Periclimenes pilipes new species a crinoid associate from enewetak atoll marshall island pacific ocean crustacea decapoda pontoniinae

Bruce, A.J.; Zmarzly, D.L.

Journal of Crustacean Biology 3(4): 644-654


ISSN/ISBN: 0278-0372
Accession: 006084508

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P. pilipes sp. nov. is described and illustrated. Shrimps of this species were associated with the crinoid Comanthina schlegeli at Enewetak Atoll, Marshall Islands, at 3-22 m depth. Aspects of the ecology of P. pilipes and its mimickry of host coloration are discussed. The species is most closely related to P. novaecaledonia Bruce, also a crinoid associate, from which it may be distinguished by its characteristic ambulatory pereiopods.