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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6091

Chapter 6091 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Kassner, E. G.; Solomon, N. A.; Steiner, P.; Rao, M.; Klotz, D. H-Jr, 1976: Persisting perfusion defects after bronchoscopic removal or spontaneous expulsion of aspirated foreign objects

Dundas I.D., 1980: Persisting phage infection in halobacterium salinarium strain 1

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090002

Feinendegen L.E., 1986: Persisting radiation effect on murin 7 day and 12 day pluripotent hemopoietic stem cells

Zimmermann M., 1983: Persisting selective block of unmyelinated fibers in cutaneous nerves of the cat by distilled water

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090005

Yessaian N., 1986: Persisting subsensitivity of the striatal dopamine system after fetal exposure to beta endorphin

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090007

Burckhardt D., 1984: Persisting symptoms despite permanent pacing incidence causes and follow up

Marr, J. W.; Willard, B. E., 1970: Persisting vegetation in an alpine recreation area in the southern rocky mountains colorado

Anderson F., 1984: Persisting vitamin d deficiency in the asian adolescent

Livneh H., 1987: Person environment congruence a rehabilitation perspective

Fisher J., 1985: Person environment fit or man machine systems design

Sadava, S. W.; Forsyth, R., 1977: Person environment interaction and college student drug use a multi variate longitudinal study

Hampson S.E., 1982: Person memory a semantic category model of personality traits

Horike, K., 1981: Person perception 2. the fuzziness of person categories

Martin, D. S., 1978: Person perception and real life electoral behavior

Strickland T., 1984: Person perception change its possibilities for clinical application

Bayless J.K., 1986: Person perception in environmental context the influence of residential settings on impressions of their occupants

Forgas J.P., 1985: Person prototypes and cultural salience the role of cognitive and cultural factors in impression formation

Sylvester D.G.H., 1981: Person to person spread of salmonella typhimurium phage type 10 after a common source outbreak

Cohen M.L., 1985: Person to person transmission in an outbreak of enteroinvasive escherichia coli

Keystone, J. S.; Krajden, S.; Warren, M. R., 1978: Person to person transmission of giardia lamblia in day care nurseries

Watson I.D., 1984: Person view factors in the urban environment

Norris A.H., 1981: Personal adjustment to aging longitudinal prediction from neuroticism and extraversion

First M.W., 1984: Personal air samplers for measuring occupational exposures to biological hazards

Siest G., 1980: Personal and familial factors in cholesterolemia criteria for selection of a reference population

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090027

Pathak D.R., 1986: Personal and family history of respiratory disease and lung cancer risk

Mccarthy R.M., 1985: Personal and group estimates of the kirton inventory scores

Spencer M.B., 1982: Personal and group identity of black children an alternative synthesis

Forehand R., 1985: Personal and interpersonal characteristics associated with childhood obesity

Stitt L.W., 1987: Personal and job related factors as determinants of incidence of back injuries among nursing personnel

Crouch, M; Sallis, Jf; Farquhar, Jw; Haskell, Wl; Ellsworth, Nm; King, Ab; Rogers, T., 1986: Personal and mediated health counseling for sustained dietary reduction of hypercholesterolemia

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090034

Kolecki S., 1982: Personal and psycho social problems and how to overcome them following mastectomy for breast cancer

Robert M., 1986: Personal and situational facilitation of the observational learning of conservation

Robinson, T. T.; Carron, A. V., 1982: Personal and situational factors associated with dropping out vs. maintaining participation in competitive sport

Stremmel A., 1983: Personal and situational influences on childrens helping behavior factors that mediate compliant helping

Wender P., 1979: Personal and social characteristics differentiating adoptive relatives of schizophrenics and nonschizophrenics a preliminary report based on interviews

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090040

Clark A.W., 1982: Personal and social resources as correlates of coping behavior among the aged

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090042

Williams, F. W.; Stone, J. P.; Eaton, H. G., 1976: Personal atmospheric gas sampler using the critical orifice concept

Hudson J.W., 1981: Personal characteristics important in mate preference among college students

Tsubota N., 1984: Personal computer application for medical data analyses special reference to screen induced procedures and personal computer application to large computer available condition

Ollayos C.W., 1984: Personal computer based programs for the handicapped

Narishige E., 1986: Personal computer controlled microsurgery of fertilized eggs and early embryos

Ono K., 1987: Personal computer program for processing data from patients with colo rectal cancer

