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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6093

Chapter 6093 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Cobby J., 1985: Ph rate and flow rate independent release of drug from uncoated slow release tablets

Sandvig K., 1986: Ph regulated anion antiport in nucleated mammalian cells

Rebhun L.I., 1979: Ph regulates the polymerization of actin in the sea urchin strongylocentrotus purpuratus egg cortex

Kutty M.N., 1981: Ph regulation during long term swimming in the mullet rhinomugil corsula

Section 7, Chapter 6093, Accession 006092004

Section 7, Chapter 6093, Accession 006092005

Hood V.L., 1985: Ph regulation of endogenous acid production in subjects with chronic ketoacidosis

Hutson S.M., 1987: Ph regulation of mitochondrial branched chain alpha keto acid transport and oxidation in rat heart mitochondria

Theron J.J., 1987: Ph regulation the role of the hepatorenal system

Williams J.A., 1988: Ph regulatory mechanisms in rat pancreatic ductal cells

Ito A., 1985: Ph related differentiation in the epithelia of the gastric mucosa of postnatal rats

Lea M.A., 1988: Ph related effects of sodium cyanate on macromolecular synthesis and tumor cell division

Klemm, O.; Riederer, M.; Frevert, T., 1987: Ph response on leaves and isolated cuticles of hedera helix l. after wetting with artificial rainwater

Jackson J.L., 1984: Ph selectivity of n ethylmaleimide reactions with opiate receptor complexes in rat brain membranes

Seki T., 1984: Ph sensitive capsule membranes reversible permeability control from the dissociative bilayer coated capsule membrane by an ambient ph change

Raetz C.R.H., 1983: Ph sensitive cdp di glyceride synthetase mutants of escherichia coli phenotypic suppression by mutations at a 2nd site

Frei, R. W.; Belliveau, P. E., 1972: Ph sensitive fluorogenic spray reagents part 2 quantitative studies with pesticides

Frei, R. W.; Belliveau, P. E., 1972: Ph sensitive fluorogenic spray reagents part 3 a survey of potential reagents

Huang L., 1986: Ph sensitive immunoliposomes as an efficient and target specific carrier for antitumor drugs

Huang L., 1987: Ph sensitive immunoliposomes mediate target cell specific delivery and controlled expression of a foreign gene in mouse

Huang L., 1984: Ph sensitive liposomes acid induced liposome fusion

Shinitzky M., 1980: Ph sensitive liposomes possible clinical implications

Burleson G.R., 1982: Ph sensitive mutagenic activity of ozone treated 1 2 di methyl hydrazine in the salmonella typhimurium microsome assay

Peters T.J., 1986: Ph sensitive transport of iron ii across purified brush border membrane from mouse intestine

Fukuda, Y.; Honda, Y., 1976: Ph sensitivity of cells located at the ventrolateral surface of the cat medulla oblongata in vitro

Section 7, Chapter 6093, Accession 006092025

Section 7, Chapter 6093, Accession 006092026

Section 7, Chapter 6093, Accession 006092027

Sohtell M., 1986: Ph sensitivity of the basolateral membrane of the rabbit proximal tubule

Delahunty C.M., 1985: Ph shifts and precipitation associated with metal ions in tissue culture

Section 7, Chapter 6093, Accession 006092030

Section 7, Chapter 6093, Accession 006092031

Carey M.C., 1980: Ph solubility relations of cheno deoxy cholic acid and ursodeoxy cholic acid physical chemical basis for dissimilar solution and membrane phenomena

Section 7, Chapter 6093, Accession 006092033

Briand C., 1986: Ph stat titration method for dihydrofolate reductase activity measurements application to determination of substrate michaelis constant and antifolate inhibition constant

Bowden G.T., 1981: Ph stepwise alkaline elution of dna replication intermediates during s phase

