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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6093

Chapter 6093 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Jambhekar S.S.; Cobby J., 1985:
Ph rate and flow rate independent release of drug from uncoated slow release tablets

Begg D.A.; Rebhun L.I., 1979:
Ph regulates the polymerization of actin in the sea urchin strongylocentrotus purpuratus egg cortex

Sukumaran N.; Kutty M.N., 1981:
Ph regulation during long term swimming in the mullet rhinomugil corsula

Boron W.F.; Mccormick W.C.; Roos A., 1981:
Ph regulation in barnacle balanus nubilus muscle fibers dependence on extracellular sodium and bi carbonate

Boron W.F.; Mccormick W.C.; Roos A., 1979:
Ph regulation in barnacle balanus nubilus muscle fibers dependence on intra cellular and extracellular ph

Hood, V.L., 1985:
pH regulation of endogenous acid production in subjects with chronic ketoacidosis

Hutson S.M., 1987:
Ph regulation of mitochondrial branched chain alpha keto acid transport and oxidation in rat heart mitochondria

Pitout M.J.; Willemse G.T.; Van Papendorp D.H.; Seegers J.C.; Theron J.J., 1987:
Ph regulation the role of the hepatorenal system

Stuenkel, E.L.; Machen, T.E.; Williams, J.A., 1988:
pH regulatory mechanisms in rat pancreatic ductal cells

Klemm, O.; Riederer, M.; Frevert, T., 1987:
Ph response on leaves and isolated cuticles of hedera helix l. after wetting with artificial rainwater

Okahata Y.; Seki T., 1984:
Ph sensitive capsule membranes reversible permeability control from the dissociative bilayer coated capsule membrane by an ambient ph change

Ganong B.R.; Raetz C.R.H., 1983:
Ph sensitive cdp di glyceride synthetase mutants of escherichia coli phenotypic suppression by mutations at a 2nd site

Frei, R.W.; Belliveau, P.E., 1972:
Ph sensitive fluorogenic spray reagents part 2 quantitative studies with pesticides

Frei, R.W.; Belliveau, P.E., 1972:
Ph sensitive fluorogenic spray reagents part 3 a survey of potential reagents

Chambers T.M.; Burleson G.R., 1982:
Ph sensitive mutagenic activity of ozone treated 1 2 di methyl hydrazine in the salmonella typhimurium microsome assay

Simpson R.J.; Peters T.J., 1986:
Ph sensitive transport of iron ii across purified brush border membrane from mouse intestine

Talesara C.L.; Kiran S., 1982:
Ph sensitivity of myo fibrillar atpase in the myotomal muscles of heteropneustes fossilis

Suzuki A.; Cassens R.G., 1980:
Ph sensitivity of myosin atpase and subtypes of myo fibers in porcine muscle

Maegawa H.; Kato M.; Inui K I.; Hori R., 1988:
Ph sensitivity of proton organic cation antiport system in rat renal brush border membranes

Biagi, B.A.; Sohtell, M., 1986:
pH sensitivity of the basolateral membrane of the rabbit proximal tubule

Chowhan, Z.T., 1978:
Ph solubility profiles of organic carboxylic acids and their salts

Igimi H.; Carey M.C., 1980:
Ph solubility relations of cheno deoxy cholic acid and ursodeoxy cholic acid physical chemical basis for dissimilar solution and membrane phenomena

Cumming R.W., 1982:
Ph survey of acid soils in pejar project area goulburn new south wales australia

Mitsuhashi T.; Uchida A.; Ishida Y.; Kadota H., 1985:
Ph temperature effects on the swelling of bacillus subtilis spores during germination

Fahrenkrug, J.; Schaffalitzky de Muckadell, O.B.; Rune, S.J., 1978:
pH threshold for release of secretin in normal subjects and in patients with duodenal ulcer and patients with chronic pancreatitis

Conroy, C.W.; Erman, J.E., 1978:
Ph titration study of cytochrome c peroxidase ec and apo cytochrome c peroxidase

Taglioni J P.; Fournier J., 1979:
Ph titration technique for the study of divalent metal ion thiamine pyro phosphate complexes calculation of formation constants

Cooley L.B.; Krause S., 1980 :
Ph titrations of molluscan mercenaria mercenaria para myosin at 2 different ionic strengths

