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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6077

Chapter 6077 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Wagner H.N.Jr, 1980: Patterns of ventricular emptying by fourier analysis of gated blood pool studies

Babkov A.I., 1985: Patterns of vertical distribution of intertidal ecosystems on the example of the white sea ussr

Nanda S.K., 1988: Patterns of vertical growth in the face

Ginsberg H.S., 1980: Patterns of viral dna integration in cells transformed by wild type or dna binding protein mutants of adenovirus type 5 and effect of chemical carcinogens on integration

Ling A.E., 1986: Patterns of viral respiratory tract infections in singapore

Bennink J.R., 1979: Patterns of virus immune thymus derived cell responsiveness comparison of h 2k x h 2b to h 2b radiation chimeras and negatively selected h 2b lymphocytes

Serjeant G.R., 1988: Patterns of visual loss in untreated sickle cell retinopathy

Murzin, S. V., 1976: Patterns of visual recognition in the ant formica sanguinea

Section 7, Chapter 6077, Accession 006076009

Camacho T., 1983: Patterns of vitamin c intake from food and supplements survey of an adult population in alameda county california usa

Weiner A.E., 1984: Patterns of vocal fold movement during stuttering

Newman J., 1986: Patterns of walker use and walker injury

Section 7, Chapter 6077, Accession 006076013

Section 7, Chapter 6077, Accession 006076014

Chaney, W. R.; Kozlowski, T. T., 1977: Patterns of water movement in intact and excised stems of fraxinus americana and acer saccharum seedlings

Pavlik B.M., 1980: Patterns of water potential and photosynthesis of desert sand dune plants eureka valley california usa

Murray A.M., 1981: Patterns of water stress and transpiration in jarrah eucalyptus marginata forests

Poole D.K., 1979: Patterns of water use by shrubs in southern california usa

Tapp R.G., 1985: Patterns of weak near surface winds at melbourne australia

Harvey S.J., 1988: Patterns of weed migration in northwestern usa

Alonso J.C., 1985: Patterns of weight change in the spanish sparrow passer hispaniolensis

Steer R.A., 1985: Patterns of weight change the interval 6 to 10 years after initial weight loss in a cognitive behavioral treatment program

Section 7, Chapter 6077, Accession 006076024

Crisp, Ah; Mayer, Cn; Bhat, Av, 1986: Patterns of weight gain in a group of patients treated for anorexia nervosa

Hong S.K., 1983: Patterns of wet suit diving in korean women breath hold divers

Patterson M., 1984: Patterns of whole colony prey capture in the octocoral alcyonium siderium

Bohm L.R., 1986: Patterns of within tree variation in a population of pinus ponderosa

Frijlink, J. H., 1977: Patterns of wolf pack movements prior to kills as read from tracks in algonquin provincial park ontario canada

Mcdonnell P.A., 1980: Patterns of wool moisture in merino sheep and its association with blow fly lucilia cuprima strike

Sapozhnikova G.M., 1980: Patterns of working capacity in young school children during a school day

Smith E.O., 1984: Patterns of wounding in stumptail macaques macaca arctoides

Leiting J.E., 1983: Patterns of x radiation induced schwann cell development in spinal cords of immature rats

Sage G.C.M., 1980: Patterns of yield production in 2 semi dwarf and 2 conventional height european spring wheats

Section 7, Chapter 6077, Accession 006076037

Gavish B., 1981: Patterns that conceal a birds eye

Page, H. J., 1977: Patterns underlying fertility schedules a decomposition by both age and marriage duration

Mendel J., 1982: Patulin a further clastogenic myco toxin is negative in the sister chromatid exchange assay in chinese hamster v 79 e cells in vitro

Norstadt, F. A.; Mccalla, T. M., 1969: Patulin a toxic antibiotic production by penicillium urticae in batch culture wheat m soil potato d dextrose medium

Sharma R.P., 1981: Patulin and rubra toxin b interactions of toxic and hepatic effects and mutagenic potential

Gaucher G.M., 1979: Patulin biosynthesis the metabolism of phyllostine and iso epoxydon by cell free preparations from penicillium urticae

Doncheva, I., 1978: Patulin characteristics and methods of analysis

Marth E.H., 1979: Patulin in apple juice from roadside stands in wisconsin usa

Detroy, R. W.; Still, P. E., 1976: Patulin inhibition of mycovirus replication in penicillium stoloniferum

Carlton W.W., 1980: Patulin myco toxicosis in swiss icr mice

Boon G.D., 1982: Patulin myco toxicosis in the rat toxicology pathology and clinical pathology

Carlton W.W., 1980: Patulin myco toxicosis in the syrian hamster

Engibarova R., 1979: Patulin myco toxin and its determination in foodstuffs

Rice S.L., 1980: Patulin production by byssochlamys spp in canned grape juice

Rice, S. L.; Beuchat, L. R.; Worthington, R. E., 1977: Patulin production by byssochlamys spp in fruit juices

Rosser W.R., 1981: Patulin production by paecilomyces species isolated from silage in the uk

Harwig, J.; Blanchfield, B. J.; Scott, P. M., 1978: Patulin production by penicillium roqueforti from grape

Lovett, J.; Thompson, R. G. Jr, 1978: Patulin production by species of aspergillus and penicillium at 1.7 7.2 and 12.8 celsius

Lindroth, S.; Niskanen, A.; Pensala, O., 1978: Patulin production during storage of black currant blueberry and strawberry jams inoculated with penicillium expansum mold

Virtanen, H., 1978: Patulous eustachian tube diagnostic evaluation by sono tubometry

Vogler C., 1986: Paucifascicular congenital sensory neuropathy in identical twins

Section 7, Chapter 6077, Accession 006076063

Linnoila R.I., 1986: Paucity of beta 2 microglobulin expression on small cell lung cancer bronchial carcinoids and certain other neuroendocrine tumors