Section 7, Chapter 6093, Accession 006092037

Section 7, Chapter 6093, Accession 006092038

Section 7, Chapter 6093, Accession 006092039

Cumming R.W., 1982: Ph survey of acid soils in pejar project area goulburn new south wales australia

Section 7, Chapter 6093, Accession 006092041

Howell, B. J.; Gilbert, D. L., 1976: Ph temperature dependence of the hemolymph of the squid loligo pealei

Kadota H., 1985: Ph temperature effects on the swelling of bacillus subtilis spores during germination

Colacicco, G.; Basu, M. K.; Scarpelli, E. M., 1976: Ph temperature humidity and the dynamic force area curve of di palmitoyl lecithin

Section 7, Chapter 6093, Accession 006092045

Conroy, C. W.; Erman, J. E., 1978: Ph titration study of cytochrome c peroxidase ec and apo cytochrome c peroxidase

Fournier J., 1979: Ph titration technique for the study of divalent metal ion thiamine pyro phosphate complexes calculation of formation constants

Krause S., 1980: Ph titrations of molluscan mercenaria mercenaria para myosin at 2 different ionic strengths

Johann P., 1985: Ph urea and substrate gradients for the optimization of ultrathin polyacrylamide gel zymograms

Graenzer W., 1979: Ph value in the abomasum of calves fed with cold milk replacer

Et Al, 1988: Ph values and water activity in iberian mountain ham repercussions for the european economic community

Cook, P. F.; Cleland, W. W., 1981: Ph variation of isotope effects in enzyme catalyzed reactions 1. isotope dependent and ph dependent steps the same

Section 7, Chapter 6093, Accession 006092054

Strekas T.C., 1982: Ph variation of midpoint potential for 3 photosynthetic bacterial cytochromes c a link between physical and functional properties

Schimerlik, M. I.; Cleland, W. W., 1977: Ph variation of the kinetic parameters and the catalytic mechanism of malic enzyme

Giesler G.J.Jr, 1988: Pha l can be transported anterogradely through fibers of passage

Sofi T., 1986: Phacelia tanacetifolia in mountain environment pollinating insect nectar production seeds characteristics

Larsen, K., 1978: Phacelophrynium exorbitans new species from northern thailand

Tobias A.V., 1982: Phacidiales of berezinsky reserve belorussian ssr ussr

Tobias A.V., 1982: Phacidiales of the ussr

Roll Hansen F., 1987: Phacidium infestans and phacidium abietis hosts especially abies sp in norwegian nurseries

Section 7, Chapter 6093, Accession 006092063

Liu, H. S.; Tolentino, F. I.; Greiner, J. V., 1977: Phaco cryolysis and phaco emulsification

Fritch, C. D.; Jungschaffer, O. H., 1978: Phaco emulsification and retinal detachment

Norton E.W.D., 1986: Phaco ersatz cataract surgery designed to preserve accommodation

Shock, J. P., 1976: Phaco fragmentation and irrigation

Section 7, Chapter 6093, Accession 006092068

Section 7, Chapter 6093, Accession 006092069

Shimizu K., 1987: Phacoanaphylactic uveitis in pseudophakia

Nezu N., 1985: Phacoemulsification

Section 7, Chapter 6093, Accession 006092072

Guerriero P.N., 1985: Phacoemulsification with the heslin mackool ocusystem a follow up report

Parel J M., 1985: Phacoexcavation as an alternative pars plana technique for lens removal

Rawls B.H.Jr, 1987: Phacofragmentation and aspiration for cataract extraction in dogs 56 cases 1980 1984

Crux Natali M.L., 1984: Phacoides coupoisi a new synonym of codakia pectinella and some considerations on brazilian lucinidae mollusca bivalvia

Asahara S., 1984: Phacolytic glaucoma inflammatory extension to the vitreous and surgical approach

Besenski N., 1987: Phacomatoses diagnosis and therapy of intracranial changes

Fiorillo, A.; Lupo, M.; Maietta, A.; Tajana, G. F., 1978: Phacomatosis and the amine precursor uptake and decarboxylation series diseases a clinical case report

