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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6082

Chapter 6082 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Allen, P.D.; Pandolf, K.B., 1977:
Perceived exertion associated with breathing hyperoxic mixtures during submaximal work

Dehlin, O.; Jäderberg, E., 1982:
Perceived exertion during patient lifts. An evaluation of the importance of various factors for the subjective strain during lifting and carrying of patients. A study at a geriatric hospital

Asfour, S.S.; Ayoub, M.M.; Mital, A.; Bethea, N.J., 1983:
Perceived exertion of physical effort for various manual handling tasks

Rosentswieg, J.; Williams, D.; Sandburg, C.; Kolten, K.; Engler, L.; Norman, G., 1979:
Perceived exertion of professional hockey players

Blaz M., 1983:
Perceived extraversion in a best friend

Jellinek J.S.; Koster E.P., 1979:
Perceived fragrance complexity and its relation to familiarity and pleasantness

Jellinek J.S.; Koster E.P., 1983:
Perceived fragrance complexity and its relationship to familiarity and pleasantness 2

Kaplan G.A.; Camacho T., 1983:
Perceived health and mortality a 9 year follow up of the human population laboratory cohort

Mower, G.D., 1976:
Perceived intensity of peripheral thermal stimuli is independent of internal body temperature

Curtis D.W.; Stevens D.A.; Lawless H.T., 1984:
Perceived intensity of the taste of sugar mixtures and acid mixtures

Hulicka, I.M.; Morganti, J.B.; Cataldo, J.F., 1975:
Perceived latitude of choice of institutionalized and noninstitutionalized elderly women

Gilchrist, A.L., 1977:
Perceived lightness depends on perceived spatial arrangement

Whissell C.M., 1983:
Perceived locus of causality as a variable affecting use of emotional words

Lancaster W.W.; Richmond B.O., 1983:
Perceived locus of control as a function of father absence age and geographic location

Box T.A.; Peck D.L., 1981:
Perceived low self actualization and external fatalistic determinism as a function of aging

Hellman R.P., 1985:
Perceived magnitude of 2 tone noise complexes loudness annoyance and noisiness

Sachs R.M.; Miller J.D.; Grant K.W., 1980:
Perceived magnitude of multiple electro cutaneous pulses

Kosten, T.R.; Novak, P.; Kleber, H.D., 1984:
Perceived marital and family environment of opiate addicts

Saraswathi T.S.; Sundaresan J., 1980:
Perceived maternal disciplinary practices and their relation to development of moral judgment

Sadava S.W.; Angus L.; Forsyth R., 1980:
Perceived mental illness and diminished responsibility a study of attributions

Pathak M.; Ketkar Y.A.; Mujumdar R.D., 1985:
Perceived morbidity medically defined morbidity population typology and its relevance in planning of health services

Ball, W.; Dibble, Z., 1980:
Perceived movement in the visual crib

Teichman, M.; Teichman, Y., 1987:
Perceived need for interpersonal resources in three developmental stages: adolescence, young adulthood and adulthood

Slocum, R.V.; Hershberger, W.A., 1976:
Perceived orientation in depth from line of sight movement

Dizio P.A.; Lackner J.R., 1986:
Perceived orientation motion and configuration of the body during viewing of an off vertical rotating surface

Mertens, H.W., 1978:
Perceived orientation of a runway model in nonpilots during simulated night approaches to landing

Yakimoff, N., 1978:
Perceived orientation of dot patterns

Baker B.; Helmes E., 1983:
Perceived parental bonding patterns in a canadian student group

D.M.n A.F.; Mckelvey G.; Van Der Riet S., 1987:
Perceived parental control and locus of control null findings in two countries

Knight G.P.; Kagan S.; Buriel R., 1982:
Perceived parental practices and pro social development

Maj M.; Del Vecchio M.; Tata M.R.; Guizzaro A.; Bravaccio F.; Kemali D., 1987:
Perceived parental rearing behavior and psychopathology in epileptic patients a controlled study

Perris C.; Maj M.; Perris H.; Eisemann M., 1985:
Perceived parental rearing behavior in unipolar and bipolar depressed patients a verification study in an italian sample

Eisemann, M.; Perris, C.; Perris, H.; von Knorring, L., 1984:
Perceived parental rearing practices in depressed patients in relation to social class

Pedersen D.M.; Polson D.M.; Hintze W.J., 1987:
Perceived personality traits associated with classroom seat selection

Godin G.; Valois P.; Shephard R.J., 1986:
Perceived physical ability and relation of attitude to behavior

Johnson R.W., 1981:
Perceived physical attractiveness of supporters of canadas political parties stereotype or in group bias?