Katz J.O., 1984: Personal construct theory and the emotions an interpretation in terms of primitive constructs

Cromwell R.L., 1980: Personal constructs among depressed patients

Neimeyer R.A., 1986: Personal constructs in relationship deterioration a longitudinal study

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090052

Flannery R.B.Jr, 1986: Personal control as a moderator variable of life stress preliminary inquiry

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090054

Greve W., 1987: Personal control over development effects on the perception and emotional evaluation of personal development in adulthood

Sawatari K., 1984: Personal dosimeter for ozone using the ozonolysis of trans stilbene

Moen P., 1987: Personal efficacy income and family transitions a longitudinal study of women heading households

Re S., 1981: Personal experience in the surgical management of carcinoma of the distal esophagus cardia and peri cardiac stomach

Albert P., 1982: Personal experience in the treatment of 178 cases of arterio venous malformations of the brain

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090060

Moro G., 1988: Personal experience in the treatment of pediatric varicocele

Kniahynicki C., 1985: Personal experience of dermo epidermic self patches grafting in therapy of lower limb stasis ulcers

D'ancona C., 1981: Personal experience of urate lithiasis

Damiano A., 1980: Personal experience on the computed axial tomography of adrenal glands

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090065

Marmo E., 1981: Personal experience with a combination of drugs in subjects with dopa resistant parkinsons disease

Paino O., 1987: Personal experience with biliary ileus

Tessarolo A., 1986: Personal experience with endoprostheses particularly bichat type in the treatment of recent medial lateral and trochanteric fracture of the hip in elderly subjects

Blackhurst R.T., 1985: Personal experience with hydrogel and silicone extended wear lenses

Lojacono L., 1984: Personal experience with naso biliary drainage and pathology of the biliary tract

Mariotti E., 1985: Personal experience with the surgery of spinal meningiomas

Sekula, J.; Gans, H.; Wlodyka, J., 1976: Personal experience with tympano plasty in children

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090074

Duffy C.P., 1986: Personal exposure to nitrogen dioxide relationship to indoor outdoor air quality and activity patterns

Treitman R.D., 1984: Personal exposure to respirable particles a case study in waterbury vermont usa

Spengler J.D., 1981: Personal exposure to respirable particulates and sulfates

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090078

Zelon H., 1985: Personal exposures indoor outdoor relationships and breath levels of toxic air pollutants measured for 355 persons in new jersey usa

Soczek M.L., 1985: Personal exposures to respirable particulates and implications for air pollution epidemiology

Smith L.C., 1986: Personal exposures to wood dust of woodworkers in the furniture industry in the high wycombe area uk a statistical comparison of 1983 and 1976 1977 survey results

Piechowski M.M., 1983: Personal growth an empirical study using jungian and dabrowskian measures

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090083

Jette A.M., 1984: Personal health practices and mortality among the elderly

Hoetter G J., 1981: Personal history prick test total immuno globulin e and radio allergo sorbent test in the diagnosis of type 1 allergy

Borwn P.M., 1981: Personal home and school factors related to 11th graders drug attitudes

Shah P.R., 1987: Personal hygiene in groups with varied cervical cancer rates a study in bombay india

Arth J.M., 1986: Personal information management a proposal

Omoto A.M., 1986: Personal involvement an examination of processing differences

Michieletto P., 1986: Personal management of inferior lid ectropion

Franklin, H. C.; Holding, D. H., 1977: Personal memories at different ages

Morris N.D., 1981: Personal monitoring and assessment of doses received by radiation workers

Wester U., 1986: Personal monitoring of exposure to uv radiation in the car manufacturing industry

Howie R.M., 1982: Personal noise dosimeters for use in coal mines

Schaltenbrand, G., 1975: Personal observations on the development of stereotaxy

Lafferty J.C., 1988: Personal orientations and their relation to psychological and physiological symptoms of strain

Lara Tunon J., 1986: Personal pathologic history mental work capacity and school proficiency in children with hypoacusis

Dungy C.I., 1986: Personal preferences and ethnic variations among anglo and hispanic breast and bottle feeders

Fay W.H., 1979: Personal pronouns and the autistic child

Schaumburg C., 1980: Personal pronouns as indicators of interpersonal relations in psychoanalytic group therapy

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090101

Obrador, S., 1975: Personal recollections of the development of human stereotactic neuro surgery