Section 7, Chapter 6077, Accession 006076065

London E.D., 1983: Paucity of morphological changes in the brains of aging beagle dogs further evidence that alzheimer lesions are unique for primate central nervous system

Cazenave P A., 1986: Paucity of phosphorylcholine specific clones in b cells expressing the v ht 15 gene product

Section 7, Chapter 6077, Accession 006076068

Section 7, Chapter 6077, Accession 006076069

Section 7, Chapter 6077, Accession 006076070

Kuzio J., 1987: Paucity of the sau 3 ai recognition sequence gatc in the genome of methanococcus voltae

Stary, P.; Leclant, F., 1977: Pauesia cedrobii new species the 1st known parasite of cedar aphid cedrobium laportei hymenoptera aphidiidae

Stary, P.; Raychaudhuri, D. N., 1977: Pauesia indica new species hymenoptera aphidiidae parasitic on lachnus tropicalis homoptera aphididae in india

Van Rensburg N.J. , 1985: Pauesia sp hymenoptera aphidiidae a parasite introduced into south africa for biological control of the black pine aphid cinara cronartii homoptera aphididae

Burdet, H. M., 1977: Paul aellen an account of his life his collections and his publications

Carpenter S.R., 1986: Paul and peter lakes michigan usa a liming experiment revisited

Das K.C., 1981: Paul bunnell antibody positive infectious mononucleosis cases

Masaki, M.; Kano, K.; Merrick, J. M.; Milgrom, F., 1981: Paul bunnell antigen antibody system 1. 2 paul bunnel antigens

Kano, K.; Fjelde, A.; Milgrom, F., 1977: Paul bunnell antigen in lymphoma and leukemia spleens

Kano K., 1986: Paul bunnell antigen in murine t cell differentiation abnormal expression in mrl mp lpr lpr mice

Cakmak M., 1982: Paul bunnell test on viral hepatitis cases

Wolff, T., 1975: Paul lassenius kramp january 28 1887 july 13 1975

Strasser E., 1986: Paulamys new name a replacement name for floresomys muridae and new material of that taxon from flores indonesia

Racheboeuf P.R., 1987: Paulinella new genus new devonian terebratuloid brachiopoda from europe

Buckner S.C., 1984: Paulisentis missouriensis acanthocephala in creek chubs semotilus atromaculatus of southeastern nebraska usa

Mizsak S.A., 1982: Paulomycin a and paulomycin b isolation and characterization

Wiley P.F., 1987: Paulomycin related antibiotics paldimycins and antibiotics 273a 2 isolation and characterization

Mcintosh M.S., 1983: Paulownia tomentosa effects of fertilization and coppicing in plantation establishment

Mandl K., 1979: Paulusiella holzschuhi new species karumiidae coleoptera from iran

Rieck, W., 1968: Paunch stones in deer

Levesque, J.; Pousset, J. L.; Cave, A., 1977: Pauridianthoside a new gluco alkaloid isolated from pauridiantha lyalli

Lal M., 1980: Paurodontus solani new species and paurodontus citri new species nematoda neotylenchoidea with a key to the species of paurodontus

Scheller U., 1982: Pauropoda from southern finland

Scheller U., 1984: Pauropoda myriapoda from canada

Scheller U., 1982: Pauropoda myriapoda from the seychelles

Scheller U., 1981: Pauropodidae and eurypauropodidae myriapoda pauropoda from the ussr

Section 7, Chapter 6077, Accession 006076097

Ramig P.R., 1987: Pause and utterance durations and fundamental frequency characteristics of repeated oral readings by stutterers and nonstutterers

Wingate M.E., 1984: Pause loci in stuttered and normal speech

Vinnichuk M.G., 1981: Pause perception in a speech like signal

O'connell D.C., 1987: Pause perception some cross linguistic comparisons

Rieber, R. W.; Breskin, S.; Jaffe, J., 1972: Pause time and phonation time in stuttering and cluttering

Hearst J.E., 1980: Pauses at positions of secondary structure during in vitro replication of single stranded fd bacterio phage dna by phage t 4 dna polymerase

Chamberlin M.J., 1981: Pausing and attenuation of in vitro transcription in the rrn b operon of escherichia coli

Chen Kiang S., 1984: Pausing and premature termination of human rna polymerase ii during transcription of adenovirus in vivo and in vitro

Rosenberg M., 1983: Pausing and termination of human rna polymerase ii transcription at a prokaryotic terminator

Chamberlin M.J., 1981: Pausing and termination of transcription within the early region of bacterio phage t 7 dna in vitro

Mintz, D. E., 1976: Pausing in multiple fixed ratio schedules

Martin R.G., 1988: Pausing in sv 40 dna replication by a sequence containing dg da 27 dt dc 27

Eisenbach M., 1988: Pausing of flagellar rotation is a component of bacterial motility and chemotaxis

Yanofsky C., 1981: Pausing of rna polymerase during in vitro transcription of the tryptophan operon leader region

Hatfield G.W., 1985: Pausing of rna polymerase during in vitro transcription through the ilv b and ilv geda attenuator regions of escherichia coli k 12

Aloni Y., 1983: Pausing of rna polymerase molecules during in vivo transcription of the sv 40 leader region

Luna De Carvalho E., 1987: Paussid beetles coleoptera carabidae paussinae of guinea bissau

Luna-De-Carvalho, E., 1977: Paussid beetles from the natural history museum of geneva switzerland part 1 32nd contribution to a monographic study of paussids

De-Carvalho, E. L., 1975: Paussidae of angola coleoptera carabidae paussinae 30th contribution to the monographic study of paussidae

Manzii, S. F.; Polulyakh-Yu, A., 1975: Pavel alekseevich kovalskii dedication on his 70th birthday

Galvani F., 1985: Pavels dynamic screening for diabetes type 2 14 year results in a district of northern italy

Dyke, S. F.; Kinsman, R. G.; Warren, P.; White, A. W. C., 1978: Pavinane and iso pavinane alkaloids correlation of absolute configurations by synthesis

