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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6089

Chapter 6089 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Ali, S. A.; Al-Yusuf, A. R.; Salem, S. N.; El-Ghamrawy, E.; Zagulaul, S., 1970: Pernicious anemia among arabs in kuwait

Parker, A. C.; Bennett, M., 1976: Pernicious anemia and lympho proliferative disease

Ginsberg, A.; Mullinax, F., 1970: Pernicious anemia and mono clonal gammopathy in a patient with immuno globulin a deficiency

Cotton P.B., 1986: Pernicious anemia and mucosal endocrine cell proliferation of the non antral stomach

Gendre J P., 1986: Pernicious anemia and selective immunoglobulin a deficiency one case

Mosbech J., 1979: Pernicious anemia as a risk factor in gastric cancer

Moquist Olsson I., 1981: Pernicious anemia as a risk factor in gastric cancer the extent of the problem

Section 7, Chapter 6089, Accession 006088007

Williamson J.M., 1982: Pernicious anemia in a young man presenting with dyspepsia

Dundon S., 1979: Pernicious anemia in an 11 year old male

Berdoff R., 1981: Pernicious anemia in blacks a study of 64 patients from washington dc usa and johannesburg south africa

Weiner J.M., 1987: Pernicious anemia in latin americans is not a disease of the elderly

Menon G.G., 1984: Pernicious anemia intra gastric bacterial overgrowth and possible consequences

Plavnick L., 1985: Pernicious anemia masked by beta thalassemia trait in two young israeli arabs

Cutlip D.E., 1981: Pernicious anemia seen initially as orthostatic hypotension

Carmel R., 1988: Pernicious anemia the expected findings of very low serum cobalamin levels anemia and macrocytosis are often lacking

Blyumina M.G., 1984: Pernicious forms of phenylketonuria

Smith N.P., 1981: Perniosis a histo pathological review

Kamimura, M.; Kamimura, M.; Nakasugi, I., 1980: Perniosis in okinawa japan 8. investigation and observation on primary school children

Bennet, P. S.; Chellam, A., 1975: Peroderma tasselum new species lernaeoceriformes copepoda parasitic on the fish stolephorus commersonii

Vieira A., 1987: Perola and smooth cayenne pineapple cultivars competition

Szazados I., 1980: Peromelia terminal transverse defect in a bull

Section 7, Chapter 6089, Accession 006088022

Section 7, Chapter 6089, Accession 006088023

Myers J.E., 1986: Peromyscus leucopus and microtus pennsylvanicus simultaneously infected with borrelia burgdorferi and babesia microti

Nomura S., 1984: Peroneal flaps for the reconstruction of the extremity

Banzet P., 1988: Peroneal flaps with or without vascularized fibular bone graft in reconstruction of the lower limb

Yamauchi S., 1985: Peroneal island flap for skin defects in the lower extremity

Kanekasu K., 1986: Peroneal island flap transfer

Pelc S., 1985: Peroneal motor nerve conduction velocity in diabetic children and adolescents relationships to metabolic control hla dr antigens retinopathy and the electroencephalogram

Bouche, P.; Gherardi, R.; Cathala, H. P.; Lhermitte, F.; Castaigne, P., 1983: Peroneal muscular atrophy 1. clinical and electro physiological study

Cherardi, R.; Bouche, P.; Escourolle, R.; Hauw, J. J., 1983: Peroneal muscular atrophy 2. nerve biopsy studies

Robinson, N., 1968: Peroneal muscular atrophy a histochemical study

Georgiadis G., 1984: Peroneal muscular atrophy and epilepsy with cerebellar ataxia and choreo athetosis in the same family

Billinghurst, J. R., 1976: Peroneal muscular atrophy of charcot marie tooth in 2 african brothers

Testa G.F., 1981: Peroneal muscular atrophy with ataxia and partial myo clonic epilepsy

Delisa J.A., 1981: Peroneal nerve conduction velocity the importance of temperature correction

Peterson K., 1986: Peroneal nerve palsy after cryotherapy

Meals, R. A., 1977: Peroneal nerve palsy complicating ankle sprain

Hirohata K., 1981: Peroneal nerve palsy due to fabella

Levy, M., 1975: Peroneal nerve palsy due to superior dislocation of the head of the fibula and shortening of the tibia monteggia like fracture dislocation of the calf

