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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6090

Chapter 6090 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Kurimura T., 1985: Persistence of hepatitis b e antigen for a long period after the clearance of hepatitis b surface antigen

Ukkonen P., 1980: Persistence of hepatitis b surface antigen hepatitis b e antigen and anti hepatitis b e healthy blood donors

Millman I., 1979: Persistence of hepatitis b surface antigen in the bed bug cimex hemipterus

Lo H.S., 1987: Persistence of hepatitis b viral antigens in culex quinquefasciatus

Zemanek J., 1984: Persistence of herbicide in soil and their phytotoxicity for cereals

Glorioso J.C., 1980: Persistence of herpes simplex virus genes in cells of neuronal origin

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089007

Hsiung G.D., 1979: Persistence of herpes simplex virus type 1 and type 2 in infected individuals

Weissbach A., 1979: Persistence of herpes simplex virus type 1 in rat neuro tumor cells

Cimino E., 1983: Persistence of herpes simplex virus type 2 genome in a human leukemic cell line

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089012

Berenson G.S., 1986: Persistence of high diastolic blood pressure in thin children the bogalusa heart study

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089014

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089015

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089016

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089017

Heath R.B., 1980: Persistence of high titer antibodies to the early antigens of cytomegalovirus in pregnant women

Edmonds J.P., 1984: Persistence of hla b 27 cross reactive bacteria in bowel flora of patients with ankylosing spondylitis

Shortridge, K. F.; Webster, R. G.; Butterfield, W. K.; Campbell, C. H., 1977: Persistence of hong kong influenza virus variants in pigs

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089021

Perreault, C.; Pelletier, M.; Belanger, R.; Boileau, J.; Bonny, Y.; David, M.; Gyger, M.; Landry, D.; Montplaisir, S., 1985: Persistence of host langerhans cells following allogeneic bone marrow transplantation possible relationship with acute graft vs. host disease

Lonnerdal B., 1987: Persistence of human milk proteins in the breast fed infant

Crowell R.L., 1981: Persistence of human rhinovirus infectivity under diverse environmental conditions

Meurman O.H., 1981: Persistence of humoral and cell mediated immunity to rubella virus in cloistered nuns and in school teachers

Jayadevaiah M.S., 1981: Persistence of humoral immunity in kyasanur forest disease

Hayward A.R., 1984: Persistence of ia antigen and antigen presenting activity by cultured human monocytes

Walker D.M., 1986: Persistence of iga in neonatal saliva following breast feeding

Adamczyk G., 1987: Persistence of igg class antibodies to cytomegaloviruses in blood donors

Segerling, M.; Ohanian, S. H.; Borsos, T., 1976: Persistence of immuno globulin and complement c 4 and complement c 3 bound to guinea pig tumor cells

Meurman, O. H., 1978: Persistence of immuno globulin g and immuno globulin m antibodies after post natal rubella infection determined by solid phase radio immunoassay

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089032

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089033

Hraba, T.; Karakoz, I.; Nemeckova, S.; Madar, J., 1978: Persistence of immunological tolerance to human serum albumin in chickens after cell transfer to immuno suppressed hosts

Lee V.M Y., 1984: Persistence of immunoreactive neurofilament protein breakdown products in transected rat sciatic nerve

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089036

Goldman R.F., 1980: Persistence of impaired heat tolerance from artificially induced miliaria rubra

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089038

Valle M., 1979: Persistence of improved exercise tolerance and degree of re vascularization after coronary bypass surgery a prospective randomized study

Spirer, Z.; Assif, E.; Zakuth, V.; Bogair, N.; Schwartz, J.; Mendes, M., 1977: Persistence of in vitro lymphocyte response to tuberculin in skin test negative children immunized with bcg in infancy

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089041

Shires M., 1984: Persistence of inert macromolecules imposil in the rat mesangium and glomerular functional disturbances

Read G.B., 1984: Persistence of infaunal polychaete zonation patterns on a sheltered intertidal sand flat

Bruesehaber H U., 1981: Persistence of infectious bovine rhinotracheitis infectious pustular vulvovaginitis virus in cattle with latent infection following immunization using infectious bovine rhinotracheitis live virus vaccine

Okoye J.O.A., 1984: Persistence of infectious bursal disease virus and the appearance of precipitins in infected chickens

Nishio J., 1979: Persistence of infectious friend virus in spleens of mice after spontaneous recovery from virus induced erythro leukemia

Tommerup I.C., 1984: Persistence of infectivity by germinated spores of vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in soil

Frolov, A. F.; Shcherbyns'ka, A. M.; Rybalko, S. L.; Havrylov, S. V.; Yatel, T. P.; Hvozd'ov, B. M., 1978: Persistence of influenza a o virus in the body

Stein Streilein J., 1983: Persistence of influenza as an immunogen in pulmonary antigen presenting cells

Furesz J., 1979: Persistence of influenza serum antibodies in humans following immunization with a bivalent a victoria and a new jersey vaccine

Medvedeva, M. N.; Golubev, D. B., 1977: Persistence of influenza virus in cell cultures and the antigenic structure of isolated viruses facts and hypotheses

Pavlenko, R. G.; Mirchink, E. P., 1977: Persistence of influenza virus in sensitive animals infected with different doses of the virus

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089053

Joy J.E., 1981: Persistence of infradian body weight cycles in castrated dormice glis glis

Moore M.A.S., 1979: Persistence of inhibitory activity against normal bone marrow cells during remission of acute leukemia

O'malley J., 1985: Persistence of inoue melnick virus and antibody in cerebrospinal fluid

Ismail M.Y., 1988: Persistence of insecticides against larvae of plutella xylostella l

Chang R.J., 1986: Persistence of insulin resistance in polycystic ovarian disease after inhibition of ovarian steroid secretion

Coret, I. A.; Cantwell, J. C., 1976: Persistence of invariants in causal systems

Felsot A., 1984: Persistence of isofenphos amaze soil insecticide under laboratory and field conditions and tentative identification of a stable oxygen analog metabolite by gas chromatography

Cherednichenko Yu N., 1982: Persistence of japanese encephalitis virus clones in continuous hela cells

Deryabin, P. G.; Loginova, N. V.; Uryvaev, L. V., 1982: Persistence of japanese encephalitis virus in l 929 cell culture 1. general characteristics of the system

Loginova N.V., 1984: Persistence of japanese encephalitis virus in l 929 cells correlation of viral and cellular factors

Berenson G.S., 1987: Persistence of juvenile onset obesity over eight years the bogalusa heart study

Martin D.B., 1979: Persistence of ketosis despite suppression of lipolysis by 16 16 di methyl prostaglandin e 2 in experimental diabetic keto acidosis in rats

Todorov, T., 1976: Persistence of l forms of erysipelothrix insidiosa in experimentally inoculated albino mice

Gumpert I., 1982: Persistence of l forms of escherichia coli in mice

Cherkasov V.L., 1985: Persistence of l forms of group a hemolytic streptococcus in patients with recurrent erysipelas

Goncharova S.A., 1986: Persistence of l forms of group b streptococci in experimental infection

Zheverzheeva I.V., 1985: Persistence of l forms of group b streptococcus in experimentally infected animals

Jakubowski T., 1983: Persistence of la crosse virus california encephalitis serogroup in north central illinois usa

Tsvetkov D., 1981: Persistence of lactation of hybrid cows imported from east germany

Jonsson E., 1986: Persistence of lactobacillus strain in the gut of sucking piglets and its influence on performance and health

Mickley, G. A.; Teitelbaum, H., 1978: Persistence of lateral hypothalamic mediated behaviors after a supralethal dose of ionizing radiation

Watanabe, T. K.; Oshima, C., 1970: Persistence of lethal genes in japanese natural populations of drosophila melanogaster

Berenson G.S., 1980: Persistence of levels for risk factor variables during the 1st year of life the bogalusa heart study louisiana usa

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089079

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089080

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089081

Matallo M.B., 1988: Persistence of linuron herbicide in soils under soybean crop

Vasilikiotis G.S., 1987: Persistence of linuron in soil of marathon greece area as determined by a hplc method

Darnell J.E.Jr, 1987: Persistence of liver specific messenger rna in cultured hepatocytes different regulatory events for different genes

Parker A.J., 1986: Persistence of lodgepole pine pinus contorta ssp murrayana forests in the central sierra nevada california usa

Meites J., 1986: Persistence of low hypothalamic dopaminergic activity after removal of chronic estrogen treatment

Elliott, G. B.; Kliman, M. R.; Elliott, K. A., 1970: Persistence of lymphatico venous shunts at the level of the micro circulation their relationship to lymph angioma of mesentery

Cherednichenko-Yu, N.; Mikhailova, G. R.; Gaidamovich, S. Ya ; Monastyreva, L. A.; Demidova, S. A., 1977: Persistence of lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus in continuous detroit 6 cell line

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089089

Pal S., 1984: Persistence of malathion in 4 soils of west bengal india

Verma S., 1984: Persistence of malathion on okra abelmoschus esculentus

Agren G., 1980: Persistence of male female social relationships in the mongolian gerbil meriones unguiculatus

