvulsive shock

Jirmanova I., 1981: Pattern of labeling of the rat brain stem after intra ventricular administration of tritium labeled leucine

Krekule I., 1982: Pattern of labeling of the rat brain stem after intra ventricular administration of tritium labeled leucine low and high resolution auto radiographic study

Bopp, M.; Capesius, I., 1971: Pattern of labelling after tritium thymidine incorporation in the nucleus of hypocotyl cells of sinapis alba d

Sterling P., 1987: Pattern of lateral geniculate synapses on neuron somata in layer iv of the cat striate cortex

Sebastiani F., 1983: Pattern of lecithin cholesterol acyl transferase activity in the course of liver cirrhosis

Jawad I., 1988: Pattern of left ventricular diastolic filling associated with right ventricular enlargement

Mckee K.S., 1985: Pattern of left ventricular diastolic filling in chronic aortic regurgitation a gated blood pool assessment

Section 7, Chapter 6075, Accession 006074120

Silini G., 1982: Pattern of leukemia induction in bc 3f 1 mice transplanted with irradiated lympho hemopoietic tissues

Ukpe S.I., 1985: Pattern of leukocytes in the blood of healthy african neonates

Nair, P. K. R.; Balakrishnan, T. K., 1976: Pattern of light interception by canopies in a coconut cacao crop combination

Anees A.M., 1983: Pattern of liver disease in the western region of saudi arabia

Djaldetti M., 1982: Pattern of liver erythropoiesis in embryos of polycythemic mice

Section 7, Chapter 6075, Accession 006074127

Amoni S.S., 1983: Pattern of macular diseases in nigerians a preliminary report

Reddy, C. R. R. M., 1976: Pattern of malignancy at visakhapatnam on the east coast of india

Popat, N.; Wood, W. G.; Weatherall, D. J.; Turnbull, A. C., 1977: Pattern of maternal fetal cell production during pregnancy

Hartree A.S., 1984: Pattern of medium proteins radio labeled after culture of day 13 to 16 pig conceptus tissue with tritium labeled leucine and absence of chorionic gonadotropin like activity

Alberius P., 1983: Pattern of membranous and chondral bone growth a roentgen stereo photogrammetric analysis in the rabbit

Schwartz D., 1985: Pattern of menstrual cycles and incidence of congenital malformations

Section 7, Chapter 6075, Accession 006074134

Lejeune F.J., 1982: Pattern of metastases distribution in 173 stage i or stage ii melanoma patients

Thorpe S.M., 1986: Pattern of metastases in human breast carcinoma in relation to estrogen receptor status

Dzhumanazarov M.S., 1980: Pattern of metastatic proliferation of lower esophageal cancer

Cedar H., 1983: Pattern of methylation of 2 genes coding for housekeeping functions

Butts W.T.Jr, 1983: Pattern of milk intake as related to weaning traits of angus calves grazing fescue legume or fescue pastures

Deutsch D., 1980: Pattern of mineral uptake in developing bovine incisors

Shapira L., 1987: Pattern of mineral uptake in the developing human deciduous enamel

Section 7, Chapter 6075, Accession 006074143

Packard R.B.S., 1980: Pattern of mortality in choroidal malignant melanoma

Engelhardt W.V., 1984: Pattern of motility and flow of digesta in the fore stomach of the llama lama guanacoe f glama

Rijnsdorp A.D., 1980: Pattern of movement in and dispersal from a dutch forest of carabus problematicus coleoptera carabidae

Kyobe J., 1988: Pattern of multiple myeloma in kenyans

Wiggins R.C., 1980: Pattern of myelin breakdown during sciatic nerve wallerian degeneration reversal of the order of assembly

Muddle J.R., 1988: Pattern of myelinated fiber loss in the sural nerve in neuropathy related to type 1 insulin dependent diabetes

Nast E., 1980: Pattern of myelination and distribution of neuro glial cells along the developing optic system of the rat and rabbit

Harding G.W., 1985: Pattern of myelination in the pyramidal tract of the rat

Nakamura Y., 1983: Pattern of myo cardial hypertrophy as a possible determinant of abnormal q waves in hypertrophic cardio myopathy