Grove T.R., 1988: Personal relevance of traits and things

Oja M., 1983: Personal safety equipment and rescuing in disabling occupational accidents

Palmes, E. D.; Gunnison, A. F.; Dimattio, J.; Tomczyk, C., 1976: Personal sampler for nitrogen di oxide

Tomczyk C., 1979: Personal sampler for nitrogen oxides

De-Santis, F.; Perrino, C., 1986: Personal sampling of aniline in working sites by using high efficiency annular denuders

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090108

Hansson H C., 1987: Personal size separating impactor for sampling microbiological aerosols

Mackie R.M., 1981: Personal solar uv a doses received by patients undergoing oral psoralen photo chemo therapy for psoriasis

Levy S., 1984: Personal space as a function of infant illness an application of multidimensional scaling

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090112

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090113

Sherman N.C., 1982: Personal space methodology relation between felt figures and scores on comfortable inter personal distance scale

Wormith J.S., 1984: Personal space of incarcerated offenders

Masuda M., 1981: Personal space perception in human shoulder on the horizontal plane bisection of a range of motion

Yonemoto K., 1986: Personal space perception in humans bisection and minimum division of the range of motion in finger joint and the threshold for two point discrimination

Hayduk L.A., 1985: Personal space the conceptual and measurement implications of structural equation models

Booraem, C. D.; Bodner, G. E.; Flowers, J. V.; Satterfield, D. A., 1977: Personal space variations as a function of criminal behavior

Rim Y., 1981: Personal tempo personality cognitive speed and cognitive performance

Aveline M., 1986: Personal themes from training groups for health care professionals

Handel, A., 1987: Personal theories about the life span development of one's self in autobiographical self presentations of adults

Hlaing T., 1986: Personal toilet after defecation and the degree of hand contamination according to different methods used

Sangha G.S., 1985: Personal traits academic achievements and aspirations of agricultural students

Silverman C., 1981: Personal usage of medical radiological procedures by radiologists pathologists and their families

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090126

Spanos N.P., 1981: Personal variables predicting voluntary participation in and attrition from a meditation program

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090128

Nelms, L. H.; Reiszner, K. D.; West, P. W., 1977: Personal vinyl chloride monitoring device with permeation technique for sampling

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090130

Weeks, M. F.; Kulka, R. A.; Lessler, J. T.; Whitmore, R. W., 1983: Personal vs. telephone surveys for collecting household health data at the local level

Armendariz J., 1985: Personal worth self esteem anomia hostility and irrational thinking of abusing mothers a multivariate approach

Oberkirch A., 1983: Personal writings in psycho therapy

Collins H.A., 1979: Personalities of addicts

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090135

Hayslip B.Jr, 1988: Personality ability relationships in aged adults

Fel'dman N.B., 1988: Personality accentuation characteristics as a predisposing factor to some psychosomatic diseases

Watson C.G., 1983: Personality adjustment differences in the bem masculinity and femininity scales

Gotthold J., 1980: Personality adjustment of children and adolescents with hypo pituitarism

Goh, D. S.; Moore, C., 1978: Personality and academic achievement in 3 educational levels

Eysenck S., 1987: Personality and addictiveness in anorexic and bulimic patients

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090142

Tiwana M., 1987: Personality and alienation of creative writers a brief report

Eysenck S.B.G., 1980: Personality and anti social behavior in delinquent and nondelinquent boys

Lane D.A., 1987: Personality and antisocial behavior a long term study

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090146

Prabhu G.G., 1979: Personality and attitude correlates of drug abuse among students of a high school in delhi india a replicated study

Mabry E.A., 1985: Personality and attitude correlates of psychosedative drug use

Lips H.M., 1984: Personality and attitude variables of women and their spouses as predictors of womens experience of pregnancy

Todd, J.; Goldstein, R.; Whitehouse, A., 1977: Personality and attitudes of british marihuana users

Risberg J., 1988: Personality and augmenting reducing in visual and auditory evoked potentials

Saklofske, D. H., 1977: Personality and behavior problems of school boys

Mckinlay W., 1983: Personality and behavioral change after severe blunt head injury a relatives view

Firestone P., 1987: Personality and behavioral characteristics in pediatric migraine

Reigle N., 1988: Personality and biographic data that characterize men who abuse their wives

Czubalski K., 1986: Personality and bronchial asthma

Eysenck, H. J., 1981: Personality and cancer some comments on a paper by h. berndt