Romero, C. H.; Flores, R. S., 1987: Persistence of maternal antibodies in piglets from sows immunized with an inactivated oil emulsion vaccine against aujeszky's disease

Albrecht, P.; Ennis, F. A.; Saltzman, E. J.; Krugman, S., 1977: Persistence of maternal antibody in infants beyond 12 months mechanism of measles vaccine failure

Klose, J.; Hitzeroth, H.; Ritter, H.; Schmidt, E.; Wolf, U., 1969: Persistence of maternal iso enzyme patterns of the enz lactate dehydrogenase and enz phospho gluco mutase system during early development of hybrid trout animal inst electrophoresis salmo trutta salmo irideus

Karunen, P.; Heinonen, S.; Lyly, O., 1978: Persistence of mecoprop in northern and southwestern finland

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089097

Ishihara E., 1984: Persistence of mepronil in rice plants treated with 2 formulations of the fungicide

Hodge, L. D.; Robbins, E.; Scharff, M. D., 1969: Persistence of messenger rna through mitosis in neopl hela cells inst electron microscope actinomycin d metab

Montesano R., 1979: Persistence of methylated bases in rna of syrian golden hamster liver after administration of di methyl nitrosamine

Tomatis L., 1983: Persistence of methylated purines in the dna of various rat fetal and maternal tissues and carcinogenesis in the offspring following a single trans placental dose of n methyl n nitroso urea

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089102

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089103

Klein J.O., 1979: Persistence of middle ear effusion after acute otitis media in children

Rouslin W., 1987: Persistence of mitochondrial competence during myocardial autolysis

Migliaccio F., 1980: Persistence of modifications induced by osmo saline shocks on chloride transport and some related metabolic processes in roots of maize zea mays cultivar dekalb df 28 plants

El-Sayed, M. M.; Dogheim, S. M. A.; Abul-Ghar, M. R.; Zidan, Z. H., 1975: Persistence of monocrotophos dursban and gardona residues on snap beans phaseolus vulgaris and okra fruit hibiscus esculentus in egypt

Saxena H.P., 1986: Persistence of monocrotophos in chickpea cicer arietinum linn variety bg 209

Chari M.S., 1986: Persistence of monocrotophos residues in on groundnut plant

Rappaport R., 1983: Persistence of muellerian ducts in male pseudohermaphroditism and its relationship to cryptorchidism

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089111

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089112

De Goes G.M., 1980: Persistence of muellerian ducts in the male a family observation

Hayashi, K.; Ross, M. E.; Notkins, A. L., 1976: Persistence of mumps viral antigens in mouse brain

Hishiyama M., 1985: Persistence of mumps virus in mouse l 929 cells

Duncan J.M., 1980: Persistence of mycelium of phytophthora fragariae in soil

Van-Donsel, D. J.; Larkin, E. P., 1977: Persistence of mycobacterium bovis bcg in soil and on vegetables spray irrigated with sewage effluent and sludge

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089118

Bautista A.P., 1982: Persistence of mycobacterium microti in guinea pigs

Jay, S. J.; Johanson, W. G. Jr ; Chapman, J. S., 1977: Persistence of mycobacterium tuberculosis in sputum without chest roentgenographic evidence of active disease

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089121

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089122

Neustroeva V.V., 1985: Persistence of mycoplasma in cell cultures and induction of morphological changes

Privitera P.J., 1982: Persistence of myo cardial failure following removal of chronic volume overload

Weiner, J. M.; Apstein, C. S.; Arthur, J. H.; Pirzada, F. A.; Hood, W. B. Jr, 1976: Persistence of myo cardial injury following brief periods of coronary occlusion

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089126

Gupta A.K., 1987: Persistence of naled and propetamphos in soil water and sediment

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089128

Weber J.M., 1983: Persistence of naturally acquired cell mediated immunity to rubella virus during the 1st trimester of pregnancy

Kaupp W.J., 1983: Persistence of neodiprion sertifer hymenoptera diprionidae nuclear polyhedrosis virus on pinus contorta foliage

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089131

Wolinsky, J. S.; Klassen, T.; Baringer, J. R., 1976: Persistence of neuro adapted mumps virus in brains of new born hamsters after intra peritoneal inoculation

Murphy K., 1981: Persistence of neutralizing antibody 30 35 years after immunization with 17d yellow fever vaccine

Lindenbaum J., 1979: Persistence of neutrophil hyper segmentation during recovery from megalo blastic granulopoiesis

Zhdanov V.M., 1982: Persistence of newcastle disease virus in mouse cells

Hearne R., 1980: Persistence of nodule bacteria in soil under long term cereal cultivation

Swain L.A., 1986: Persistence of nonprotein seed amino acid s beta carboxyethylcysteine in young leaves of calliandra rubescens ecological implications

Ford P.J., 1982: Persistence of nonribosome bound 5s rna in full grown oocytes of xenopus laevis

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089139

Freis E.D., 1982: Persistence of normal blood pressure after withdrawal of drug treatment in mild hypertension

Lewis L.C., 1982: Persistence of nosema pyrausta and vairimorpha necatrix measured by microsporidiosis in the european corn borer ostrinia nubilalis

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089143

Thomas, C.; Hanocq, F.; Heilporn, V., 1977: Persistence of oocyte amplified ribosomal dna during early development of xenopus laevis eggs

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089145

Ferguson A., 1987: Persistence of oral tolerance in mice fed ovalbumin is different for humoral and cell mediated immune responses

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089147

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089148

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089149

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089150

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089151

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089152

Van Crevel H., 1983: Persistence of papill edema after operation for intra cranial tumor

Mccance D.J., 1981: Persistence of papovavirus bk dna sequences in normal human renal tissue

Jouvet M., 1979: Persistence of paradoxical sleep after lesions of the pontine giganto cellular tegmental field with kainic acid in the cat

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089156

Healey T., 1984: Persistence of parathyroid hypersecretion after vitamin d treatment in asian vegetarians

Driscoll S.G., 1987: Persistence of partial mole

Gough, R. E., 1987: Persistence of parvovirus antibody in geese that have survived derzsy's disease

Mengeling W.L., 1984: Persistence of passively acquired antibodies to hem agglutinating encephalomyelitis virus in swine

Nelson, S. J.; Manning, D. D., 1980: Persistence of passively transferred goat fab' 2 antibody fragments in the circulation of rodents

Brand C.J., 1984: Persistence of pasteurella multocida in nebraska usa wetlands under epizootic conditions

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089164

Czernichow P., 1988: Persistence of peptidylglycine alpha amidating monooxygenase activity and elevated trh concentrations in fetal rat islets in culture

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089167

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089168

Wheelock V., 1983: Persistence of pesticides in soil leachates effect of ph uv irradiation and temperature

Muzyczka N., 1979: Persistence of phage lambda dna in genomes of mouse cells transformed by lambda carrying sv 40 vectors

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089171

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089172

Giddings J.M., 1985: Persistence of phenols in aquatic microcosms receiving chronic inputs of coal derived oil

Carnegie, S. F.; Adam, J. W.; Symonds, C., 1978: Persistence of phoma exigua var foveata and polyscytalum pustulans in dry soils from potato stores in relation to re infection of stocks derived from stem cuttings

Reyes Vazquez C., 1987: Persistence of photic evoked responses in pineal gland after its pedunculotomy and superior cervical ganglionectomy

Mehrotra R.S., 1985: Persistence of phytophthora nicotianae var parasitica in artificially infested soil at different inoculum levels and in dead host tissues

Tabata M., 1982: Persistence of pineal photo sensory function in blind cave fish astyanax mexicanus

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089179

Samadi A.R., 1984: Persistence of plasmids cholera toxin genes and pro phage dna in classical vibrio cholerae o 1

Gamallo C., 1985: Persistence of pleomorphism and presence of multinucleate forms in experimental infection with trypanosoma brucei brucei

Grayzel A.I., 1984: Persistence of pneumococcal antibodies after immunization in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus

Hilleman M.R., 1980: Persistence of pneumococcal antibodies in human subjects following vaccination

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089184

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089185

Wszolek, P. C.; Lisk, D. J.; Wachs, T.; Youngs, W. D., 1979: Persistence of poly chlorinated bi phenyls and p p' dde with age in lake trout after 8 years

Langston, W. J., 1978: Persistence of poly chlorinated bi phenyls in marine bivalves

Benthe, H. F.; Schmoldt, A., 1973: Persistence of poly chlorinated bi phenyls in rats

D'imperio, M. R.; Eisen, H.; Minoprio, P.; Joskowicz, M.; Coutinho, A., 1986: Persistence of polyclonal b cell activation with undetectable parasitemia in late stages of experimental chagas' disease

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089190

Den Engelse L., 1986: Persistence of preclastogenic damage in hepatocytes in rats exposed to ethylnitrosourea diethylnitrosamine dimethylnitrosamine and methylmethanesulfonate correlation with dna o alkylation

Sorof S., 1982: Persistence of precursor cells of squamous metaplasia in pre neoplastic mammary outgrowth lines from mice

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089193

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089194

Hashimoto I., 1986: Persistence of prolactin surges induced by progesterone in ovariectomized rats