Insall J.N., 1982: Peroneal nerve palsy following total knee arthro plasty

Section 7, Chapter 6089, Accession 006088042

Van Der Molen E.J., 1984: Peroneal paralysis and necrosis of the distal parts of the hind limbs in piglets due to a faulty injection technique

Grimm T., 1986: Peroneal somatosensory evoked potentials in the pure form of hereditary spastic paraplegia

Singson R.D., 1986: Peroneal tendon injuries computed tomographic analysis

Price G.J., 1987: Peroneal tendon injury associated with calcaneal fractures ct findings

Ebskov B., 1980: Peroneus splints and diabetic neuropathy

Section 7, Chapter 6089, Accession 006088048

Section 7, Chapter 6089, Accession 006088049

Kobayashi, Y.; Kimishima, E.; Nishio, T.; Nagao, N., 1986: Peronophythora litchii isolated from litchi fruit litchi chinensis imported from taiwan

Ko, W. H.; Chang, H. S.; Su, H. J.; Chen, C. C.; Leu, L. S., 1978: Peronophythoraceae a new family of peronosporales

Section 7, Chapter 6089, Accession 006088052

Riggle, J. H., 1977: Peronospora manshurica on a nonhost and on resistant susceptible and intermediate soybeans

Gustavsson A., 1988: Peronospora on cultivated clovers in sweden

Gustavsson A., 1987: Peronospora on two cerastium species in northern europe

Ben-Ze'ev, I. S.; Kenneth, R. G.; Bonde, M. R., 1987: Peronospora radii new record de by. a causal agent of downy mildew of anthemideae complementary description and new hosts recorded in israel

Skalicky V., 1983: Peronospora spp on astragalus sensu lato

Bebiya, E. A., 1977: Peronospora tabacina infection in tobacco seeds/

Fried, P. M.; Stuteville, D. L., 1977: Peronospora trifoliorum sporangium development and effects of humidity and light on discharge and germination

Lucas, M. T.; Dias, M. R. D. S., 1976: Peronosporaceae lusitaniae

Cheremisinov N.A., 1979: Peronosporales in mixed forests near moscow russian sfsr ussr and their effect on forest plants

Stanyavichene, S. I., 1981: Peronosporales in the lithuanian ssr ussr 1. plants of the family chenopodiaceae

Savintseva, Z. D., 1974: Peronosporous fungi from the kabardino balkarian assr ussr

Section 7, Chapter 6089, Accession 006088064

Section 7, Chapter 6089, Accession 006088065

Hole A., 1984: Peroperative and postoperative monocyte and lymphocyte functions effects of combined epidural and general anesthesia

Longo O.F., 1984: Peroperative and postoperative pharmacocholangiography 32 years of experience

Section 7, Chapter 6089, Accession 006088068

Blumgart L.H., 1985: Peroperative cholangiography and postcholecystectomy biliary strictures

Keighley M.R.B., 1985: Peroperative detection of patients with rectal cancer at high risk of local recurrence

Andersen R., 1984: Peroperative hypothermia

Souron R., 1987: Peroperative hypothermia prevention

Section 7, Chapter 6089, Accession 006088073

Osterbye B., 1988: Peroperative ilioinguinal block in children

Evans M., 1987: Peroperative lavage of the obstructed left colon to allow safe primary anastomosis

Chartrand C., 1985: Peroperative myocardial ischemia and citrate administration cardiovascular adaptability in conscious dogs

Shaffer E.A., 1986: Peroperative oral fluids is a five hour fast justified prior to elective surgery?

