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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6084

Chapter 6084 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Vijayalakshmi K., 1986: Performance of castor hybrid and variety under rainfed conditions of telengana india

Acosta, G.; Herrera, E. H.; Rendon, H. M., 1977: Performance of castrated of pseudocryptorchid male holstein fed diets with cottonseed meal and or poultry manure as main protein sources

Barlow H.B., 1983: Performance of cat retinal ganglion cells at low light levels

Verma C.M., 1983: Performance of cenchrus ciliaris strains in an arid rangeland of western rajasthan india

Sunde M.L., 1984: Performance of chicks fed diets composed of single ingredients or combinations of ingredients a laboratory demonstration for undergraduates

Elliott L.L., 1979: Performance of children aged 9 to 17 years on a test of speech intelligibility in noise using sentence material with controlled word predictability

Jordan, L. S.; Hardy, J. C.; Morris, H. L., 1978: Performance of children with good and poor articulation on tasks of tongue placement

Stephens M.I., 1981: Performance of children with normal and impaired oral language production on a set of auditory comprehension tests

Laven J.W., 1985: Performance of children with previous otitis media with effusion on central auditory measures

Fletcher, S. G.; Higgins, J. M., 1980: Performance of children with severe to profound auditory impairment in instrumentally guided reduction of nasal resonance

Lerer B., 1987: Performance of chronic schizophrenics on matched word and design recall tasks

Munch, W. L.; Fitzpatrick, J. A., 1978: Performance of circular final clarifiers at an activated sludge plant

Kaul B.L., 1986: Performance of citronella cultivars of jammu india

Isaac W., 1985: Performance of college students on items from the visual and intellectual function subtests of the luria christensen assessment of neuropsychological deficits or intellectual abilities

Rossman E.C., 1988: Performance of commercial corn hybrids under conventional and no tillage systems

Harms R.H., 1986: Performance of commercial laying hens at various locations in evaporative cooled houses

Harms R.H., 1984: Performance of commercial laying hens fed a diet with zero or 121 parts per million of monensin

Milner B., 1981: Performance of complex arm and facial movements after focal brain lesions

Kolb B., 1985: Performance of complex arm movements and facial movement sequences after cerebral commissurotomy

Donchin E., 1983: Performance of concurrent tasks a psycho physiological analysis of the reciprocity of information processing resources

Section 7, Chapter 6084, Accession 006083021

Gargan, R. A.; Phillips, I., 1978: Performance of converted pressure cookers and 2 conventional jars for anaerobic bacterial culture

Posler G.L., 1983: Performance of cool season perennial grasses in pure stands and in mixtures with legumes

Ibrahim, A. F.; Al-Rawi, K. M.; Salman, A. A., 1977: Performance of corn zea mays and soybean glycine max under inter cropping in alternative rows and at different plant population densities

Turner, J. H. Jr ; Ferguson, D., 1975: Performance of cotton gossypium hirsutum lines selected for high productivity in 3 environments

Dearing L., 1986: Performance of cottons gossypium hirsutum when infested with tobacco budworm heliothis virescens

Jatasra D.S., 1982: Performance of cowpea vigna unguiculata strains of forage and yield and quality attributes during summer and kharif seasons

Rhodes E.R., 1983: Performance of cowpeas vigna unguiculata on an inland valley swamp in the dry season in sierra leone

Kipper, D. A., 1977: Performance of criminals and neurotics on the kahn test of symbol arrangement

Pandey, H. S.; Desai, R. N., 1977: Performance of cross bred cattle in heavy rainfall areas part 2 economic traits of jersey x zebu crosses

Pandey, H. S.; Desai, R. N., 1976: Performance of cross bred cattle in heavy rainfall areas part 3 growth characters of jersey x red sindhi crosses

Vilela, H.; De-Oliveira, S.; Pires, J. A. A.; Possato, R., 1978: Performance of cross bred holstein zebu steers on range and improved pastures