Lauer R.M., 1980: Personality and casual blood pressure in school age children

Biberman G., 1985: Personality and characteristic work attitudes of persons with high moderate and low political tendencies

Chelune, Gj; Ortega, D; Linton, Jc; Boustany, Mm, 1986: Personality and cognitive findings among patients electing gastroplasty for morbid obesity

Mangan, G. L., 1978: Personality and conditioning factors of classical conditioned response acquisition and extinction and their relationship to personality types

Kantorowitz, D. A., 1978: Personality and conditioning of tumescence and de tumescence

Mangan G.L., 1988: Personality and conditioning with appetitive and aversive stimuli

Omololu C.B., 1986: Personality and control of diabetes mellitus

Day J.M., 1982: Personality and criminality a review of the california psychological inventory

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090166

Tucker J., 1988: Personality and deception ability

Forrest, A. R., 1977: Personality and delinquency further multi variate work with discriminant variables in samples of scottish delinquent and nondelinquent boys

Calsyn D.A., 1986: Personality and demographic characteristics associated with the prescribing of psychoactive medications for methadone maintenance patients

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090170

Larocco J.M., 1987: Personality and demographic variables related to individual responsiveness to diving stress

Pilowsky I., 1979: Personality and depressive illness

Young K., 1986: Personality and drinking behavior in medical students

Bentler P.M., 1987: Personality and drug use reciprocal effects across four years

Pellegrini C., 1987: Personality and duodenal ulcer response to antisecretory treatment

Crowther J.H., 1983: Personality and eating habit variables as predictors of severity of binge eating and weight

Michaels C.E., 1986: Personality and employee withdrawal effects of locus of control on turnover

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090178

Puccetti M.C., 1982: Personality and exercise as buffers in the stress illness relationship

Kane J.M., 1985: Personality and experimentally simulated hearing loss

Eysenck, H. J., 1977: Personality and factor analysis a reply to guilford

Rowson V.J., 1986: Personality and functional hearing loss in children

Orlebeke J.F., 1984: Personality and head ache type a controlled study

Borge A., 1987: Personality and hemisphere function two experiments using the dichotic shadowing technique

Bylsma F.W., 1988: Personality and individual differences in spinal motoneuronal excitability

Whitney W.R., 1981: Personality and inter subject differences in performance and physiological cost during whole body vibration

Furnham M.Z., 1986: Personality and job satisfaction

Smith L.S., 1981: Personality and lateral preference patterns in children

Douthat J.M., 1985: Personality and learning fortran

Fox S., 1987: Personality and leisure activities an illustration with chess players

Dawkins M.P., 1980: Personality and lifestyle factors in utilization of mental health services

Kelly I.W., 1986: Personality and loneliness

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090193

Exley K.A., 1979: Personality and male female influences on the electro encephalogram alpha rhythm

Rolles C.J., 1980: Personality and medical perception in benign myalgic encephalo myelitis

Williams, P.; Francis, A.; Durham, R., 1976: Personality and meditation

Colbert K.K., 1985: Personality and memory correlates of intellectual functioning in adulthood piagetian and psychometric assessments

Ebie J.C., 1980: Personality and menstruation

Jegede R.O., 1980: Personality and mental health characteristics of nigerian university students

Comrey A.L., 1987: Personality and mental health of hare krishnas compared with psychiatric outpatients and normals

Crisp A.H., 1979: Personality and mental state present state examination within anorexia nervosa

Williams D.G., 1981: Personality and mood state trait relationships

Matthews G., 1985: Personality and motivational trait correlates of the telic dominance scale

Matthews G., 1987: Personality and multidimensional arousal a study of two dimensions of extraversion

Tsuru N., 1986: Personality and neuropsychological aspects of temporal lobe epileptics and schizophrenics

Klesges, R. C., 1984: Personality and obesity global vs. specific measures

Palisi A.T., 1981: Personality and other factors associated with gambling addiction

Gunter B., 1983: Personality and perceptions of harmful and harmless television violence

Plutchik, R., 1971: Personality and personal history differences between day hospital and ward patients

Hartung, G. H.; Farge, E. J., 1977: Personality and physiological traits in middle aged runners and joggers

Furnham A., 1984: Personality and police selection trait differences in successful and nonsuccessful applicants to the metropolitan police

Baas L.R., 1979: Personality and political participation does self ideal discrepancy make a difference