Lintunen T., 1987:
Perceived physical competence scale for children

Kallen, D.J.; Stephenson, J.J., 1981:
Perceived physician humaneness, patient attitude, and satisfaction with the pill as a contraceptive

Hamera, E.K.; Shontz, F.C., 1978:
Perceived positive and negative effects of life threatening illness

Houston L.N., 1983:
Perceived professional discrimination against the doctor of education psychologist

Glass, C.R.; Levy, L.H., 1982:
Perceived psycho physiological control effects of power vs. powerlessness

Steenkamp J B.E.M., 1987:
Perceived quality of food products and its relationship to consumer preferences theory and measurements

Harris R.W., 1985:
Perceived relatedness of musical tones in major and minor tonal contexts

Handel A.; Kimhi S.; Leviatan U., 1983:
Perceived retrospective change of self among the middle aged in the kibbutz

Guirao, M.; Garavilla, J.M., 1976:
Perceived roughness of amplitude modulated tones and noise

Shoemaker D.J.; Bryant C.D., 1987:
Perceived seriousness of crime

Kaigler Evans K., 1979:
Perceived similarity of sources and receivers innovativeness facilitators of transmission of information about fashion

Higashiyama, A., 1977:
Perceived size and distance as a perceptual conflict between 2 processing modes

Manstead A.S.R., 1982:
Perceived social support for opinions a test of the magnitude and diversity hypotheses

Lyons, J.S.; Perrotta, P.; Hancher-Kvam, S., 1988:
Perceived social support from family and friends: measurement across disparate samples

Gabrielsson, A.; Sjögren, H., 1979:
Perceived sound quality of hearing aids

Staats S., 1983:
Perceived sources of stress and happiness in married and single college students

Ichihara S., 1987:
Perceived spatial frequency shift after adaptation to compound gratings of two sinusoidals in phase or 180 degrees out of phase

Gupta, S.; Cummings, L.L., 1986:
Perceived speed of time and task affect

Peszke, M.A.; Affleck, G.G.; Wintrob, R.M., 1980:
Perceived statutory applicability vs. clinical desirability of emergency involuntary hospitalization

Ronacher B., 1979:
Perceived stimulus difference in the honey bee contribution of individual parameters

Mitic, W.R.; McGuire, D.P.; Neumann, B., 1985:
Perceived stress and adolescents cigarette use

Cipolli C.; Rovesti S.; Tartoni P.L.; Vivoli G., 1988:
Perceived stress during video terminal use a preliminary study

Chin C C., 1986:
Perceived stressors and coping strategies of mothers of school aged children with leukemia

Rathus, S.A.; Fox, J.A.; D.C.istofaro, J., 1979:
Perceived structure of aggressive and assertive behaviors

Wethington E.; Kessler R.C., 1986:
Perceived support received support and adjustment of stressful life events

Ingate M.R.; Christensen C.M., 1981:
Perceived textural dimensions of fruit based beverages

Thomas V.G., 1983:
Perceived traditionality and nontraditionality of career aspirations of black college women

Sosis, R.H.; Karoly, P.; Ruehlman, L., 1980:
Perceived treatment success with involuntary clients: an exploratory study

Thorburn M.A.; Carpenter T.E.; Plant R.E., 1987:
Perceived vibriosis risk by swedish rainbow trout net pen farmers its effect on purchasing patterns and willingness to pay for vaccination

Gayton, W.F.; Ozmon, K.L.; Bassett, J.S.; Tavormina, J., 1976:
Perceived vulnerability to illness and the repression sensitization dimension

Wielgosz, A.T.; Earp, J., 1986:
Perceived vulnerability to serious heart disease and persistent pain in patients with minimal or no coronary disease

Spelke E.S., 1979:
Perceiving bi modally specified events in infancy

Lindauer, M.S., 1986:
Perceiving, imaging, and preferring physiognomic stimuli

Tartter V.C.; Fischer S.D., 1982:
Perceiving minimal distinctions in american sign language under normal and point light display conditions