Patnayak, B. C.; Mohan, M., 1974: Performance of cross bred lambs on supplementation of concentrates or cowpea hay

Bampton P.R., 1979: Performance of cross bred sheep from a synthetic dam line

Jain J.P., 1986: Performance of crossbred cows vis a vis nondescripts in a hilly area of himachal pradesh india

Love, J. E.; Hernandez, T. P.; Mahmood, M., 1978: Performance of cultivar centennial sweet potato mutants

Singh, S.; Goel, L. B.; Nayar, S. K.; Sharma, S. K.; Chatterjee, S. C., 1976: Performance of cultivars of wheat and triticale against hill bunts

Rosales, F. E.; Davis, D. D., 1976: Performance of cytoplasmic male sterile cotton under natural crossing in new mexico

Nocek, J. E.; Steele, R. L.; Braund, D. G., 1986: Performance of dairy cows fed forage and grain separately vs. a total mixed ration

Hargrove G.L., 1983: Performance of dairy cows in mid lactation fed high quality grass pasture and concentrate at 3 percent of energy requirements

Fulford R.J., 1985: Performance of dairy cows offered isonitrogenous diets containing urea or fishmeal in early and in mid lactation

Lawson J.E., 1982: Performance of dairy crosses with the hereford in a range environment

Zamora, A.; Elias, A.; Zarragoitia, L., 1987: Performance of dairy heifers grazing pangola grass digitaria decumbens stent with different stocking rates ii. second year starting in the rainy season

Constantinou A., 1983: Performance of damascus goats bred as yearlings or as 2 year olds

Dillon W.M., 1982: Performance of daughters of high and average predicted difference sires

Oakley D.A., 1981: Performance of de corticated rats in 2 choice visual discrimination apparatus

Hynes Peterson J., 1981: Performance of deaf children using ear level and body worn hearing aids

Mcwatters, K. H., 1977: Performance of defatted peanut soybean and field pea meals as extenders in ground beef patties

Grof B., 1982: Performance of desmodium ovalifolium in legume grass associations

Ingebretsen W.R.Jr, 1980: Performance of diabetic rat hearts effects of anoxia and increased work

Rotili, P., 1977: Performance of diallel crosses and 2nd generation synthetics of alfalfa derived from partly inbred parents part 2 earliness and mortality

Ghai S.K., 1988: Performance of different forage legume and rhizobium symbiotic systems under saline condition

Rasel, P. Kh ; Vir, D. M.; Shingte, V. V.; Patil, P. L., 1987: Performance of different french bean rhizobium isolates in pot and field experiments

Hussain, A.; Bukhari, M. A., 1977: Performance of different grafting methods in chiku achras sapota

Ram C.B., 1980: Performance of different herbicides on control of weeds in young nonbearing apple orchards

Zafar Ud Din C., 1983: Performance of different millet pennisetum typhoides varieties for grain and fodder production under rainfed conditions

Escalada R.G., 1980: Performance of different mung bean vigna radiata varieties grown in the open field

Dhaundiyal U.D., 1982: Performance of different provenances of chir pine pinus roxburghii in comparison to pinus caribaea pinus patula and pinus kesiya in the sub himalayan zone india

Smith C., 1986: Performance of different scottish blackface stocks and their crosses

Dhukia R.S., 1983: Performance of different varieties of sugar beet beta vulgaris in haryana india

Singh Y., 1987: Performance of different varieties of wheat in relation to soil type and rainfall under sub humid conditions

Rao B.R.R., 1987: Performance of diploids and induced autotetraploids of catharanthus roseus under different levels of nitrogen and plant spacings

Section 7, Chapter 6084, Accession 006083065

Corballis M.C., 1987: Performance of disabled and normal readers on the continuous performance test

Thacker J.G., 1987: Performance of disposable needle syringe systems for local anesthesia

Section 7, Chapter 6084, Accession 006083068

Teuscher T., 1985: Performance of djallonke sheep

Krakar P.J., 1980: Performance of double cross hybrids and single cross mixtures of orchard grass dactylis glomerata

