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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6078

Chapter 6078 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Zagorenko G.Ph, 1979: Peculiarities of the khubsugul lake ecosystem mongolia

Section 7, Chapter 6078, Accession 006077001

Geitler, L., 1977: Peculiarities of the life history of some species of achnanthes diatomeae

Podlutskii A.G., 1988: Peculiarities of the localization of calcium atpases in pea root cells under clinostatic rotation

Metelitsa D.I., 1986: Peculiarities of the lysozyme thermoinactivation in solutions

Trum Kh, 1985: Peculiarities of the mass spectrometry fragmentation of a complex of polyether antibiotics isolated from streptomyces hygroscopicus strains im 110 81 and im 111 81 dikls

Section 7, Chapter 6078, Accession 006077006

Stadnikov A.A., 1986: Peculiarities of the megakaryocytic thrombocytic apparatus in immobilization stress in mice

Section 7, Chapter 6078, Accession 006077008

Beletskii, Y. D.; Razoriteleva, E. K.; Narkevich, A. N., 1969: Peculiarities of the mutagenic action of quaternary pyrydinium salts allium cepa m electron transfer inhibition

Garlov P.E., 1984: Peculiarities of the neurohypophysis ultrastructure in the pink salmon oncorhynchus gorbuscha before spawning

Pasechnikov V.D., 1988: Peculiarities of the pathogenesis of primary and secondary gastric ulcers

Moldotashev I.K., 1988: Peculiarities of the pharmacotherapy of chronic heart failure under high altitude conditions

Section 7, Chapter 6078, Accession 006077013

Anisimov A.N., 1986: Peculiarities of the photoperiodic induction of diapause in the cabbage root fly delia brassicae diptera anthomyiidae

Pedulla M., 1984: Peculiarities of the physiopathology of platelet metabolism in neonates

Bursian A.V., 1979: Peculiarities of the potential of the dorsal surface of the spinal cord in 1 week old rats

Medvinskii A.L., 1984: Peculiarities of the proliferative activity of the aggregates forming on recombination of embryonic lung epithelium and mesenchyme in intact and carcinogen treated mice

Chkhikvishvili, K. B., 1985: Peculiarities of the psychological regulation of the pianist's performance process

Serebryakov E.P., 1983: Peculiarities of the quantitative morphology of spermophilopsis leptodactylus kidneys

Section 7 , Chapter 6078, Accession 006077020

Section 7, Chapter 6078, Accession 006077021

Smol'yaninov I.I., 1987: Peculiarities of the recreational influence on light soils of forest ecosystems in the droughty southeastern ukrainian ssr ussr

Hunger K L., 1985: Peculiarities of the relations of heart rate frequency to lactate and of the performance demands during endurance run compared with cycling at medium ages

Smol'kov Yu A., 1987: Peculiarities of the relief of mineralized surface of the human rib in various zones

Kirkov, V., 1977: Peculiarities of the revulsive reaction in patients with vibration disease

Tikchonenko, T. I.; Budowsky, E. I.; Mazurenko, N. N., 1976: Peculiarities of the secondary structure of bacterio phage dna in situ part 6 the reaction of s d phage with glyoxal

Tikchonenko, T. I.; Dobrov, E. N.; Ogareva, N. A.; Manikin, A. A., 1977: Peculiarities of the secondary structure of bacterio phage dna in situ part 7 release of dna protein complex from s d phage

Anagnostopoulos T., 1983: Peculiarities of the sodium d glucose co transport system in necturus renal tubules

Section 7, Chapter 6078, Accession 006077029

Section 7, Chapter 6078, Accession 006077030

Sel'kov E.E., 1985: Peculiarities of the stoichiometric regulation of glycolysis in prokaryotic cells mathematical simulation

Section 7, Chapter 6078, Accession 006077032

Barykina R.P., 1988: Peculiarities of the structure and development of water crowfoots

Timoshkin O.A., 1986: Peculiarities of the structure and taxonomic position of the prolecithophora from baikal lake ussr turbellaria