Yates, J.; Thul, N., 1979:
Perceiving surprising words in an unattended auditory channel

Perkins, H.W.; Berkowitz, A.D., 1986:
Perceiving the community norms of alcohol use among students: some research implications for campus alcohol education programming

Devoe, L.D.; Castillo, R.; Saad, S.; McKenzie, J.; Searle, N.; Davis, H., 1986:
Percent acceleration time: a new method of fetal assessment

Trotta A.P.; Kesler E.M.; Hargrove G.L., 1984:
Percent and solubility of protein in complete feeds for holstein calves to age 12 weeks

Bugyi, B., 1973:
Percent body fat content of an industrial population according to roentgenological sub cutaneous chest fatty tissue determination

Setlow, P., 1974:
Percent charging of transfer rna and levels of guanosine tetra phosphate and guanosine penta phosphate in dormant and germinated spores of bacillus megaterium

Sesterhenn, K.; Krueger, G.R.F.; Uhlmann, C., 1977:
Percent distribution of thymus derived and bone marrow derived cells in tonsils of children juveniles and adults/

Mertens, H.; Krueger, G.R.F., 1976:
Percent distribution of thymus derived and bone marrow derived lymphoid cells in spleen and lymph nodes of moloney virus infected mice

Furuya M.; Kadota A.; Uematsu Kaneda H., 1982:
Percent far red light dependent germination of spores in pteris vittata

Sobol B.J.; Sobol P.G., 1979:
Percent of predicted as the limit of normal in pulmonary function testing a statistically valid approach

Wideman R.F.Jr; Buss E.G., 1985:
Percent shell and plasma mineral concentrations in 3 strains of domestic fowl selected for thick or thin egg shell production

Venrick E.L., 1983:
Percent similarity the prediction of bias

Quesada S.; Ramirez M.; Lomonte B., 1985:
Percentage and absolute number of t lymphocytes in peripheral blood by the method of e rosettes study of 40 healthy adults

Wagner, E.E.; Prospero, M.K.; Alexander, R.A., 1984:
Percentage conversions as a method of enhancing clinical discriminations

Savell J.W.; Cross H.R.; Smith G.C., 1986:
Percentage ether extractable fat and moisture content of beef longissimus muscle as related to usa department of agriculture marbling score

A.T.mimi D.J.; A.S.amma G.A.; A.A.i A.S., 1985:
Percentage incidence of lead intoxication in 35 clinically suspected patients

Cuschieri, A.; Irving, A.D.; Robertson, A.J.; Clark, J.; Wood, R.A., 1983:
Percentage malignant involvement: a new concept in staging of breast cancer

Godowicz B., 1979:
Percentage of abnormal spermatozoa in different parts of the reproductive tracts of the male mice of inbred c 57 and ke strains

Baletka A.D.; Castellano S.R., 1983:
Percentage of damage in lines and cultivars of sorghum sorghum bicolor with different levels of resistance to the gall midge contarinia sorghicola

Richter N.A., 1986:
Percentage of glycosylated hemoglobin and serum concentration of glucose in the blood of japanese macaques macaca fuscata and in three exotic ruminant species

Ryabchikov O.P., 1982:
Percentage of lymphocytes having receptors to the complement c 3 erythrocyte antibody complement rosette forming cells and fc immuno globulin fragment t gamma lymphocytes in the human fetal thymus and spleen

Nardiello S.; Pizzella T.; Russo M.; Galanti B., 1982:
Percentage of monocytes in ficoll paque isolated mononuclear cells from normal subjects evaluation by a rapid method of esterase staining

Spahn, B.; Braak, H., 1985:
Percentage of projection neurons and various types of interneurons in the human claustrum

O'connell C.P., 1980:
Percentage of starving northern anchovy engraulis mordax larvae in the sea as estimated by histological methods

Kendall S.B., 1982:
Percentage reinforcement and behavioral contrast in chain schedules

Fantino, E.; Dunn, R.; Meck, W., 1979:
Percentage reinforcement and choice

Ruzicka V., 1985 :
Percentage representation of species group in the community on example of spiders

Abarca N.; Fantino E.; Ito M., 1985:
Percentage reward in an operant analog to foraging

Chandra A.; Chaturvedi L.D., 1985:
Percentage survivability and behavioral responses of channa punctatus to different ph ranges