Section 7, Chapter 6084, Accession 006083071

Section 7, Chapter 6084, Accession 006083072

Sabogal, O. R.; Rengifo, H. O.; Owen, B. A., 1978: Performance of duroc and zungo pigs and their reciprocal crosses fed on a ration based on rice polishings and cottonseed meal

Section 7, Chapter 6084, Accession 006083074

Kimura S., 1982: Performance of dynamically formed hydrous zirconium oxide and poly acrylic acid membrane during concentration of tomato juice

Knox C.M., 1981: Performance of dyslexic children on speech perception tests

Froelich W., 1985: Performance of early european maize zea mays hybrids under south chilean agroclimatic conditions

Cho J.H., 1979: Performance of eastern oriented and western oriented college students on the value survey and ways of life scale

Freeman, P. C.; Van-Lear, D. H., 1977: Performance of eastern white pine and competing vegetation following 2 methods of stand conversion

Summers, J. D.; Leeson, S.; Slinger, S. J., 1978: Performance of egg strain birds during their commercial life cycle when continuously fed diets containing tower rapeseed gums

Marymont, J. H. Iii ; Marymont, J. H. Jr ; Gavan, T. L., 1978: Performance of enterobacteriaceae identification systems an analysis of college of american pathologists survey data

Muthana, K. D.; Arora, G. D., 1976: Performance of eucalyptus camaldulensis on shallow and deep sandy loam of pali western rajasthan

Morgan T.E.H., 1982: Performance of ewes and lambs on perennial rye grass lolium perenne cocksfoot dactylis glomerata tall fescue festuca arundinacea and timothy phleum pratense pastures under upland conditions

Armstrong, R. T. F.; Allison, D. M.; Oakes, R. D., 1976: Performance of ewes supplemented with a home made grain based protein supplement

Newsom S.W.B., 1979: Performance of exhaust protective class i biological safety cabinets

Noor M., 1983: Performance of exotic clovers in subtropical humid zone at jaba pakistan under barani conditions

Saini, H. C.; Kaicker, U. S.; Choudhury, B., 1985: Performance of exotic x indigenous crosses for combining ability over environment in opium poppy papaver somniferum ii. seed yield

Furlong J., 1982: Performance of extensively raised cattle under various worm control schemes in the pantanal matogrossense brazil

Lindovsky R., 1981: Performance of f 1 and f 10 crossbreds of merino and kent rams

Jost, M.; Glatki-Jost, M., 1976: Performance of f 1 and f 2 hybrids of 4 closely related winter wheat parents grown at 2 population levels

Abdalla, M. M. F., 1977: Performance of f 1 and f 2 hybrids of vicia faba

Winks, L.; O'rourke, P. K.; Smith, P. C., 1978: Performance of f 1 brahman x shorthorn and f 1 sahiwal x shorthorn cattle from weaning to slaughter in north queensland australia

Longauer V., 1981: Performance of f 1 generation of merino ewes cross with north caucasian rams of mutton wool type

Section 7, Chapter 6084, Accession 006083094

Bliss R.L., 1979: Performance of feedlot steers re implanted with di ethyl stilbestrol or synovex s

Section 7, Chapter 6084, Accession 006083098

Shanks R.D., 1987: Performance of females heterozygous for deficiency of ump synthase

Campbell A., 1988: Performance of field independent and dependent college students and their fixed and mobile subtypes on two formats of a cognitive task

Edlich R.F., 1982: Performance of filtered sump wound drainage tubes

Hoyenga K.B., 1981: Performance of fine motor coordination activities with an hypnotically anesthetized limb

Fey M.V., 1987: Performance of five soybean cultivars in relation to lime and phosphorous levels on an acid ultisol

Altpeter, L. L-Jr ; Hermann, T. S.; Pilney, J. P.; Senechal, A. J.; Overland, D. L., 1976: Performance of flame ionization detector as atmospheric aerosol monitor part 1 conventional model