Brossi A., 1980: Pavinane and iso pavinane alkaloids synthesis of racemic and natural thalidine bis norargemonine and congeners from n norreticuline

Section 7, Chapter 6077, Accession 006076121

Windholz, G., 1987: Pavlov's conceptualization of unconditional reflexes or instincts within the framework of the theory of higher nervous activity

Van-Der-Veer, J., 1976: Pavlova calceolata new species haptophyceae from the tamar estuary cornwall england

Van-Der-Veer, J.; Leewis, R. J., 1977: Pavlova ennorea new species a haptophycean alga with a dominant palmelloid phase from england

Pearce J.M., 1987: Pavlovian analysis of interactions between hunger and thirst

Fowler, H.; Goodman, J. H.; Zanich, M. L., 1977: Pavlovian aversive to instrumental appetitive transfer evidence for across reinforcement blocking effects

Section 7, Chapter 6077, Accession 006076127

Rokke E., 1983: Pavlovian conditioned stimulus effects upon instrumental choice behavior are reinforcer specific

Ellsworth D.W., 1986: Pavlovian conditioning and death from apparent overdose of medically prescribed morphine a case report

Siegel S., 1984: Pavlovian conditioning and heroin overdose reports by overdose victims

Mcnally R.J., 1986: Pavlovian conditioning and preparedness effects of initial fear level

Compton, P.; White, D.; Robbins, D., 1977: Pavlovian conditioning and signaling higher order conditioning and transfer in rats

Delprato, D. J., 1977: Pavlovian conditioning of chevreuls movement

Nenov V., 1987: Pavlovian conditioning of discriminatively elicited eyeblink responses with short onset latency attributable to lengthened interstimulus intervals

Section 7, Chapter 6077, Accession 006076135

Section 7, Chapter 6077, Accession 006076136

Lyon, D. O.; Ozolins, D., 1970: Pavlovian conditioning of shock elicited aggression a discrimination procedure

Rabin B.S., 1988: Pavlovian conditioning of shock induced suppression of lymphocyte reactivity acquisition extinction and preexposure effects

Powley T.L., 1981: Pavlovian conditioning of the cephalic phase of gastric acid secretion in the rat

Lolordo V.M., 1986: Pavlovian conditioning with ingested saline solution as the unconditioned stimulus

Bohn A., 1986: Pavlovian conditioning with proximal stimuli

Section 7, Chapter 6077, Accession 006076142

Section 7, Chapter 6077, Accession 006076143

Nevin J.A., 1985: Pavlovian determiners of behavioral momentum

Thompson W.R., 1980: Pavlovian excitation internal inhibition and their interaction with free operant avoidance as a function of age in rats rattus norvegicus

Grossberg, S., 1971: Pavlovian pattern learning by nonlinear neural networks

Mauro B.C., 1982: Pavlovian processes and response competition as determinants of avoidance response prevention effects

Vaughn J.C., 1983: Pavlovian processes do mediate control of the advance response strategy

Dawson G.R., 1987: Pavlovian processes in the motivational control of instrumental performance

Cotton M.M., 1982: Pavlovian trace conditioning and inhibition of fear in shuttle box avoidance behavior

Newlin, R. J.; Thomas, D. R., 1980: Pavlovian vs. operant factors in nonspecific transfer of training in the pigeon

Thewke, S. E.; Enns, W. R., 1976: Pavlovskicheyla platydemae new species acarina cheyletidae from the elytra of platydema ruficorne coleoptera tenebrionidae from missouri usa

Christensen, M. S., 1978: Pavoclinus myae new species of clinid fish perciformes blennoidei from south africa with a note on the identity of pavoclinus graminis and pavoclinus laurentii and a key to the known species of pavoclinus

Krapovickas, A., 1978: Pavonia grazielae new species malvaceae from the state of minas gerais brazil

Thulin M., 1985: Pavonia melhanioides new species malvaceae from ethiopia

Nakanishi K., 1985: Pavoninins shark repelling and ichthyotoxic steroid n acetylglucosaminides from the defense secretion of the sole pardachirus pavoninus soleidae

Nakanishi K., 1984: Pavoninins shark repelling ichthyotoxins from the defense secretion of the pacific sole pardachirus pavoninus

Fechhelm J.D., 1982: Pavoraja alleni new species of skate from western australia with comments on the status of pavoraja chondrichthyes rajiformes

Bogen, J. E.; Suzuki, M.; Campbell, B., 1975: Paw contact placing in the hypothalamic cat given caffeine

Levina L.A., 1980: Paw edema test in mice in the evaluation of the toxicity of pertussis vaccine

Gruss P., 1988: Pax 1 a member of a paired box homologous murine gene family is expressed in segmented structures during development

Mantle P.G., 1987: Paxilline biosynthesis by acremonium loliae a step towards defining the origin of lolitrem neurotoxins

Horak E., 1979: Paxilloid agaricales in australasia

Mason W.R.M., 1981: Paxylommatidae the correct family group name for hybrizon hymenoptera ichneumonoidea with figures of unusual antennal sensilla

Comroe, J. H. Jr, 1978: Pay dirt the story of streptomycin part 1 from waksman to waksman

Krefting L., 1982: Pay meaning satisfaction and size of a meaningful pay increase

Corssmit C.W., 1985: Paying for reuse water

Martin L.L., 1987: Payment and value the generation of an evaluation standard and its effect on value

Gortmaker S., 1987: Payment restrictions for prescription drugs under medicaid effects on therapy cost and equity

Wood K.W., 1988: Payor mix of trauma patients at a rural metropolitan regional trauma center a three year experience

Snell M.K., 1988: Payroll contracting for smoking cessation a worksite pilot study

Kato, T.; Hinoo, H.; Shoji, J.; Matsumoto, K.; Tanimoto, T.; Hattori, T.; Hirooka, K.; Kondo, E., 1987: Pb 5266 a b and c new monobactams i. taxonomy fermentation and isolation

