Pentaketide metabolites of mutants and melanin biosynthesis in verticillium tricorpus

Stepanichenko, N.N.; Ten, L.N.; Tyshchenko, A.A.; Shevtsova, V.M.; Mukhamedzhanov, S.Z.; Kas'yanenko A.G.

Khimiya Prirodnykh Soedinenii 1985(4): 486-492


ISSN/ISBN: 0023-1150
Accession: 006079173

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The physicochemical properties and biosynthesis of melanin in the phytopathogenic fungus V. tricorpus. The physicochemical properties and biosynthesis of melanin in the phytopahtogenic fungus V. tricorpus were considered, as was the chemical structure of compounds produced by its mutants. Six pigmented soil isolates and 27 mutants were used. The physicochemical properties of the pigments in the dormant structures of V. tricorpus were studied. The identity of these pigments to melanin isolated from V. dahliae was confirmed. Scytalone, flaviolin, 2-hydroxyjuglone, 3,3'-difloviolin vermelone and 1,8-dihydroxynapthalene were isolated and identified from V. tricorpus mutants that had different genetic blocks of melanin biosynthesis. Substances were identified that accumulated in V. tricorpus culture exposed to the systemic fungicide tricyclazole. The principal stages of melanin biosynthesis in V. tricorpus were established.