Graenzer W., 1979:
Ph value in the abomasum of calves fed with cold milk replacer

Leon F.; Martins C.; Mata C.; Penedo J.C.; Barranco A.; Camargo S.; Martinez I.; Velloso C.; Jorquera D.; E.A., 1988:
Ph values and water activity in iberian mountain ham repercussions for the european economic community

Cook, P.F.; Cleland, W.W., 1981:
Ph variation of isotope effects in enzyme catalyzed reactions 1. isotope dependent and ph dependent steps the same

Barakat R.; Strekas T.C., 1982:
Ph variation of midpoint potential for 3 photosynthetic bacterial cytochromes c a link between physical and functional properties

Schimerlik, M.I.; Cleland, W.W., 1977:
pH variation of the kinetic parameters and the catalytic mechanism of malic enzyme

Ferrazzi P.; Sofi T., 1986:
Phacelia tanacetifolia in mountain environment pollinating insect nectar production seeds characteristics

Larsen, K., 1978:
Phacelophrynium exorbitans new species from northern thailand

Tobias A.V., 1982:
Phacidiales of berezinsky reserve belorussian ssr ussr

Tobias A.V., 1982:
Phacidiales of the ussr

Roll Hansen F., 1987 :
Phacidium infestans and phacidium abietis hosts especially abies sp in norwegian nurseries

Apple, D.J.; Mamalis, N.; Steinmetz, R.L.; Loftfield, K.; Crandall, A.S.; Olson, R.J., 1984:
Phacoanaphylactic endophthalmitis associated with extracapsular cataract extraction and posterior chamber intraocular lens

Shimizu K.; Kinoshita N., 1987:
Phacoanaphylactic uveitis following intraocular lens implantation

Shimizu K., 1987:
Phacoanaphylactic uveitis in pseudophakia

Penna Neme L.; Crux Natali M.L., 1984:
Phacoides coupoisi a new synonym of codakia pectinella and some considerations on brazilian lucinidae mollusca bivalvia

Asahara N.; Asahara S., 1984:
Phacolytic glaucoma inflammatory extension to the vitreous and surgical approach

Surdonja P.; Nutrizio V.; Rukovanjski M.; Nutrizio V.; Besenski N., 1987:
Phacomatoses diagnosis and therapy of intracranial changes

Fiorillo, A.; Lupo, M.; Maietta, A.; Tajana, G.F., 1978:
Phacomatosis and the amine precursor uptake and decarboxylation series diseases a clinical case report

Struve W., 1982:
Phacopina trilobita 10 new investigations on geesops new genus new status phacopinae lower and middle devonian

Flick, H.; Struve, W., 1984:
Phacopina trilobita 11. chotecops sollei new species and chotecops ferdinandi from devonian shales of the rhenish mountains west germany

Struve, W., 1985:
Phacopina trilobita 12. transfer of the species phacops schmidti to the genus denckmannites

Struve, W., 1985:
Phacopina trilobita 13. phacops sartenaeri from the eifelian of the ardennes belgium

Koschel R.; Proft G.; Raidt H., 1987:
Phacotus mass developments one source of autochthonous calcium carbonate input in lakes

Carlson, B.L.; Calnan, M.B.; Goodman, R.E.; George, H., 1987:
Phadebact Monoclonal GC OMNI Test for confirmation of Neisseria gonorrhoeae

Ebner H.; Ebner C.; Bonitz W.; Kraft D., 1988:
Phadiatop and elisa strip test two new tests for the determination of ige mediated allergic diseases in comparison to rast

Herold D.A.; Duyan I.; Kunkel G., 1987:
Phadiatop versus total ige a comparing study on the efficacy of two screening methods in diagnostic of inhalant allergies part ii

Herold D.A.; Duyan I.; Kunkel G., 1987:
Phadiatop versus total ige a comparing study on the efficacy of two screening methods in diagnostics of inhalant allergies part i

Regalado, J.C.J. ; Gao, C.Y.; Fu, E.; Lin, F.T.; Lin, M.C.; Wong, L.K.; Schiff, P.L.J., 1987:
Phaeanthine 2'alpha n oxide and pycmanilline new bisbenzylisoquinoline alkaloids from pycnarrhena manillensis

Papp, J., 1973:
Phaenocarpa persimilis new species hymenoptera braconidae alysiinae from australia