Section 7, Chapter 6089, Accession 006088078

Section 7, Chapter 6089, Accession 006088079

Reinholdson S., 1985: Peroperative staging of renal carcinoma a methodologic comparison

Haverkorn M.J., 1985: Peroperative systemic prophylaxis in colorectal surgery

Mijic A., 1987: Peroperative venous endothelium of the autograft changes prepared for myocardial revascularization

Section 7, Chapter 6089, Accession 006088083

Eklof B., 1985: Peroral magnesium hydroxide therapy and intermittent claudication a preliminary report

Polsacheva O.V., 1986: Peroral method of specific immunotherapy of pollinosis

Kettlewell M.G.W., 1984: Peroral pulsion intubation of malignant esophageal strictures using a fiberoptic technique

Section 7, Chapter 6089, Accession 006088087

Section 7, Chapter 6089, Accession 006088088

Section 7, Chapter 6089, Accession 006088089

Burighel P., 1979: Peroxidase absorption in the ascidian gut

Cohen G.M., 1986: Peroxidase activation of 1 naphthol to naphthoxy or naphthoxy derived radicals and their reaction with glutathione

Mcguire C., 1986: Peroxidase activities in cucumber cucumis sativus pickle products

Ghosh S., 1984: Peroxidase activities in human breast tumors in relation to menstrual status of the patients

Naleczynska, A.; Stuczynska, J., 1976: Peroxidase activity and content of phenolic compounds in 2 forms of rye grasses under different doses of nitrogen

Section 7, Chapter 6089, Accession 006088095

Krywuta S., 1981: Peroxidase activity and forms in trametes versicolor cultures grown in the presence of industrial cellulose wastes

Cassidy D.S.M., 1984: Peroxidase activity and induced lignification in rusted flax linum usitatissimum interactions varying in their degree of incompatibility

Section 7, Chapter 6089, Accession 006088098

Zmrhal Z., 1982: Peroxidase activity and iso enzyme patterns in wheat triticum aestivum cultivar jubilar during ontogenesis

Van-Lelyveld, L. J., 1978: Peroxidase activity and iso enzymes in abscised and normal mango mangifera indica fruits

Bester A.I.J., 1979: Peroxidase activity and iso enzymes in the leaves and bark of avocado trees affected with rough bark and phytophthora root rot

Fortune D., 1984: Peroxidase activity and iso peroxidase composition in the cultured stem tissue callus and cell suspensions of actinidia chinensis

Boiko, M. I.; Negrutskii, S. F.; Krasil'naya, E. N., 1987: Peroxidase activity and isoenzyme composition in pinus sylvestris sprouts infected by heterobasidion annosum fr. bref

Kim S.S., 1985: Peroxidase activity and isoenzyme pattern change in two shoot initiating hormonal levels

Bhalla J.K., 1983: Peroxidase activity and isoenzymes in induced dwarf and tall mutants of pigeon pea cajanus cajan

Trippi V.S., 1982: Peroxidase activity and its relationship to aging and abscission in phaseolus vulgaris

Section 7, Chapter 6089, Accession 006088107

Mujer C.V., 1983: Peroxidase activity and protein banding pattern in the orchid phalaenopsis equestris

Section 7, Chapter 6089, Accession 006088109

Section 7, Chapter 6089, Accession 006088110

Van Vuuren S.P., 1988: Peroxidase activity as a marker in greening disease of citrus for assessment of tolerance and susceptibility

Olteanu G., 1979: Peroxidase activity as a possible test for distinguishing s plasm from n plasm in sugar beet beta vulgaris

Stevens, H. C.; Calvan, M.; Lee, K.; Siegel, B. Z.; Siegel, S. M., 1978: Peroxidase activity as a screening parameter for salt stress in brassica spp

Mellstrom A., 1988: Peroxidase activity at cns nodes of ranvier and in initial axon segments of lumbrosacral alpha motoneurons after intramuscular administration of horseradish peroxidase

Section 7, Chapter 6089, Accession 006088116

Section 7, Chapter 6089, Accession 006088117

Mellstrom A., 1985: Peroxidase activity at nodes of ranvier in some commonly used laboratory animals after intramuscular administration of horseradish peroxidase

Konstantinova M., 1982: Peroxidase activity at the starting phases of plant development as criterion for predicting tomato earliness

Bajaj, K. L.; Kaur, G.; Dhillon, G. S.; Nandpuri, K. S.; Singh, D., 1978: Peroxidase activity chemical composition and plant characters of some promising pea cultivars

Dencheva, A.; Klisurska, D., 1976: Peroxidase activity during corn seed germination

Bailey, D. G.; Cisle, J. H.; Schepartz, A. I., 1970: Peroxidase activity during curing and storage of cigar filler tobacco

Mukherjee D., 1982: Peroxidase activity during early seedling growth in light and dark