Fukui T., 1981: Performance of fluidized bed reactors utilizing magnetic fields

Sroller J., 1980: Performance of fodder beet grown by large scale production methods

Section 7, Chapter 6084, Accession 006083109

Jo M.H., 1986: Performance of forage rape brassica napus ssp oleifera in comparison with oats rye hybrid ryegrass and turnips in the late fall period

Swartz J.D., 1982: Performance of forensic patients on the holtzman inkblot technique a normative study

Jarvis G., 1988: Performance of four selective media for enumerating staphylococcus aureus in corned beef and in cheese

Section 7, Chapter 6084, Accession 006083113

Ratcliff D., 1988: Performance of fourteen leucaena lines at five sites in queensland australia

Darwash, A. O., 1974: Performance of friesian and brown swiss cows raised on the university farm in tripoli part 1 dairy characters

Grainger, C.; Davey, A. W. F.; Holmes, C. W., 1985: Performance of friesian cows with high and low breeding indexes 1. stall feeding and grazing experiments and performance during the whole lactation

Grainger, C.; Holmes, C. W.; Moore, Y. F., 1985: Performance of friesian cows with high and low breeding indexes 2. energy and nitrogen balance experiments with lactating and pregnant nonlactating cows

Section 7, Chapter 6084, Accession 006083118

Bandyopadhyay A., 1987: Performance of gamma irradiated f 3 lines of groundnut

Mishra M., 1984: Performance of ganjam goats maintained on browsing supplemented with concentrate mixture maize and cowpea or manila tamarind fodders

Solomons N.W., 1983: Performance of genetically color blind individuals on a rapid dark adaptation test based on the purkinje shift

Mucha C.F., 1984: Performance of germinated imbibed and dry petunia petunia hybrida cultivar commanche seed fluid drilled in 2 gels with nutrient additives

Mak T.K., 1982: Performance of gilts and castrates when fed separately on 2 levels of feeding

Santos L.P., 1984: Performance of glutaraldehyde preserved porcine bio prosthesis as a mitral valve substitute in a young population group

Rehman S., 1985: Performance of glycyrrhiza glabra in mastung valley baluchistan pakistan

Pamp D.E., 1983: Performance of goats capra hircus and lambs ovis aries fed corn zea mays silage produced on sludge amended soil

Couvillon P.A., 1984: Performance of goldfish carassius auratus in patterned sequences of rewarded and nonrewarded trials

Manzo, P.; De-Salvador, F. R., 1978: Performance of grape cultivar cardinal on 3 different rootstocks

Phillips R.L., 1980: Performance of grapefruit citrus paradisi cultivar marsh and orange citrus sinensis cultivar valencia trees of 18 rootstocks in closely spaced planting

Vartha E.W., 1985: Performance of grasses on cultivated hill country in north canterbury new zealand

Ludke D.H., 1982: Performance of grazed creeping rooted lucernes on 2 soils in central queensland australia

Meena N.L., 1986: Performance of green gram vigna radiata genotypes on different dates of planting in summers

Reddy K.A., 1987: Performance of groundnut as an intercrop with pearl millet at different levels of nitrogen and planting patterns

Chopra A.K., 1981: Performance of growing and lactating buffaloes on diets containing dried brewers grains

Combs G.E., 1986: Performance of growing finishing swine fed diets containing algae produced on swine lagoon effluent

Abdul Aziz G.M., 1987: Performance of growing goats fed on different roughage concentrate proportions

Ibeh E.N., 1982: Performance of growing new zealand white rabbits fed diets supplemented with cement kiln dust

Whittemore, C. T.; Moffat, I. W., 1977: Performance of growing pigs fed dried microbial cells methylomonas methylotropha

Radcliffe B.C., 1984: Performance of growing pigs fed wheat barley or triticale

Sell J.L., 1982: Performance of growing turkey hens as influenced by supplemental dietary fat and different metabolizable energy nutrient ratios