Pace R., 1984:
Phaenoctavius brasiliensis new genus new species from brazil and tachinus rougemonti new species from thailand

Bily, S., 1976:
Phaenops formaneki coleoptera buprestidae with the description of a new subspecies

Ziefer A.; Connor D.H., 1980:
Phaeo mycotic cyst a clinico pathologic study of 25 patients

Bul'on, V.V., 1978:
Phaeo pigment content in plankton review

Mcginnis M.R.; Schell W.A.; Carson J., 1985:
Phaeoannellomyces new genus and the phaeococcomycetaceae new dematiaceous blastomycete taxa

Granmo A.; Schwenke J T., 1981:
Phaeobulgaria inquinans new record and pholiota squarrosa in north norway

Hassel-De-Menendez, G.G., 1987:
Phaeoceros laevis l. prosk. and phaeoceros carolinianus michx. prosk. their spores

Singer R., 1987:
Phaeocollybia in the oak woods of costa rica with notes on extralimital taxa

Hood I.A., 1982:
Phaeocryptopus gaeumannii on pseudotsuga menziesii in southern british columbia canada

Smiljakovic H.; Draganic M.; Vidakovic J., 1979:
Phaeocytosporella zeae a little known pathogen of corn rot

Takahashi, K.; Hurd, D.C.; Honjo, S., 1983:
Phaeodarian skeletons: their role in silica transport to the deep sea

Amma S.M.; Paniker C.K.J.; Iype P.T.; Gopinathan T.; Nayar B.T., 1980:
Phaeohypho mycosis caused by phialophora dermatitidis in kerala south india 3 cases

Ajello L.; Padhye A.A.; Payne M., 1980:
Phaeohypho mycosis in a dog caused by pseudomicrodochium suttonii new species

Engleberg, N.C.; Johnson, J.; Bluestein, J.; Madden, K.; Rinaldi, M.G., 1987:
Phaeohyphomycotic cyst caused by a recently described species, Phaeoannellomyces elegans

Reddy, S.M., 1974:
Phaeoisaria clematdis new record for india

Rossnev B., 1985:
Phaeolus schweinitzii in pinus peuce in bulgaria

Van Der Westhuizen G.C.A.; Eicker A., 1987:
Phaeolus schweinitzii new record in south africa

Harmaja, H., 1978:
Phaeomarasmius confragosus an agaric to be transferred to tubaria

Jago N.D., 1980:
Phaeoparia phrygana new species acridoidea romaleidae phaeopariini of costa rica and panama with discussion of its generic position in the phaeopariini

Dutton, P.L., 1976:
Phaeophytins and the photosynthetic reaction center

Chipompha N.W.S., 1987:
Phaeoseptoria eucalypti a new pathogen of eucalyptus in malawi

Hooper R.G.; Henry E.C.; Kuhlenkamp R., 1988:
Phaeosiphoniella cryophila new genus new species a third member of the tilopteridales phaeophyceae

Zacha, V.; Krasnohorska, M., 1975:
Phaeosphaeria eustoma on dieffenbachia picta in czechoslovakia also

Leuchtmann A., 1987:
Phaeosphaeria padellana and massariosphaeria triseptata 2 new bitunicate ascomycetes from the alps switzerland

Sigler L.; Tsuneda A.; Carmichael J.W., 1981:
Phaeotheca fissurella new genus new species and phaeosclera dermatioides new genus new species of dematiaceous hyphomycetes and a re description of sarcinomyces

Frei E., 1980:
Phaeozem soils in some dry valleys of the swiss alps

Weske, J.S.; Terborgh, J.W., 1977:
Phaethornis koepckeae new species hummingbird from peru

Miller, M.W.; Yoneyama, M.; Soneda, M., 1976:
Phaffia new genus a new yeast genus in the deuteromycotina blastomycetes

Johnson E.A.; Villa T.G.; Lewis M.J., 1980:
Phaffia rhodozyma as an asta xanthin source in salmonid diets

Wolkin R.H.; Pate J.L., 1986:
Phage adsorption and cell adherence are motility dependent characteristics of the gliding bacterium cytophaga johnsonae

Siddiqui, K.A.; Bhattacharyya, F.K., 1984:
Phage beta interaction with Vibrio cholerae

Schallehn, G.; Eklund, M.W.; Brandis, H., 1980:
Phage conversion of Clostridium novyi type A