Harrison R.; Bulstrode S., 1987:
Percentage weight bearing during partial immersion in the hydrotherapy pool

Marthaler T.M.; Steiner M., 1981:
Percentages of lifetime caries experience retained by 8 systems of partial decayed missing filled recording

Olusi S.O., 1980:
Percentages of thymus derived and bone marrow derived lymphocytes in pubertal gynecomastia

Borders B.E.; Souter R.A.; Bailey R.L.; Ware K.D., 1987:
Percentile based distributions characterize forest stand tables

Janczewska E., 1979:
Percentile curves of the neo nate body weight

Cherian, A.G.; Hill, J.G., 1978:
Percentile estimates of reference values for 14 chemical constituents in sera of children and adolescents

Zlotkin, S.H.; Casselman, C.W., 1987:
Percentile estimates of reference values for total protein and albumin in sera of premature infants (less than 37 weeks of gestation)

Tamura, R.K.; Sabbagha, R.E., 1980 :
Percentile ranks of sonar fetal abdominal circumference measurements

Padovani E.M.; Fanos V.; Chiaffoni G.P.; Benoni G.; Cuzzolin L.; Benedetti M.; Fostini R.; Peretti A., 1987:
Percentile values of basal excretion of alanine aminopeptidase aap and n acetyl beta d glucosaminidase nag in the neonatal period

Nishio T.; Abe K.; Saito M.; Haneda N.; Watanabe K.; Okahata S.; Mori C., 1981:
Percentile values of blood pressure in childhood and anthropometric measurements in normotensive and hypertensive children the shimane japan heart study

Hemmingsson A.; Jung B.; Naslund L.; Ytterbergh C., 1981:
Perceptibility of experimental and clinical lesions in the computed tomographic image with and without image processing

Aurell C.G., 1979:
Perception a model comprising 2 modes of consciousness

Aurell C.G., 1983:
Perception a model comprising 2 modes of consciousness evidence based on event related potentials and brain lesions

Rao L.K.L.; Raj V.A.S., 1987:
Perception about training needs of dairy farmers in rajendranagar block of ranga reddy district andhra pradesh india

Pendse, S.G., 1979:
Perception: an experiment to compare "here and now" and "there and then" perspectives

Stoner A.W., 1980:
Perception and choice of substratum by epi faunal amphipods associated with seagrasses

Abdel-Sattar, I.; Al-Nafie, A., 1987:
Perception and concern about sociocultural change and psychopathology in a Saudi Arabian sample

Okajima O., 1987:
Perception and discrimination of color by deuteranopes

Feldmann, H., 1977:
Perception and evaluation of symptoms in hypochondria

Heller W.; Levy J., 1981:
Perception and expression of emotion in right handers and left handers

Ward, W.B.; Belcher, D.W.; Wurapa, F.K.; Pappoe, M.E., 1979:
Perception and management of guinea worm disease among Ghanaian villagers. A framework for differential health education planning

Leutin V.P.; Nikolaeva E.I., 1986:
Perception and memorization of verbal emotionogenic information in patients with protracted neurasthenia

Prigatano, G.P.; Pribram, K.H., 1982:
Perception and memory of facial affect following brain injury

Hoffman P.R.; Stager S.; Daniloff R.G., 1983:
Perception and production of mis articulated r phonemes

Silverman, I.W.; Vanderhorst, G.N.; Eull, W.H., 1976:
Perception as a possible source of conservation: evidence for length conservation

Jusczyk, P.W.; Copan, H.; Thompson, E., 1978:
Perception by 2 month old infants of glide contrasts in multi syllabic utterances

Marcoen A., 1979:
Perception by children of aged persons and grandparents

Pires D.G., 1986:
Perception by the contagious disease patient of his disease and isolation

Silverstein R.M.; Cassidy R.F.; Burkholder W.E.; Shapas T.J.; Levinson H.Z.; Levinson A.R.; Mori K., 1980:
Perception by trogoderma species of chirality and methyl branching at a site far removed from a functional group in a pheromone component

Allard F.; Graham S.; Paarsalu M.E., 1980:
Perception in sport basketball

Allard F.; Starkes J.L., 1980:
Perception in sport volleyball

Starkes J.L.; Allard F., 1983:
Perception in volleyball effects of competitive stress