Deuel, L. E. Jr ; Brown, K. W.; Turner, F. C.; Westfall, D. G.; Price, J. D., 1977: Persistence of propanil 3 4 di chloro aniline and 3 3 4 4 tetra chloro azo benzene in soil and water under flooded rice culture

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089197

Fraser D.J., 1980: Persistence of pseudomonas aeruginosa in chlorinated swimming pools

Mccarter, S. M., 1976: Persistence of pseudomonas solanacearum in artificially infested soils

Gonzalez L.C., 1981: Persistence of pseudomonas solanacearum race 1 in a naturally infested soil in costa rica

Webster R.G., 1984: Persistence of q strain of h 2n 2 influenza virus in avian species antigenic biological and genetic analysis of avian and human h 2n 2 viruses

Poonwalla C., 1987: Persistence of rabies antibody 5 years after pre exposure prophylaxis with human diploid cell antirabies vaccine and antibody response to a single booster dose

Ardito R.B., 1987: Persistence of rat virus in seropositive rats as detected by explant culture

Postnikova, Z. A.; Morgunova, T. D.; Rakovskaya, I. V.; Balashova, O. I., 1976: Persistence of rauschers virus in virus resistant mice infected with this virus and in leukemia induced by mixed mycoplasma viral infection

Hawkins C.M., 1988: Persistence of reduction in blood pressure and mortality of participants in the hypertension detection and follow up program

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089208

Kinsky R.G., 1983: Persistence of regulation mechanism responsible for inhibition of allo transplantation reactions in the absence of allo antigen

Schwartz, A. S.; Marchok, P. L., 1976: Persistence of relapse of morphine seeking behavior in rats the relative role of certain biological variables

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089212

Lal R., 1982: Persistence of residues of fenitrothion in or on okra abelmoschus esculentus cultivar pusa sewani

Jain H.K., 1986: Persistence of residues of synthetic pyrethroids on cauliflower brassica oleracea botrytis and their residual toxicity against aphids

Schepers H.T.A.M., 1984: Persistence of resistance to fungicides in sphaerotheca fuliginea

Farber E., 1980: Persistence of resistant putative pre neoplastic hepatocytes induced by n nitroso di ethylamine or n methyl n nitroso urea

Pouliquen Y., 1987: Persistence of retinal dopamine cells in the degenerated eye of the cave salamander proteus anguinus l

Davidson, F.; Reuszer, H. W., 1978: Persistence of rhizobium japonicum on the soybean seed coat under controlled temperature and humidity

Kabanova E.A., 1985: Persistence of rickettsia prowazekii in b mice and cotton b rats

Tamanoi, F.; Okazaki, T.; Okazaki, R., 1977: Persistence of rna attached to nascent short dna pieces in bacillus subtilis cells defective in dna polymerase i

Pattanaik M., 1980: Persistence of rogor in some orissa india soils

Dawson V.K., 1986: Persistence of rotenone in ponds in different temperatures

Griffith A.H., 1984: Persistence of rubella antibodies 15 years after subcutaneous administration of wistar 27 3 strain live attenuated rubella virus vaccine

Youssef Y.I., 1981: Persistence of salmonella arizonae in or on materials used in poultry houses

Hellemann A L., 1982: Persistence of salmonella typhimurium in fish viscera viscera silage and in chicken feed with a viscera silage supplement

Wilkoff, L. J.; Westbrook, L.; Dixon, G. J., 1969: Persistence of salmonella typhimurium on fabrics mouse

Colot M., 1987: Persistence of sce inducing damage in mouse embryos and fetuses following superovulation

Rabinowitz J.R., 1988: Persistence of sce inducing lesions in lymphocytes of mice exposed to diaziquone

Collins W.J., 1987: Persistence of seed produced from single seed crops of subterranean clover on sandy soils near esperance western australia

Nikaido H., 1981: Persistence of segregated phospho lipid domains in phospho lipid lipo poly saccharide mixed bi layers studies with spin labeled phospho lipids

Chen J.S., 1983: Persistence of selected insecticides in subtropical soil after repeated biweekly applications over 2 years

Kretschmer A.E.Jr, 1986: Persistence of selected stylosanthes accessions in peninsular florida usa

Kretschmer A.E.Jr, 1984: Persistence of selected tropical pasture legumes in peninsular florida usa

Nestor, K. E.; Brown, K. I., 1976: Persistence of semen quality during the reproductive period in 2 strains of turkeys differing in semen yield

Walder M., 1986: Persistence of serratia marcescens serratia liquefaciens and escherichia coli in solutions for contact lenses

Hansson, B. G., 1977: Persistence of serum antibody to hepatitis b core antigen

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089240

Nahmias A.J., 1985: Persistence of serum immunoglobulin a antibodies to herpes simplex varicella zoster cytomegalovirus and rubella virus detected by enzyme linked immunosorbent assays elisa

Savage, K. E., 1978: Persistence of several di nitro aniline herbicides as affected by soil moisture

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089243

Pogodina, V. V.; Fokina, G. I.; Kiseleva, L. L.; Graevskaya, N. A.; Sito, A. F.; Ivanov, A. P., 1978: Persistence of sindbis virus in cultures producing oncornavirus

Pogodina, V. V.; Kiseleva, L. L.; Miller, G. G.; Fokina, G. I.; Graevskaya, N. A.; Sito, A. F.; Ivanov, A. P., 1978: Persistence of sindbis virus in cultures with nonproduction or irregular production of oncornavirus

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089246

Dipaolo J.A., 1985: Persistence of sister chromatid exchanges and in vitro morphological transformation of syrian hamster fetal cells by chemical and physical carcinogens

Trevathan G.E., 1987: Persistence of sleep disturbances in preschool children

Holloway W.R., 1981: Persistence of social investigatory behavior in the male rat evidence for long term memory of initial copulatory experience

Tarry, D. W.; Lucas, M., 1977: Persistence of some livestock viruses in the cockroach blatta orientalis

El-Dib, M. A.; Aly, O. A., 1976: Persistence of some phenyl amide pesticides in the aquatic environment part 1 hydrolysis

El-Dib, M. A.; Aly, O. A., 1976: Persistence of some phenyl amide pesticides in the aquatic environment part 2 adsorption on clay minerals

El-Dib, A.; Aly, O. A., 1976: Persistence of some phenyl amide pesticides in the aquatic environment part 3 biological degradation

Eulitz E.G., 1984: Persistence of some pyrethroids on different surfaces compared with tetrachlorvinphos for control of tobacco beetle lasioderma serricorne

Gajbhiye V.T., 1986: Persistence of some synthetic pyrethroid insecticides in soil water and sediment part i

Bures J., 1984: Persistence of spatial memory in the morris water tank task

Hunt F., 1980: Persistence of spatially homogeneous solutions of a population genetics model with slow selection

Deinhardt F., 1988: Persistence of specific antibodies after hepatitis b vaccination

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089259

Silverman, E. M.; Silverman, A. G., 1978: Persistence of spermatozoa in the lower genital tracts of women

Botello A.V., 1981: Persistence of spilled oil in a texas usa salt marsh

Giesbrecht P., 1985: Persistence of staphylococcal cell wall components in inflammatory sites may be due to the modulation by sulfated polyelectrolytes of autolytic wall enzymes a working hypothesis

Podkowinska I., 1986: Persistence of staphylococcus aureus in the pharynx of children with chronic tonsillitis treated with autovaccine

Schroeder S.R., 1984: Persistence of stimulant effects in chronically treated children further evidence of an inverse relationship between drug effects and placebo levels of response

Echelle A.A., 1985: Persistence of stream fish assemblages effects of environmental change

Schofield K., 1987: Persistence of stream invertebrate communities in relation to environmental variability

Dudding, B. A.; Ayoub, E. M., 1968: Persistence of streptococcal group a antibody in patients with rheumatic valvular disease carbohydrate antigen glomerulo nephritis penicillin anti infect prophylaxis

Blake, G. R.; Nelson, W. W.; Allmaras, R. R., 1976: Persistence of sub soil compaction in a mollisol

Pelosi, G.; L'abbate, A.; Trivella, M. G.; Vacche, M. D.; Levantesi, D.; Taddei, L.; Marzilli, M., 1988: Persistence of subendocardial perfusion after subtotal coronary embolization

Chenault E.W., 1988: Persistence of sulfonylureas in pullman clay loam

Sahu D., 1981: Persistence of sumithion in some soils of orissa india

Lebedeva, G. F.; Chernova, N. I.; Epishina, L. V., 1978: Persistence of sym triazines in soddy podzolic soil and their effect on micro flora

Davis J.N., 1987: Persistence of sympathetic ingrowth fibers in aged rat hippocampus

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089275

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089276

Matejka J.C., 1988: Persistence of systemic activity for fungicides applied to citrus trunks to control phytophthora gummosis

Senik A., 1986: Persistence of t 8 positive hnk 1 positive suppressor lymphocytes in the blood of long term surviving patients after allogeneic bone marrow transplantation

Walsh J.B., 1987: Persistence of tandem arrays implications for satellite and simple sequence dna species