Shamratova V.G., 1981: Peroxidase activity in blood serum of rats irradiated under normal conditions and under hyper thermia

Dietrich S.M.C., 1985: Peroxidase activity in detached leaves of pereskia grandifolia during root formation

Gurpide E., 1980: Peroxidase activity in glands and stroma of human endometrium

Cubitt I.R., 1981: Peroxidase activity in grass dwarf selection lines in spring wheat triticum aestivum

Section 7, Chapter 6089, Accession 006088129

Mcdonnel L., 1982: Peroxidase activity in human breast carcinomas correlation with histological and biochemical parameters

Navarro J.L., 1984: Peroxidase activity in human cutaneous mast cells an ultrastructural demonstration

Innocentini L.H., 1979: Peroxidase activity in human red cell a biological model for excited state molecules generation

Section 7, Chapter 6089, Accession 006088133

Tyson, H., 1970: Peroxidase activity in linum usitatissimum d

Goilo, T. A.; Ashmarin, I. P.; Simanovskii, L. N.; Bresler, V. M., 1976: Peroxidase activity in neurons of the rat brain hemispheres during hypoxia training

Mcphie J.L., 1979: Peroxidase activity in nonparenchymal cells isolated from rat liver a cytochemical study

Maraldi A.C., 1987: Peroxidase activity in phaseolus vulgaris seedling tissues and callus cultures a comparison of genotypes and developmental stages

Singh S.J. , 1981: Peroxidase activity in pumpkin cucurbita maxima plants infected with pumpkin mosaic virus

Wood, R. L.; Legg, P. G., 1970: Peroxidase activity in rat liver microbodies after amino triazole inhibition

Ogawa K., 1986: Peroxidase activity in rat tracheal epithelium and gland

Kumar, R.; Gupta, V. P., 1987: Peroxidase activity in relation to plant height and seed yield in indian mustard brassica juncea l. coss

Owens J.N., 1985: Peroxidase activity in relation to suberization and respiration in white spruce picea glauca seedling roots

Bera A.K., 1979: Peroxidase activity in rice leaves infected with helminthosporium oryzae in relation to lesion maturation

Zaar K., 1979: Peroxidase activity in root hairs of cress lepidium sativum cytochemical localization and radioactive labeling of wall bound peroxidase

Minami N., 1985: Peroxidase activity in salivary glands and saliva of beige chediak higashi mice

Chilikov I., 1984: Peroxidase activity in seedlings of early and late short stemmed and tall rice cultivars

Karege, F.; Penel, C.; Greppin, H., 1977: Peroxidase activity in spinach leaves during ontogenesis under short or long photoperiod

Oezel, M.; Kroeber, H.; Petzold, H., 1980: Peroxidase activity in the compatible and in the incompatible system with downy mildew of spinach

Nakamura I., 1985: Peroxidase activity in the epithelium of the digestive tract of the bullfrog rana catesbeiana

Litvak A.I., 1986: Peroxidase activity in the leaves of microcloned grape cultivars and forms in relation to their mildew resistance

Kulkarni A.P., 1986: Peroxidase activity in the mouse uterus placenta and fetus during pregnancy

Pilz, H.; Goebel, H. H., 1977: Peroxidase activity in the parotid gland in juvenile neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis

Stein, A.; Loebenstein, G., 1976: Peroxidase activity in tobacco plants with poly anion induced interference to tobacco mosaic virus

Laiho K., 1988: Peroxidase activity in traumatic skin lesions

Navarro Navarro J.L., 1984: Peroxidase activity of blast cells from acute myelogenous leukemia in methylcellulose culture

Matyushichev, V. B.; Taratukhin, V. R.; Shamratova, V. G., 1976: Peroxidase activity of blood serum in combined beta roentgen irradiation of the body

Shamratova V.G., 1979: Peroxidase activity of blood serum of rats after the effect of external beta irradiation and hyper thermia

Metelitsa D.I., 1985: Peroxidase activity of catalase in reactions with aromatic amines

Khotyleva, L. V.; Polchaninova, T. V., 1976: Peroxidase activity of inbred corn lines at some stages of growth and development