Kato, T.; Hinoo, H.; Terui, Y.; Nishikawa, J.; Nakagawa, Y.; Ikenishi, Y.; Shoji, J., 1987: Pb 5266 a b and c new monobactams ii. physico chemical properties and chemical structures

Section 7, Chapter 6077, Accession 006076174

Cidlowski J.A., 1987: Pbr 322 contains glucocorticoid regulatory element dna consensus sequences

Seeberg E., 1984: Pbr 322 plasmid dna modified with 2 acetylamino fluorene derivatives transforming activity and in vitro strand cleavage by the escherichia coli uvr abc endo nuclease

Section 7, Chapter 6077, Accession 006076177

Warren S.L., 1986: Pc 12 adhesion and neurite formation on selected substrates are inhibited by some glycosaminoglycans and a fibronectin derived tetrapeptide

Greene L.A., 1986: Pc 12 cell mutants that possess low affinity but not high affinity nerve growth factor receptors neither respond to nor internalize nerve growth factor

Black M.M., 1985: Pc 12 neurite regeneration and long term maintenance in the absence of exogenous nerve growth factor in response to contact with schwann cells

Howard B.D., 1986: Pc 12 variants deficient in catecholamine transport

Isacke C.M., 1984: Pc 13 embryonal carcinoma derived growth factor

Bonami J R., 1988: Pc 84 a parvo like virus from the crab carcinus mediterraneus pathological aspects ultrastructure of the agent and first biochemical characterization

Bodey, G. P.; Weaver, S.; Pan, T., 1978: Pc 904 a new semi synthetic penicillin

Borg T.K., 1988: Pc12 cell aggregation and dopamine production on ehs derived extracellular matrix

Herken H., 1987: Pc12 cells a model system for studying drug effects on dopamine synthesis and release

Matus A., 1988: Pc12 cells express juvenile microtubule associated proteins during nerve growth factor induced neurite outgrowth

Section 7, Chapter 6077, Accession 006076188

Masuda N., 1987: Pcb and pcq concentrations in subcutaneous tissue from patients with pcb poisoning yusho

White D.S., 1987: Pcb availability assessment of river dredging using caged clams and fish

Mundy K.J., 1987: Pcb concentrations in soil from central and southern wales uk

Stone W., 1987: Pcb congener specific analysis a critical evaluation of toxic levels in biota

Granberg K., 1986: Pcb in the sediments of the lake jyvasjarvi finland

Masuda N., 1987: Pcb pcq concentration of blood and subcutaneous tissue in patients with pcb poisoning yusho

Letolle R., 1987: Pcb pollution behavior in the river seine france

Bautista M.F., 1988: Pcb resistant diatoms in the hudson river estuary new york usa

Wilson D.L., 1988: Pcb sediment decontamination processes selection for test and evaluation

Section 7, Chapter 6077, Accession 006076199

Asahi M., 1987: Pcbs in human blood and adipose tissue levels and similarities on gas chromatogram

Gachelin, G.; Kemler, R.; Kelly, F.; Jacob, F., 1977: Pcc 4 a new cell surface antigen common to multi potential embryonal carcinoma cells spermatozoa and mouse early embryos

Lo, C. W.; Gilula, N. B., 1980: Pcc 4azal terato carcinoma stem cell differentiation in culture 1. biochemical studies

Lo, C. W.; Gilula, N. B., 1980: Pcc 4azal terato carcinoma stem cell differentiation in culture 2. morphological characterization

Lo, C. W.; Gilula, N. B., 1980: Pcc 4azal terato carcinoma stem cell differentiation in culture 3. cell to cell communication properties

Thoma H., 1988: Pcdd f concentrations in chimney soot from house heating systems

Lokke H., 1987: Pcdds pcdfs and metals in selected danish soils

Celis J.E., 1987: Pcna cyclin autoantibodies and monoclonal antibodies reveal similar patterns of cyclin pcna antigen staining in human cultured cells

Tan C., 1987: Pcnu and recurrent childhood brain tumors

Baker L.H., 1988: Pcnu phase ii evaluation in advanced colorectal carcinoma

Hite S.A., 1987: Pcp abuse in new orleans louisiana usa a six year study

Mani J C., 1987: Pcp and analogs prevent the proliferative response of t lymphocytes by lowering il2 production an effect related to the blockade of mitogen triggered enhancement of free cytosolic calcium concentration

Section 7, Chapter 6077, Accession 006076212

Greengard P., 1986: Pcpp 260 a purkinje cell specific cyclic amp regulated membrane phosphoprotein of molecular weight 260000

Larsen M.P., 1982: Pcs i a point counting stereology program for cell biology

Bolender R.P., 1985: Pcs system i point counting stereology programs for cell biology

French J.C., 1986: Pd 113618 and pd 118309 new pactamycin analogs

Bunge, R. H.; Hurley, T. R.; Smitka, T. A.; Willmer, N. E.; Brankiewicz, A. J.; Steinman, C. E.; French, J. C., 1984: Pd 114759 and pd 115028 novel antitumor antibiotics with phenomenal potency 1. isolation and characterization

Hays S.J., 1987: Pd 115199 an antagonist ligand for adenosine a 2 receptors

Clardy J., 1986: Pd 116152 a new phenazine antitumor antibiotic structure and antitumor activity

Dobson W.E., 1986: Pd 116152 a novel phenazine antitumor antibiotic discovery fermentation culture characterization and biological activity

Hamilton H.W., 1987: Pd 116948 a highly selective a 1 adenosine receptor antagonist

Hughes J., 1988: Pd 117302 a selective agonist for the kappa opioid receptor

French J.C., 1985: Pd 118576 a new antitumor macrolide antibiotic

French J.C., 1986: Pd 124895 and pd 124966 two new antitumor antibiotics

Scher C.D., 1987: Pdgf induces c myc messenger rna expression in mg 63 human osteosarcoma cells but does not stimulate cell replication

