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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6082

Chapter 6082 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Allen, P. D.; Pandolf, K. B., 1977: Perceived exertion associated with breathing hyperoxic mixtures during submaximal work

Jaderberg E., 1982: Perceived exertion during patient lifts an evaluation of the importance of various factors for the subjective strain during lifting and carrying of patients a study at a geriatric hospital

Patton, J. F.; Morgan, W. P.; Vogel, J. A., 1977: Perceived exertion of absolute work during a military physical training program

Bethea N.J., 1983: Perceived exertion of physical effort for various manual handling tasks

Norman G., 1979: Perceived exertion of professional hockey players

Lagerstrom M., 1987: Perceived exertion related to heart rate and blood lactate during arm and leg exercise

Blaz M., 1983: Perceived extraversion in a best friend

Hunter I.W., 1983: Perceived force in fatiguing isometric contractions

Koster E.P., 1979: Perceived fragrance complexity and its relation to familiarity and pleasantness

Koster E.P., 1983: Perceived fragrance complexity and its relationship to familiarity and pleasantness 2

Salminen S., 1985: Perceived health and exercise a cross lagged panel correlation

Camacho T., 1983: Perceived health and mortality a 9 year follow up of the human population laboratory cohort

Avron J., 1983: Perceived health life satisfaction and activity in urban elderly a controlled study of the impact of part time work

Boyer R., 1987: Perceived health status among the new urban homeless

Stiggins J., 1985: Perceived helpfulness of messages on a community based telephone support service for ex smokers

Fabrega, H., 1977: Perceived illness and its treatment a naturalistic study in social medicine

Donovan W.L., 1979: Perceived infant temperament locus of control and maternal physiological response to infant gaze

Mcdonald C.J., 1982: Perceived influence of different information sources on the decision making of internal medicine house staff and faculty

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081018

Lawless H.T., 1984: Perceived intensity of the taste of sugar mixtures and acid mixtures

Zube E.H., 1987: Perceived land use patterns and landscape values

Hulicka, I. M.; Morganti, J. B.; Cataldo, J. F., 1975: Perceived latitude of choice of institutionalized and noninstitutionalized elderly women

Crovitz, H. F., 1976: Perceived length and the craik o'brien illusion

Gilchrist, A. L., 1977: Perceived lightness depends on perceived spatial arrangement

Whissell C.M., 1983: Perceived locus of causality as a variable affecting use of emotional words

Richmond B.O., 1983: Perceived locus of control as a function of father absence age and geographic location

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081026

Geller E.S., 1983: Perceived locus of control expectancy and choice reaction time

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081028

Peck D.L., 1981: Perceived low self actualization and external fatalistic determinism as a function of aging

Hellman R.P., 1985: Perceived magnitude of 2 tone noise complexes loudness annoyance and noisiness

Grant K.W., 1980: Perceived magnitude of multiple electro cutaneous pulses

Kleber H.D., 1984: Perceived marital and family environment of opiate addicts

Sundaresan J., 1980: Perceived maternal disciplinary practices and their relation to development of moral judgment

Forsyth R., 1980: Perceived mental illness and diminished responsibility a study of attributions

Mujumdar R.D., 1985: Perceived morbidity medically defined morbidity population typology and its relevance in planning of health services

Wright R.A., 1982: Perceived motivational arousal as a mediator of the magnitude of goal valence

Brigner, W. L., 1986: Perceived movement and the craik o'brien and crovitz illusions

Dibble A., 1980: Perceived movement in the visual crib

Teichmanamd Y., 1987: Perceived need for interpersonal resources in three developmental stages adolescence young adulthood and adulthood

Krieger E., 1985: Perceived need for resources some differences among groups

Krueger L.E., 1984: Perceived numerosity a comparison of magnitude production magnitude estimation and discrimination judgments

Slocum, R. V.; Hershberger, W. A., 1976: Perceived orientation in depth from line of sight movement

Graybiel A., 1983: Perceived orientation in free fall depends on visual postural and architectural factors

Lackner J.R., 1986: Perceived orientation motion and configuration of the body during viewing of an off vertical rotating surface

Mertens, H. W., 1978: Perceived orientation of a runway model in nonpilots during simulated night approaches to landing

Yakimoff, N., 1978: Perceived orientation of dot patterns

Pettengill S.M., 1985: Perceived parental acceptance rejection and parental control among korean adolescents

Jacobsson, L.; Linstrom, H.; Von-Knorring, L.; Perris, C.; Perris, H., 1980: Perceived parental behavior and psychogenic needs

Helmes E., 1983: Perceived parental bonding patterns in a canadian student group

Van Der Riet S., 1987: Perceived parental control and locus of control null findings in two countries

Buriel R., 1982: Perceived parental practices and pro social development

Kemali D., 1987: Perceived parental rearing behavior and psychopathology in epileptic patients a controlled study

Eisemann M., 1985: Perceived parental rearing behavior in unipolar and bipolar depressed patients a verification study in an italian sample

Von Knorring L., 1984: Perceived parental rearing practices in depressed patients in relation to social class

Malotte C.K., 1986: Perceived personal immunity the development of beliefs about susceptibility to the consequences of smoking

Hintze W.J., 1987: Perceived personality traits associated with classroom seat selection

Shephard R.J., 1986: Perceived physical ability and relation of attitude to behavior

Johnson R.W., 1981: Perceived physical attractiveness of supporters of canadas political parties stereotype or in group bias?

Lintunen T., 1987: Perceived physical competence scale for children

Stephenson J.J., 1981: Perceived physician humaneness patient attitude and satisfaction with the pill as a contraceptive

Heuer F., 1985: Perceived position and saccadic eye movements

Hamera, E. K.; Shontz, F. C., 1978: Perceived positive and negative effects of life threatening illness

Houston L.N., 1983: Perceived professional discrimination against the doctor of education psychologist

Glass, C. R.; Levy, L. H., 1982: Perceived psycho physiological control effects of power vs. powerlessness

Butler M.C., 1983: Perceived punishment and reward values of supervisor actions

Ross M., 1984: Perceived qualifications resource abundance and resentment about deprivation

Steenkamp J B.E.M., 1987: Perceived quality of food products and its relationship to consumer preferences theory and measurements

Thompson P., 1982: Perceived rate of movement depends on contrast

Harris R.W., 1985: Perceived relatedness of musical tones in major and minor tonal contexts

Leviatan U., 1983: Perceived retrospective change of self among the middle aged in the kibbutz

Colbourn, C. J., 1978: Perceived risk as a determinant of driver behavior

Guirao, M.; Garavilla, J. M., 1976: Perceived roughness of amplitude modulated tones and noise

Bryant C.D., 1987: Perceived seriousness of crime

Kaigler Evans K., 1979: Perceived similarity of sources and receivers innovativeness facilitators of transmission of information about fashion

Higashiyama, A., 1977: Perceived size and distance as a perceptual conflict between 2 processing modes

Gogel W.C., 1986: Perceived size and motion in depth from optical expansion

Pollack R.H., 1983: Perceived size change in a masking paradigm with heightened contrast

Manstead A.S.R., 1982: Perceived social support for opinions a test of the magnitude and diversity hypotheses