Juhasz, J. B.; Paxson, L., 1978: Personality and preference for architectural style

Phillips L.D., 1979: Personality and probabilistic thinking an exploratory study

Syme G.J., 1986: Personality and problem gambling

Cooper R., 1985: Personality and problem solving the nature of individual differences in planning scanning and verification

Gonzalez Castano J.P., 1981: Personality and psycho physiological variability on individuals exposed to mental load a laboratory experience

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090218

Jenkins R., 1986: Personality and psychosis use of the standardized assessment of personality

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090220

Barr D.L., 1984: Personality and regional cerebral blood flow

Wilson V.E., 1988: Personality and relaxation therapy changes among clinical and normal subjects

Hemsley D.R., 1987: Personality and reports of hallucination and imagery in a normal population

Shekelle R.B., 1987: Personality and risk of cancer 20 year follow up of the western electric study

Jinkerson D.L., 1985: Personality and self actualizing profiles of assertive people

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090226

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090227

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090228

Hundleby J.D., 1987: Personality and situation as determinants of desire to drink in young adults

Adams I.C., 1985: Personality and somatotype of trainee pilots

Evans W., 1986: Personality and stress

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Shneidman E.S., 1984: Personality and success among a selected group of lawyers

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Segall D.O., 1980: Personality and the enactment of emotion

Furnham A., 1983: Personality and the perception of television violence

Levey A.B., 1981: Personality and the topography of the conditioned eyelid response

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090241

Laufer W.S., 1984: Personality and treatment effectiveness in anorexia nervosa

Goldsmith R.E., 1986: Personality and uninformed response error

Brandsma J.M., 1988: Personality antecedents of burnout among middle aged physicians

Knott V.J., 1979: Personality arousal and individual differences in cigarette smoking

Allsopp J.F., 1986: Personality as a determinant of beer and cider consumption among young men

Rechnitzer P.A., 1985: Personality as a moderator of the effects of cigarette smoking on coronary risk

Padian N.S., 1980: Personality as a predictor of psycho therapy and pharmaco therapy outcome for depressed out patients

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090249

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090250

Segers, M. J.; Mertens, C., 1977: Personality aspects of coronary heart disease related behavior

Gerard H.B., 1980: Personality attitudinal and social correlates of drug use

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090253

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090254

Ahern, F. M.; Cole, R. E.; Johnson, R. C.; Wong, B., 1981: Personality attributes of males and females marrying within vs. across racial ethnic groups

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Sterky G., 1981: Personality changes and social adjustment during the 1st 3 years of diabetes in children

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090262

Lindberg, D., 1981: Personality changes in chronic schizophrenic patients during 5 years treatment with intensive psycho therapy in combination with depot neuroleptics 1. analysis of changes as measured by the holtzman inkblot technique

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Hays J.R., 1980: Personality characteristics and employability of mentally retarded adults

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Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090272

Radbauer L., 1988: Personality characteristics and perception of relevant persons of obsessive compulsive and phobic patients

Kidd R.M., 1980: Personality characteristics and preferences in pet ownership

Delmonte M.M., 1980: Personality characteristics and regularity of meditation

Buhler F.R., 1985: Personality characteristics and renin in essential hypertension

O'reilly C.A.IIi, 1985: Personality characteristics and self monitoring

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090278

Nickeson R.C., 1983: Personality characteristics as related to the out of body experience

Parrott C.A., 1984: Personality characteristics associated with lateral eye movement patterns

Herl, D., 1976: Personality characteristics in a sample of heroin addict methadone maintenance applicants

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090282

Smirnova L.E., 1981: Personality characteristics in patients with dys kinesia of the biliary ducts

Nozue M., 1981: Personality characteristics in patients with laryngeal polyp

Lovinger S.L., 1980: Personality characteristics of 3 subgroups of children with reading disabilities

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090286

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090287

Harris T.L., 1979: Personality characteristics of art students

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090289

Kimbrough W.W., 1982: Personality characteristics of college nonathletes and baseball football and track team members

Panton, J. H., 1976: Personality characteristics of death row prison inmates

Perris H., 1983: Personality characteristics of depressed patients classified according to family history

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090293

Kohl D., 1985: Personality characteristics of epileptic patients a controlled study of generalized and temporal lobe cases

Carley L., 1984: Personality characteristics of extreme scorers on the self monitoring scale

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Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090304

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Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090311