Berdyshev G.D., 1984: Peculiarities of the tertiary structure of the histone h 1 molecule derived from calf thymus

Ataman A.V., 1987: Peculiarities of the tissue respiration of arterial and venous vessels

Section 7, Chapter 6078, Accession 006077037

Atabekov I.G., 1987: Peculiarities of the translation of the potato aucuba mosaic virus rna

Section 7, Chapter 6078, Accession 006077039

Section 7, Chapter 6078, Accession 006077040

Gvozdyak R.I., 1986: Peculiarities of the ultrastructure of agrobacterium tumefaciens cells

Yakovleva N.I., 1987: Peculiarities of the ultrastructure of tubular and tubulo villous adenomas of the large intestine

Mozolevskaya E.G., 1979: Peculiarities of the utilization of food reserves by xylophagous insects

Cernescu C., 1980: Peculiarities of the virus host cell relationship in a calf kidney cell line persistently infected with measles virus

Andreeva A.F., 1986: Peculiarities of the water regimen of common wheat in relation to drought resistance and yield

Petria E., 1982: Peculiarities of the winter rest in some prunoidea cultivars

Shchelkunov E.L., 1982: Peculiarities of thermo regulatory reactions of mice and rats to neurotropic drugs

Grigoryan G.A., 1987: Peculiarities of thrombocyte and erythrocyte aggregation in patients with periodic disease

Ivannikova T.I., 1986: Peculiarities of tick borne encephalitis virus reproduction in haemaphysalis inermis ticks and their explants

Drozhzhina T.S., 1986: Peculiarities of tolerance of the green alga scenedesmus quadricauda to the toxic effect of copper and mercury

Ivanov A.Ya, 1987: Peculiarities of tonic activity in different groups of rabbit superior cervical ganglion neurons

Zhutchenko I.A., 1986: Peculiarities of transmembrane current higher harmonics generation in lipid bilayers in glycerol and 1 2 propanediol solution

Desnitskii A.G., 1982: Peculiarities of tritium labeled thymidine incorporation in volvox aureus embryos

Zybina, E. V.; Zybina, T. G.; Shtein, G. I., 1984: Peculiarities of trophoblast cell reproduction in the rat placenta connective zone 1. determination of the degree of ploidy and the number of barr bodies in the interphase nuclei

Zybina, E. V.; Zybina, T. G.; Shtein, G. I., 1984: Peculiarities of trophoblast cell reproduction in the rat placenta connective zone 2. determination of ploidy degree in the mitotic figures

Poegel K., 1987: Peculiarities of ulcerative colitis in old age

Section 7, Chapter 6078, Accession 006077058

Savvina T.V., 1986: Peculiarities of venous patches implanted into common bile duct of dogs

Sukhovskaya O.A., 1987: Peculiarities of viral infection in patients with chronic obstructive bronchitis

Taran N.Yu, 1986: Peculiarities of water exchange and development of the root system in winter wheat plants under various water supply conditions

Razumova I.I., 1985: Peculiarities of water regime of winter wheat species

Sitenko L.N., 1979: Peculiarities of x chromatin circadian rhythms in buccal epithelium of schizophrenic women

Sokolov, P. P.; Bergol'ts, V. M., 1976: Peculiarity of humoral immunity in balb c mice with rauscher leukemia

Section 7, Chapter 6078 , Accession 006077065

Section 7, Chapter 6078, Accession 006077066

Yasui T., 1979: Peculiarity of temperature sensitivity of carp and rabbit myosins

Johnson D., 1981: Ped 100 a conjugative f plasmid derivative without insertion sequences

Horioka M., 1987: Peda a microcomputer program for parameter estimation and dosage adjustment in clinical practice

Kornilova Z.Kh, 1980: Pedagogical and physiological aspects of teaching students at a tuberculosis medical department

Section 7, Chapter 6078, Accession 006077071

Bass W.M., 1979: Pedagogy in paleo pathology

Cook A., 1987: Pedal and opercular secretory glands of pomatias bithynia and littorina

Murakami T., 1987: Pedal arteries of monkeys with special reference to the plantar metatarsal arteries