Dhir S.P., 1982: Phacomorphic glaucoma management and visual prognosis

Struve W., 1982: Phacopina trilobita 10 new investigations on geesops new genus new status phacopinae lower and middle devonian

Flick, H.; Struve, W., 1984: Phacopina trilobita 11. chotecops sollei new species and chotecops ferdinandi from devonian shales of the rhenish mountains west germany

Struve, W., 1985: Phacopina trilobita 12. transfer of the species phacops schmidti to the genus denckmannites

Struve, W., 1985: Phacopina trilobita 13. phacops sartenaeri from the eifelian of the ardennes belgium

Perry, D. G.; Chatterton, B. D. E., 1976: Phacops and other trilobites from emsian age beds of the delorme formation mackenzie mountains northwest territories canada

Raidt H., 1987: Phacotus mass developments one source of autochthonous calcium carbonate input in lakes

George H., 1987: Phadebact monoclonal gc omni test for confirmation of neisseria gonorrhoeae

Merrett T.G., 1987: Phadiatop a novel ige antibody screening test

Kraft D., 1988: Phadiatop and elisa strip test two new tests for the determination of ige mediated allergic diseases in comparison to rast

Kunkel G., 1987: Phadiatop versus total ige a comparing study on the efficacy of two screening methods in diagnostic of inhalant allergies part ii

Kunkel G., 1987: Phadiatop versus total ige a comparing study on the efficacy of two screening methods in diagnostics of inhalant allergies part i

Section 7 , Chapter 6093, Accession 006092092

Papp, J., 1973: Phaenocarpa persimilis new species hymenoptera braconidae alysiinae from australia

Pace R., 1984: Phaenoctavius brasiliensis new genus new species from brazil and tachinus rougemonti new species from thailand

Bily, S., 1976: Phaenops formaneki coleoptera buprestidae with the description of a new subspecies

Wolff, G. L.; Galbraith, D. B.; Domon, O. E.; Row, J. M., 1978: Phaeo melanin synthesis and obesity in mice interaction of the viable yellow a vy and sombre e so mutations

Connor D.H., 1980: Phaeo mycotic cyst a clinico pathologic study of 25 patients

Bul'on, V. V., 1978: Phaeo pigment content in plankton review

Carson J., 1985: Phaeoannellomyces new genus and the phaeococcomycetaceae new dematiaceous blastomycete taxa

Schwenke J T., 1981: Phaeobulgaria inquinans new record and pholiota squarrosa in north norway

Hassel-De-Menendez, G. G., 1987: Phaeoceros laevis l. prosk. and phaeoceros carolinianus michx. prosk. their spores

Singer R., 1987: Phaeocollybia in the oak woods of costa rica with notes on extralimital taxa

Hood I.A., 1982: Phaeocryptopus gaeumannii on pseudotsuga menziesii in southern british columbia canada

Michaelis H., 1986: Phaeocystis pouchetii blooms in the east frisian coastal waters german bight north sea

Vidakovic J., 1979: Phaeocytosporella zeae a little known pathogen of corn rot

Honjo S., 1983: Phaeodarian skeletons their role in silica transport to the deep sea

Rangaswamy S., 1979: Phaeohypho mycosis caused by cladosporium bantianum in kerala india

Nayar B.T., 1980: Phaeohypho mycosis caused by phialophora dermatitidis in kerala south india 3 cases

Payne M., 1980: Phaeohypho mycosis in a dog caused by pseudomicrodochium suttonii new species

Linares L.M., 1983: Phaeohypho mycosis in el salvador caused by exophiala spinifera

Rinaldi M.G., 1987: Phaeohyphomycotic cyst caused by a recently described species phaeoannellomyces elegans