Korzhev V.A., 1987: Peroxidase activity of myoglobins in mammals

Georgiev, G. Kh ; Bakerdzhieva, N. T.; Georgiev, G. I., 1977: Peroxidase activity of plants in different phylogenetic positions

Prokopowicz J., 1982: Peroxidase activity of the granulocytes in the course of surgical treatment of neoplasm of the alimentary tract

Section 7, Chapter 6089, Accession 006088167

Mitton J.B., 1984: Peroxidase allozyme differentiation among successional stands of ponderosa pine pinus ponderosa var scopulorum

Kulkarni A.P., 1986: Peroxidase an alternate pathway to cytochrome p 450 for xenobiotic metabolism in skin partial purification and properties of the enzyme from neonatal rat skin

Gaspar, T.; Wyndaele, R.; Bouchet, M.; Ceulemans, E., 1977: Peroxidase and alpha amylase activities in relation to germination of dormant and nondormant wheat

Rao, V. R.; Mehta, S. L.; Joshi, M. G., 1976: Peroxidase and amylase activity in developing grains of triticale wheat and rye

Protopapadakis E.E., 1986: Peroxidase and catalase activities in healthy and phomopsis citri infected citrus trees

Modi V.V., 1984: Peroxidase and chilling injury in banana musa sapientum fruit

De Canelada M.E.L., 1985: Peroxidase and esterase isozymes in native species of the genus erythrina

Section 7, Chapter 6089, Accession 006088176

Section 7, Chapter 6089, Accession 006088177

Roth, J.; Wagner, M., 1977: Peroxidase and gold complexes of lectins for double labeling of surface binding sites by electron microscopy

Duran N., 1980: Peroxidase and hydrogen per oxide detection by a bio energized method

Da-Graca, J. V.; Van-Lelyveld, L. J., 1978: Peroxidase and iaa oxidase activities and iso enzymes in the mature bark of sunblotch infected avocado persea americana

Rakitina T.Ya, 1987: Peroxidase and iaa oxidase activity in etiolated and illuminated pea sprouts

Ilieva T., 1983: Peroxidase and iaa oxidase activity in relation with the primary roots growth in a single maize hybrid and in its parental forms

Tames R.S., 1982: Peroxidase and iaa oxidase in germinating seeds of cicer arietinum

Van-Hoof, P.; Gaspar, T., 1976: Peroxidase and iso peroxidase changes in relation to root initiation of asparagus cultured in vitro

Burnette, F. S., 1977: Peroxidase and its relationship to food flavor and quality a review

Morgan K., 1981: Peroxidase and leucine amino peptidase in di ploid medicago species closely related to alfalfa multiple gene loci multiple allelism and linkage

Rydell G., 1987: Peroxidase and peroxidase oxidase activities of isolated human myeloperoxidases

Section 7, Chapter 6089, Accession 006088188

Flurkey, W. H.; Jen, J. J., 1978: Peroxidase and poly phenol oxidase activities in developing peaches

Mukhopadhyay, D.; Nandi, B., 1976: Peroxidase and poly phenol oxidase activities in healthy and infected jute stem

Nikolov, S.; Tsikov, D., 1978: Peroxidase and poly phenol oxidase activity in leaves of male sterile tobacco forms

Chattopadhyay, N. C.; Nandi, B., 1976: Peroxidase and poly phenol oxidase activity in malformed mango inflorescence caused by fusarium moniliforme var subglutinans

Yamamoto, H.; Hokin, H.; Tani, T., 1978: Peroxidase and poly phenol oxidase in relation to the crown rust resistance of oat leaves

Sprocati M.T., 1982: Peroxidase and poly phenol oxidase iso enzymes hyper sensitive reaction and systemic induced resistance in nicotiana glutinosa infected with tobacco mosaic virus

Bajaj K.L., 1985: Peroxidase and polyphenol oxidase associated with induced resistance of mung bean vigna radiata to rhizoctonia solani

Srivastava, S. K., 1987: Peroxidase and polyphenol oxidase in brassica juncea plants infected with macrophomina phaseolina tassai goid. and their implication in disease resistance

Ozeretskovskaya O.L., 1985: Peroxidase and polyphenoloxidase activity the marker of potato tuber sensitization