Verta M.J.Jr, 1982: Pedal artery bypass for limb salvage

Elliot D., 1987: Pedal asymmetry in the reproduction of spatial locations

Krahenbuhl B., 1984: Pedal blood flow and transcutaneous oxygen partial pressure in normal subjects and in patients with severe arterial occlusive disease

Borden E.L., 1987: Pedal envenomation by a stingray a case report

Gordan D.S., 1988: Pedal goniometer to assess ankle proprioception

Section 7, Chapter 6078, Accession 006077080

Clayton W.S.Jr, 1985: Pedal laceration by the anemone aiptasia pallida

Jahan-Parwar, B.; Fredman, S. M., 1978: Pedal loco motion in aplysia californica part 1 sensory and motor fields of pedal nerves

Murphy, J. B., 1976: Pedal luring in the leptodactylid frog ceratophrys calcarata

Section 7, Chapter 6078, Accession 006077084

Section 7, Chapter 6078, Accession 006077085

Section 7, Chapter 6078, Accession 006077086

Section 7, Chapter 6078, Accession 006077087

Lee W.B., 1979: Pedal venous pressure correlation with presence and site of deep venous abnormalities

Broyles, J. L.; Sokolove, P. G., 1978: Pedal wave recovery following transection of pedal nerves in the slug limax maximus

Smiehorowski T., 1980: Pedalator assessment of occlusive arterial disease of the lower extremities

Bordoni, A., 1980: Pederinae 3. 1. medon of the palearctic with description of new mediterranean species coleoptera staphylinidae

Jeffress L.A., 1979: Pedestal experiments amplitude vs power

Otte D., 1980: Pedestrian accidents pattern of injuries and collision mechanism

Baker, S. P., 1977: Pedestrian deaths in rio de janeiro and baltimore

Section 7, Chapter 6078, Accession 006077095

Machida R., 1980: Pedetontus unimaculatus new species from japan insecta thysanura

Martin J.W., 1979: Pedi pack transfusion in a new born intensive care unit

Cronberg G., 1982: Pediastrum and scenedesmus chlorococcales in sediments from lake vaxjosjon sweden

Schnepf E., 1979: Pediastrum privum new combination new status

Mervis B., 1983: Pediatric abdominal computed tomography the technique and use in neuro blastomas and pelvic masses

Deluca F., 1988: Pediatric abdominal trauma evaluation by computed tomography

Section 7, Chapter 6078, Accession 006077102

Section 7, Chapter 6078, Accession 006077103

Section 7, Chapter 6078, Accession 006077104

Section 7, Chapter 6078, Accession 006077105

Hall J.A., 1985: Pediatric anatrophic nephrolithotomy

Laron, Z., 1977: Pediatric and adolescent endocrinology vol 2 medical aspects of balance of diabetes in juveniles 3rd international beilinson symposium tel aviv israel april 30 may 2 1975 part 1

Bidlingmaier, F.; Knorr, D., 1978: Pediatric and adolescent endocrinology vol 4 estrogens physiological and clinical aspects

Steen S.N., 1985: Pediatric anesthetic management with the aid of a computer

Section 7, Chapter 6078, Accession 006077111

Crouch E.R.Jr, 1983: Pediatric aphakic glaucoma

Firor H.V., 1979: Pediatric appendicitis a 20 year study of 1640 children at cook county illinois hospital

Baldwin M., 1981: Pediatric applications of an automated water path scanner

Jeffs R.D., 1986: Pediatric applications of augmentation cystoplasty the johns hopkins experience

Mackey Hargadine J.R., 1985: Pediatric applications of serial auditory brainstem and middle latency evoked response recordings

Keane, J. F.; Fellows, K. E.; Lang, P.; Fyler, D. C., 1982: Pediatric arterial catheterization using a 3.2 french catheter

Section 7, Chapter 6078, Accession 006077118

Finne P.H., 1988: Pediatric aspects of in vitro fertilization

Barr M.Jr, 1980: Pediatric aspects of the michigan usa poly brominated bi phenyl contamination