Chistovich L.A.; Malinnikova T.G.; Stolyarova E.I., 1982:
Perception of 1 formant synthetic vowels with quasi random variations of fundamental period and amplitudes of formant pulses

Macfie H.J.H.; Thomson D.M.H., 1981:
Perception of 2 component electro cutaneous stimuli

Bokhov, B.B.; Kornilova, L.N.; Yakovleva, I.Y., 1975:
Perception of 2 dimensional coordinates during prolonged experimental hypo kinesia

Kellman P.J., 1984:
Perception of 3 dimensional form by human infants

Brown, H.R.; Il'inskii, O.B.; Muraveiko, V.M.; Gorshkov, E.S.; Pochtarev, V.I.; Starunov, V.A., 1977:
Perception of a magnetic field by receptors of the ampullae of lorenzini in black sea skates

Al'tman Y.A.; Rozenblyum A.S.; L'vova V.G., 1979:
Perception of a moving subjective auditory object by patients with impairments of the temporal areas of the brain

Jusczyk, P.W.; Thompson, E., 1978:
Perception of a phonetic contrast in multi syllabic utterances by 2 month old infants

Malinnikova, T.G., 1980:
Perception of a rhythmic sequence

Mack D.; Williams J.G.; Kremer J.M.D., 1979:
Perception of a simulated other player and behavior in the reiterated prisoners dilemma game

Linn, M.W.; Hunter, K., 1979:
Perception of age in the elderly

Orehek, J.; Beaupré, A.; Badier, M.; Nicoli, M.M.; Delpierre, S., 1982:
Perception of airway tone by asthmatic patients

Ozimek, E.; Sek, A., 1987:
Perception of amplitude and frequency modulated signals (mixed modulation)

Driscoll, J.M., 1982:
Perception of an aggressive interaction as a function of the perceiver's aggression

Kanekar, S.; Mazumdar, D.; Bulsara, R.M.; Kolsawalla, M.B., 1979:
Perception of an aggressor and his victim as a function of their relationship and retaliation

Vernoy, M.W.; Luria, S.M., 1977:
Perception of and adaptation to a 3 dimensional curvature distortion

Van Den Berg R.J.H.; Slis I.H., 1985:
Perception of assimilation of voice as a function of segmental duration and linguistic complex

Wasserman E.A.; Chatlosh D.L.; Neunaber D.J., 1983:
Perception of causal relations in humans factors affecting judgments of response outcome contingencies under free operant procedures

Wolkove, N.; Altose, M.D.; Kelsen, S.G.; Kondapalli, P.G.; Cherniack, N.S., 1981:
Perception of changes in breathing in normal human subjects

Akoev, G.N.; Zhadan, G.G., 1978:
Perception of chemical and thermal stimuli by lorenzini ampullae in rays

Turner, C.B.; Cashdan, S., 1988:
Perception of college students' motives for shoplifting

Ando Y.; Alrutz H., 1982:
Perception of coloration in sound fields in relation to the auto correlation function

Pollack, I., 1975:
Perception of complex sounds hidden auditory figures

Laing D.G.; Wilcox M.E., 1983:
Perception of components in binary odor mixtures

Tavkhelidze, N.D., 1976:
Perception of consonance and the fixed set

Prkachin K.M.; Harvey J., 1988:
Perception of contingency and the type a behavior pattern a signal detection analysis

Killeen P.R.; Smith J.P., 1984:
Perception of contingency in conditioning scalar timing response bias and erasure of memory by reinforcement

Green J.A.; Jones L.E.; Gustafson G.E., 1987:
Perception of cries by parents and nonparents relation to cry acoustics

Ireson J.; Mcgurk H., 1985:
Perception of depth in photographs a study of young malawians

Hellstrom T.; Doving K.B., 1983:
Perception of diesel oil by cod gadus morhua

Idris, M.D.; Prakash, I., 1988:
Perception of dominance status through conspecific scent in the desert gerbil Meriones hurrianae

Simmons, J.A., 1979:
Perception of echo phase information in bat sonar

Mihevic, P.M.; Gliner, J.A.; Horvath, S.M., 1981:
Perception of effort and respiratory sensitivity during exposure to ozone

Wangenheim, M.; Carlsöö, S.; Nordgren, B.; Linroth, K., 1986:
Perception of efforts in working postures

MacLeod, C.; Tata, P.; Mathews, A., 1987:
Perception of emotionally valenced information in depression