Nah H D., 1987: Persistence of taste buds in denervated fungiform papillae

Bovey, R. W.; Burnett, E.; Meyer, R. E.; Richardson, C.; Loh, A., 1978: Persistence of tebuthiuron in surface runoff water soil and vegetation in the texas blacklands prairie

Hill B.D., 1985: Persistence of temperate perennial grasses in cutting trials on the central slopes of new south wales australia

Horstman S.W., 1983: Persistence of tetra chloro phenol and penta chloro phenol in exposed woodworkers

Towne, W. D.; Cruz, J.; Tatooles, C. J.; Chawla, K. K., 1976: Persistence of the 3rd heart sound after resection of the native mitral and tricuspid valves evidence against the valvular theory of 3rd sound origin

Horvath S.M., 1986: Persistence of the acute effects of ozone exposure

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089286

Garcia-Sanchez, M., 1977: Persistence of the canalis craniopharyngicus of landzert in a guanche skull

Borison, H. L.; Domjan, D., 1970: Persistence of the cardio inhibitory response to brain stem ischemia after destruction of the area postrema and the dorsal vagal nuclei

Shmelev, N. A.; Dorozhkova, I. R.; Zemskova, Z. S., 1976: Persistence of the causative agent of tuberculosis in the body as l forms and their damaging effect

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Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089298

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089299

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Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089312

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Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089317

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089318

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Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089322

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Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089337

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Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089341

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Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089344

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Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089356

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Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089373

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Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089380

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Awasthi M.D., 1986: Persistence pattern and safety evaluation of synthetic pyrethroids on grapes vitis vinifera

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Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089393

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089394

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Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089419

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089420

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Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089428

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Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089431

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089432

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089433

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Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089435

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Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089442

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Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089450

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Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089476

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089477

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Kjos Hanssen B., 1984: Persistent chlorinated hydro carbons and mercury in birds caught off the west coast of spitsbergen norway

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Shende A., 1988: Persistent chromosome damage induced by localized radiotherapy for lymphoma

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Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089493

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Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089498

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089499

Mathias C.G.T., 1983: Persistent contact dermatitis from the insecticide dichlorvos

Asciano F., 1979: Persistent corneal defects and auto hemo therapy

Baer J.C., 1984: Persistent corneal edema in aphakic eyes from daily wear and extended wear contact lenses

Miyazaki T., 1985: Persistent corneal ulcer following gasserian ganglion blockage

Filonenko A.I., 1979: Persistent corpus luteum in cow ovaries

Benzaray S., 1982: Persistent cough a forme fruste of asthma

Ivanov G.Ya, 1981: Persistent coxsackievirus infection in a patient with recurrent mitral stenosis

Ethier R., 1983: Persistent cranio pharyngeal canal a study of 3 radiological records and a review of the literature

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089508

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Van Driel R., 1986: Persistent cyclic amp binding by the chemotactic cyclic amp receptor in the presence of a detergent in dictyostelium discoideum

Hobart, P. M.; Infante, A. A., 1980: Persistent cytoplasmic location of a dna polymerase beta in sea urchins strongylocentrotus purpuratus during development

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089512

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089513

Hodges J., 1988: Persistent denial of handicap after infarction of the right basal ganglia a case study

Hemrick Luecke S.K., 1987: Persistent depletion of striatal dopamine and its metabolites in mice by tmmp an analogue of mptp

Hemrick Luecke S.K., 1986: Persistent depletion of striatal dopamine in mice by m hydroxy 1 methyl 4 phenyl 1 2 3 6 tetrahydropyridine

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089517

Brand L.E., 1982: Persistent diel rhythms in the chlorophyll fluorescence of marine phyto plankton species

Winkler P., 1985: Persistent differences in thermal tolerance among acclimation groups of a warm spring population of gambusia affinis determined under field and laboratory conditions

Seliskar D.M., 1988: Persistent differences in two forms of spartina alterniflora a common garden experiment

Rodier P.M., 1984: Persistent differential alterations in developing cerebellar cortex of male and female mice after methyl mercury exposure

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089522

Gattei E., 1986: Persistent diffuse lymphadenopathy a two case clinical report

De La Fontaine P., 1988: Persistent digestive fistulae an unusual form of polyvinylpyrrolidone thesaurismosis

Hotta, Y.; Stern, H., 1976: Persistent discontinuities in late replicating dna during meiosis in lilium speciosum

Odegard O., 1983: Persistent discrepancy in international diagnostic practice since 1970

Vlad M.O., 1987: Persistent distribution functions for the dispersion of structured populations

Gjerris F., 1986: Persistent disturbances of cognitive functions in patients with pseudotumor cerebri

Iraci G., 1981: Persistent dorsal ophthalmic artery a case with associated fibro muscular hyperplasia of the extracranial internal carotid artery and multiple cerebral aneurysms

Thaemer V., 1984: Persistent ductus arteriosus botalli clinico physiological studies in 3 alsatians

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089531

Gittenberger-De-Groot, A. C., 1977: Persistent ductus arteriosus most probably a primary congenital malformation

Zientarski, B., 1976: Persistent ductus venosus arantii

Kadrie, H.; Driedger, A. A.; Mcinnis, W., 1976: Persistent dural cerebro spinal fluid leak shown by retrograde radio nuclide myelography case report

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089535

Childs, B., 1977: Persistent echoes of the nature nurture argument

Hale R.W., 1987: Persistent ectopic pregnancy

Konishi Y., 1987: Persistent effect of a low dose of preadministered diethylnitrosamine on the induction of enzyme altered foci in rat liver

Mcdonald, P. J.; Craig, W. A.; Kunin, C. M., 1977: Persistent effect of antibiotics on staphylococcus aureus after exposure for limited periods of time

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089540

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089541

Freedman R., 1982: Persistent effects of amphetamine on cerebellar purkinje neurons following chronic administration

Smith H., 1988: Persistent effects of changes in phytochrome status on internode growth in light grown mustard occurrence kinetics and locus of perception

Geyer M.A., 1980: Persistent effects of chronic administration of lsd on intra cellular serotonin content in rat mid brain

Bigg E.K., 1985: Persistent effects of cloud seeding

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089546

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Burchfiel, J. L.; Duffy, F. H.; Sim, V. M., 1976: Persistent effects of sarin and dieldrin upon the primate electro encephalogram

Hahn E.G., 1986: Persistent elevation of the amino terminal peptide of procollagen type iii in serum of patients with acute viral hepatitis distinguishes chronic active hepatitis from resolving or chronic persistent hepatitis

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089550

Kathol R.G., 1985: Persistent elevation of urinary free cortisol and loss of circannual periodicity in recovered depressive patients a trait finding

Gabriele O.F., 1981: Persistent embryologic vascular loop of the internal carotid middle meningeal and ophthalmic arteries

Vidyasagar, C., 1978: Persistent embryonic veins in arterio venous malformations of the brain

Vidyasagar C., 1979: Persistent embryonic veins in arterio venous malformations of the posterior fossa

Vidyasagar C., 1979: Persistent embryonic veins in the arterio venous malformation of the diencephalon

Vidyasagar C., 1979: Persistent embryonic veins in the arterio venous malformation of the telencephalon

Vidyasagar C., 1979: Persistent embryonic veins in the arterio venous malformations of the dura

Subbiah M.T.R., 1981: Persistent enhancement of bile acid synthesis in guinea pigs following stimulation of cholesterol catabolism in neo natal life

Chedid L., 1981: Persistent enhancement of cell mediated and antibody immune responses after administration of muramyl di peptide derivatives with antigen in metabolizable oil

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089560

Weimar W., 1985: Persistent epstein barr virus infection and a histiocytic sarcoma in a renal transplant recipient

Bolognese R., 1983: Persistent epstein barr virus infection and pregnancy

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089563

Virelizier, J. L.; Lenoir, G.; Griscelli, C., 1978: Persistent epstein barr virus infection in a child with hyper gamma globulinemia and immuno blastic proliferation associated with a selective defect in immune interferon secretion

D'amico G., 1988: Persistent epstein barr virus infection in patients with type ii essential mixed cryoglobulinemia

Sullivan J.L., 1983: Persistent epstein barr virus infection mimicking juvenile chronic myelogenous leukemia immunologic and hematologic studies

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089567

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089568

Picardi N., 1981: Persistent erosive gastric pathology

Antich Rojas J.L., 1987: Persistent esophageal stenosis an exceptional complication of agranulocytosis description of two observations

Mckearin, D. M.; Shapiro, D. J., 1988: Persistent estrogen induction of hepatic xenopus laevis serum retinol binding protein messenger rna

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089572

Benedetti, W. L.; Sala, M. A.; Otegui, J. T., 1976: Persistent estrus in rats after anterolateral hypothalamic micro injections of 6 hydroxy dopamine

Cheng T.O., 1983: Persistent eustachian valve causing severe cyanosis in atrial septal defect with normal right heart pressures

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Beelen R.H.J., 1983: Persistent expression of ia antigen on a sub population of murine resident peritoneal macrophages

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Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089582

Meschia G., 1987: Persistent fetal pulmonary hypoperfusion after acute hypoxia

Gibbs J.L., 1987: Persistent fifth aortic arch a report of two new cases and a review of the literature

