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Patterns of trait variation in the di ploid wheats triticum aegilops and the tetra ploid species triticum dicoccoides

Brody, T.

Plant Systematics and Evolution 143(4): 257-276


ISSN/ISBN: 0378-2697
Accession: 006075921

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Eighteen earliness and morphological traits were examined in from 2-14 lines each of 10 diploid membranes of the wheat complex, Triticum-Aegilops, and 15 lines of the tetraploid species T. dicoccoides. In general, earliness traits have the greatest relative between line vs. within line variation of all the traits examined. Within species, earliness traits are the principle set of characters around which evolve between line trait differences, one of the most important of which is leaf dimensions. At the genus level, earliness traits are independent of leaf dimensions and plant height characters. Thus, the pattern of evolution at the genus level is different from that exhibited in each of the species. Biological and evolutionary implications of these findings are discussed.

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