Reddy, S. M., 1974: Phaeoisaria clematdis new record for india

Rossnev B., 1985: Phaeolus schweinitzii in pinus peuce in bulgaria

Eicker A., 1987: Phaeolus schweinitzii new record in south africa

Harmaja, H., 1978: Phaeomarasmius confragosus an agaric to be transferred to tubaria

Jago N.D., 1980: Phaeoparia phrygana new species acridoidea romaleidae phaeopariini of costa rica and panama with discussion of its generic position in the phaeopariini

Dutton, P. L., 1976: Phaeophytins and the photosynthetic reaction center

Chipompha N.W.S., 1987: Phaeoseptoria eucalypti a new pathogen of eucalyptus in malawi

Section 7, Chapter 6093, Accession 006092120

Zacha, V.; Krasnohorska, M., 1975: Phaeosphaeria eustoma on dieffenbachia picta in czechoslovakia also

Leuchtmann A., 1987: Phaeosphaeria padellana and massariosphaeria triseptata 2 new bitunicate ascomycetes from the alps switzerland

Section 7, Chapter 6093, Accession 006092123

Frei E., 1980: Phaeozem soils in some dry valleys of the swiss alps

Weske, J. S.; Terborgh, J. W., 1977: Phaethornis koepckeae new species hummingbird from peru

Miller, M. W.; Yoneyama, M.; Soneda, M., 1976: Phaffia new genus a new yeast genus in the deuteromycotina blastomycetes

Lewis M.J., 1980: Phaffia rhodozyma as an asta xanthin source in salmonid diets

Malke, H., 1973: Phage a 25 mediated transfer induction of a pro phage in streptococcus pyogenes

Pate J.L., 1986: Phage adsorption and cell adherence are motility dependent characteristics of the gliding bacterium cytophaga johnsonae

Brown, N. L.; Burchard, R. P.; Morris, D. W.; Parish, J. H.; Stow, N. D.; Tsopanakis, C., 1976: Phage and defective phage of strains of myxococcus

Snyder L., 1986: Phage and host genetic determinants of the specific anticodon loop cleavages in bacteriophage t 4 infected escherichia coli ctr 5x

Vihanova, D.; Neubauer, Z., 1973: Phage and pro phage decision in defective lambda lysogens the role of cii product

Laufs R., 1987: Phage associated cytotoxin production by and enteroadhesiveness of enteropathogenic escherichia coli isolated from infants with diarrhea in west germany

Bhattacharyya F.K., 1984: Phage beta interaction with vibrio cholerae

Lecatsas G., 1981: Phage c 1 an incc group plasmid specific phage

Brandis H., 1980: Phage conversion of clostridium novyi type a

Section 7, Chapter 6093, Accession 006092137

Section 7, Chapter 6093, Accession 006092138

Financsek, I.; Ketyi, I.; Sasak, W.; Jankowski, W.; Janczura, E.; Chojnacki, T., 1976: Phage dependent changes in shigella flexneri type antigen synthesis

Nomura, M.; Lowry, C. V., 1967: Phage f 2 rna directed binding of formyl methionyl transfer rna to ribosomes and the role of 30s ribosomal subunits in initiation of protein synthesis

Hedges R.W., 1981: Phage f o lac an f o lac plasmid dependent bacterio phage

Martin, D. M.; Godson, G. N., 1977: Phage g 4 dna replication part 1 origin of synthesis of the viral and complementary dna strands

Godson, G. N., 1977: Phage g 4 dna replication part 2 synthesis of viral progeny single stranded dna

Godson, G. N., 1977: Phage g 4 dna replication part 3 synthesis of replicative form

Raj, A. S.; Raj, A. Y.; Schmieger, H., 1974: Phage genes involved in the formation of generalized transducing particles in salmonella phage p 22

Robb, S. M.; Woods, D. R.; Robb, F. T., 1978: Phage growth characteristics on stationary phase achromobacter cells

Derieux J.C., 1986: Phage growth restriction by rhizobium meliloti

Ritchie D.A., 1984: Phage head assembly in bacterio phage t 1

Farnsworth R.J., 1979: Phage heterogeneity of coagulase negative staphylococci isolated in the usa and sweden from bovine milk