Khotenko S.G.; Perova E.V.; Bulatova T.I.; Il'yashenko B.N.; Golikov V.I., 1980:
Phage conversion of toxigenicity in clostridium botulinum type c

Oguma, K.; Iida, H.; Shiozaki, M., 1976:
Phage conversion to hem agglutinin production in clostridium botulinum type c and type d

Nomura, M.; Lowry, C.V., 1967:
Phage f 2 rna directed binding of formyl methionyl transfer rna to ribosomes and the role of 30s ribosomal subunits in initiation of protein synthesis

Martin, D.M.; Godson, G.N., 1977:
Phage g 4 dna replication part 1 origin of synthesis of the viral and complementary dna strands

Godson, G.N., 1977:
Phage g 4 dna replication part 2 synthesis of viral progeny single stranded dna

Godson, G.N., 1977:
Phage g 4 dna replication part 3 synthesis of replicative form

Robb, S.M.; Woods, D.R.; Robb, F.T., 1978:
Phage growth characteristics on stationary phase Achromobacter cells

Defives C.; Werquin M.; Ouahal M.; Sahim L.; Derieux J.C., 1986:
Phage growth restriction by rhizobium meliloti

Holmberg O.; Lyon R.H.; Price D.; Farnsworth R.J., 1979:
Phage heterogeneity of coagulase negative staphylococci isolated in the usa and sweden from bovine milk

Higashi, S.; Abe, M., 1978:
Phage induced depolymerase for exo poly saccharide of rhizobiaceae

W.W.C.; Hong Y.R.; Huang C.M.; Tan Y.Y.; Lee C.I.; Chang S.F.; Wang C.H.; Huang M.L., 1985:
Phage induced mutations in xanthomonas campestris pathovar citri

Nida, S.K.; Ferretti, J.J., 1982:
Phage influence on the synthesis of extracellular toxins in group A streptococci

Benchetrit, L.C.; Bachrach, U., 1980:
Phage internal proteins 6. interaction of bacterio phage t 4 internal proteins with t 4 dna in vivo and in vitro

Lieb, M., 1976:
Phage lambda ci mutants intra genic complementation and complementation with a ci promoter mutant

Zachary, A.; Simon, L.D.; Litwin, S., 1976:
Phage lambda head morphogenesis as seen in the electron microscope

Yamamoto, N.; Wohlhieter, J.A.; Gemski, P.; Baron, L.S., 1978:
Phage lambda immp 22dis a hybrid of coli phage lambda with both immunity regions of salmonella typhimurium phage p 22

Piffaretti J C.; Fayet O., 1981:
Phage lambda mediated transduction of nonconjugative plasmids is promoted by transposons

Reinikainen P.; Lahde M.; Karp M.; Suominen I.; Markkanen P.; Mantsala P., 1988:
Phage lambda p l promoter controlled alpha amylase expression in escherichia coli during fermentation

Walz, A.; Pirrotta, V.; Ineichen, K., 1976:
Phage lambda repressor regulates the switch between pr and prm promoters

Hecht, M.H.; Sauer, R.T., 1985:
Phage lambda repressor revertants. Amino acid substitutions that restore activity to mutant proteins

Meyer, B.J.; Kleid, D.G.; Ptashne, M., 1975:
Phage lambda repressor turns off transcription of its own gene

Ray D.S.; Hines J.C.; Kim M.H.; Imber R.; Nomura N., 1982:
Phage m 13 vectors for selective cloning of sequences specifying initiation of dna synthesis on single stranded templates

Vary P.S.; Garbe J.C.; Franzen M.; Frampton E.W., 1982:
Phage mp 13 a generalized transducing bacterio phage for bacillus megaterium

Nussinov R.; Sussman J.L.; Trifonov E.N., 1980:
Phage ms 2 rna has a potential to form an unusually large number of stable hairpins

Jansone, I.V.; Rosenthal, G.F.; Renhof, R.F.; Gren, E.J., 1975:
Phage ms 2 rna hydrolysis by snake venom phospho di esterase and template activity of rna product of limited exo nucleolytic action

Van-Vliet, F.; Couturier, M.; De-Lafonteyne, J.; Jedlicki, E., 1978:
Phage mu 1 directed inhibition of dna breakdown in escherichia coli reca cells