Reddy P.R., 1979: Pattern of neck and head growth in adolescents of chittoor district andhra pradesh india

Section 7, Chapter 6075, Accession 006074154

Perkin, G. D., 1986: Pattern of neurological outpatient practice implications for undergraduate and postgraduate training

Campbell G.M., 1985: Pattern of neurotoxicity of n hexane methyl n butyl ketone 2 5 hexanediol and 2 5 hexanedione alone and in combination with o ethyl o 4 nitrophenylphenylphosphonothioate in hens

Govindarajulu P., 1987: Pattern of neutral and phospholipids in the semen of normospermic oligospermic and azoospermic men

Anderson R.G., 1980: Pattern of nitrogen accumulation in different plant parts of wheat triticum aestivum cultivars sharbati sonora and kalyan sona as influenced by nitrogen fertilization

Section 7, Chapter 6075, Accession 006074159

Singh M.B., 1982: Pattern of nonphotosynthetic carbon di oxide fixation in stigmatic and stylar tissues of brassica campestris following incompatible pollination

Section 7, Chapter 6075, Accession 006074161

Section 7, Chapter 6075, Accession 006074162

Madanagopalan N., 1980: Pattern of occurrence of hepatitis b e antigen and antibody to hepatitis b e antigen among blood donors and patients with liver diseases in tamil nadu india

Sunandan S., 1985: Pattern of ocular injuries in haryana india

Gervet, J.; Pratte, M.; Semenoff, S.; Gabouriaut, D., 1986: Pattern of offspring production in colonies of paper wasps polistes gallicus l. ii. demographic data hypothesis concerning fitness implications

Section 7, Chapter 6075, Accession 006074167

Section 7, Chapter 6075, Accession 006074168

Tomonaga, S., 1976: Pattern of osmium deposition in lymphoid tissues of mice

Govindappa S., 1984: Pattern of ovarian and uterine carbohydrate metabolism during induced antiimplantation by dextro gossypol

Sarkar G., 1986: Pattern of oxygen and phosphate uptake by indian carp cirrhinus mrigala eggs during development in the chinese hatchery system

Section 7, Chapter 6075, Accession 006074172

Section 7, Chapter 6075, Accession 006074173

Reddy K.J., 1981: Pattern of partitioning of photosynthates during pod development in groundnut

Wyss C., 1980: Pattern of peptide synthesis in drosophila cell lines and their hybrids

Baelum V., 1987: Pattern of periodontal breakdown in adult tanzanians

Bluethner W D., 1979: Pattern of peroxidase iso enzymes in ir 1b wheat rye triticum aestivum secale cereale substitution and 1b 1r translocation lines

Kanner, D.; Gerber, N. N.; Bartha, R., 1978: Pattern of phenazine pigment production by a strain of pseudomonas aeruginosa

Schoen D.J., 1987: Pattern of phenotypic viability and fecundity selection in a natural population of impatiens pallida

Subbuswamy, B. M.; Reddy, A. J.; Haragopal, T.; Chandrasekharam, V., 1978: Pattern of phyllogenesis in the neo natal and regenerating pongamia glabra

Kundu G., 1985: Pattern of physicochemical changes in the water during hatching of indian carp cirrhinus mrigala eggs in a chinese hatchery system

Tagaya I., 1979: Pattern of plaquing efficiency at different temperatures as a differentiation tool among poliovirus type 3 leon 12a 1 b progenies and its possible use as a genetic marker

Haerdel C., 1982: Pattern of plasma cortisol during the 24 hour sleep wake cycle in the rhesus monkey macaca mulatta

Section 7, Chapter 6075, Accession 006074184

Section 7, Chapter 6075, Accession 006074185

Section 7, Chapter 6075, Accession 006074186

Section 7, Chapter 6075, Accession 006074187

Section 7, Chapter 6075, Accession 006074188

Section 7, Chapter 6075, Accession 006074189

Ringertz N.R., 1980: Pattern of poly peptide synthesis in myo blast hybrids

Section 7, Chapter 6075, Accession 006074191

Gornago V.A., 1984: Pattern of postural changes in human hemodynamics after treatment with sydnocarb and obsidan