Ferretti J.J., 1981: Phage host interactions and the production of type a streptococcal exo toxin in group a streptococci

Section 7, Chapter 6093, Accession 006092151

Bhattacharyya F.K., 1987: Phage induced change of toxigenesis in vibrio cholerae

Ogg, J. E.; Shrestha, M. B.; Poudayl, L., 1978: Phage induced changes in vibrio cholerae serotype and biotype conversions

Higashi, S.; Abe, M., 1978: Phage induced depolymerase for exo poly saccharide of rhizobiaceae

Szerkeres M., 1981: Phage induced development of a site specific endo nuclease in anacystis nidulans a cyanobacterium

Huang M.L., 1985: Phage induced mutations in xanthomonas campestris pathovar citri

Ferretti J.J., 1982: Phage influence on the synthesis of extracellular toxins in group a streptococci

Benchetrit, L. C.; Bachrach, U., 1980: Phage internal proteins 6. interaction of bacterio phage t 4 internal proteins with t 4 dna in vivo and in vitro

Windle B.E., 1986: Phage lambda and plasmid expression vectors with multiple cloning sites and lac z alpha complementation

Lieb, M., 1976: Phage lambda ci mutants intra genic complementation and complementation with a ci promoter mutant

Roberts J.W., 1985: Phage lambda gene q antiterminator recognizes rna polymerase near the promoter and accelerates it through a pause site

Wilkins, A. S.; Mistry, J., 1974: Phage lambda generalized recombination system study of the intra cellular dna pool during lytic infection

Zachary, A.; Simon, L. D.; Litwin, S., 1976: Phage lambda head morphogenesis as seen in the electron microscope

Yamamoto, N.; Wohlhieter, J. A.; Gemski, P.; Baron, L. S., 1978: Phage lambda immp 22dis a hybrid of coli phage lambda with both immunity regions of salmonella typhimurium phage p 22

Fayet O., 1981: Phage lambda mediated transduction of nonconjugative plasmids is promoted by transposons

Mantsala P., 1988: Phage lambda p l promoter controlled alpha amylase expression in escherichia coli during fermentation

Murray K., 1979: Phage lambda receptor chromosomes for dna fragments made with restriction endo nuclease i of bacillus amyloliquefaciens h

Walz, A.; Pirrotta, V.; Ineichen, K., 1976: Phage lambda repressor regulates the switch between pr and prm promoters

Sauer R.T., 1985: Phage lambda repressor revertants amino acid substitutions that restore activity to mutant proteins

Meyer, B. J.; Kleid, D. G.; Ptashne, M., 1975: Phage lambda repressor turns off transcription of its own gene

Mamkaeva K.A., 1979: Phage like infectious virus of the green alga chlorococcum

Kanda, Y.; Eda, T.; Mori, C.; Kimura, S., 1977: Phage like particles in an unstable l form of proteus mirabilis

Ackermann, H. W.; Fredette, T. V.; Vinet, G., 1978: Phage like particles produced by clostridium tetani

Nomura N., 1982: Phage m 13 vectors for selective cloning of sequences specifying initiation of dna synthesis on single stranded templates

Chater K.F., 1985: Phage mediated cloning of bld a a region involved in streptomyces coelicolor morphological development and its analysis by genetic complementation

Frampton E.W., 1982: Phage mp 13 a generalized transducing bacterio phage for bacillus megaterium

Trifonov E.N., 1980: Phage ms 2 rna has a potential to form an unusually large number of stable hairpins

Jansone, I. V.; Rosenthal, G. F.; Renhof, R. F.; Gren, E. J., 1975: Phage ms 2 rna hydrolysis by snake venom phospho di esterase and template activity of rna product of limited exo nucleolytic action