Higgins N.P.; Olivera B.M., 1984:
Phage mu dna replication in vitro criteria for initiation

Woodrow, G.C.; Young, I.G.; Gibson, F., 1975:
Phage mu induced polarity in the escherichia coli strain k 12 ent gene cluster evidence for a gene entg involved in the biosynthesis of enterochelin

Gibson, F.; Downie, J.A.; Cox, G.B.; Radik, J., 1978:
Phage mu induced polarity in the unc operon of escherichia coli

Allet B., 1979:
Phage mu insertion duplicates a 5 base pair sequence at the host inserted site

Teifel, J.; Schmieger, H., 1979:
Phage Mu mutants with increased transduction abilities

Betermier M.; Alazard R.; Ragueh F.; Roulet E.; Toussaint A.; Chandler M., 1987:
Phage mu transposase deletion of the carboxyl terminal end does not abolish dna binding activity

Bitner R.M.; Kuempel P.L., 1981:
Phage p 1 transduction map spanning the replication terminus of escherichia coli k 12

Bitner R.M.; Kuempel P.L., 1982:
Phage p 1 transduction mapping of the trg locus in rac plus and rac strains of escherichia coli k 12

D.A.da J.; Poteete A.R.; Sauer R.T., 1983:
Phage p 22 c 2 repressor domain structure and function

Rennell D.; Poteete A.R., 1985:
Phage p 22 lysis genes nucleotide sequences and functional relationships with phage t 4 and phage lambda genes

Canosi, U.; Ferrari, F.A.; Ferrari, E.U.; Mazza, G.; Siccardi, A.G., 1978:
Phage pbsx induction in a temperature sensitive mutant of bacillus subtilis

Romantschuk M.; Bamford D.H., 1981:
Phage phi 6 resistant phage producing mutants of pseudomonas phaseolicola

Reeve J.N., 1981:
Phage phi x 174 directed dna and protein syntheses in infected mini cells

Pillich, J.; Kubícková, D.; Výmola, F., 1985:
Phage plaques and autoplaques in Pseudomonas aeruginosa strains

Taniguchi, T.; Palmieri, M.; Weissmann, C., 1978:
Phage q beta dna containing hybrid plasmids giving rise to q beta phage formation in the bacterial host

Blumenthal T.; Saari B.; Van Der Meide P.H.; Bosch L., 1980:
Phage q beta replicase containing wild type and mutant tufa and tufb gene products

Blumenthal T., 1980:
Phage q beta replicase template specificity different templates require different gtp concentrations for initiation

Young, R.A.; Blumenthal, T., 1975:
Phage q beta rna replicase subunit relationships determined by intra molecular cross linking

Kaca W.; Kotelko K., 1981:
Phage receptor at lipo poly saccharide of proteus mirabilis 1959 strain interaction phage lipo poly saccharide and its fragments

Yokokura, T., 1977:
Phage receptor material in Lactobacillus casei

Solov'eva N.Ya; Zhunaeva V.V.; Zakharova O.D.; Kuimova T.F., 1987:
Phage resistance compared among some actinomycetes and their nocardia like variants

Vedamuthu, E.R.; Neville, J.M., 1987:
Phage resistance in Streptococcus lactis ssp. diacetylactis transconjugant SLA3.2501 and its derivatives

Vlegels P.A.P.; Hazeleger W.C.; Helmerhorst T.H.; Wouters J.T.M., 1988:
Phage resistance of streptococcus cremoris due to low adsorption efficiency

Civerolo, E.L., 1976:
Phage sensitivity and virulence relationships in xanthomonas pruni

Asoskova T.K.; Shramek Ya, 1987:
Phage sensitivity of group a streptococcal strains isolated from glomerulonephritis patients

Marrero R.; Chiafari F.A.; Lovett P.S., 1981:
Phage sp 02 particles mediating transduction of a plasmid containing phage sp 02 cohesive ends

Mastromei, G.; Riva, S.; Fietta, A.; Pagani, L., 1978:
Phage spp 1 dna replicative forms growth of phage spp 1 in bacillus subtilis mutants temperature sensitive in dna synthesis

Roberts M.D.; Drexler H., 1981:
Phage t 1 mutants with increased transduction frequency are defective in host chromosome degradation