Bistline F.W., 1988: Performance of hamlin orange on 30 citrus rootstocks in southern florida usa

Sung, R. J.; Sung, G. S.; Hodgson, W. R.; Angelelli, R. M., 1976: Performance of hearing aids with an induction loop amplification system laboratory vs classroom setting

Nabelek I.V., 1983: Performance of hearing impaired listeners under various types amplitude compression

Kategile J.A., 1979: Performance of heifers fed on diets based on sodium hydroxide treated maize cobs and the effect of supplementary urea and source of carbohydrates

Maraschin G.E., 1985: Performance of heifers in pastures of pangola grass pensacola grass and coastal bermuda grass

Han, S. U.; Choi, S. K.; Lee, Y. B., 1986: Performance of height growth and specific gravity of tenth year open pollinated progenies of pinus densiflora s. et z

Cavalcanti F.B., 1986: Performance of herbaceous cotton lines in the state of alagoas brazil

Barlow, R.; O'neill, G. H., 1978: Performance of hereford and cross bred hereford cattle in subtropics of new south wales growth of 1st cross calves to weaning

O'neill G.H., 1980: Performance of hereford and cross bred hereford cattle in the subtropics of new south wales australia genetic analyses of pre weaning performance of 1st cross calves

Day H.R., 1981: Performance of hereford and friesian x hereford dams and their hereford sired and friesian sired progeny in a mediterranean environment

Proulx J.G., 1983: Performance of hereford x shorthorn bulls and steers raised in northern ontario canada and fed different levels of grass silage and high moisture barley

Baker L.R., 1981: Performance of hermaphroditic pollen parents in crosses with gynoecious lines for parthenocarpic yield in gynoecious pickling cucumber cucumis sativus for once over mechanical harvest

Mikhailov V., 1987: Performance of heterosis on triploid and tetraploid level in f 2 hybrids between a monogerm ms 4x population and multigerm 2x and 4x pollinators of sugar beet

Walden B.E., 1979: Performance of high frequency impaired listeners with conventional and extended high frequency amplification

Huber J.T., 1983: Performance of high producing cows in early lactation fed protein of varying amounts sources and degradability

Ravin C.E., 1987: Performance of high resolution monitors for digital chest imaging

Singh, H.; Chhuneja, P. K., 1987: Performance of high volume low volume and ultra low volume sprays for the control of amrasca biguttula biguttula ishida and bemisia tabaci genn. infesting cotton

Volcani R., 1982: Performance of high yielding dairy cows fed liquid whey

Blaesing, D.; Naumann, W. D.; Hartge, K. H., 1987: Performance of highbush blueberries vaccinium corymbosum as influenced by site i. survey in commercial blueberry plantations on humus sandy soils

Blaesing, D.; Naumann, W. D.; Hartge, K. H., 1988: Performance of highbush blueberries vaccinium corymbosum as influenced by site ii. physical soil properties in blueberry plantations on humus sandy soils and peat soils

Gage, P. D., 1985: Performance of hippocampectomized rats in a reference working memory task effects of preoperative vs. postoperative training

Bhat, P. N.; Singh, G.; Biswas, J. C.; Singhal, R. A.; Garg, R. C.; Kumar, S., 1978: Performance of holstein friesian cattle in india

Foster T.M., 1982: Performance of humans in concurrent avoidance positive reinforcement schedules

Shiozawa M., 1985: Performance of hydrophobic chromatography in purification of alpha amylase

Pocidalo J.J., 1984: Performance of hypo thermic isolated rat heart at various levels of blood acid base status

Utz, H. F.; Oettler, G., 1978: Performance of inbred lines and their top crosses in perennial rye grass lolium perenne

Friedrich F., 1987: Performance of individuals with aids on the luria nebraska neuropsychological battery

Daulay H.S., 1983: Performance of induced mutants in moth bean vigna aconitifolia

Hildebrand T., 1980: Performance of inhomogeneous and anisotropic filters in the visual system

