Performance of lambs on perennial rye grass smooth brome grass orchard grass and tall fescue pastures part 2 mineral utilization in vitro digestibility and chemical composition of herbage

Powell, K.; Reid, R.L.; Balasko, J.A.

Journal of Animal Science 46(6): 1503-1514


ISSN/ISBN: 0021-8812
Accession: 006083193

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Mineral balance trials with lambs fed perennial ryegrass, smooth bromegrass, orchardgrass and tall fescue herbage at 2 growth stages in 2 yr showed significant effects of date of cutting and grass species on the concentration, apparent absorption (AA) and retention of major elements. Concentrations of Ca, P, K and S declined with maturity, with little change in Mg. Apparent absorption of Ca, P, K and S declined with maturation of the herbage; Mg availability increased. Seasonal changes in the in vitro dry matter digestibility (IVDMD) and chemical composition of grazed pastures were determined, and relationships between chemical composition, mineral utilization and in vivo DMD and intake were examined by multiple regression analysis. Lignin was the most important component affecting IVDMD.