Silverstein, J.L.; Goldberg, E.B., 1976:
Phage t 4 dna injection part 1 growth cycle of a gene 2 mutant

Silverstein, J.L.; Goldberg, E.B., 1976:
Phage t 4 dna injection part 2 protection of entering dna from host exo nuclease v

Smith, C.A.; Hanawalt, P.C., 1978:
Phage t 4 endo nuclease v stimulates dna repair replication in isolated nuclei from uv irradiated human cells including xeroderma pigmentosum fibroblasts

Spicer E.K.; Williams K.R.; Konigsberg W.H., 1979 :
Phage t 4 gene 32 protein trypsin generated fragments fluorescence measurement of dna binding parameters

Thermes C.; Brody E., 1984:
Phage t 4 induced anti polarity temporal heterogeneity in response of early transcription units

Walker, G.C.; Uhlenbeck, O.C.; Bedows, E.; Gumport, R.I., 1975:
Phage t 4 induced rna ligase joins single stranded oligo ribo nucleotides

Baralle, F.E.; Travers, A., 1976:
Phage t 4 infection restricts ribosomal rna synthesis by escherichia coli rna polymerase

Mekshenkov, M.I.; Seregina, T.M., 1975:
Phage t 4 mero zygotes part 1 genetic structure analysis and study of reproduction of phage progeny

Mekshenkov, M.I.; Seregina, T.M., 1975:
Phage t 4 mero zygotes part 2 the mapping technique based on the physical size measurement of the di ploid region

Deugau, K.V.; Van-De-Sande, J.H., 1978:
Phage t 4 poly nucleotide ligase catalyzed joining of short synthetic dna duplexes at base paired ends

Raae, A.J.; Kleppe, K., 1978:
Phage t 4 poly nucleotide ligase ec catalyzed joining on triple stranded nucleic acids

Hinton, D.M.; Baez, J.A.; Gumport, R.I., 1978:
Phage t 4 rna ligase joins 2 deoxy ribo nucleoside 3 5 bis phosphates to oligo deoxy ribo nucleotides

Mccoy M.I.M.; Gumport R.I., 1980:
Phage t 4 rna ligase joins single strand oligo deoxy ribo nucleotides

Heckler T.G.; Chang L H.; Zama Y.; Naka T.; Chorghade M.S.; Hecht S.M., 1984:
Phage t 4 rna ligase mediated preparation of novel chemically mis acylated phenyl alanine transfer rna

Golomb, M.; Chamberlin, M.J., 1977:
Phage t 7 and phage t 3 specific rna polymerases ec characterization and mapping of the in vitro transcripts read from phage t 3 dna

Oen H.; W.C.W.; Haas R.; Cole P.E., 1979:
Phage t 7 dna directed rapid turnover single step addition reactions catalyzed by escherichia coli rna polymerase

Adler S.; Modrich P., 1979:
Phage t 7 induced dna polymerase characterization of associated exo nuclease activities and resolution into biologically active subunits

Adler S.; Modrich P., 1983:
Phage t 7 induced dna polymerase requirement for thioredoxin sulfhydryl groups

Osterman H.L.; Coleman J.E., 1981:
Phage t 7 rna polymerase promoter interactions

Barker R.; Old D.C.; Sharp J.C.M., 1980:
Phage type biotype groups of salmonella typhimurium in scotland uk 1974 1976 variation during spread of epidemic clones

Rabsch W.; Tschaepe H.; Kuehn H., 1987:
Phage type conversion by multiple drug resistant plasmids of salmonella typhimurium from different outbreaks at hospitals of several countries

Clavel Seres S.; Clement F., 1984:
Phage type distribution of mycobacterium tuberculosis in relation to geographical origin of the patients

Bates, J.H.; Stead, W.W.; Rado, T.A., 1976 :
Phage type of tubercle bacilli isolated from patients with 2 or more sites of organ involvement

Kotian M.; Devi J.N.S.; Shivananda P.G.; Rao K.N.A.; Shenoy U.A.K., 1982:
Phage type pattern of salmonella typhi and salmonella paratyphi a prevalent at manipal india a 6 year study

László, V.G.; Csórián, E.S.; Pászti, J., 1985:
Phage types and epidemiological significance of Salmonella enteritidis strains in Hungary between 1976 and 1983