Labarthe D., 1981: Pediatric blood pressure ethnic comparisons in a primary care center

Porst H., 1988: Pediatric blunt renal trauma surgical or conservative treatment

Conroy C., 1987: Pediatric brain injuries the nature clinical course and early outcomes in a defined usa population

Schut L., 1980: Pediatric brain stem gliomas

Halperin E.C., 1985: Pediatric brain stem tumors patterns of treatment failure and their implications for radiotherapy

Erkinjuntti M., 1987: Pediatric bronchoscopy during a 17 year period

Drabman R.S., 1987: Pediatric burn injury self versus therapist mediated debridement

Bennett W.M., 1985: Pediatric cadaver kidney transplants into adults

Kootstra, G.; West, J. C.; Dryburgh, P.; Krom, R. A. F.; Putnam, C. W.; Weil, R. Iii, 1978: Pediatric cadaver kidneys for transplantation

Butzler J.P., 1988: Pediatric campylobacter diarrhea from household exposure to live chickens in lima peru

Walker J.S., 1985: Pediatric carbon monoxide toxicity

Keane, J. F.; Freed, M. D.; Fellows, K. E.; Fyler, D. C., 1977: Pediatric cardiac angiography using a 4 french catheter

Section 7, Chapter 6078, Accession 006077134

Schumacher R., 1985: Pediatric chest radiography in slot technique application image quality dose measurements

Et Al, 1983: Pediatric chromosomal abnormalities of recent years

Udkow, G., 1978: Pediatric clinical pharmacology a practical review

Lippincott P., 1984: Pediatric clinicians support for parents makes a difference an outcome based analysis of clinician parent interaction

Barbieri D., 1979: Pediatric colonoscopy

Mellits E.D., 1980: Pediatric coma prognosis and outcome

Bruusgaard D., 1982: Pediatric consultants in primary health care

Jackson R.H., 1982: Pediatric continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis

Mauriello J., 1985: Pediatric dacryocystorhinostomy

Carpenter R., 1986: Pediatric day care surgery parental attitudes

Corti R.N., 1984: Pediatric dermatology statistics for 1968 1983 salaberry santojanni hospital buenos aires argentina

Campbell T.J., 1980: Pediatric diaphragmatic hernias an 11 year experience

Mickle J.P., 1987: Pediatric diencephalic gliomas a review of 18 cases

Reid R.H., 1984: Pediatric digital subtraction angiography

Watson D.C., 1986: Pediatric digital subtraction angiography intraarterial and intracardiac application

Meyer, R. A., 1977: Pediatric echo cardiography

Bost M., 1988: Pediatric emergencies in the grenoble medical center france

Stoeckel K.A., 1986: Pediatric emergency intravenous access evaluation of a protocol

Rhodes K.H., 1982: Pediatric endo carditis

Shepherd, R. L.; Raffensperger, J. G.; Goldstein, R., 1977: Pediatric esophageal perforation

Blanquet P., 1983: Pediatric esophageal scintigraphy results of 200 studies

Mccormick, D. P., 1977: Pediatric evaluation of children with school problems

Section 7, Chapter 6078, Accession 006077157

Glueck, C. J.; Fallat, R. W.; Mellies, M. J.; Steiner, P. M., 1976: Pediatric familial type iii hyper lipo proteinemia

Giordano G., 1984: Pediatric features of myelomeningocele

Sherman J.M., 1980: Pediatric flexible bronchoscopy

Van Doorninck W., 1980: Pediatric follow up of a randomized controlled trial of intra partum fetal monitoring techniques

Section 7, Chapter 6078, Accession 006077162

Finley, A.; Andorsky, M.; Davidson, M., 1977: Pediatric gastro enterology january 1 1969 december 31 1975 a review part 2 the liver and biliary tract

Andorsky, M.; Finley, A.; Davidson, M., 1977: Pediatric gastro enterology january 1 1969 to december 31 1975 a review part 1 hollow viscera and the pancreas