Hancher Kvam S., 1988: Perceived social support from family and friends measurement across disparate samples

Davis L.L., 1985: Perceived somatotype body cathexis and attitudes toward clothing among college females

Sjogren H., 1979: Perceived sound quality of hearing aids

Staats S., 1983: Perceived sources of stress and happiness in married and single college students

Ichihara S., 1987: Perceived spatial frequency shift after adaptation to compound gratings of two sinusoidals in phase or 180 degrees out of phase

Cummings L.L., 1986: Perceived speed of time and task affect

Peszke, M. A.; Affleck, G. G.; Wintrob, R. M., 1980: Perceived statutory applicability vs. clinical desirability of emergency involuntary hospitalization

Ronacher B., 1979: Perceived stimulus difference in the honey bee contribution of individual parameters

Mitic, W. R.; Mcguire, D. P.; Neumann, B., 1985: Perceived stress and adolescents' cigarette use

Heifetz L.J., 1985: Perceived stress and satisfaction of direct care staff members in community residences for mentally retarded adults

Vivoli G., 1988: Perceived stress during video terminal use a preliminary study

Chin C C., 1986: Perceived stressors and coping strategies of mothers of school aged children with leukemia

Lorch E.P., 1987: Perceived structure and the maintenance of attention

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081092

De Cristofaro J., 1979: Perceived structure of aggressive and assertive behaviors

Kessler R.C., 1986: Perceived support received support and adjustment of stressful life events

Clydesdale F.M., 1982: Perceived sweetness and redness in colored sucrose solutions

Ryder J., 1982: Perceived symmetry and name matching

Christensen C.M., 1981: Perceived textural dimensions of fruit based beverages

Thomas V.G., 1983: Perceived traditionality and nontraditionality of career aspirations of black college women

Ruehlman P.K.A., 1980: Perceived treatment success with involuntary clients an exploratory study

Savage Rumbaugh E.S., 1984: Perceived variability and symbol use a common language cognition interface in children and chimpanzees pan troglodytes

Plant R.E., 1987: Perceived vibriosis risk by swedish rainbow trout net pen farmers its effect on purchasing patterns and willingness to pay for vaccination

Robbins R., 1984: Perceived vulnerability in adolescents to the health consequences of cigarette smoking

Gayton, W. F.; Ozmon, K. L.; Bassett, J. S.; Tavormina, J., 1976: Perceived vulnerability to illness and the repression sensitization dimension

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081104

Pollack S., 1988: Perceived weight actual weight and depressive symptoms in a general adolescent sample

Hough S., 1988: Perceiver bias in the processing of human faces neuropsychological mechanisms

Spelke E.S., 1979: Perceiving bi modally specified events in infancy

Lindauer M.S., 1986: Perceiving imaging and preferring physiognomic stimuli

Fischer S.D., 1982: Perceiving minimal distinctions in american sign language under normal and point light display conditions

Abravanel E., 1982: Perceiving subjective contours during early childhood

Thul N., 1979: Perceiving surprising words in an unattended auditory channel

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081113

Haworth H.M., 1987: Perceiving the logical status of sentences

Gray S., 1984: Perceiving vowels from uniform spectra phonetic exploration of an auditory aftereffect

Darwin C.J., 1984: Perceiving vowels in the presence of another sound constraints on formant perception

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081117

Davis H., 1986: Percent acceleration time a new method of fetal assessment

Hunt, R. J., 1986: Percent agreement pearson's correlation and kappa as measures of inter examiner reliability

Hargrove G.L., 1984: Percent and solubility of protein in complete feeds for holstein calves to age 12 weeks

Bugyi, B., 1973: Percent body fat content of an industrial population according to roentgenological sub cutaneous chest fatty tissue determination

Kane D.M., 1987: Percent carboxyhemoglobin in resting humans exposed repeatedly to 1500 and 7500 ppm carbon monoxide

Setlow, P., 1974: Percent charging of transfer rna and levels of guanosine tetra phosphate and guanosine penta phosphate in dormant and germinated spores of bacillus megaterium

Sesterhenn, K.; Krueger, G. R. F.; Uhlmann, C., 1977: Percent distribution of thymus derived and bone marrow derived cells in tonsils of children juveniles and adults/

Mertens, H.; Krueger, G. R. F., 1976: Percent distribution of thymus derived and bone marrow derived lymphoid cells in spleen and lymph nodes of moloney virus infected mice

Vander Meer R.K., 1987: Percent emergent weight a roadmap to adult rhinoceros beetle oryctes rhinoceros behavior

Uematsu Kaneda H., 1982: Percent far red light dependent germination of spores in pteris vittata

Kimmel, H. D.; Olson, S. J.; Stephenson, J. M.; Ray, R. L., 1976: Percent of longitudinal body contraction and latency of response onset in planaria as a function of intensity of electric shock

Sobol P.G., 1979: Percent of predicted as the limit of normal in pulmonary function testing a statistically valid approach

Buss E.G., 1985: Percent shell and plasma mineral concentrations in 3 strains of domestic fowl selected for thick or thin egg shell production

Venrick E.L., 1983: Percent similarity the prediction of bias

Lewin, L. M.; Wakefield, J. A. Jr, 1971: Percentage agreement and phi a conversion table

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081134

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081135

Alexander R.A., 1984: Percentage conversions as a method of enhancing clinical discriminations

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081139

Al Ani A.S., 1985: Percentage incidence of lead intoxication in 35 clinically suspected patients

Wood R.A.B., 1983: Percentage malignant involvement a new concept in staging of breast cancer

Godowicz B., 1979: Percentage of abnormal spermatozoa in different parts of the reproductive tracts of the male mice of inbred c 57 and ke strains

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081143

Baird R.S., 1981: Percentage of de granulated mast cells in vernal conjunctivitis and giant papillary conjunctivitis associated with contact lens wear

Richter N.A., 1986: Percentage of glycosylated hemoglobin and serum concentration of glucose in the blood of japanese macaques macaca fuscata and in three exotic ruminant species

Stritzel M.E., 1987: Percentage of intrinsic and relay cells in a thalamic nucleus projecting to general cortex in reptiles caiman crocodilus

Ryabchikov O.P., 1982: Percentage of lymphocytes having receptors to the complement c 3 erythrocyte antibody complement rosette forming cells and fc immuno globulin fragment t gamma lymphocytes in the human fetal thymus and spleen

Galanti B., 1982: Percentage of monocytes in ficoll paque isolated mononuclear cells from normal subjects evaluation by a rapid method of esterase staining

Braak H., 1985: Percentage of projection neurons and various types of interneurons in the human claustrum

Stritzel M.E., 1986: Percentage of relay and intrinsic neurons in two sensory thalamic nuclei projecting to the non cortical telencephalon in reptiles caiman crocodilus

Willemze R., 1987: Percentage of s phase cells in bone marrow aspirates biopsy specimens and bone marrow aspirates corrected for blood dilution from patients with acute leukemia

Quinones, M. A.; Pickering, E.; Alexander, J. K., 1978: Percentage of shortening of the echo cardiographic left ventricular dimension its use in determining ejection fraction and stroke volume