Zimmermann, R. R.; Schroll, E. F.; Ackles, P.; Barrett, R.; Auster, M., 1978: Performance of institutional retardates on standard and new forms of the quick test

Froelich, W. G.; Pollmer, W. G.; Klein, D., 1977: Performance of isogenic liguleless 2 maize hybrids as influenced by irrigation row width plant density and nitrogen fertilizer

Brown C.M., 1981: Performance of isogenic soybean glycine max lines in mono culture and relay inter cropping environments

Lum, S. M. C.; Lin, Y. C., 1976: Performance of isolated rat hearts perfused with helium or nitrogen containing gas saturated solutions

Mcdowell R.E., 1982: Performance of jamaica hope cattle in commercial dairy herds in jamaica west indies

Raseed S.T., 1987: Performance of jenubi cattle

Rafey, A.; Mittra, B. N.; Pande, H. K., 1978: Performance of kalyan sona wheat under different soil moisture regimes at critical growth phases

Togimin T., 1986: Performance of kedah kelantan cattle fed palm kernel cake

Dhir, R. P.; Bhola, S. N.; Kolarkar, A. S., 1977: Performance of kharchia 65 and kalyan sona wheat varieties at different levels of water salinity and nitrogenous fertilizers

Section 7, Chapter 6084, Accession 006083183

Oziemblo J.Z., 1986: Performance of laboratory anaerobic hybrid reactors with varying depths of media

Steinmetz L.M., 1981: Performance of lactating dairy cows fed methionine or methionine analog at 2 concentrations of dietary crude protein

Mudgal V.D., 1981: Performance of lactating zebu cattle bos indicus and water buffalo bubalus bubalis on different levels of urea in the ration

Spangler, G. R.; Berst, A. H., 1976: Performance of lake trout salvelinus namaycush backcrosses f 1 splake salvelinus fontinalis x salvelinus namaycush and lake trout in lake huron

Peters H.F., 1982: Performance of lambs fed milk replacers having 2 levels of fat

Deeble F.K., 1984: Performance of lambs from 3 crossbred ewe types

Reid, R. L.; Powell, K.; Balasko, J. A.; Mccormick, C. C., 1978: Performance of lambs on perennial rye grass smooth brome grass orchard grass and tall fescue pasture part 1 live weight changes digestibility and intake of herbage

Powell, K.; Reid, R. L.; Balasko, J. A., 1978: Performance of lambs on perennial rye grass smooth brome grass orchard grass and tall fescue pastures part 2 mineral utilization in vitro digestibility and chemical composition of herbage

Edwards R.L., 1980: Performance of landrace yorkshire and duroc sired pigs from landrace sows

Section 7, Chapter 6084, Accession 006083196

Tierce, J. F.; Nordskog, A. W., 1985: Performance of layer type chickens as related to body conformation and composition 1. a static analysis of shank length and body weight at 20 weeks of age

Summers J.D., 1983: Performance of laying hens allowed self selection of various nutrients

Leeson, S.; Slinger, S. J.; Summers, J. D., 1977: Performance of laying hens fed diets containing gums derived from tower rapeseed

Proudfoot F.G., 1981: Performance of laying hens fed diets containing soybean gums rapeseed gums or rapeseed meals with and without gums

Marquardt R.R., 1980: Performance of laying hens fed on diets containing heat treated beans vicia faba var minor cotyledons and hulls

Whitehead C.C., 1980: Performance of laying hens fed on practical diets containing different levels of supplemental biotin during the rearing and laying stages

Rowe C.A., 1986: Performance of laying hens in a program of eradication of exogenous lymphoid leukosis viruses

Harms R.H., 1982: Performance of laying hens when fed various levels of sodium and chloride

Johnson M.S., 1981: Performance of lead zinc tolerant festuca rubra cultivar merlin on metalliferous spoil in relation to nitrogen source