De Laat S.W., 1986: Pdgf like growth factor induces egf potentiated phenotypic transformation of normal rat kidney cells in the absence of tgf beta

Zimbrick J.D., 1986: Pdn 1 a spin labeled analog of cis diamminedichloroplatinum ii biophysical studies in aqueous lipophilic and biological media

Section 7, Chapter 6077, Accession 006076229

Section 7, Chapter 6077, Accession 006076230

Section 7, Chapter 6077, Accession 006076231

Mueke, J. M.; Manglitz, G. R.; Kehr, W. R., 1978: Pea aphid interaction of insecticides and alfalfa varieties

Monti, L. M.; Frusciante, L., 1978: Pea breeding by using genes drastically influencing the leaf morphology

Cozens, A. L.; Walker, J. E., 1986: Pea chloroplast dna encodes homologues of escherichia coli ribosomal subunit s 2 and the beta' subunit of rna polymerase

Odintsova M.S., 1988: Pea chloroplast dna protein complex isolation and characterization

Mullet J.E., 1988: Pea chloroplast lysine transfer rna uuu gene transcription and analysis of an intron containing gene

Nielsen, B. L.; Tewari, K. K., 1988: Pea chloroplast topoisomerase i. purification characterization and role in replication

Lopez M.D.G., 1982: Pea crab pinnotheres modiolicola infestation in the brown mussel modiolus metcalfei

German, T. L.; De-Zoeten, G. A.; Hall, T. C., 1978: Pea enation mosaic virus genome rna contains no poly adenylate sequences and cannot be amino acylated

Kaiser W.J., 1987: Pea enation mosaic virus resistance in lentil lens culinaris

Hayashi, H.; Iwai, K.; Johnson, J. D.; Bonner, J., 1977: Pea histone h 2a and histone h 2b variable and conserved regions in the sequences

O'neal, T. D.; Joy, K. W., 1975: Pea leaf glutamine synthetase ec regulatory properties

Van Camp B., 1985: Pea lectin as a universal cell binding agent for elisa enzyme linked immunosorbent assay screening tests

Van't Hof J., 1980: Pea pisum sativum cells arrested in g 2 have nascent dna with breaks between replicons and replication clusters

Mullet J.E., 1986: Pea pisum sativum chloroplast glutathione reductase purification and characterization

Veierskov B., 1985: Pea pisum sativum cultivar alaska seedling growth and development regulated by cotyledons and modified by irradiance

Section 7, Chapter 6077, Accession 006076249

Hayashi, T.; Wong, Y. S.; Maclachlan, G., 1984: Pea pisum sativum cultivar alaska xylo glucan and cellulose 2. hydrolysis by pea endo 1 4 beta glucanases ec

Hayashi, T.; Maclachlan, G., 1984: Pea pisum sativum cultivar alaska xyloglucan and cellulose 3. metabolism during lateral expansion of pea epicotyl cells

Kommedahl T., 1982: Pea pisum sativum cultivar little marvel cultivar effect on seed treatment with penicillium oxalicum in the field

Reyes A.A., 1980: Pea pisum sativum cultivar little marvel root rot development and associated pathogens in ontario canada fields

Mache R., 1981: Pea pisum sativum cultivar provencale chloroplast ribosomal proteins characterization and site of synthesis

Kijne, J. W.; Van-Der-Schaal, I. A. M.; De-Vries, G. E., 1980: Pea pisum sativum cultivar rondo lectins and the recognition of rhizobium leguminosarum

Section 7, Chapter 6077, Accession 006076256

Hole, C. C.; Scott, P. A., 1984: Pea pisum sativum fruit extension rate 1. effect of light dark and temperature in controlled environment

Hole, C. C.; Scott, P. A., 1984: Pea pisum sativum fruit extension rate 2. effect of temperature on the relationship with respiration

Tikhonovich I.A., 1988: Pea pisum sativum gene homologous to soybean glycine max leghemoglobin a gene lba

Young J.P.W., 1983: Pea pisum sativum leaf morphogenesis a simple model

Millerd A., 1981: Pea pisum sativum seed storage proteins immuno cytochemical localization with protein a gold by electron microscopy

El Zawily A.I., 1986: Pea plant and soil characteristics as influenced by the addition of perlhumus in combination with chemical fertilizers in sandy soils

Wiech K., 1980: Pea plant varieties susceptibility for sitona spp adults feeding activity coleoptera curculionidae

Milchert M., 1980: Pea reaction to cucumber mosaic virus and bean yellow mosaic virus in greenhouse conditions

Havlickova, H., 1977: Pea resistance to pea leaf weevil sitona lineatus

Jones T.J., 1988: Pea root regeneration after tip excisions at different levels polarity of new growth

Antonova G.A., 1981: Pea samples resistant to laspeyresia nigricana

Milicic, D.; Grbelja, J., 1977: Pea seed borne mosaic virus in some pea cultivars in yugoslavia

Lundsgaard T., 1981: Pea seed borne mosaic virus isolated from broad bean vicia faba cultivar wieselburger in denmark

Gumilevskaya, N. A.; Alekhina, S. K.; Chumikina, L. V.; Kretovich, V. L., 1978: Pea seed ribosomal proteins behaving as anions at ph 8.6

Cordeiro C.M.T., 1986: Pea seed treatment for control of rhizoctonia solani

Tomlinson, J. D.; Turner, J. F., 1979: Pea seed triose phosphate isomerase ec

Weber K.A., 1983: Pea streak virus and alfalfa mosaic virus in alfalfa medicago sativa reservoir of virus infectious to pisum peas

Weber K.A., 1983: Pea streak virus transmission from alfalfa medicago sativa to peas pisum sativum virus aphid and virus host relationships

Hayashi, T.; Polonenko, D. R.; Camirand, A.; Maclachlan, G., 1986: Pea xyloglucan and cellulose iv. assembly of beta glucans by pea protoplasts