Weaver L.C., 1988: Persistent firing of splenic and renal nerves after acute decentralization but failure to produce ganglionic reflexes

Pryor W.A., 1988: Persistent free radicals in the smoke of common household materials biological and clinical implications

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089588

Bowen J.C., 1979: Persistent gastric mucosal hypoxia and interstitial edema after hemorrhagic shock prevention with steroid therapy

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089590

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089591

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089592

Et Al, 1986: Persistent generalized lymphadenopathy in drug addicts immunological studies

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089594

Santini G., 1986: Persistent generalized lymphadenopathy in northeastern italy increased frequency of hla dr 5

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089596

Burke G.B., 1987: Persistent genetic isolation in outport newfoundland canada

Sakai K., 1986: Persistent genital herpes and herpetic whitlow associated with malignant thymoma

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089599

Schwartz R., 1983: Persistent glucose production during glucose infusion in the neo nate

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089601

Odesanmi W.O., 1988: Persistent gross splenomegaly in nigerian patients with sickle cell anemia relationship to malaria

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089603

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089604

Greenberg L., 1982: Persistent habituation to female odor by male sweat bees lasioglossum zephyrum hymenoptera halictidae

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089606

Lang A.E., 1985: Persistent hemiballismus with lesions outside the subthalamic nucleus

Sawyers J.L., 1980: Persistent hepatic hydro thorax after peritoneo jugular shunt

Robey, W. G.; Graham, B. J.; Harris, C. L.; Madden, M. J.; Pearson, G. R.; Vande-Woude, G. F., 1976: Persistent herpes simplex virus infections established in 2 burkitt lymphoma derived cell lines

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Cannon L., 1987: Persistent hiccups as an unusual manifestation of hyponatremia

Kozik, M.; Owsianowska, T., 1976: Persistent hiccups as the predominant symptom with a tumor of the medulla oblongata

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089613

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089614

Yamagishi, T.; Serikawa, T.; Morita, R.; Nakamura, S.; Nishida, S., 1976: Persistent high numbers of clostridium perfringens in the intestines of japanese aged adults

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089616

Mcmurry G.T., 1981: Persistent hoarseness after surgical removal of vocal cord lesions

Chatterjee, S. N.; Friedler, R. M.; Berne, T. V.; Oldham, S. B.; Singer, F. R.; Massry, S. G., 1976: Persistent hyper calcemia after successful renal transplantation

Miezejeski, C. M., 1977: Persistent hyper responsivity following medial tegmental lesions exteroceptive vs interoceptive stimulation

Willard D., 1987: Persistent hyperbilirubinemia after intrauterine peritoneal blood transfusion in 4 neonates role of intraperitoneal red cells present at birth

Jarhult J., 1986: Persistent hypercalcemia after neck exploration an analysis of 34 cases

Grigolato P.G., 1987: Persistent hypercalcemia after renal transplantation

De Visser M., 1988: Persistent hyperckemia fourteen patients studied in retrospect

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Phillips R.W., 1984: Persistent hyperinsulinemia due to induced euglycemia in awake endotoxic minipigs

Haddad, R.; Font, R. L.; Reeser, F., 1978: Persistent hyperplastic primary vitreous a clinico pathologic study of 62 cases and review of the literature

Der Kaloustian V.M., 1986: Persistent hyperplastic primary vitreous and recessive oculo dento osseous dysplasia

Kashyap M.L., 1979: Persistent hypo alpha lipo proteinemia during therapy of familial type 5 hyper lipo proteinemia

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089630

Ahmed, K. Y.; Wills, M. R.; Skinner, R. K.; Varghese, Z.; Meinhard, E.; Baillod, R. A.; Moorhead, J. F., 1976: Persistent hypo phosphatemia and osteo malacia in dialysis patients not on oral phosphate binders response to di hydro tachy sterol therapy

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Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089633

Sacharias N., 1986: Persistent hypoglossal artery a case report

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Khodadad, G., 1977: Persistent hypoglossal artery in the fetus

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089638

Ravid M., 1986: Persistent hypokalemia due to bilateral fibromuscular dysplasia of the renal arteries

Hagg, E.; Astrom, L.; Steen, L., 1978: Persistent hypothalamic pituitary insufficiency following acute meningo encephalitis a report of 2 cases

Marzo L., 1988: Persistent hypothyroidism in the postpartum period a rare form of hypothyroidism

Young R.C., 1980: Persistent immunologic abnormalities in long term survivors of advanced hodgkins disease

Elli A., 1982: Persistent immunologic abnormalities in long term survivors of kidney transplantation role of different immuno suppressive treatments

Milner R.D.G., 1987: Persistent impairment of insulin secretory response to glucose in adult rats after limited period of protein calorie malnutrition early in life

Valle M., 1983: Persistent improvement after coronary bypass surgery ergometric and angiographic correlations at 5 years

Gallo R.C., 1983: Persistent in vitro infection by human t cell leukemia lymphoma virus of normal human t lymphocytes from blood relatives of patients with human t cell leukemia lymphoma virus associated mature t cell neoplasms

Sohnle P.G., 1986: Persistent in vitro survival of coagulase negative staphylococci adherent to intravascular catheters in the absence of conventional nutrients

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089649

Marsden C.D., 1983: Persistent increase in striatal dopamine stimulated adenylate cyclase activity persists for more than 6 months but disappears after 1 year following withdrawal from 18 months cis flupenthixol intake

Mohalsk P.A., 1982: Persistent infant comfort habits and their sequelae at 11 and 16 years

Davison A.M., 1986: Persistent infection as a cause of renal disease in patients submitted to renal biopsy a report from the glomerulonephritis registry of the uk medical research council

Nagai Y., 1982: Persistent infection by a temperature sensitive mutant isolated from a sendai virus hvj carrier culture its initiation and maintenance without aid of defective interfering particles

Klevjer Anderson P., 1982: Persistent infection by equine infectious anemia virus asymmetry of nucleotide sequence reiteration in the integrated pro virus of persistently infected cells

Savinov A.P., 1987: Persistent infection caused by coxsackievirus b 3 in adult mice

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Watanabe T., 1983: Persistent infection in ynk cells with infectious hematopoietic necrosis virus

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Watkins J.F., 1980: Persistent infection of a cell line of mouse origin after cell fusion by uv inactivated sendai virus

Lukert P.D., 1979: Persistent infection of a human lympho blastoid cell line with equine herpesvirus 1

Bass, L. R.; Hetrick, F. M., 1978: Persistent infection of a human lymphocyte cell line molt 4 with the kilham rat virus

Kuno G., 1982: Persistent infection of a nonvector mosquito toxorhynchites amboinensis cell line tra 171 with dengue viruses

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Wilkie M.L., 1986: Persistent infection of aedes albopictus c 6 36 cells by bunyamwera virus

Mannen K., 1979: Persistent infection of avirulent strain of rabies virus in immuno suppressed mice

Szanto, J.; Lesso, J.; Lackovic, V., 1976: Persistent infection of baby hamster kidney bhk cells with herpes simplex virus type 1 and type 2 in the absence of specific anti herpetic antibody

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Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089671

Schmaljohn, C.; Blair, C. D., 1977: Persistent infection of cultured mammalian cells by japanese encephalitis virus

Friend C., 1982: Persistent infection of friend erythro leukemia cells with vaccinia virus

Flehmig B., 1984: Persistent infection of human fibroblasts by hepatitis a virus

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Moulder J.W., 1981: Persistent infection of mouse fibroblasts mccoy cells with a trachoma strain of chlamydia trachomatis

Schmidt N.J., 1984: Persistent infection of mouse fibroblasts with coxsackievirus

Yoshida T.O., 1980: Persistent infection of mouse tumor cells with mumps virus

Doerfler W., 1980: Persistent infection of muntiacus muntjak cells with adenovirus type 2 and abortive infection with adenovirus type 12

Lampert P.W., 1983: Persistent infection of oligodendrocytes in theilers virus induced encephalo myelitis

Gavrilov, V. I.; Cherednichenko-Yu, N.; Deryabin, P. G.; Zhdanov, V. M., 1977: Persistent infection of pig embryo kidney cell cultures with a variant of tick borne encephalitis virus

Gadkari D.A., 1987: Persistent infection of porcine kidney cells with japanese encephalitis virus

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Wilfert C.M., 1986: Persistent infection of rat insulinoma cells with coxsackievirus b 4 brief report

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089691

Stark G.R., 1983: Persistent infection of some standard cell lines by lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus transmission of infection by an intra cellular agent

Wagner K., 1985: Persistent infection of the genital tract and excretion of the vaccine strain after live virus immunization with bovine herpesvirus 1 infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virus and infectious pustular vulvovaginitis virus

Rima, B. K.; Martin, S. J., 1976: Persistent infection of tissue culture cells by rna viruses

Blakeslee J.R., 1987: Persistent infection of vero cells by paramyxoviruses a morphological and immunoelectron microscopic investigation