Harms R.H., 1984: Performance of leghorn and broiler day old male chicks as affected by dietary monensin level

Takatori F.H., 1980: Performance of lettuce lactuca sativa plants originating from seedlings affected with physiological necrosis red cotyledon

Bohren, B. B., 1978: Performance of lines selected for fast and slow hatching times and crosses among them

Torstensson N.T.L., 1980: Performance of linuron in 4 swedish soil types

Section 7, Chapter 6084, Accession 006083211

Alam, S.; Quddus, M. A.; Rahman, L., 1978: Performance of locally collected mustard brassica campestris in relation to different genetic parameters

Norum D.I., 1987: Performance of low pressure center pivot sprinkler irrigation systems in saskatchewan saskatoon canada

Mehta S., 1982: Performance of low pressure cuffs an experimental evaluation

Castro E.D.M.D., 1986: Performance of lowland rice cultivars lines in ratoon crop

Gallo P.B., 1985: Performance of lowland rice cultivars to seed discoloration fungi

Section 7, Chapter 6084, Accession 006083217

Gama E.E.G.E., 1987: Performance of maize populations and their crosses for aluminum tolerance in nutrient solution

Rao M.R., 1982: Performance of maize soybean inter crop combination in the tropics results of a multi location study

Mungikar A.M., 1985: Performance of maize zea mays cultivar ganga safed 2 and cowpea vigna unguiculata cultivar pusa dofasli in an intercropping system

Jardim P.O.D.C., 1984: Performance of male and female lambs of polwarth purebred and texel x polwarth crossbred raised in native pasture

Pei D.C.T., 1987: Performance of male broiler chicks exposed to heat from ir or microwave sources

Section 7, Chapter 6084, Accession 006083225

Parisini P., 1980: Performance of male turkeys as a function of slaughtering age

Jason G.W., 1986: Performance of manual copying tasks after focal cortical lesions

Economides, C. V., 1976: Performance of marsh seedless grapefruit on 6 rootstocks in cyprus

Maxwell N.P., 1979: Performance of mature nucellar grapefruit citrus paradisi cultivar redblush on 22 rootstocks in texas usa

Chambers J.R., 1982: Performance of meat type chickens test positive and test negative for lymphoid leukosis virus infection

Prenosil, J. E.; Hediger, T., 1988: Performance of membrane fixed biocatalyst reactors i. membrane reactor systems and modelling

Richman, C. L.; Adams, K. A.; Nida, S. A.; Richman, J., 1978: Performance of mental age matched nonretarded and retarded children on discrimination learning and transfer shift tasks

Nesbit, W. C.; Chambers, J., 1976: Performance of mental age matched nonretarded and retarded children on measures of field dependence

Seidl C., 1985: Performance of mentally retarded adults on the canadian standardized test of fitness

Detterman D.K., 1981: Performance of mentally retarded and nonretarded persons on a lifted weight task with strategies reduced or eliminated

Bornkamm R., 1987: Performance of mesobromion species in berlin west germany

Horwitz, W.; Albert, R., 1984: Performance of methods of analysis used for regulatory purposes 1. drug forms a. chromatographic separation spectrophotometric measurement

Keathley J.D., 1986: Performance of microtrak direct test for chlamydia trachomatis in a prevalence study

Pineiro, J.; Harris, W., 1978: Performance of mixture of rye grass cultivars and prairie grass with red clover cultivars under 2 grazing frequencies part 1 herbage production in the establishment year

Osman A.M., 1982: Performance of mixtures of cereal and legume forages under irrigation in the sudan

Pineiro, J.; Harris, W., 1978: Performance of mixtures of rye grass cultivars and prairie grass with red clover cultivars under 2 grazing frequencies part 2 shoot populations and natural re seeding of prairie grass

Harris, W.; Pineiro, J.; Henderson, J. D., 1980: Performance of mixtures of rye grass lolium cultivars and prairie grass bromus catharticus with red clover trifolium pratense cultivars under 2 grazing frequencies 3. herbage production and shoot numbers in the 2nd year