O'connell C.P., 1980: Percentage of starving northern anchovy engraulis mordax larvae in the sea as estimated by histological methods

Kendall S.B., 1982: Percentage reinforcement and behavioral contrast in chain schedules

Meck W., 1979: Percentage reinforcement and choice

Mcmillan, J. C., 1971: Percentage reinforcement of fixed ratio and variable interval performances

Ruzicka V., 1985: Percentage representation of species group in the community on example of spiders

Ito M., 1985: Percentage reward in an operant analog to foraging

Chaturvedi L.D., 1985: Percentage survivability and behavioral responses of channa punctatus to different ph ranges

Bulstrode S., 1987: Percentage weight bearing during partial immersion in the hydrotherapy pool

Steiner M., 1981: Percentages of lifetime caries experience retained by 8 systems of partial decayed missing filled recording

Olusi S.O., 1980: Percentages of thymus derived and bone marrow derived lymphocytes in pubertal gynecomastia

Ware K.D., 1987: Percentile based distributions characterize forest stand tables

Siimes M.A., 1979: Percentile curves for hemo globin and red cell volume in infancy and childhood

Janczewska E., 1979: Percentile curves of the neo nate body weight

Cherian, A. G.; Hill, J. G., 1978: Percentile estimates of reference values for 14 chemical constituents in sera of children and adolescents

Casselman C.W., 1987: Percentile estimates of reference values for total protein and albumin in sera of premature infants less than 37 weeks of gestation

Forster C.F., 1987: Percentile estimation for water quality data

Sabbagha R.E., 1980: Percentile ranks of sonar fetal abdominal circumference measurements

Peretti A., 1987: Percentile values of basal excretion of alanine aminopeptidase aap and n acetyl beta d glucosaminidase nag in the neonatal period

Mori C., 1981: Percentile values of blood pressure in childhood and anthropometric measurements in normotensive and hypertensive children the shimane japan heart study

Houx P.C.W., 1983: Percentiles for gas values in human umbilical cord blood

Ytterbergh C., 1981: Perceptibility of experimental and clinical lesions in the computed tomographic image with and without image processing

Homa, D.; Haver, B.; Schwartz, T., 1976: Perceptibility of schematic face stimuli evidence for a perceptual gestalt

Aurell C.G., 1979 : Perception a model comprising 2 modes of consciousness

Aurell C.G., 1983: Perception a model comprising 2 modes of consciousness evidence based on event related potentials and brain lesions

Buchanan W.W., 1984: Perception a problem in the grading of sacro iliac joint radiographs

Raj V.A.S., 1987: Perception about training needs of dairy farmers in rajendranagar block of ranga reddy district andhra pradesh india

Pendse S.G., 1979: Perception an experiment to compare here and now and there and then perspectives

Stoner A.W., 1980: Perception and choice of substratum by epi faunal amphipods associated with seagrasses

Al Nafie A., 1987: Perception and concern about sociocultural change and psychopathology in a saudi arabian sample

Okajima O., 1987: Perception and discrimination of color by deuteranopes

Feldmann, H., 1977: Perception and evaluation of symptoms in hypochondria

Bitter C., 1979: Perception and experience of traffic noise in a residential district along a state highway

Thomas P., 1988: Perception and experience of types of social stress and self image among adolescents

Levy J., 1981: Perception and expression of emotion in right handers and left handers

Wiig, E. H.; Florence, D. P.; Kutner, S. M.; Sherman, B., 1977: Perception and interpretation of explicit negations by learning disabled children and adolescents

Pappoe M.E., 1979: Perception and management of guinea worm disease among ghanaian villagers a framework for differential health education planning

Nikolaeva E.I., 1986: Perception and memorization of verbal emotionogenic information in patients with protracted neurasthenia

Asso D., 1979: Perception and memory for spatial relations in children with developmental dysphasia

Pribram K.H., 1982: Perception and memory of facial affect following brain injury

Heller J.H., 1983: Perception and production of approximant consonants by normal and articulation delayed preschool children

Daniloff R.G., 1983: Perception and production of mis articulated r phonemes

Crul T.A.M., 1988: Perception and production of the final s ts contrast in dutch by misarticulating children

Baird J.C., 1980: Perception and recall of aesthetic quality in a familiar environment

Hookway D., 1988: Perception and recall of aversive material as a function of personality type

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081198

Silverman, I. W.; Vanderhorst, G. N.; Eull, W. H., 1976: Perception as a possible source of conservation evidence for length conservation

Salthouse, T. A.; Danziger, W. L., 1978: Perception as hypothesis testing

Kawabata N., 1984: Perception at the blind spot and similarity grouping

Jusczyk, P. W.; Copan, H.; Thompson, E., 1978: Perception by 2 month old infants of glide contrasts in multi syllabic utterances

Marcoen A., 1979: Perception by children of aged persons and grandparents

Pires D.G., 1986: Perception by the contagious disease patient of his disease and isolation

Mori K., 1980: Perception by trogoderma species of chirality and methyl branching at a site far removed from a functional group in a pheromone component

Irwin A.W., 1981: Perception comfort and performance criteria for human beings exposed to whole body pure yaw vibration and vibration containing yaw and translational components

Tylen U., 1987: Perception errors with double contrast enema after a positive guaiac test

Paarsalu M.E., 1980: Perception in sport basketball

Starkes J.L., 1980: Perception in sport volleyball

Allard F., 1983: Perception in volleyball effects of competitive stress

Stolyarova E.I., 1982: Perception of 1 formant synthetic vowels with quasi random variations of fundamental period and amplitudes of formant pulses

Thomson D.M.H., 1981: Perception of 2 component electro cutaneous stimuli

Bokhov, B. B.; Kornilova, L. N.; Yakovleva, I. Ya, 1975: Perception of 2 dimensional coordinates during prolonged experimental hypo kinesia

Kellman P.J., 1984: Perception of 3 dimensional form by human infants

Brown, H. R.; Il'inskii, O. B.; Muraveiko, V. M.; Gorshkov, E. S.; Pochtarev, V. I.; Starunov, V. A., 1977: Perception of a magnetic field by receptors of the ampullae of lorenzini in black sea skates

L'vova V.G., 1979: Perception of a moving subjective auditory object by patients with impairments of the temporal areas of the brain

Jusczyk, P. W.; Thompson, E., 1978: Perception of a phonetic contrast in multi syllabic utterances by 2 month old infants

Malinnikova T.G., 1980: Perception of a rhythmic sequence

Kremer J.M.D., 1979: Perception of a simulated other player and behavior in the reiterated prisoners dilemma game

Bashford J.A.Jr, 1981: Perception of acoustic iterance pitch and infrapitch

Hunter K., 1979: Perception of age in the elderly

Delpierre S., 1982: Perception of airway tone by asthmatic patients

Sek A., 1987: Perception of amplitude and frequency modulated signals mixed modulation

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081224

Driscoll J.M., 1982: Perception of an aggressive interaction as a function of the perceivers aggression

Kolsawalla M.B., 1979: Perception of an aggressor and his victim as a function of their relationship and retaliation