Borg S., 1982: Personality characteristics of patients with exclusive abuse of sedative hypnotic drugs

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Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090314

Harper, D. C., 1978: Personality characteristics of physically impaired adolescents

Luk'yanova, N. F., 1977: Personality characteristics of pilot cadets with different levels of progress in flying disciplines

Gotz K., 1979: Personality characteristics of professional artists

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Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090319

Butler J.F., 1986: Personality characteristics of subjects high and low in apprehension about communication

Goetz K., 1979: Personality characteristics of successful artists

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090322

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090323

Burke, D. M.; Hall, M., 1986: Personality characteristics of volunteers in a companion for children program

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Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090327

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090328

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Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090334

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Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090343

Richardson A.G., 1985: Personality correlates of creativity among a sample of jamaican adolescents west indies

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090345

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Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090348

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Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090359

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Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090737

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090738

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Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090742

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090743

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Harrison, A.; Kruze, R., 1987: Perturbation of a skilled action 2. normalizing the responses of cerebral palsied individuals

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Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090758

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090759

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090760

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Kito M., 1982: Perturbation of lipid metabolism by palmitic acid in chinese hamster v 79 r cells

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Ewert A., 1985: Perturbation of lymphatic endothelial cells in experimental brugia malayi infections

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090783

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090784

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Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090790

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Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090792

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090793

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090794

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Rubin H., 1986: Perturbation of red cell membrane structure during intracellular maturation of plasmodium falciparum

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090801

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Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090815

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Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090833

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090834

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Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090854

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Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090856

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090857

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090858

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Dexter T.M., 1986: Perturbed hemopoiesis and the generation of multipotential stem cell clones in src infected bone marrow cultures is an indirect or transient effect of the oncogene

White K., 1986: Perturbed pattern of catecholamine containing neurons in mutant drosophila deficient in the enzyme dopa decarboxylase

Poelt J., 1987: Pertusaria christae new species a terricolous lichen from the eastern alps

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Oshio, M., 1976: Pertusaria variolosa and the allied species

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Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090891

Bauer C., 1986: Pertussis toxin abolishes angiotensin ii induced phosphoinositide hydrolysis and prostaglandin synthesis in rat renal mesangial cells

Herz A., 1987: Pertussis toxin abolishes the antinociception mediated by opioid receptors in rat spinal cord

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090894

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Zhang Y L., 1983: Pertussis toxin affinity purification of a new adp ribosyl transferase

Falkow S., 1984: Pertussis toxin and extracytoplasmic adenylate cyclase as virulence factors of bordetella pertussis

Jakobs K.H., 1985: Pertussis toxin attenuates angiotensin ii induced vasoconstriction and inhibition of renin release

Cantin M., 1987: Pertussis toxin attenuates atrial natriuretic factor mediated inhibition of adenylate cyclase involvement of inhibitory guanine nucleotide regulatory protein

Onali P., 1987: Pertussis toxin attenuates d 2 inhibition and enhances d 1 stimulation of adenylate cyclase by dopamine in rat striatum

Aghajanian G.K., 1987: Pertussis toxin blocks 5 ht 1a and gaba b receptor mediated inhibition of serotonergic neurons

Thalmann R.H., 1987: Pertussis toxin blocks a late inhibitory postsynaptic potential in hippocampal ca 3 neurons

Aghajanian G.K., 1987: Pertussis toxin blocks autoreceptor mediated inhibition of dopaminergic neurons in rat substantia nigra

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090904

Makman M.H., 1987: Pertussis toxin blocks depressant effects of opioid monoaminergic and muscarinic agonists on dorsal horn network responses in spinal cord ganglion cultures

Rollag M.D., 1987: Pertussis toxin blocks melatonin induced pigment aggregation in xenopus dermal melanophores

Ui M., 1987: Pertussis toxin blocks presynaptic glutamate receptors a novel glutamate b receptor in the lobster neuromuscular synapse

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090908

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090909

Weiss J.M., 1988: Pertussis toxin blocks the effects of alpha 2 agonists and antagonists on locus coeruleus activity in vivo

Phillis J.W., 1987: Pertussis toxin blocks the inhibitory effect of adenosine on rat cerebral cortical neurons

Irons L.I., 1984: Pertussis toxin blocks the inhibitory effect of muscarinic cholinergic agonists on cyclic amp accumulation and prolactin secretion in gh 3 anterior pituitary tumor cells