Van-Vliet, F.; Couturier, M.; De-Lafonteyne, J.; Jedlicki, E., 1978 : Phage mu 1 directed inhibition of dna breakdown in escherichia coli reca cells

Section 7, Chapter 6093, Accession 006092180

Olivera B.M., 1984: Phage mu dna replication in vitro criteria for initiation

Woodrow, G. C.; Young, I. G.; Gibson, F., 1975: Phage mu induced polarity in the escherichia coli strain k 12 ent gene cluster evidence for a gene entg involved in the biosynthesis of enterochelin

Gibson, F.; Downie, J. A.; Cox, G. B.; Radik, J., 1978: Phage mu induced polarity in the unc operon of escherichia coli

Allet B., 1979: Phage mu insertion duplicates a 5 base pair sequence at the host inserted site

Schmieger H., 1979: Phage mu mutants with increased transduction abilities

Chandler M., 1987: Phage mu transposase deletion of the carboxyl terminal end does not abolish dna binding activity

Section 7, Chapter 6093, Accession 006092187

Hoess R., 1985: Phage p 1 cre lox p site specific recombination effects of dna supercoiling on catenation and knotting of recombinant products

Yamamoto Y., 1982: Phage p 1 mutant with decreased abortive transduction

Scott J.R., 1980: Phage p 1 temperature sensitive mutants with defects in the lytic pathway

Kuempel P.L., 1981: Phage p 1 transduction map spanning the replication terminus of escherichia coli k 12

Kuempel P.L., 1982: Phage p 1 transduction mapping of the trg locus in rac plus and rac strains of escherichia coli k 12

Sauer R.T., 1983: Phage p 22 c 2 repressor domain structure and function

Poteete A.R., 1985: Phage p 22 lysis genes nucleotide sequences and functional relationships with phage t 4 and phage lambda genes

Schmieger, H., 1972: Phage p 22 mutants with increased or decreased transduction abilities

Berget P.B., 1982: Phage p 22 tail protein gene and amino acid sequence

Okada Y., 1982: Phage particle mediated gene transfer to cultured mammalian cells

Kimura S., 1987: Phage patterns of staphylococcus hyicus ssp hyicus isolated from chickens cattle and pigs

Canosi, U.; Ferrari, F. A.; Ferrari, E. U.; Mazza, G.; Siccardi, A. G., 1978: Phage pbsx induction in a temperature sensitive mutant of bacillus subtilis

Bamford D.H., 1981: Phage phi 6 resistant phage producing mutants of pseudomonas phaseolicola

Reeve J.N., 1981: Phage phi x 174 directed dna and protein syntheses in infected mini cells

Thomas G.J.Jr, 1987: Phage phix 174 probed by laser raman spectroscopy evidence for capsid imposed constraint on dna secondary structure

Hedges R.W., 1985: Phage pil h alpha a phage which adsorbs to inc h i and inc h ii plasmid coded pili

Vymola F., 1985: Phage plaques and autoplaques in pseudomonas aeruginosa strains

Taniguchi, T.; Palmieri, M.; Weissmann, C., 1978: Phage q beta dna containing hybrid plasmids giving rise to q beta phage formation in the bacterial host

Bosch L., 1980: Phage q beta replicase containing wild type and mutant tufa and tufb gene products

Blumenthal T., 1980: Phage q beta replicase template specificity different templates require different gtp concentrations for initiation

Young, R. A.; Blumenthal, T., 1975: Phage q beta rna replicase subunit relationships determined by intra molecular cross linking

Kotelko K., 1981: Phage receptor at lipo poly saccharide of proteus mirabilis 1959 strain interaction phage lipo poly saccharide and its fragments

Yokokura, T., 1977: Phage receptor material in lactobacillus casei

Totsuka M., 1988: Phage receptor on the cell wall of veillonella rodentium

Bartell P.F., 1979: Phage related surface modifications of pseudomonas aeruginosa effects on the biological activity of viable cells

Kuimova T.F., 1987: Phage resistance compared among some actinomycetes and their nocardia like variants