Hayashi, T.; Marsden, M. P. F.; Delmer, D. P., 1987: Pea xyloglucan and cellulose v. xyloglucan cellulose interactions in vitro and in vivo

Wise F., 1984: Peabody picture vocabulary test iq validity in adults a measure of vocabulary not of intelligence

Golden C.J., 1983: Peabody picture vocabulary test revised and luria nebraska neuro psychological battery for children inter correlations for normal youngsters

Monet, R., 1977: Peach breeding account of a method

Rouse R.E., 1985: Peach cultivars for the subtropical lower rio grande valley of texas usa

Jett S.C., 1979: Peach cultivation and use among the navaho of canyon de chelly arizona usa

Ajryanov V., 1987: Peach flower bud freezing due to low winter temperature

Bukovac M.J., 1987: Peach fruit abscission physiological changes induced with foliar application of 2 chloroethylmethylbisphenylmethoxysilane cga 15281

Smith H.R., 1982: Peach fruit and leaf tissue sensitivity to cga 15281

Hendrix F.D.Jr, 1983: Peach fruit rots caused by botryosphaeria spp and glomerella cingulata

Ivascu A., 1984: Peach hybrids for prospective use in the bucharest region romania

Baker E.A., 1979: Peach leaf surfaces changes in wettability retention cuticular permeability and epicuticular wax chemistry during expansion with special reference to spray application

Aguiar J.P.L., 1984: Peach palm bactris gasipaes a new source of vegetable oil from the wet tropics

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Avdeev V.V., 1984: Peculiarities of geographical distribution of fresh water isopods of the family cymothoidae with reference to the origin of the cypriniformes

Kozlov N.N., 1985: Peculiarities of grassland clover trifolium pratense samples spring aftergrowing as related to productivity

Khordikainen M.A., 1985: Peculiarities of groundwater prospecting in the arid zone

Lapikova V.P., 1984: Peculiarities of growth and auxin metabolism in tissue cultures of various wheat cultivars

Abzalov M.F., 1988: Peculiarities of growth development and bud differentiation in a cotton mutant

Demidova T.N., 1985: Peculiarities of habitat distribution of the sibling species microtus arvalis and microtus rossiaemeridionalis rodentia microtinae and their role in natural tularemia foci of field meadow type

Sukhomudrenko A.G., 1986: Peculiarities of heat denaturation of ferredoxins

Maksyuk T.V., 1987: Peculiarities of hemopoietic regeneration in subcutaneous femur implants in ageing mice

Section 7, Chapter 6077, Accession 006076870

Bogdanov, Y. F.; Strokov, A. A., 1976: Peculiarities of histone synthesis in meiosis and its relation to chromosome structure and behavior

Ivanova L.N., 1985: Peculiarities of hydrouretic and natriuretic reactions of the kidney to isoosmotic loads in rats with different initial levels of hydration

Golubev A.G., 1981: Peculiarities of hyper lipidemia in tumor patients

Shtuchenko N.V., 1986: Peculiarities of hypoxic states with an isolated defect of the interventricular septum in children of preschool and school age

Khrapunov S.N., 1987: Peculiarities of illexine i 2 structure and its interaction with dna

Yashchaninas I.I., 1979: Peculiarities of impulse activity of motor units according to training level and sport specialization of experimental subjects

Yatel' T.P., 1980: Peculiarities of influenza etiology in the period 1977 1978 epidemiology and characteristics of the antigenic structure of the hem agglutinin of the ah 1n 1 viral subtype

Rybakova T.M., 1985: Peculiarities of influenza infection caused by highly and poorly immunogenic strains of influenza virus

Grinevich Yu A., 1987: Peculiarities of inhibition of thymus endocrine function and synthesis of substances with thymosin like activity caused by thymostimulin and splenin in dimethylbenzanthracene induced carcinogenesis of mammary glands in rats

Section 7, Chapter 6077, Accession 006076880

Gerasimova E.N., 1982: Peculiarities of interactions of human plasma lipo proteins from patients with ischemic heart disease with bi molecular lipid membranes

Borovecki Z., 1985: Peculiarities of interpretation in scene psychotherapy

Mazanaeva L.F., 1986: Peculiarities of intrapopulation structure in microtus evoronensis rodentia cricetidae

Syuzyumova L.M., 1985: Peculiarities of intraspecies and interspecies differentiation elucidated in transplantation test

Mitrofanov Yu A., 1983: Peculiarities of intraspecific chromosome variability in teleosts

Uspenskaya A.V., 1987: Peculiarities of kudoa quadratum myxosporidia sporogenesis revealed by electron microscopy

Trufakin V.A., 1985: Peculiarities of lactate dehydrogenase isoenzyme pattern during t lymphocyte differentiation

Shalaev S.A., 1984: Peculiarities of left lung resection in the treatment of advanced cancer

Davydov V.V., 1987: Peculiarities of lipid peroxidation in the cerebral cortex in the myocardial necrosis and the significance of emotional stress for their development

Avdeev V.V., 1984: Peculiarities of localization of isopods of the family cymothoidae in the gill and oral cavities of fishes/

Moistsrapishvili L.V., 1985: Peculiarities of low temperature plasmolysis of hardened plant cells

Dzevaltovs'kyi A.K., 1979: Peculiarities of macro sporogenesis in tetra ploid forms of melo

Pleskovskaya G.N., 1985: Peculiarities of mammary gland morphogenesis in autoimmune f 1 nzb x nzw mice

Fedorova T.N., 1987: Peculiarities of meiosis in 6x triticale and 8x triticale and plant fertility

Avakyan V.A., 1983: Peculiarities of meiosis in radio mutants of soft wheat

Esipova N.G., 1984: Peculiarities of melting of sperm whale met myo globin crystals

Kishinskaya E.G., 1982: Peculiarities of metabolism in quickly labeling nuclear rna spleen cells of mice with rauscher leukemia

Kataeva N.V., 1986: Peculiarities of micropropagation of apple cultivars with reduced rooting ability