Hermansky, F.; Poch, T.; Lodrova, V., 1977: Peroxidase and pseudo peroxidase reactions in relation to sudanophilia

Shaposhnikov A.A., 1981: Peroxidase and respiration process inhibition by chemicals in preserved vegetable fodder

Kersten E., 1986: Peroxidase and superoxide dismutase banding patterns of some peach genotypes

Forsyth C., 1985: Peroxidase and zeatin stability

Thomas E.L., 1982: Peroxidase anti microbial system of human saliva hypo thio cyanite levels in resting and stimulated saliva

Jefferson M.M., 1981: Peroxidase anti microbial system of human saliva requirements for accumulation of hypo thio cyanite

Sim, J. S.; French, S. W., 1976: Peroxidase anti peroxidase complex binding by mallory bodies in unfixed tissue

Hoofnagle J.H., 1987: Peroxidase anti peroxidase detection of hepatitis b surface and core antigen in liver biopsy specimens from patients with chronic type b hepatitis

Katayama I., 1983: Peroxidase anti peroxidase immuno peroxidase method demonstrating endogenous estrogen in breast carcinomas

Smith R.L., 1983: Peroxidase anti peroxidase labeling of azospirillum brasilense in field grown pearl millet pennisetum americanum

Gayoto L.C.D.C., 1980: Peroxidase anti peroxidase unlabeled antibody technique for the detection of hepatitis b surface antigen in hepatic tissue

Connor J.D., 1987: Peroxidase antiperoxidase assay for rapid detection of respiratory syncytial virus in nasal epithelial specimens from infants and children

Meijer, J.; Poot, P.; Molenaar, G.; Goede, R., 1986: Peroxidase antiperoxidase complex a pitfall in immunocytochemistry of the pig hypothalamus

Williams C., 1986: Peroxidase antiperoxidase evaluation of human oral squamous cell papillomas

Javadpour, N.; Vafrier, J.; Worsham, G. F.; O'connel, K., 1984: Peroxidase antiperoxidase vs. specific red cell adherence in detection in o h antigen in bladder cancer a blind study

Gaspar T., 1983: Peroxidase as a marker for rooting improvement of cynara scolymus cultured in vitro

Anderson A.J., 1986: Peroxidase associated with the root surface of phaseolus vulgaris cultivar dark red kidney

Thompson R.Q., 1987: Peroxidase based colorimetric determination of l ascorbic acid

Slinde E., 1983: Peroxidase catalase and palmitoyl coenzyme a hydrolase activity in blanched carrot cubes after storage at minus 20 celsius

Meunier B., 1987: Peroxidase catalysed oxidation of n 2 n 6 dimethyl 9 hydroxyellipticinium acetate evidence for the formation of an electrophilic quinoniminium derivative

Section 7, Chapter 6089, Accession 006088220

Davidson W.S., 1986: Peroxidase catalyzed aggregation of plasmid pbr 322 dna by benzidine metabolites in vitro

O'brien P.J., 1985: Peroxidase catalyzed benzidine binding to dna and other macromolecules

O'brien P.J., 1985: Peroxidase catalyzed binding of uniformly carbon 14 labeled phenol to dna

Jurasek L., 1984: Peroxidase catalyzed color removal from bleach plant effluent

Paoletti C., 1986: Peroxidase catalyzed covalent binding of the antitumor drug n 2 methyl 9 hydroxyellipticinium to dna in vitro

Paunio K., 1979: Peroxidase catalyzed formation of di tyrosine a protein cross link in human periodontal ligament collagen

Dunford H.B., 1985: Peroxidase catalyzed formation of triplet acetone and chemiluminescence from isobutyraldehyde and molecular oxygen

Anttonen T., 1980: Peroxidase catalyzed hypo thio cyanite production in human salivary sediment in relation to oral health

Tandon P., 1985: Peroxidase catalyzed iaa oxidation in presence of cofactors and auxin protectors isolated from eriophyes cernuus incited zizyphus jujuba gall tissue

Datta A.G., 1985: Peroxidase catalyzed iodotyrosine formation in dispersed cells of mouse extrathyroidal tissues

Deutsch, M. J.; Roerig, D. L.; Wang, R. I. H., 1977: Peroxidase catalyzed irreversible binding of morphine to protein