Section 7, Chapter 6078, Accession 006077165

Eykyn S.J., 1986: Pediatric gonorrhea non venereal epidemic in a household

Balasubramaniam S., 1987: Pediatric gunshot wounds

Horejsi J., 1985: Pediatric gynecology in czechoslovakia

Tomasi L.G., 1981: Pediatric head aches a 1 year retrospective analysis

Rolewicz T.F., 1986: Pediatric head injury resulting from all terrain vehicle accidents

Walker M.L., 1985: Pediatric head injury the critical role of the emergency physician

Dunn, J. M.; Cavarocchi, N. C.; Balsara, R. K.; Kolff, J.; Mcclurken, J.; Badellino, M. M.; Vieweg, C.; Donner, R. M., 1987: Pediatric heart transplantation at st. christopher's hospital philadelphia pennsylvania usa for children

Fricker F.J., 1987: Pediatric heart transplantation quality of life

Caringella D.A., 1982: Pediatric hemo dialysis in apulia italy

Dinshaw, K.; Pande, S.; Advani, S.; Ramakrishnan, G.; Nair, C.; Talvalkar, G.; Rao, D. N.; Notani, P.; Rao, R.; Desai, P., 1985: Pediatric hodgkin's disease in india

El Bolkainy M.N., 1983: Pediatric hodgkins disease in egypt

Parker, B. R.; Castellino, R. A.; Kaplan, H. S., 1976: Pediatric hodgkins disease part 1 radiographic evaluation

Donaldson, S. S.; Glatstein, E.; Rosenberg, S. A.; Kaplan, H. S., 1976: Pediatric hodgkins disease part 2 results of therapy

Zacchello F., 1980: Pediatric hospital emergency service

Ridley Johnson R., 1980: Pediatric hospital response to survey on pre hospital preparation for children

Lieberman E.R., 1986: Pediatric hypertension an approach to imaging

Stecker, J. F. Jr ; Read, B. P.; Poutasse, E. F., 1977: Pediatric hypertension as a delayed sequela of reflux induced chronic pyelo nephritis

Kvalstad R.P., 1986: Pediatric hypertrophic gastropathy

Oetliker, O.; Schaad, U., 1978: Pediatric improvement course for practitioners no 45 nephrology in childhood part 3

Potsic W.P., 1980: Pediatric infectious cervical lymph adenitis

Cohen A., 1987: Pediatric infiltrating lipomas case report and review of the literature

Harper J.R., 1988: Pediatric intensive care in a district general hospital

Nkrumah F.K., 1987: Pediatric intensive care in harare zimbabwe

Baker, J. D.; Davies, G. T., 1978: Pediatric intra ocular knife

Siegler, J.; Goergenyi, A.; Rosdy, E.; Kun, E., 1973: Pediatric isotope renographic observations in upper urinary tract obstruction

Hussain M., 1983: Pediatric laryngeal tuberculosis

Jahrling P.B., 1987: Pediatric lassa fever a review of 33 liberian cases

Mestel A.L., 1988: Pediatric lateral ventral spigelian hernias

Towbin R.B., 1981: Pediatric legionnaires disease diagnosis by direct immuno fluorescent staining of sputum

Section 7, Chapter 6078, Accession 006077196

Johnson G.F., 1981: Pediatric lisfranc injury bunk bed fracture

Ledesma-Medina, J.; Dominguez, R.; Bowen, A.; Young, L. W.; Bron, K. M., 1985: Pediatric liver transplantation part i. standardization of preoperative diagnostic imaging

Dominguez, R.; Young, L. H.; Ledesma-Medina, J.; Cienfuegos, J.; Gartner, J. C.; Bron, K. M.; Starzl, T. E., 1985: Pediatric liver transplantation part ii. diagnostic imaging in postoperative management

Section 7, Chapter 6078, Accession 006077200

Becker W.B., 1986: Pediatric meningitis in the western cape south africa a 3 year hospital based prospective survey