Klaenhammer T.R., 1984: Phage resistance in a phage insensitive strain of streptococcus lactis temperature dependent phage development and host controlled phage replication

Vedamuthu, E. R.; Neville, J. M., 1987: Phage resistance in streptococcus lactis ssp diacetylactis transconjugant sla3.2501 and its derivatives

Wouters J.T.M., 1988: Phage resistance of streptococcus cremoris due to low adsorption efficiency

Civerolo, E. L., 1976: Phage sensitivity and virulence relationships in xanthomonas pruni

Shramek Ya, 1987: Phage sensitivity of group a streptococcal strains isolated from glomerulonephritis patients

Lovett P.S., 1981: Phage sp 02 particles mediating transduction of a plasmid containing phage sp 02 cohesive ends

Mastromei, G.; Riva, S.; Fietta, A.; Pagani, L., 1978: Phage spp 1 dna replicative forms growth of phage spp 1 in bacillus subtilis mutants temperature sensitive in dna synthesis

Ritchie D.A., 1986: Phage t 1 mediated transduction of a plasmid containing the t 1 pac site

Drexler H., 1981: Phage t 1 mutants with increased transduction frequency are defective in host chromosome degradation

Andrews N.C., 1981: Phage t 3 dna contains an exact copy of the 23 base pair phage t 7 rna polymerase promoter sequence

Silverstein, J. L.; Goldberg, E. B., 1976: Phage t 4 dna injection part 1 growth cycle of a gene 2 mutant

Silverstein, J. L.; Goldberg, E. B., 1976: Phage t 4 dna injection part 2 protection of entering dna from host exo nuclease v

Smith, C. A.; Hanawalt, P. C., 1978: Phage t 4 endo nuclease v stimulates dna repair replication in isolated nuclei from uv irradiated human cells including xeroderma pigmentosum fibroblasts

Konigsberg W.H., 1979: Phage t 4 gene 32 protein trypsin generated fragments fluorescence measurement of dna binding parameters

Brody E., 1984: Phage t 4 induced anti polarity temporal heterogeneity in response of early transcription units

Walker, G. C.; Uhlenbeck, O. C.; Bedows, E.; Gumport, R. I., 1975: Phage t 4 induced rna ligase joins single stranded oligo ribo nucleotides

Baralle, F. E.; Travers, A., 1976: Phage t 4 infection restricts ribosomal rna synthesis by escherichia coli rna polymerase

Mekshenkov, M. I.; Seregina, T. M., 1975: Phage t 4 mero zygotes part 1 genetic structure analysis and study of reproduction of phage progeny

Mekshenkov, M. I.; Seregina, T. M., 1975: Phage t 4 mero zygotes part 2 the mapping technique based on the physical size measurement of the di ploid region

Rabussay, D.; Geiduschek, E. P., 1977: Phage t 4 modified rna polymerase transcribes t 4 late genes in vitro

Deugau, K. V.; Van-De-Sande, J. H., 1978: Phage t 4 poly nucleotide ligase catalyzed joining of short synthetic dna duplexes at base paired ends

Raae, A. J.; Kleppe, K., 1978: Phage t 4 poly nucleotide ligase ec catalyzed joining on triple stranded nucleic acids

Hinton, D. M.; Baez, J. A.; Gumport, R. I., 1978: Phage t 4 rna ligase joins 2 deoxy ribo nucleoside 3 5 bis phosphates to oligo deoxy ribo nucleotides

Gumport R.I., 1980: Phage t 4 rna ligase joins single strand oligo deoxy ribo nucleotides

Hecht S.M., 1984: Phage t 4 rna ligase mediated preparation of novel chemically mis acylated phenyl alanine transfer rna

Golomb, M.; Chamberlin, M. J., 1977: Phage t 7 and phage t 3 specific rna polymerases ec characterization and mapping of the in vitro transcripts read from phage t 3 dna