Coderre J.A., 1987: Pertussis toxin blocks the inhibitory effects of calcitonin on cyclic amp accumulation in stimulated cultured human monocytes

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090914

Wang Y Y., 1986: Pertussis toxin blocks the outward currents evoked by opiate and alpha 2 agonists in locus coeruleus neurons

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090916

Rittenhouse S.E., 1987: Pertussis toxin can activate human platelets comparative effects of holotoxin and its adp ribosylating s 1 subunit

Flint A.P.F., 1988: Pertussis toxin catalyzed adp ribosylation of endometrial proteins in sheep

Liu T Y., 1985: Pertussis toxin catalyzed adp ribosylation of transducin cysteine 347 is the adp ribose acceptor site

Garzon J., 1988: Pertussis toxin differentially reduces the efficacy of opioids to produce supraspinal analgesia in the mouse

Harden T.K., 1984: Pertussis toxin differentiates between 2 mechanisms of attenuation of cyclic amp accumulation by muscarinic cholinergic receptors

Majewski H., 1987: Pertussis toxin does not attenuate alpha 2 adrenoceptor mediated inhibition of noradrenaline release in mouse atria

Brown J.H., 1985: Pertussis toxin does not inhibit muscarinic receptor mediated phosphoinositide hydrolysis of calcium mobilization

Elliott M.E., 1986: Pertussis toxin does not prevent alpha adrenergic stimulated breakdown of phosphoinositides or respiration in brown adipocytes

Fain J.N., 1986: Pertussis toxin effects on adenylate cyclase activity cyclic amp accumulation and lipolysis in adipocytes from hypothyroid euthyroid and hyperthyroid rats

Garcia Sainz J.A., 1986: Pertussis toxin enhances the beta adrenergic and blocks the alpha adrenergic regulation of renin secretion in renal cortical slices

Hayaishi O., 1987: Pertussis toxin facilitates secretagogue induced catecholamine release from cultured bovine adrenal chromaffin cells

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090928

Valles V.E., 1987: Pertussis toxin induces fatty liver hyperlipemia and ketosis in hamsters

Garcia Sainz J.A., 1983: Pertussis toxin induces tachy cardia and impairs the increase in blood pressure produced by alpha 2 adrenergic agonists

Defranco A.L., 1986: Pertussis toxin inhibition of b cell and macrophage responses to bacterial lipopolysaccharide

Bourne H.R., 1985: Pertussis toxin inhibition of chemotactic factor induced calcium mobilization and function in human polymorphonuclear leukocytes

Aksamit R.R., 1985: Pertussis toxin inhibition of chemotaxis and the adp ribosylation of a membrane protein in a human mouse hybrid cell line

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090934

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090935

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090936

Sha'afi R.I., 1985: Pertussis toxin inhibits formylmethionylleucylphenylalanine but not phorbol ester stimulated changes in rabbit neutrophils role of g proteins in excitation response coupling

Ruddy S., 1988: Pertussis toxin inhibits human neutrophil responses mediated by the 42 kilodalton igg fc receptor

Minakami S., 1985: Pertussis toxin inhibits intracellular ph changes in human neutrophils stimulated by n formylmethionylleucylphenylalanine

Ostadal B., 1987: Pertussis toxin inhibits negative inotropic and negative chronotropic muscarinic cholinergic effects on the heart

Davies P.J.A., 1986: Pertussis toxin inhibits retinoic acid induced expression of tissue transglutaminase in macrophages

Costa E., 1988: Pertussis toxin inhibits signal transduction at a specific metabolotropic glutamate receptor in primary cultures of cerebellar granule cells

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090943

Schiffmann E., 1987: Pertussis toxin inhibits stimulated motility independently of the adenylate cyclase pathway in human melanoma cells

Kojima I., 1987: Pertussis toxin inhibits the action of insulin like growth factor i

Parolaro D., 1986: Pertussis toxin inhibits the antinociceptive action of morphine in the rat

Sha'afi R.I., 1984: Pertussis toxin inhibits the rise in the intracellular concentration of free calcium that is induced by chemotactic factors in rabbit neutrophils possible role of the g proteins in calcium mobilization

Pouyssegur J., 1986: Pertussis toxin inhibits thrombin induced activation of phosphoinositide hydrolysis and sodium proton exchange in hamster fibroblasts

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090949

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090950

Falkow S., 1985: Pertussis toxin is required for pertussis vaccine encephalopathy