Neville R., 1987: Pediatric metatarsus adductus angle

Section 7, Chapter 6078, Accession 006077203

Section 7, Chapter 6078, Accession 006077204

Djafarian M., 1981: Pediatric mortality and morbidity results of 403 autopsies from a university hospital in tehran iran

Crooks K.K., 1981: Pediatric nephrectomy

Strauss, J., 1974: Pediatric nephrology vol 1 current concepts in diagnosis and management

Strauss, J., 1976: Pediatric nephrology vol 2 epidemiology evaluation and therapy

Talbert J.L., 1983: Pediatric neuro blastoma post operative radiation therapy using less than 2000 rad

Harwood Nash D.C., 1981: Pediatric neuro radiological techniques

Barak Y., 1986: Pediatric neurology six years of experience of an outpatient service

Felman, A.; Kirkpatrick, J.; Shopfner, C. E.; Swischuk, L. E.; Taber, P.; Conway, J. J., 1976: Pediatric nuclear medicine

James K.D., 1986: Pediatric nurse triage its efficacy safety and implications for care

Gorbach I.E., 1983: Pediatric nursing homes implications of the massachusetts usa experience for residential care of multiply handicapped children

Mokete M., 1982: Pediatric ocular injuries in lesotho

Nisbet R.M., 1979: Pediatric ocular photography platform

Steuber C.P., 1985: Pediatric oncology group experience with modified lsa 2 l 2 therapy in 107 children with non hodgkins lymphoma burkitts lymphoma excluded

Ragab A.H., 1987: Pediatric oncology group study of in vitro clonal growth patterns of leukemia cells in childhood acute nonlymphocytic leukemia as a predictor of induction response

Nkrumah F.K., 1987: Pediatric oncology in the developing world an african perspective

Oakhill A., 1988: Pediatric oncology information pack for general practitioners

Staerk N., 1988: Pediatric ophthalmology reasons for ophthalmologic examination and incidence of disease

Carapezza L.J., 1985: Pediatric orthodontics quality and sufficiency of treatment

Section 7, Chapter 6078, Accession 006077225

Hirschberg J., 1983: Pediatric oto laryngological relations of velo pharyngeal insufficiency

Ward P., 1979: Pediatric otoscopy and photography of the tympanic membrane

Cameron G.S., 1980: Pediatric out patient surgery under general anesthesia

Woodfield D.G., 1982: Pediatric packs for neo natal blood transfusions

Witek J.E., 1986: Pediatric parenteral nutrition management using a comprehensive user friendly computer program designed for personal computers

Matus, I.; Kinsman, R. A.; Jones, N. F., 1978: Pediatric patient attitudes toward chronic asthma and hospitalization

Vucich J., 1985: Pediatric patient exposures from computed tomographic examinations general electric ct t 9800 scanner

Loewenich, V. V., 1971: Pediatric patient monitoring

Wolthers O.D., 1987: Pediatric patients in a medical casualty ward

Pyeritz R.E., 1987: Pediatric patients with achondroplasia ct evaluation of the craniocervical junction

Taylor R.W., 1980: Pediatric peptic ulcer disease

Diament M.J., 1986: Pediatric percutaneous nephrostomy experience with 50 patients

Section 7, Chapter 6078, Accession 006077239

Et Al, 1985: Pediatric phase i trial and pharmacokinetic study of tiazofurin nsc 286193

Section 7, Chapter 6078, Accession 006077241

Cushing A.H., 1982: Pediatric plague

Kerber, C.; Cromwell, L. D., 1976: Pediatric pneumo encephalography with nitrous oxide

Holroyde J., 1987: Pediatric predictive index for hospitalization in acute asthma

Booth W.R.C., 1982: Pediatric problems in a rural area of south africa a study in southern lebowa

Crome, L., 1976: Pediatric psycho neurological services in the ussr

Werry, J. S., 1978: Pediatric psycho pharmacology the use of behavior modifying drugs in children

Whitt J.K., 1980: Pediatric psychology perspectives and training implications

Middleton A.W.Jr, 1980: Pediatric pyelo plasty

D'souza B., 1979: Pediatric radio nuclide ventriculography

Section 7, Chapter 6078, Accession 006077251

Kuperus J.H., 1985: Pediatric renal iodine 123 o iodohippurate dosimetry

Wood P.R., 1986: Pediatric resident training in telephone management a survey of training programs in the usa