Vernoy, M. W.; Luria, S. M., 1977: Perception of and adaptation to a 3 dimensional curvature distortion

Paul B.K., 1984: Perception of and agricultural adjustment to floods in jamuna floodplain bangladesh/

Bunnell H.T., 1981: Perception of anticipatory co articulation effects

Hillenbrand J., 1988: Perception of aperiodicities in synthetically generated voices

Slis I.H., 1985: Perception of assimilation of voice as a function of segmental duration and linguistic complex

Rubinfeld, A. R.; Pain, M. C. F., 1976: Perception of asthma

Kuhl P.K., 1983: Perception of auditory equivalence classes for speech in early infancy

Cox W.M., 1985: Perception of caffeine and its effects laboratory and everyday abilities

Neunaber D.J., 1983: Perception of causal relations in humans factors affecting judgments of response outcome contingencies under free operant procedures

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081236

Cherniack N.S., 1981: Perception of changes in breathing in normal human subjects

Akoev, G. N.; Zhadan, G. G., 1978: Perception of chemical and thermal stimuli by lorenzini ampullae in rays

Kropp J.P., 1984: Perception of child child rearing values and emotional distress as mediating links between environmental stressors and observed maternal behavior

Gregory, A. H., 1978: Perception of clicks in music

Turner, C. B.; Cashdan, S., 1988: Perception of college students' motives for shoplifting

Krantz D.H. , 1983: Perception of color in unilateral tritanopia

Alrutz H., 1982: Perception of coloration in sound fields in relation to the auto correlation function

Wallach H., 1988: Perception of complex motion paths under three conditions of stimulation

Pollack, I., 1975: Perception of complex sounds hidden auditory figures

Wilcox M.E., 1983: Perception of components in binary odor mixtures

Der Kaloustian V.M., 1986: Perception of consanguineous marriages and their genetic effects among a sample of couples from beirut lebanon

Tavkhelidze, N. D., 1976: Perception of consonance and the fixed set

Donahue A.M., 1984: Perception of consonants in reverberation by native and nonnative listeners

Sommer H H., 1981: Perception of constant hydrostatic pressure a physiological basis for the vertical stratification of marine habitats

Mccauley C., 1979: Perception of contingency and mental retardation

Harvey J., 1988: Perception of contingency and the type a behavior pattern a signal detection analysis

Smith J.P., 1984: Perception of contingency in conditioning scalar timing response bias and erasure of memory by reinforcement

Morgan M.J., 1979: Perception of continuity in stroboscopic motion a temporal frequency analysis

Beyth Marom R., 1982: Perception of correlation reexamined

Gustafson G.E., 1987: Perception of cries by parents and nonparents relation to cry acoustics

Gibbons R.D., 1988: Perception of daily cigarette consumption in the office environment

Dooling R.J., 1986: Perception of degraded vocalizations by budgerigars melopsittacus undulatus

Ritter M., 1980: Perception of depth different processing times for simple and relative positional disparity

Mcgurk H., 1985: Perception of depth in photographs a study of young malawians

Efron, R.; Bogen, J. E.; Yund, E. W., 1977: Perception of dich otic chords by normal and commisurotomized human subjects

Doving K.B., 1983: Perception of diesel oil by cod gadus morhua

Ohde R.N., 1983: Perception of distorted r sounds in the synthesized speech of children and adults

Evans C.S., 1986: Perception of distress calls in mallard ducklings anas platyrhynchos

Prakash I., 1988: Perception of dominance status through conspecific scent in the desert gerbil meriones hurrianae

Christensen N.K., 1986: Perception of draught in ventilated spaces

Maller O., 1984: Perception of drinking water temperature and effects for humans after exercise

Freyd J.J., 1988: Perception of dynamic information in static handwritten forms

Simmons J.A., 1979: Perception of echo phase information in bat sonar

Horvath S.M., 1981: Perception of effort and respiratory sensitivity during exposure to ozone

Stokes J., 1979: Perception of effort during constant work to self imposed exhaustion

Edwards R.H.T., 1979: Perception of effort in isometric and dynamic muscular contraction

Linroth K., 1986: Perception of efforts in working postures

Walk R.D., 1988: Perception of emotion from moving body cues in photographs

Flowers C.R., 1985: Perception of emotional intonation by brain damaged adults the influence of task processing levels

Strauss E., 1983: Perception of emotional words

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081278

Smouse A.D., 1981: Perception of emotions and attribution of acceptance by normal and emotionally disturbed children

Karlovskaya N.N., 1986: Perception of emotions by schizophrenics as it depends on the correspondence between information obtained through verbal and nonverbal communication channels

Romitti A., 1986: Perception of emotions in borderline hypertensive patients and normal subjects

Jackson, R. H., 1977: Perception of environmental damage associated with irrigation

Gresty, M.; Trinder, E.; Leech, J., 1976: Perception of everyday visual environments during saccadic eye movements

Sidney, K. H.; Shephard, R. J., 1977: Perception of exertion in the elderly effects of aging mode of exercise and physical training

Petersik J.T., 1982: Perception of eye scans with the mueller lyer stimuli evidence for filter theory

Milner B., 1983: Perception of faces by patients with localized cortical excisions

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081287

Maitra S., 1985: Perception of facial affect and physical proximity

Maurer D., 1981: Perception of facial expressions by the 3 month old

Koga K., 1984: Perception of formant emphasized vowels by hearing impaired children

Nearey T.M., 1987: Perception of front vowels the role of harmonics in the first formant region

Farrell S.C., 1984: Perception of fry register in black dialect and standard english speakers

Drescher V.M., 1980: Perception of gastric contractions and self control of gastric motility

Evan K.E., 1987: Perception of gated highly familiar spoken monosyllabic nouns by children teenagers and older adults

Enander A., 1982: Perception of hand cooling during local cold air exposure at 3 different temperatures

Kapoor S.D., 1985: Perception of health among rural population in india

Hazard, C. J.; Liao, W. C., 1978: Perception of heat stress in urban micro climates

Burke C., 1986: Perception of home environment and school abilities as predictors of reading power and school achievements

Little, A. C.; Gaines, R., 1977: Perception of hue reexamined an analytical consideration of color oddity test results

Tsukada T., 1987: Perception of hunger and satiety induced by 2 deoxy d glucose in anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa

Panagos J.M., 1981: Perception of iconicity in american sign language by hearing and deaf subjects

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081302

Frydman M.I., 1980: Perception of illness severity and psychiatric symptoms in parents of chronically ill children

Kiama G., 1986: Perception of illusory occlusion in apparent motion

Coleman R.D., 1980: Perception of images moving at saccadic velocities during saccades and during fixation

Henderson C.A., 1987: Perception of implicit relationships between personality traits by schizotypic college subjects a pilot study

Craske, B., 1977: Perception of impossible limb positions induced by tendon vibration

Sherrick M.F., 1986: Perception of induced visual motion effects of relative position shape and size of the surround

Kat D., 1983: Perception of inter vocalic stop consonants contributions of closure duration and formant transitions

Pedersen D.M., 1986: Perception of interior designs

Swartz K.B., 1980: Perception of internal elements of compound figures by 1 month old infants

Weinberg B., 1983: Perception of intonational contrasts in alaryngeal speech

Gibson, E. J.; Owsley, C. J.; Johnston, J., 1978: Perception of invariants by 5 month old infants differentiation of 2 types of motion

Ivinskis A., 1982: Perception of invariants or change across transformations of shape and substance?