Petukhov S.N., 1987: Peculiarities of microsporogenesis of diploid potato forms in connection with unreduced pollen formation

Sychev M.M., 1979: Peculiarities of morphology and ecology of chorthippus biguttulus and chorthippus mollis orthoptera acrididae in the mountains of the crimean oblast ukrainian ssr ussr

Kovacevic N., 1979: Peculiarities of motor conditioned reactions in unrestrained elasmobranch and teleost fish

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Section 7, Chapter 6077, Accession 006076903

Shemberg M.A., 1987: Peculiarities of natural hybridization in betula microphylla bunge and betula pendula roth

Samoilova, K. A.; Sushchenko, N. B., 1977: Peculiarities of near uv 365 nanometer and visible light effects in paramecium caudatum cells

Garkavenko V.V., 1987: Peculiarities of neuron responses of various thalamic nuclei evoked by stimulation of the caudal nucleus of the spinal trigeminal tract in the cat

Ostrovskii Yu M., 1984: Peculiarities of nucleotide and nucleic acid metabolism under hydroxy thiamin induced thiamin deficiency

Ghendon Yu Z., 1984: Peculiarities of obtaining and characterization of a cold adapted a pr 8 34 influenza virus variant

Smorodintsev A.A., 1980: Peculiarities of obtaining attenuated thermo sensitive recombinants of influenza a virus at the end of the h 3n 2 epidemic cycle

Section 7, Chapter 6077, Accession 006076910

Lebedev N.N., 1986: Peculiarities of periodic proximal jejunal motility in rabbits

Section 7, Chapter 6077, Accession 006076912

Sukhodolets V.V., 1985: Peculiarities of phenotypical expression of the hpt and gpt mutations blocking the utilization of 6 oxypurines and their influence on the activity of catabolite sensitive genes in the escherichia coli k 12 purine auxotroph cells

Gerasimova T.N., 1985: Peculiarities of philodina roseola rotatoria bdelloida growth and reproduction under various temperature conditions

Pitryuk I.A., 1983: Peculiarities of physiology of stalked bacteria of the genus caulobacter

Belyaev I.K., 1983: Peculiarities of plutonium 239 metabolism with chemical skin burns

Filoretova G.A., 1981: Peculiarities of pollen development in fiber flax cytoplasmic male sterile forms

Simagin, V. S., 1987: Peculiarities of pollination of bird cherry hybrids

Emets V.M., 1984: Peculiarities of population dynamics and structure of the adalia bipunctata coleoptera coccinellidae in burnt out forests for many years

Ivankov V.N., 1986: Peculiarities of population structure in the pink salmon oncorhynchus gorbuscha and its efficient use

Section 7, Chapter 6077, Accession 006076921

Doronin V.N., 1985: Peculiarities of projections of afferent fibers from ventral roots on dorsal horn neurons in the cat spinal cord

Section 7, Chapter 6077, Accession 006076923

Zbarskii I.B., 1983: Peculiarities of protein composition of nuclear matrix in some tumors and cultures of embryonic fibroblasts of chinese hamster

Chepelev N.A., 1987: Peculiarities of protein metabolism in sows fed protein concentrates

Kostychev Yu N., 1987: Peculiarities of purine nucleotide exchange and gmp reductase activity in chicken tissues

Markelov B.A., 1987: Peculiarities of radiation damage formation and regeneration of hemopoietic tissues of mice after repeated fast neutron and gamma irradiation

Karapetyan I.S., 1987: Peculiarities of regional blood flow and oxygen tension in acute inflammation

Vinogradov V.V., 1982: Peculiarities of regulation of the adrenal oxo glutarate dehydrogenase complex by nadh and adp

Ershova G.S., 1984: Peculiarities of regulation of the renin angiotensin aldo sterone system in aging

Nagornyi V.K., 1985: Peculiarities of reproduction and fecundity of the baikal ussr cottoidei

Kaletskaya M.L., 1984: Peculiarities of reproduction of the moose alces alces population of the darwinian state reserve ussr

Nichelmann M., 1985: Peculiarities of respiratory regulation in fowl

Sumnevich V.G., 1981: Peculiarities of rhodosporidium diobovatum growth and carotene formation in media with ethanol

Kokorin I.N., 1986: Peculiarities of rickettsia prowazekii in the cell culture as revealed by cryoultramicrotomy

Polyakova I.G., 1986: Peculiarities of sleeping in water in the northern fur seal

Bykov A.V., 1985: Peculiarities of small mammal populations in recreational forests of southern moscow oblast russian sfsr ussr

Oliinik V.S., 1979: Peculiarities of snow accumulation and thawing in spruce forests of the carpathians ukrainian ssr ussr

Blank D.A., 1985: Peculiarities of social and reproductive behavior of gazella subgutturosa in the iliisky valley ussr

Section 7, Chapter 6077, Accession 006076940

Sabirova O.R., 1986: Peculiarities of soil mesoarthropods of the eastern and southeastern kara kum turkmen ssr ussr

Kuz'mina E.A., 1987: Peculiarities of soils and soil mantle in the northern part of valdai upland russian sfsr ussr

Vogel, G.; Passman, H.; Meyering, E., 1970: Peculiarities of sorption in the guinea pigs intestine bicarbonate secretion and entero sorption of fluid in the jejunum and ileum

Section 7, Chapter 6077, Accession 006076944

Kazakov R.V., 1981: Peculiarities of sperm production by anadromous and parr atlantic salmon salmo salar and fish cultural characteristics of such sperm

Fet V.Ya, 1981: Peculiarities of spider distribution in badkayz turkmen ssr ussr in the spring

Mosevitskii M.I., 1982: Peculiarities of spontaneous plasmid transformation on a solid medium in bacillus subtilis

Elistratova T.M., 1986: Peculiarities of stomach morphology in f 1 hybrids of banteng bos javanicus and red steppe cattle

Section 7, Chapter 6077, Accession 006076949

Vanyushin B.F., 1986: Peculiarities of structure of newly synthesized chromatin formed on partially methylated dna