Nagasawa H., 1982: Pattern of pregnancy and parturition in sprague dawley rats

Andersen B., 1987: Pattern of progression in liver injury following jejunoileal bypass for morbid obesity

Asanuma H., 1982: Pattern of projection and physiological properties of cortico cortical connections from the posterior bank of the ansate sulcus to the motor cortex area 4 gamma in the cat

Schuiling G.A., 1982: Pattern of prolactin secretion and pituitary responsiveness to lhrh in pseudopregnant rats maintained in constant light

Michel, J.; Sacks, T.; Simchen, E., 1977: Pattern of prophylactic use of antibiotics in 6 surgical departments of a teaching hospital in jerusalem

Hardisson C., 1983: Pattern of protein degradation during germination of streptomyces antibioticus spores

Section 7, Chapter 6075, Accession 006074199

Section 7, Chapter 6075, Accession 006074200

Section 7, Chapter 6075, Accession 006074201

Section 7, Chapter 6075, Accession 006074202

Yamana K., 1985: Pattern of protein synthesis in dissociated embryonic cells of xenopus laevis whose reaggregation was inhibited by calcium deprivation and by mechanical interference

Anderson, C. W.; Gesteland, R. F., 1972: Pattern of protein synthesis in monkey cells infected by sv 40

Burdon R.H., 1981: Pattern of protein synthesis induced by heat shock of hela cells

Section 7, Chapter 6075, Accession 006074206

Section 7, Chapter 6075, Accession 006074207

Towe A.L., 1986: Pattern of pyramidal tract collateralization to medial thalamus lateral hypothalamus and red nucleus in the cat

Rosa R., 1984: Pattern of pyruvate kinase isozymes in erythroleukemia cell lines and in normal human erythroblasts

Mouradian L.E., 1985: Pattern of rat olfactory bulb mitral and tufted cell connections to the anterior olfactory nucleus pars externa

Pyszynski W., 1980: Pattern of ray arrangement on cross section of bark of aesculus

Stefansson K., 1985: Pattern of reactivity of immunoglobulin m from the sera of eight patients with immunoglobulin m monoclonal gammopathy and neuropathy with components of neural tissues evidence for interaction with more than one epitope

Saucier J M., 1988: Pattern of recognition of dna by mammalian dna topoisomerase ii

Zanobio M.E., 1982: Pattern of recovery of oral and written expression and comprehension in aphasic patients

Section 7, Chapter 6075, Accession 006074215

Bengmark S., 1987: Pattern of recurrence in liver resection for colorectal secondaries

Hendrickson F.R., 1979: Pattern of recurrences in endometrial carcinoma and their management

Section 7, Chapter 6075, Accession 006074218

Pfannenstiel P., 1986: Pattern of regional wall motion impairment in primary dilated cardiomyopathy

Dash S.C., 1981: Pattern of renal amyloidosis in indian patients

Beshir M.O., 1986: Pattern of renal carcinoma in sudanese patients

Tange J.D., 1984: Pattern of renal cortical scarring after experimental papillary necrosis

Zimmerman, B. G.; Gisslen, J., 1968: Pattern of renal vaso constriction and transmitter release during sympathetic stimulation in presence of angiotensin cardio vasc and cocaine cardio vasc

Fox J.W., 1988: Pattern of repeating aromatic residues in synexin similarity to the cytoplasmic domain of synaptophysin

Zeuthen, J.; Morozow, E.; Pato, M. L., 1972: Pattern of replication of a colicin factor during the cell cycle of escherichia coli

Section 7, Chapter 6075, Accession 006074227

Milic Emili J., 1979: Pattern of respiration and responses to carbon di oxide during tri chloro ethylene anesthesia in the cat

Hericord P., 1982: Pattern of respiration in patients recovering from barbiturate over dose

Jones, M. B.; Leafe, E. L.; Stiles, W.; Collett, B., 1978: Pattern of respiration of a perennial rye grass crop in the field