Guthrie P.T.; Smouse A.D., 1981:
Perception of emotions and attribution of acceptance by normal and emotionally disturbed children

Karlovskaya N.N., 1986:
Perception of emotions by schizophrenics as it depends on the correspondence between information obtained through verbal and nonverbal communication channels

Rossi, N.; Costa, F.V.; Ricci Bitti, P.E.; Borghi, C.; Bassein, L.; Bonatti, L.A.; Romitti, A., 1986:
Perception of emotions in borderline hypertensive patients and normal subjects

Jackson, R.H., 1977:
Perception of environmental damage associated with irrigation

Gresty, M.; Trinder, E.; Leech, J., 1976:
Perception of everyday visual environments during saccadic eye movements

Sidney, K.H.; Shephard, R.J., 1977:
Perception of exertion in the elderly, effects of aging, mode of exercise and physical training

Kolb, B.; Milner, B.; Taylor, L., 1983:
Perception of faces by patients with localized cortical excisions

Ellinwood, E.H-Jr, 1969:
Perception of faces disorders in organic and psycho pathological states

Mandal M.K.; Maitra S., 1985:
Perception of facial affect and physical proximity

Barrera M.E.; Maurer D., 1981:
Perception of facial expressions by the 3 month old

Deguchi T.; Ono H.; Ono H.; Kanzaki J.; Koga K., 1984:
Perception of formant emphasized vowels by hearing impaired children

Assmann, P.F.; Nearey, T.M., 1987:
Perception of front vowels: the role of harmonics in the first formant region

Saniga R.D.; Carlin M.F.; Farrell S.C., 1984:
Perception of fry register in black dialect and standard english speakers

Whitehead W.E.; Drescher V.M., 1980:
Perception of gastric contractions and self control of gastric motility

Enander A., 1982:
Perception of hand cooling during local cold air exposure at 3 different temperatures

Trakroo P.L.; Kapoor S.D., 1985:
Perception of health among rural population in india

White W.F.; Karlin A.; Burke C., 1986:
Perception of home environment and school abilities as predictors of reading power and school achievements

Nakai Y.; Kinoshita F.; Koh T.; Tsujii S.; Tsukada T., 1987:
Perception of hunger and satiety induced by 2 deoxy d glucose in anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa

Griffith, P.L.; Robinson, J.H.; Panagos, J.M., 1981:
Perception of iconicity in American sign language by hearing and deaf subjects

Farid, B.T.; Johnson, R.D.; Lucas, E.G.; Williams, R., 1988:
Perception of illness among patients with alcoholic liver disease

Craske, B., 1977:
Perception of impossible limb positions induced by tendon vibration

Michael, S.J.; Sherrick, M.F., 1986:
Perception of induced visual motion: effects of relative position, shape, and size of the surround

Tartter V.C.; Samuel A.G.; Repp B.H.; Kat D., 1983:
Perception of inter vocalic stop consonants contributions of closure duration and formant transitions

Pedersen D.M., 1986:
Perception of interior designs

Ganon E.C.; Swartz K.B., 1980:
Perception of internal elements of compound figures by 1 month old infants

Gandour, J.; Weinberg, B., 1983:
Perception of intonational contrasts in alaryngeal speech

Gibson, E.J.; Owsley, C.J.; Johnston, J., 1978:
Perception of invariants by 5 month old infants differentiation of 2 types of motion

Finlay D.; Sacchetti A.; Ivinskis A., 1982:
Perception of invariants or change across transformations of shape and substance?

Prokop'ev V.E., 1980:
Perception of laser ir radiation by the human eye

Gandour, J.; Weinberg, B.; Garzione, B., 1983:
Perception of lexical stress in alaryngeal speech

McIntosh, J.H.; Nasiry, R.W.; McNeil, D.; Coates, C.; Mitchell, H.; Piper, D.W., 1985:
Perception of life event stress in patients with chronic duodenal ulcer. A comparison of the rating of life events by duodenal ulcer patients and community controls

Davies, D.M.; Hulligan, A., 1985:
Perception of life stress events by older and younger women

Simeonova, B.; Vassilev, A., 1985:
Perception of line orientation in the center and periphery of the visual field

Marcus, A.M.; Tisne, S., 1987:
Perception of maternal behavior by elementary school children of alcoholic mothers