Macdonald J.A., 1984: Performance of motor systems in antarctic fishes

Van Os W., 1983: Performance of multi load intra uterine device models with different copper loads

Ng, T. T.; Tang, T. H.; Chia, J. L.; Kueh, H. S., 1977: Performance of mung bean vigna radiata cultivars in sarawak malaysia

Andhale R.K., 1979: Performance of mung phaseolus aureus varieties under various levels of row spacing and varying dates of sowing

Kumar H., 1983: Performance of musambi cultivar of sweet orange citrus sinensis as influenced by different rootstocks

Moller L.E., 1980: Performance of musicians under noise

Aherne, F. X.; Bowland, J. P.; Christian, R. G.; Hardin, R. T., 1976: Performance of myo cardial and blood serum changes in pigs fed diets containing high or low erucic acid rapeseed oils

Thseng F S., 1984: Performance of narrow and broad leaflet near isogenic lines of soybeans

Baylor J.E., 1980: Performance of native and anglo nubian crosses and observations on improved pastures for goats in the bahamas

Dat, T. V.; Peterson, M. L., 1983: Performance of near isogenic genotypes of rice oryza sativa cultivar calrose 76 differing in growth duration 1. yields and yield components

Van-Dat, T.; Peterson, M. L., 1983: Performance of near isogenic genotypes of rice oryza sativa cultivar calrose 76 differing in growth duration 2. carbohydrate partitioning during grain filling

Boaden R.W., 1986: Performance of needle valves

Oakley, D. A.; Russell, I. S., 1978: Performance of neo decorticated rabbits in a free operant situation

Sherry, M. P.; Schmidt, M. K.; Veum, T. L., 1978: Performance of neo natal piglets mechanically fed diets containing corn soybean meal and milk protein

Kumar D., 1979: Performance of neurotics and stables on the standard progressive matrices

Mcknight, D. R., 1978: Performance of new born dairy calves in hutch housing

Townsend, T. H.; Olsen, C., 1982: Performance of new hearing aids using the ansi s 3.22 1976 standard

Peri C., 1982: Performance of new membranes in milk and whey ultra filtration

Edlich R.F., 1987: Performance of new wound closure tapes

Rawlings J.O., 1983: Performance of nonnodulating and nodulating soybean glycine max isolines in mixed culture with nodulating cultivars

Huber J.F.K., 1980: Performance of nonrigid ion exchange packings of small particle size in the separation of cytochrome c and derivatives by high pressure liquid chromatography

Szabadi E., 1987: Performance of normal adults on the matching familiar figures test

Gramshaw, D.; Landon, P. W.; Lowe, K. F.; Lloyd, D. L., 1985: Performance of north american and australian lucernes in the queensland australia subtropics 1. field reaction to important root and crown diseases

Lowe, K. F.; Gramshaw, D.; Bowdler, T. M.; Ludke, D. H., 1985: Performance of north american and australian lucernes in the queensland australia subtropics 2. yield and plant survival in irrigated stands

Lloyd, D. L.; Gramshaw, D.; Hilder, T. B.; Ludke, D. H.; Turner, J. W., 1985: Performance of north american and australian lucernes in the queensland australia subtropics 3. yield plant survival and aphid population in raingrown stands

Brinkman M.A., 1979: Performance of oat avena sativa plants grown from primary and secondary kernels

Costa C.P., 1983: Performance of onion allium cepa cultivars in terms of leaf wax replacement

Babar V.S., 1986: Performance of onion in maharashtra india

Casler M.D., 1988: Performance of orchardgrass smooth bromegrass and ryegrass in binary mixtures with alfalfa

De Silva S.S., 1985: Performance of oreochromis niloticus fry maintained on mixed feeding schedules of differing protein content

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Section 7, Chapter 6084, Accession 006083338

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Section 7, Chapter 6084, Accession 006083353

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Section 7, Chapter 6084, Accession 006083403

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