Niemeier R.W., 1985: Pattern of response of intact drosophila to known teratogens

Klugman M.P., 1988: Pattern of response of megakaryocyte colony stimulating activity in the serum of patients undergoing bone marrow transplantation

Section 7, Chapter 6075, Accession 006074233

Section 7, Chapter 6075, Accession 006074234

Hegedus K., 1986: Pattern of reticular fibers of the major cerebral arteries in cases of unexplained subarachnoid hemorrhage

Abiose A., 1979: Pattern of retinal diseases in lagos nigeria

Stutz R.M., 1981: Pattern of rewarding stimulation affects the development of conditioned taste preferences

Rosset R., 1983: Pattern of rna synthesis and morphological changes induced at the nucleolar level by ecdysone treatment in a drosophila kc cell line derivative

Burke D.D., 1980: Pattern of rna synthesis during germination of allomyces macrogynus mito spores

Thouveny Y., 1979: Pattern of rna synthesis during the regeneration by owenia fusiformis polychaete annelid

Attardi, G.; Parnas, H.; Attardi, B., 1970: Pattern of rna synthesis in duck erythrocytes in relationship to the stage of cell differentiation

Galizzi A., 1982: Pattern of rna transcription during bacillus subtilis spore outgrowth

Rana S.A., 1980: Pattern of rodent abundance in field crops near faisalabad pakistan

Section 7, Chapter 6075, Accession 006074244

Pollard J.D., 1985: Pattern of schwann cell remyelination in a spinal cord lesion

Robards A.W., 1980: Pattern of secondary wall development in the hypodermis of onion allium cepa roots

Wilson V.J., 1981: Pattern of segmental mono synaptic input to cat dorsal neck moto neurons

Schwartz, M. S.; Stalberg, E.; Swash, M., 1980: Pattern of segmental motor involvement in syringomyelia a single fiber electro myographic study

Section 7, Chapter 6075, Accession 006074249

Kenkel N.C., 1988: Pattern of self thinning in jack pine testing the random mortality hypothesis

Gurgel, A.; Huebner, S.; Larink, O., 1987: Pattern of sensilla on the labium and cerci of acheta domestica l. insecta ensifera gryllidae and their postembryonic alteration

Larink, O., 1978: Pattern of sensilla on the labium of lepismatidae insecta zygentoma

Section 7, Chapter 6075, Accession 006074253

Section 7, Chapter 6075, Accession 006074254

Hultberg, B.; Isaksson, A.; Joelsson, B.; Alwmark, A.; Gullstrand, P.; Bengmark, S., 1983: Pattern of serum beta hexosaminidase ec in liver cirrhosis

Hastie N.D., 1984: Pattern of serum protein gene expression in mouse visceral yolk sac and fetal liver

Section 7, Chapter 6075, Accession 006074257

Section 7, Chapter 6075, Accession 006074258

Cameron, D. J. S.; Bishop, R. F.; Veenstra, A. A.; Barnes, G. L.; Holmes, I. H.; Ruck, B. J., 1978: Pattern of shedding of 2 noncultivable viruses in stools of new born babies

Mansur M.N., 1981: Pattern of shigella flexneri serotypes and drug resistance in dacca bangladesh

Section 7, Chapter 6075, Accession 006074261

Section 7, Chapter 6075, Accession 006074262

Ramsing P., 1988: Pattern of skiing injuries in the county of vejle denmark during the season 1986 1987

Uchida, A.; Suda, K., 1976: Pattern of somatic segregation of the cytoplasmic drug resistance factors in yeast

Chaturvedi U.C., 1979: Pattern of some viruses in acute respiratory illness during 1972 1973 at lucknow india

Johnson L.S., 1987: Pattern of song type use for territorial defense in the plain titmouse parus inornatus

Skinner J.D., 1986: Pattern of space use by relocated servals felis serval

Guzman, M. L., 1978: Pattern of spatial distribution and density of nacella magellanica in the inter tidal sites of the eastern area of the straits of magellan mollusca gastropoda