Cronin M.J., 1986: Pertussis toxin mediates adp ribosylation of pituitary membrane proteins

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090953

Davis M., 1987: Pertussis toxin or 8 bromocyclic amp block inhibition of the acoustic startle response by the alpha 2 adrenergic agonist st 91

Garrison J.C., 1986: Pertussis toxin or phorbol 12 myristate 13 acetate can distinguish between epidermal growth factor and angiotensin stimulated signals in hepatocytes

Garcia Sainz J.A., 1985: Pertussis toxin potentiates anesthesia induced renin secretion

Schettini, G.; Meucci, O.; Florio, T.; Grimaldi, M.; Landolfi, E.; Magri, G.; Yasumoto, T., 1988: Pertussis toxin pretreatment abolishes dihydropyridine inhibition of calcium flux in the 235 1 pituitary cell line

Anderson R.J., 1986: Pertussis toxin prevents homologous desensitization of adenylate cyclase in cultured renal epithelial cells

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090959

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090960

Churchill M.C., 1987: Pertussis toxin reverses adenosine receptor mediated inhibition of renin secretion in rat renal cortical slices

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090962

Williams L.T., 1986: Pertussis toxin sensitive pathway in the stimulation of c myc expression and dna synthesis by bombesin

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090964

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090965

Manclark C.R., 1983: Pertussis toxin substrate the putative magnesium binding inhibitory component of adenylyl cyclases is an alpha beta hetero dimer regulated by guanine nucleotide and magnesium

Sugiyama H., 1988: Pertussis toxin suppresses long term potentiation of hippocampal mossy fiber synapses

Watanabe A.M., 1988: Pertussis toxin treated dog a whole animal model of impaired inhibitory regulation of adenylate cyclase

Rogol A.D., 1988: Pertussis toxin treatment attenuates some effects of insulin in bc3h 1 murine myocytes

Pappano A.J., 1985: Pertussis toxin treatment blocks hyperpolarization by muscarinic agonists in chick atrium

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090971

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090972

Loh H.H., 1985: Pertussis toxin treatment modified opiate action in the rat brain striatum

Winberry L., 1987: Pertussis toxin triggers rapid second messenger production in human t lymphocytes

Hewlett E.L., 1983: Pertussis toxin uncouples dopamine agonist inhibition of prolactin release

Fraser D.W., 1979: Pertussis vaccine an analysis of benefits risks and costs

Prilepin, N. A.; Semenov, B. F., 1980: Pertussis vaccine as the inductor of suppressor cells inhibiting the local graft vs. host reaction

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090978

Cameron, J.; Stainer, D. W., 1977: Pertussis vaccine fact and fiction

Taylor G.E., 1982: Pertussis vaccine inhibits immune insulitis induced with streptozotocin

Dieppe, P. A.; Willoughby, D. A.; Huskisson, E. C.; Arrigoni-Martelli, E., 1976: Pertussis vaccine pleurisy a model of delayed hyper sensitivity

De Robertis E., 1986: Pertussis vaccine reduces agonist binding to the rat heart muscarinic receptor and its guanine nucleotide modulation

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090983

Smith R.L., 1983: Peru coastal currents during el nino 1976 and 1982

Ali A., 1980: Peru lactone a new ergostane type steroid from physalis peruviana solanaceae

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090986

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Weber Schilling C., 1986: Perukes of antlered animals and the phenomenon of casting above the coronet

Kostyrko D.R., 1985: Perulae in some species of ligneous lianoid plants

Van Steirteghem A.C., 1988: Perurethral ultrasound guided ovum pickup

Chalmers T.C., 1985: Perusing the literature comparison of medline searching with a perinatal trials database

Igarashi S., 1984: Peruvian hake meat having a lack of kamaboko forming property

Konchina Yu V., 1980: Peruvian jack mackerel trachurus symmetricus murphyi a facultative predator of a coastal upwelling ecosystem

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090994

De Santis L., 1985: Peruvian species of halticoptera

Belle J., 1979: Peruviogomphus pearsoni new species from ecuador anisoptera gomphidae

Nieminen U., 1986: Pervaginal cul de sac cytology and computed tomography in the follow up care of patients with advanced ovarian cancer

Kossen N.W.F., 1984: Pervaporation for simultaneous product recovery in the butanol isopropanol batch fermentation

Section 7, Chapter 6091, Accession 006090999

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