Section 7, Chapter 6089, Accession 006088232

Hollenberg P.F., 1985: Peroxidase catalyzed n demethylation reactions deuterium solvent isotope effects

Hollenberg P.F., 1984: Peroxidase catalyzed n demethylation reactions substrate deuterium isotope effects

Meunier B., 1985: Peroxidase catalyzed o demethylation reactions quinone imine formation from 9 methoxyellipticine derivatives

Thomas, E. L.; Aune, T. M., 1977: Peroxidase catalyzed oxidation of protein sulfhydryls mediated by iodine

O'brien P.J., 1985: Peroxidase catalyzed oxygen activation by arylamine carcinogens and phenol

Wilson, J. M.; Wong, E., 1976: Peroxidase catalyzed oxygenation of 4 2 4 tri hydroxy chalcone

Scott K.P., 1983: Peroxidase catalyzed removal of phenols from coal conversion waste waters

Boorsma, D. M.; Streefkerk, J. G., 1976: Peroxidase conjugate chromatography isolation of conjugates prepared with glutaraldehyde or per iodate using poly acrylamide agarose gel

Barton J.C., 1987: Peroxidase containing microgranules in human neutrophils physical morphological cytochemical and secretory properties

Tseng M.T., 1982: Peroxidase content in cell sub populations of 7 12 di methyl benz a anthracene induced mammary tumors in rats

Section 7, Chapter 6089, Accession 006088243

Zeba B., 1980: Peroxidase content of soybean glycine max cultivar altona root nodules

Section 7, Chapter 6089, Accession 006088245

Deimann, W.; Fahimi, H. D., 1978: Peroxidase cytochemistry and ultrastructure of resident macrophages in fetal rat liver a developmental study

Turpin, F.; Lejeune, F.; Vilde, J. L.; Le-Coq, D.; Lortholary, P.; Paraf, A., 1978: Peroxidase deficiency in neutrophils in systemic mastocytosis

Kuehl F.A.Jr, 1979: Peroxidase dependent deactivation of prostacyclin synthetase

Section 7, Chapter 6089, Accession 006088249

Montoya E., 1983: Peroxidase distribution and iso enzyme pattern in different sub cellular fractions from saccharomyces cerevisiae

Section 7, Chapter 6089, Accession 006088251

Khan, A. A.; Malhotra, S. S., 1982: Peroxidase ec activity as an indicator of sulfur di oxide injury in jack pine pinus banksiana and white birch betula papyrifera

Banerji, A. J.; Dutta, S., 1979: Peroxidase ec activity in the rat breast tissue as a marker of estrogen action

Osborne, J. C.; Metzler, M.; Neumann, H. G., 1980: Peroxidase ec activity in the rat zymbal gland and its possible role in metabolic activation of amino stilbenes in target tissue

Kalir, A.; Omri, G.; Poljakoff-Mayber, A., 1984: Peroxidase ec and catalase ec activity in leaves of halimione portulacoides exposed to salinity

Klisurska, D.; Dencheva, A., 1983: Peroxidase ec and iaa oxidase in crude and partially purified enzyme extracts of growing and differentiating root cells

Kumar, K. B.; Khan, P. A., 1982: Peroxidase ec and poly phenol oxidase ec in excised ragi eleusine coracana cultivar pr 202 leaves during senescence

Section 7, Chapter 6089, Accession 006088258

Huff, A., 1982: Peroxidase ec catalyzed oxidation of chlorophyll by hydrogen per oxide

Johnson, L. B.; Lee, R. F., 1978: Peroxidase ec changes in wheat isolines with compatible and incompatible leaf rust infections

Floris, G.; Medda, R.; Rinaldi, A., 1984: Peroxidase ec from euphorbia characias latex purification and properties

Esterbauer, H.; Grill, D.; Zotter, M., 1978: Peroxidase ec in needles of picea abies

Mujer, C. V.; Ramirez, D. A., 1980: Peroxidase ec isozymes in the mutant makapuno and normal endosperms of coconut

Section 7, Chapter 6089, Accession 006088264

Heggestad H.E., 1984: Peroxidase enzyme markers for ozone sensitivity in sweet corn zea mays