Natera, G.; Casco, M.; González, L.; Newell, J., 1985:
Perception of mental illness through short stories

Navon, D., 1978:
Perception of mis oriented words and letter strings

Vandewiele M., 1983:
Perception of money as a value by senegalese adolescents

Uddenberg, N.; Englesson, I., 1980:
Perception of mother in 4.5 year old children a comparison with the social and emotional history of the mother

Pavard, B.; Berthoz, A., 1976:
Perception of movement and spatial orientation bibliographic review

Bairstow, P.J.; Laszlo, J.I., 1978:
Perception of movement patterns recognition from visual arrays of distorted patterns

Popivanova C., 1981:
Perception of moving objects in space by young drivers vestibulo visual perception

Waugh, W.; Strybel, T.Z.; Perrott, D.R., 1979:
Perception of moving sounds: velocity discrimination

Hojo K.; Watanabe S.; Tasaki H.; Sato T., 1980:
Perception of musical stimuli by the dich otic listening test studies on senior high school students of a wind instrument club

Smitsman A.W., 1982:
Perception of number

Starkey, P.; Cooper, R.G., 1980:
Perception of numbers by human infants

Young, A.W.; Ellis, A.W., 1979:
Perception of numerical stimuli felt by fingers of the left and right hands

Kestenbaum R.; Termine N.; Spelke E.S., 1987:
Perception of objects and object boundaries by 3 month old infants

Chari, N.C.A.; Herman, G.; Danhauer, J.L., 1977:
Perception of one third octave band filtered speech

Narayanan S.; Venkatachalam R., 1982:
Perception of organizational climate

Harrington, T.L.; Harrington, M.K.; Quon, D.; Atkinson, R.; Cairns, R.; Kline, K., 1985:
Perception of orientation of motion as affected by change in divergence of texture, change in size, and in velocity

Zlatkova, M.; Vassilev, A., 1978:
Perception of orientation of short lines: its dependence on line's length and intensity

Masure, M.C.; Tzavaras, A., 1976:
Perception of overlapping figures by human subjects with unilateral cortical lesions

Oatley K.; Yuill N., 1985:
Perception of personal and interpersonal action in a cartoon film

Edwards D.J.A., 1984:
Perception of personality and social behavior in different racial groups by black and white university students

Hassebrauck M., 1986:
Perception of physical attractiveness influenced by similarity of attitudes

Blazer, D.G.; Houpt, J.L., 1979:
Perception of poor health in the healthy older adult

Stephens, C.J., 1985:
Perception of pregnancy and social support as predictors of alcohol consumption during pregnancy

Gussenhoven, C.; Blom, J.G., 1978:
Perception of prominence by dutch listeners

Baird, J.C.; Weissmann, S.M.; Mchugo, G., 1977:
Perception of psycho physical experiments part 1 scaling of methods

Baird, J.C.; Szilagyi, P.G., 1977:
Perception of psycho physical experiments part 2 model of scale values

Vos J., 1982:
Perception of pure and mis tuned musical 5ths and major 3rds thresholds for discrimination beats and identification

Weckowicz T.E.; Tam C N.I.; Bay K.S.; Collier G.; Beelen L., 1981:
Perception of reinforcement and psycho motor retardation in depressed patients

Antell S.E.; Caron A.J.; Myers R.S., 1985:
Perception of relational invariants by newborns

Dickson, J.W., 1978:
Perception of risk as related to choice in a 2 dimensional risk situation

Mertens, H.W., 1981:
Perception of runway image shape and approach angle magnitude by pilots in simulated night landing approaches

Hardy, R.E.; Cull, J.G.; Campbell, M.E., 1987:
Perception of selected disabilities in the usa and portugal a cross cultural comparison

Venkatapathy R., 1985:
Perception of self among 1st and 2nd generation entrepreneurs

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Perceptions of community carers about elderly people: a sentence completion approach

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Perceptions of same versus cross sex typed physical stance

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Perceptions of sex roles of young and middle aged women and men

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Perceptive field size in fovea and periphery of the light adapted and dark adapted retina

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Perceptual and motor space representation an event related potential study

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Perceptual contrast in a test of conservation of length

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Perceptual imprinting stimulus preferences age effects and genetic canalization

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Perceptual integration and differentiation of spectral cues for inter vocalic stop consonants

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Perceptual integration of identity location and color

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