Prokop'ev V.E., 1980: Perception of laser ir radiation by the human eye

Zee A., 1988: Perception of left and right by a feed forward net

Garzione B., 1983: Perception of lexical stress in alaryngeal speech

Piper D.W., 1985: Perception of life event stress in patients with chronic duodenal ulcer a comparison of the rating of life events by duodenal ulcer patients and community controls

Hulligan A., 1985: Perception of life stress events by older and younger women

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081320

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081321

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081322

Newell J., 1985: Perception of mental illness through short stories

Navon, D., 1978: Perception of mis oriented words and letter strings

Vandewiele M., 1983: Perception of money as a value by senegalese adolescents

Uddenberg, N.; Englesson, I., 1980: Perception of mother in 4.5 year old children a comparison with the social and emotional history of the mother

Pavard, B.; Berthoz, A., 1976: Perception of movement and spatial orientation bibliographic review

Poizner H., 1983: Perception of movement in american sign language effects of linguistic structure and linguistic experience

Bairstow, P. J.; Laszlo, J. I., 1978: Perception of movement patterns recognition from visual arrays of distorted patterns

Popivanova C., 1981: Perception of moving objects in space by young drivers vestibulo visual perception

Perrott D.R., 1979: Perception of moving sounds velocity discrimination

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Blake R., 1987: Perceptually unequal spatial frequencies do not yield stereoscopic tilt

Zucker N., 1986: Perch height preferences of male and female tree lizards urosaurus ornatus a matter of food competition or social role?

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081681

Makarova N.P., 1983: Perch perca fluviatilis percidae feeding in the volga river delta in 1975 1977

Salvi A., 1987: Perch use by feeding flocks of starlings sturnus vulgaris

Hammermeister, D. P.; Kling, G. F.; Vomocil, J. A., 1982: Perched water tables on hillsides in western oregon usa 1. some factors affecting their development and longevity

Hammermeister, D. P.; Kling, G. F.; Vomocil, J. A., 1982: Perched water tables on hillsides in western oregon usa 2. preferential downslope movement of water and anions

Mcrae H.E., 1988: Perching and floor laying by domestic hens experimental results and their commercial application

Young O.P., 1982: Perching behavior of canthon viridis coleoptera scarabaeidae in maryland usa

Anderson J.J., 1985: Perching heights and nocturnal communal roosts of some tiger beetles coleoptera cicindelidae in southeastern peru

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081690

Tabuchi K., 1984: Perchloric acid treatment and use of chromogenic substrate in the limulus test application to veterinary diagnosis

Moese J.R., 1986: Perchloroethylene and the lipoprotein metabolism of mice

Rohleder, V. K.; Wieczorek, H., 1984: Perchloroethylene in tissues of fattening pigs 1. analysis and decontamination experiments

Vemmer, V. H.; Rohleder, K.; Wieczorek, H.; Haeseler, E., 1984: Perchloroethylene in tissues of fattening pigs 2. transfer of perchlorethylene from feeds to some tissues of fattening pigs

Chang, G. A.; Arratia, F. G.; Alfaro, H. G., 1978: Percichthys lonquimayiensis new species from the upper paleocene of chile pisces perciformes serranidae

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081696

Blair, A. P., 1976: Percina nasuta and percina phoxocephala new record sympatric in lee creek

Etnier, D. A., 1976: Percina tanasi new species percid fish from the little tennessee river tennessee usa

Huilian, C., 1977: Percnon sinense new species crustacea brachyura from hainan island guangdong province china

Quisenberry, V. L.; Phillips, R. E., 1976: Percolation of surface applied water in the field

Prunty L., 1985: Percolation tests soil texture and saturated hydraulic conductivity in lacustrine soils in north dakota usa

Haas C., 1987: Percolation theory a novel approach to solid dosage form design

Galembeck F., 1985: Percoll and ficoll self generated density gradients by low speed osmocentrifugation

Bonomo L., 1982: Percoll density gradient centrifugation an improved method for the enrichment of lymphocyte subsets mediating different activities

White C.P., 1985: Percoll density gradient separation of cells from human malignant effusions

De Kretser D.M., 1986: Percoll gradient separation of leydig cells from postnatal rat testes

Folds J.D., 1986: Percoll purified treponema pallidum an improved fluorescent treponemal antibody absorbed antigen

Elstner E.F., 1985: Percoll reversibly inhibits superoxide dismutase

Patterson D.J., 1986: Percolomonas cosmopolitus new genus new combination a new type of filter feeding flagellate from marine plankton

Bastakov V.A., 1986: Percottus glehni dybowski a new colonizer in the ichthyofauna of lake glubokoe ussr

Thakur, S. B., 1977: Percurrent proliferation of sporangiophores in the genus albugo

Agusti Vidal A., 1987: Percussion postural drainage effects in gas exchange

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081714

Grosman H., 1985: Percutaneous abscess drainage

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081716

Sugerman A.A., 1986: Percutaneous absorption and adrenal suppressive potency of tipredane a new topical corticosteroid

Wilson B.W., 1984: Percutaneous absorption and dermal dose cholinesterase response studies with parathion and carbaryl in the rat

Ezzedeen N.W., 1984: Percutaneous absorption and disposition of iodochlorhydroxyquin in dogs

De Zeeuw R.A., 1987: Percutaneous absorption and elimination of the penetration enhancer azone in humans

Johnson D.E., 1988: Percutaneous absorption and excretion of alachlor in rhesus monkeys

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081722

Zatz J.L., 1987: Percutaneous absorption enhancement by nonionic surfactants

Maibach H.I., 1985: Percutaneous absorption in man a kinetic approach

Kunstler K., 1987: Percutaneous absorption metabolism and hemolytic activity of n butoxyethanol

Dynesius B., 1988: Percutaneous absorption of 2 butoxyethanol in man

Mackerer C.R., 1986: Percutaneous absorption of anthracene in the rat comparison of in vivo and in vitro results

Sezaki H., 1986: Percutaneous absorption of butylparaben from liposomes in vitro

Kurihara T., 1985: Percutaneous absorption of butylparaben through excised human skin in vitro

Gelman R.A., 1986: Percutaneous absorption of carbon 14 7 10 benzo a pyrene and carbon 14 7 12 dimethylbenz a anthracene in mice

Tanii H., 1985: Percutaneous absorption of carbon 14 labeled methylacrylamide in animals

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081733

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081734

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081735

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081736

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081737

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081738

Zimmermann V., 1985: Percutaneous absorption of formaldehyde in rats

Congdon E.R., 1984: Percutaneous absorption of hair dyes correlation with partition coefficients

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081741

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081742

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081743

Maibach H.I., 1985: Percutaneous absorption of malathion in the guinea pig effect of repeated topical application

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081745

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081746

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081747

Maibach H.I., 1985: Percutaneous absorption of nitroaromatic compounds in vivo and in vitro studies in the human and monkey