Airinei A., 1979: Peculiarities of sugar beet varieties and hybrids in light energy absorption by the pigments

Section 7, Chapter 6077, Accession 006076952

Portaluppi F., 1981: Peculiarities of the 1st heart sound in bundle branch blocks a new interpretation based on graphic analysis

Section 7, Chapter 6077, Accession 006076954

Zhuzhikov D.P., 1984: Peculiarities of the action of mineral antiseptics on termites

Khrokov V.V., 1985: Peculiarities of the autumn migration of the northern phalarope phalaropus lobatus in the kazakh ssr ussr

Borodulina O.D., 1986: Peculiarities of the axial skeleton in chlorophthalmoid fishes pisces

Kirpichnikov M.P., 1985: Peculiarities of the b to a transition of the lambda phage regulatory site or 3 and of its fragment

Svanidze I.K., 1981: Peculiarities of the background electrical activity of the hippocampus at different stages of tissue cultivation

Lukashev A.O., 1987: Peculiarities of the background unit activity in nucleus reticularis of the human thalamus

Prikhodkina E.I., 1985: Peculiarities of the biochemical composition of the larch bast inhabited by xylotrechus altaicus

Section 7, Chapter 6077, Accession 006076962

Satilo V.B., 1988: Peculiarities of the cardiac rhythm at a transient state in elderly healthy persons during the orthostatic test

Amstislavskii S.Ya, 1986: Peculiarities of the central alpha adrenergic regulation of arterial blood pressure in rats with inherited stress induced arterial hypertension

Popivanova Ts, 1979: Peculiarities of the central nervous system of youths during learning of the weavers profession

Maslov V.G., 1988: Peculiarities of the chloroplast ultrastructure in chlamydomonas reinhardtii by the interaction of genes controlling carotenoid deficiency and lack of chlorophyll

Vishnevskaya, E. E.; Shinkevich, I. K.; Shiryaeva, A. M., 1987: Peculiarities of the clinical course and treatment and prevention of cancer of the cervical stump

Topchyan A.S., 1984: Peculiarities of the clinical course of acute myocardial infarction depending on the activity of the geomagnetic field

Kunitsyna, M. A., 1987: Peculiarities of the clinical course of breast cancer in patients with diabetes mellitus

Section 7, Chapter 6077, Accession 006076970

Ragimov Ch R., 1984: Peculiarities of the clinical course skin and neck melanoma

Section 7, Chapter 6077, Accession 006076972

Storozhuk V.M., 1986: Peculiarities of the conditioned excitation and inhibition in the neocortex

Rytikova, L. S.; Polivannaya, M. F., 1987: Peculiarities of the conditioned feeding behavior formation in rabbits after the lesion of the basolateral amygdaloid complex

Petrenko N.M., 1986: Peculiarities of the consumption of leaves by phyllophagous insects in young pine and deciduous forests

Section 7, Chapter 6077, Accession 006076976

Shaevich R.B., 1986: Peculiarities of the design of analytical control system of pharmaceuticals

Steklenev, E. P.; Elistratova, T. M., 1986: Peculiarities of the development and inheritance of beef properties in hybrids of the banteng bos javanicus d'alton and red steppe cattle

Nemsadze G.G., 1984: Peculiarities of the diagnosis and clinical course of malignant melanoma of the rectum

Section 7, Chapter 6077, Accession 006076980

Koyumdzhieva M.I., 1979: Peculiarities of the distribution of gamasoid mites gamasoidea parasitiformes on small mammals insectivora and rodentia in bulgaria

Sidorenko L.V., 1987: Peculiarities of the distribution of temperatures over the surface of the body of healthy people

Zhiryakov V.A., 1987: Peculiarities of the ecology of the pamir argali in desert mountains of the ili river valley kazakh ssr ussr

Catayee G., 1983: Peculiarities of the effect a sulfated acidic poly saccharide on whole body blood coagulation in vitro a preliminary study in various mammalian species including man

Brudnaya E.N., 1979: Peculiarities of the effect and efficacy of terrain cure in patients 6 12 months after myo cardial infarction

Vrancianu R., 1983 : Peculiarities of the electrical activity of the heart evaluated from the appearance of the electro cardiogram vector cardiogram and iso potential surface chart in left anterior bundle branch block and lower myo cardial infarct

Kondalenko V.F., 1986: Peculiarities of the electron microscopic structure of the strumously changed thyroid glands in inhabitants of three areas of the armenian ssr ussr

Melikyants L.M., 1984: Peculiarities of the enterocyte population kinetics in the norm and at carcinogenesis

Ryzhakov M.K., 1987: Peculiarities of the formation of motor defensive conditioned reflexes in the hedgehog erinaceus europaeus

Lazareva L.M., 1984: Peculiarities of the fundal glands in the mammalian stomach and their dependence on nutrition type a morphometric analysis

Kussakin, O. G., 1973: Peculiarities of the geographical and vertical distribution of marine isopods and the problem of deep sea fauna origin

Smirnova S.G., 1984: Peculiarities of the h factor manifestation in the derivatives of drosophila simulans imaginal discs

Ustoev M., 1986: Peculiarities of the hippocampal neocortical connections in the jerboa allactaga severtzovi

Flint M.V., 1982: Peculiarities of the horizontal and vertical distribution of mass zoo plankton species near the peruvian coasts

Rozumovich O.V., 1987: Peculiarities of the hormonal regulation of electrolyte metabolism in rats with varying convulsive readiness

Larina O.N., 1987: Peculiarities of the immune system balance in patients with infectious allergic bronchial asthma

Bolous A.M., 1987: Peculiarities of the interaction between glycerol and lipid bilayers containing cholesterol

Gruzova M.N., 1984: Peculiarities of the karyosphere formation in rana ridibunda electron microscope data

Gruzova M.N., 1983: Peculiarities of the karyosphere formation in rana ridibunda light microscope data

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