Cole P.E., 1979: Phage t 7 dna directed rapid turnover single step addition reactions catalyzed by escherichia coli rna polymerase

Modrich P., 1979: Phage t 7 induced dna polymerase characterization of associated exo nuclease activities and resolution into biologically active subunits

Modrich P., 1983: Phage t 7 induced dna polymerase requirement for thioredoxin sulfhydryl groups

Coleman J.E., 1981: Phage t 7 rna polymerase promoter interactions

Hedges R.W., 1981: Phage t a group t plasmid dependent bacterio phage

Brody E.N., 1988: Phage t4 dna codes for two distinct 10 kda proteins which strongly bind to rna polymerase

Gaspar S., 1986: Phage t7 inactivation test a possibility of quantitative mutagenicity screening

Du Toit L., 1987: Phage tf 1 a filamentous bacteriophage specific for bacteria harboring the inc t plasmid pin 25

Sharp J.C.M., 1980: Phage type biotype groups of salmonella typhimurium in scotland uk 1974 1976 variation during spread of epidemic clones

Kuehn H., 1987: Phage type conversion by multiple drug resistant plasmids of salmonella typhimurium from different outbreaks at hospitals of several countries

Clement F., 1984: Phage type distribution of mycobacterium tuberculosis in relation to geographical origin of the patients

Section 7, Chapter 6093, Accession 006092251

Shenoy U.A.K., 1982: Phage type pattern of salmonella typhi and salmonella paratyphi a prevalent at manipal india a 6 year study

Paszti J., 1985: Phage types and epidemiological significance of salmonella enteritidis strains in hungary between 1976 and 1983

Klein B., 1984: Phage types and susceptibility to 26 antibiotics of nosocomial strains of acinetobacter isolated in portugal

Mohapatra L.N., 1979: Phage types anti microbial resistance and r factors in salmonella isolated from cases of enteric fever in delhi india

Marjai E., 1986: Phage types antibiograms and r plasmids of klebsiella and enterobacter isolated from hospital environment and food

Batis J., 1986: Phage types of human and bovine streptococcus agalactiae isolates of slovenia yugoslavia

Mankiewicz, E.; Liivak, M., 1977: Phage types of mycobacterium bovis substrains of bcg

Kaluzewski S., 1985: Phage types of salmonella agona strains isolated from humans

Jegathesan M., 1983: Phage types of salmonella typhi isolated in malaysia over the 10 year period 1970 1979

Prukner E., 1985: Phage types of salmonella typhimurium in poultry

Spiler E., 1986: Phage types of salmonella typhimurium indicators of infections in animals

Niemczyk K., 1987: Phage types of staphylococci isolated from the mammary glands of cows and their antibiotic resistance

Jette L.P., 1986: Phage types of staphylococcus aureus received at the quebec canada public health laboratory from 1976 to 1983

Palanscai B., 1987: Phage types of streptococcus agalactiae on two dairy farms in slovenia yugoslavia

Muic V., 1984: Phage types of vibrio cholerae 0 1 isolates

Khan M.R., 1983: Phage types of vibrio cholerae o 1 biotype eltor isolated from patients and family contacts in bangladesh epidemiologic implications

Loder A., 1984: Phage typing and drug resistance patterns as tools in mycobacterial epidemiology

Alvarez A.M., 1981: Phage typing and lysotype distribution of xanthomonas campestris

Berkman E., 1982: Phage typing and plasmid characterization studies done on salmonella typhimurium strains isolated in an ankara turkey epidemic

Section 7, Chapter 6093, Accession 006092271

Toucas M., 1979: Phage typing modifications induced by in vitro transfer of r plasmids part 2 phage typing of shigella sonnei

Leherissey M., 1988: Phage typing of 1200 strains of dextro tartrate positive salmonella paratyphi b variety java isolated in france 1975 1985

Kimura S., 1987: Phage typing of coagulase negative staphylococci isolated from various animals and human in japan

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