Kamat V.B., 1988: Percutaneous absorption of octopirox

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081750

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081751

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081752

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081753

Franz T.J., 1988: Percutaneous absorption of retinoids influence of vehicle light exposure and dose

Weber C.B., 1986: Percutaneous absorption of selenium sulfide

Franklin C.A., 1987: Percutaneous absorption of the insecticides fenitrothion and aminocarb in rats and monkeys

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081757

Van Wyk C.J., 1985: Percutaneous absorption of urea

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081759

Mackerer C.R., 1986: Percutaneous absorption on benzo a pyrene in the rat comparison of in vivo and in vitro results

Holmberg, D. L.; Dew, P.; Crump, C.; Burns, G.; Taenaka, Y.; Olsen, D. B., 1988: Percutaneous access devices in calves receiving an artificial heart

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081762

Caldwell M.E., 1988: Percutaneous alternatives in nutritional support a radiologic perspective

Mackerer C.R., 1987: Percutaneous and oral absorption of chlorinated paraffins in the rat

Kangwanpong T., 1987: Percutaneous and other oral mucosal lesions related to chewing smoking and drinking habits in thailand

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081766

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081767

Berkman W.A., 1985: Percutaneous angioplasty in clinical management of renovascular hypertension initial and long term results

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081769

Wagemann W., 1986: Percutaneous angioplasty of carotid artery stenoses

Steinbrich W., 1988: Percutaneous angioplasty of renal artery stenoses initial and long term results

Meyer J., 1988: Percutaneous angioplasty of stenotic aortic valves results hemodynamic consequences and complications

Sharma B., 1985: Percutaneous angioscopy work in progress

Rittenberg M.H., 1986: Percutaneous antegrade flexible ureteroscopy

Serruys P.W., 1987: Percutaneous aortic balloon dilatation for calcific aortic stenosis in elderly patients immediate hemodynamic results and short term follow up

Wolvek S., 1987: Percutaneous aortic balloon occlusion

Vandermoten P., 1987: Percutaneous aortic valvuloplasty for calcified aortic stenosis

Weinerth J.L., 1985: Percutaneous approach to nephrolithiasis

Donaldson J.S., 1986: Percutaneous aspiration and catheter drainage of abscesses

Sutherland D.E.R. , 1988: Percutaneous aspiration and drainage of abdominal fluid collections after pancreatic transplantation

Bernardino M.E., 1986: Percutaneous aspiration and drainage of pancreatic pseudocysts

Bajtai A., 1985: Percutaneous aspiration biopsy in perineal recurrences after abdominoperineal extirpations

Strife J.L., 1985: Percutaneous aspiration drainage and biopsies in children

Pitt H.A., 1987: Percutaneous aspiration of peripancreatic fluid collections a safe method to detect infection

Burgess J.H., 1985: Percutaneous aspiration thromboembolectomy

Day A., 1988: Percutaneous automated diskectomy in athletes

Lock J.E., 1986: Percutaneous ballon valvotomy of congenital pulmonary stenosis using oversized balloons

Rosenthal A., 1987: Percutaneous balloon angioplasty for native coarctation of the aorta

Brodsky S.J., 1984: Percutaneous balloon angioplasty treatment for congenital coarctation of the aorta and congenital valval pulmonic stenosis

Gallant T.E., 1987: Percutaneous balloon aortic valvuloplasty for aortic stenosis in elderly patients at high risk for surgery

Torp Pedersen S., 1985: Percutaneous balloon catheter nephrostomy guided by ultrasound results of a new technique

Deanfield J., 1987: Percutaneous balloon dilatation of aortic valve stenosis in neonates and infants

Commeau, P.; Grollier, G.; Lamy, E.; Foucault, J. P.; Durand, C.; Maffei, G.; Maiza, D.; Khayat, A.; Potier, J. C., 1988: Percutaneous balloon dilatation of calcific aortic valve stenosis anatomical and hemodynamic evaluation

King L.R., 1987: Percutaneous balloon dilatation of ureteral strictures

Palacios I.F., 1988: Percutaneous balloon mitral valvotomy for patients with mitral stenosis analysis of factors influencing early results

Kaltenbach M., 1985: Percutaneous balloon pulmonary valvuloplasty

Duran C.M.G., 1984: Percutaneous balloon pulmonary valvuloplasty

Et Al, 1986: Percutaneous balloon pulmonary valvuloplasty pbpv

Et Al, 1987: Percutaneous balloon valvotomy for patients with severe mitral stenosis

Kern M.J., 1988: Percutaneous balloon valvuloplasty and coronary angioplasty for the treatment of calcific aortic stenosis and obstructive coronary artery disease in elderly patient

Kiess M., 1988: Percutaneous balloon valvuloplasty for aortic stenosis improved quality of life for elderly patients

Van Den Brand M., 1988: Percutaneous balloon valvuloplasty for calcific aortic stenosis a treatment sine cure

Kaplinsky E., 1988: Percutaneous balloon valvuloplasty for calcific aortic stenosis in the elderly

Deanfield J.E., 1985: Percutaneous balloon valvuloplasty for pulmonary valve stenosis in infants and children

Kallfelz H.C., 1988: Percutaneous balloon valvuloplasty for pulmonary valve stenosis in infants and children a study with special reference to balloon size

Poticha S.M., 1985: Percutaneous biliary drainage as initial therapy in sepsis of the biliary tract

Bray J.F., 1986: Percutaneous biliary drainage complications of 118 consecutive catheterizations

Mendez G.Jr, 1986: Percutaneous biliary drainage in acute suppurative cholangitis

Et Al, 1985: Percutaneous biliary drainage in neoplastic jaundice statistical data from a computerized multicenter investigation

Garcia F., 1985: Percutaneous biliary drainage with an enteric feeding tube

Yamada A., 1988: Percutaneous biopsy and drainage guided by computed tomography

Falcon Vizcaino D., 1986: Percutaneous biopsy guided by real time ultrasonography in the diagnosis of pancreatic lesions

Et Al, 1984: Percutaneous biopsy of lung and pleura in the diagnosis of intrathoracic mass review of 68 cases

Gebhardt M.C., 1988: Percutaneous biopsy of pyogenic infection of the spine in children

Rosenthal D.I., 1987: Percutaneous biopsy of the cervical spine using ct guidance

Mink J., 1986: Percutaneous bone biopsy in the patient with known or suspected osseous metastases

Sauze J.F., 1985: Percutaneous bone trocar puncture biopsy a review of 60 biopsies

Chiariello M., 1988: Percutaneous brachial approach for left cardiac catheterization using 5 french catheters preliminary experience

Gay J., 1985: Percutaneous brachial approach using the femoral artery sheath for left heart catheterization and selective coronary angiography

Sugimoto H., 1986: Percutaneous brachial artery catheterization

Vandormael M., 1988: Percutaneous brachial catheterization the hidden hazard of high brachial artery bifurcation

Hofschire P.J., 1986: Percutaneous cardiac catheterization via the internal jugular vein in infants and children

Bru P., 1986: Percutaneous catheter ablation of normal atrioventricular conduction a review of cases in france