Navarro, J.; Del-Solar, E., 1975: Pattern of spatial distribution in drosophila melanogaster

Yeung M.C., 1987: Pattern of specific airway response in asthma due to western red cedar thuja plicata relationship with length of exposure and lung function measurements

Okhuoya J.A., 1988: Pattern of spore discharge over hymenial surfaces

Hedge B.A., 1983: Pattern of starch distribution carbon di oxide compensation concentration and photochemical reduction of tetra nitro tetrazolium blue in parthenium hysterophorus

Section 7, Chapter 6075, Accession 006074273

Nadkarni J.S., 1985: Pattern of subtypes of acute lymphoblastic leukemia in india

Saccomani M., 1980: Pattern of sulfate uptake during root elongation in maize its correlation with productivity

Cisalpino E.O., 1984: Pattern of susceptibility of neisseria gonorrhoeae against antimicrobials in belo horizonte area brazil

Section 7, Chapter 6075, Accession 006074277

Gupta, S. C.; Gupta, C. D.; Arora, A. L., 1977: Pattern of talar articular facets in indian calcanei

Ram J., 1985: Pattern of temperature relative humidity and rainfall in the north of indian tropics

Section 7, Chapter 6075, Accession 006074280

Stobiecka H., 1979: Pattern of the callose distribution during mega sporogenesis in orchids

Catrinescu G., 1980: Pattern of the cerebro spinal fluid and blood biogenic amines and of the cerebro spinal fluid blood and urine amino acids as pathogenetic ground of senile depressive illness

Pintar J., 1988: Pattern of the insulin like growth factor ii gene expression during rat embryogenesis

Section 7, Chapter 6075, Accession 006074284

Section 7, Chapter 6075, Accession 006074285

Visser G.H.A., 1982: Pattern of the normal human fetal heart rate

Section 7, Chapter 6075, Accession 006074287

Carolin R.C., 1980: Pattern of the seed surface of goodenia and related genera

Grimaud C., 1979: Pattern of the ventilatory response to transient hypoxia in man differences from transient hypercapnic test

Tognoni G., 1987: Pattern of therapeutic intervention and role of psychiatric settings a survey in two regions of italy

Griffin G.J., 1985: Pattern of thielaviopsis basicola in tobacco field soil

Section 7, Chapter 6075, Accession 006074292

Mitsis F., 1986: Pattern of tooth loss in a selected population in greece

Gerlach S., 1986: Pattern of toxicity by titanocene dichloride in mice blood and urine chemical parameters

Le-Mouellic, H.; Condamine, H.; Brulet, P., 1988: Pattern of transcription of the homeo gene hox 3.1 in the mouse embryo

Leporati E., 1987: Pattern of transition metal chelates with biological activity complex formation equilibria between alpha amino n hydroxy 1h imidazole 4 propanamide and cobalt ii nickel ii copper ii and hydrogen ions in aqueous solution

Ashihara H., 1981: Pattern of uracil metabolism during aging of tobacco nicotiana tabacum cultivar bright consolation leaves

Krugner T.L., 1984: Pattern of uredospore production on eucalyptus seedlings artificially inoculated with puccinia psidii

Tandon S.K., 1980: Pattern of urinary nickel 63 excretion in rats

Section 7, Chapter 6075, Accession 006074300

Meinking T.L., 1982: Pattern of urinary proteins in experimental diabetes

Resnick M.I., 1986: Pattern of urinary symptoms in patients with metastatic bladder cancer

Wax S.H., 1979: Pattern of uro lithiasis in brooklyn new york usa

Johnson, R. T.; Sperling, K., 1978: Pattern of uv light induced repair in metaphase and interphase chromosomes

Goel V.L., 1986: Pattern of variability in some fuel wood trees grown on sodic soils

Stace C.A., 1985: Pattern of variation of agamospermous limonium binervosum plumbaginaceae in the british isles

Rai P., 1984: Pattern of vegetative growth of dichanthium annulatum plant types

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Section 7, Chapter 6075, Accession 006074608

Section 7, Chapter 6075, Accession 006074609

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