Brglez I.; Stropnik Z.; Batis J., 1986:
Phage types of human and bovine streptococcus agalactiae isolates of slovenia yugoslavia

Mankiewicz, E.; Liivak, M., 1977:
Phage types of Mycobacterium bovis, substrains of BCG

Tyc Z.; Szych J.; Kaluzewski S., 1985:
Phage types of salmonella agona strains isolated from humans

Milakovic Novak L.; Prukner E., 1985:
Phage types of salmonella typhimurium in poultry

Brglez I.; Mehle J.; Perkovic D.; Batis J.; Spiler E., 1986:
Phage types of salmonella typhimurium indicators of infections in animals

Kurek C.; Niemczyk K., 1987:
Phage types of staphylococci isolated from the mammary glands of cows and their antibiotic resistance

Jette L.P., 1986:
Phage types of staphylococcus aureus received at the quebec canada public health laboratory from 1976 to 1983

Brglez I.; Batis J.; Puskas Z.; Palanscai B., 1987:
Phage types of streptococcus agalactiae on two dairy farms in slovenia yugoslavia

Muic V., 1984:
Phage types of vibrio cholerae 0 1 isolates

Liew K.W.; Alvarez A.M., 1981:
Phage typing and lysotype distribution of xanthomonas campestris

Berkman E., 1982:
Phage typing and plasmid characterization studies done on salmonella typhimurium strains isolated in an ankara turkey epidemic

Kempf, G.; Pietzsch, O., 1977:
Phage typing and tetracycline resistance in salmonella panama strains of animal origin in west germany 1969 1975

Toucas M., 1979:
Phage typing modifications induced by in vitro transfer of r plasmids part 2 phage typing of shigella sonnei

Vieu J F.; Binette H.; Leherissey M., 1988:
Phage typing of 1200 strains of dextro tartrate positive salmonella paratyphi b variety java isolated in france 1975 1985

Bhatia, T.R., 1977:
Phage typing of Escherichia coli isolated from chickens

Ansari M.Q.; Rajani H.B.; Goel R.; Yadava J.N.S., 1980:
Phage typing of escherichia coli strains of human and animal origin

Hessek A.P.; Peters G.; Byczynska B.; Pulverer G., 1981:
Phage typing of klebsiella strains from cologne west germany and wroclaw poland

Ralovich, B.; Audurier, A.; Ortel, S.; Angyal, T.; Proksza, A., 1983:
Phage typing of Listeria monocytogenes in Hungary

Gangadharam, P.R.; Simmons, C.S.; Stager, C.E., 1978:
Phage typing of mycobacteria using paper discs

Budde, E.; Nimmich, W.; Naumann, G., 1978:
Phage typing of rough escherichia coli strains isolated from urine

Bendersky, S.; D'empaire, M., 1978:
Phage typing of salmonella typhimurium preliminary scheme with local adapted phages

Sood, L.R.; Basu, S., 1977:
Phage typing of salmonella weltevreden based on lysogeny part 1 the phage typing system

Sood, L.R.; Basu, S., 1977:
Phage typing of salmonella weltevreden based on lysogeny part 2 epidemiological usefulness of the system and geographical distribution of its phage types

Rudge A.C.; Moreno G.; Lopes C.A.M., 1983:
Phage typing of staphylococci isolated from sausage and meat industry workers

Mackie, D.P.; Pollock, D.A.; Rodgers, S.P.; Logan, E.F., 1987:
Phage typing of Staphylococcus aureus associated with subclinical bovine mastitis

Martin Bourgon C., 1985:
Phage typing of staphylococcus aureus from cases of bacteremia

Hentschel S.; Kusch D., 1980:
Phage typing of staphylococcus aureus from slaughter poultry

Syrjala P.; Saloniemi H., 1987:
Phage typing of staphylococcus aureus isolated from milk of mastitic cows in finland

Pessat O.; Mundet L.D.M.; Ceruzzi F.; Andrada J., 1983:
Phage typing of staphylococcus aureus isolated in hospitals of the city of cordoba argentina

Dua, M.; Agarwal, D.S.; Natarajan, R., 1982:
Phage typing of Staphylococcus aureus using phages other than those of basic set and new methods

Talbot, H.W.; Parisi, J.T., 1976:
Phage typing of Staphylococcus epidermidis

Kawano J.; Shimizu A.; Kimura S., 1982:
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