Keane J.F., 1985: Percutaneous catheter commissurotomy in rheumatic mitral stenosis

Westcott J.L., 1985: Percutaneous catheter drainage of pleural effusion and empyema

Jones R.S., 1986: Percutaneous catheterization of the femoral artery in the dog

Vorwerk D., 1988: Percutaneous caval filters for the prevention of pulmonary embolism

Brown R.A., 1986: Percutaneous cecostomy for decompression of the massively distended cecum

Menegus M.A., 1987: Percutaneous central venous catheter colonization with malassezia furfur incidence and clinical significance

Dunn E.L., 1985: Percutaneous central venous catheters a continuum of use

Wells J.C.D., 1985: Percutaneous cervical cordotomy results and complications in a recent series of 100 patients

Masera N., 1987: Percutaneous cervical pharyngostomy for enteral nutrition how to simplify the technique

Ohkawa T., 1987: Percutaneous chemolysis of renal stones

Roy C.C., 1987: Percutaneous cholecystography in children

Russell R.C.G., 1988: Percutaneous cholecystolithotomy

Ring E.J., 1985: Percutaneous cholecystolithotomy preliminary experience

Dunnick N.R., 1988: Percutaneous cholecystostomy anatomic considerations

Nemcek A.A.Jr, 1988: Percutaneous cholecystostomy diagnostic and therapeutic efficacy

Chigot J.P., 1985: Percutaneous cholecystostomy in acute post aggressive cholecystitis

Venta L., 1988: Percutaneous cholecystostomy of an ectopic gallbladder

Boronat Tormo F., 1986: Percutaneous circle nephrostomy

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081844

Tebbe U., 1985: Percutaneous coronary angioplasty in unstable angina and acute myocardial infarction

Martin E.C., 1987: Percutaneous creation of a hepaticojejunostomy

Conacher I.D., 1986: Percutaneous cryotherapy for post thoracotomy neuralgia

Withers C., 1987: Percutaneous diagnostic and therapeutic interventional radiologic procedures in children experience in 100 patients

Simonsen S., 1985: Percutaneous dilatation of stenoses in the coronary arteries with balloon catheter

Dunnick N.R., 1987: Percutaneous dilation of benign biliary strictures

Jensen S.R., 1988: Percutaneous dilation of ureteral strictures in renal transplant patients

Brock M., 1988: Percutaneous diskectomy in the treatment of pediatric lumbar disk disease

Ohkawa T., 1987: Percutaneous dissolution of uric acid calculi with tham irrigation

Al Fagih M.R., 1986: Percutaneous double balloon mitral valvotomy for rheumatic mitral valve stenosis

Polansky A.D., 1986: Percutaneous drainage access a simplified coaxial technique

Kimura S., 1988: Percutaneous drainage for post traumatic hepatic abscess in children under ultrasound imaging

Hamida C., 1986: Percutaneous drainage in the treatment of renal abscess report on 2 cases

Zohav M., 1987: Percutaneous drainage of a giant pyelocaliceal diverticular abscess in pregnancy

Robledo R., 1985: Percutaneous drainage of abdominal abscess under echographic control

Daehnert, W.; Guenther, R. W.; Boerner, N.; Braun, B.; Gamstaetter, G.; Rothmund, M., 1985: Percutaneous drainage of abdominal abscesses 1. technique and results

Bigot J M., 1985: Percutaneous drainage of abdominal abscesses under real time ultrasound guidance

Neff R.A., 1984: Percutaneous drainage of abscesses 100 patients

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081863

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081864

Stulbarg M.S., 1987: Percutaneous drainage of an infected lung bulla in a patient receiving positive pressure ventilation

Karstrup S., 1987: Percutaneous drainage of appendiceal abscess an alternative to conventional treatment

Schurawitzki H., 1987: Percutaneous drainage of complicated abscesses and fluid collections

Delke I., 1987: Percutaneous drainage of fluid collections in the bladder flap of febrile post cesarean section patients a report of seven cases

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081869

Nabseth D.C., 1984: Percutaneous drainage of infected pancreatic pseudocysts

Moreno Paredes P., 1988: Percutaneous drainage of intraabdominal fluid collections under sonographic control analysis of 32 cases

Jantsch H., 1988: Percutaneous drainage of mediastinal pseudocysts

Dunnick N.R., 1987: Percutaneous drainage of pelvic lymphatic fluid collections in the renal transplant patient

Laing F.C., 1987: Percutaneous drainage of periappendiceal abscesses review of 20 patients

Pfister R.C., 1985: Percutaneous drainage of postoperative abdominal and pelvic lymphoceles

Wittenberg J., 1985: Percutaneous drainage of pyogenic liver abscesses

Freed S.Z., 1985: Percutaneous drainage of retroperitoneal collections when is primary surgical drainage preferable

Ferrucci J.T.Jr, 1986: Percutaneous drainage of subphrenic abscess a review of 62 patients

Fulciniti F., 1984: Percutaneous echoguided puncture of the liver

Marsden C.D., 1988: Percutaneous electrical stimulation of lumbosacral roots in man

Frang D., 1987: Percutaneous elimination of renal and ureteral calculi

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081882

Wieland J.M., 1987: Percutaneous endoscopic biliary stent placement a preliminary report

Tsuda T., 1986: Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy

Montangie J.C., 1984: Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy

Kattipathanapong V., 1987: Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081890

Paradis K., 1984: Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy a preferred method of feeding tube gastrostomy

Dunn G.D., 1988: Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy clinical experience and follow up

Cattau E.L.Jr, 1987: Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy effects on gastroesophageal reflux and the lower esophageal sphincter

Cho W.S., 1987: Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy for enteral nutrition

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081895

Lux G., 1986: Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy in patients with head and neck cancer

Sanowski R.A., 1988: Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy in patients with prior abdominal surgery virtues of the safe tract

Dimagno E.P., 1987: Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy indications success complications and mortality in 314 consecutive patients

Tiszenkel H.I., 1986: Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy procedure of choice

Von Meyenfeldt M.F., 1988: Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy using a prefab set

Froud P.J., 1988: Percutaneous endourologic approach for transitional cell carcinoma of the renal pelvis

Wallace S., 1987: Percutaneous endovascular graft experimental evaluation

Gianturco C., 1985: Percutaneous endovascular stents an experimental evaluation

Kamada R.O., 1986: Percutaneous entry of the brachial artery for left heart catheterization using a sheath further experience

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081905

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081906

Keller P.J., 1987: Percutaneous estrogen substitution in postmenopausal women

Takanashi R., 1987: Percutaneous ethanol injection in the treatment of liver neoplasms

Ravetto C., 1985: Percutaneous ethanol injection of parathyroid tumors under ultrasonographic guidance treatment for secondary hyperparathyroidism

Ballanger P., 1986: Percutaneous extraction of renal and ureteral calculi a review of 124 cases

Geisinger M.A., 1986: Percutaneous extraction of renal calculi in patients with solitary kidneys

Et Al, 1985: Percutaneous extraction of renal or ureteral stones

Pochaczevsky R., 1985: Percutaneous extraction of renal stones experience in 100 patients