Coto C.E., 1981: Persistent infection of vero cells with tacaribe virus

Schnurr D.P., 1988: Persistent infection of yac 1 cells by coxsackievirus b3

Sekellick, M. J.; Marcus, P. I., 1978: Persistent infection part 1 interferon inducing defective interfering particles as mediators of cell sparing possible role in persistent infection by vesicular stomatitis virus

Marcus P.I., 1979: Persistent infection part 2 interferon inducing temperature sensitive mutants as mediators of cell sparing possible role in persistent infection by vesicular stomatitis virus

Kahn C.R., 1986: Persistent infection with a nontransforming rna virus leads to impaired growth factor receptors and response

Miller G., 1982: Persistent infection with adenovirus types 5 and 6 in lymphoid cells from humans and woolly monkeys

Michalski, F. J.; Hsiung, G. D., 1976: Persistent infection with bovine herpesvirus 1 infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virus in cultured hamster cells

Reed D.E., 1982: Persistent infection with bovine herpesvirus type 1 rabbit model

Nagayama A., 1988: Persistent infection with herpes simplex virus type 1 in an ia antigen positive murine macrophage cell line

Furukawa T., 1979: Persistent infection with human cytomegalovirus in a lympho blastoid cell line

Macdonald R.D., 1982: Persistent infection with infectious pancreatic necrosis virus mediated by defective interfering virus particles in a cell line showing strong interference but little defective interfering replication

Youngner J.S., 1984: Persistent infection with influenza a virus evolution of virus mutants

Dupuy J M., 1984: Persistent infection with mouse hepatitis virus 3 in mouse lymphoid cell lines

Ahmed, R.; Graham, A. F., 1977: Persistent infections in l cells with temperature sensitive mutants of reovirus

Norkin L.C., 1980: Persistent infections of green monkey kidney cells initiated with temperature sensitive mutants of sv 40

Muchmore H.G., 1982: Persistent infections with human parainfluenza virus type 3 in 2 cell lines

Traavik, T., 1978: Persistent infections with runde virus in cell cultures and suckling mice

Seto J.T., 1986: Persistent infections with sendai virus and newcastle disease viruses

Leme, J. G.; De-Oliverira, J. C. R.; Sudo, L. S.; De-Mello, S. B. V., 1978: Persistent inflammatory responses enhance the pro inflammatory activity of lymphocytes

Golubev D.B., 1984: Persistent influenza virus infection in mdck cell culture

Golubev D.B., 1985: Persistent influenza virus infection molecular and genetic characteristics of ts mutants selected in the course of persistence

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089717

Kiessling M., 1986: Persistent inhibition of protein synthesis precedes delayed neuronal death in postischemic gerbil meriones unguiculatus hippocampus

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089719

Eff, C.; Faber, O.; Deckert, T., 1978: Persistent insulin secretion assessed by plasma c peptide estimation in long term juvenile diabetics with a low insulin requirement

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089721

Waga S., 1982: Persistent intra ventricular hematoma following ruptured aneurysm

Krueger H., 1988: Persistent intrathecal secretion of oligoclonal borrelia burgdorferi specific igg in chronic meningoradiculomyelitis

Schimpff S.C., 1984: Persistent isolation of an unusual pseudomonas species from a phenolic disinfectant system

Chiba, T.; Ohi, R.; Uchida, T.; Hayashi, Y.; Mochizuki, I., 1988: Persistent jaundice after hepatic portojejunostomy in biliary atresia are the patients' prognoses determined within 3 months after surgery?

Gardner J.V., 1987: Persistent late pleistocene holocene seasonal upwelling and varves off the coast of california usa

Parke W.W., 1982: Persistent left hepatic venous connection with the coronary sinus

Ronchetti G.C., 1981: Persistent left superior vena cava a case with control during permanent pacemaker implantation

Carter G.A., 1981: Persistent left superior vena cava and associated structural and functional considerations

Yuste P., 1980: Persistent left superior vena cava and rheumatic mitral stenosis studied by echo cardiography

Stockinger F.S., 1986: Persistent left superior vena cava communicating with the left atrium through a systemic pulmonary venous malformation

Traina M., 1979: Persistent left superior vena cava connected with the right atrium

Minnaar P.C., 1985: Persistent left superior vena cava detected with radionuclide angiocardiography

Mehranpur M., 1981: Persistent left superior vena cava draining into the left atrium atrial septal defect and absence of the coronary sinus recognition and surgical correction

Laursen H.B., 1980: Persistent left superior vena cava incidence associated congenital heart defects and frontal plane p wave axis in a pediatric population with congenital heart disease

Somerville J., 1980: Persistent left superior vena cava with coronary sinus and left atrial connections

Takenoshita H., 1986: Persistent left superior vena cava with paired azygos veins report of a case and an attempt at new classification

Lee Y S., 1986: Persistent left superior vena cava with special reference on echocardiographic finding

Neufeld H.N., 1983: Persistent left ventricular disease in clinically cured primary endo cardial fibro elastosis

Reymond J L., 1982: Persistent light reaction due to phenothiazines in atopic disease

Horio T., 1986: Persistent light reaction induction in the guinea pig

Plewig G., 1986: Persistent light reaction psoralen plus uv a therapy

Thomsen K., 1988: Persistent light reactivity after treatment with perchlorperazine

Haeney M., 1986: Persistent local insulin allergy in a diabetic with chronic lymphatic leukemia

Mccauley R.G.K., 1979: Persistent localized pulmonary interstitial emphysema and lymph angi ectasia a causal relationship?

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089746

Paul M.H., 1986: Persistent low cardiac output after the fontan operation should takedown be considered

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089748

Deshazo R.D., 1985: Persistent lymphadenopathy associated with hypertransfusion in sickle cell disease

Castello Camerlink J., 1984: Persistent lymphatic sack

Miller T.P., 1980: Persistent lymphocytopenia as a diagnostic feature of bronchogenic carcinoma

Belton D.J., 1979: Persistent lymphocytosis and virus like particles in lymphocytes of sheep inoculated with cell free extracts derived from ovine malignant lymphomas

Kociba G.J., 1982: Persistent macrocytosis assessed by erythrocyte sub population analysis following erythrocyte regeneration in cats

Rajagopalan P.K., 1984: Persistent malaria transmission in pudukuppam a coastal village of pondicherry india

Coleman G.J., 1986: Persistent meal associated rhythms in suprachiasmatic nuclei lesioned rats

Goulter S.W., 1984: Persistent mean air temperatures in the new zealand sector of the south pacific

Wright R., 1987: Persistent measles virus genome in autoimmune chronic active hepatitis

Sorodoc, Y.; Aderca, I.; Cernescu, C.; Diaconita, G.; Constantinescu, O., 1979: Persistent measles virus infection in a calf kidney cell line 3. cellular alterations in the selected chronically infected k 2 cell line

Sorodoc, Y.; Mihaescu, G.; Dumitrescu, S. M.; Cernescu, C.; Ionescu, M. D.; Cajal, N., 1980: Persistent measles virus infection in a calf kidney cell line 4. electron microscopic observations in the k 2 cell line

Raine C.S., 1981: Persistent measles virus infection of a clonal line of neuro blastoma effect on neural differentiation

Friedman W.A., 1987: Persistent memory loss following section of the anterior fornix in humans a historical review

Gruzelier J.H., 1986: Persistent methodological problems with evoked potential augmenting reducing

Mills R.P., 1987: Persistent middle ear effusions in children with recurrent acute otitis media

Yao S Y., 1984: Persistent migration of ancylostoma duodenale larvae in human infection

Jansen, J. K. S. Jr ; Muller, K. J.; Nicholls, J. G., 1974: Persistent modification of synaptic interactions between sensory and motor nerve cells following discrete lesions in the central nervous system of the leech

Bowman M.M., 1986: Persistent morbidity and mortality of protein calorie malnutrition in young infants with cystic fibrosis

Nakajima S., 1981: Persistent mosaic erythro keratoderma and parakeratosis variegata

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089770

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089771

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089772

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089773

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089774

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089775

Bernal A.L., 1981: Persistent muellerian structures in a genotypic male

Stallings, M. W.; Rose, A. H.; Auman, G. L.; Cunningham, R. D., 1976: Persistent muellerian structures in a male neo nate

Schwarz M.P., 1986: Persistent multi female nests in an australian allodapine bee exoneura bicolor hymenoptera anthophoridae

Aguayo A.J., 1980: Persistent multiplication of axon associated cells in the spinal roots of dystrophic mice

Sorich R.A., 1983: Persistent myo cardial ischemia following chronic hyperoxia in conscious dogs

Stein J.H., 1980: Persistent natriuretic effect of prostaglandin d 2 in the dog

Challacombe D.N., 1983: Persistent nausea and food aversions in pregnancy a possible association with cows milk allergy in infants

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089783

Bussolati G., 1981: Persistent neo natal normo insulinemic hypo glycemia

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089785

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089786

Symons A.L., 1987: Persistent neutropenia in a young child with a chromosome anomaly case report

Avram, M. M.; Nair, S. R.; Lipner, H. I.; Cherubin, C. E., 1978: Persistent nocardemia following renal transplantation association with pulmonary nocardiosis

Kemler B.J., 1981: Persistent non a non b hepatitis in experimentally infected chimpanzees

