Petrified solenostelic rhizomes from jurassic of rajmahal hills india

Sharma, B.D.; Bohra, D.R.

Phytomorphology (Delhi) 26(4): 411-414


ISSN/ISBN: 0031-9449
Accession: 006091364

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Recently discovered petrified rhizomes of Solenostelopteris sp. from the fossiliferous locality of Pakur in the Rajmahal Hills [India] are shown to possess exarch solenostelic vasculature. Some rhizomes have a smooth outer surface whereas others have linear, uniseriate, multicellular hairs. The petiolar trace is C-shaped and young leaves show circinate vernation. Comparisons with similar fossil and living fern rhizomes suggest it to be loxsomaceous. Relationships are also discussed with the associated filician plants and other organs found in the locality.