Kune G.A., 1988: Percutaneous extraction of retained common bile duct stones via the t tube track

Banner M.P., 1984: Percutaneous extraction of upper urinary tract calculi

Amplatz K., 1985: Percutaneous extraction of urinary calculi use of the intercostal approach

Kumazawa J., 1985: Percutaneous extraction of urinary stones

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081918

Bolognese R.J., 1988: Percutaneous fetal umbilical blood sampling procedure safety and normal fetal hematologic indices

Chamberlain D.W., 1984: Percutaneous fine needle aspiration biopsy of mediastinal lesions

Taylor S., 1985: Percutaneous fine needle biopsy in pediatrics

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081922

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081923

Grosman H., 1987: Percutaneous gastrostomy and gastro jejunostomy

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081925

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081926

Bissett G.S.IIi, 1988: Percutaneous gastrostomy and percutaneous gastrojejunostomy in children antegrade approach

Mcpherson R., 1985: Percutaneous gastrostomy for enteral feeding

Oglesby J.T., 1985: Percutaneous gastrostomy further experience

Wagner D.K., 1986: Percutaneous gastrostomy in a child

Von Recum A.F., 1986: Percutaneous healing of clinical tympanic membrane implants

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081932

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081933

Bernardino M.E., 1984: Percutaneous hepatic biopsy in suspected pancreatic carcinoma

Reidy J.F., 1986: Percutaneous high brachial aortography a safe alternative to the translumbar approach

Clarke R.H., 1988: Percutaneous in vivo excimer laser angioplasty results in two experimental animal models

Thompson A.E., 1988: Percutaneous infraclavicular subclavian vein catheterization in critically ill infants and children

Ohishi K., 1987: Percutaneous injection of adriamycin lipiodol emulsion into hepatocellular carcinoma tumor nodules demonstrates lymph vessels connecting the tumor and the regional lymph nodes

Saltzman A., 1986: Percutaneous inoculation of lymph nodes

Sclafani S.J.A., 1987: Percutaneous insertion of the kimray greenfield filter incidence of femoral vein thrombosis

De Orchis D.F., 1987: Percutaneous insertion of the kimray greenfield filter technical considerations and problems

Crockard H.A., 1987: Percutaneous insertion of the spinal end of a cysto peritoneal shunt as definitive treatment to relieve cord compression from a spinal arachnoid cyst

Suter F., 1986: Percutaneous interstitial chemotherapy of a small hepatocellular carcinoma under ultrasound guidance

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081945

Rahlf G., 1986: Percutaneous intracardiac direct current shocks in dogs arrhythmogenic potential and pathological changes

Maehara N., 1985: Percutaneous intracordal injection for unilateral recurrent laryngeal nerve paralysis

Frost R.B., 1987: Percutaneous intramedullary rod interchange in osteogenesis imperfecta

Buckshee K., 1988: Percutaneous intrauterine fetal transfusion with real time ultrasound guidance

Mygind T., 1987: Percutaneous introduction of double j ureteral stents

Hermoso V., 1987: Percutaneous introduction of the kimray greenfield cava filter experience with 16 cases

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081952

Pery M., 1988: Percutaneous kidney needle biopsy in children is less traumatic than in adults

Denny, D. F.; Cronan, J. J.; Dorfman, G. S.; Esplin, C., 1985: Percutaneous kimray greenfield filter placement by femoral vein puncture

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081955

Clancey G.J., 1984: Percutaneous kirschner wire fixation of colles fractures a prospective study of 30 cases

Cronan J.J., 1988: Percutaneous large bore venotomy and tract creation comparison of sequential dilator and angioplasty balloon methods in a porcine model preliminary report

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081958

Guben J.K., 1988: Percutaneous laser thermal angioplasty initial results and 1 year follow up in 129 femoropopliteal lesions

Ugaldea C.T., 1986: Percutaneous left brachial catheterization using 5 french preformed judkins catheters

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081961

Garg P., 1986: Percutaneous ligation of vas

Bernius U., 1986: Percutaneous litholapaxy

Carson C.C., 1985: Percutaneous lithotripsy of staghorn calculi

Adam A., 1988: Percutaneous liver biopsy and track embolization with steel coils

Almeida H.R.D., 1987: Percutaneous liver biopsy comparing chiba and menghini needles a prospective study

Chaubey B.S., 1984: Percutaneous lung biopsy in mitral valve disease

Skatun J., 1984: Percutaneous lung biopsy with a tru cut needle

Sibley R.E., 1984: Percutaneous management of benign biliary disease

Mitchell S., 1987: Percutaneous management of benign ureteral strictures and fistulas

Crowley A.R., 1987: Percutaneous management of renal pelvic tumors a treatment option in selected cases

Lange P.H., 1985: Percutaneous management of ureteral calculi facilitated by retrograde flushing with carbon dioxide or diluted radiopaque dye

Michel H., 1985: Percutaneous measurement of portal blood flow in the piglet by continuous thermodilution

Watanabe H., 1985: Percutaneous microexplosion nephrolithotripsy

Duranti R., 1986: Percutaneous microneurography in man does not cause pressure block of almost all axons in the impaled nerve fascicle

Nagasaki Y., 1986: Percutaneous microwave tissue coagulation in liver biopsy experimental and clinical studies

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081978

Potier J.C., 1987: Percutaneous mitral valvotomy in rheumatic mitral stenosis a new approach

Grujicic S.N., 1988: Percutaneous mitral valvuloplasty retrograde transarterial double balloon technique utilizing the transseptal approach

Britt J.E., 1988: Percutaneous needle aspiration biopsy of chest lesions new instrument and new technique

Su C T., 1986: Percutaneous needle aspiration cytology of mediastinal tumors

Cellerini A., 1987: Percutaneous needle biopsy guided by ultrasound in the diagnosis of intraabdominal masses

Bernardino M.E., 1986: Percutaneous needle biopsy in the diagnosis and classification of lymphoma

Galanski M., 1986: Percutaneous needle biopsy of the adrenal glands

Section 7, Chapter 6082, Accession 006081986

Machida S., 1985: Percutaneous nephro ureterolithotripsy clinical experience in forty cases

Aranda Lassa J.M., 1987: Percutaneous nephrolithectomy a simplified technique preliminary report

Hoiem L., 1984: Percutaneous nephrolithotomy

Pedersen F.M., 1987: Percutaneous nephrolithotomy

De Almeida Claro J., 1986: Percutaneous nephrolithotomy

Mathurin P., 1985: Percutaneous nephrolithotomy

Payne S.R., 1984: Percutaneous nephrolithotomy 1 stage or 2

Vernace F.M., 1986: Percutaneous nephrolithotomy a analysis of 500 consecutive cases

Yanagi S., 1987: Percutaneous nephrolithotomy a new technique for removal of renal and ureteral calculi

Bapat S.S., 1986: Percutaneous nephrolithotomy a study of 171 patients

Perez Arbej J.A., 1986: Percutaneous nephrolithotomy an analysis of our first 30 cases

Rayman R., 1985: Percutaneous nephrolithotomy and the flyer

Ishikawa T., 1986: Percutaneous nephrolithotomy by electrohydraulic shock wave

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