Dawidowicz A., 1983: Peroxidase from cultured peanut arachis hypogaea cells and fungal trametes versicolor mycelium as auxin receptors

Shindler, J. S.; Childs, R. E.; Bardsley, W. G., 1976: Peroxidase from human cervical mucus the isolation and characterization

Rinaldi A., 1984: Peroxidase from ipomoea batatas seedlings purification and properties

Vilter, H.; Glombitza, K. W., 1983: Peroxidase from phaeophyceae 2. analytical disc electrophoresis and iso electric focusing of peroxidases from phaeophyceae

Section 7, Chapter 6089, Accession 006088270

Bednar, T. W.; Linsmaier-Bednar, E. M.; King, C. M., 1976: Peroxidase hydrogen per oxide catalyzed incorporation of auxin derivatives into soluble rna

Clark, R. A.; Klebanoff, S. J.; Einstein, A. B.; Fefer, A., 1975: Peroxidase hydrogen per oxide halide system cyto toxic effect on mammalian tumor cells

Section 7, Chapter 6089, Accession 006088273

Van Nieuwmegen R., 1984: Peroxidase immuno cytochemistry for the detection of specific anti hapten penicilloyl antibody producing cells in the spleen after injection of a hapten carrier conjugate

Grant B.R., 1982: Peroxidase in caulerpa

Den-Tandt, W. R.; Martin, J. J., 1978: Peroxidase in ceroid lipofuscinosis

Mills R.R., 1979: Peroxidase in cytoplasm and cell wall of germinating lily pollen lilium longiflorum cultivar ace

Stoyanova S., 1987: Peroxidase in germinating wheat seeds

Sergeeva L.I., 1982: Peroxidase in photoperiodically neutral tobacco during its generative development

Burg H.C.J., 1986: Peroxidase in suspension cultures of haplopappus gracilis

Henry E.W., 1979: Peroxidase in tobacco abscission zone tissue part 7 uv absorption spectra of ethylene treated tobacco flower pedicel tissue

Velan B., 1981: Peroxidase induced chemi luminescence in the oxidation of pyro gallol and purpuro gallin influence of azide

Everse J., 1988: Peroxidase induced enhancement of chemiluminescence by murine peritoneal macrophages

Osborne, J. C.; Metzler, M., 1984: Peroxidase interfering activity an endogenous factor able to hinder the biochemical determination of peroxidase ec

Kamboj, R. K.; Nainawatee, H. S., 1978: Peroxidase iso enzyme changes in germinating soybean varieties

Klansek E., 1982: Peroxidase iso enzyme pattern of picea abies abies alba and larix decidua

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Section 7, Chapter 6089, Accession 006088596

Section 7, Chapter 6089, Accession 006088597

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Section 7, Chapter 6089, Accession 006088630

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Section 7, Chapter 6089, Accession 006088657

Section 7, Chapter 6089, Accession 006088658

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Section 7, Chapter 6089, Accession 006088716

Section 7, Chapter 6089, Accession 006088717

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Section 7, Chapter 6089, Accession 006088731

Section 7, Chapter 6089, Accession 006088732

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Section 7, Chapter 6089, Accession 006088763

Section 7, Chapter 6089, Accession 006088764

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Section 7, Chapter 6089, Accession 006088767

Section 7, Chapter 6089, Accession 006088768

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Section 7, Chapter 6089, Accession 006088788

Section 7, Chapter 6089, Accession 006088789

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Section 7, Chapter 6089, Accession 006088823

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Section 7, Chapter 6089, Accession 006088848

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Oyamada M., 1985: Persistence of chloropicrin in soil and environmental effect on it

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Israel E., 1986: Persistence of cholera in the usa isolation of vibrio cholerae o 1 from a patient with diarrhea in maryland

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Section 7, Chapter 6089, Accession 006088863

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Section 7, Chapter 6089, Accession 006088866

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Brust Carmona H., 1979: Persistence of classical conditioned heart rate after extensive lesions of the striatum in rats

Lewis E.J., 1987: Persistence of clinical and serologic activity in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus undergoing peritoneal dialysis

Section 7, Chapter 6089, Accession 006088878

Section 7, Chapter 6089, Accession 006088879

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Et Al, 1987: Persistence of hepatitis a igm antibody a case report

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