Durant, R. H.; Seymore, C.; Jay, M. S.; Freeman, D.; Sharp, C.; Linder, C. W., 1987: Pediatric residents' assessment of adolescents' experiences during pelvic examination

Luten R.C., 1986: Pediatric resuscitation chart and equipment shelf aids to mastery of age related problems

Pachman L.M., 1988: Pediatric rheumatology a survey of physician practices and fellowship programs

Section 7, Chapter 6078, Accession 006077257

Newberger, E. H.; Reed, R. B.; Daniel, J. H.; Hyde, J. N-Jr ; Kotelchuck, M., 1977: Pediatric social illness toward an etiologic classification

Jerger, S.; Lewis, S.; Hawkins, J.; Jerger, J., 1980: Pediatric speech intelligibility test 1. generation of test materials

Jerger, S.; Jerger, J.; Lewis, S., 1981: Pediatric speech intelligibility test 2. effect of receptive language age and chronological age

Zieger, M.; Doerr, U., 1988: Pediatric spinal sonography part i. anatomy and examination technique

Schulz R.D., 1988: Pediatric spinal sonography part ii malformations and mass lesions

Hofman J.E., 1987: Pediatric surgery a preventive intervention approach to enhance mastery of stress

Stauffer, U. G., 1975: Pediatric surgery in india through the eyes of a foreign visitor

Matsuyama, S.; Nagashima, K.; Suzuki, N.; Oohama, Y.; Terao, K., 1975: Pediatric surgical emergency and its radiological diagnosis part 13 pleuro peritoneal hernia

Section 7, Chapter 6078, Accession 006077266

Duke V., 1984: Pediatric telephone consultation a neglected area of health service delivery

Poznanski A.K., 1987: Pediatric thoracic aorta normal measurements determined with ct

Et Al, 1987: Pediatric total colonoscopy

Olsen M.M., 1981: Pediatric total parenteral nutrition liver histo pathology

Granger J., 1988: Pediatric tracheostomies changing trends

Perrotta, R. J.; Schley, S., 1978: Pediatric tracheotomy a 5 year comparison study

Newman B.M., 1986: Pediatric trauma associated with all terrain vehicles

Cass D.T., 1987: Pediatric trauma urban epidemiology and an analysis of methods for assessing the severity of trauma in 598 injured children

Firlit, C. F.; Sommer, J. T.; Kaplan, W. E., 1980: Pediatric urinary undiversion

Bee D.E., 1982: Pediatric uro flow rate nomograms

Walther, P. C.; Lamm, D.; Kaplan, G. W., 1980: Pediatric uro lithiases a 10 year review

Winsor G., 1980: Pediatric uro lithiasis in the 1970s

Maizels, M.; Firlit, C. F., 1979: Pediatric urodynamics a clinical comparison of surface vs. needle pelvic floor external sphincter electro myography

Section 7, Chapter 6078, Accession 006077280

Cohen H.L., 1987: Pediatric urosonography an update

Locatelli R., 1987: Pediatric uveitis etiology course and complications a study on 21 clinical cases

Green R.M., 1981: Pediatric vascular injuries

Third J.L.H.C., 1982: Pediatric victims of unexplained stroke and their families familial lipid and lipo protein abnormalities

Et Al, 1983: Pediatric viral gastro enteritis during 8 years of study

Neinstein, L. S.; Shapiro, J. R., 1986: Pediatrician's self evaluation of adolescent health care training skills and interest

Pless I.B., 1982: Pediatricians and general practitioners a comparison of the management of children with febrile illness

Fritz G.K., 1985: Pediatricians and mental health professionals patterns of collaboration and utilization

Moatti L., 1986: Pediatricians and screening for deafness in children

Todres, I. D.; Krane, D.; Howell, M. C.; Shannon, D. C., 1977: Pediatricians attitudes affecting decision making in defective new borns