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089790

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089791

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089792

Isaka, H.; Koura, S.; Koura, M.; Hattanmaru, K., 1977: Persistent nucleoli in cultured yoshida sarcoma cells exposed to a series of carcinogenic and noncarcinogenic derivatives of 4 nitro quinoline 1 oxide

Isaka, H.; Koura, S.; Koura, M.; Yoshii, H.; Hattanmaru, K.; Nishi, M., 1977: Persistent nucleoli in cultured yoshida sarcoma cells treated in vitro with carcinogenic and noncarcinogenic derivatives of 4 nitro quinoline 1 oxide

Takeuchi Y.K., 1981: Persistent nucleoli in early post implantation of rat embryos

Turner R.C., 1980: Persistent obesity in rats following a period of consumption of a mixed high energy diet

Block M.A., 1980: Persistent obstructive jaundice associated with chronic pancreatitis

Barker, M. R.; Palmer, D. J., 1977: Persistent odor taste removal the use of ozone and micro coagulation or carbon

Schochet S.S.Jr, 1987: Persistent olfactory bulb ventricle

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089800

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089801

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089803

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089804

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089805

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089806

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089807

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089808

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089809

Wroblewska, Z.; Santoli, D.; Gilden, D.; Lewandowski, L.; Koprowski, H., 1976: Persistent parainfluenza type 1 6 94 infection of brain cells in tissue culture

Miles J.A.R., 1981: Persistent parainfluenza virus shedding during isolation at the south pole antarctica

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089812

Repolski M., 1982: Persistent partial atrial standstill with atrial dissociation and junctional rhythm

Hoffman R.A., 1979: Persistent pharyngeal membrane

Klein, A. O., 1969: Persistent photo reversibility of leaf development phaseolus vulgaris d

Zugerman C., 1981: Persistent photo sensitivity caused by musk ambrette

Kaidbey K., 1979: Persistent photo sensitivity following occupational exposure to epoxy resin

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089818

Schmidt P., 1980: Persistent pituitary thyroid dys function in patients following renal transplantation

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089821

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089822

Nyirenda G.K.C., 1985: Persistent populations of males of the african armyworm spodoptera exempta lepidoptera noctuidae in malawi

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Shepherd R., 1982: Persistent post enteritis diarrhea in childhood a prospective analysis of clinical features predisposing factors and sequelae

Dahlin D.C., 1980: Persistent post operative hyper parathyroidism

Cohen A., 1986: Persistent postoperative enterocutaneous fistula pathophysiology and treatment

Yumoto Y., 1985: Persistent primitive hypoglossal artery associated with arnold chiari type i malformation

Uetsuhara K., 1981: Persistent primitive hypoglossal artery associated with intra cranial aneurysm

Anderson, M., 1976: Persistent primitive hypoglossal artery with basilar aneurysm

Nicholson, R. L.; Pastershank, S. P.; Bharadwaj, B. B., 1977: Persistent primitive sciatic artery

Chemale I., 1986: Persistent primitive trigeminal artery aneurysm

Palmer, F. J.; Philips, R. L., 1978: Persistent proatlantal artery arising from the common carotid bifurcation

Greenberger J.S., 1986: Persistent production of colony stimulating factor csf 1 by cloned bone marrow stromal cell line d 2xr ii after x irradiation

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089835

Neff J., 1987: Persistent progesterone production associated with autoimmune oophoritis a case report

Jahan F., 1986: Persistent protein losing enteropathy in post measles diarrhea

Ojogwu L.I., 1985: Persistent proteinuria in asymptomatic individuals renal biopsy studies

Hackman W., 1982: Persistent pruritic papules from deer ked lipoptena cervi bites

Monteleone J.A., 1982: Persistent pseudohypoaldosteronism in a 7 year old boy

Loriaux D.L., 1980: Persistent pubertal macromastia

Baquero J.M., 1986: Persistent pulmonary abnormalities in newborns the changing picture of bronchopulmonary dysplasia

Wegmann W., 1986: Persistent pulmonary granulomas after recovery from varicella pneumonia

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089844

Ehrenkranz R.A., 1987: Persistent pulmonary hypertension assessment of perinatal risk factors

Von Muralt G., 1986: Persistent pulmonary hypertension in preterm infants

Drummond, W. H.; Bissonnette, J. M., 1978: Persistent pulmonary hypertension in the neo nate development of an animal model

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Gardner T.H., 1984: Persistent pulmonary hypertension of the new born trends in incidence diagnosis and management

Arnold D., 1987: Persistent pulmonary hypertension of the newborn pphn

Bjerkas I., 1988: Persistent pupillary membrane and congenital cataract in a litter of english cocker spaniels

Arnbjerg J., 1988: Persistent pupillary membrane and oxygen therapy experiments in mice

Hamming, N.; Wilensky, J., 1978: Persistent pupillary membrane associated with aniridia

Judisch G.F., 1979: Persistent pupillary membrane successful medical management

Rudolph R.I., 1981: Persistent purple plaques of the face caused by gingival hyperplasia

Lycke E., 1981: Persistent reactivable latent herpes simplex virus infection in trigeminal ganglia of mice treated with anti viral drugs

Rossall R.E., 1983: Persistent reduction in left ventricular asynergy in patients with acute myo cardial infarction by intra venous infusion of nitro glycerin

Daniel H., 1988: Persistent reduction of purkinje cell inhibition on neurons of the cerebellar nuclei after climbing fiber deafferentation

Duedari N., 1987: Persistent remission of adult chronic autoimmune thrombocytopenic purpura after treatment with high dose intravenous immunoglobulin

Bargsten G., 1987: Persistent remnants of the pupillary membrane in adult rats of different strains

Turner D.R., 1985: Persistent renal damage following pre eclampsia a renal biopsy study of 13 patients

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089862

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089863

Friedman, H. S.; Zaman, Q., 1977: Persistent repetitive supraventricular tachy cardia

Das V.S.R., 1980: Persistent residual toxicity of the recommended insecticides to the 1st instar larvae of tobacco stem borer scrobipalpa heliopa

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089866

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089867

Gallager D.W., 1988: Persistent reversal of tolerance to anticonvulsant effects and gabaergic subsensitivity by a single exposure to benzodiazepine antagonist during chronic benzodiazepine administration

Petrick, S. W.; Roos, C. J.; Van-Niekerk, J., 1978: Persistent right aortic arch in a horse

Omamegbe J.O., 1986: Persistent right aortic arch in two german shepherd puppies of the same litter

Purohit, V. D.; Basrur, P. K.; Reinhart, B. S., 1977: Persistent right oviduct in ring necked pheasant

Bos E., 1982: Persistent right sinus venosus valve

Variend S., 1986: Persistent right umbilical vein case report and review of literature

Ogra P.L., 1987: Persistent rotavirus infection in mice with severe combined immunodeficiency

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089875

Maki R., 1980: Persistent rubella specific immuno globulin m antibody in the cerebro spinal fluid of a child with congenital rubella

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089877

Fraser J.R.E., 1985: Persistent rubella virus infection of human synovial cells cultured in vitro

Oberheu V., 1985: Persistent sciatic artery clinical embryologic and angiographic features

Morettin L.B., 1982: Persistent sciatic artery clinical surgical and angiographic aspects

Cho S R., 1986: Persistent sciatic artery report of three cases and literature review

Logan, C. A.; Beck, H. P., 1977: Persistent sensitization following habituation in the sea anemone anthopleura elegantissima

Diezel W., 1980: Persistent serum immune complexes in syphilis

Johnson W.J., 1980: Persistent severe hyper calcemia during maintenance hemo dialysis

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Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089888

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089889

Griffith W.H., 1983: Persistent slow inward calcium current in voltage clamped hippocampal neurons of the guinea pig

Kimble, D. P.; Dannen, E., 1977: Persistent spatial maze learning deficits in hippocampal lesioned rats across a 7 week post operative period

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089892

Muller L., 1980: Persistent spurs in tropaeolum

Varat M.A., 1984: Persistent st segment elevation and left ventricular wall abnormalities a 2 dimensional echo cardiographic study

Maranhao V., 1979: Persistent st segment elevation in left ventricular aneurysm before and after surgery

Myburgh D.P., 1985: Persistent st segment elevation in patients with anterior myocardial infarctions evaluation by exercise electrocardiography echocardiography and holter monitoring

Fekety R., 1986: Persistent staphylococcal bacteremia in an intravenous drug abuser

Baas, J.; Eijsvogel, M.; Dijkstra, P., 1988: Persistent sternum synchondroses on bone scintigraphy

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089899

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089900

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089901

Briscoe J.H.D., 1985: Persistent streptococcal throat infection in a preparatory school for boys

Hristoforidis C., 1987: Persistent structural change in replicating hepatic dna isolated from diethylnitrosamine treated rats

Jarratt M.T., 1979: Persistent sub cutaneous abscesses following pseudomonas sepsis treatment by surgical incision and drainage

Nielsen M.H., 1985: Persistent subcutaneous nodules in children hyposensitized with aluminum containing allergen extracts

