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Phagocidal activity of the hydrolyzate of acetal derivatives of oxidized spermine and its n n di methyl analog

Agricultural and Biological Chemistry 39(8): 1663-1666

Phagocidal activity of the hydrolyzate of acetal derivatives of oxidized spermine and its n n di methyl analog

The hydrolysis of acetal derivatives of oxidized spermine, N,N'-bis(3,3-diethoxypropyl)-1,4-diaminobutane, and its N,N'-dimethyl analog with acid was practically complete within 1 h. During the hydrolysis of these compounds, no detectable amounts of acrolein were formed in the reaction mixture. While the hydrolyzate of the acetal derivative of oxidized spermine potently inactivated bacteriophage T1, that of the N,N'-dimethyl analog had little phagocidal activity.

Accession: 006092344

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