Holt, V. L.; Marcuse, E. K.; Coombs, J., 1987: Pediatricians' immunization consent practices in washington state usa

Wolraich, M. L.; Siperstein, G. N.; O'keefe, P., 1987: Pediatricians' perceptions of mentally retarded individuals

Rudolph, A. M., 1977: Pediatrics

Evans O.B., 1979: Pediatrics for the clinician poly neuropathy in childhood

Section 7, Chapter 6078, Accession 006077295

Rodrigo J.J., 1985: Pedicle fat grafts for the prevention of scar in low back surgery a preliminary report on the first 92 cases

White J.H., 1979: Pedicle skin flap to prevent corneal perforation

Richardson J.R., 1979: Pedicle structure of articulate brachiopods

Fietcher A.G., 1979: Pedicled colonic grafts their clinical applicability

Bory G., 1983: Pedicled extrafloral nectaries in ailanthus glandulosa

Duvenage J.G., 1986: Pedicled flap from a tongue flap

Section 7, Chapter 6078, Accession 006077302

Arnal F., 1986: Pedicled scapular apophysis transplantation growing grafts studied in dogs

Yachia D., 1988: Pedicled scrotal skin advancement for one stage anterior urethral reconstruction in circumcised patients

Mcvaugh, R.; Koptur, S., 1978: Pedicularis gordonii new species from jalisco mexico

Kozhevnikov-Yu, P.; Tikhmenev, E. A., 1978: Pedicularis pseudoscopulorum new species scrophulariaceae from wrangel island ussr

Jensen, O.; Nielsen, A. O.; Bjerregaard, P., 1978: Pediculosis capitis treated with quassia tincture

Section 7, Chapter 6078, Accession 006077309

Bhatnagar, D. P., 1975: Pedigree analysis of a rare type of poly dactylism

Powers J.D., 1986: Pedigree analysis of abyssinian cats with familial amyloidosis

Hough L.F., 1982: Pedigree analysis of apple malus domestica clones with differences in preference to european red mite panonychus ulmi

Szostak J.W., 1983: Pedigree analysis of plasmid segregation in yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae

Dobs, A. S.; Philips, J. A. Iii ; Mallonee, R. L.; Saudek, C. D.; Ney, R. L., 1986: Pedigree analysis of the 5' flanking region of the insulin gene in familial diabetes mellitus

Sakka, M.; Katsuta, H.; Takaoka, T., 1978: Pedigree analysis of the hypo thermal recovery of the effects of gamma rays on hepatoma cells

Namboodiri K.K., 1983: Pedigree discriminant analysis a method to identify mono genic segregation

Andermann E., 1987: Pedigree discriminant analysis of two french canadian tay sachs families

Fogarty, N. M., 1978: Pedigree dorset horn sheep in australia part 1 breed expansion and other vital statistics

Forarty, N. M., 1978: Pedigree dorset horn sheep in australia part 2 breed structure and genetic analysis

Schaeffer L.R., 1981: Pedigree indexing of holstein bulls used in artificial insemination

Wilson H.M., 1986: Pedigree indexing young holstein dairy bulls using ancestral information from different countries

Kliewer R.H., 1983: Pedigree information to predict genetic merit for type of holstein bulls

Wrigley, C. W.; Shepherd, K. W., 1977: Pedigree investigation using biochemical markers the wheat cultivar gabo

Weir, B. S.; Cockerham, C. C., 1969: Pedigree mating with 2 linked loci

Bastos C.R., 1984: Pedigree of instituto agronomico de campinas sugarcane varieties genetic vulnerability and need of a basic genetic improvement program

Mueller Eckhardt C., 1987: Pedigree of the major histocompatibility complex in a family with a neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia

Sorensen S.A., 1987: Pedigree plot a computer program for plotting pedigrees

Machida T., 1984: Pedigree structure and polymorphism of blood and milk proteins of japanese brown cattle in kohchi prefecture japan

Folstein M.F., 1984: Pedigree study of familial alzheimer disease

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