Terry A.B., 1985: Persistent succinylacetone excretion after liver transplantation in a patient with hereditary tyrosinemia type i

Dean J.H., 1986: Persistent suppression of humoral and cell mediated immunity in mice following exposure to the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon 7 12 dimethylbenz a anthracene

Dean J.H., 1988: Persistent suppression of humoral immunity produced by 7 12 dimethylbenz a anthracene dmba in b6c3f1 mice correlation with changes in spleen cell surface markers detected by flow cytometry

Adams, Mr; Kaplan, Jr; Manuck, Sb; Uberseder, B; Larkin, Kt, 1988: Persistent sympathetic nervous system arousal associated with tethering in cynomolgus macaques

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089911

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089912

Shukla S., 1986: Persistent tardive dyskinesia in bipolar patients

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089914

Lipton H.L., 1980: Persistent theilers murine encephalomyelitis virus infection in mice depends on plaque size

Schoelkens B.A., 1985: Persistent tissue converting enzyme inhibition following chronic treatment with hoe 498 and mk 421 in spontaneously hypertensive rats

Ludwig H., 1983: Persistent tolerant or subacute infection in borna disease virus infected rats

Nyman, S.; Lindhe, J., 1976: Persistent tooth hyper mobility following completion of periodontal treatment

Balasubramanian M., 1984: Persistent toxicity of some insecticides on the parasitoid chelonus blackburni

Dhari, K.; Dass, N.; Dass, R., 1977: Persistent toxicity of some insecticides to the adults of pulse beetle callosobruchus chinensis

Rohr L.R., 1982: Persistent trans aminasemia and fatty liver their use in the diagnosis of presymptomatic wilsons disease

Nielson, H. C.; Riemenschneider, T. A.; Jaffe, R. B., 1976: Persistent transitional circulation roentgenographic findings in 13 infants

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089924

Locket N.A., 1985: Persistent trigeminal artery an anatomical study

Cusmano F., 1981: Persistent trigeminal artery and its association with ischemic cerebro vascular disease further observations

Khodadad, G., 1976: Persistent trigeminal artery in the fetus

Amplatz K., 1980: Persistent truncus arteriosus associated with interruption of the aortic arch

Edwards J.E., 1986: Persistent truncus arteriosus pathologic anatomy in 54 cases

Obsitnik M., 1987: Persistent tuberculous cystitis the most common indication for nephrectomy in the management of urogenital tuberculosis

Carroll K.B., 1984: Persistent tuberculous disease among inmates of common lodging houses

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089933

Strandvik B., 1984: Persistent tyrosinemia associated with low activity of tyrosine amino transferase

Kraus S.J., 1979: Persistent urethral leukocytosis and asymptomatic chlamydial urethritis

Pratt B.C., 1986: Persistent urethritis due to ureaplasma urealyticum in conjugal or stable partnerships

Cukier J., 1981: Persistent urinary incontinence after posterior urethral valve endoscopic section in boys urodynamic study

Lehmann J.M., 1986: Persistent urinary infection after successful antireflux uretero vesical reimplantation in children suffering from primary reflux

Pitts W.R.Jr, 1981: Persistent urinary retention after ophthalmic surgery

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089940

Kimura, T., 1975: Persistent vaginal cornification in mice treated with estrogen pre natally

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089942

Sever J.L., 1982: Persistent varicella zoster virus infection in a human rhabdo myo sarcoma cell line and recovery of a plaque variant

Carp N., 1981: Persistent vegetative state after multiple trauma a clinico pathologic study

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089945

Hansotia P.L., 1985: Persistent vegetative state review and report of electrodiagnostic studies in eight cases

Mclaughlin P.R., 1986: Persistent ventricular adaptations in postoperative coarctation of the aorta

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089948

Holland J.J., 1979: Persistent vesicular stomatitis virus infection mediates base substitutions in viral rna termini

Bloom B.R., 1985: Persistent viral infection affects tumorigenicity of a neuroblastoma cell line

Oldstone M.B.A., 1988: Persistent viral infection of the thyroid gland alteration of thyroid function in the absence of tissue injury

Ianconescu, M.; Aharonovici, A., 1978: Persistent viremia in chickens subsequent to in ovo inoculation of reticuloendotheliosis virus

Kummerfeld N., 1986: Persistent viremia of a cell associated herpesvirus in white storks ciconia ciconia

Yang, G. Z.; Yin, W. K.; Chang, P. Y., 1977: Persistent virus infection

Tishon, A.; Oldstone, M. B. A., 1987: Persistent virus infection associated with chemical manifestations of diabetes ii. role of viral strain environmental insult and host genetics

Cernescu C., 1982: Persistent virus infections in the human myeloid k 562 cell line genetic implications and practical consequences

Ottobre, J. S.; Stouffer, R. L., 1984: Persistent vs. transient stimulation of the macaque corpus luteum during prolonged exposure to human chorionic gonadotropin a function of age of the corpus luteum

Rosner B., 1980: Persistent wheeze its relation to respiratory illness cigarette smoking and level of pulmonary function in a population sample of children

Lee C.Y., 1980: Persistent white curd and other curd characters of cauliflower brassica oleracea

Clarkson D.T., 1988: Persistent xylem cross walls reduce the axial hydraulic conductivity in the apical 20 cm of barley seminal root axes implications for the driving force for water movement

Faden, A.; Rollo, F. D., 1977: Persistently abnormal brain scintigraphy after cerebral infarction

Rother U., 1987: Persistently circulating c3 nephritic factor c3 nef stabilized alternative pathway c3 convertase c3 cof in serum of an 11 year old girl with meningococcal septicemia simultaneous occurrence with free c3 nef

Ferioli, M. E.; Scalabrino, G., 1986: Persistently decreased hepatic levels of 5' deoxy 5' methylthioadenosine during regeneration of and chemical carcinogenesis in rat liver

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089965

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089966

Little J.B., 1988: Persistently elevated sister chromatid exchanges in ethylene oxide exposed primates the role of a subpopulation of high frequency cells

Melnick J.L., 1985: Persistently infected cultures as a source of hepatitis a virus

Steiner M., 1980: Persistently negative tuberculin reactions their presence among children with culture positive for mycobacterium tuberculosis tuberculin negative tuberculosis

Spierer A., 1986: Persisting accommodative esotropia

Turner Warwick M., 1984: Persisting air flow limitation in asthmatics receiving routine self adjusted medication

Ferguson A.C., 1988: Persisting airway obstruction in asymptomatic children with asthma with normal peak expiratory flow rates

Guillerm, R.; Radziszewski, E.; Reinberg, A., 1975: Persisting and unaltered circadian rhythms of 6 healthy young men with a night work shift every 48 hours and a 2 percent carbon di oxide atmosphere during a 4 week span

Altman H.J., 1988: Persisting behavioral and neurochemical deficits in rats following lesions of the basal forebrain

Schrader J.W., 1984: Persisting cell stimulating factor and glucocorticoids oppose the action of interferon gamma in inducing ia antigens on t dependent mast cells persisting cells

Schrader J.W., 1981: Persisting cell stimulating factor biochemical characterization of a new t cell derived factor

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089979

Greaves M.W., 1983: Persisting cholinergic erythema a variant of cholinergic urticaria

Kronenberg H., 1987: Persisting colonies in agar cultures containing serum from patients with cml in blastic transformation

Bieler, E. U.; Schnabel, T.; Knobel, J., 1976: Persisting cyclic ovarian activity in cervical cancer after surgical transposition of the ovaries and pelvic irradiation

Plitmann U., 1987: Persisting demibivalents a unique meiotic behavior in cuscuta babylonica choisy

Wrightson P., 1980: Persisting effects of minor head injury observable during hypoxic stress

Shellenberger M.K., 1982: Persisting effects on adult brain mono amines of neo natal distress and carbon mon oxide exposure

Kunc, Z.; Bret, J., 1976: Persisting embryonal arterial communication between vertebral artery and subclavian vein case report

Monneron, A.; Kerros, N., 1970: Persisting extranucleolar rna synthesis in the liver of rats treated with lasiocarpine a high resolution auto radiographic study

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Waage S., 1984: Persisting hypocalcemia in the cow predisposing factors

Et Al, 1985: Persisting illness and fatigue in adults with evidence of epstein barr virus infection

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089991

Section 7, Chapter 6090, Accession 006089992

Clausen O.P.F., 1987: Persisting long term effects of a single carcinogenic dose of methylnitrosourea on epidermal growth in mice

Bjorkholm, M.; Holm, G.; Mellstedt, H., 1977: Persisting lymphocyte deficiencies during remission in hodgkins disease

Sarles H., 1981: Persisting modifications of dogs basal exocrine pancreatic secretion after repeated intra venous calcium injections

Et Al, 1987: Persisting mycobacterium leprae among thelep trial patients in bamako mali and chingleput india

Cuningham J., 1983: Persisting neurologic sequelae of lithium carbonate therapy

Bell D.R., 1982: Persisting nutritional neuropathy among former war prisoners

Drueke T., 1986: Persisting or recurrent secondary hyperparathyroidism in patients treated by chronic hemodialysis emphasis on preoperative ultrasonography of the neck six cases

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